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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 10, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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and he says that mayor vincent gray asked for his help, and agreed to keep his identity secret, and he also a admit eed to giving money to hillary rodham clinton's presidential run, and other numerous local and federal council members. >> and now after an investigation that took many years, we have tonight a team of reporters who worked the story. we have mark se grave segraves district court. >> to give you an idea of how detailed this is, it took more than 60 pages to put it in the plea agreement, and inside, more than four hours for thompson to explain to the judge how he illegally funded different campaigns ranging from the local council races to the race for the white house. >> reporter: any comment? >> jeffrey thompson refused to speak to reporters as he walked into the courtroom.
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in the courtroom, he said that d.c. mayor vincent gray knew of the plan to fund a shadow campaign before he was running. gray says that he personally asked him for an an additional $400,000 in the campaign, and then helped thompson's company to receive a settlement when his office was won. and so they agreed to refer to thompson only as uncle earl a code name. jeffrey thompson admitted to illegally financing multiple campaigns, including $6,870 to a presidential candidate, and $250,000 to 13 candidates for federal office. and also here in d.c., $100,000, to 2008 council candidate, and
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$20,000 to 2007 ward 4 council, and $the list of d.c. money goes on. 13 federal candidates and 15 local d.c. candidates total. for nearly $3 million in illegal campaign funds over six years. jeffrey thompson just walked out of the courthouse, and he did not stop to talk to the reporters reporters, but he is facing two years in prison or home confinement depending on the further cooperation with the investigators. one other item, he paid former council member michael brown who plead guilty to taking bribes, he says he paid him $200,000 to drop out of the 2006 mayoral race. from u.s. district court mark segraves, news4. thank you. our coverage continues with tom sherwood who is at the
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courthouse, and spoke to the mayor there, and he is still maintaining his innocence. tom? >> well, this is a massive corruption case, but on the top floor there, vincent gray invited news4 in to once again declare his innocence. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray confronted with a series of tough court allegations with the wrongdoing of the 2012 campaign, and the mayor in the office with news4 was blunt. >> i maintain the that these are absolutely lies, tom. that is absolutely false. with respect to him raising money to the campaign that i thought was being done in a perfectly legitimate fashion, and i have said it from day one. >> and mayor gray who went to the official schedule today specifically denied jeffrey thompson to money. he had asked for secret get out the vote money on a one-page document. >> no, there are no documents to
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corroborate, and i'm sure that there are no documents to corroborate my involvement at in time. >> reporter: and gray did say that thompson asked him to use uncle earl name to avoid suspicions of then mayor adrian fenty who held powers over the lucrative contracts. >> he did. he did say, that and i thought it is because of him not wanting to be seen as legitimately raising money for my campaign, because of fear of retribution, a sond that is true. >> and throughout the interview, he maintained the innocence. >> i was not involved. i have said that. and the things that i have heard today, they are fabricated. >> reporter: this comes at a bad time for the mayor as he is seeking early voting in the primary is taking place this monday, and the scandal is taking center stage. downtown washington, tom sherwood, news4. and he also confessed to funneling money to national
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campaigns including the 2008 presidential candidate. and i-team tisha thompson has been looking through the documents, and she has that part of the story. >> well sh, he gave through two ways, straw campaigns and shadow donations. through the straw campaigns, thompson caused individuals to make contributions to the authorized candidates through house of representatives and senate and president, and then he would reimburse each company recording the payments as a bonus or advance or consulting fee. then there is the shadow campaign, and the court filing says that he also used the companies to disburse more than $600,000 to pay for campaign services in support of a presidential candidate for president of the united states in 2008. last year, one of thompson's associates plead guilty of tax fraud, and in that plea we found
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out that thompson had organized street teams to hand out street signs and stickers for the hillary clinton campaign, and the campaign says they did not know about it, and worked with the investigators. >> when we went through the records, we counted up more than what are 100 conduits that jeffrey thompson funneled money through. and two other men of the thompson case plead giuilty to being p straw contributors. >> as the story is developing, we are posting new developments online. to read the charges and the court documents and the background on the case, we invite you the and our other big story tonight, the mystery of the disappearance of of that malaysian flight. the fbi is waiting for the malaysian officials to send them the thumbprints of the two men who used stolen passports to board that plane. intelligence officials are telling nbc news that they used an iranian middleman to buy the
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tickets in thailand. as that part of the inv investigation deepens, there is still no sib of that missing plane. and authorities are rethinking the search perimeter. >> tom costello covers the aviation issues, and he has been on the air covering the story since it broke friday night, and he is with us here now, and i'm curious about the middleman who bought the tickets. tell us about it. >> well, it is shady, but the intelligence sources are saying they they don't believe that there is necessarily a terrorism nexus here whatsoever, and they believe it is a shady part of the world, and shady characters moving through kuala lumpur, and it would be happening if this flight had disappeared or not. and in other words, you have flights going to beijing on to europe on a regular basis, and a lot of human smuggling, and illicit drug trafficking, and so this may not be, and the intelligence sources are telling us it is probably not connected
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to terrorism. >> and the plane is still missing. >> yes. >> and what about the electronics that binges and ping s and sends out the signals and the black boxes, and why are we not picking up the signals? >> well, the best way to answer it is starting with a map of the region. today, the malaysians did something that we didn't expect. they expanded the search zone dramatically, and original ly, this is going to be starting out on the flight plan originally, and the search zone started out in the south china sea in the gulf othailand and now including the malaysian mainland behind the plane, and as well as the ocean that is above the indonesian island of sumatra, and why would they do that? because the last known position of the plane seemed to take a left hook, and they don't know why. but if it took a left hook and continued the fly, then it is entirelyossible that it kept flying into or over the
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malaysian mainland and into indonesia or into the ocean. they don't know. they had seven hours of fuel on board. so in theory f it didn't crash, it could have been flying and flying and fliesing and now that they are searching two massive bodies of water, and including the malaysian space, that tell yos they have no idea where it is. and the emergency tran mitt ter locator has not gone on, and that could happen if the elt is below the wreckage of the plane or in a jungle, and sucked into the swamp. >> fascinating. it may be a long time. thank you, tom. we appreciate that information. >> and tom and the rest of the nbc news team are working all of the angles of the story, and stay tuned for their reporting on nightly news with brian williams right after this broadcast. >> five people including a baby were among those injured in an accident on i-270 this morning. chopper four off of the scene of
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west montgomery avenue, and we are told that the baby's mother was driving a jeep that crashed into another vehicle while trying to change lanes. and the police say that the mother was trying to avoid slowing traffic in the hov lanes. >> and there is surveillance video to help police find a man behind a sexual assault in the district. and police say that this man attacked a woman on barnes street, and that happened at 11:00 in the morning. the suspect is in the 20s, and slim build and a goatee. >> and ukraine's interim prime minister will be in washington this week. president obama will meet with him on wednesday. officials at the white house say they want to make it clear to the new leaders of ukraine that the u.s. supports them. u.s. officials are still urging russia to work with the international community to resolve the crisis through diplomacy. and in the meantime, russian forces continue to the tight en their grip on the crimean peninsula and the preparations in crimea are fully under way
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for a referendum sunday on seceding from the ukraine. and we are hearing tonight from edward snowden, and the fugitive former worker for the national security agency, and he answered questions via video at the south by southwest conference. he is in russia where he has been temporarily granted asylum for leaking classified information. he says that he would do it all again. >> we are all at risk of the unjustified or unwarranted interference in our private lives. >> snowden got broad support from the crowd, but he has critics, and some on capitol hill were upset with the organizers. one kansas congressman called on them to cancel snowden's appearance. next up, a frightening free fall, and skydivers are talking about a close call and who he
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blames for the midair square. and a man ambushes a store clerk and shooting her twice in the head, and she survives. police are hoping that video will lead them to the man behind the heist. >> and a safer and much more comfortable commute. and doug, it is nice out there. >> oh, it is nice out there today and again tomorrow, and on wednesday, but then, well, winter is not over. we will come crashing back down later in the week, and the highs in the 30s and the windchills, well, you have to wait and see this, and i have them coming up for ♪ ♪ ♪ (announcer) the subaru forester. motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. when you get some recognition, you can't help feeling a little humbled, and a little proud.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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a pilot and sky driver are blaming each other after this death-defying crash in tampa. when a parachutist was flung to the ground after being hit by a plane. and the skydiver is blaming the pilot, because he was told that there would be skydivers in the area, but the 87-year-old pilot said that the skydivers were not where they said they'd be. and video from a movie theater at arundel mills in maryland where somebody set off fireworks inside of the cinemax theater. police want to talk to the man in the video. 300 people were in the theater, and many thought that a gun had been fired.
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metro's board meets this week to decide whether to raise the fares across them is, and if that happens, the riders want a better and more comfortable commute. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss found out some things that metro is thinking that it might do. he joins us live outside of the red line in tinley town. adam? >> well, that is right, wendy. wouldn't you like more jazz outside of the metro station. well, it is a beautiful thing. well, no, no that is not what metro is proposing. the swell of the rides have gotten uncomfortable, and now metro is proposing changes all around. and maybe you are nice and comfy at your bus stop, but that is certainly not the case for everyone. some people don't have much space, and some don't even have a path, and seating, well it is definitely never promised. and some metro busstops have seen better days. and this one alongside massachusetts avenue on the side of the road does not come
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complete with the best seats in the house. this one could use a bench for example. and take a look at a this graph, and you can see how many bus stops that metro says is inaccessible throughout the region. 300 in metro county, and 3,000 in prince george's county, and plan is being worked out the improve the ride. over on the rails, also a need to upgrate and improve. >> it is hard for me to get around on the train especially when i need to be in my wheelchair. >> reporter: he loves basketball, and also has polio and confined to a wheelchair, but it does not stop him from getting to wheelchair basketball games and nba wizards' games by using the metro, but metro as you have noticed is getting crowded. they have noticed that stations like gallery place, and now they have ripped out concrete benches along the platform to give the riders more room to walk, and in able's case, more room to maneuver. he says that metro is his ride, and he depends on these kinds of
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changes. back in live outside of the tinley town station, and so nice to have some jazz out psy of the station, but it is not the part of metro's plan at least that we know about. and again, the board is going to vote thursday whether or not to raise the fares, and if they do go up, the fare hike will take effect in july. reporting live from tinley town, adam tuss. >> that is something that we don't see often a bright and sun i 6:17. >> yes, what a change that the daylight saving time is. you would like that jazz? >> anywhere. >> and let's look at what is going on across the region. it is a nice day, and we saw some clouds early, and that is what most of us did and that kept the temperatures on the cooler side, and twuns the sun came in, the temperature was sitting at 61 degrees at the airport, and the winds were gusting up to 20 to 25 miles per hour right now, and the wind is coming out of the southwest, and
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that wind is helping to a, warm us up, but once again, cooling us down just a little bit. and 61 in leesburg, and 59 in gaitherstown, and luray was at 70, and earlier right now down the 66 over towards winchester, and a nice afternoon for sure, and it is going to be that way this evening. if you have plans overnight, it is looking good. temperatures at 7:00, 50 degrees, and 11:00, nice and mild tonight, and cool tomorrow morn morning. and the temperatures are above average, but around 45 and cool, and storm team radar is dry, and it will stay that way, and which did see a shower near southern many maryland, and there are the clouds coming in and the clearing skies behind it. once again, a nice night set up for tonight. and in a nice couple of days, and nice and mild now, but tomorrow morning, cool side and few more clouds tomorrow, and sunshine in the afternoon. we will get warm again, and tomorrow, we will feel a lot nicer a lot earlier, and maybe
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around the none lunch hour, you should be a okay for that. and then we start with wednesday very warm with the temperatures near 70, and we will see a few showers early around 3:00 or 4:00 or 5:00, and so take your umbrella wednesday, but then comes the line of frontal clouds. the big deal is the huge change of temperatures. you will love tomorrow, but hate thursday. 66 in leesburg, and 67 in d.c. for the high tomorrow, andp 0 towards fredericksburg, and some around that 70 degree mark wednesday, too, including the d.c. metro area, and maybe 73 or 74 down to the south with a chance of storms. and then thursday a temperature of 34, and that is the high temperature, and look at the windchills coming up on the day saturday, and a few days of windy and windchills of the teens and the 20s in the day.
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so we are going from 70 to windchill of 20. so good news there it is one day. we warm back up to 59 around saturday, and next weekend looking pretty good before the next storm comes up, and that could have a chance of rain/snow mess next monday. next, the blade runner breaks down in tears and the testimony raising the questions about the night that he fired the bullet that ended his girlfriend's life. and the father behind the gunman at the mass shooting of sandy hook, and opening up for the first time. and his stunning words about his son, and why he is willing to share his story. and a new donation to prince george's county teachers. and a student from georgetown university dies on spring break, and what we
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. >> candidate races. >> and the chart to my far right illustrates the extent to mr. thompson's secret payments to various candidates for elected office in the district. thompson's secret payments began in the 2006 d.c. mayoral race. that year jeff thompson in addition to illegally reimbursing family and friends and employees for making political contributions also spent almost $280,000 entirely off of the books to boost his
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preferred mayoral candidate. in the final days of that campaign in a last-ditch effort to help his candidate win,thom thompson agreed to payoff candidate michael brown to drop out of the race and endorse thompson's candidate, and in exchange for dropping out of the race, thompson authorized payment payments to michael brown for $200,000, and created $150,000 consulting contract that will take place over the next year, and this is not jeff thompson's last payment to brown. he funded to brown that the candidate used for his campaign and in 2008, thompson funded 100,000 shadow campaign for michael brown that led to the d.c. council. michael brown was not the only council candidate that jeff thompson supported with a shadow
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payment in 2008. he also gave payments to another 2008 candidate. that candidate lost, but in 2010, thompson dispatched that same candidate to serve as a driver for mayoral candidate. and in 2008, thompson funded two shadow campaigns, a $26,000 in ward 6 and $140,000 in ward 1. and during the council's special election in april of 2011, thompson funded the final shadow campaign for d.c. council member d dee. and he invited him to his office on the day of a fund-raising reporter final day, and he sat there and listened to the conduit of contributions, but he not only supported h him with
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conduit of funds burk also gave him $150,000 corporate money through jeanne clark harris to run a shadow campaign for that candidate. through earlier guilty pleas we learned about the 2010 mayoral shadow campaign. in 2010, d.c. voters went to the ballot box never knowing that one mayoral campaign was financing another, and under the table deals concealed 650,000 secret funding for mayoral a's campaign. and the time line shows the events that occurred that jeff thompson okay -- acknowledged to d tod today. and it would improve the $300 million a year contract with the
6:28 pm
city support. but he believed that supporting that candidate would then lead to retribution from the current mayor, so he told him that if he jumped into the race, he would fund him, but the funding had to be below the radar. and after mayoral kacandidate a entered the race, he told thompson that their candidate would not succeed without a shadow campaign, and so thompson started to write checks and initially transferring $15,000 of corporate money through one of jeanne clark harris's accounts. and then it came back for support. and thompson agreed to help but only through donors that were not connected to him. and to keep it secret, he requested that mayoral candidate a not refer to him as his real
6:29 pm
name, but contact him by uncle earl, and the mayoral candidate agreed to keep his identity secret. and then he transferred $870,000 corporate funds transferred to a company owned by jeanne clark harris to fund the secret effort. he paid for a driver and suv to ferry the mayoral candidate a to events. but in august of 2010 vernon hawkins came to jeff thompson with a significant new request. he asked for $400,000 more in off of the books cash to fund the shadow get out the vote campaign in the elections' final days. thompson told hawkins that if he was going to fund such a large sum, mayoral candidate a would have to ask him personally. so jeanne clark harris arranged a dinner meet iing at her
6:30 pm
apartment for them to meet. in the candidate, the, in the meet i meeting then the candidate handed him a expents report budget to get out the vote. and thompson agreed to do, so but he said that the many knee would pass through harris, and that hawkins and harris would manage the money. as the candidate left the apartment, he thanked jeff thompson and referring to him by the secret nickname, uncle. and thompson made good on the deal reached over dinner with the candidate, and transferred more than half a million in 2010 to harris. that was used to pay the shadow get out the vote campaign, money which assisted the candidate in obtaining victory at the polls. but thompson's benefit campaign did not end after the candidate won the election. after the election, thompson
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provided $10,000 to cover a campaign expense incurred by one of the candidates' close family members, and another $10,000 to support one of the candidate's union allies that was at the mayoral candidate's request, and home improvements and other items for a close personal friend of the candidate. finally, in august of 2011, thompson made a request of the mayoral candidate a who had been sworn in as mayor by then, a nn thompson asked for a settlement between d.c. government and d.c. charter, and he did, so and shortly thereafter, thompson learned that the d.c. government would be resolving the manner. mr. thompson's admissions today re -- it is after 6:30 now, and you are listening to district
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attorney ron machen outline the case against jeffrey thompson involving the mayor vincent gray's last campaign effort in 2010. we will listen in. >> and well into the campaigns of candidates who had the ability to control his financial future. by owning up to what he did today, jeff thompson gives us an opportunity to turn the page from this sad chapter in district politics. significantly jeff thompson also admitted today that the finance crimes extended beyond the district to texas, pennsylvania, indiana, north carolina, and puerto rico. as part of today's plea, mr. thompson accepted responsibilities for his federal crimes. subverting federal campaign finance laws and making false statement statements to the irs in the process. first in the d.c. elections t m
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thompson was prolific in the conduit contributions for the federal campaigns, and he acknowledged making illegal conduit contributions to 13 federal candidates and one federal pac in excess of $250,000. and in addition he supplied $600,000 in corporate funds to off of the books money to the presidential players and other regions of the country that were affected. the scheme began in february of 2008 when a senior adviser to a presidential campaign asked thompson to fund street teams to fund the kapd date in upcoming campaigns. they would put up campaign signs and in support of the
6:34 pm
presidential campaign in primary states. that shadow campaign first took form leading up to the march 2008 texas primary. the senior adviser to the presidential came pain put thompson in touch with troy white, a new york businessman who had a company called white house thoo would organize the street teams, and leading up to the texas primary, thompson through the familiar pass through of jeanne clark harris's company put out money to troy bell, and the white house to fund street teams across the state of texas. from there the shadow campaign moved to pennsylvania where thompson paid out more than $150,000 in corporate money to fund street teams. following pennsylvania, the shadow campaign continued in indiana, and north carolina, and at a cost of more than $130,000, and then into puerto ricot a cost of 88,000. the street teams and canvassers
6:35 pm
paid with thompson's welt were based only campaign intelligence provided by the senior adviser to the campaign for the purpose of raising the visibility for the preferred candidate. as they were deployed, those street teams, and the canvassers distributed posters and lawn signs and pamphlets and stickers provided by the original campaign. and beyond the shadow campaign, thompson spent $200,000 more to advance the candidate's 2008 presidential campaign, and first he gave a civic organization $150,000 from his company d.c. health systems right here in washington, d.c. to challenge the political party's treatment of one state delegate to the national convention. his money went for meals and e hotels and transportation to ensure that the protest was well attended. but a week later, thompson gave
6:36 pm
the civic organization the health care through d.c. system s to seek to validate the texas voting process which could have knocked out delegates for the opposing candidate. thompson's contributions were made in one purpose, to advance the presidential campaign of thompson's preferred candidate. as political expend suitures th were not tax deductible, but on the d.c. tax system, thompson took a $200,000 deduction for the money he spent to extend the 2008 presidential campaign and so in all, he spent $800,000 to boost his candidate's prospects for the campaign. none of the many knee was elect elect elect elected -- was reported to the federal election commission as required. as our partners with the irs can
6:37 pm
explain, in order for all of this to work, thompson and the co-conspirators had to hide the political spending on the corporate books, and you cannot deduct political spending on the taxes, and give n that reimbursement is illegal. th thompson's accounting firm had to come up with another way to post illegal contributions in the books. to cover up that wrongdoing, they falsely labeled them bonuses, advances, consulting fees and filed false income tax return, and improperly labeled themexpenses. when thompson faced a audit, he worked with the members of the firm that he had provided false and misleading information no the irs. this is u.s. attorney ron a macen going through the very detailed campaign of jeffrey thompson who agreed to fund the
6:38 pm
shadow campaign for vincent gray and other local and national candidates. news4's scott macfarlane has been following this in detail all day, and he has been following this with what this means, and with all of the moving parts coming together right now. scott? >> well, listening to the press conference of ron mason, you see that he did not use the name of vincent gray and he said that he will not do so with anybody who has not been charged in the case, but the deputy all day in court used the name vincent gray saying that he knew what he was running, but helped to devise it and organize it one-on-one. we will show you the footage of jeffrey thompson walks in and out of court, and he would not answer us, and in the press conference ron machen has said that d.c. campaigns have been compromised for years, and
6:39 pm
jeffrey thompson is trying to get through the loopholes that keep the wealthy from being convicted. >> this guilty plea will expose widespread corruption. and he gives d.c. residents an inside look at the underground off of the book schemes that have corruptioned election after election year after year in the district. >> jeffrey thompson in court acknowledging what the courts have said that he ran a shadow campaign for mayor gra, and other public officials in d.c. and one at least on the federal level. he is to return on the 15th, for a status update, and the judge said that he is going to be faced with home confinement between six months and 24 months in federal prison. that it is from outside of the attorney general's office, scott macfarlane. >> yes, and there is a lot of evidence that is yet to come.
6:40 pm
this is the only the beginning, folk folks. you can keep track of all of the intoer formation that we have reported so far, and more by going to the website other news tonight, the olympian and now the defendant oscar pistorius vomited twice in court today as graphic details were unveiled about his girlfriend's autopsy. the pathologist who perform ed the autopsy on reeva steenkamp testifieded so graphic that the judge ruled it could not be broadcast. in the testimony, pistorius began to cry loudly, and oscar pa pistorius shot and killed reeva steenkamp on valentine's day in 2013 when he claims that he thought that she was an intruder, but the prosecution says that he shot her intentional intentionally. and today, peter lanza is talking publicly for the first time since his son killed 20
6:41 pm
children, and 6 educators in newtown, connecticut, more than a year ago. he spent hours giving interviews to "new yorker" magazine, and lanza has met with the families of two of the victims and called it heartbreaking, and he said he would trade place with them in a heart be heart beat if it would ease their mind. and today, leaving newtown, connecticut, tuesday, and they are going to be arriving at the capital tomorrow, and their 4 400-mile ride is to be a push for gun restrictions, and they vow to keep pedalling until congress takes action. and tonight, there is new clue clues as to who shot a mother of two in the head while robbing a mart on brock road. julie carey is showing us how
6:42 pm
the community is rallying around the victim with money and information. >> reporter: all day long, the customers ha customers have been filling the jars in spotsylvania county which is a collection to help with medical expenses here after a clerk, the mother of three, was shot in the head after a robbery saturday. >> well, dang, you would not think that this would happen here. and you would not think that something like this would happen around here, and you know, who are these creeps? >> reporter: this is surveillance video, and the man came into the store, and waited for her to turn around and then he fired shooting her twice in the head. the customers say he took a display of medications before he fled, and the wounded clerk managed to get up and call 911 before collapsing. she was airlifted to a xpected >> at last word, she is improving and the family is by
6:43 pm
her side, and the doctors do expect her to recover from this, and frankly it is a miracle. >> and the sheriff's office says that the video and tips have been pouring in to the department. >> we have received hundreds of phone calls and tips and information from citizens of people wanting to help in this case. >> and this fast mart is a community gathering spot of people in rural spotsylvania, pennsylvania, and they are relieved that she will survive and new ad mir rati-- admiratio her. >> i believe everyone will help. and they were going to have a fund-raiser right here in the parking lot, but now it is so big, they are looking for another
6:44 pm
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>> a man from maryland is accused of murdering his daughter's mother will be back in baltimore county to face channels. he is timothy virts, and he is in police custody in south carolina and he waived his right to extradition today. he and his 11-year-old daughter were found in a hotel in south carolina late friday night. the two were the focus of a nationwide manhunt last week after the girl's mother was found dead inside of their home in dunydalk, maryland. and tonight, we are still gatheri ining information about student from georgetown university after he died during spring break. the university says they are in touch with his mark adamsson's
6:47 pm
f family, and he was a member of the school of foreign services. he was killed in dominican republic. >> and a woman says that a man sexually assaulted her before he ran away inside of her home. >> reporter: this is a very unusual crime, and the police are taking it seriously. listen to the facts here. her husband was asleep in the apartment. her children were asleep in the apartment, when this wife and mother was sexually assaulted in her own bed in that apartment. it is the kind of crime that has people on edge. >> it is the kind of crime that must have scared her to death. that is -- poor thing. >> that is scary. >> so we are not safe in our neighborhood is what you are saying? >> reporter: the scene is the old centerville garden apartments in manassas, and it is 3:30 in the morning, and a
6:48 pm
40-year-old woman is asleep in her bedroom in her own bed, and she rolls over, and there is a man next to her. and she thinks that it is her husband, but it turns out that he is a total stranger, and this turns out to be the beginning of a bizarre sexual assault. >> she initially thought that it was her husband, but then things didn't seem right. >> reporter: and aggressively he sexual assaults her? >> yes. >> reporter: and then she knows that something is not right. >> right. >> reporter: and she follows him out of the apartment? >> and she sees her husband on the sofa, and she can't believe what happened. >> reporter: and so why is the victim's husband asleep on the couch in the living room? there is a reason for that. the husband was sleeping on the couch, because -- >> they have small children, and he needed to get some sleep. they have a baby. >> reporter: so there were small children and a baby in the apartment when this happened? >> yes. >> reporter: and so how did the suspect get into the apartment? welk the family thought thapart
6:49 pm
but the lock was defective, and so all you had to do was to open up the door and it would open right up. in prince george's county, news4. and doug is here with the first monday night. >> yes, and it is going to be nice when we leave the station in 20 minutes and have some sunlight to look at. temperatures on the nice side and the sun is helping us to get into the 60s and we will be well into that as we head into the next couple of days and pretty shot, and the weather is not quite making you feel like getting out on the boat just yet, but hey, we are almost there, and evening planner is sitting at 61, and nice and we are a little bit on the breezy side, and the winds are up to 20 miles per hour, and 54 by 9:00, and down the 50 degrees by 11:00, and it is cool and not cold by any mean, and the temperatures are in bowie, and
6:50 pm
bellvoir down to 61. and we are not expected to see rain or snow any time soon on the radar, at least for 24 to 36 hours. different story tomorrow. high is 67. and wednesday a chance for storms, and not expecting a lot of heavy rain, but what i am expecting is a few thunderstorms and showers and the possibility of brief heavy rain, and quick downpour and the storm moves on and that is it. and we are going to watch out for the potential of the high wind, and gusting over 40 miles per hour, and then thursday, this is the day to watch out for, and 70 on wednesday, and 34 on thursday, and take a look at the windchills here dropping through the 60, and through the 40s and look at, this by thursday morning, a windchill through 7 in d.c., and we could feel 60 degrees colder thursday than on the day wednesday and a big cooldown, and the good news is that it is not staying cold for long. back to 60 by saturday. >> and what a roller coaster that keeps on going.
6:51 pm
d dianna, what is in sports the night? >> well, this is what is coming up. the wizards are heating up as they head down to south beach tonight. and plus, caps' fans have been waiting four long years for tonight. we will exp
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
here's what i am thinking,
6:54 pm
if you are a cap's fan, the last team you want to play is the pittsburgh penguins, and if you are ovechkin, the last guy you want to see come in there and what is that boy's name? crosby. and once out of four times or something? >> yes. >> and he can beat crosby, right? >> well, the penguins have beaten them four times at the verizon center, and you don't want pittsburgh back in town. >> we do. >> and maybe you do. and maybe there is not much excitement except for ovie's scoring, and the john carlson's ridiculous ne ridiculousness in the olympics. but one part may renew a rifle is ovie's rival back in town, and jay is over at the center with more of why the caps' fans are thrilled tonight. >> well, they are thrilled because it is the caps and the penguins, and not much has to be said when they meet up on the ice, and the second reason is because 21-year-old russian sensation, yevgeny kuts net sov,
6:55 pm
was drafted back in 2010 and he paid four years in the khl and the caps' fans will see him take the ice, and he has been the talk of the town a and the expectations are high, and the head coach adam oates and the teammates want to ease him into the lineup, and tonight, he is part of the fourth line. >> well, obviously, everybody is excited to see him, and for all of the reasons that you know, but for the team, you know, he has to earn it, right? and to start there and let him go into the team system, and put him in a position not to make a mistake right off of the hop and the wrong foot, and it is going to make sense to do it that way. >> and it is not like we traded for wayne gretzky coming in his prime, and he can't put too much expectation on him, and he is a skilled kid, and they have to take it easy on the kid, and not put too much pressure on him, a
6:56 pm
and if he does that, he will help them. >> and nothing say welcome to the nhl like playing your first two hockey games against the pittsburgh penguins, and the best thing in the metropolitan division and the best team in the eastern conference, and k s kuznetsov and we will see how he plays tonight, and they need this win tonight for the caps. >> and he is the 500th caps' player that they have had on the ro roster. thank you, jay. and the last time that the wizards played the miami heat they scored 43 points in the first quarter and wt on the win it, and john wall called it a signature one, because they had struggled to beat teams with winning records, but fast forwarding tonight, the wizards are coming in winners of the last 8 of 10 games, and record of 23-29, and the fifth seed in the eastern conference and though they are good at home,
6:57 pm
they are better on the road. 14-6 in the last 20 away from the verizon scenter. so tonight, it will be a good test for them to see if they can be able to take care of them. >> but these are the number tas are not good. >> which is what? >> miami has lost three in a row, now. >> yes. >> and can you see the miami heat losing four in a row? >> no. >> and at home, too. and that is a scary number. >> come on, wizards. >> yes, it is a good challenge, and look at where they were in january versus the team now, and how many wins they have been able to string together, and the mome momentum is on the side of washington if you think about it. >> we have a basketball team. >> yes, and this is true. and there is not a maryland fan out there who wants the basketball season to end, but if it was going to, last night's win over uva was the perfect way to wrap it up. the terps have a chance to get a bid into the ncaa tournament, and last night is exactly what they needed. >> never the league knows that we are petty good.
6:58 pm
and our guys believe they are pretty good, but we haven't, and it is a strange year and tough year, and all of the tough that we have been through has been tough, and it has made us a lot tougher. it is going to help us in the few chu, and we will build something, and we have one seener yo, and that is going to help us as we move forward. >> they
6:59 pm
this is doug gansler. i'm running for governor - but this campaign is about you more than me. it's about brianna, who will breathe cleaner air because as attorney general i forced polluters to put in place $4.6 billion dollars in pollution controls. for caren, i fought big banks, winning $1.6 billion in mortgage relief for her and thousands of marylanders. for myra and her kids, they're safer because i brought the beltway snipers to justice, and fought child pornography and internet predators. for eric and mickey, i went to court to fight for marriage equality. for hundreds of baltimore kids, i started an inner city lacrosse league. and when a judge blamed an 11 year old girl for being sexually abused by saying "it takes two to tango," i took that judge on. i don't put up with things like that, it's not who i am.
7:00 pm
i take on tough fights and get things done for the people of maryland. on our broadcast tonight, the mystery of flight 370 after three days and several false alarms. the expanding search for the plane over water and now land. and what we're learning about the passengers on board carrying stolen passports. without a trace, how is it possible for a jumbo jet to disappear and not know it was in trouble or off course. it is all about technology and there are limits. breaking his silence for the first time since that awful day in newtown, connecticut, the father of the gunman speaks out about his son and what he did.


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