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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 3, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has your whato wear forect. >> dig deep. it would be a cool afternoon. not as chilly as it was over the weekend. warmer weather moving in for election day. it is cold enough for a freeze warning. east of washington. protect any sensitive plants you may still have outside. bring them in while you can. it is near or below freezing. 20s in the mountains. dig deep into the closet for the world coat, the hats, the scarves. have the sun glasses heavy too because we will have quite a bit of sunshine throughout
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morning. a look at the hour by hour warming for the day ahead. anything going on? >> so far looking pretty good right now start anything virginia. 66 is moving along.. 95 into out of town, looking fine. a lot of construction we saw a little bit this morning at 2:00 a.m. is now out of the way. maryland, 95. bw parkway, all of that headed into the beltway. also looking good. 270 at montrose rolling along. market street between clark place and 144 we have that area completely shut down because of a house fire. we are going to try to get chopper over this to see what's going on. i am back at 5:11.
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a live picture in prince george's county. 5:02. students at gonzaga are preparing for a difficult week. 17-year-old dominic petty was killed in a crash on the beltway over the weekend. live outside the high school with a special tribute happening today. zachary, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. dominic petty was a student, an athlete. he was the kind of guy people wanted to be around. he was likable. he was killed in a car accident in montgomery county just off the beltway when his vehicle was broke down and struck by another vehicle. this happen saturday. students returning to campus here this morning will go straight to st. aloysius church. a lot of places, a lot of schools talk about having a family atmosphere. that's part of the culture here as they deal with this loss.
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petty was a 17-year-old hockey player. he was a senior. he was a student here at gonzaga high school. one of the five people that was in that car was another member of the family here at gonzaga. that's patrick johannson. we understand he is in critical but stable condition. they will be praying for him as well. again, a big loss this weekend at gonzaga high school. back to you guys in the studio. >> zachary, thank you. we're counting down to election day and so are all the candidates right now. today in baltimore, michelle obama will join anthony bro in his final push to be maryland's next governor larry hogan is campaigning there too. they said their race is tighter than ever. it could even be tossup. >> mark warner will be in norfolk just hours from now. then tonight you can see him in
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alexandria at old town market square at 5:00 p.m. warner will wrap up in stellar at the same time as a rally for his opponent ed gillespie. he will be be at the community center and ann romney will join him. both events begin at 7:30. in virginia, make sure you bring your photo id to the polls with you. it is a requirement for the first time this year. your stkrdriver's licen will cor things. you will be able to vote if you forgot one but you will have to present one by friday for your vote to count. the team enters their bye week after losing to the vikings. they had the same record in 2012 before winning seven straight games and the nfc east. rg3 looking sharp in his first game since week 2.
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he made big plays, including this one to desean jackson. right there. he catches it. griffin said the loss will just make the team even hungrier when they play the tampa bay bucs on the 16th. sharing their stories about a frightening trip to the stadium. the teams two buses crashed on the way to the game. several players and coaches documented the accident on twitter. minnesota state polic say a police escort stopped short and caused the reaction crash. head coach jay gruden he has a stiff neck. otherwise, everyone was able to walk away okay. helping you avoid an unwanted ticket. where the newest cameras have popped up. . a cold start as you get ready to head out the door. how hope is on the horizon. storm team 4 meteorologist tom
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kierein tracking a warmup with your hour-by-hour forecast at 5:11. calling on dad to speak up. talking more at home could help
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welcome back at eight minutes after the hour. the united nations say we could
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have more extreme weather than before because of climate change. greenhouse emissions are higher than ever because of economic and population growth worldwide. it caused the atmosphere and ocean to get warmer. the inter governmental panel said hurricanes and tornados will happen more often and last longer. . babies get more back and forth baby talk from their moms than their dads. researchers analyzed recordings of interactions in the first year. babies heard three times more words from moms than dads. the study found mothers responded more frequently to girls while fathers interacted more with boys, especially as they approached their first birthday. >> pretty interese there
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ten minutes after 5:00. we take a live look outside. 42 degrees outside our studios at this hour. a lot of folks waking up in the 30s, though. >> but things are going to change, though, right? >> you'll be baby talking when you move out the door. it is so cold to move your mouth. low 40s in prince george's and the district and fairfax. to our west and southwest where it's coldest, it is down to freezing or below freezing culpepper and warrenton. manassas, 34. 30 in culpepper. clear sky over the capital remaining cold through 8:00 with lots of sunshine. in your lunch hour, still chilly. winds way settled compared to
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yesterday. highs reaching the low '60s during the afternoon by late afternoon. lots of sunshine throh t day. have sunglasses handy. 5:21, a look at a warmup for election day. melissa, how's the commute? >> 66, 95 in virginia moving along. inner and outer loop, all looking quite good at this point this morning. taking a live look at a picture, central avenue is also rolling along. we do have this construction. the road is shut down. 270 outer frederick looking just fine. into frederick, looking good. a a live picture of 66 coming up. thank you, melissa. no time for fun and games. why a little halloween celebration landed a national guard helicopter crew in trouble >> watch your speeds and mind the stop signs. the stop signs. cameras are up and running in
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he's been called a super lobbyist, the ultimate washington insider. ed gillespie paid millions to lobby for the oil companies for a student loan company that overcharged taxpayers. his firm even lobbied for five foreign governments including a dictator now awaiting trial for war crimes. and then there's enron. gillespie lobbied for them while they committed the largest corporate fraud in us history. ed gillespie. the million dollar lobbyist whose never looked out for you.
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right now there are eight new d.c. traffic cameras. megan mcgrath is live with more. megan? >> reporter: well, we are now in the 30-day warning period for the new cameras. you can see one of them behind me in the 600 block of maryland avenue. if you're caught in violation, for the next 30 days you will not get a real ticket. you will simply get a warning. in a month's time theyilbe live. eight new enforcement cameras in the district, six speed cameras and two stop sign cameras. most of them are located in northeast. and police say they picked the locations based upon problems they have been seeing in these
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neighborhoods with speeding. they are up and running beginning today. we are still in the warning period. now, where are the various locations? follow me on twitter. i have been tweeting them myself so you can take a look for yourself. today a d.c. man will be sentenced for murdering another man at a prince george's county gas station. williams shot and killed eric walker while pumping gas at a temple hills gas station in 2013. surveillance video at that gas station caught williams trying to steal walker's car. when he tried to get away, williams ran him down and shot him several times. >> d.c. police investigating the murder of a 1-month-old baby on trenton place. it has been ruled a homicide after the medical examiner found
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multiple blunt force impacts on the body. two fighter jets used laser-guided bombs in the attack. it's not clear how much damage was done. canada is one of self countries that joined the u.s.-led coalition against isis terrorists. a 15-year-old shot five classmates before turning the gun on himself. three of the students have died. the other two are still in the hospital. police are still looking for a motive in the case. >> a terminally ill woman with in curable brain cancer and fought for oregon's death with dignity law has died after reportedly taking lethal medication. she was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in january and given six months to live. she moved from california to
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oregon to have a fiction-assisted suicide over the weekend. maynard was a few weeks shy of her 30th birthday. faa says virgin tkgalactic' feather system was activated before the craft reached the appropriate speed. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused friday's crash. we are a long way from finding cause. we still have months and months of investigation to do. a lot that we don't know. we have extensive data sources to go through. >> the crash killed one pilo and hurt otr. the two were the sole occupants on sight-seeing flights to e edge ofpac
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winds gusting 15 miles per hour during the day. showing a generally dry pattern. we only have one chance of rain the next seven days. taking a look now around the region for tomorrow's election. it is going to be great weather for election day. afternoon highs much of the region should make it up to 70 degrees. for early voters tomorrow morning we'll be in the low 40s and lots of sunshine through the day by 1:00 in the upper 60s. hovering near 70 around 2:00 or 3:00. by 7:00, back down into the upper 50s. so a rather chilly start and coolen to the day tomorrow after we get into a mild afternoon.
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right now it's a cold start. near or below freezing. fredericksburg, 30. near 30 around culpepper. and the central shenandoah valley. many locations in the mountains just in the 20s. nearby suburbs in maryland, montgomery, prince gorgeous near 40. the bus stop will be cold. bright sun between 8:00 and 9:00. it will be climbing into the low 40s. still quite a chill in the air. the gentle breeze flapping the flag. a live view from tower camera. temperatures hovering in the low 60s by later this afternoon. so nice warming and a much lighter wind. great day for election day tomorrow. then on wednesday, stl we should have afternoon highs reaching the upper 60s. next chance of rain on thursday. some passing showers and cooler. low 50s in the morning. afternoon highs into the
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mid-60s. now the storm team four seven-day outlook into the weekend. never too early to look at the weekend. friday looks like a good day. partly cloudy. a bit cooler. upper 50s. then cool on saturday. chilly in the morning. upper 30s. partly cloudy during the afternoon. great weather for leaf raking on saturday. a lot of leaves came down with the wind yesterday. on sunday, a bit milder. partly sunny. a slight chance of a sprinkle on sunday. and temperatures into the upper 50s. next weather and traffic on the 1s, look at the freeze warning throughout the region today. that's coming up in 10 minutes. let's check on traffic with melissa. how is the commute now? >> we're looking generally pretty good. a new possible crash we'll get to in a second. beltway at connecticut, we are moving along nicely. prince george's county no problem. everything is moving right now at least, right? 270 into and out of town, no
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major issue. we still have this problem here, market, frederick between clark and 144. that area is completely shut down because of an earlier fire. you can see a little bit of a slowdown 270 southbound. it gets a little wind that's the top of 270. we spoke with police. a new crash on the parkway. we'll have details the of that coming up. check this out. >> no. >> this is not old video from last year. this is new stuff. more like winter than autumn in the northeast. bangor, maine, heavy wet snow is bringing down trees, power lines and a slippery mess on the road. some say they are not quite ready for this. >> it's too early for snow. before thanksgiving. we shouldn't be having snow yet. >> take a look here at foxborough, massachusetts. sports fans walked into
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yesterday's patriots/broncos game. they had snow there too >> imagine this. using your heartbeat to unlock your door or start your car. a new high-tech bracelet would authenticate through a heartbeat. the wrist panned could replace pin numbers, passwords, bank cars and keys. the technology is secure because a heartbeat is much more difficult to forge than a fingerprint. i'll bet. a new study says premature baby may be at increased risk of needing a hip replacement than adults. they look at birth data. they found low birth weight and premature both were linked to argument it's and hip replacements regardless of other risk factors. well, today is the big day savannah guthrie is returning to the "today" show.
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she has been on maternity leave since she had babe ze august. she said she pretty much didn't the leave the apartment for the first month. yeah, we go into hiding. e said everybody from the "today" show checked in to visit. we will check in news 4 at 6:00 >> historic day ahead as the new world trade center prepares to open its doors. also ahead, anticipating a power shift. the key races going down to the wire and what it will take for republicans to regain control in the senate. you're going to want to pour that cup of coffee for your drive to work. parts of our area under a freeze warning along with what to wear later today. that's coming up at 5:31. if you can't be in front of your tv, watch news 4 on the go with your smartphone or tablet. download the nbc washington app download the nbc washington app store or google p
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after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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looking at stories making headlines right now. classes at gonzaga in northwest d.c. will begin with prayer today as students remember the life of a classmate killed in a weekend crash. investigators say virgin
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galactic's experimental space ship broke apart in flight after a device to slow the plane's dissent broke up. first, good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. welcome on this monday, november 3rd. chilly at best. >> 43 degrees. relatively warm i guess you can use that word outside our studios right now. a lot of folks waking up to very cold air >> that's right. we want to check in with meteorologist tom kierein >> good morning. find your fleece. this morning temperatures are cold. in the 30s most of the region. you definitely need a warm coat, a hat, a scarf. and have the sunglasses handy too. you'll have bright sunshine this morning under a clear sky. the temperatures have plummeted. under a freeze warning.
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it's past the west even though it's freezing there. these areas all in blue under a freeze warning. frost advisory for counties east of washington, including prince george's county. if you have any teern outside, house plants, bring them in. you still have time to do that. temperatures are still above freezing in nearby suburbs. upper 30s, low 40s in prince george's and fairfax county. but west and southwest, that's where the coldest air is. it's a little below freeze anything fredericksburg, warren ton and culpepper and shenandoah valley. dress like this young lady as we have quite a chill in the air. next weather and traffic at 5:41. a look at our roller coaster ride over the next 36 hours. the commute still rolling fairly well. >> we have a brand-new crash we want to talk about here. this is clara barton at the d.c. line. we understand that is shut down near macarthur.
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police were just arriving when we called a few minutes ago. falls road shut down at victory lane in both directions. overturned vehicle. one vehie. the road is shut down. we have a pole down. wider look at things, as tom mentioned, moving along affairly good at this point. this problem on clara barton could cause major issues. you want to make alternate plans. 66 and 95, moving along as well. 270 at shady grove, looking good. more information on that clara barton crash coming up. guys? thank you. coming up on 5:32. we are covering every angle of decision 2014 tomorrow, including a new poll that says the races for congress could be extremely close. nbc's tracie potts on capitol hill taking a look at this for us. >> reporter: what that poll shows is when you look at everyone registered to vote, democrats have a four-point
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lead. when you look at likely voters, those likely to go to polls, it's a lot tighter. 46% sayre they want republicans in charge. 45% want democrats in charge. that is statistically a dead heat. not on the ballot but having a huge influence on this race. president obama campaigning last night. we saw him in connecticut. also in pennsylvania. he got heckled yesterday by immigration protesters. some democrats keeping their distance from the president. and a lot of republicans are trying to pin their democratic opponents to the president as they called them failed policies. also from our polls, our nbc maris poll is showing key states, georgia, kentucky, republicans seem to have e momentu they have the lead. it's only slight in louisiana. the democrat seems to be getting more votes. in a hypothetical run-off, the democrat loses to a republican
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or the tea party candidate. what that means, all those numbers together, some momentum for republicans only need six seats to take control of the senate. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you, tracie >> we'll be watching at transportation referendum for the first ever race in maryland. stay with news 4 for all the election results. we're working for you. making sure you are protected at the polls. news 4 iteam wants to know if you see anything wrong. 202-885-4444 with your ti. . 5:34. getting ready to mark a historic day in lower manhattan. 1 world trade center officially opens its doors today. at 104 stories tall it is now the tallest building in america.
5:34 am
about 175 conde nast will be the first employees to move in today. they had it is proud to be part of this important moment of renewal. the world trade center cost $4 billion to build. before today's opening, nbc new york reporter rob schmidt got a look at what makes this unique. >> this is solid poured concrete, 40,000 psi. the concrete on sidewalks is only 5,000 psi. this right here is the safest stairwell in the building. right in the core of the building. this is designated only for firefighters and emergencies. >> there's also a new observatory on the top three floors. that will open next spring. tickets will cost $32. new questions about whether t
5:35 am
the. the government granted it. tphout associated press says it has seen recordings from faa showing the only reason police wanted the no fly zone was to keep news helicopters away. faa says the agency cannot and will never exclusively ban media from covering an event of national significance. . one of d.c.'s most popular restaurants will be closed after a fire. komi sustained damage to the third floor. firefighters were able to get it under control pretty quickly, though. no one was hurt, which is good news. investigators are still looking at how it all started. understanding money is one of the most important thing your child can learn in schools. 150 schools in virginia are being recognized in their role for teaching kids about finances. working in support of education gives a test to students after they take a course in personal finance. virginia schools are being recognized for above average
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performance. more than 50% of schools being recognized in this progr a in virgia. a milestone worth celebrating. the discovery you'll make the next time you get gas a that we haven't seen in years. probably will need the winter coat as you head out the door but you may be carrying it home. your hour-by-hour forecast at 5:41. but first. nail-biting experience. what daredevil nik wallenda is saying about his latest stunt it's easy for politicians to forget that taxpayer money actually comes out of your pocket. i'm peter franchot as comptroller i know you work hard for your money. that's why i make sure that most of you
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get your state refund in three days or less. with new technology we've collected over 3 billion dollars from tax evaders. that's more money for schools, roads and public safety. and i've led the fight in annapolis against wasteful spending. this is your money and i'll never forget that. peter franchot, maryland's comptroller.
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welcome back. this seemed like a nail biting experience for everybody, except nik wallenda. the daredevil successfully walked across a tightrope strung between two chicago sky scrapers. he was battling 20-mile-per-hour winds. he was 65 stories above the windy city. no safety net, no harness. he did it a second time blindfolded. wallenda said he had some problems with the wind. >> i was ready to take a selfie. i was so bummed that i dn. but there were some strong winds hitting me in the face to the point where i was like, two you. i tried to lean in uphill. and it stood me up straight. >> nobody likes an overachiever. trying to take a selfie. this latest act puts him in the
5:40 am
record books for the highest walk wearing a blind fold. >> wow. >> crazy enough on its face. but no net, no harness, in chicago. >> he said the most difficult part of it all was putting the blindfold on. in the camera angles where you look down, it's almost better to be blindfolded because then you don't see it. fascinating with a guy that can die any second. >> that's the reason to do it for him. we want to get you up to speed on today's forecast. we start with tom kierein. >> forecasting the weather i'm walking a tightrope eve mornin storm team 4 radar. we are all clear this morning. and walking the tightrope today on the forecast it is going to be up and down. roller coaster ride with our temperatures the the next 36
5:41 am
hours. afternoon highs in the low 60s. lots of sun. this time tomorrow, low a look at our next chance of rain coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:51. melissa has breaking news. breaking news right now five-car crash. clara barton near the d.c. line at chain bridge. your alternate is macarthur. all lanes shut down at this point. potomac falls completely shut down. an overturned vehicle. police trying to get that ouof the way. 270 southbound german time, outer loop, 95 to 270 running at 10 minutes. looking good also in virginia. 66 eastbound from fairfax to the beltway, 11 minutes. quantico to the beltway running on top at 24 minutes. i am back with more informaon on this crh. melissa, thank you. putting the red skips name in the spotlight.
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making sure your gifts make it in time for the holidays. the key dates you need to know if you use the postal service this holiday season. this holiday season.
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she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client,
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failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington post called comstock's behavior "an apparent breach of congressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock. patriot majority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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classes at gonzaga will beg with prayo meer 17-year-o din pty. he was killed can on a crash o the beltway this weekend. he was on the side of the ad
5:46 am
when a jeep slammed into it. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. dominic petty was a student, a athlete. he was the kind of guy pele wanted to be around. he was likable. he was killed in a car accen in montgomery county ju f the beltway when his vehieas broke down and struck by anotr vehicle. this happen saturday. students returning to campu here this morning will go straight to st. aloysius chch. a lot of places, a lot of schools talk about having a family atmosphere. that's part of the culture re as they deal with this loss. petty was a 17-year-olhoey player. he was a senior. he was a student here at gonga high school. one of the five people tw in that car was another mb of the family here atza that's patrick johannson. we understand he is in crica but stable conditio they will be praying forims well. again, a big loss this weekd at gonzaga high school. back to you guys in the studio. >> zachary, thank yo test results for a north carolina patient tested for ebola are expected back later today. the person recently came back from lie peer ya and came down
5:47 am
with a fever. the patient is in isolation at duke university hospitaln durham. officials say the patient d not have any known exposure to ebola while in lib how to handle returni passengers is a hee debasement 70% of aan support mandatory quarantes for health workers t from africa. according to a new nbc news/ll street journal poll, people support the quarantine even if health officials did not have any ebola symptoms. only 24% of people did not support keeping health officials in a 21-day quarantine. the topic of mandatory quarantine exploded of ce after nurse kaci hickox btle with governors in maine and new jersey over her isolation. if you would like to learn more, you can attend a workshop in
5:48 am
northwest d.c. at 8:30 this morning until 5:30 this evening. speakers will discussion transmission, health risk and preventive measures of the virus. d.c. police trying to figure out how a woman ended up dead inside a vacant building. yesterday morning, detectives were called to this building on langston in southeast. the woman's body was on fe. police can't say howheie the body was taken to th medical examiner's cen autopsy to see if this was in act a murder >> police arrested five people in connection with a hit and run that killed three teenagers on halloween. the girls were dressed in costumes and hit while on a crosswalk in california. family and friends held a vigil for the victims. police believe one of the people arrested was behind t weat the tifhera. this morning business is slowly returning to normal following a manhunt for an accused killer. u.s. marshalls arrested eric frein in an abandoned hangar.
5:49 am
business owners say the search for frein hurt their boom lines. >> our business totally dropped off. there were days where w like a gstowhere >> justin knight said september and october are normally peak season for business. several people say they look forward to dining out again and helping other restaurants and businesses recover. 400 students in prince george's county will not be allowed back in the classroom this week. "washington post" reports they did not make the vaccination deadline. the kids's parents have been notified. the school system made a major push for everyone to get their shots. two weeks ago more than 3,000 students didn't have their prince george's is one i that received a 45-dayx
5:50 am
from the state health department. everyone had to get vaccite by friday. it's the latest and ono the largest protestnse redskins name. as many as 4,000 native aric activists gathered e stadium before they the tk o the vikings. they wore burgundy ango shirts with the words "rhi" or "rename" in place of t redskins name. >> i think there's t r awareness. you see is all of ep her we didn't this many 22 yes ago. >> the vikings are playing a the university of minneso while their new stadium ib built. the university has a large native american poputi and a smaller group of protesters gathered closer to home here in fairfax cnt this group came out to ur t team to keep itsam one of them said there e bigger problems that nati americannee fusn. >> we have a high suicideat amongst our people. high school dropouts are the highest.
5:51 am
one in three native americ women wille xuly asslt. these are real issueth are hard-core issues that are -- just should definitely be prioritized over top of thee of a fooaltea >> owner dan snyder has voweto never change the teana long as he owns theea he calls it a symbol of pride and rpect 5:51 our time right now. the wind has died down this morning versus what we saw yesterday. but the cold air is still -- >> yes. how about we get that sun back to work, tom kierein. >> good news, it's coming up an hour earlier. we turned our clocks an hour. that means i'm getting hungrier an hour earlier. anybody have any oatmeal? i'll grab an energy bar. just 5:05 this afternoon.
5:52 am
waiting for the school bus this morning, students will be enjoying the sunshine between w7 a 7:00 and 8:00. low 40s with lots of bright sunshine. temperatures are abo freezing in montgomery, prince georges and fairfax. mid-40s right in washington right by the bay. huntingtown is at 35. it's only 30 degrees there now. fredericksburg and culpepper, degrees. has the heat on. temperatures in the 30s for the morning commute. then during the afternoon, dry roads, lots of sunshine. temperatures in the low 60s. and for election day tomorrow we'll have temperatures for early voters in the low 40s. noon time, lots of sunshine. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. hitting near 70 by midafternoon. early evening, back in the 50s with a clear sky. if you're headed out, the storm
5:53 am
team 4 weather app. still mild on wednesday. 40s in the morning. afternoon highs, upper 60s. thursday, rain is looking likely. that's our next chance of rain thursday with temperatures in the mid-60s during the afternoon. into the weekend, storm team 4 seven-day outlook. dry pattern. chilly morning. and cool afternoons. highs in the 50s on friday, saturday, and again on sunday. the coldest day for the weekend looks to be saturday with morning lows upper 30s. afternoon highs into the low 50s. a look at a big area under a frost and freeze warning. that's all coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:01. breaking news with a bad accident. >> breaking news. clara barton between glen echo and chain bridge. shut down because of a five-car crash. northbound and southboun sh down because of, again, this five-vehicle accident. you're going to want to take
5:54 am
macarthur instead. this is going to be a mess to get around. falls road shut down at victory because of an overturned vehicle. 95 in maryland, route 32, looking good. beltway, a wider look at things. as we look at the big picture, no major problems. it is moving nicely 295 as you pass 50th. 66 looking good. 95 in virginia looking good. here's our other issue in frederick. market street shut down between clark and route 144. melissa, thank you. 5:54. president obama waking up at the white house following a mechanical problem that caused him to switch planes on the campaign trail. last night there was a problem with with one of the flaps on air force one. the president switched to a backup plane. it landed safely. we're learning more about the deadly midair plane crash.
5:55 am
the air traffic controller told the pilot and the plane there were three helicopters below him. but the pilot said he saw only two. we learned the plane was cleared for landing one minute before the helicopter was cleared to take off. this is from a preliminary report. the ntsb has not said why the crash happened or who might be at fault. today you get a chance to weigh in on parking rules in gaithersburg. the commission is reviewing two amendments which would change off street and loading requirements. the meeting is tonig 7:30 at gaithersburg city hall. here's a sight we haven't seen in the district for a long time. gas sell at $2.99 a gallon. that's in columbia heights. bertha coombs is live with more on the national gas price milestone reached over the weekend with more on for your
5:56 am
money. hi, bertha. good morning. this is great news >> reporter: it is. it's amazing. we have seen the price of oil just collapse over the last four months. down about 20%. as a result, that is feeding through to the pump. the average gallon of gas is hitting your pocket less. aaa says the national gas price average fell just below $3 a gallon over the weekend. it hasn't happened since december 2010. the average price in maryland and virginia is below three bucks a gallon. in d.c., you will pay a little bit more. it is still around $3.22. sru as you knites deg andhe taxes. here in newy pe jersele have been paying as little as $2.75 a gallon. if you shop around you can probably find even lower than three bucks. bertha coombs, thank you very much.
5:57 am
the postal service gearg up for s sit mef e y the deadline for first class international maile 2nd. the deadline for shipping packages within the u.s. is decembe20. the postal service expects its busiest mailing day, monday, december 15th. you can help wounded warriors and members of the military by giving them a set treat. girl scouts are collei leftover halloween ca donate by november 15th. it's part of a nationwide campaign called operat gratitude. the group sends care packag to the u.s. military. for more information we will post a link on there you can find out where to donate all of your candy. right now news 4 is live as new speed cameras are turning on. we'll show you where they are and tell you why you may not get a ticket from one just yet. yeah. we have a chilly start to our monday. don't worry. it looks like a warmup for our workweek is ahead.
5:58 am
more from tom kieom.
5:59 am
it is a cold start out there right now. some of you are waking up to a
6:00 am
freeze warning. we'll get tom in just a moment. melissa is following breaking news in first 4 traffic. breaking news right now in maryland right before the d.c. line. we're talking about clara barton inbound between glen echo and chain bridge completely shut down because of an earlier crash involving five weeks. going to be shut down for a while. macarthur is your alternate. falls and potomac, victory lane, it is shut down because of an earlier crash as well. pole down. 270 at clarksburg moving along. no major problems. wider look at things, looking pretty about. no major issues there. taking a look at 66 and 95, as you come out of gainesville, a little bit slow. 48 miles per hour. i'm back in 10 minutes with more on the crash. tom, how are you doing this morning, sir? >> freezing cold.


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