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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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freeze warning. we'll get tom in just a moment. melissa is following breaking news in first 4 traffic. breaking news right now in maryland right before the d.c. line. we're talking about clara barton inbound between glen echo and chain bridge completely shut down because of an earlier crash involving five weeks. going to be shut down for a while. macarthur is your alternate. falls and potomac, victory lane, it is shut down because of an earlier crash as well. pole down. 270 at clarksburg moving along. no major problems. wider look at things, looking pretty about. no major issues there. taking a look at 66 and 95, as you come out of gainesville, a little bit slow. 48 miles per hour. i'm back in 10 minutes with more on the crash. tom, how are you doing this morning, sir? >> freezing cold. big area under a freeze warning.
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all the counties in blue, virginia, somaryland, be brings your house plants inside. dress warmly today. you'll need a warm winter coa hat, scarf. you won't need an umbrella. no rain today. we'll have lots of sunshine. temperatures in montgomery in the upper 30s. near 40, prince georges and fairfax. areas farther south and west where it is the coldest no warren ton, 30. culpepper is 28 degrees. we can see the first light of dawn showing up. sunrise an hour earlier. there's the capitol. warmer weather on the wo election next weather and traffic warming for the day ahead. back to you. tom, thank you. 6:01. a d.c. man will be sentenced for murdering another mn at a prince george's county gas
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station. dwayne le mar williams shot and killed eric walker while he was pumping gas in 2013 in templ hills. surveillance caught williams trying to steal walker's c. when walker tried to getwa williams ran him downch avenue and shot him l times. d.c. police investigatin the murder of a 1-montd baby. he was found unconscio oa home in trenton southeast last week. the child's death wule homicide after thme examiner found multiplel force impacts on the child's body. you have new traffic cameras to watch out for in d.c. eight new cameras are on line this morning. most are in northeast. megan mcgrath is live on maryland avenue where one of the cameras is ready to snap pictureofrir >> reporter: well, you can see the camera right behind me here. we're in the 600 block of maryland avenue. and this is one a number of cameras. eight traffic enforcement
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cameras up and running here in the district. there are six speed cameras and two stop sign cameras. today begins the beginning of the 30-day warning period. so if you do get caught in violation you do have a break here. you're going to just get a warning ticket. that will be the case the next month. after that warning period is up, though, the tickets become very real. now, police picked the spots around town because they have seen problems with speeding. if you want to know more about the exact locations of these eight new cameras, go to nbc washington facebook page. we have them all listed right there. and you can take a loor yourself megan mcgrath, news4. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, megan. we will have a news 4 crew in baltimore following the maryland's governor's race. anthony brown and larry hogan
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both campaigning there. a recent poll from the cook report says their race is closer than ever right now. and brown will be joined by michelle obama today. >> and in virginia, ann romney is stumping for the campaign out there, joining gillespie and comstock starting tonight. that's 7:30 on cedar drive at the same time, their opponents will be a few miles away. mark warner, john foust and senator tim kaine will be on enterprise street. we're covering every angle of decision 2014 just for you. stay with news 4 on air for all our coverage and keep up with breaking election news on >> we're learning more about what may have caused the redskins bus crash. they were on their way to the game when the two team buses collided with each other. a police escort in front of the businesses stopped short. and that caused the chain reacti cs nobody seriously hurt. sigh res redd did sit out the
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game with back pain. and coach gruden says he has a stuff neck. rg3 looked pretty sharp since week two. he couldn't put together a last minute come back. he said the loss will make the team even hungrier when they play tampa bay bucs on the 16th. a space ship wrecked. the system that failed bringing this virgin ga lack stick ship to the ground. interacting with your baby. the parents they are more likely to hear the a younger age. these temperatures may want to make you stay inside. how quickly it will warm up in your weather and traffic on the your weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11.
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after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his
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responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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welcome back at 6:09. new this morning, the united nations says we could see more extreme weather events than ever before because of climate change. a new report says greenhouse emissions are higher than ever because of economic and population growth worldwide. that has the atmosphere and ocean getting warmer. intense storms like hurricanes and tornados will happen more off and last longer >> it may come as new surprise. babies get more back and forth baby talk from their m than their fathers. researchers in rhode island analyzed audio recordings of parent/infant interactions from birth to 7 months. babies heard three times mo words fr ms anad the study found mothers
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responded more frequently to girls while fathers interaed more with ysescil they approached their firs birthday. >> single parents -- >> commuting relationships and that type of thing. they might ha to revisit that. ten minutes after the hour. let's go to melissa mollet. . clara barton between glen echo and chain bridge, shut down inbound and outbound. alternate is macarthur. save yourself the headache. it will be shut down for a while. five-car crash. a little bit slow here inbound 66 inside the beltway. and top of the beltway here. a little slow as you pass colesville. here are travel times for you. 66 from fairfax to the beltway, 12 minutes. 95 north, quantico to the beltway, a little bit behind. 33 minutes. 270 southbound, jermantown to the beltway, 16 minutes.
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outer loop, 11 minutes. a little bit behind because of the slowdown around colesville road. tom kierein, over to you. i'm wearing my big boots today. it's cold. >> you'll need it. a clear sky. live video from our capitol camera. we'll still be in the 30s by 8:00. by noon time, upper 50s. low 60s by later this afternoon. a much lighter wind. wind gusting a 15 miles per hour. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. looking at a warmer election day. back to you. all right. tom, thank you. a moment in history just hours away. a new feature in the 1 world trade center. new technology that could soon let you start your car with the beat of your heart. yeah. we'll show you. we'll show you. stay wi u
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we all know washington's broken. but to fix it, it takes people who are independent.. and willing to work across the aisle. that's what i've tried to do in business, as your governor... and in the senate. because it's the only way we're gonna solve big problems... like cutting our national debt, fixing the va, or... bringing good jobs to virginia. it's been a great honor to represent you. and if you rehire me, i'll work everyday... to make virginia even stronger.
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6:14. right now they are getting ready to mark a historic day in lower manhattan. the first tenant set to move into that building later this morning. it's an important sign of progress there. 13 years after the terrorist attacks that knocked down the original trade towers. it will be a new home for dozens of businesses. at 104 stories it is the the tallest building in north america.
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about 175 conde nast will be t first employees to mov today. they had it is proud to r of this important momentf renewal. the world trade center cost $ billion to build. before today's opening, nbc ne york reporter rob schmidtot look at what makes isnue >> this is solid poured concrete, 40,000 psi. the concrete on sidewalks is only 5,000 psi. this right here is the safes stairwell in the building. right in the core of the building. this is designated only for firefights d erncs. >> there's also a new observatory on the top re floors. that will open next spring. tickets will cost $32. now to a developing story. federal aviation investigate issors say virgin galactic's experimental space ship broke apart in flight after a device prematurely activated.
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the crash killed one piloan hurt another. the two were the sole occupas on sight-seeing fligto edge of space. a terminally ill woman who had in curable brain cancer d fought for oregon's death with dignity law has dieder reportedly taking l medication. brittany maynard was diagne with a rare form of brainanc back in january and was give six months to live. she moved from californito oregon to have a physician-assisted suicide over the weekend. maynard was just a few weeks shy of her 30th birthday. canada part of a u.s.-led coalition targeting isis in rock. canadian jets launched first air strikes near fallujah. the jets safely returned to their base in kuwait. c . classes are back in session at a high school where a student opened fire a week ago.
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a 15-year-old shot five classmates at marysville-pilchuck. three students have died, the other two in the hospital. police are still looking for a motive in the case. arizona national guard a aircrew is in trouble this morning ter they used a black hawk helicopter to drop halloween candy over a neighborhood. the national guard says the crew diverted and did a candy drop over a halloween party. the hole copter was about 50 feet over the homes and hovered several minutes while dropping the candy. the crew has been suspended while officials continue to investigate. two spans of the she's peek bay bridge will be closed for repairs. starting at 10:00 p.m., crews will close the eastbound span. that will reopen at 5:00 a.m. during the day, one lane of the eastbound span will close from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p. understanding money is an
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important life skill for everybody. virginia schools are b honored for the way they teach kids about finances. nearly 150 schools in virginia are being recognized for their personal finance courses. the nonprofit group working in support of education gives a test to students after they take the course. virginia schools are being recognized for above average performance. more than half of the schools being honored this morning are in virginia. this morning a lot of people in northeast waking up to an autumn snow. this is bangor, maine. heavy, wet snow brought down tree limbs, power lines and caused a slip very mess on a lot of roads too. it looks a lot like winter rather thafa. >> it's too early for snow. before thanksgiving. we shouldn't be having snowet. we will is have live team coverage of this winter weather. an early morning fire shutting down a road in frederick, maryland.
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live pictures. chopper 4 is over the scene. firefighters and police still there. now the fire is out, but there is still a lot of activity because the investigation is just getting started. this is south market street. that street is closed now. a town house fire started in one town house. but they are next to each other so it spread from there and affected several homes in the area. no word on a cause just yet. that's exactly what the fire investigators are trying to figure out right now. this is leading to traffic troubles. let's see how to get around it. here's melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic. we do still have this closure. south market street from clark place to 144. that entire section is shut down. i used to live in frede i know. wiggle the way over to downtown to 270. i know it's going to take a while. pack your patience if youre coming that way. you will have to wiggle your way around this. sorry.
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chopper just went outside. more coming up in a couple of minutes. >> melissa, thank you. 20 minutes after 6:00. and we need to start getting our heads together for this idea of bumming up for wintery weather, the cold stuff. >> it is very chilly out there. but tom kierein, after this weekend of whipping winds and cold temperatures we are ready to go into recovery mode. and we will by tomorrow. those winds yesterday did knock a lot of leaves down. look at this photograph. i took this yesterday afternoon. more leaves on the ground than in the trees now in many neighborhood as those winds were whipping up over 40 mis r hour yeer and those winds also brought in some cold temperatures. but it will rebound nicely for the election day tomorrow, the forecast for tuesday by dawn, low 40s for early voters when the polls first open. by early afternoon, should be in the upper 60s. by 2:00, 3:00, should be covering around 70 degrees.
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quite a warming from where we are now. by a late evening and by the time polls close we will be into the 50s. only in the 30s in montgomery. near 40 prince georges. it is areas to our south that's the coldest right now. southern maryland through northern virginia, upper 20s and low 30s. heater on for the morning commute. have the sunglasses handy. temperatures in the low 60s. then that warming tomorrow. mild trend continues on wednesday. upper 60s. thursday, the next chance of rain should be in the low 60s by thursday. after that, drying out and rather cool for friday into the weekend. no whipping winds. morning lows 40s and upper 30s. 6:31, the big area under a freeze warning. now back to you. 6:21. today is a big day here at the nbc family. savannah guthrie is returning to the "today" show. >> she has been on maternity
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leave since giving birth to adorable baby zale. i saw you right before you went on maternity leave. you said i will take maybe eight weeks. it's been more than a couple of months. how are you feeling? >> hi, aaron. hi, angie. i feel great. it's great to see everybody at the studio. it's exciting to come back to work. and of course, you know, it's like every working mom. it's a little bit bittersweet because you want to spend every second with your baby. i know she's in great hands with her daddy. it's just been a magical and wonderfutim i can't be more thankful to have had this time with her. >> we saw you on friday. i hesitate to bring up the mom jeans. >> what are you talking about? you looked hot. >> excuse me, aaron. >> any practical jokes to get you ready to start back in the news vibe today? or are you all ready to go? >> no, no.
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i think so. i haven't seen matt yet. he always seems to have something up his sleeves. no. everybody has been really sweet and really welcoming. and you guys know this. you work with people early in the morning. they're like a family. it's fun to watch up with the crew and the producers. and of course all my castmates. it feels like a fun day already. >> to go back to the mom jeeps, we have to say even in the mom jeans you looked awesome. any tips? people will look at you and say two and a half months, you're backing and looking phenomenal. what did you do to get back in shape? >> oh, angie, you are ry kind. it makes me feel good. the mom jeans don't lie, though. you can really see what's going on. honestly, i tried to just have a good attitude and have profound respect for my human body that was able to produce zale. not all of us will return to barbie shape.
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but i'm happy where i am. and mostly just so thankful to have a healthy baby girl. it's just an exciting time. >> absolutely. we are glad to see you back. excited to see you on the "today" show at 7:00. see you in a little bit. >> see you in a bit, guys. all right. we have breaking news we're staying on top of in first 4 traffic. melissa, what do you have. breaking news once again. clara barton between glen echo and chain bridge. completely shut down because of a five-car crash. alternate is macarthur. avoid the headache if yo possibly can. 270 southbound, slow out of clarksville. it's just volume athipoi this morning. wider look at things,n nel looking good. top of the beltway, the outer loop as you pass colesville. falls road closed at victory lane. overturned vehicle.
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tiny bit slow. trying to get the chopper over the situation in potomac. imagine using your heartbeat to unlock your door or start your car. a new high-tech bracelet that would authenticate a person's identity through their heartbeat. the wrist band could replace your pins, passwords, bank cards and even keys. the company says the technology is secure because a heartbeat is much more difficult to forge than a finger print is. i wonder what would happen if you run and you exercise, if it changes. it gets the shape of your heart rhythm and that doesn't change regardless. >> i'm sure there's a lot of kinks to figure ou >> well, it seems like a nail-biting experience for everybody except nik wallenda. >> you can say that again. the daredevil successfully walked across a tightrope strung between two chicago sky scrapers. take a look for yourself.
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he was 65 stories above the windy city with no safety net and no harness. he is the great grandson of carl wallenda. >> he says he's going to take it up a notch the next time. he wants to do handstands. >> more power to you. this morning, looking for answers. the final communication from right before a plane and helicopter crashed into each other in frederick. big changes if you try to vote in virginia. the type of id that will let you cast a ballot and the mistake that will prevent your vote from being counted. being counted. freezing weather in we
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we all know washington's broken. but to fix it, it takes people who are independent.. and willing to work across the aisle. that's what i've tried to do in business, as your governor... and in the senate. because it's the only way we're gonna solve big problems... like cutting our national debt, fixing the va, or... bringing good jobs to virginia. it's been a great honor to represent you.
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and if you rehire me, i'll work everyday... to make virginia even stronger. we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. so his homework won't be so half-fast? that is up to him. get a fios triple play online for this great price and a $400 visa prepaid card with a 2-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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right now we are watching these temperatures closely for you. bottom line, it is cold out there this morning. >> but the sun is up earlier this monday morning than we have seen it in a while thanks to daylight saving time. news 4 today keeps your weather and together on the 1s every morning. >> we start with tom kierein. good morning, tom. >> good morning. those winds we had yesterday went to sleep overnight. we have had winds sort of recovering back into around 15 to 20 miles per hour manipulate range. they will diminish throughout the rest of the day ahead. what to wear wn you dig in the closet and find your fleece, put it on. layer up. you'll need a warm coat, hat, scarf. have the sunglasses handy too. sunrise 6:37. big area under freeze warning.
6:31 am
all the counties west of i-95. and this is the zone where we have temperatures near freezing. counties east of washington, southeast, they are under a frost advisory. temperatures right now 30s in montgomery. low 40s in fairfax and prince george's. the coldest temperatures farther south in central virginia. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:41. our roller coaster temperature ride over the next 36 hours. melissa, what's going on on the roads? >> breaking news clara barton between glen echo and chain bridge. all lanes shut down. your alternate is macarthur boulevard. take macarthur and avoid this headache. five-car collision. it's going to take time to get it out of the way. prince george's, a little bit of yellow on branch, indian head highway. wider look at thg we red here. slow.
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d.c. 295 just past 50. quite a big backup here. 40 miles per hour. outer loop. pretty typical this time of day. in virginia, stafford county, fairly slow. slow past dale city and quantico. 6:32. we are learning new information about a deadly plane crash midair. it happened in frederick, maryland. the ntsb said the plane's pilot did not see the helicopter before they crashed. however, investigators are not saying how this happened or who might be at fault. three people died in the crash. the plane was cleared one minute before the helicopter was cleared to take off >> d.c. police are trying to figure out how a woman ended up dead in a vacant building. they were called to last yesterdamoin
6:33 am
the woman's body was onir police can't say hh. the body was taken to e medical examiner's officfoan autopsy to see if thas murder the political breakdown in congress could be close. tracie potts is covering decision 2014. tracie, still unpredictable. >> reporter: and so h at stake. the question is who is going to be in control of the senate. here's what the american people say before they head to the polls. 46% want to see republicans in charge. 45% want democrats in charge of congress. that is statistically a dead heat. it is a lot closer than we saw four years ago going into the midterms. a big issue for the republican party, president obama. they say this is a referendum in ice policies. and some democrats are backing off being near the presidents in this election. in fact, we have also done polling in key states like
6:34 am
georgia, kentucky, louisiana where they are favored to lead if there is a run-off. and the key question is, can republicans page up the six senate seats needed to take control of the other house of congress. angie? >> we'll wait and see tracieot on capitol hill. thanks if you are voting in virginia thanks sure you have your id before you leave the house. if you don't have e,an get a free id card wherever you register to vote. news 4 iteam is work to go make sure you are protected at the polls. call their tip line with the problems you see fromit throughloda 6:34. today you get a chae to weigh in on possible changes to park rules in gaithersburg. the commission is reviewing two amendments which would change off street and loading requirements. the meeting is tonight at 7:30 at gaithersburg city hall >> one of d.c.'s most popular
6:35 am
restaurants will be closed today after a fire. komi sustained damage te third floor. firefighters were able to t under control prettyly though. no one was hurt, whichgoo news. investigators arilin at how it all star it's one of the largest demonstrations yet to try to get the redskins to chge name. as many as 4,000 native american activists gathered yesterday before the redskins okn vikings. they wore burgundy ang shirts with the worrh or "rename" in place ofhe redskins name. one of them said there are bigger problems that native americans need to focus on like the high tribal suicide rate and a growing sexual assault problem. if you don't know what to do with all that halloween candy you might have left over, give a
6:36 am
sweet treat to wounded wris and memrsf e liry girl scouts are collein leftover halloween candy. donate by november 1 it's rtf naonde campaign called operatio gratitude. the group sends care packeso the u.s. military. for more information weil post a li o there you can find out where to donate your candy. it is 6:36. switching for safety. the issue on air force one that pushed the president on to a different plane. the new step virginia dominion power is taking to make it easy to pay your power bill. and the huge swing we will see in the next 24 hours. that's weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:41. stay with u
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welcome back. president obama back at the white house following a mechanical problem that forced him to switch planes on the campaign trail. last night there was a problem with one of the flaps on air force one in california. it landed safely at joint base andrews. air force one designation follows the president not the plane. whatever plane he is on gets that designation. lots of planes carry the u.s. seal that he can travel on. we want to head over to melissa mollet because she has breaking news. >> clara barton between glen echo and chain bridge. this could reopen in the next half hour or so. we will be be on top of this for you. your alternate macarthur. five-car crash. going to take a liit get everything out of the way. wider look at things looking typical this time of the
6:41 am
morning. no major issues otherwise. we are taking twice as long almost everywhere. 66 from fairfax to the beltway, 16 minutes. 95 north, quantico to 495, 42. and 495 taking 17 minutes. maryland w. 270 southbound from jermantown to the beltway, 18 minutes. outer loop runningitea this p isorn it is a very chilly morning this morning, tom. >> and a gorgeous sunrise. look at your tv. a pristine clean sunrise. wind certainly did clear our air. we have the sun coming up over the potomac. roller coaster temperature ride the next 36 hours. today we'll get into the low '60s during the afternoon. then tonight not as cold. low 40s by dawn on tuesday. for election day, we soar all the way to near 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon. a look at our next chance of rain next weather and traffic on
6:42 am
the 1s at 6:51. back to you. . heads-up right now. a new chance for you to be caught speeding on your way in to work today. where you will spot new speed cameras on your ride in. the new benchmark for gas prices. and where we found gas on gun safety, larry hogan isn't being straight. after filling out their questionaire, hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
6:43 am
6:44 am
right now news 4 is work to go get you up to the minute the
6:45 am
minute you're up. a heads-up for your drive to work. megan? >> reporter: well, you want to make sure you mind your speed and stop at those stop signs. there are eight new traffic enforcement cameras up and running in the strict. here's one right here in the 600 block of maryland avenue. this is a speed camera here. the speed limit in this neighborhood is 25 miles per hour. these eight cameras, six of them are speed cameras. two are stop sign cameras. and they have been activated. we're in a 30-day warning period right now. for the next 30 days, if you do get caught they will give you a warning ticket. but next month that ends and the ticket will be for real. they picked these eight locations because they were seeing problems in these neighborhoods with speednd pedestrianafy. so they a hopeful the presence of these cameras will make people slow down, pay a little more attention to the cross walks and help with the problems here.
6:46 am
if you want to see a complete list, go to nbc washington facebook page. we have all the addresses listed there and you can take a look for yourself. megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you studio. today a d.c. man will be sentenced for murdering another man at a prince george's county gas station. dwayne lamar williams shot and killed walker in 2013 while i was pumping gas. he spent the day helping his friend fix his car and was headed back to baltimore while he stopped for gas. surveillance caught willms trying to eawaer c when he tried to get away, williams shot him several times. students at gonzaga high school are heading to church to honor a student killed in a crash over the weekend. zachary, good mornin >> reporr:oomoin aaron. it won't be a typical day here
6:47 am
at gonzaga in northwest d.c. in many ways learning will take a back seat to the healing process. students and facul w reporto as they will go to st. aloysius church for a prayer service. dominic petty, a senior here at the school, was killed this weekend when he got in a car accident on the beltway. petty was with his buddies when their car broke down and was hit by another vehicle. he was a member of the hockey team here. he was a friend. he was a guy that people said they wanted to be around. he had a good attitude and a promising future. there were five people in the car he was in. one of the other people is in critical condition. patrick johannson a member of the gonzaga family here. he is in critical condition. thoughts and prayers will be with him as well with. reporting live in northwest d.c., news 4. we are counting down to election day.
6:48 am
and so are all the candidates right now. today in baltimore, michelle obama will join anthony brown in his push to become the next governor. larry hogan is campaigning there as well. the race is tighter than ever and it could even be a toss up. we are following the big race for senate in virginia. right now democratic senator mark warner getting ready for several stops in the commonwealth. you can see him in alexandria at market square. ed gillespie will be in sterling. romney will be stumping for gillespie there. check this ou this is a rare sight. gasoline selling in d.c. for less than three bucks a gallon. we found this overnight on sherman avenue in columbia heights. don't all rush in there now. bertha, we just hit a big benchmark in gas prices, right? >> reporter: it is.
6:49 am
three handle. whenever something is at that particular number. so to be under a three handle is psychologically a big deal for a consumer. the flaonardiert. but it has been amazing this year. the average for a gallon of price nationally is now below $3 a gallon, according to aaa. that happenethis e. that's the lowest we have seen in four years. and we have seen prices come down an average of a penny a day over the last month. in d.c. it is still around $3.22. but generally most anywhere we are going to the find one or two gas stations at lea i bet if you hunt within d.c. you will find one under 3 bucks. >> bertha coombs, thank you.
6:50 am
we're learning more about what may have caused a bus crash involving the redskins in minnesota. we got a copy of the police report. it says a police escort in front of those buses stopped short and caused the two buses to collide yesterday morning. several players and coaches tweeted pictures of the crash. nobody seriously hurt there. running back silus redd sat out with back pain. and head coach jay gruden said he had a stiff neck. a little silver lining to the skins loss to the vikings. the team is now 3-6. that's the team record in 2012 when they won seven games in a row and took the east. rg3 made big plays but couldn't put together a last minute comeback. they have a bye week. the next game is against tampa bay. that's on november 16th. all right. coming up on 6:51 rig no i had to put on the gloves this morning. >> yeah. >> the'ssyolo involved. >> i forgot them. i ran really fast into the building. that worked as well too.
6:51 am
>> it's down near or below freezing much of the region starting off early this monday morning. when you head to the bus stop, dress warmly. we'll have temperatures just in the mid-30s in the metro area between now and 8:00. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine. by 8:00 to 9:00, should be in the low 40s. quite a chill in the air for the morning. right now in prince george's, low 40s. much of fairfax, upper 30s. montgomery near 40. to our south and west, that's where the coldest are right now. it's near freezing from manassas, warren ton, culpepper and fredericksburg. driving to work, have the heated seats on. temperatures by this afton will be comfortable. we'll be in t low 60s with dry roads and lots of sunshine. and back to time, sunrise 6:37.
6:52 am
so we're having our sunsets an hour earlier too. 5:05 today. for the election tomorrow, we'll have temperatures for early voting when the polls open. lots of sunshine. early afternoon. upper 60s. near 70 at 2:00 or 3:00. quite a change from this morning. by the time the polls close toward the latter part of the afternoon, evening, upper 50s. when you're out there voting and want to check on the weather, get on your smartphone weather app. after we get the mild day, highs upper 60s. rain likely on thursday now with highs in the 60s. and a bit cooler into the weekend. friday, saturday, nd sh be dry. chilly mornings and cool afternoons with highs in the 50s. melissa looking at breaking news still. breaking news. clara barton parkway, the section between glen echo and chain bridge shut down northbod d utoun it should be out of the way in
6:53 am
the next half hour. 66, hopping on in centreville, prince william parkway, 19 miles per hour. it opens up into falls church area. 95 in virginia, slow here. mostly through dale city. it opens back up again. you're running 16 miles per hour this morning. a wider look at things, looking typical. slow. of course top of th beltway. d.c., 1295 as you approach 50. slow as well. 270 here, a little bit slow as you head south. right now 270 at montrose over the potomac plaza, traffic heading into town. not terrible just a little bit slow. >> richard jordan at the live desk with more breaking news. a house fire in silver spring on mills avenue and stoner drive. firefighters just september out a picture of the flames coming from the home. this is a home for adults. it's a group home. some of those adults with special needs. but we have learned that everyone was able to get out.
6:54 am
doesn't appear there are any injuries. you can see how intense the flames were when firefighters first arrived they finished up with the exterior. they say they have got it under control. firefighters havee able to move into the building and try to get out any of the t ot this is deep in a neighborhood. shouldn't have any problems if you're commuting inhae >> richard, thank you. 6:54. test results for a north carolina patient treated for ebola expected back later this morning. they recently came back from liberia and came down with a fever. the patient did not have any known exposure to ebola while in liberia. how to handle rerni travelers from the epicenter of the ebola outbreak has been a topic of heated debate. 70% of americans support mandatory quarantines for health professionals returnom west africa. 70% approved quarantines even if
6:55 am
patients didn't have any symptoms. 24% of people did support keeping health officis dea 21-day quarantine. the topic exploded after nurse kaci hickox battled with the governors of new jersey and maine over herman dated isolation >> 400 students in prince george's county will not be be allowed back in the classroom this week. "washington post" repor they did not make the vaccination deadline. parents have been notified. more than 3,000 did not have the correct shots last week. it is one of eight school systems that received 45-day extension from the health department. four children are safe after they were rescued from this fire in texas. they were trapped in t apartment compl o in dallas. you can see all that smoke and the flames bill lowing out of the building. investigators now ti t figureuwh cse ryin one family tells our sister station they were watching the
6:56 am
cowboys game yesterday when the apartment caught fire. dominion virginia power will give you easy access to content you look at most often. it remembers each visit and takes you to your last viewed page. 2.6 million visitors logon to that website every month. 6:56. 4 things you need to know. eight new d.c. traffic cameras up and running. you're getting a 30-day warning period withhi a list of the new locations on nbc washington's facebook page. election day is tomorrow. right now candidates are getting ready for their final push to try to win your groups. the one world trade center tower opens in lower manhattan. 175 employees of conde nast will be the first to move in. gonzaga will hold a prayer service for one of its staoupud.
6:57 am
dominic petty was killed in a crash over the weekend. >> it's cold. low 60s. mild and dry. sunshine for election day. >> just got off the phone with police. this has now reopened. no longer need to use the alternate. five-car crash out of the way. otherwise, looking pretty difficult. >> thank you, melissa. that is the broadcast. appreciate you waking up with us stpwhrfplt thanks so chor joining us have a good one. have a good one. >> savannah
6:58 am
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good morning. breaking overnight, brittany maynard, the terminally ill woman who decided to end her own life has died. up and down the east coast, 100,000 without power. dylan is on the scene and al will tell us if more is on the way. what went wrong? did human error cause that virgin galactic space plane to break apart in mid air, killing the pilot and leaving the co-pilot seriously injured? sir richard branson joins us for


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