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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 13, 2014 6:00pm-6:14pm EDT

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d.c. millions in the revenue. and tonight, the vush on to print more lottery tickets in time. >> i'm jim handly. >> and i'm -- here with julie carey with the report of a store clerk who speaks out to news4. >> reporter: the search continues for a gunman who shot a clerk two times in the head. she is going to undergo rounds of reconstructive surgery, but not before she spoke out from the hospital bed of what happened to her here. >> i heard a big bang. i panicked a little, and he shot me again. >> reporter: kelly wood is alive in spite of two bullets to the head. she speak s in spite of a shattered jaw >> catch the guy who did this to me.
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>> reporter: catch the guy who did this to me is the message from the mother of three. she wants the man caught. and this video released by the police department shows a man entering a spotsylvania fas mart saturday. when kelly turned her back, he fired at close range, and grabbed a display of medicine and left. and somehow she called 911. her husband tells us that he has his ideas of what should happen to the gunman when he is caught. >> in honest opinion, i like eye for an eye. >> reporter: kelly just wants the see the man behind bars. >> i want this guy to be put in jail. >> reporter: back at the fas mart, this shooting is a prime topic of conversation. >> i come in here all of the time, and i know that girl who was shot. >> yeah, i come in here a lot, too. and we are putting together an event for her. >> reporter: and rita rose is turning the horror into action. she has gotten the blessing and the help of fas mart to hold a fund-raising benefit on april
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5th. she is calling it wishes for kelly. >> for me, the idea is that i want her to concentrate on her recovery, a and i don't want her to worry about how are the bills going to be paid and who is going to be taking care of the children, and how do i get this all done while i'm out of work. >> reporter: already more than $5,000 has been raised in the collection jars at this fas mart and others. other fund-raising events are coming up this weekend, and other fas marts in the area are holding bake sales for kelly wood and her family. now, to learn more about the benefit of kelly or to help out, go to website nbc wwashington.c, and search for shooting survival. two montgomery county women have been indicted in the murders of two small children in what police say is an exorcism. they are accused of killing avery's 1-year-old and 2-year-old in january. the women also have been indicted on two counts of attempted murder for stabbing
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avery's 5 and 8-year-olds. they told investigators that they believed that the evil spirits were jumping between the bodies of the children. both are facing life in prison if they are convicted. and now to a developing story in new york. construction equipment is carrying away the debris from the gas explosion yesterday that brought down two apartment buildings in east harlem. seven people were killed and 40 others were injured and right now, five people are still missing. today's high winds kept reigniting the fires at the site, and right now, investigators believe a leak from a gas line caused that blast. >> and tonight, a setback in the search for the missing malaysian airliner, this as the course of the search changes again. scott macfarlane tracking it from the live desk. >> yes, wendy. they say that it did not transmit any data after it lost contact last friday and that is leaving investigators with what
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happened next. search crews believe that the plane could have been flying for as long as four hours after losing contact, based on the fuel p on board. and last night, we showed you satellite that could be debris, but so far, the crews have not been to that location. and now the pentagon is sending the "uss kidd" into the indian ocean to expand the search area. look for a report on "nbc nightly news." scott macfarlane, live desk. and the high winds caused a lot of damage across the region last night. in the del rey section of alexandria, the gusts blew the bricks off of a wall on an apartment complex. pat collins is on the scene, and coming up at 6:30, we will hear from the people who were impacted by the mess. >> and that storm left thousands of residents without power overnight. we checked in with the local
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utilities, and right now, there are about 1,300 pepco customers without power and most of them in prince george's county, and in northern virginia, and dominion is dealing with 400 outages and bge has 1,200, and the most in howard county. and you could hear it, and the wind is still howling. these are the flags outside of our nbc washington studios here in northwest d.c. and the windchills will dip back into the teens tonight, folks. doug is here with more of the chill in the air and the chance for, yes, more snow. doug? >> well, that is is right, guys. in the winds that we saw in the day yesterday and overnight last night, those were the strong winds and strongest non-thunderstorm winds since hurricane sandy. winds were gusting up to 60 miles an hour out at dulles last night. and looking outside now, the winds are at 18 miles per hour, and the windchill is down to 26. a cold afternoon for sure. the winds are gusting over 30 miles per hour, and 35 miles per hour in annapolis, and 31 in
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camp springs, and back over to winchester, and as the sun goes down, we will see the winds die down, too. and we are going from winter to spring and back to winter. more winter whiplash we will call it tmt temperatures will go up over the weekend and then sunday and monday, they go right back down and then you add in a couple of snowflakes, and it is more, guys. we will talk about how much you are seeing in your earea coming nup a minute. >> and president obama is ordering the labor department to overhaul overtime rules. and the directive is a part of a series of actions that the president is taking to increase the workers' pay, but it is also creating some new worry for some businesses. news4's melissa is live on capitol hill with the latest. >> wendy, many of the employees are thrilled with the potential salary hike, but at love the businesses are not so excited about the potential change that they say could really hurt their bottom line. >> and i have to make sure that
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i do it every time. >> reporter: and president obama is now asking the labor department to expand the number of employees who get overtime pay. >> and no matter how hard they are working, they are putting in the long hours and working harder and harder to get by, but it is always at the end of the month, that real tight. >> reporter: and two groups of workers would be affected, one based on salary. mr. obama wants overtime the for those who make more than the current threshold of $455 a week. the other are workers who are right now ineligible for overtime, because they are des ig nated as a supervisor and the obama plan would change the definition of supervisor, but the changes have businesses balking. this business in virginia has 90 employees, a nd they say that te new mandate could cripple the business. >> it means rene goegotiating t salaries for the staff. we have this much of a bucket of money. it is going to go this far. >> reporter: that company is not alone. >> you will see a lot of people
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trying to the limit the overtime as much as possible. >> reporter: the change could make 10 million more workers eligible for the overtime pay. >> and we are a much wealthier country than we were, but it is not finding its way into the workers' pockets. >> reporter: some states have higher salary thresholds, and california is $600, and new york is $640 and the numbers will go up in 2016. now we know that it is going to take more than a year for the labor department to decide what type of plan they want to put in place. live on capitol hill, back to you. and a d.c. business owner was among those invited to the white house the support the president's push. gina shave owns nine local hardware stores and says she pays overtime and starts her employee employees at $10/hour, and she believes by paying more, she will attract a higher quality work, and one that is happy and therefore more productive. tensions are rising in
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ukraine, and today, russia launched new military xer seizes in several regions of the ukrainian border one day after denying that the troops were gathering there. and german chancellor angela merkel used her sharpest language yet. she warned the russians that they are risking catastrophe if they don't change course and reach a diplomatic solution. secretary of state john kerry is leaving for london tonight to have a meeting with the russian foreign minister of ethics. >> there has been trash talk between the district of columbia, and virginia. this week, there was a new ethics reform law when he took a swipet the politicians in d.c. >> some of the tightest campaign restrik sthauns you havhave -- restrictions that you have in this kun are tri are in d.c. and maryland. hell, in d.c., there has to be a
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shuttle bus between the penitentiary and the city council chambers and three, three since the last election have gone the jail or resigned. and the mayors is up to his ass in alligators. >> and the d.c. mayor responded telling the virginia post that they have ethics problems of their own mentioning the indictment of former governor bob mcdonnell, and they did just pass a new ethics law, but some feel it is too watered down. many believe that the d.c. lottery is losing millions of sales, because it has run out of pop popular scratch tickets. and we take a look at how it is impacting the local businesses. >> reporter: they are called scrat scratchers ap and you can win instantly, but you can't play if you don't have any. you have a empty lot there? >> yes sh, the lots are like, l of choices right now. >> reporter: at this store in an cost ya, the business is way off. >> we normally sell like $500 or
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$700 scratch offs all day, but right now, less than 100. here is problem of the lottery officials. do you have anymore $1 tickets? >> no. >> reporter: $5? >> no. >> reporter: and buddy ruegall said that the city will lose million millions if they aret not replaced. in an urgent four-page letter to the d.c. council today, the new dccfo jeff dewitt on the job since january says he wants approval for a new contract quickly, but no firm qualifies with the minority partners required under city law. >> we are looking at way to get the instant tickets replenished. >> reporter: he says that the entire lottery operation will be rebid, and the minority contractor contractors will have a chance
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to be included then. it is unclear if the council will approve, but until then, thousands of vendors citywide are hurt iing. >> we are losing business. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. next, video of the chaos as a driver slams through the crowded street of the austin, texas, festival south by southwest, and what we are learn act the man behind the wheel, and the victims. and allegations of what was inside of a military the day care center. >> and a man is clocked at
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this is doug gansler. i'm running for governor - but this campaign is about you more than me. it's about brianna, who will breathe cleaner air because as attorney general i forced polluters to put in place $4.6 billion dollars in pollution controls. for caren, i fought big banks, winning $1.6 billion in mortgage relief for her and thousands of marylanders. for myra and her kids, they're safer because i brought the beltway snipers to justice, and fought child pornography and internet predators. for eric and mickey, i went to court to fight for marriage equality. for hundreds of baltimore kids, i started an inner city lacrosse league. and when a judge blamed an 11 year old girl for being sexually abused by saying "it takes two to tango," i took that judge on. i don't put up with things like that, it's not who i am. i take on tough fights and get things done


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