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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 3, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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we have a team of reporters working every angle. we begin with chris gordon who is covering the campaigns for maryland governor. >> you think mr. hogan can count on your vote? >> reporter: montgomery county volunteers f republican larry hogan are hoping to convince democrats and independents that it's time for a change. >> the number of democrats that have come into the office that say they're voting for larry has been extremely encouraging. >> reporter: they are encouraged by polls showing the medicine immediate governor's race may be very close, despite the fact that registered democrats outnumber republicans 2-1 statewide. >> do you believe he'll win montgomery county? >> i hope so. i have worked hard. we have -- all of us have worked really hard. >> reporter: prince george's county is considered a strong hold for anthony brown who lives here. but we did find some undecide voters. >> have you decided who you are voting for for maryland governor?
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>> i have not. >> why? >> i'm still in the process of thinking things through. and i'm probably not as involved in politics as i should be. >> reporter: this is the bethesda phone bank for anthony brown. with volunteers for the democratic ticket, calling, canvassing and singled out campaign literature to be distributed at the polls. ariana kelly predicts brown will win by a larger margin than expected. >> i think it's going to be close. that's why it's important we get people out tvote. but the early vote indicators are telling us brown will do very well. democrats have been going out to the polls. >> reporter: this afternoon i was at leisure world in silver springs. the biggest and most politically active precinct in the whole state of maryland. usually heavily democratic. today one man told me i'm a
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life-long democrat and i'm voting republican for larry hogan. i'm voting republican for the irs man for the job, but i want a change. some voters feel that by voting for anthony brown they're voting for a thurd team for the o'malley/brown administration. first lady michelle obama went to baltimore today to see if she could help ot. she took p a get out the vote event. mrs. obama told the crowd that brown needs the vote to get things done. >> larry hogan is also in baltimore tonight coaxing voters to show up at the polls. he shook hands at a restaurant. he feels his message has reached the voters and they will support him no matter what their political affiliation. >> our team coverage continues with steve handelsman with more on some of the tight races from
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the senate around the country. >> reporter: the race for the u.s. senate is closely watched tomorrow. in 11 states, democratic candidates for senate are in trouble because president obama is unpopular, and they are linked to the president. so they are making an effort to try to get every last one of their democratic supporters in those states to turn out tomorrow. let's start in north carolina where democrat kay hagan is the incumbent. e was begging today for her democratic volunteers to hit the pavement and knock on doors. switch to georgia where a republican senator retoured and democrat michelle nunn is running. there's a possibility of a run-off election there due to a libertarian running could deny michelle nunn the 50% they'd need to win outright tomorrow. to kentucky where the gop senate leader mitch mcconnell is an exception in his own party.
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fighting for his seat. mcconnell is urging a big gop turnout. from capitol hill, steve handelsman, news 4. news 4 is getting a look inside a secret counting room where all the district's election results will come in tomorrow. the results of the d.c. race for mayor is still in doubt on the eve of the november election. muriel bowser is looking to pull off a defeat. what once appeared to be a republicanaway senate race in virginia has tightened and voters are facing a big change at the polls. julie carey with a look at what's ahead. >> reporter: i'm julie carey where the campaigns are working to get voters to the polls. but those virginia voters for the first time need to show up with a photo i.d. in hand. what works, what won't and what to do if you are out of luck. >> we invite you to
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nbcwashington. first read. and then invite you to stay up to date on news and results tomorrow with our nbc washington app. we've learned some good news about the conditions of young men who survived a crash on the beltway. news 4 kristin wright spoke with the family's pastor. she joins us outside of our lady of mercy where a funeral wl be hold. >> reporter: after the crash, the driver showed signs of impairment. we asked why she hasn't been charged. we have that answer from police and from the state attorney's office and also what their family pastor has to say. >> it's always sad when someone young goes before us. but at the same time, we have to console ourselves with our faith. >> as the lord reminds us,
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tragedy happens to both the good and the bad. dominik was a great kid. >> reporter: the gonzaga senior was killed saturday on a crash on the beltway. he was in the back seat of the car pulled over on the shoulder after running out of gas. a 24-year-old woman plowed into the vehicle of five teenagers. she has not been charged. the state police accident reconstruction report could take six weeks. then the prosecutors will decide whether to file charges against the driver. meantime, the father prepares to deliver dominik's fooneral mass saturday. >> we accept what's happened but know in our faith he's in god's hands. >> reporter: one of the teenagers was released from the hospital today. and another one, we're told his condition is improving. live in potomac, kristen wright, news 4. new at 6:00, the hunt is on for a tech savvy thief. he's suspected of stealing atm
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numbers from all over maryland. surveillance cameras got a good look at him. he installed skimmers at atms all over the area. detectives believe it's the same man who installed skimmers an to atms at sandy spring bank over the summer. he's managed to steal so far more than $100,000. should make people think twice behind the wheel. prince george's county using a new system. darcy spencer at one of the six intersections with new cameras. >> reporter: we're live along marlboro pike. brand new technology here in prince george's county. this is one of the new cameras. driver beware. when making a right on red, you need to come to a full stop. this may look like your average traffic enforcement camera in
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landover, but it's not. if you don't stop before making a right turn on red you'll get a ticket in the mail. >> are there a lot of accidents at this intersection? >> yeah, there really is. i think it's good for the community. >> rep this is among a half a dozen new cameras using the latest technology. they are expected to result in more motorists getting citations. >> i think it's going to make them aware, yes. sometimes people when they know they're being watched have a tendency to slow down. >> reporter: cameras will record a 12-second video of each right turn on red. >> if a motorist does come to a complete stop but isn't necessarily before the white line but they've made a complete stop and done it safely and before they proceed into the intersection and it's safe to go on, that person will not get a violation. >> the new cameras have been at intersections that see the most
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crashes. they say it's about safety but not everyone agrees. >> if the light is red and it's clear to go, why would i have to come to a full stop? that's just another way to get money out of all of us. >> the cameras will now be able to catch a driver who runs a single red light. in the past, only the first person to run the light got ticketed. >> this area, people drive really, really crazy. i think there needs t a stop to all the crazy driving. >> reporter: this is the first time the county is using this type of technology and the plan is to roll out even more. the very important question, how such it going to cost you if you happen to get zapped by one of these new cameras? $75 for a red light violation. reg live, darcy spencer, news 4. new traffic cameras are also up and running in the district. pretty soon they'll be issuing warning notices to drivers. today d.c. police activated eight new cameras. six will monitor speeding.
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the other two, people who run stop signs. most are in northeast. we've posted their locations on an interactive map on our website. police say live ticketing will start in about a month. l report what we're learning abo the mistakes made before the explosion of a spacecraft and how that could affect the future of space travel. he practiced law right here. a prominent d.c. defense attorney, bound, gagged and strangled inside his vacation home. reacti from friends and colleagues coming up. news 4. he risked his life to save people trapped in furious fire. tonight he shares his story only on news 4 as we learn the strange thing that sparked the flame. we're talking about our next chances for rain. not tomorrow. tomorrow beautiful. watch this. the rain moving in. some could be heavy at times. i'll show you when that next storm system moves in and what comes .
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we all know washington's broken. but to fix it, it takes people who are independent.. and willing to work across the aisle. that's what i've tried to do in business, as your governor... and in the senate. because it's the only way we're gonna solve big problems... like cutting our national debt, fixing the va, or... bringing good jobs to virginia. it's been a great honor to represent you. and if you rehire me, i'll work everyday... to make virginia even stronger.
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forget that taxpayer moneys to actually comes out of your pocket. i'm peter franchot as comptroller i know you work hard for your money. that's why i make sure that most of you get your state refund in three days or less. with new technology we've collected over 3 billion dollars from tax evaders. that's more money for schools, roads and public safety. and i've led the fight in annapolis against wasteful spending. this is your money and i'll never forget that. peter franchot, maryland's comptroller.
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.>> you're watching news 4 at >> tonight, we're learning what went wro virgin galactic's experimental spaceship exploded. that explosion killed the pilot. it severely injured the co-pilot. >> and while the cause has not been determined yet, a new report suggests the co-pilot made mistakes moments before the
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accident. it happened over the mojave desert in california an friday. as nbc's jay gray reports, vurgein galactic's founder vows to continue his plans to take tourists to the edge of the s atmosphere. >> reporter: we're learning more about the explosion of the spas plane over the mojave desert that killed the co-pilot and injured the pilot. the plane's feathering system designed to reduce speed during re-entry deployed way too early. according to the national transportation safety board, cockpit video shows the co-pilot michael alsbury unlocking it, but a second lever must be pulled to activate that system. and data and flight video confirm no one pulled that lever. it deployed an its own. it's an important factor in what is still the early stages of their work following the crash. >> we are a long way from finding cas. we still have month ares and
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months of investigation. a lot we don't know. >> reporter: as the company and commercial space industry mourn the loss of a respected colleague, virgin's founder says they owe it to him to move forward. >> it's a grand program which has had a horrible setback, but i don't think anybody watching this program would want us to abandon it at this staj. >> reporter: pilot peter siebold jettisoned from it and is recovering after surgery. a major milestone at the new world trade center complex. 175 employees with the publishing giant conde nast became the fir tenantses at one world trade. they admitted to nerves as they moved in but said they were proud to be writing their own part of history. one world trade center replaces the twin towers which were
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destroyed in the september 11th attacks. conde nast will eventually occupy 24 floors of the 104-story skyscraper. nice sunshine. kind of cold and kind of dark early. >> i hate it. >> it's always hard to get used to on the first monday after the time change. >> i put that out there on my facebook page. only three people said it works for my sleep schedule. but the refst of us do not like this with the sun going down around 5:00. the sun already down before 5:00. it's amazing. 57 degrees. the temperatures fall quick when that sun goes down. that southerly wind will keep things warmer than it has. 54 in frederick. 55 don toward fredericksburg. it's going to be another cool night tonight. not quite as cold as last night. many saw temperatures at or
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below the freezing mark. no rain in the immediate area. that's about it. we did see a few clouds today and a few more tomorrow. then something change here. we'll see high pressure move in. that high pressure will bring in sunshine tomorrow and nice warm air. that comes on the heels of a very cold air mass that came through. one of the hardest hit areas, bangor, maine. they say over a foot of snow. that's a new record. the weather channel's keith carson is here with more. >> reporter: banger, maine, a day after an historic snowfall. it's beautiful. the foliage still on these trees and the snow caked on top of it. with that beauty came a lot of problems. 140,000 people in maine without power. this snow was the heavy, wet snow that gets caked on everything. we will be improving here.
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temperatures into the 30s, which is relatively good. the sun angle hanging on. there will be a storm system, it will be strong but looks like it will be a cold rain. not fantastic but will help them recover and hopefully melt some of this and start over for the actual winter. >> pretty pictures here as well. if you are going out tomorrow, your boating forecast looking great. 69 by noon with a high temperature of 73. 7:00 temperatures dropping. a nice day on our tuesday. tuesday morning, 7:00 a.m. no problems. sunshine during the day. a nice warm day. temperatures tomorrow will be about ten degrees above average. that's going to stick around for the day on wednesday. a little cooler and breezy, too. a lot more in the way of cloud cover. that's ahead of our next storm system. that storm system moves in on thursday.
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he thursday morning. 6:30. no your rush hour. that rain could be heavy at times. we're thinking a half inch to an inch as far as rain is concerned. sto system, much cooler air coming in. 72 in d.c. 73 in fredericksburg. 65 toward annapolis. 70s, best decade. that's when doreen and i were born. jim born a few years later than that? >> show off. >> cool morning, afternoon sunshine. no impact on your tuesday from weather. other than you'll need that jacket early in the morning. some of that will be on the heavy side. it will affect both rush hours. 54 on friday and saturday and sunday, hey, looking okay but
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we're looking on the cool side. 52 on saturday. 55 on sunday with a chance of a shower. that's our next system that will really drop temperatures. tomorrow, the day we get out there to vote, looking great. loving the 70s, right? >> thank you, doug. new at 6:00, the first call for help just released as we learn new details in a shooting at a local gas station. also, the new effort to save lives as police ramp up their
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new at 6:00 -- witness to a murder. for the first time we're hearing the terror from someone who watched a deadly shooting unfold an a busy roadway. >> it's a guy shooting another guy in the street. oh, my goodness. >> hello, where are you? >> i'm at branch avenue by the wendy's and gas station. this man just shot him. oh, my god! >> the shooting claimed the life of a man at a gas station in temple hills last year. the gunman duane williams was high on drugs at the time. his sentencing today was postponed until next month because he's fasing other charges in d.c. the message to drivers in maryland on the beltway, move over or you'll get a ticket. some learned the hard way over the weekend. they gave out 60 tickets between friday and sunday to people who
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did not move over for police and other emergency responders on the shoulder. we told you about the initiative last week. the plan is to crack down on drivers through the first of the year. they are also on the lookout for drunk drivers and speeders. a twist in the deadly shooting at a party over the weekend. the mother of the party's host had been shot two weeks ago. saturday's party was an cherry hill road in culpeper. noon-year-old cory clanagan was killed and another injured. police want to talk to the dozens who fled the party during the shooting. coming up -- we're learning about the long criminal history of a man who robbed this store atm while another man watched with a baby in his arms. a d.c. lawyer's murder leaves an impact on the community. van teasley a impact. >> i wouldn't wish for anybody to go through what i've been through. >> hundreds of hip
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an international murder mystery. new reaction from friends to a local lawyer found bound and gagged at his vacation home in the caribbean. a group home up in flames. >> i couldn't even attempt going in through the front.
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that's where the fire was. >> the heroic actions to save the special needs paushts trapped inside. it's one of our most shared stories on facebook. an oregon woman's decision in the face of karns igniting a decision about death with dignity. we begin with a tragic story that remans unsolved. friends of van teasley say he spent his career as a public defender fighting against hate crimes. friends are remembering him after he was found murdered in the dominican republic. >> reporter: he's remembered as a good lawyer, a kind landlord. they say he was drawn to the dominican republic, and it was there he was tied up, gagged and murdered. for more than two decades, van teasley was a defense attorney here at superior court.
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so you could imagine the reaction when colleagues learned of his violent and torturous murder. >> all of his colleagues are incredibly upset, incredibly shocked. it's an absolutely shocking thing. mr. teasley was just here a couple of days ago. >> reporter: van teasley killed last weekend at his vacation home in the dominican republic. they say he'd been bound, gagged and strangled. not only was he a lawyer. he was a landlord, too. he owned a number of properties, including this one. carla fernandez de castro has been a tenant for several years. >> he was super helpful. he was a really good guy. >> and now this. >> is shocking. and unsettling and i -- it's sort of speechless. >> reporter: van teasley comes from a large and prestige yes
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family. his cous sin reverend willy wilson from the union temple baptist church. >> i think he might have gotten too comfortable and not being aware and conscious of his surroundings and what's going on, particularly in an impoverished nation like that where people don't have much and they see s they think has something, they want it. >> reporter: in the dominican republic, the murder investigation continues on. here in washington, funeral arrangements are under way. that could be impressive. ren says there are 30 to 40 ministers in this family. live in northwest, pat collins, news 4. one of the men wanted for a liquor store robbery in which a baby is present is now in custody. an twan green is the man in the green vest in this video.
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he pulled a gun on a man filling an atm at a store in southeas r man with a baby strapped to his chest waited outside. green had several thousand dollars in new $20 bills when officers caught up with him. the man with the baby is a person of interest in the case. some peoe who live in maryland will not be able to go home tonight. that's because we're still waiting to learn exactly how ten town homes caught fire. those flames broke out early this morning along south market street. one of the residents says he barely escaped. >> i'm really lucky to be alive. another five minutes sleep and i would have been in it. >> those were civil war era homes that did not have
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sprinklers or fire walls. a final push for the candidates before voters cast their ballots tomorrow. and a new poll suggests some very tight races. voters are evenly divide over which party they independent power. 46% want a republican controlled congress while 45% want a democratical contrd one. 75% of those polled say domestic issues like the economy are more impovertiant tn other issues like ebola or the threat of isis. in virginia, marge focus tomorrow on the u.s. senate race. the man hoping to hold on to his seat, mark warner, just wrapped up a final rally. julie carey is in alexandria with a look at the final push. >> rorter: what's left of hundreds of mark warner supporters still filtering out of the market square.
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meantime, out in loudoun county, republicans are headed in to a rally for challenger ed gillespie that starts at 7:30 tonight. at home, some virginia voters may be scrambling to comply with a first. photo i.d. required at the polls. it's the headline race in virginia. the contest between mark warner and ed gillespie. both made northern virginia the final stop in election eve campaign swings. the latest poll shows the race tightening. warner's early double-digit lead has fallen to single digits. >> i have a great feeling about tomorrow. momentum all across the state. >> reporter: gillespie will hold a final rally in sterling. >> yesterday we turned our clocks and tomorrow we changer sarn volunteers will work the phone banks and canvas into the night.
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volunteers followed the lines to their marching orders. in sterling, they made a last round of calls to the republican faithful. the focus at both, the open tenth congressial district where comstock faces foust. they are also getting a reminder of a big change. they must show an approved photo um to cast a ballot. >> i think we've done everything we could ta make sure people know what they need to do. >> reporter: driver's licenses aren't the only photo i.d. accepted. we took a look at mine. >> you can use the driver's license, no question. that's a good one. this one issued by the united states senate is a government issued identificatio card. and this one issued by your employer in the valid course of business has a photo i.d., and it works as well. >> reporter: here's perhaps the
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most important thing to know about photo i.d. even photos who show up empty handed or with the wrong i.d. will fill out a provisional ballot and have until friday to send in the proper i.d. or go to the election office to get the appropriate i.d. there's a reason you may have noticed fewer campaign signs. the news 4 i-team found state workers have removed more than 3,000 signs since july. that includes a large number of campaign signs. maryland law does not allow signs in the median of state roads to avoid distracting drivers or blocking their view. if you run into any problems with voting, we'd like to know what's going on. 202-885-4444 or send an e-mail to chopper 4 shows the charred
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aftermath. but details of what happened in that house are nothing short of remarkable. she died on her own terms. hear what this woman wants her hud to do now as people weigh in on her decision. warmer temperatures moving in. the cold moves back in, too. i'll break it all down f. if you want to vote tomorrow, we can help. at the top of our website, go to the vote button and hit find your polling place. then type innior address and hit search. it will show you the name of the cloisest polling place, the address and hours it's open. if you hit ballot information you can see a sample ballot. news 4 at 6:00 continu ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks.
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they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him. new at 6:00, we know what caused a fire that ripped through a group home in montgomery county. three disabled patients were
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trapped inside. they are okay tonight thanks to the brave actions of two caregivers. >> it all unfolded on mills avenue in silver spring. but a hero who helped carry the patients to safety is now sharing his story. here's mark segraves. >> i got up and looked out the window. i could see the flames, the house completely engulfed. >> reporter: they believe it was mulch that overheated and caused fire. >> just a big flame going up in the aur. >> reporter: trapped inside the home, three disabled residents. one who is confined to a wheelchair. >> it got me freaked out because it's a group home. i was really nervous for the people in there. >> reporter: also in the home, two caregivers. jude was first to notice the fire and immediately began to evacuate the house. >> when i pulled him out and went for the other person.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: the patients had no idea what was happening as he carried them an his shoulder through the home. >> reporter: he and his co-worker were trained for something like this. >> we are supposed to do a fire drill every month. we're supposed to know every exit in the house. n the magnitude of the fehr that you can put out or not and how far you have to go away from the house and all that. i think it was really helpful today. i think the training was the key to safety. >> reporte fire officials warn that mulch fires should be taken very seriously, particularly when it's so windy like over the weekend. you should get out every now and then and turn your mulch with a rake to release any heat that's built up. mark segraves, news 4. one of the most shared stories on our facebook page is prompting a larger conversation about assisted suicide. a consumer report survey finds
6:41 pm
there's a majority of americans who would rather die at home. that's what brittany maynard chose to do. she took a lethal dose of medication over the weekend to r suffering from terminal brain cancer on her own tomb. maynard and her husband moved to oregon in order to carry out her wish. it's one of five states where doctor-assisted suicide is legal. befo she died, maynard said she hopes her husband will remarry and become a father. >> we asked you to weigh in on this controversial topic. the majority of you agree that doctors shoue automobie to prescribe life-ending drugs to terminally ill patients. a health warning for millions throughout the world. >> it feels like somebody is taking a sledgehammer at you. the pain is so excruciating. >> why a procedure to help ease
6:42 pm
>> why a procedure to help ease your pain disgraceful. a personal attack from a desperate candidate. that's how even republican leaders describe this false ad from... ed gillespe. the accusations aren't true. but they are exactly what you would expect from a d.c.... lobbyist, who made millions lobbying for oil companies... and enron. who specialized in dirty tricks as a partisan operative... and now he is bringing them to virginia. mark warner is working to solve problems... ed gillespe and his attacks are the problem.
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6 million people worldwide have had it done to alleviate pain and discomfort. for some it's only made it worse. >> it's like a migraine headache. it throbs, throbs, throbs. if i sit too long, it's not comfortable. i stand too long, it's not comfortable. tonight a warning for you or anyone you know who has had hip replacement. say they are seeing hundreds of cases of metal poisoning from a certain type of hip implant.
6:45 pm
>> it feels like somebody just taking a sledgehammer at you. the pain is so excruciating. doctors told 48-year-old federico gray a total hip replacement would alleviate the severe pain in his hips. l, he was >> i'm constantly going to the emergency room to deal with the same pain i dealt with before. >> after nearly 30 trips to the hospital, he learned the cause of his pain was cobalt poisoning. the result of metal ions leeching into his body from the implants in his hips. >> i wouldn't wish for anybody to go through what i've been through. >> like gray, about a million people worldwide have implants made out of metal. a combination kof balt, chromium and titanium. it's rare but in some places the ball and sockets start to wear. that causes small amounts of metal to enter the body and can
6:46 pm
eventually be toxic. >> the metal is released slowly and can cause sis stc problems. >> dr. robert beening is the associate medical director. he says it's unclear how many people will get metal poisoning. there have been hundreds of cases documented and probably many more that go undiagnosed. in most cases, patients can tell there's someth l experience new or worsening pain in the hips or clicking in the joints. now patients are seeing some cases where people don't have any of those cases. instead they are developing unexplained heart disease. >> life-threatening heart fail are from threatening cobalt levels. >> once the implant is removed any heart problems or issues with pain will typically
6:47 pm
reverse. that's what federico is hoping. doctors implanted a newer plastic version instead. >> i just want to let people know what i've been through and because i had another surgery, it actually saved me. >> the fda regulates these hip implants and says there's not enough information to require routine testing. >> sure hope this new one works for him. chilly out there. feels like winter coming our way. >> the national weather service say they've officially stopped. they'll not do any freeze warnings for our area. the official growing season done. that makes a lot of people unhappy. take a look at the top of your screen. th sunset tonight, 5:05. by this weekend, in the 4s.
6:48 pm
we've got to change that. 57 degrees right now. winds out of the south. that's kept us up a little bit. cool around 7:00 down to 55. 51 at 11:00 tonight. it's going to be a chilly night. 46 in college park. 46 in manassas. 56 around the reston area. some locations did go below freezing last night. especially toward the west around fredericksburg and culpeper. no rain in our immediate region. d.c. metro, forecast for tomorrow morning, chilly. don to 41 in bowie. bethesda, 37. there areas in the 30s early tomorrow. we'l start with some sunshine. with that sunshine, look at these numbers. 72 in d.c. 72 in burke. 69 in bethesda. a nice day tomorrow.
6:49 pm
tomorrow is get out and vote. the weather should not be a factor. temperatures 10 degrees above average during the day tomorrow. your forecast, mostly sunny and just a great day. 68 to 74. some of the best locations around our region. next couple of days, not even close to that. 69 on wednesday. one day we're close with more cloud cover. 64 and rain on thursday. thursday, i think, will be a washout. you'll need the big umbrella. then really cool. 54 on friday. saturday coming in at 52. 55 on sunday. a much cooler weekend. we have a chance for shower activity as well on sunday. that's something we'll see. 50 degrees on monday, too. here's the decade i was born in the 70s. doreen somewhere in here. vance, you in here? where are we? >> he's just not going to stop. >> i don't know -- >> sunday. >> no idea why i thought about
6:50 pm
that. >> i do. carol is at the park. we wish you could just talk about the first half and forget the rest of it. >> tale two of halves. can't do that. we're hurting today. so is robert griff in. we update his status. plus, a star suspended for the terps. why the suspension couldn't come at coming up tonight headi ini into election night. why some believe it could be closer than the projections we've heard. also this disaster at virgin galactic and was the boss caught distancing himself from the tragedy. and one of the great voices of the great radio shows in
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other.
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start your new orleans holiday at this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> carol is at the park. what kind of attitude is out there right now? >> it's really quiet right now. they are going on the bye week. as far as attitude, they are staying positive. they'll put it in the rear view. we have some good news today. robert griffin was very sore but his ankle held up fine.
6:54 pm
the rest of the team is thanking their lucky stars the bus accident wasn't worse. that's good. they need that bye week to rest and recover. as for robert griffin, though, first game back in six weeks. he talks about being sore because of this. sacked five times. some of them brutal. his pocket presence is a weakness. coach jay gruden says that's something that comes with time. >> you have to have a clock in your head as a quarterback. sometimes he gets locked in somewhere. by the time he comes off to a secondary receiver he feels a pocket closing in on him. sometimes that comes naturally. sometimes it doesn't. something he'll have to fight through and abort mission when he has to and step and throw it away when he has to. >> time for the cooley report. >> i get to ask the questions. >> you have to know when to fold
6:55 pm
them, know when to fold them. >> how did griffin play yesterday? >> i thought he played well. started off consistent. he sat in the pocket and became a pocket passer. he didn't finish the game. made a mistake at the end of the first half. and then to end the game -- >> and the game -- >> he looks tired. >> coach gruden says the jury is still out on the quarterback position. will he be healthy at the end of the season? >> to me, a couple of questions. health is a definite concern. he took big hits and falls awkwardly. so health concern number one. the jury is not sure exactly who we are as a football team with robert griffin iii. i don't think they are debating over colt mccoy or griffin. who is robert griffin iii.
6:56 pm
>> i've been a part of losing teams. you are still playing professional football at a high level and putting plays an film, playing national television. you don't just lose games and decide not to show up because your team isn't winning. it's a lot about yourself. you have to continue to work. forget the record and believe in your locke. >> so cooley says staying upbeat is key as the skns enter a bye. also the maryland terrapins an a bye. they'll have to pay the price for what happened last week. terps facing penn state. the big ten announcing stephan diggs has been suspended for the pregame skirmish. he made contact with an official. also randy failed to control his team so the school has been fined $10 th10,000.
6:57 pm
also the team captains were fined for failing to shake hands during the pregame coin toss. edsall -- our football program did not live up to the standards we set for ourselves. moving forward, we will use better judgment and remain composed so we'll better represent the university of maryland. stephon diggs said if i let my emotions get the best of me, my behavior toward the officiating crew and the penn state football team were inn acceptable. stephon diggs will serve hiss s after the bye. that is the michigan state game. the michigan state spartans are ranked seventh right now. it could not come at a worse time because they're going to need their star player, but they will not get him when they come back. >> thanks, carl. everybody else but the wizards played some great
6:58 pm
basketball on saturday night. we do have one winner in this town. thank you, carol. >> that's it for us. >>
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on our broadcast tonight, cliffhanger. we're just hours from elections across the country. with so many battleground races too close to call and big power up for grabs. early blast, record cold and it's barely november. the earliest snow ever in some places. is it any sign of things to come? what went wrong? new details about the spacecraft disaster in the desert. what investigators now think happened in the moment before it plummeted back to earth. and hoop dreams. one of the most inspiring young women you will ever meet facing down the shot of a lifetime. and the crowd goes wild. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. and good evening from our election night headquarters here


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