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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 7, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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we saw one round earlier today. here is the next round. and yet another round coming through. this is the round that we're worried about that could bring us some strong, potentially severe weather, although not too worried about severe weather. could bring strong winds and heavy rains. i'll break it down for you time wise and let you know what to expect as you move through the rest of the night and, of course, the next couple days in my forecast. >> thanks, doug. there are new concerns tonight about u.s. military personnel in africa. the pentagon says some of them may have direct contact with ebola patients over there. >> the service members are setting up mobile labs to test for ebola. the pentagon says about two dozen are likely to come into contact with the deadly virus and that they will be safe. meanwhile, the centers for disease control says new measures to screen airline passengers for ebola will be announced later this week. doctors also said the two men being treated here in the u.s. are both receiving an experimental drug. nbc's jay gray has more now. >> reporter: they can't be by his side. >> not well.
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>> reporter: but thomas eric duncan's 85-year-old mother and other family members traveled 15 hours from north carolina to be as close as they can. as the ebola patient fights for his life. reverend jesse jackson and local ergy spent time with the family today, sharing a message of hope and support. >> thomas today needs love. >> yes. >> and medical treatment. >> reporter: we now know that duncan is being treated with the experimental drug, brincidofovir, an anti viral medicine he first received saturday, the same day his condition dropped from serious to critical. a day after walking off a medevac jet rushed him from liberia to omaha, doctors are treating freelance journalist mukpo with the same drugs used on duncan. >> he's holding himself and said i'm going to get through this. >> reporter: in an effort to get through a global crisis that president obama has called a national security priority,
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4,000 u.s. troops are being september to africa. >> the military focus is on providing logistics, training, and engineering support. >> reporter: while here at home, national security and health teams are mapping out a new strategy that will likely include a stepped up screening process in at least four major u.s. airports. >> all of these things make me confident that here in the united states, at least, we -- the chances of an outbreak -- of an epidemic here are extraordinarily low. >> reporter: even if concern about the deadly virus spreading is not. jay gray, nbc news, dallas. new at 6:00, more fallout from that shooting outside the ethiopian embassy here last week. today there were rival protests outside the state department. one group waved banners and an ethiopian flag and called for t u.s. to do more to protect the compound. across the street a counter demonstration by a group protesting the ethiopian government. d.c. police and barricades kept the two sides separated. you may remember it was last monday that secret service agents were called to the
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embassy because a security attache fired a gun at demonstrators. nobody was hit, but today the u.s. attorney's office obtained a warrant, charging him with assault with intent to kill. it's unclear whether he'll ever be prosecuted. shortly after the incident, he was sent back to ethiopia. he did not wave his diplomatic immunity. the d.c. police are trying to figure out how a prisoner being held at d.c. superior court was able to hide a gun in his underwear. police say the prisoner was 19 years old. he was arrested early this morning for stealing a car. they took him to the third district police headquarters. then he was handed over to the u.s. marshals service at the courthouse, and that's when they found the gun. police say three different agencies searched that man and at this point it is unclear when or how the prisoner got the gun. the fbi is taking a new step to try to stop the isis terror group. today the fbi posted part of an
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isis propaganda video on their website. investigators hope the public can help identify a man who appears in the video, and who speaks both english and arabic. >> we're here in the 17th division military base just outside the city of raqqa. and we're here with with the soldiers of ba sha. you can see them digging graves in the very place where they were stationed. the very place where they were stationed, terrorizing the muslims. >> the original isis propaganda video runs nearly an hour and features two men who speak english with accents that have been described as north american. politics now, a big night in the race for a virginia senate seat. in an hour, democratic incumbent mark warner will face off against republican challenger ed gillespie in a debate. gillespie currently is trailing warner in the polls. a new survey by christopher newport university shows warner with a 12-point lead in the race. joining us is "meet the press"
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moderator, chuck todd. he's also going to serve as mad rater for the debate. he joins us now in mclean, virginia. first of all, can you tell us what you expect from these two guys tonight? >> reporter: well, we'll see. i mean, i think, look, tonight in some ways i've always seen virginia senate as a test of sort of the national climate on what's going on a little bit, right? virginia in many ways is the best microcosm we have of the country. as virginia goes, so goes its nation. could tonight's debate be combative, particularly from ed gillespie, because you have the polls that have showed him trailing, though not out of reach. and you can tell just by the advertisement, mark warner is a little bit nervous. >> chuck, you mentioned the polls. he's gained some ground, as you say, in the polls since labor day. there are still 7% undecided. how is the challenger -- what does he need to do to try to make up the double digit
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deficit? >> reporter: well, i think you're seeing what he's trying to do, which is he's trying to nationalize the race. and we have seen this in every senate race in the country. and i suspect we'll hear this tonight. but republicans want to make it a referendum on president obama. democrats -- democratic incumbents are trying hard to figure out how to distance themselves without alienating supporters of president obama and mark warner has been trying to do that dance, ed gillespie has been trying to do the nationalized referendum part of it. and i think, you know, that will be, you know, look, our job tonight, we're trying very hard to get them to talk about specific issues. how they, you know shall -- it's our job to pin them down so they do that so they don't slip into their 30-second tv ads. but that is what we have seen, certainly, in the way they have been combatting with each other. >> if anybody can get them off their talking points, chuck, we expect you can. thanks. we look forward to it. >> you got it. you can watch the debate at 7:00 here on nbc 4. or online at northern virginia reporter david culver will be live
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tweeting it. one other programming note. "nbc nightly news" will air a half hour earlier than normal tonight. it airs at 6:30. only on news4, tempers flare up at a public meeting and it's all caught on video. why this heated exchange could land a local leader in legal trouble. a skimming scheme. this time the target, the sandy spring bank. i'm pat collins. the story, coming up, news4. your hands-free device in your car is not free of risk. we'll tell you why technology designed to cut down on distracted driving might be having just the opposite effect. on my journey across america,
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[ inaudible ] an advisory neighborhood commissioner in the district may face charges after a heated exchange during a public meeting. video of the incident shows ward 8 c commissioner mary cusspert arguing. he told officers he wants to file assault charges. today police say they are still investigating. news4 reached out for comment, but she has not returned our call. a barricade situation ended in gunfire. it happened in virginia, began in the yard of a house in warrenton yesterday. deputies there had an emergency custody order for a man named joshua simpson. they say there were concerns about his mental health.
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when they tried to pick him up, he ran inside the house, locked himself in. there were negotiations all night long, but police say simpson came outside this morning and started shooting. police shot back. he is now in critical condition. they are the type of thieves you don't see and don't realize they have taken anything until it's too late. tonight police are looking for this guy in connection with a skimming ring in maryland. as news4's pat collins reports, they have targeted a half dozen banks and have multiple victims. >> reporter: this is a picture of a suspect police believe may be linked to an atm skimming scheme that's targeting sandy spring banks in maryland. in the last couple of weeks, they have recovered skimming devices in six sandy spring branches. two in frederick county. one in howard county. one in anne arundel county, and two in montgomery county. police say the schisming device is attached to the atm and
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allows thieves to copy sensitive account information and then use that to make illegal cash withdrawals. >> this woman is one of the victims. she asked we not show her face or use her name. she uses a sandy spring branch in urbana. she says someone in new york made three $500 withdrawals from her account over the weekend. >> it is scary. you feel helpless. you do feel like a victim. >> reporter: robert is the head of security for sandy spring bank. he says check that atm machine before you use it. >> first should look around the area, but secondly before they mays place their card into the atm, should physically pull on the reader, make sure it isn't loose or ajar and is something affixed put in there by the manufacturer. >> reporter: if it is loose? >> if it is loose, they should not place their card in there and report it to the bank.
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>> reporter: cover the key pad with one hand when you punch in your pin to keep someone from stealing your number. and check bank accounts routinely to make sure everything is on the up and up. do those things, and you could stay safe from skimmers. live in frederick, pat collins, news4. new efforts to crack down on risky behavior at dangerous intersections. police are exploring new leads hours after the parents of missing uva student hannah missing uva student hannah graham made an emotional ple
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in cases of rape and incest, just missing uva student hannah graham made an emotional ple
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like the right-wing republicans in congress. they want to overturn roe v. wade. so does she. "i think roe v. wade should be overturned." barbara comstock even voted with right-wing republicans to require women seeking an abortion to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds. that's all i need to know. i'm john foust and i approve this messge.
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tonight, there's a dramatic shift in pedestrian safety. there is new data that shows that tickets given to drivers have increased more than ten-fold in montgomery county. >> at the same time, a driver has been charged after hitting two girls as they walk to school today. ne news4's mark segraves has more on the crackdown. >> reporter: just before 8:00 this morning outside kings view middle school, a driver hit the girls as they crossed the road. >> although they had minor injuries thshs is a serious event. >> reporter: police say they're on track to have fewer pedestrian fatalities in montgomery county this year than last. >> we have had seven so far this year, seven too many. >> reporter: one reason police say pedestrian fatalities are down, because the last four years they have ramped up
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enforcement, issuing thousands of tickets and warnings. the tickets went to drivers who didn't yield to pedestrians in cross walks, and pedestrians who jay walked. but the tickets weren't always issued on an equal basis. >> prior to 2010, pedestrians rarely got a ticket. >> reporter: new dataeleased by montgomery county police show there's been a major swing in who has been getting those tickets. after police began cracking down on pedestrians, in 2012, drivers received 42 tickets. pedestrians? 1,219. but in 2013, police again shifted their focus. drivers received 651 tickets. pedestrians 630. police tell news4, while the increased enforcement is working, pedestrians don't often understand why they're getting tickets. >> some pedestrians believe that they always have the right-of-way, regardless of where and when they cross. and that's not the case. >> reporter: in montgomery
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county, mark segraves, news4. tonight some potential new leads in the search for a missing uva student. police say they've gotten 400 tips since hannah graham's parents released an emotional video statement over the weekend. graham was last seen in charlottesville's downtown mall area on september 13th. jesse matthew has been charged in her abduction. he is in jail, due back in court in december. the d.c. council approved two big changes to marijuana laws. one of them will seal the criminal records of anyone convicted of a nonviolent marijuana crime. that would affect 20,000 people. earlier this year, the council decriminalized marijuana possession in a step toward helping people who suffer the impact of the old laws. the d.c. council also approved a bill allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana for any medical reason the doctor sees fit. congress still must approve these new laws. hands-free technologies are supposed to be less distracting
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for drivers, but they may be having the opposite effect. that's according to some new research from aaa. the group found drivers using voice-activated systems to make phone calls or to change radio stations. had slower reaction times. the study also says levels of distraction increased with the complexity of the system. aa a's ranking found toyota's least distracting. apple's seiri was found to be most distracting. >> rain and stuff out there. apparently we're going to get smacked. >> some areas already getting rain right now. anybody have practices out there this evening? i guarantee you those practices are having some problems. maybe even cancel practice tonight in some areas out to the west. in and around the d.c. metro area, not bad just yet. but here comes the rain. there it is right there. storm team 4 radar showing that rain across our region. back towards i-81 and winchester, hagerstown, frederick and leesburg, right on down towards warrenton along 15. and towards fredericksburg along i-95, seeing showers. and we continue to see the rain.
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not just showers. this is actually steady rain that's moving on in across our region. heaviest rain just down to the south. take a look at winchester, martinsburg, you folks are seeing some of that heavy rain. jefferson county, west virginia seeing that rain. you move over towards the frederick area there and there it is mt. airy, clarksburg, gaithersburg on your doorstep. fairfax and herndon starting to see light shower activity. and farther to the south, there it is around warrenton and manassas and quantico. and then we move further south and starting to notice a line of storms developing around rutgersville that's going to move close to culpeper and fredericksburg. so heads up for that line as it moves on towards your region. over the next half hour to an hour if you live in fredericksburg, heads up for you folks. and then we're watching this next round back to the west. and, again, this is the round that's already had severe weather with tornado warnings in portions of kentucky, now moving into west virginia. that's what we have to look ford to later on this evening. so that's what we are going to continue to watch. right now, though, around the metro region, 74 with cloudy
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skies. winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour. the rain will move in over the next few hours, and, again, we could see some high winds with this. not worried about the tornado threat here. hail threat not really a big deal. but high winds could be a factor. maybe 40 to 50 miles per hour if these storms really do develop. and if that happens, we could see some local power outages, maybe a few trees down. not looking for anything widespre widespread. but just something to keep an eye on. refuse heavy rain for sure. 8:00, the rain around i-95, but here comes the heavier rain around 11:00 and through the area around midnight to 1:00 tonight. so if you are heading out, take the umbrella for sure. 75 degrees tomorrow for a high. 72 on your thursday. couple nice days just rather breezy. and then we get into a couple of not so nice days. rather dreary conditions possible friday, saturday, sunday. and maybe into monday. high temperatures only in the low to mid 60s in most locations with a good chance of rain just about each day. not exactly a washout, but not the best weekend, for sure. >> all right.
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you heard what doug said. 7 2 on thursday, a low of 50. that's what we're looking for. but first, we've got to get through one more out there in san francisco. we've got sports coming up.
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity,
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your home for the most live sports. dianna is hanging out at the park. our eyes are on the west coast, right? >> yeah, they were in a do or die yesterday. they won. they're in a do or die tonight. if they win tonight, they're back in d.c. thursday with the do or die. so nats fans attack your blood pressure pills for the nats -- this is what it's all about. >> it's here. everybody is excited. and like i said, we're all just waiting for a break. and they have been playing great, all series. and like i said, we've got our break, and it's all about building on it. >> we feel good. getting this win was big. and the momentum shifted a little bit. but it's up to us to keep it on our side. baseball is a weird thing. we have to go out there, guyo is going to put up some zeros and score some runs. >> reporter: jay gruden and the redskins still searching for win number two. the defending champions, seattle seahawks, led by quarterback russe russell wilson came into fedex and beat the skins last night
6:26 pm
thanks in large part to russell's career high 1 22 rushing yards while a 27-7 team home loss isn't anything to be happy about, i talked to chris cooley about how to build off this loss. >> they should expect to win and every game. and toe-to-toe is a little bit of a stretch. there were three touchdowns. that game could have gotten out of hand a lot quicker than did it. yeah, they played pretty good football. they could beat some teams the way they played but they're not going to make the playoffs the way they're playing. >> reporter: he said they need to get pierre garcon the ball more. two catches, that's all he had last night. why wasn't he a bigger part? >> to put that emphasis on the coaching staff, coaches want to get players the ball theshs make a list and say pierre garcon play 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and you go back to the board and get him the ball. >> you see a more poised kirk cousins yesterday. do you see a better kirk cousins than all season long?
6:27 pm
>> he learned from approximate what he did in new york in the second half and took a step forward in terms of getting the ball out of his hands, not taking the risk, not forcing anything. plus, he was able to manipulate that defense at times with his eyes, move their safeties, trip the corners, trip richard sherman. i saw big support from kirk. >> all right. vance, doreen, jay gruden takes full blame for pierre only having two catches. says he didn't give him enough responsibility in the game plan. jay gruden is in the search for leaders on this team. back to you guys. >> thanks, dianna. that's our broadcast for now. "nightly news" is next. >> then we hope you'll stay tuned for our debate as the candidates in the virginia race square off at 7:00. and, of course, we'll have complete coverage at 11:00 and online at we'll see you at 11:00.
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on our broadcast tonight, who is he? the fbi is asking for help in identifying an isis militant on a new and chilling video speaking english in a north american accent. they fear he's an american. caught on camera. a traffic stop turned violent with children in the backseat recording it all. another case of mistrust between the police and public and everyone is rolling. driven to distraction. hands free but not distraction free for drivers. turns out that technology could be making things more dangerous behind the wheel. and glen campbell as we haven't seen him before in his fight against alzheimer's, though able to still channel his music. what he shared with us from his private battle as he says farewell to public life. "nightly news" begins now.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. he's wearing a mask because isis fighters don't like to show their face, but we can hear his voice. and tonight, because he sounds like he could be an american, the fbi is asking all americans if his voice sounds familiar. there's no way to go exactly how many americans have gone overseas to fight for isis. it's even harder to figure out their motivation. but in this case, the feds are calling on citizens for their help. it's where we begin tonight with our justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: it's an aspect of the isis terror group that has american officials especially worried, appeals to an american internet audience. now the fbi is hoping to use that propaganda against isis to identify this man seen in its latest video. >> we're here in the 17th division military base just outside the city of al raqqa.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: he claims to be in the syrian city of al raqqa wearing a mask, camouflage and a shoulder holster. behind him he says there are syrian soldiers digging their own graves. they're later seen in the video being executed. the fbi posted that video on its own website hoping someone might recognize the voice or the appearance. he speaks english and arabic. investigators say the accent could be american or canadian but say they have no idea where he's from. u.s. officials have long feared that americans would join up with isis in syria. the fbi today also asks for tips about anyone else planning to join terrorists overseas. just yesterday the fbi revealed that a 19-year-old suburban chicago man was arrested over the weekend planning to fly to turkey to join up with isis. and today in london, authorities arrested four men accused of plotting a terror attack there.
6:33 pm
british intelligence sources say one of them had recently return from syria. authorities in the uk and the u.s. tonight say some knives were found when today's arrests were made in london, but officials say they do not believe the men had yet formulated any specific plot or even method of attack. brian? >> pete williams outside fbi headquarters to start us off tonight. pete, thanks. overseas tonight there's concern about this u.s.-led campaign to take on isis. air strikes against isis in syria started three weeks ago. they started initially in the skies over iraq. the stated goal here as defined by the president is to degrade and destroy isis, but tonight another key city is on the brink of falling. it's called kobani. it's on the syrian border with turkey. and if it falls, it gives isis then another stronghold. our own richard engel has watched it all unfold. joins us tonight from southern turkey. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the administration set a very
6:34 pm
ambitious goal. but if isis can take kobani, it can do the same to other cities, which raises questions about the american strategy. at the syrian border today supporters of kobani flashed victory signs still hopeful that fighters in the city will repel isis militants. but there's no victory in kobani. isis has already seized two neighborhoods in reet-to-street fighting. reportedly committing atrocities as they advance. this man just back from the battlefield briefed his men. the news isn't good. they need heavier weapons. >> we need something more effective. >> reporter: so you're outgunned. isis is better armed? >> of course. >> reporter: back on the border supporters of kobani remain hopeful, but many here feel abandoned. they say promises of u.s. help against isis have been lies. people here say what they've
6:35 pm
seen from the u.s. so far is mostly symbolic, a few scattered air strikes, which haven't been enough to slow down the isis advance let alone save kobani. this battle is a test case for the u.s. war on isis in syria. so far it's failing. isis advanced on kobani for three weeks. the militants moving so openly we could see their formation, identify their vehicles every day. yet they weren't stopped. it doesn't match the rhetoric of u.s. officials. >> we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. >> reporter: but here the u.s. didn't even chase isis over this hill. in this case, the gates of hell had an address, an obvious one, but it seems not to have been a priority. in a statement to nbc news tonight, a u.s. official said the situation in kobani is
6:36 pm
horrible, but the u.s. isn't providing close air support in syria and is pursuing a, quote, iraq-first strategy. >> richard engel on the situation in southern turkey tonight. richard, thanks. in this country, it has been a week now since the public learned of the first case of ebola diagnosed in the u.s. that patient in dallas, the dozens of people who may have had contact with him are now in the critical period when the symptoms could start to show. u.s. officials are warning that americans' risk of exposure will not go away until the epidemic is brought under control overseas. that is going to require u.s. military boots on the ground. we get our report tonight from nbc's kate snow. >> reporter: for weeks the u.s. military has been slowly moving personnel into west africa. today the pentagon said of the as many as 4,000 troops going, only a small number will work with blood samples in labs testing for ebola wearing full protective gear. the rest will have access to
6:37 pm
face masks and gloves. >> my family knows where i'm at, but i reassure them that we have a daily brief of medical precautions we take. >> reporter: they can't be too careful. in a country where waste from ebola victims the is incinerated outside clinics. can it live on surfaces? >> if there's blood or other human fluids with the virus in it, then it can live for hours to days. >> reporter: passengers leaving west africa are already being screened, but now the u.s. government will begin screening incoming passengers at airports in this country some time this week. they're talking about taking temperatures and doing a personal ber view. might that make a difference? >> you can take a temperature, unfortunately that doesn't get at every single person who has had illness or has come into contact with someone who had ebola. asking those questions is an important thing to do for screening. >> reporter: it's likely another ebola case will travel into the u.s., but isolated cases do not equal an outbreak. >> the enemy is a virus.
6:38 pm
it's a difficult virus to stop, but we know how to control it. >> reporter: and so far they know that no one who came into contact with the ebola patient in dallas, thomas eric duncan, has shown any symptoms of ebola. that patient, duncan, is being given an experimental medicine, the very same one being given to a patient here, an nbc freelance cameraman. >> kate snow in omaha, nebraska for us. kate, thanks. still the number one concern for so many parents across this country is the enterovirus. as we've heard from a lot of viewers on our website, it's scary because it's random, fast and virulent and more children have now been stricken. rehema ellis has our report. >> reporter: at this hospital in philadelphia, two more mysterious cases of acute muscle weakness that could be linked to enterovirus d-68. the virus has now shown up in 44 states and the district of columbia, with five new cases in new jersey and the first case in florida confirmed today. >> enterovirus d-68 is in our
6:39 pm
community. so a lot of people have been exposed. >> reporter: there are more than 100 different types of enteroviruses, and it's estimated that 10 to 15 million infections occur in the u.s. each year. but doctors are concerned about d-68. mostly seen in children because their immune systems are less developed, spread by touching, sneezing or coughing. it can start like the common cold or flu, with wheezing, high fever and dehydration. treatment varies depending on symptoms. but includes fluids, rest and, in some case, oxygen. doctors say wash your hands with soap and water. no kissing, hugging or sharing utensils. don't touch your face with dirty hands. have you talked to your pediatrician at all about what you need to do to keep mariah safe? >> yes. she actually said just make sure that you keep washing your hands daily and like everybody be around her touching her. >> reporter: tonight parents remain vigilant. we're only in the middle of the
6:40 pm
enterovirus season. rehema ellis, nbc news, philadelphia. police in a town not far from chicagore tonight facing a lawsuit. the officers accused of resorting to excessive force after they pulled a family over for what was at first a minor violation. the rest of this story, as we've seen in other cases like this, was caught on camera. we get our report from nbc's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: what appears to be a routine traffic stop becomes a violent encounter with police. >> somebody is not going to hurt you. people are out there being shot by the police. >> reporter: in the backseat, her two children, her 7-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son who records on his cell phone camera as a hammond, indiana, police officer tases jamal jones. >> just thrown out the window along with my body. >> reporter: they filed a federal lawsuit against the hammond police nor use of
6:41 pm
excessive force. police maintain jamal jones refused to get out of the car and issued a statement saying, police officers were at all times acting in the interest of officer safety and in accordance with indiana law. >> there is a level of mistrust between many segments of the american population and the police, particularly when you're talking about low income or minority communities. >> reporter: the hammond incident in late september comes at the same time police dash cam video appeared showing a south carolina police officer shooting an unarmed man at a gas station. >> get out of the car. >> why did you shoot me? >> reporter: lavar jones was shot in the hip. the officer charged with dwrafted assault and battery. just this year, the pew research project found that 90% of adults own a cell phone and more and more confrontations with police are being videotaped. in ferguson, missouri, cell phone video recorded the aftermath of the death of michael brown and the protests
6:42 pm
that followed. >> look at what's happening with twitter around the ferg son, missouri, the uprest in ferguson, on facebook, twitter. now more access to technology and it's so easy to get things to go viral. >> reporter: as technology advances, the police and the public are making sure they have the pictures to make their case. kevin tibbles, nbc news. and still ahead for us tonight, speaking of technology, the surprise findings about all the hands-free technology in the car that's supposed to help you stay focused at the wheel and how it could make driving more dangerous. and later a star is born. a free agent signs with the nba and he's 5. and there's an important reason why he got the contract. dad,thank you mom for said this oftprotecting my thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them.
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we mentioned this before the break. there's new research out tonight about distracted driving. this just may be the cost of good intentions. this study finds that hands-free technology that was supposed to help us all stay focused while at the wheel is often itself a dangerous distraction. we get our report on this tonight from nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: it's the very technology that's supposed to keep our eyes and our attention on the road. >> play cd. >> tuning to a.m. 850. >> oh, heavens. >> reporter: but new research finds hands-free technology meant to keep our hands on the wheel can actually take our mind off the road. >> please say a command.
6:46 pm
>> call john doe. >> calling donna at home. >> not donna, no. >> reporter: aaa and university of utah researchers looked at patterns of behaviors. >> it's going well. >> reporter: the more interaction the system requires -- >> sorry, i didn't get that. >> reporter: the greater the chance of distraction. >> you have to say the message just right. if you get off by a little bit, it doesn't understand. >> reporter: the greater the distraction, the greater the chance of missing a traffic light, stop sign or pedestrian. listening to the radio is a low category 1 distraction, but it increases if we listen to e-mails. >> you have at least 25 e-mails. >> reporter: or if you try to dictate a text. and it increases to a 3 or 4 if you try to talk to a computer generated voice. aaa says the least distracting system was toyota's entune similar to listening to an audio book. the most distracting the chevy
6:47 pm
mylink with a 3.7 ranking, but chevrolet takes issue with the research saying that the singular study focuses upon research related to cognitive functioning with no correlation to increased crash risk. it's all about finding the balance where technology helps instead of distracts. tom costello, nbc news, washington. we're back in a moment with a dramatic street fight caught on camera. sure sounded like a brawl was going on out there. they call it planning for retirement because getting there requires exactly that. a plan for what you want your future to look like. for more than 145 years, pacific life has been providing solutions to help individuals like you achieve long-term financial security. bring your vision for the future to life with pacific life. talk to a financial advisor to help build and protect your retirement income. pacific life. the power to help you succeed.
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as they say in astronomy, check your local listings. a good astronomy website will tell you if you can see the rare event as tonight gives way to tomorrow morning. in some places it's going to be possible to view an eclipse of the moon and the rising sun at the same time. it takes careful watching of both horizons. steve curry has died. he was an actor and a singer. and if you didn't know his work,
6:51 pm
you did know his hair. that was steve curry on the poster as an original cast member of the show "hair." and he became its iconic logo and album cover for which his family says he was never paid a dime. steve curry was 68. lots of news from the nfl aside from news they've been dealing with lately. los angeles could finally be getting a team or two in the next year or two. the league says there are several franchises that would consider a move to l.a. players are finally being tested for hdh, human growth hormone. five players on eight different teams to start. they'll be chosen at random. and they're still looking for the fan who aimed a laser pointer at two buffalo bills players during the lions game. while dangerous, one sports writer called the fan in question the annoying kid we all knew in seventh grade english class. this is the kind of thing you hate to see. violence taking place right out in the open in front of people's houses. a couple of young toughs and
6:52 pm
it's kangaroos and on the radio from new south wales in australia. the wrong element in a quiet suburban element. you can hardly tell them to take it outside if they're already there. and meet the newest member of the utah jazz. he's j.p. gibson. he's all of 5 years old. the jazz signed him to a one-day contract for a special scrimmage with the team on monday night. he is dealing with something called acute lymphoblastic leukemia. getting to play with the team as a superfan already made him feel really good. when we come back tonight, glen campbell battling alzheimer's, giving fans one last gift. ♪ not going to miss you no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions.
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to find out how you and your doctor can take the next step towards a cure. because the answers you need, may be closer than they appear. ♪ finally here tonight every 67 seconds on average in this country someone is diagnosed with alzheimer's. for everyone in the fight there are millions of caregivers among their loved ones. three years ago we learned that glen campbell, the enormous star of american muse iks, had interred the fight himself. he went public with it hoping to combat the stigma that still accompanies the diagnosis sometimes. tonight here he's invited his fans to see his farewell to
6:56 pm
public life. our "making a difference" report tonight from nbc's cynthia mcfadden. ♪ i'm still here but yet i'm gone ♪ >> reporter: this is a legend at work. glen campbell singing the last song of his 50-year career. this final video recorded nearly two years ago but seen here for the first time. ♪ i'm not gonna miss you >> reporter: the word, the truth about the disease destroying his brain. >> this indicates that in all likelihood your difficulties are due to alzheimer's. >> reporter: devastating news that would have meant the end for most entertainers. >> i ain't done yet. good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i'm glen campbell. ♪ it's knowing that your door's always open ♪ ♪ and your path is free to walk ♪ >> reporter: but for all his success, his most enduring legacy might be his diagnosis with alsz himer's disease.
6:57 pm
heading out on a tour with three of his kids. his wife in the wings at every show. >> it was a high wire act. you're holding your breath will he make it through the performance. >> we all held our breath every single night. >> who are these people over here? oh, yeah, there they are. >> reporter: to make the stakes even higher, he invited filmmakers to come along. the result, a raw and emotional new documentary "glen campbell, i'll be me." >> i know that he wanted to tell the gnarly truth. you're showing the audience what this man's up against and what 44 million people are up against worldwide. >> how is the alzheimer's, glen? >> oh, i gave it a left hook. >> who is that? >> that's you, honey. >> that's me there? no kidding. >> reporter: it's remarkable because at some points whe he doesn't recognize his own children, he can play the guitar like nobody's business. >> the doctors all told us, it was good for his brain. ♪
6:58 pm
>> reporter: during the tour, the disease was in the early stages, but two years ago campbell had to quit performing. we visited him just last week. the disease is now in late stage six. stage seven is the end of the road. can glen still play the guitar? >> it comes and goes. some days he gives us a big surprise. he'll pick it up and we'll be like, whoa, where did that come from? >> reporter: conversation is no longer possible, but the music is still in the man. >> he's still glen campbell, and he still loves and feels and expresses joy and sadness. he really made himself vulnerable because he wanted to make a difference. >> reporter: cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, nashville. proves that bravery takes many forms and here's to all the caregivers out there as well. that's our broadcast on a tuesday night. thank you for being here with us. i'm brian williams. we, of course, hope to see you right back here tomorrow evening. good night.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
live from mcclain, here is nbc's "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. >> and good evening. i'm chuck todd and welcome to the virginia senatorial debate between democratic senator mark warner and republican ed gillespie hosted here by the chamber of commerce and news4. this debate is airing on all nbc stations across the commonwealth. nationally on c-span and


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