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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 28, 2014 6:00am-6:35am EDT

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right now police have a 700-acre d.c. park closed would have crime scene tape. they will scour it as they try to -- as they try find relisha rudd. the information that led police to the park in the first place. changing directions. why search crews have moved their search for the missing malaysia jetliner. and we are watching a news conference on the search that's underway right now. and also this morning, a storm system that left tornado damage in its wake is sweeping toward us. >> a funnel cloud did actually touch down in missouri as heavy
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rain and hail fell yesterday. storm team 4 radar showing the system is starting to move through western maryland. >> it has changed quite a bit on its way here. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has tracked its every move and explains why we are seeing rain this weekend. right? >> yeah. that severe weather was along a cold front. not moving in here until tonight. ahead of that, mild air, scattered showers here in the weather center. i've been analyzing radar the last hour and watching these trends of increasing scattered sprinkles across northern virginia and into montgomery county and howard county and northern anne arundel. these are showing up, scattered speckles here on the storm team 4 radar. off to our west, this area in green, that's light rain now near luray, shenandoah valley, west of there, into the highlands of west virginia and western maryland. east of there getting scattered sprinkles now from hagerstown toward boonsboro in washington county. this is a bigger area of rain in
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southwestern virginia. still about 2.5 hours away of getting into the metro area. that puts it in here around 8:30 this morning. have an umbrella with you before you leave. you'll be glad you did. and you won't need your winter coat. a lighter jacket will do. we are in the 40s now much of the metro area. and near 50 degrees across northern virginia. now reagan national is at 49 degrees. a look at your hour-by-hour friday and friday night forecast next weather & traffic on the 1s at 6:11. maynard edwards, good morning. things still rather light? >> yes. looks like you have good news and so do i. montgomery community commute, 355, no problems. everybody moving without incident. at twinbrook approaching the beltway, again, no issues. and near georgetown, wisconsin avenue, looks like the street is still completely asleep. and this is right at q street. we do have the accident that ddot told us about. two-vehicle crash, 14th street
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at c street southwest to worry about. and we've had a couple of vre delays. ten minutes on fredericksburg 300, and five minutes on fredericksburg 302. aaron and ericka, back to you in the studio. >> thank you. 6:02. a developing story now as the sun rises this morning. search crews will be back out at kenilworth park looking for 8-year-old relisha rudd. police are searching the park after learning about items purchased by her alleged abductor, khalil tatum. megan mcgrath is live in northeast d.c. with more on what they found and how long the search might take. >> reporter: well, aaron, let's talk a little about the search area. i'm standing in front of just a small piece of it. you see a police officer has the entrance to the park blocked off. that's the case all along this stretch of anacostia avenue. all of the entrances to the park are blocked off here. take a look at the map here. the green area, that is the search area. it's huge. 700 acres. stretches from route 50 to the anacostia freeway. sections of it are heavily
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wooded. we also have stretches that go along the anacostia river. this is a big challenge for police to cover all of this terrain. now for the first time, we have heard police refer to this as a recovery operation. police chief kathy lanier says that she hopes that 8-year-old relisha rudd is found alive. but at this point, they just can't ignore the possibility that khalil tatum killed the little girl and disposed of her body here at the park. that's because of disturbing evidence, information that they received as part of their investigation. march 1st is the last time that relisha was seen alive. she was seen with tatum in d.c. march 2nd, the next day, police say tatum bought contractor-sized trash bags. so very large trash bags. sources tell news4 that tatum also bought a shovel and lime which can be used to speed up the decomposition process. they also say they have evidence, police do, that tatum
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was here in the area of the park for a period of time on march 2nd. that is why they are searching the entire area. we are expecting police to return later this morning when the sun comes up. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. despite the grim report from d.c. police, rudd's mother is still holding out hope that her little girl is alive. >> that's right. she told news4 that she trusted relisha with khalil tatum. she also defended her decision not to call police for three weeks after her daughter went missing. >> reporter: why did you trust him? >> he didn't look like that type of person. >> reporter: some would say why didn't you call police if your daughter was missing. >> i didn't want to lose my other three kids. >> relisha's mother says the little girl was in her care -- excuse me, in the care of her sister and her mother the day that she disappeared. both deny that. a public roundtable will be held today about the safety at
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the shelter where relisha went missing. the d.c. council committee on human services will host the event at 10:00 a.m. at the wilson building. many people wonder whether the d.c. general family shelter did a thorough background check on khalil tatum. the department of human services says the contracted operator of the shelter conducted a criminal background check on tatum. the check revealed no convictions that would prevent him from working as a janitor at the shelter. dozens of families are looking for a place to stay this morning after a fire ripped through their apartment building. this broke out about 7:00 yesterday inside the manor experiment. that's on georgia avenue -- manor apartments on georgia avenue. fire officials had to help people out of the building. no one was seriously hurt. faulty electrical wiring sparked that fire. 6:06. montgomery county says it is changing the way it hands out money for development projects. changes come after a new report showed the county miscalculated the project to redevelop the bethesda theater in 2006. the county's department of
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economic development incorrectly calculated how much the theater was worth. also used an incorrect equation to estimate the potential economic impact that revitalized that theater could have on the surrounding area. right now, we are keeping an eye on a news conference that just ended seconds ago in the search for the missing malaysia jetliner. news4's richard jordan watching from the live desk, keeping an eye on that. we'll check with him in a few minutes. we are also watching a developing story in washington state. the work rescue crews just stopped doing. and a growing trend that is concerning police. the clever ways peeping toms are hiding cameras inside public bathrooms. plus, rain is moving in. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein will take you through your friday night hour-by-hour. ♪
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at 6:10, the latest on the mudslide situation in washington state. the death toll there has climbed to 17. rescuers say they've spotted nine bodies still buried in the thick mud, but they've not been able to reach them. that would bring the number of victims to 26. rescuers are still wading through the mud for more bodies. 90 people are still unaccounted for. right now, president obama is on his way to saudi arabia. news4's richard jordan at the live desk showed you the president leave italy just about 30 minutes ago. the president will meet with saudi king abdullah. some of the king's closest confidantes have been upset with how the u.s. has handled iran's nuclear program and syria's civil war. the white house says the president is in the middle east to reassure our allies the u.s. is not abandoning the arab world. 11 minutes after 6:00, a live look over the district for you. cloudy skies, but look at that -- 50 degrees outside our studios now. >> winning! we like it! storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking the temperatures this morning.
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and -- i mean, it's just sad that rain is just so enjoyable today. hi, tom. >> not snow, and about 30 degrees warmer than yesterday. here in the storm team 4 weather cent center, temperatures around most of the region from wheaton to columbia heights, bowie, vienna, are hovering around 50 degrees. storm team 4 radar showing some scattered sprinkles. showing up on radar right now from near luray, into the mountain of western maryland, west virginia, closer to washington getting a few in fairfax and montgomery county, and up into howard county. they're heading off to the north and east. there's the sky over washington. live view from our skywatcher camera. s sunrise 6:59. we'll stay in the 40s through 8:00 this morning to near 50 degrees. by noontime, mid to upper 50s. and chance of sprinkles moving in later this morning and during the afternoon. a few sprinkles, temperatures climbing into the low 60s. wet pattern interest the weekend. a look at that and a mild trend next week next weather & traffic
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on the 1s at 6:216789 maynard edwards, good morning. still light volume? yes, there is. we're going to look at the 395 commute coming from the beltway. 395 northbound, just a few brake lights as you approach edsall. back on the gas by duke street. overall, you're not going to run into any problems. let's take a live look at the 14th street bridge. no problems to report. just a 14-minute commute from the beltway to the 14th street bridge on 395. near old town alexandria, here's a look at route 1. things are moving along without problems. back to you in the studio. moving search crews. the new lead that moved planes and boats looking for the missing jetliner hundreds of mails away this morning. -- miles away this morning. plus, a woman receiving chemotherapy ran a marathon in a tutu to help her smile. the joke a national magazine
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right now, rain is moving into the area. it could stick around. tom kierein looking ahead to this weekend in weather & traffic on the 1s at 6:21. news4's richard jordan following a developing story from the live desk. rich? a news conference on the missing malaysia airlines plane just wrapped up a few minutes ago. we've learned that there is a new zone of interest where the search is now focused on. it's about 600 to 700 miles northeast of the previous search site. this is closer to land to the mainland of australia. there are better weather conditions there. yesterday, we know that the search had to be pulled back because of some heavy winds and rain in the area. now we've got nine planes and six ships heading to that area of the indian ocean. investigators say they've got some radar images that show the plane was moving faster than originally thought. and that means it was likely losing fuel more quickly. now the satellite debris that we've been hearing about, the debris that was picked up by different satellites, the images that we've been seeing the past few days.
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investigators believe that may not actually be from the plane. it's three weeks now since flight 370 lost communication and went missing. the 239 people on board, of course, there's a race against time not only to get some resolution and answers for the family of those passengers but also to get that information located in the black box of whatever happened to the flight. it's been three weeks now since the flight went missing. the new search area is smaller than the previous one, but still a very large area to go over. again, planes and ships headed that way right now. at the live desk, i'm richard jordan. >> richard just mentioned this, but the most important thing investigators want from the malaysia jetliner crash is the black box. later this morning the ntsb will explain how they download and analyze cockpit voice and data recorders. the black box often has crucial information about what happened moments before a crash. new this morning, oscar pistorius, his murder trial has been delayed. the judge postponed the trial until april 7th because one of
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the legal experts is sick. the athlete was expected to take the stand today. pistorius says he shot reeva steenkamp by accident, thinking she was an intruder. prosecutors say he killed her after an argument. 6:18. it can be terrifying be charged. now imagine -- terrifying being charged. now imagine being carjacked twice in front of her home. a masked man approached her from behind as she walked to her front door in january. happened again on tuesday. it was still light outside, as well. this time, it was two masked men. >> i don't think they know who i am, like my last name or -- you know, i don't think it's my job or, you know, who i am. >> the victim says she doesn't drive a high-end car either. baltimore ravens' running back ray rice is facing up to five years in prison for assaulting his fiancee. yesterday the football player was indicted on aggravated assault. rice and his fiancee got into a
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fight in atlantic city, and in this video obtained by tmz, rice can be seen lifting palmer by her arms out of an elevator and laying her on the floor. rice and palmer have denied that any assault took place. today will be the final day at work for the head of the nsa. general keith alexander is retiring. he's led the spy agency for eight years now. defense secretary chuck hagel will speak at a retirement ceremony this afternoon. you might want to spend this weekend shopping for health insurance if you aren't already covered. monday is the deadline to enrole or face a pen -- enroll or face a penalty. tracie potts with more. >> reporter: president obama called thousands of help navigators from italy. these are the people walking americans through the process. they're trying to make a big push special weekend especially for -- push this weekend especially for young americans. while the government says they hit the goal of six million people shining up for insurance before the end of march
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deadline, they did not yet hit the goal for the percentage of young adults. they've got about 25%. the goal was 38%. remember, the goal here is for younger, healthier people to sign up to balance the cost of paying for and insuring sicker, older americans. now if you don't sign up by monday, there's a tax penalty. it's either $95 or 1% of your salary. however, the government has said that if you start the process, if you get in,ing well on, create an account, and you start the process but are unable to complete it by monday, there's a grace period. how long, that we don't know. that's why a lot of advocates are encouraging people who need insurance to try to do it this weekend. back to you. take a look at this -- students in michigan found a way to express their feelings about the winter. this is my favorite story. you love it, too. they said gab it frosty with fire. -- good-bye to frosty with fire.
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no actual snow, just mostly newspaper. "this man is on fire ♪ i had to. the students said it is a ritual that will hopefully make mother nature take notice and take a break. let one the frigid temperatures! >> set it on fire, end of winter. >> i like it. >> that's how you end it officially i guess. 6:21. tom kierein's going to tall us about springlike weather. tom? >> maybe it worked. it's about 30 degrees warmer than it was yesterday morning at this time. in the weather center, i've been closely tracking storm team 4 radar showing areas of rain beginning to move in to our western suburbs. right now, we get sprinkles just from north of quantico through near dale city and woodbridge. then into fairfax county. most of fairfax county getting light sprinkles as it montgomery county, howard county, scattered sprinkles in prince george's county now, northern anne arundel. there's an area of steadier rain that's farther south and west of the metro area. now just about to come in to front royal, warren county, and farther south of there toward
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luray. and on toward harrisonburg. and the leading edge of that steadier rain into the metro area in about two hours, ten minutes or so. and have an umbrella with you. a cool morning, we have temperatures in the 40s to near 50 degrees in prince george's, montgomery, fairfax counties and the district of columbia. we'll stay in the 40s to near 50 for another couple of hours. then quickly hit the 50s later this morning. and then low 60s metro area. by mid-afternoon. about a 60% chance of more scattered sprinkles as we get into the afternoon. then a likelihood of rain saturday, late morning, into saturday afternoon and off and on on sunday. ending late sunday afternoon with gusty winds. highs only in the 50s saturday, sunday. then that mild trend moves in monday, in through midweek next week. highs near 70 tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. next weather & traffic on the 1s at 6:31. a look at regional high temperatures, and we'll have that coming up in about ten minutes. now, let's check on traffic. maynard edwards been looking at light volume so far. is it increasing? it is a little bit. we have an incident to report.
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vdot reporting that there is -- we are just getting details on this -- westbound 66 at the ramp to route 50. we hear it may be a tree down. we've got to confirm that, and we'll get you the details in a fumpts here's a look at 66 westbound in the area. normal volume, not much of an impact from whatever the incident is. we have a two-car collision, benning ton woods at baron cameron avenue. this is near the fairfax county parkway. so if you're headed toward that, you may need to exercise caution. back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you. 6:23. richard enfollowing breaking news at the live desk. there was a big fire in jersey city, new jersey. pictures from the scene. a five-alarm blaze there. most of the fire was in a produce store. a three-story building. that building came tumbling down. it collapsed. the fire spread to a convenience store next door. some damage there, as well. they're their are also homes in this building. several people are homeless. we can tell you, though, no reports of any injuries. and the cause of the fire remains under investigation.
6:25 am
firefighters still are at the scene looking interest the cause. at the live desk, richard jordan. >> thanks. so think about this the next time that you having to to the bathroom at work -- as is, bathroom stories make me uncomfortable and what you do in them, none of my business. anyways, police are worried about a growing trend -- people hiding cameras inside public restrooms. ew. here's one example of how hidden these cameras can be. you see this -- this is a coat hook, right? it's actually a camera. someone hung it in the fitness center bathroom at a dallas area apartment complex. >> knew it to be something they didn't install. so they contacted us. we got out there and recognized it as another recording device and seized it. >> amazing. police never found the person who installed the camera since it didn't have a memory card in it. a new invention is getting a lot of attention for its cutting edge design and potential environmental impact. >> this is the oho.
6:26 am
an edible water battle made of algae. >> i don't know. doesn't look good. >> the casing is made from a double membrane of gelatin, and it gets worse -- you can safely eat it or throw it away because it is biodegradable. the oho, how i think you say it, set on sale in boston later this year. bottom up. a robbery suspect arrested at a different crime scene, and it's what an observant police officer notice good his feet that landed him in -- noticed about his feet that landed him in jail. the new threat to keep the netflix show "house of cards" from filming in another state. and we expect a rainy day.
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right now news4 is live at kenilworth park, and no one can get in or out. police will search again for clues in the disappearance of a
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little girl. no one has reported seeing relisha rudd for weeks. megan mcgrath will explain why the search could take a while in about 15 minutes. plus, you could be in for a rainy friday morning. we can see the showers already moving in across our area. storm team 4 radar right now is what you're seeing. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking where they are heading. tom? good morning. yeah, here's a closer view of the storm team 4 radar. we're getting scattered sprinkles here in fairfax county, just coming in to arlington. will be sweep interesting washington, light sprinkles. they -- sweeping into washington, light sprinkles. they stretch north, moving north and east. light sprinkles. there's an area of some steadier rain. it's coming down harder from front royal down to luray. that, too, is advancing to the north and east. that's going to be sweep information to the metro area. still, it's about an hour and 50 minutes away before that next wave does move on through across northern virginia and into the district and maryland. it is certainly much milder this morning. our temperatures are hovering in the 40s to around 50 degrees.
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grab an umbrella before you head out the door. we'll have showers with us. look at the regional high temperatures today. ought to make it interest the mid 60s southern maryland across much of northern virginia. low 60s metro area, highs near 60 along the pennsylvania border. next weather & traffic on the 1s at 6:41. a look at your friday day and night planner. now maynard edwards, good morning. any delays yet? yes, we have a couple we'll get to. vre earlier delays have cleared. a seven-minute delay on marc train 745. a two-car crash at barrington avenue approaching the parkway. be aware of that. still monitoring the incident 66 at westbound route 50. it may be a downed tree. we're waiting on confirmation for that. georgia avenue and arcola moving well out of wheaton headed to the beltway. starting to pick up customers on the beltway. you've got a 13-minute commute from 95 to 270. back to you.
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family and friends of an elderly man who had a heart attack and died near a d.c. fire station turned out for the latest mayoral debate demanding answers. >> we want wells, we want wells! >> four more years! >> people who knew medrick cecil mills hope to ask the candidates about reforming the city's fire department. the group blames the fire department for allowing mills to die. unfortunately, their questions didn't come up at last night's forum at the sixth and i historic synagogue. >> nobody is saying one way or another about changes that need to be made, must be made, and should be made to ensure that all citizens get the service that they require when you call 911. >> this was the last debate before the democratic primary on tuesday. lawyers on both sides of the chris brown assault case are doing some legal maneuvering. brown's lawyer wants the charges against the singer to be thrown out. this week he filed a motion saying d.c. prosecutors misused the grand jury process. meanwhile, prosecutors want
6:33 am
brown brought to d.c. for the trial which is scheduled to start in just a few weeks. right now brown is in jail in l.a. brown and his bodyguard are facing assault charges. the two allegedly punched a man during an october visit to the district. distinctive shoes help police track down a robbery suspect in anne arundel county. security staff held a north korean target in laurel for shoplifting on wednesday -- held a man at the target in laurel for shoplifting on wednesday. one officer noticed his bright orange shoes. they helped connect the man to a robbery over the weekend at a gas station in laurel. 23-year-old dave bennison was charged with armed robbery and some other offenses. this morning, prince george's county police are offering a $25,000 reward for this man. take a look at a new sketch. police say he broke in to a 95-year-old woman's home and sexually assaulted her. this happened february 21st along 63rd avenuenary riverdale road in -- near riverdale road in riverdale. there might have been help available for senator cree deeds' son the day he stabbed
6:34 am
his father and killed himself. a community services board evaluator said he contacted send facilities, but none had room to admit gus deeds. state investigators say he contacted seven facility. two of the three that weren't contacted had open beds. gus was released from an emergency custody order because the community services board couldn't find a place to keep him. he attacked his father hours later. today, more than 2,000 documents from the bill clinton white house will be made public. the records shed more light on hillary clinton's role within her husband's administration, as well as her aides' efforts to shape her public image as first lady. the national archives is releasing the papers. the clinton presidential library is also planning to release records. it is a new way to honor one of the darkest days in american history. a new bike trail is being developed that will connect the three sites of the september 11 attacks. this is a map of the pgo


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