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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the debris field and experts say it's not as bad as they feel. in atlantic, virginia, with the latest. >> reporter: there is good news coming out of the early stages of this investigation. look over my shoulder. you can see the launchpad and gantry tower are still intact. i spoke with an officially athey say that's great news and they will be able to resume launches here much sooner than they expected because they feared it would have been much worse given the magnitude of that explosion. >> launch team, launch team, be advised be at your consoles. >> reporter: reliving last night's explosion. >> we knew something was horribly wrong and you heard the explosion and fire spread everywhere. >> a large bright fire and like it came straight down, just like it was going back from where it came from. >> reporter: debris and ashes
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littlered the island as well as the nearby island. >> people found small items, looked black in color, couldn't tell if it was something burnt or the color of the debris anyway. from what i gather, the officials came and marked the location and took the pieces of debris away and cleaned it back up. >> reporter: when we got down here, people were telling nasa actually issued a self-destruct sequence that caused that explosion. i spoke to a nasa officially who told me that's not true. what happened was the rocket failure caused the explosion and then the nasa engineer initiated a term nation sequence that stopped the rockets propulsion so it wouldn't go any further into the air. mark segraves, news4. engines at maximum thrust and liftoff. >> an unmanned russian rocket launched without a hitch in
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kazakhstan earlier this morning and carried three months of supplies for the international space station. it was scheduled before this explosion and part of a russian part of supplies to the space station. getting a little funky in the air, a little bit of chill in the air. something coming our way? >> we do. we have another storm system coming our way and that storm system will cool things down more than the storm system we have. we have showers towards fredericksburg, stafford county, spotsylvania county and southern maryland. if you look to the west of d.c., should not see much of a problem. there's the front and shower activity. you can see more developing. we have portions of this coming across portions of southern maryland. if you're in st. charles, calvert county, you will see
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showers. we're at 59, a gun degrees temperature drop. 61 in richmond, only 49 in columbus, ohio. that cooler air has to make its way in. we get colder this weekend. wait until you see the windchills. coming up. thank you. strong words in just the last half hour from health officials in maine and say they will get a court order to force a nurse in state quarantine. they didn't mention the name casey hickox but she is the only one in quarantine and a state trooper is staying outside her house. president obama at the white house met with health workers who just returned from west africa or getting ready to go over there. he called the hundreds of american workers on the front lines heroes. >> they represent patriotism and public service at its best.
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they make huge sacrifices to protect this country we love. when they come home, they deserve to be treated properly. >> nbc's jay gray has more on the ebola crisis coming up at 6:15. >> cybersecurity concerns after suspicious activity was detected on the white house's computer network. an unclassified network suffered an impact. tonight, they were able to find out who was able to gain access and how they did it. the investigation led to internet outages for some employees at the white house. we're told the activity was detected during routine investigations of potential cyber threats. right now, there is stepped up security in place at federal buildings in d.c. and other major cities. federal employees we spoke with today say they had noticed a change. homeland security officials tell us it is a precautionary measure. that move follows terrorist groups threatening attacks
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across the u.s. a student at the university of maryland was diagnosed with viral meningitis on october 20th. last week, that grew to 11 confirmed or suspected cases. now, there are 20. kristen wright joins us from college park with new precautions students are taking. >> reporter: the university health center tells us at first, the students who were diagnosed had been in close physical contact in some way with each other. now, the illness has spread beyond that initial cluster. the number of cases of viral meningitis at the university of maryland college park went from 1 to 20 in nine days. students are aware and taking precautions. >> it's kind of scary, they're talking about ebola and now meningitis. now, i'm caring about some of my friends that have it. >> i wash my hands and sprayed down my room with lie sol and clorox.
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>> reporter: all infected are students and we're told they will recover. and they're reminding students hand-washing is the best prevention and cleaning. >> we've also worked with areas on and off campus to try to facility cleaning of those areas that are facilitate cleaning of those areas particularly high touch restrooms. >> reporter: the quick jump in those cases is not so concerning on a college setting where contact is common. >> it's a campus. 20, not that many. from what i hear, they're getting it under control. >> reporter: it is important to know the students who are infected had viral meningitis, not bacterial, much more serious. most people who have viral meningitis recover in a few days. symptoms are flu-like but more acute. live at college park, kristen wright, news4. >> the news4 i-team learn all
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seventh graders have immunizations to attend school. 11,000 students have been vaccinated. students in prince george's county say 3,000 students still need shots by october 31st. there was a home invasion today that brought a whole bunch of cops to a multi-million dollar home this morning. officers questioned two people inside that house. it's on chain bridge road but the homeowner declined to press charges. police say a stolen car was in this driveway there. we're told officers have been to that house many times before for reports of drug activity, a burglary and some stolen artwork. as drivers make their way home tonight, maryland state police are out with a warning telling people to move over when they see emergency vehicles on the side of the road. all this after accidents with troopers and traffic stops. details about where most of these crashes have been happening, adam. >> reporter: hey.
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state police say their cars are getting crushed by the side of the road. take a look at this one. it is a mess. most of this is happening in one particular place. the beltway. is the beltway one of the places where you see the most incidents? >> that's been the most problems, yes. >> reporter: trooper jackson was on the top side of the beltway early morning jun 2nd for pulling someone over for speeding and when he was writing his report his car was crushed pie a tractor-trailer. he hit the side door and hit the vehicle i pulled over and jackknifed and crashed ahead of me. >> reporter: when a trooper is on the side of the road, you're not supposed to go flying by, go into the next lane or at the very least, slow down. when police make a stop on the
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side of the road, they angle their car into traffic on purpose to give them more cover. that's even more reason why you should pull into the next lane, if you can. a new enforcement campaign coming up. summing it up for us. >> you're a firefighter, ems officer, tow truck driver or just everyday person on the side of the road, you want that safety. that's why this law goes into effect to prevent accidental death. >> reporter: this new move over campaign will be starting danger the holidays. troopers say most of the drivers that have been hitting these cars were drunk. reporting live in rockville, adam tuss. >> thanks. news4 did an investigation that could change the face of your neighborhood. how local leaders are cracking down on squatters to protect your investment. we told you about the guard rails in virginia and now in
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maryland to keep drivers safe. not where you expect to get carjacked. we tell you of an armed robbery that left woone man without his car. the wait is over. robert griffin the third will get the start on sunday with the vikings. i'm told by thursday within the redskins organization. redskins organization. i have a text from a fan talking
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after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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there's almost nowhere you can feel safe and secure anymore. see this video, this guy took his car to the car wash, waiting on the car wash employee in there. the guy comes up and sticks a gun in his face, and the car
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wash employee got out before they sped away. cops still trying to find them. and a potentially deadly guardrail. >> the department of transportation has notified all contractors to immediately notify them if they plan to install the questionable guard rails danger the state. leaders in virginia say they will replace all guard rails made by an outfit called trinity industries, based in texas. a cost cutting design could make them pierce right through cars instead of absorbing the impact of a crash. more about the controversy over mandatory quarantines for americans returning from west africa. health officials in maine say they'll get a court order to force a nurse to stay at her home. that news comes as an active doctor continues his fight with ebola in new york. jay gray has the latest
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developments. >> reporter: hi. that doctor is craig spencer in serious but stable condition. that, while you talk about the fight against ebola has seemed to have shifted to dramatically figuring out how to handle those most at risk for the virus. a standoff continues in maine right now. state police outside with nurse cas kaci hickox for now still inside her home. >> i find myself in yet another prison just in a different environment. >> reporter: hickox was immediately transferred to this isolation tent outside a new jersey hospital when she returned from aid work in sierra leone. after twice testing negatively for ebola and no symptoms allowed to leave but told to quarantine for 21 days something she says is unscientific and unconstitutional and unwilling to do. >> i will not sit danger and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay at my home when i am not a risk to the american public.
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>> reporter: this afternoon at the white house, president obama discussed the risk the virus poses with other volunteers who spent time in west africa or on their way. >> we need to call them what they are, american heroes. they deserve our gratitude and they deserve to be treated with dignity and with respect. >> reporter: back in maine, hickox's lawyer says he doesn't think she'll leave her home today but via skype she made it clear she won't stay locked inside for three weeks. >> you know, i don't plan on sticking to the guidelines. i remain appalled by these home quarantine policies forced upon me. >> reporter: state leaders say they will do whatever is necessary to make sure hickox stay is a way from the public for the full 21 days. >> we will pursue legal authority if necessary to ensure risk is minimized for all mainers. >> reporter: hickox and her attorney say if she's not allowed to leave her home by tomorrow morning, they'll fight the issue in court.
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hickox' attorney tell us this evening he's been contacted by a doctor still in west africa and says he wants to fight this quarantine as well and expected to return here to new york this weekend. that is the latest live in new york, jay gray, news4. >> we asked what you think, should there be a quarantine for health care workers who have cared for ebola patients? we have got an lot of reaction. the vast majority of you support a quarantine. we're looking at weather now. today was a far cry from yesterda yesterday. >> it was shocking after the lovely day yesterday and wind. >> we even set a high, 80 degrees in west virginia and 80 degrees in d.c. and we will be 20 to 30 degrees colder than that and get colder still for the weekend. you see the washington monument.
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isn't that beautiful? a nice pink sky making its way down. sunset was at 6:11. 59 degrees right now. winds were on the calm side and then came through and helped cool things down. 58 towards fredericksburg and 54 degrees towards the gaithersburg region. we're on the cool side and will stay that way. team 4 picking up shower activity, more showers, if you're north and west of d.c., no more problems but southern maryland you have rain to go in quantico and fredericksburg and portions of west virginia and you will continue to see it making its way through. in prince george's county in upper marlboro or clinton, you may want to take that jacket if you're stepping out in the next 30 minutes or so. the rain making its way behind it. we have clearing skies. notice what happens, the thick
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veil of clouds. that is cold air aloft. that will race into our region overnight tonight. we're talking about a very cold start to tomorrow. temperatures in the 40s but only rising to the 50s. high danger 57 in gaithersburg, 59 in d.c., 60 in fredericksburg, with plenty of sunshine. it will be a cool day on thursday. but it gets colder. the impact on thursday, on the low side. a little breezy but quite cool. you may need the jacket but it should not impact your day. 58 degrees friday with sunshine and then we get into it. first, the all important halloween forecast. let's take you hour by hour as we move through, the next couple of days. you have the kids going out, 5:00 in the afternoon. 59 degrees, 55 degrees at 7:00. they will need jackets for trick-or-treating for sure. to the weekend, 52 saturday, 49 degrees on sunday.
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that comes with winds, upper 30s to 40s during the day and could see windchills even colder than that on saturday. i'll be talking about those windchills? how cold will we get? i have that for you coming up at 6:45. >> thank you. a renewed push for answers on what would have been relisha rudd's birthday. what they're trying to do to bring closure to this high profile case. and what fear of ebola has created what
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p a rabbi has been charged with voyeurism. a hotline has been set up so potential victims can reach out to investigators. he was arrested earlier this month, accused of secretly
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recording women during a ritual bath at the kesh er temple. we have posted it on our website at a huge humanitarian effort is taking place in virginia for those in turkey forced to flee their homes. a blankets for refugees will start saturday. students brought along the first blankets. last year, they brought in 18,000 blankets. officials say the need is even greater this year because there are more than a million refugees living in turkey and blankets being accepted at several locations in virginia. see the local business these crooks targeted. new at 6:00, a crackdown on a growing problem we warned you about. see how leaders shut the door on a sophisticated local house iin
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scam. a lost interview with bradlee a it's easy for politicians to forget that taxpayer money actually comes out of your pocket. i'm peter franchot as comptroller i know you work hard for your money. that's why i make sure that most of you get your state refund in three days or less. with new technology we've collected over 3 billion dollars from tax evaders.
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that's more money for schools, roads and public safety. and i've led the fight in annapolis against wasteful spending. this is your money and i'll never forget that. peter franchot, maryland's comptroller.
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first at 6:30, cracking down on scatters. it's a major problem. our prince george's county bureau has been reporting on for
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months now. >> we know how the county is addressing that issue. darcy is in maryland right now. >> reporter: usually when scatters take over a home in a neighborhood you know about it right away. what can you do? you can't just pick up the phone, make one call and have this problem go away. right here in prince george's county, they have tackled this problem. >> reporter: the foreclosure problems in prince george's county have opened the door to more problems, squatting and others. >> some people trespassing for a place to stay. >> reporter: a task force formed to address the problems reporting for the first time to the council to talk about what they're doing. >> a lot of these people will bring attention to themselves by having loud parties, carrying on through the night, drinking and zo orderly conduct. >> reporter: they're dealing with sometimes sophisticated
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scam artists who forge documents to make it look like they're not squattin squatting. >> it's also a situation we can't go in and immediately remove people. they have some claim they have a right to be there. >> reporter: they shell out thousands of dollars to rent homes not knowing they're being scammed as someone posing as the owner. one man wanted for a shooting in d.c. was found squatting in the home and the county successfully prosecuted shannon lee now in jail for renting out homes she did not own. >> very educated talented person who could use her skills to help people and she unfortunately decided to use those skills to hurt people. >> reporter: the task force found 2500 vacant or abandoned homes in six of the county's nine districts. that number is expected to go. there are 34 active squatter cases investigated. >> some of the cases are my inspector and police department knocking on the door and finding out what's going on and they'll
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pack up and leave. >> reporter: unfortunately most of the time, it's not that easy. the task force is trying to get a grip how big this problem is and develop a strategy to have a coordinated approach to get rid of all these squatters. they hope to have that strategy developed by some time in the spring. reporting live in prince george's county. darcy spencer, news4. >> thanks. police are looking for a couple of robbers who stuck up a sandwich shop. surveillance cameras caught them jumping over the counter. they went to a back room and n guns drawn found two employees there and one grabbed the cash while the other searched for valuables. they're still on the loose. a former school bus driver is charged with arresting a special needs student in virginia. he used to be a bus driver and accused of fondal 13-year-old girl while strapping her into a
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special bus seat back in may. miller reportedly told his supervisors it was a sickle game. now, he's been ordered to stay away from minors and to get a sex offender vaievaluation. >> colder temperatures moving in. >> reporter: we have rain in the fredericksburg area, waldorf region. heads-up if you're southern maryland or east of washington you will get rain. where will this storm be? through wednesday we saw nice warm temperatures but through wednesday much different. we have cold air. an area of low pressure forms along the coast. if it's close enough it will give us rain and snow towards the mountains and maybe even close enough to the blue ridge. this stays a little further off the coast, a little bit less rain on saturday and a washout on the weekend. the one thing we know for sure,
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it will be very windy and cold if you have not gotten the coats out. you might want to get in the attic and get those or test the jacket out. i have windchills at 6:45. >> a review for the news4 i-team shows a new half billion dollar boom on k-street is directly connected to the ebola threat. a fast rising number of small bio-companies are quickly trying to get their foot in the door here in washington. >> reporter: passengers tested at the airport, health workers hospitalized, quarantined, as washington becomes consumed by news of ebola, companies working on drugs and technology are becoming consumed with washington, k-street, the power center. lobbying analyst here. >> if you don't do it, you know your competitor is going to do it. >> reporter: newly filed
6:33 pm
lobbying disclosure forms shows more than a dozen pharmacy and pharmaceutical firms have signed up to work on ebola related issues and about a half billion dollars of related lobbying issues since july. >> you need somebody good on k-street. if you don't, you put yourself in peril. >> reporter: including zimek for hospitals that dropped 20 million dollars to get in front of the cdc. >> and biocryst just spent $40,000 for a connecticut lobbying firm and genalyte signed former minnesota congressman weber's lobbying firm. alaska structures that builds structures to live in in liberia have a congressman in its behalf. >> they're gearing up.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: agencies like cdc and congress being swamped with calls, lobbyists can still get a foot in the door for their clients. >> precisely like it was for homeland security to invest in lobbying after the 9/11 attacks. they're both based on the same thing, public fear, fear of terrorism and a contagious disease. >> worth mentioning, congress isn't even in town right now. they're home campaigning for re-election. this surge of even a gridlock campaign focused congress is poised to standing by collars on ebola preparedness and ebola issues that will happen between now and mid-dez. >> what you're reporting is probably the tip of the iceberg on the ebola busy. >> there are some that don't reference ebola exactly but in that direction. >> if you want to know more, we
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posted a link you can easily look at about the ebola investigation this year. go to our website, nbcwashington.c nbcwyou' hear an emotional plea from parents and what they say needs to be done to tackle the her trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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a group of mothers calling
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attention to what they say is an urgent health crisis . they gathered to talk about heroin and prescription pain kellers and many have lost their children to addiction. they say the state has cut prevention by several million dollars. >> the last several months of our family's life has been hell. when they are ready to go to rehab there has to be a bed available. there can't be a tomorrow, there may not be a tomorrow. >> governor martin o'malley said addressing the epidemic is still among his priorities. you kcan pass out candy and also honor the lives of those who passed away, the "day of the dead" and how you can take part in this in d.c. >> trick or treat! >> reporter: halloween isn't the only thing being celebrated in
6:39 pm
the month of october. in the mexican and central american culture "the day of the dead" october 1st through november 2nd" is not about dead but celebration of life. the skulls and skeletons are meant to be a jubby lent display of loved ones transitioning from this life into the spirit realm. >> you have beauties as a spirit as beauties as a human being. >> reporter: what duties as a spirit? >> taking care of your family. >> reporter: she tells me the celebration is often highlighted by elaborate face painting and a legion of rituals. altars built inside homes and flowers and skulls and sweet bread. many take to the streets for the parade is in the evening. ♪ >> reporter: it's a time to
6:40 pm
celebrate the good life lived and ask for councisel. >> should i divorce or get married or invest in this? >> reporter: if you didn't grow up in this, how would you learn about it without the help of a tradition? >> with the help of a three day festival at the smithsonian, that's what they aim to do. >> we try to demonstrate this at the academy of natural history. >> reporter: your chance to pay home manning to those is just away. there is a new vehicle helping people go out in style, if you will. it's a custom harley hearse.
6:41 pm
it it's drawing a lot of attention from people on the street. some people want to take pictures or ask questions about it. there are only about 50 of them built. they all come with an $85,000 price tag. next on news4, some big names are paying respects to the man who led the "washington post" through some ground breaking news coverage. more on today's tribute plus the ben bradlee interview that hasn't been released until now. >> are you afraid of dying? >> no. i'm not afraid of dying. i know i'm going to die. >> tonight, hear bradlee's candid conversation about life candid conversation about life and death and
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he's been called a super lobbyist, the ultimate washington insider. ed gillespie paid millions to lobby for the oil companies for a student loan company that overcharged taxpayers. his firm even lobbied for five foreign governments including a dictator now awaiting trial for war crimes. and then there's enron. gillespie lobbied for them while they committed the largest corporate fraud in us history. ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist whose never looked out for you.
6:44 pm
he was a giant in this town and i the town of journalism. today was proof of his impact. >> hundreds packed the memorial for ben bradlee. we got a glimpse of ben bradlee the family man. >> reporter: a capacity crowd including vice president biden filled the washington national cathedral for ben bradlee's funeral. the famous "washington post" editor who with is personality put his stamp on newspapers and journalism during the controversy of watergate in the early 1970s.
6:45 pm
>> my name is frank bradlee and the son of ben bradlee and sally quentin. >> reporter: there were personal moments from family members who lost a husband and father. >> a lot of people have been talking about my father as a legend and giant. i have to agree. i grew up with him telling me my happiness made him happy. >> reporter: former "post" owner, donald graham. >> take my word for it, he was our hero. benjamin c. bradlee. and he will be always. >> graham spoke to news4 just before the service. >> in this town, where there's so many people with big reputations who don't quite live up to him, he was better than his reputation. you know it as as well as any, sherwood. >> famed journalists carl bernstein and bob woodward spoke at this service.
6:46 pm
>> i loved this man. for the thousands that worked with him it was not mere admiration or even awe we felt, it was this love. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. a few years ago, when bradlee learned he was sick, he sat down with his wife, fellow journalist, sally quinn, for an interview only released after his death. take a look. >> how would you like to be remembered? >> to leave a legacy of honesty. and i gueets to live a life as close to the truth as i can. >> are you afraid of dying? >> no. i'm not afraid of dying. i mean, i know i'm going to die. >> what do you think is going to happen to you after you die? >> that's the big question. i think i will go for a little snoo snooze. that just part of the interview. to hear what bradlee said about prayer and god and what his
6:47 pm
greatest joy was in life, check out our facebook page we just posted a link to the entire interview. ben bradlee. >> a look at our weather, changing weather out there. >> it gets a lot colder. right now, if somebody was just leaving and they didn't have a jacket. i said, where's your jacket? it was warm when i came in. it's not warm now, folks. we have a cold front across our region. the temperature is 70, nowhere near that now as temperatures have fallen into the upper 50s. we have seen great shots over the last hour or so. sun went down the last hour or so. current temperatures, 59 degrees, 56 at 7:00. 51 degrees at 11:00. it will be cold but we won't be dealing with a lot of wind. 52 degrees, cold 52 in gaithersburg and 55 in manassas. temperatures will still fall and we still have rain in the area,
6:48 pm
zooming in on this rain and waldorf seeing rain, and quantico, fredericksburg, colonial beach and mechanicsville. heads-up in that region. it will stay with you maybe one to two hours. and then get out of here. north and west of d.c., this is all that front that has now moved on through the region. tomorrow, on the cool side. sunshine with cooler temperatures, 56-60 degrees. tomorrow, not the issue. saturday and sunday. the windchill, 34 the windchill, hey, that's cold, doug! no, it's not. how about this? 26 in leesburg and 28 in gaithersburg, what you will wake up to sunday morning the coldest air of the season.
6:49 pm
high temperature 52 on saturday and 49 on sunday. >> thanks. police have just released video of two suspected armed robbers pulling a heist with baby in tow. >> this occurred on good hope road in southwest d.c. this is the video, two people of interest. the guy on the right is carrying a baby in the front of him. a baby carrier. the two of them, one with a gun, apparently robbed this store yesterday on good hope road. police are hoping by showing this, especially, the guy has a baby, he might look familiar. if you know or recognize these guys, call the d.c. police department. back to you. >> thank you. diana, breaking news, rg3 will start sunday. >> are you ready? ready for this? the return of robert griffin the iii, finally, sources telling me he's back!
6:50 pm
coming up in sports, i'll tell you who will be the backup? will it be colt or kirk? i'll have that coming up. stay here. coming up tonight, the less than spectacular showing for the american space program. we'll look at what's left after last night's explosion. also, on this second anniversary of sandy, chris christie goes off a lot like that rocket only on a protester today in new jersey. finally tonight, does the world series have
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6:53 pm
diana is at the park. you know stuff, you have sources. we want to know if rg3 is fully, completely totally healed and
6:54 pm
ready to play? >> reporter: i can tell you multiple sources within the redskins organization have told me today robert griffin iii will play sunday. he's been out since week two. we saw colt mccoy light it up against the dallas kobcowboys. colt was told he will be the backup. i got a text from a redskins player, we are proud of colt, the guy can play. we are ready to rally danger number 10. we believe in him. robert griffin practiced today in a full go. this is the first time we saw him practice fully with the team, took reps. he looked great. lots of players saying robert looked like the old robert. all good signs pointing in a great direction for this redskins team as robert will get that start against minnesota.
6:55 pm
how did we get here? rg3 injured back in week two on this play against the jaguars, a dislocated left ankle. he missed the last six games because of that injury. the redskins going 2-4 during that time. the team back out here at redskins park tomorrow. tomorrow is a really heavy work day for thread skins. this will be good for robert to get that timing, the passing, all those things he needs to work on to get ready for gameday. as i'm told, he will start on sunday. we know this about the redskins. we have a wizards season starting tonight down in miami on comcast sportsnet at 7:30. as jason pugh tells us, they are hoping they can play off last year and keep d.c. rising. >> the washington wizards are headed to post-season play. >> flash! >> another one! >> last season's success is
6:56 pm
fueling this year's wiz started squad. >> we did it the right way. we did well last season and don't want to change much. >> i just think going through the whole thing and get writing we got to the fifth seed last year into the playoffs, they have an understanding number one, how difficult it is. i've seen better concentration, i think, because of that experience. >> reporter: the wiz fell two wins shy of making the eastern conference finals. to bolster their roster they signed veteran players like paul pierce entering his 17th season. >> i like this time of the year you don't regret this time of the season. new opportunity, chance to do something special. work hard all summer and all october and now it's finally here. >> caps also in action hosting
6:57 pm
the red wings tonight. over to the diamond now, game seven of the world series, giants and royals, kansas city. giants putting up seven runs in the seventh inning, royals win and tonight is a winner take all contest. >> it's an exciting time. this is do or die. it's not our first do or die. we were in pittsburgh in the same situation. these guys, they'll go out there and give it all they have. it's a privilege and honor in a game like this. >> it's been a fun series. i thought it would be tight games like the other two playoff series we had, but so far it hasn't but interesting to see how it plays out tonight. >> a big night for world series and big night for redskins fans. >> you said you know rg3 is going to start.
6:58 pm
you did not say you know he is fully and completely healed. >> the was evading the question. >> i notic
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on our broadcast tonight, $200 million disaster. incredible new views of that explosion up close as a rocket fails to launch on liftoff to the space station. tonight, in this era of contracting out the space program, what went wrong? standoff, the ebola nurse not sick but being quarantined in her home and now vowing to fight. also, the order from the pentagon tonight about members of the military in the hot zone. losing his temper, chris christie flies off the handle at a protester at the jersey shore on this second anniversary of superstorm sandy. and math problem, are you smarter than a second grader? why so many parents are feeling so frustrated these days just trying to help the kids with the homework. "nightly news" begins now.


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