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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 28, 2014 5:00am-5:49am EDT

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virginia into winchester. a bigger area of rain just in to the southern shenandoah valley that's tracking north and east until about 3.5 hours away of getting into the metro area. so by mid morning, we'll get a few scattered sprinkles. some other sprinkles in west virginia, kentucky, down to tennessee. this is the line of strong storms that produced severe weather in missouri and the tornadoes there. that's weakened as it moved into western kentucky. a cool front, that's going to begin to sweep in here. not until tonight. and ahead of that, we'll have mild temperatures. right now off to a milder start, big change from yesterday morning. we were subfreezing. no it is in the mid to upper 40s prince george's, montgomery, and fairfax county and points west, hovering near 50 degrees now. and around the bay, eastern shore, in the 40s. look at your hour-by-hour friday forecast coming up in about ten minutes. maynard edwards, good morning. how's traffic? good morning, tom. that rain that you mentioned isn't causing any road problem at this point. mostly traffic is running
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without incident. taking a look at your 66 commute eastbound beginning in manassas, 66 at sudley, syou see trouble free. near the air and space museum, moving fine. coming up, we'll track the community coming from howard county and find out how it will slow you down this morning. back to you. new developments in the search for missing 8-year-old relisha rudd. not long from now crews will resume the search in kenilworth park in d.c. they think she may be in the park after learning about items her alleged abductor purchased shortly after she went missing. megan mcgrath with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a very dark and remote area. so police last night called off their search. you see the officers who are here looking over, protecting the area, making sure that nobody goes into the search area overnight. they are waiting for the sun to come up so that they can once again renew their efforts today.
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police searched the park all day yesterday. it was quite an effort, quite a lon of manpower thrown at this. for the first time we've heard police refer to this as a recovery operation. police chief kathy lanier says she hopes that 8-year-old relisha rudd is found alive. she says that they can't ignore the possibility that khalil tatum killed the little girl and disposed of her body here in the park. that's because police have uncovered some very disturbing evidence. on march 1st, that's the last time relisha was seen alive, and she was with tatum. on march 2nd, the next day, police say tatum bought contractor-sized trash bags. sources tell news4 that tatum also bought a shovel and lime which can be used to speed up the decomposition of bodies. police also have evidence that tatum spent time here at the kenilworth park on march 2nd. that's what brought them here. police say they will search this
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entire area, and we are talking about a very large area. 700 acres. some of it is heavily wooded, other stretches run along the anacostia river. it is not going to be an easy search. for that reason, it could take them days, if not weeks. back to you. >> thank you very much for that. relisha rudd's family is still holding out hope this she's alive after the grim report from police. relisha's mother says she still doesn't believe that khalil tatum could hurt the little girl. shamiqua young said she trusted tatum, a janitor at the shelter where she lived with her kids. she also defended her decision not to call police for three weeks after her daughter went missing. we spoke to her and her sister last night. >> if you return her unharmed -- she would never go with anyone else. >> relisha, if you hear me, i love you, and i'm praying for you to return home. >> now relisha's mother says the
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little girl was in the care of her sister and mother the day she disappeared. they both deny that. we are tracking the search for rudd on air and on line all day. you can find more pictures of relisha and khalil tatum and a complete overview of the case on oscar pistorius' lawyers will have a few more days to prepare their defense in his murder trial. the judge postponed the trial until april 7th because one of the legal experts is sick. the athlete was expected to take the stand today. pistorius says he shot reeva steenkamp by accident thinking that she was an intruder in his home. prosecutors say he killed her after an argument. this morning, the search area for malaysia airlines flight 370 is changing. australian officials say that they've gotten new, credible leads that the plane may have gone down about 600 miles north of the current search area. and that is based on radar data that appears to show the plane was flying faster than originally thought. now that means it would have run out of fuel quicker than
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previously thought. ten planes and five ships are out today searching for more than 300 pieces of debris spotted by a thai satellite earlier this week. and today is the three-week anniversary of that flight, 370's disappearance. people gathered in kuala lumpur where the plane took off to light candles and pray for the victims last night. 5:04. let's check in with richard jordan at the live desk. >> we're keeping tabs on president obama today. he is set to leave italy in the next few minutes and head on over to saudi arabia. of course, yesterday he met with pope francis and with the italian prime minister. when he guess to saudi arabia, he'll be meeting with king abdullah. the president is set to assure saudi arabia that despite troop withdrawals in iraq and afghanistan, the u.s. is not abandoning the arab world. president obama will have dinner and a meeting with king abdull a. one of the main concerns from saudi arabia is iran's nuclear program and that iran is eyeing oil fields inside saudi arabia
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and bahrain. the other issue is that saudi arabia feels that america is becoming energy independent, and that means that they are investing less in the gulf. the president is set to reassure them that that is not the case. at the live desk, richard jordan. we've got new information this morning in the search for bodies after that mudslide in washington state. the announcement overnight from medical examiner's office. plus, the factor that could slow search efforts today. good morning, storm team 4 radar showing rain sweeping in to the area later today. a look at when it arrives and your hour-by-hour friday forecast coming up. how facebook could incorporate dr
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welcome back. "news4 today" joining you in the community. melissa mollet read to mrs.
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robeson's second grade class yesterday. she read "the three billy goat fluff." melissa and the school have a special history. she graduated -- went to that school. yeah. "three billy goats fluff." not familiar with that. we'll find out. >> all right. we want to take a look at something. this is dramatic treekz a snowy spring break. -- reaction to a snowy spring break. frosty the snowman on fire. ♪ this man is on fire students at this high school in michigan poured lighter fluid on a wood and wire snowman to make this happen. so there's no actual snow in there. mostly just newspaper. the student said the effigy was a ritual that will hopefully make mother nature take notice. >> make her angrier next time. >> don't say that. things off to a mild start this morning. right, tom? yeah. in fact, maybe that worked. we have temperatures that are above freezing. yesterday we were frigid. now we're in the 40s.
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that was a live view under a cloudy sky. storm team 4 radar scanning the sky, getting scattered sprinkles in prince george's county and south of washington from alexandria down toward near woodbridge. and farther north and west, sprinkles. northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia to washington county. a larger area of rain in the southern shenandoah valley still three hours and 20 minutes away of getting into the metro area. the sky over washington, cloudy now. 49 at reagan national. we'll be in the mid 40s by 8:00. likely scattered sprinkles noontime and during the afternoon. noontime temperatures mid 50s. afternoon into the low 60s. and that's the way it looks now. back to you. >> thank you and good morning. taking a look at traffic, your commute from howard county is a smooth one this morning. we're running full speed on 95 at route 32. and as you approach the beltway, no slowdown. bw parkway also running smooth this morning. clear in both directions. metro, marc, vre, all your rails
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on time this morning. aaron and ericka, back to you. >> thank you very much. now this morning, a water rescue caught on camera. the crew called in to save a man off a cruise ship. plus, the operation that will take over a maryland high school bui
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welcome back at 5:14. new this morning, the death toll from that huge mudslide in washington state is climbing. 17 people are confirmed dead including a 4-month-old baby. rescuers say they've spotted nine bodies still buried in the thick mud. they've not been able to reach them. that would bring the number of victims to 26. rescuers are still wading through the mud for more bodies. 90 people are still unaccounted for. emergency workers have stopped conducting door-to-door searches and calling relatives to locate those who checked in yet. a fourth person has died from that deadly crash at the sxsw festival. 18-year-old deondre tatum died yesterday from his injuries. earlier this month an accused
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drunk driver plowed into a crowd of people waiting to head in to a concert in austin, texas. the driver has been charged with capital murder. happening today, a prince george's county man will learn how long he'll spend in prison. brian mayhew is set to be sentenced today after being viced of first-degree murder -- convicted of first-degree murder. mayhew along with another man shot and killed anthony mckelvin and sean ellis in may of 2011. mayhew is also facing charges that he ordered a hit on his uncle who had planned to testify against him. today montgomery county officials will turn damascus high school into a training site for bioterrorism incidents. local and state agencies will conduct an emergency drill there. the purpose is to test how well montgomery county officials might deal with a bioterrorism disaster. volunteers will pose as victims. medical personnel will practice doing medical procedures in the field. the cdc will be on site to help with the training. it is up to maryland governor martin o'malley to decide if a bill which protects
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transgender people becomes law. the house of delegates approved the measure yesterday. it already passed in the senate. the bill prevents people and businesses from discriminating against transgender people, especially when they're looking for a job or a place to live. chris brunt could soon find himself back in a d.c. courtroom. the singer facing misdemeanor assault charges after he allegedly punched a man back in october. the singer's lawyers filed a motion this week accusing prosecutors of misusing the grand jury process. the trial is set to begin next months. brown is currently serving time in an l.a. jail for violating parole. baltimore ravens' running back ray rice facing up to five years in prison for assaulting his fiancee. yesterday the football player was indicted on aggravated assault charges. rice and his fiancee got into a fight in atlantic city. in this video obtained by tmz, rice can be seen lifting palmer by her arms out of an elevator and lying her on the floor. the two deny that any assault tax place. authorities in northern virginia say they are not done
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cracking down on heroin trafficking after a major bust in stafford county. 11 people were indicted yesterday in that operation. investigators arrested six people after searching two homes. two other suspects were already in jail, and they're still looking for three more on the run. 12 people have died from heroin overdoses in stafford county alone just in the last year. the sheriff's office says it will be a constant and ongoing investigation. 5:17. new this morning, we're getting a look at a coast guard rescue. take a look at this video from wednesday. the coast guard medivaced a 42-year-old man from a cruise ship off the north carolina coast. the crew member was in a -- was in medical distress on the ship carnival " splendsplendor." this was about 25 miles east of cape lookout. the victim was hoisted into the helicopter and taken to a hospital in moorehead city. at last check, he was in stable condition. faulty electrical wiring sparked a fire in silver spring. it displaced dozens of people. this broke out about 7:00
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yesterday inside the manor experiment along georgia avenue. montgomery county fire says it had to help people out of the building. the fire caused more than a million dollars in damage. this morning, neighbors in one northern missouri town are cleaning up the mess left behind by a powerful tornado. take a look at all of the damage. homes and barns were destroyed when the early spring tornado ripped through northern missouri yesterday. powerful winds, downed tree limbs and power lines. the wind even ripped part of the roof off of somebody's home there. >> i'm happy that it's still standing and i didn't lose our pictures and mementos. and the -- a lot of the things from memories that over the years -- i'm glad that's still here. >> things that really matter the most. despite the power of the storm, no one was hurt. >> you can always be grateful for that much. no one was hurt. yeah. after all the snow we've had to deal with this winter, i like some rain. >> i know. i'll take it. if i've got to get out an umbrella versus a parka.
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tom kierein, that is great news. yeah. finally. march acting like march. and we'll get some spring showers coming in. i've been analyzing, this is a brand new model showing the likelihood of rain moving in for the weekend. and maybe a few scattered sprinkles on this friday. take a look now at the storm team 4 radar. the speckles of green getting a few sprinkles now in southern prince george's county and up into northern anne arundel county. then east of baltimore, around kent island. farther to the west, a few scattered sprinkles north upon winchester toward -- north of winchester toward charlestown, hagerstown to cumberland. that is passing off to the north and east. and a wider view of the radar showing some more coming in from the south and west. temperatures right now are mild compared to yesterday morning when we were frigid. it's near 50 degrees heading out the door this morning. you'll just need a lighted jacket and umbrella as we get going today. we will have our temperatures holding steady in the 40s to near 50 for the next couple of hours upon then climbing into the 50s by noontime.
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low 16 much of the region by mid-afternoon. milder parts of northern virginia, a 60% chance of scattered, light sprinkles. if you're going out tonight, we'll be cloudy, 50s through the evening. by dawn tomorrow, down to the mid 40s. on saturday morning, tune in. our storm team 4 tracking spring weather special. nbc 4 at 10:00 on saturday morning. a look at some very something weather features as well as a peek at the upcoming trend for this summer. highs mid 50s saturday afternoon with that rain off and on saturday afternoon and saturday evening may mix with some drizzle and fog on saturday night. and starting off sunday morning, maybe fog in the mid 40s, and chillier weather on sunday. some light rain off and on sunday morning into early sunday afternoon. then we ought it dry out late sunday afternoon with a blustery wind. and then that wind diminishes on sunday night. and by dawn monday, the upper 30s. above freezing. milder weather moves in on
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monday. partly cud feast your eyes on the storm team 4 seven-day outlook. ought to be up around 70 degrees for the highs on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday as we get into next week. a look at regional high temperatures, next weather & traffic on the 1s. that's coming up at 5:31. first 4 traffic now with maynard edwards. good morning. thanks, good morning. taking a look at your commute, 95 from virginia beginning in stafford. running full speed through quantico, no problems woodbridge, lorton, moving at full speed on 95. and as you see, just a 23-minute ride on 95 northbound from quantico to the beltway. coming up, we'll track your commute on i-270. aaron and ericka, back to you in the studio. >> maynard, thank you. 5:22. today we'll learn more about how investigators analyze and get data from black boxes on trains and airplanes. the ntsb's director of research and engineering will hold a briefing at 9:30. he will tell us about the ntsb's
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capabilities in downloading and analyzing cockpit voice and data recorders. he will also give us a tour of the laboratory where the recorders are analyzed. facebook working with nasa scientists to develop laser, drone, and satellites that will bring the internet to underserved populations. right now, 2/3 of the world's population lack internet access. ceo mark zuckerberg says facebook has already given three million people in paraguay and the philippines access to the internet through their mobile devices. this morning, montgomery county's department of economic development is getting a lot of heat from big -- for big mistakes regarding the bethesda theater project. the department incorrectly calculated how much the theater was worth. it also used an incorrect equation to estimate the potential economic impact that revitalizing the theater could have on the surrounding area. the department also didn't tell the council that the county may have to repay a state grant for the project. this morning, a loudoun
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county community is coming together to bring back a family's home. the simms family didn't live in just any home in sterling. it was customized to accommodate their needs. that was before their house caught fire. the fire destroyed their home. >> i was living my dream, dude. it's all done. everything's gone. >> we just checked. right now people have donated more than $20,000 help the simms rebuild. the family plans it make their first purchase a wheelchair for their daughter. this morning, new details about the man accused of kidnapping an 8-year-old girl. the shelter where he work sudden weighing in on his background. plus, the area blocked off right now as police search for relisha rudd. at 5:24, new security questions after a deadly shooting at a norfolk naval base. and a live look on i-270 in montgomery county. we had damp roads because of rain. the impact this is having.
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in stories making headlines, police plan to search for 8-year-old relisha rudd again at daybreak. all entrances to kenilworth park in northeast are blocked off. we'll have a live report. the trial for oscar pistorius is on hold. he was expected to take the stand in his own defense. the judge in the murder trial delayed proceedings because a lawyer is not feeling well. the search area for malaysian airlines flight 370 changing. australian officials say they have new credible leads that the plane may have gone down about 6 hover hover miles north of the current -- 600 miles north of the current search area. good morning, everyone. >> we're keeping an eye on cloudy skies to kick things off this morning. tom kierein's keeping an eye on the radar. >> yeah, clouds producing a few scattered sprinkles around the metro area the last couple of
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hours. some of the pavement's wet. right now radar is scanning the sky and getting a few scattered sprinkles, speckles of light green in prince george's and montgomery county, northern anne arundel and eastern shore. grab an umbrella before you head out the door. we have a few light areas of rain in washington county. panhandle of west virginia, northern shenandoah valley, and in the mountains of west virginia, all of that is sliding off to the north and east this morning. and you just need a light jacket. it's hovering in the 40s to around 50 degrees. we will have a mild day today. temperatures this afternoon, here are regional highs -- we will make it into the low 60s in washington. near 60 near the pennsylvania border. a lot of clouds around with a few scattered showers. hitting the mid 60s much of southern maryland, pax river to la plata and waldorf. west of there, manassas, culpeper, warrenton, fredericksburg, the mid 16. shenandoah valley, into the low 60s by mid-afternoon.
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looks like it's going to be a rather wet day as we have a few of these scattered sprinkles moving in around 10:00 this morningment then for your lunch hour and perhaps during the afternoon. look at the timing on that in more detail. that's coming up with your weather & traffic on the 1s. that's coming up at 5:41. maynard edward in for danella with first 4 traffic. thanks, and good morning. checking i-270 commute, here's a look at 270 at clarksburg road. no problems to report this morning. running smooth at maryland 109, as well. and at the beltway, 270 is running full speed. you've got a 16-minute commute on 270 from 118 to the capital beltway. we are tracking a report of some issues i-66 at nutley. we'll get that on our next report. back to you. >> maynard, thank you. 5:30 now. and search crews are getting ready to go back into kenilworth park. they're looking for any signs of 8-year-old relisha rudd. police believe she may number
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that park after they learn good items her alleged abductor bought shortly after she disappeared. news4's megan mcgrath watching developments from northeast d.c. megan? >> reporter: you see behind me here the police officer who's blocking off one of the entrances to the park. in fact, all of the entrances are blocked off. that's been the case all night long as police just keep an eye on things until investigators could return this morning. yesterday, there was a very, very large-scale search that took place. we saw specially trained dogs looking for scent trails. they also brought in the police cadets. they stood shoulder to shoulder and did what they call a grid search where they slowly walk in a line and take a real, up-close look at a particular area. we're expecting all of that to resume after the sun comes up. for the first time we've heard police refer to this as a recovery operation. police chief kathy lanier says she still hopes that 8-year-old relisha rudd is found alive, but she says that they simply cannot
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ignore the possibility that khalil tatum killed the little girl and disposed of her body here in the park. that's because of very disturbing evidence that they have uncovered as a part of their investigation. first of all, on march 1st, that's the last time that relisha was seen alive. she was with tatum. on march 2nd, the next day, police say tatum bought contractor-sized trash bags. so very large trash bags. sources also tell us that tatum also bought a shovel and lime which can be used to speed up the decomposition process. police have also said that they have evidence that tatum was here at this park on march 2nd, as well, for a period of time. now, that's why they are here, because of the information that he was here the day after relisha was last seen. so they say that they are going to cover this entire area. we are talking about 700 acres. a very, very large search area.
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and not an easy area to search. a lot of this acreage is heavily wooded. other stretches run along the anacostia river. this is a big job, and they could be here for quite a while. back to you. >> 5:32. a public round table will be held today about safety at the shelter where relisha went missing. the d.c. council committee on human services will host the event at 10:00 at the wilson building. a lot of people wondering whether the d.c. family shelter did a thorough background check on khalil tatum. the department of human services says the contracted operator of the shelter conducted a criminal background check on tatum. it revealed nothing that would prevent him from working as a janitor at the shelter. we'll keep you up to date on details all day. you can find more months of relisha and khalil tatum and an overview of the case on the navy says a civilian who killed a sailor at the naval station norfolk monday was a
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convicted felon. navy officials say 35-year-old jeffrey savage shot and killed master at arms second class mark mayo while trying to board a ship monday night. security personnel then returned fire and killed savage. north carolina record show savage was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 2008. the navy says savage used a transportation security clearance to get on the base. there's a lot of questions this morning about how he made it past security in the first place. the navy says the clearance was valid, but civilians also need to have paperwork explaining what they're going to be doing on the base. officials are currently looking into whether proper procedures were followed. the obama administration wants congress to end the nsa's collection of americans' phone records, and it wants it to happen soon. today the white house will renew the nsa's system for collecting data for another 90 days. one white house official says it's aood window of time for congress to act. the nsa will have a new director soon.
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general keith alexander is retiring. he's led the spy agency for eight years. there will be a retirement ceremony for him today. more than six million people have now signed up for health insurance under the affordable care act. but most americans still don't support the historic law. according to a new associated press gfk poll, just 26% of americans support the law. monday's the deadline to get health insurance or face a penalty. let's go to nbc's tracie potts on capitol hill with more on that. >> reporter: to underscore how important the deadline is, president obama called thousands of novembergators from italy -- navigators from italy. they're walking people through the process. they're trying to make a push especially for young americans. while the government says they did hit the goal of six million people signing up for insurance before the end of march deadline, they did not yet hit the goal for the percentage of young adults. they've got about 25%. the goal was 38%. remember, the goal here is for more younger, healthier people
5:36 am
to sign up, to balance the cost of paying for and insuring sicker, older americans. if you don't sign up by monday, there's a tax penalty. it's $95 or 1% of your salary. however, the government has said that if you start the process, if you get in, log on, create an account and you start the process but are unable to complete it by monday, there's a grace period. how long, that we don't know. that's why advocates are encouraging people who need insurance to try to do it this weekend. back to you. a new way to honor lives lost in 9/11. and questions for candidates, the concerns those running for mayor are getting from the daughter of a man who died outside a firehouse. plus, virginia's new governor on the defensive. good morning. we have scattered sprinkles around the region.
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i've got your hour-by-hour friday forecast next.
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better late than never, right? three astronauts on board a russian spacecraft have finally reached the international space station. took a few days longer than expected. the spacecraft had trouble firing its engine which controls how it maneuvers. the iss now has a full six-member crew. for the first time, we're getting a look at a new way to honor the three sites of the 7-eleven attacks. this is a map for the pentagon memorial trail circuit. the 1,000-mile bike trail will connect the pentagon in arlington, the site of the world trade center in lower manhattan, and a field in shanksville, pennsylvania. organizers will redevelop existing trails for this course. if you are just joining us, maybe you haven't seen storm team 4 meteorologist meteorologitom kierein's seven-day forecast. there's a drastic increase in temperatures.
5:41 am
>> we like how it ends up for sure. weather & traffic on the 1s. here's tom kierein. >> it's about 30 degrees warmer than it was yesterday morning. weather & traffic on the 1s right now. yeah, it is near 50 degrees around the metro area. north and western suburb, mid 40s. eastern suburbs, mid 40s. and it's near 50 to our south. culpeper, fredericksburg, warrenton, manassas, up to 52 degrees now. storm team 4 radar scanning the sky, getting a few scattered sprinkles panhandle of west virginia, washington county, parts of montgomery county, and into northern fauquier, parts of prince william. farther west, there's an area of more moderate rain in the shenandoah valley. still about three hours away of getting into the metro area. so we'll have an umbrella with you as you head out the door. your hour-by-hour forecast will be hovering near 50 between now and 8:00. by noon, it should be up around 60. then hitting the low to mid 60s mid-afternoon. chance of a few sprinkles coming in. wet pattern for the weekend, and that mild weather -- that's moving in next week.
5:42 am
a look at that next weather & traffic on the 1s at 5:51. maynard edwards, good morning. how's traffic? >> thanks, good morning. looks like those rain showers you mentioned are not having too much of an impact on traffic at this point. we have a live deer causing problems. i-66 westbound on the ramp to northbound nutley. reports of a live deer wandering on and off the ramp is causing problems and causing slowdowns. be cautious if you're headed to that area. here's a look d.c. 295 at eastern. clear to the 14th street bridge, continuing into d.c. and d.c. 295 headed to the prince george's county beltway, still a smooth ride this morning. couple of rail delays to make you aware of on vre. fredericksburg 300 is a ten-minute delay. fredericksburg 302, five-minute delay. aaron and ericka, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. the big decision that will be made today that may impact just how long your kids stay in school this year. plus, time to print that resume. who's holding a job fair today and looking for a particular
5:43 am
group. then on "news4 today" at 6:00, forget the average water bottle. soon you could be drinking from something that looks like this. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first, we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved to infrastructure... ♪ and military missions. we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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at the live desk, live pictures out of italy. the president's motorcade just arrived at the airport. president obama will board air force one. this is the final stop of a european tour that has been going on for four days now. president obama visited the netherlands, belgium, and italy. this morning he heads to saudi arabia to meet with king abdullah. there are only two things on the public agenda as he spend the night in saudi arabia tonight. the first is a making with king abdullah. the second is dinner with the king. the two are expected to discuss iran's nuclear program as well
5:47 am
as some concerns for the arab world. some fear that because the president is now pulling troops out of iraq and afghanistan that that signals that the u.s. is abandoning its interests in the arab world. the president is set to assure king abdullah that that is not the case. we know the president is traveling with secretary of state jaohn kerry. he met with pope francis yesterday for the first time at the vatican. he also met with the italian president. now this italian trip is coming to an end as we see here. it looks like the president is about to step out of the vehicle there. and we see him shaking hands with some dignitaries as he moves on to board air force one, again, heading to saudi arabia this morning. one of the issues with iran's nuclear program that king abdullah is concerned with, he fears that iran is eyeing some oil fields in saudi arabia and bahrain. of course, we know how big the oil interests are in the arab world. that is something that the president will be discussing with the king. we'll be keeping an eye on pictures. the president running just a few minutes late.
5:48 am
it looks like he's well on his way, leaving italy and heading to saudi arabia. at the live desk, richard jordan. right now, the search for a predator is intensifying in riverdale. prince george's police just released a new sketch of a suspect. this man broke in to a 95-year-old woman's home and sexually assaulted her. this happened february 21st along 63rd avenue near riverdale road. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. distinctive shoes helped police track down a robbery suspect in anne arundel county. security staff held a man at the target in laurel for shoplifting on wednesday. one of the officers noticed that he was wearing bright orange and white shoes. those shoes helped police connect the man to an armed robbery over the weekend at a gas station in laurel. 23-year-old dave bennison of laurel was charged with armed robbery and other offenses. 12 minutes before the hour. there may have been help available for virginia state senator cree deed' son the day


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