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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 17, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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canisters into the crowd. >> and there was a news conference overnight. we monitored it and we could hear more later today. >> we'll get more on all of what's going on in ferguson in just a few moments. first, we need to get you up to speed on your sunday morning forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. hey, chuck, good morning. >> good morning, molette and angie. good morning, everybody. sunday is off to a different start than saturday. yesterday morning bright blue skies and chilly temperatures this morning, cloudy skies and a bit of a mugginess has moved back into the air as well. no 40s like yesterday morning. this morning we're all in the upper 60s and 70s already. 78 right now in martingsburg, west virginia, 66 manassas, 71 in fredericksburg. storm team 4 radar not a whole lot of rain. couple sprinkles into the western parts of fairfax, northern prince william that's not going to last long. this is what you should expect for the remainder of the day. plenty of clouds, 15 minute to
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25 or 30 minute long rain showers almost any point. little more likely with the afternoon heating coming up later today. best rain chances will stay across primarily northern maryland. everybody has a chance of getting hit by a rain shower today. don't turn your back on the rain chance. 70s this morning. mid to upper 80s for highs with humidity. how long does the humidity and rain chances stick around? that is coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, chuck. state of emergency, that's what missouri's governor says is going on right now in ferguson. police donned in riot gr fired tear gas into the crowd for another night. blain alexander has more from ferguson. >> reporter: overnight we saw a clash between law enforcement and protesters here in the streets of ferguson. this came out after early saturday the governor instituted a curfew for the city of ferguson between the hours of 12:00 and 5:00 a.m. now we saw the standoff start a little bit after midnight because several hundred protesters were still in the streets after the curfew began.
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police formed a line and moved in toward the protesters. first warning them and eventually firing tear gas at the protesters. we saw several officers armed with plastic cuffs. they warned the protesters they would be arrested for violating curfew. while out here we did see at least two people put into those plastic handcuffs and taken away. this is the very first night for the curfew in ferguson since the unrest began. the governor did not set an end date. reporting in fergson, blain alexander, for nbc news. >> as you reported one person was shot overnight while protesting. that person we've learned is in critical condition this morning. state highway patrol officers saying that while they were responding to the shooting scene, protesters refused to leave. officers began firing tear gas into the crowd in a press conference this morning the state highway patrol captain justified the use of force. let's take a listen.
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>> i would say we have a shooting victim that's in critical condition that may lose their life. we had a subject standing in the middle of the road with a handgun. we had a police car shot at tonight. yes, i think that was a proper response tonight, maintain officer safety and public safety. >> and this is how this played out. the victim was taken to the hospital by other protesters because ambulances couldn't get to the scene. the shooter is still on the run. meanwhile, seven people were arrested overnight. as you heard the captain there, a police car was shot at, but no officers were hit. pasters and preachers across the country are in ferguson this sunday morning working to re-establish peace. local pastor reverend alvin hearing is traveling to missouri part of a national campaign of faith leaders who work with communities where violence has occurred. in ferguson their goal is to use faith based activism to help the
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healing process. >> you have a community where folks are struggling to have their voice heard, struggling to have access to t tls o power and tools of governmen and essentially you have a community that has been operated in very much in very real ways like a plantation. folks are fed up, they are tired. >> says his organization will try to address those underlying issues in that community and they'll stay there as long as they are needed. the situation in ferguson, missouri, will be the topic on "meet the press" this morning. baltimore's mayor stephanie rollings blake will be on the round table talking about her city's new curfew. missouri state governor jay nixon will also answer questions about the state of emergency in his state. you can see "meet the press" this morning at 10:30 right after "news 4 today." new this morning, someone hit an officer with a car and then the officer shot them. this happened in frederick, maryland. police are not releasing the person's name or if it was a man
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or woman. this happened last night on west patrick street at mccain drive. police saying that they saw a, quote, suspicious situation, end quote, and when they began to investigate the person hit the officer with the car and that is when the officer fired. another shooting involved police in the last 24 hours and this one a little girl died. this happened where derrick ward is live to tell us more about the developing story and a 3-year-old that was killed, this is one so tragic. >> indeed, it is. we're in the neighborhood where it started. by all appearances normal neighborhood but you see the crime scene tape and something happened here yesterday. violent domestic incident. two people were shot there. a violent domestic incident involving a little girl and, of course, with the worst possible outcome. now it all began yesterday after a father, we don't know his name yet, but he apparently according to police abducted his little girl from this street, took
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police on a high-speed chase after he shot the little girl's grandfather and maternal grandmother and took police on a chase that ended on branch avenue with shots being fired. now the father was killed and the child also died after being shot in that chase. police aren't sure at this point who exactly fired those shots. there's an ensuing investigation into that but also some good news about the place where this all began, about the people involved as we hear from police. >> they are both at area hospitals. it's my understanding their condition has had a slight upgrade. they are still in critical condition, but certainly looking better than it was. >> there's an investigation that ensues. one of the things, whether there's a history of domestic incidence with the man who ended up dying after the high-speed chase. police have not identified that person yet. we're hoping in a few hours those identifications will be made. a sad day here in this neighborhood of camp springs and
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an investigation involving prince george's county police, maryland state police and others as they situation continues. we are live in camp springs, derrick ward, news 4. >> thank you. >> must see video this morning, that is an elderly man's car down in his swimming pool. what went wrong. how the man ended up walking away from all this. >> you may have to rethink family vacations to ocean city. why renting a beach house could soon be out of the question. plus, just how quickly you could hear a decision on this. >> and abuse of power or american democracy, texas governor rick perry vowing to fight the felony charges now against him. hear from perry himself on how he's making his case.
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many of you travel to ocean city on your family summer vacation. well you may have to change your plans if you decide to rent a house for a week and that's
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because "the baltimore sun" reports ocean city now considering banning house rentals in certain communities following a lot of complaints of rowdy parties and crowded street streets. city's planning and zoning commission will discuss options at a hearing scheduled for tuesday. >> in annapolis today, look up. right now officers from the annapolis police department are on top of the dunkin' donuts on west street. that's the one closer to route 50, not annapolis downtown. they're working to raise money for the law enforcement torch run which benefits the special olympics. see them there until noontime. if you donate you could receive a pryce prize including a dozen free doughnuts. that's always safety. >> with a little cream in the middle. >> oh, no, just chocolate on top. all you need. >> next week the national zoo's giant panda cub turns 1. >> big celebration. >> they're going to be eating at that one too. tweet your birthday wishes to
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the national zoo with the hash tag. the party next saturday. decorate a birthday card and eat chinese noodles. those are a chinese tradition that symbolizing long life. the panda has been exploring with her mother. this is the second cub that has our vi survived at the national zoo. >> drivers in one community are notorious for not stopping for pedestrians. wait until you see how one officer decided to take on this problem. >> pretty creative. might make you be careful in your own neighborhood. now over it to chuck. >> all right. we have plenty of sunday clouds outside right now. so will this lead to a whole lot in the way of sunday showers? a complete check of your seven-day forecast, your back-to-work forecast and for some, back to school. it's all coming up stay with us.
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texas governor rick perry says the grand jury indictment against him are a farce. perry talked about the charges against him during a news conference. nbc reports. >> reporter: governor rick perry is standing behind his veto and will fight those he believes are motivated by politics. >> this indictment amounts to nothing more than abuse of power. >> reporter: governor perry said the public lost confidence in district attorney rosemary lindhberg in reference to her
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drunk driving case. >> do you believe the indictment alone affects the public's confidence in the officer of the governor is. >> here's what i think is important. >> reporter: the governor shifted the focus back on the district attorney. >> i think americans and texans who have seen this agree with me. that is not an individual who is heading up an office that we can afford to fund. >> 26 million woke up not facing two felony indictments and their governor did. this is unbecoming of the chief law enforcement official in texas. >> reporter: executive director of the texas democratic party is one of the texans who doesn't agree with the governor. >> his ambitions are to run for higher office and in the process he has abused his constitutional authority and his power in texas and that's why he needs to step down. >> what effect this will have on possible political ambitions for the governor has yet to be seen. >> kevin swaller reporting there. in the week ahead you will
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see a tent outside the city administration building in seat pleasant. tomorrow mayor eugene grant plans to pitch that tent into his office. this all started when the seat pleasant city council voted to evict grant. workers complained he created a hostile work environment. the council evicted the mayor to limit his interaction with city employees. grant tells news 4 the city did not use its ethics board before taking these actions. he also says the mayor has always had an office in the city administration building since it was built in 1965. we'll stay on top of that developing story. >> okay. take a look at this picture. good reason to be careful if you're driving with your flip flops on. an 85-year-old in southern california says he got tangled up with the pedals in his car which caused him to drive into his pool this weekend. thankfully he was not hurt. take a look. the car totally under water, submerged completely. the man said he was trying to park when he went through the garage door and into the pool. a police officer dressed up
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as a traffic cone to drive a point home. take a look at this guy. he did this in riverside county outside los angeles. he's under cover in a crosswalk outside a middle school where neighbors said drivers just weren't stopping for pedestrians. the officer handed out tickets to more than a dozen people who did not stop for him. >> how did he catch them? >> they did catch people and what's more eye opening than just a big orange cone walking across the street is that the people they caught said, they didn't see him there. >> what? >> which tells me they were distracted, maybe eating something. >> texting while driving. >> you bet. >> that is a scary thing and we see it all the time. >> as a downtown runner it's always a grave danger and makes me nervous when i see people sending text messages while driving in downtown. >> this is a head's up as school begins for a lot of young people tomorrow we have to pay attention out there. >> faukier is going back
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tomorrow. if you see little ones standing on the side of the road slow down, give them extra room and remember, the red lights on the bus mean stop even on a two-way road. outside we go this fine morning it's mostly cloudy but there is filtered sunshine getting through the clouds, at least here in northwest washington. there are blue patches to be found out there. so sort of depends on how your luck is whether the sky over your house is blue or gray. it's a little bit of both here in downtown. just enough sunshine getting through to allow the warmup to begin. we're 75 degrees with 71% humidity. that's the real big difference between yesterday and today in addition to the cloud cover. is how much more humid it is going to feel for your outdoor activities today. rain chances on your sunday, are highest for areas north and west of the metro area, but even there not a guarantee that you're going to get rained on. low chances down into southern maryland but medium chances northern maryland much of
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northern virginia. rain chances this is the beginning of what could be a hit and miss week for rain. low chances for rain today. rain chances go up tomorrow. peak on tuesday. but then linger all the way into wednesday, thursday, perhaps to friday as well. no one day this week that i can guarantee you will be dry. so get that umbrella ready to go. storm team 4 radar, there's the capital beltway. lonesome shower, straight in on routes 50 and 66. about ready to come in the beltway. light rain near manassas park. other showers out here across fauqiar coin county. more light rain towards fredericksburg over the northern neck into southern maryland here over the next hour or two. a lot of rain around us today. this area of rain in pennsylvania coming southbound. mostly going to impact northern maryland. another wave of low pressure back to our west. the pinch between those two
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forces means that we're going to have a lot of clouds around here for the next couple days. hourly temperatures, most of the afternoon in the mid to upper 80s. going out for dinner, 30% chance you will get rained on in your backyard. here's your seven-day forecast to back it up. 30% today and tomorrow. not a guarantee you will be washed out of any of your plans. the heaviest rain monday to wednesday morning. on wednesday afternoon into thursday. rain chances linger into friday and saturday enough uncertainty, i don't want to show you seven days in a row. >> don't want to see that. >> thanks, chuck. >> all right. >> what if prices on your favorite stuff depended on what time of day you bought it or varied from shopper to shopper. experts say it will be reality. the future of shopping. >> great story ahead. the special moment happening today for a police officer who saved a baby nearly 20 years ago.
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welcome to first read. wyoming and alaska aren't just two of america's most beautiful states they're two states with primaries worth watching this week. in alaska a bitter contest between three republicans vying to run against mark beggish. former state attorney general general dan sullivan is the favorite, but tea party favorite joe miller getting attention as the most socially conservative candidate in the race. miller says he's not planning on a third party candidacy if he doesn't win tuesday but if he does mount a bid it could tip the scales in beggishes favorite helping out democrats. alaska democrats will pick their nominee to run against republican governor shawn parnell. in wyoming the race that isn't happening that might be the most worth noting. republican mike enzi faced an early challenge from liz cheney the daughter of dick cheney but she dropped out in january. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv?
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imagine if it costs more to shop today than tomorrow morning or if you had to pay more than your neighbor did. cnbc's courtney reagan reports. >> reporter: while leveraging consumer data may be a hurdle for retailers today it will be the linchpin of their success in the future. >> you will know the frequency patterns of a customer who is
9:25 am
purchasing that shampoo and anticipate when they're about to run out. >> a consumer will volunteer everything, from their profile, their preferences, and their purchasing patterns. >> in the morning it will be cheaper to shop an in the afternoon when everyone comes home from work it's going to be expensive so the prices will go up and down. >> prices could vary from shopper to shopper even while in the same store at the same time. >> i could do price, promotion, in real time start to think about how i use mark down and pricing and promotion to trigger reactions and sales behavior inside the store. >> smart stores and dressing rooms commonplace, complete with rfid technology, beacon signaling and geofencing all powered by data. >> here's the new size you requested. >> knows the products are getting picked up, brought into the dressing room and can analyze, you know, sizing information, they can analyze
9:26 am
information about how many people come and try it on and buy it versus those who don't. a lot more data that the retailers gather in here. >> and though privacy concerns won't go away 25 years from now, experts say consumers wanting a 24/7 concierge style of service will be comfortable sharing their data. actually more attractive to participate than not. those that don't will feel left out. >> reporter: courtney reagan, cnbc business news. colleging are offering degrees in customer analysis and another new career your kids could be a part of eventually. we are following breaking news in ferguson, this morning. the violence there overnight. plus how it's leading to even more tense protests in other cities. plus the generosity pouring in to help michael brown's family pay for a funeral. all that next on "news 4 today."
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keeping a close eye on developments in ferguson. police donning riot gear for another night. one protester was shot and we've learned that person is in critical condition right now. seven people were arrested and police cars were shot at overnight. a state mandated curfew could go into effect again tonight. officials have not confirmed when that will happen. protests and violence have
9:30 am
plagued that city since 18-year-old michael brown was shot to death last week by a police officer. violence in northern california during a protest for the michael brown shooting. according to oakland police two officers were pepper sprayed and one was adult assaulted friday . one officer was hospitalized after the incident. several windows damaged and trash cans set on fire as protesters voiced outrage over the shooting. two people were arrested for resisting or obstructing police. as michael brown's parents prepare to bury their son, strangers are stepping in to help with the funeral. family attorneys set up a fund on go fund to help the family handle funeral costs. almost 2600 people have donated more than $50,000 in two days. their goal is $70,000. fashion designer and missouri native kimora lee simmons offered to pay for the entire service on her twitter. had historically black fraternity alpha psi alpha
9:31 am
offered to pay. funeral arrangements have not been announced for brown. keep it here on news 4 for all of the latest developments into the situation in ferguson missouri on our website. we have a timeline since michael brown's death. >> the time is 9:31. we want to get a check on your forecast. i have a feeling that summer heat, the humidity, trying to creep back in. >> it is still august. >> meteorologist chuck bell outside on the storm team 4 weather deck. how is it feeling. >> what's wrong with your eyes? >> this could be a salute to you to ladies but the reality is, it started to rain a little bit out here on the weather deck at nbc 4 studios. just a little light rain. won't last long. swipe or two off your glasses if you're going to be outside or your suit. might have a rain drop or two on it. there it is. storm team 4 radar, the showers moving here into northwest washington. other showers across fairfax and prince william county, southern
9:32 am
parts of fauqier county. right there on the friendly pea kok where the rain showers are coming down. i can promise you ground truth tells me these are very light showers. the view over bethesda. the view towards old towne, alexandria. no rain in old towne and no rain at reston town center but the skies are cloudy. your hour by hour forecast, cloudy skies, hit and miss chances for light rain from time to time. temperatures today between the rain drops will zoom into the mid to perhaps even the upper 80s. rain chances will continue on into the week. more about that with your seven-day forecast and a look at the beach forecast too coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, touch. >> in the day ahead, president obama, first lady michele obama and their daughters will return from vacation in martha's vineyard. the president and first lady ate dinner last night with friends. in the past week they had the chance to go on a family bike ride. their get away wasn't relaxing. the president addressed the emergency in ferguson and ongoing crisis in iraq.
9:33 am
they will return to washington later tonight. new this morning, we have learned iraqi forces have taken over parts of a dam in iraq. there is still a fight for the rest of that dam. the u.s. launched another round of air strikes to help the iraqis take back control of the mosul dam. the militant group isis took control of it this month. it provides water and electricity. if the dam fails or the floodgates open, the water could flood mosul and parts of baghdad. the dam is the largest of its kind in the country of iraq. right now police want your help to find a missing man in montgomery county. take a look. this is jack rogers. he also goes by the name samill ahmed. 26 years old. if you see him call police. this morning investigators say alcohol was behind a deadly crash in loudoun county according dot loudoun -- to the loudoun sheriff's office.
9:34 am
pierre verrone was driving north on cascade parkway in potomac falls. that's not far from el gone key yan regional park. jeffrey carter crossing the road and verrone hit him. carter died. verrone stayed on the scene. police charged him with dui. police need your help finding saeed evans in connection with a shooting that hurt half a dozen people. police arrested this man and charged leonard johnson with assault with intent to kill. the shooting happened last sunday near first and n streets in d.c. when officers arrived on the scene they found three men and three women shot, all six survived. if you do have any information or have seen saeed evans call d.c. police. take a look at this video if you can. this house on fire in northeast d.c. a fewer sending us this -- viewer sending us this video. the fire sent three people to the hospital including one
9:35 am
firefighter. it broke out along rhode island avenue and tenth street. all the people did make it out alive but a dog did not survive. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire. he remembers it like it was yesterday. a cop up in new york saving a baby who couldn't breathe. now nearly two decades later he's in chicago to see her again as she walks down the aisle today. checky beckford from new york has more on this very special reunion. >> reporter: yonkers police captain joseph barca has saved a lot of lives in his 45 years on the force. but it was this baby girl who he formed a life-long connection with. a snapshot of heroism, 20 years later, a picture perfect friendship between two very unlikely people. brought together by near tragedy. >> he saved the lives of more than a dozen people, including this 2-month-old girl.
9:36 am
>> reporter: this was sergeant barca featured on good cops from new york. a captain, barca remembers finding 2-month-old shamla not breathing like yesterday. >> when you first get out of the car, you could see the limbs and the legs, everything was just dangling on the kid. you could see there was no life there. >> reporter: after he delivered cpr the infant started breathing. >> i was ecstatic. i was able to save this young lady. >> reporter: this young lady is now 20 years old. and getting married. >> the father said to me i gave her life the first time. you gave her life the second time. you're her american father. >> reporter: captain barca kept in touch with the palestinian-american family even after they moved away. this picture taken at her engagement party last year where barca told her fiance he's still looking out for the girl he saved so long ago. >> i says you've got her father and you've got me to deal with if you don't treat this girl right. >> and she says she plans to
9:37 am
carry on captain barca's legacy becoming a nurse. she says she can help save other people the way he helped save her. in yonkers, checky beckford, news 4 new york. >> real life guardian angel there. >> i know. >> bonded together by such an unusual circumstance. >> beautiful story. >> great. hey, hold off on using spices in the kitchen cabinet this morning. we have a recall from the popular brand mccormick to pass along to you. >> plus, stations closed and others staying open late. a lot of schedule changes for metro in the next 48 hours, what you need to know if you plan to take the train. >> by this time tomorrow some of the kids will be heading back to school. chuck is here to tell you what days you may want to pack that umbrella for the little ones next in your forecast from storm team 4.
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♪ ♪here i am. rock you like a hurricane♪ fiber one now makes cookies. find them in the cookie aisle. this week's wednesday's child has a beautiful smile despite having a difficult life.
9:40 am
she was an orphan in haiti brought here after the big earthquake three years ago. news 4's barbara harrison has her story. >> reporter: georgetown cupcakes was will ma's choice of a place to visit and so we got there early in the morning before the usual crowds lined up. >> how are you? >> welcome. nice to meet you. >> we hear you're a baker so are you ready to decorate cup cakes? come on back. will ma is originally from haiti. >> wow. >> she spoke french as her original language and also deaf we have an interpreter to help us understand. >> she was abandoned at age 2. she grew up in the orphanage. she survived the earthquake and came to the u.s. in 2011 to be adopted. >> reporter: from the bright smile and eager response, you can see willma wants to learn everything she can. >> willma is such a delightful girl. she is so energetic. she's fun loving. very outgoing.
9:41 am
affectionate. >> hope an adoptive family will help encourage her education. willma would like a family that spends time in the kitchen together. >> i want to learn how to cook more. >> so you would like a family that likes to cook? >> yeah. >> great. >> reporter: sophie and katherine had willma do a taste test on a strawberry cup take cake. her favorite flavor. >> good. >> with the help of her signing interpreters willma said -- >> i love cupcakes. >> and she taught me how to sign cupcake. >> she is a delight to be around. everyone falls in love with willma. >> easy to see why everyone loves willma. we think an adopted family will feel the same. news 4 for wednesday's child. >> and if you have room in your home and heart for willma or perhaps another child waiting, call our special adoption hotline. the number 1le -- 1882 adopt me or search wednesday's child on
9:42 am do you seem to crave unhealthy foods? yeah. next, the research that may help you resist that hunger feeling. plus, big weather changes in the week ahead. right, chuck? >> absolutely right. we've got some showers on your sunday, but will this lead to an entirely soggy week? i'll let you know with your seven-day forecast coming up.
9:43 am
9:44 am
head's up, expect delays on
9:45 am
metro. the tacoma and silver springs stations are closed for track work. free shuttle busses between fort totten and forest glaen. trains delayed on the blue, orange and yellow nes. tomorrow metro plans to stay open an extra hour for the redskins game at fedex field. make sure you enter the morgan boulevard or largo town center stations. no later than 12:10 a.m. and that's when the last blue and silver line trains will leave. station entrances at other metro stations will close at their normal times. >> crews still busy trying to finish the silver springs transit center. "the washingt reports there's no opening date set for the center. the hub for busses and trains is more than two years behind schedule and millions over budget. crews trying to fix cracks and design flaws. once construction is completed metro has to view the site before it begins operating there. check your spice rack because your oregano could have
9:46 am
salmonella. maryland d.c. and virginia were among the places that received these jars of mccormick oregano after routine testing, the company discovered salmonella in some jars. no one has reported getting sick so far. if you have the spice contact mccormick for a replacement or refund. that story didn't make you lose your appetite, a new scientific discovery might. it's not totally gross, though. scientists stumbled on a group of brain cells in mice that turn their appetites off and on. that's according to the "new york times." pretty interesting. the scientists found the cells or they actually found the cells by accident and say more research could help them treat eating disorders. today is the last day of summer for students in faqier county. back to school tomorrow. while getting your child ready, there are new things coming up this school year. middle school sports are returning this year. girls soccer and boys basketball coming back. in the winter girls and boys
9:47 am
basketball will be returning and your high schooler at liberty high school will have a new principal as well. sam cox is stepping up from his role as assistant principal at the school. >> i bet those school kids are trying to live it up on this last day of summer vacation. >> you bet. >> right. >> good weather. >> they are not going to be put off by a ten minute long rain shower on summer vacation no matter what. a slip and slide kind of afternoon outside. get out and enjoy it. summer vacation starting to wind down for everybody and today is the last day that the sun will set at 8:00 or later. until may 1st of next year. so those late sunsets 8:00 or later those are coming to an end after today as well. not a whole lot of sunshine on your sunday. still a little blue in the sky but having just come in from the storm team weather deck some of the rain drops are making it all the way to the ground though that's not a terribly scary looking sky out there this morning. 77 now at national airport. winds are light from the south
9:48 am
at 3 miles per hour. the difference between yesterday and today in addition to the cloud cover is the way higher levels of humidity and how much milder it was to start. another plane load of folks leaving reagan national out of town. hopefully flying to somewhere with sunnier skies. warm and humid, off and on scattered shower chances will linger from about 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon until 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. but no washouts. you're not going to have to cancel the backyard barbecue because of this. just sort of know you could get a little 10 or 15 minute long rain shower. shower over us in northwest washington when i came from the front lawn. this is moving out here to the north sides of andrews air force base out into parts of prince george's county. five minute long rain shower there. south of there, george and martha's house alexandria, triangle all getting light showers this morning on the i-95 corridor. those rain drops heading into southern prince george's county.
9:49 am
fort washington into charles, port tobacco all going to see a hint of rain first thing this morning. farther down to the south across culpepp culpepper, rain drops headed towards fredericksburg and page and shenandoah counties seeing a couple sprinkles this morning. get a sense, not a whole lot of heavy rain nearby about but with the daytime heating i would expect the coverage to pick up a bit. the heavier rain that we're going to be dealing with monday and tuesday is still back here across parts of the ohio valley and that wave of low pressure primarily is going to stay to our south. it's going to come close enough where at least the southern half of our viewing area likely to see heavier rain monday into tuesday. our future weather forecast model handling it. doesn't do well with the super light rain showers like we're having today. looks like it's just cloudy. they will be hit and miss rain chances off and on through much of the day today. even through 5:00, 6:00, steadier rain chances a little farther down to the south by 10:00, 11:00 tonight things starting to dry out. it will settle down and should
9:50 am
be off to a dry start tomorrow morning. here's that better chance for rain second half of the day mony. especially from route 66 or interstate 66 southbound into parts of southern maryland to the northern neck by monday afternoon and monday night. the area of low pressure scooting out of here. rainfall amounts yeah, there's a chance for rain all day today but rainfall amounts will be a tenth of an inch or less. for kids going back to school tomorrow morning, bus stop temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. may want to pack the umbrella and backpack to be safe. can't find it you'll get away with it tomorrow but want to find it eventually because there's chance for rain on each of the next five, perhaps as many as the next six or seven days in a row. that's not necessarily what people want to hear the last week of summer vacation, but looks like another week without any 90 degree days. only one 90 so far in the month of august. >> silver lining. >> unbelievable. >> looks like tuesday don't
9:51 am
forget the galoshes. looks like a soaker. >> front half of tuesday. >> back to school galoshes. okay. thank you, chuck. >> you're welcome. >> next a 13-year-old girl you'll want to watch. the attention she's getting from some pretty big names. plus her reaction to her newfound fame. >> state travel to this group leaving d.c. today. very honored to emcee a gala for the asian american journalist association along with that woman, my good friend, my colleague eun yang. honoring some of the best in the
9:52 am
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9:54 am
later today, a big matchup happening in the little league world series and one team has a rising star? oh, yes. her name is monet davis. it's rare for a girl to be in this sport filled with a bunch of boys. nbc's kristen dahlgren tells us how she's one of the best and how her story has everybody buzzing. >> reporter: in her hometown philadelphia monet davis is a hero. the first girl to ever throw a shutout in a little league world series. >> game for monet davis. >> reporter: t-shirts are flying off the shelves. >> we just got in like 400 more last night and i probably have about 75 left. >> reporter: but it's not just philly, monet is now a national sensation getting tweets from magic johnson, michele obama, even major league baseball. "sports illustrated" says she put the boys on notice, buzz
9:55 am
feed calls her the hero we all need. so how does a 13-year-old handle that kind of pressure? >> i know a lot of people are going to be watching and a lot of people are going to be in the stands but i can't like let that affect me. i just got to play my game. >> reporter: davis hasn't always played with the boys. she started in softball but found this more her speed. >> when she first started, i heard other players say they got a girl on their team. right now everybody knows monet. >> reporter: who could forget her 70 mile per hour fastball. not the boys from south nashville. >> lots of kids that can throw hard but she can throw a number of pitches for strikes which is what makes her a good pitcher. >> reporter: her coach says she's a great teammate, after the game tweeted, great team win. one of just 18 girls to ever play in a little league world series, she knows her place in history. >> being a baseball role model.
9:56 am
hopefully more girls will play little league. >> reporter: doesn't want to stop here. >> either be the first female in the mlb or nba. >> fans say don't bet against it. the girl with the golden arm is a game changer. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >> gosh. don't you just love her. >> i know. even lil wayne tweeting about her saying goose bumps. >> oh, yeah. >> gave him goose bumps. >> she's awesome. anyway, moving ahead, we've got a really big week ahead in the corruption case against bob mcdonnell and it starts around this time tomorrow, the change in tone we heard from the former virginia governor as his defense team gets closer to calling it first witness. >> why the feds say this surveillance video should not have been released in the michael brown case in ferguson, missouri.
9:57 am
9:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪
9:59 am
today we could learn the answers to a lot of questions about a violent car chase in prince george's county that ended with a shoot-out with police and a litt girl dead. >> news 4 derrick ward is live to tell us more. >> good morning again. it all started here with a shooting of two people who live if this house here. that's just one of the fronts that the investigation is proceeding on. of course that's an investigation that's only just begun. now we are told that the first two victims' conditions a improving after being shot here by -- and identified only as the
10:00 am
grandfather and great grandmother of a 3-year-old child who died after being taken by her father started op the street with that man shooting the child's maternal relative and high-speed chase. it was a world away from what anybody would have imagined or wanted. the suspect apparently according to police shot at police and police shot back. the suspect and this 3-year-old daughter died. the investigation into whether police knew that child was in the car is just beginning. >> i can't say that they knew or didn't is know that the young girl you inside the car. >> and, of course, we're only referrings to these people as pro nouns or designations by police at this point. you have to believe there are names and stories and people behind those pro nouns. folks in the neighborhood are on the way to the hospital. we talked to a couple on the way to the hospital to seat folks shot here. church not far away, a member came by and said we'll say a pressure for


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