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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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# >> now at 6:00, panic at the malls. what caused such a frenzy. news about where that
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missing malaysian airlines plane might be. plans change after one state strikes down a strike --. >> we're following breaking news out of the district. a serious crash. d.c. police are on the scene. right now they have the area blocked off. we just got these pictures from someone driving by, we're working to find out more about those who are injured. in other news, d.c. police are investigating involving an accident in with one of their own police cars. this was right near the intersection of vermont avenue. police had to shut down both streets for several hours, but now they are both back open. we're hearing reports of some injuries, but everyone's expected to be okay. a popular local mall is back open tonight after a major scare
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that still has some shoppers wondering what happened. officials evacuated the dulles town center mall this afternoon after they heard reports of a man on the loose with a gun. police didn't find anyone with a gun there. news4's derek ward has been following this developing story, he joins us live with more on how this whole situation started. >> they just started letting people back into this mall and some people who were in there on lockdown out a couple of hours ago. this gets at that old security saying these days that if you see something, say something. it also applies if you hear something. it was just after 2:00 p.m. when according to loudoun county -- >> they just told us on the loud speakers that they would be shutting down the mall. >> reporter: gates dropped at some stores and shoppers were
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rushed into storerooms or other safe places. soon loved one of employees came to the mall. >> linda holcomb's daughter and a friend were among those rushed into a storeroom. >> she did see the store across from her lower their door and she wondered what happened and she saw the police so they immediately went in the back room. >> reporter: police did a store did store search and police referred to it as an abundant of caution. >> they're making sure everyone is safe and taking precautions. >> when your child is in there or somebody you know, you can never be too cautious, i just want her out. >> reporter: l i just hope the trend stops. >> police have not talked to the two females who apparently made that statement. it doesn't appear there are any trouble and things are back to
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normal here at dulles town center. there's been some developments tonight in the search for that missing malaysia airlines plane. a satellite may have discovered new ed of zree in the southern ichbd yang ocean. a satellite took this four days ago but it was just released today. it shows an object about 70 by 43 feet. that is within the area where planes and ships were searching today. those search teams didn't find anything. they'll use that picture to help refine the area where they're looking. it been more than two weeks since the flight vanished with 239 people on board. speaking out about the mystery of this missing 8-year-old girl. no one has seen -- she left the d.c. family shelter in southeast even earlier last move. but no one started searching for her until just this week. investigators think she's with this man, call legal tatum. police told us today he may also been known as carl tatum.
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the city is now putting all its resources into finding her. >> she's 8 years old. you know, we have some concerns about the inconsistencies in some of the information we have gotten. but we will be continuing to try to find her. that's first and foremost. >> he's been charged with killing his wife. felicia's mother tell us that her family trusted tatum and he never raised any red flags. a look at the national mall, hopefully you're enjoying the weather today because our roller coaster is going to take us for yet another ride. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia seeiegel is here with al the details. >> today was the warmest day of the year so far. reagan recorded a temperature of 73 addition. a cool front is actually moving
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through the area, it's not bringing any rain, but it is quietly bringing cooler temperatures. you'll notice it throughout the day tomorrow. tomorrow will be about 20 degrees cooler. now here's a time lapse of the day today, this is looking out toward restin', the dulles toll road, you'll see some sunshine during the early evening hours. but for the most part, the clouds did rain out today. that did not stop the temperatures from warming up nicely. 71 is the temperature in washington right now. 64 in frederick, 73 degrees down in culpepper, so it is mild, a beautiful evening. for the rest of the evening hours, we will remain mild breezy. by midnight we're down to 54 again, 20 degrees cooler tomorrow. i'll have more on your forecast for sunday coming up in ten minutes. >> thanks, enjoy it while it lasts. a shift in power tonight, we have got the dramatic details as russia tries to take control of a ukrainian base.
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an a ninst the nsa by the agency is
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some d.c. students and their families got to talk to the mayor about some rights and some wrongs about their schools. student leaders and city
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officials were there to answer questions and address plenty of concerns about education in the city. parents asked about the digital divide in d.c. classrooms and how neighborhood boundary changes that will affect which schools their kids go to. 12 different satellite voting centers are up and running right now throughout the city. d.c. voters can cast ballots of any early voting center regardless of what neighborhood they live in. most of these are located within a mile of a metro stop. one of ukraine's last military holdouts in crimea is now in russian hands. pro russian forces stormed an air base, firing shots and using armored trucks to smash through the front gate. the base commander says at least one person was hurt and his troops have no choice but to turn over their weapons. russian forces have been seizing bases in crimea has people voted
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to succeed and join russia. the nsa is facing some new accusation of spying and this time it's on a tech firm. like other revelations, this one comes from the documents edward snowden leaked from the times. the documents say u.s. intelligence systems hacked into the government's e-mail systems in fact, some members of congress recommend banning them from doing business right here in the u.s. well, a brand-new development tonight in the fight over gay marriage, why the latest state to allow it just decided to put a stop to the ceremonies again. and a day that finally feels like spring, but, hey, don't get used to it, amelia i
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take a look at this serious crash in the northeast. news4's darcy spencer just arrived on the scene. >> i just got off the phone with police and they are saying there are no confirmed fatalities, but they are saying this was a very serious crash. this is as close as we can get.
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what you're looking at are the lanes of 2 # 5. it's all the way on the other side. there were report of a couple of people being trapped here and you can see that d.c. police as quell as fire and rescue are still here on the scene, no word yet on the conditions of the people who were involved in this incident. as we understand, there was a high speed involved. this is affecting traffic in this area. as well reporting live from nort washington. >> we're going to bring you to a developing story in michigan.
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>> north main street is closed until monday morning. crews are demolishing the sky bridge all weekend. folks have been using that for years to -- crew also close north moore street next weekend to take down that sky bridge. but the walkways over ft. nash and meyer are going to stay open. nearly 300 students from 30 schools present it their projects, competing in the city's stem fair. they broke down into 14 categories, engineering, math, chemistry and physics. >> that's in los angeles in may.
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one project was to see how long it took fingers to wrinkle up in water. the folks who live at st. paul senior living in capital heights, send the day getting hair dos and manicures and pedicures. >> this is pretty cool, i come down to get a makeover, because next week is my birthday, so i decided to come down and get a makeover this week. >> prince george's county police also use this occasion to share some safety tips on how to stay safe from thiefs who could target some of our senior citizens. >> it felt like the warmest you felt in a long time, you're right, because it was the warmest day of the year. >> the warmest day so far this year, unfortunately we are looking at below average
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temperatures for pretty much most of the upcoming week. i do have good news, i looked at the long-term trend or the longer term trend in march 30th through about april 5. chris, you're going to like this, they should be above average, a week of cool air to deal with, and then spring will arrive and i don't think we'll see more of winter after that. high temperatures today in the upper 60s, low 70s, beautiful evening in store. talking about this cooler air, cold front moving through right now, kind of doing so very quietly. because we're not tracking any rain with it. but we are going to notice much cooler air through tomorrow. it's not until friday and then next weekend where our temperatures will jump to above average. right now, again, temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s, a great evening outside, a lot of people telling me on twitter and facebook, they went out running today, they enjoyed some gulf, and if you want to see more about our above an forecast, i
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posted more about that on our twitter and facebook pages. we're getting some early evening sunshine. some clouds still hanging down around the northern neck and southern maryland. we'll have mainly clear skies for the early evening hours and then overnight, clouds will return. will become mostly cloudy, a low temperature in washington, 41 degrees, the suburbs, looking at low temperatures in the mid 30s. so a child start for your skund morning, but a dry start, plenty of clouds around, we're looking at overcast skies tomorrow morning, maybe a little bit of afternoon sunshine tomorrow. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, those of you in southern maryland, the northern neck, you could be dealing with some scattered showers, the d.c. metro area, most of northern virginia, all of maryland or northern maryland will be dry tomorrow. but again a chance of scattered afternoon showers tomorrow. everybody is noticing the cooler temperatures. 11:00 a.m., we're only in the
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mid 40s, upper 40s, about 5:00 p.m., that's our high tomorrow, 49 degrees, so it will be chilly outside. cold on monday. a high of 43, at least with plenty of sunshine. and then tuesday, we're talking about some snow, a good chance that we're dealing with snow. 6:00 a.m. on tuesday, we're dry, but notice during the morning hours, around 8:00 a.m., snow starts to make its way into the area, we'll have some scattered snow showers throughout the day. crisp because of the temperatures, it will be -- we're looking at two inches or les, maybe even some rain later. breezy and cold a high of only 3, windchills in the 20s and 30s. >> wow, from the 70s to the 20s in less than 48 hours, that's pretty amazing. coming up next in sports t
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some people love the underdogs, other people, they love to see the big boys get in there and rumble. this tournament's had a little bit of both. >> i heard you guys saying, this is beautiful.
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that's all. >> i wouldn't have it any other way. and then there were 32, eight games today as teams try to punch their tickets to the sweet 16. sure it was the most beautiful day of the year outside, but this tournament only comes once a year. missing this one would be the pits, pitt versus the coach, billy donovan and the number one seeded gators pick it up. scottie's got the running three at the buzzer, and nails it. that puts florida up five at the break. they're going to take that big momentum from there. second half, james robinson, get that out of there says patrick young who looks anything but young. i have to tell you. where's his birth certificate. florida makes him pay on the other end. that's young with the alley-oop and florida advances 61-45. louisville won it all last year. next step, a repeat, taking down st. louis for a sweet 16 bid today, the bill cans not going down without a fight. second half down three, passed
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down low to duane evans, gets the bucket and one. 16 points for him, we're tied at 27. a couple of points later, ahead to rob lowe, loved him in st. elmo's fire. he likes that bucket too. they take a opportunity lead, but a former george mason patriot leads beautiful back. that's luke hancock, who transferred from mason to the cardinals. knocking down three. and then there was one, one team from this area, still standing. uva fans, they may have had a heart attack last night. the team is still live after scaring the heck out of us last night. they survived a late scare, tony bennett was freaking out on the inside. you just know it. we're showing you the come back, though, anthony gill, he had 27 points off the bench.
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joe harris stepped up for the cavs. harris, he was money from the outside in the second half. clutch threes down the stretch. finished with 11 points, virginia advances after a tale of two halves in their win against coastal carolina. >> we weren't playing together. everybody was pointing fingers at halftime. but we decided just play like we have been playing the whole year, it wiloff. >> we definitely worried about the seeding and stuff like that. we came into halftime, we're like, look, it's 0-0. let's go out there and play our game. i feel like that helped. >> they're going to move on to play memphis, meanwhile the george washington mascot dancing, but the team is going to have to wait until next year. they sent gw home. exciting finish. air balling a game-time three creek has been so good for gw
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all season. he cannot keep their season alive there. memphis moves on to face virginia, 71-66. >> in the game of basketball, you know you're going your way, or not going your way, you got to find a way to make plays and that last shot just didn't fall. like i said, it's a shot i usually hit. i can't get it back. it's always ones you wish you could get back. >> congratulate maurice creek and the george washington colonials. wizards fans have been accused of being in la la land before. this team can actually go to la la land and win.
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they haven't swept the lakers in a season like this in ten years. so thank you, chris for derailing my show, now i'm late in the highlight. that's john wall, he was the biggest star in hollywood last night. he had 28 points, monster dunk there. meantime, former wizard nick young. young pushes gooden. look at him. this is my favorite. him and jordan hill going at it. he's getting a big hug right there. gooden was ejected, hill was ejected and young was hit with a technical. and after the dust settled, the wizards pick up the win. >> 117 to 107. so yes trk lakers are not the best team but still the fact they got the season sweep means something. the natts, 6-5 winners over the marlins today.
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>> amelia's
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on this saturday night, debris spotted. a new satellite image today of an unusual large object triggers a massive search off the coast of australia. plus, we're on board a military flight as it combs the ocean for clues to missing malaysia


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