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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 4, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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followed by a mild afternoon. and then milder, warmer pattern will be continuing over the next 36 hours all the way into tomorrow. so enjoy this while you can after we had have very cold start yesterday morning. right now storm team 4 radar is scanning the sky. we have no rain anywhere around. west virginia, virginia, maryland, delaware, in the district, a dry start this morning. dry roads all around the region. temperatures are chilly but not cold like yesterday morning. all above freezing. it's in the 40s in the shenandoah valley. the mountains of west virginia, a few spots are in the 50s. some of the mild air is pushing up to petersburg. now 57 degrees. closer to the metro area, we are generally in the 40s. but a couple spots have dipped down into the upper 30s including dulles down to ma nasa. in prince george's county, the mid-40s. montgomery county, voters are heading out early near 40
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degrees. much of southern maryland and the chesapeake bay, temperatures e in the 40s to near 50 degrees. near 50 right on the warmer waters of the bay. coming up, the next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. a look at the election day 4x4 with chuck bell -hour break is out there with that forecast for you coming up. now, melissa, what is going on on the roads? starting off looking quite good this election day. taking a look first of all at 66 just east of nutley street, we are moving right along inbound and outbound. no major problems east or west. we are moving right along as i said. and really no major construction in the way this morning as we are now here in the 5:00 hour. a lot of that is now out of the way. taking a look in virginia now, you can see headed into town, out of town, you're completely fine. in town you're at 62 miles per hour. so you a obviously moving right along right there. a wider look at things, no problems taking a look at the inner loop and outer loop.
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the beltway near st. barnabas we are looking good. and taking a look in maryland, 95 and the bw parkway, no major prob as we zoom in. we have a situation in silver spring. new e avenue northbod powder mill, one lane and one shou closed because of constructiona live look at 95 i. 5:02. some of you are getting ready to head to the polls to cast your ballot in the midterm election. a live look at spring hill elementary school in mcclain, virginia. polls open at 6:00 a.m. there. polls open at 7:00 in virginia and maryland. we have crews all over the city and will be where you are voting. one of the most closely watched races will be the election for the next governor of maryland. it is considered to be too close to call. richard jordan is joining us live in upper marlboro with a preview. go >> repor good morning. a lot of eyes on maryland because this is a tight race. and there are som politicians that say maryland could be the
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biggest upset for the democratic party in this midterm election. the hopes are riding right now on lieutenant governor anthony brown, the democrat in the race, he's hoping to get that top spot. he's making a last-minute push here bringing in some heavy hitters. last nig he was campaigning with first lady michelle obama. he's had the clintons with him before. he says this is going to come out to voter turnout. that's what will ultimately decide this race. of course, he's hoping to keep it democratic but there are some questioning whetht the democrats can win maryland. maryland is a heavily blue state but you never know. in fact, the challenger here, businessman larry hogan, is hoping to see a flip here, hoping to repeat what his close friend bob urlich accomplished years ago, a republican who became the governor here. they still have to wait and see if lieutenant governor anthony brown's connection with the current governor martin o'malley will help him here or hurt him. there are some registered democratic voters who just yesterday said they are still
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undecided. are not sure if they are going to stick with their party or go republican. a lot riding on this governor's race. chris christie, a heavy-hitter feels that maryland could be the biggest upset for the democrats this election. so a lot of people are watching to see what happens here. again, the polls opening in just about two hours. if you want to find which polling place is most convenient r you, just go to our website, nbcwashingto and also check out our facebook page. reporting live in upper marlboro, richard jordan, news4. back in virginia now where incumbent democt mark warner is trying to hold on to his senate seat. he held a rally last night with fellow senator and former governor t in alexandria. challenger ed gillispie campaigned with ann romney in sterling. robert starvis is running at the libertarian. the race has become tighter in
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recent weeks. and it is a close race for mayor in the district as well while the democratic nominee is normally a shoe-in, muriel bowser is seeing gains for david catania. and carol schwartz is also running for mayor along with three other nominees. we'll have live coverage of all the races in our area. watch news4 at 11:00 on for a full hour tonight. "the tonight show" starts at midnight tonight. download the nbc washington app tonight to watch the results come in. police stopped a teen they say wanted to kill people at his high school. the news shocks parents at george washington carver center for arts and technology. the 16-year-old boy faces adult charges including possession of a destructive device, theft and a handgun violation. police say they found homemade explosives and a gun at his
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home. police learned of his plan while interviewing him as a suspect in a car break-in. this morning a man from annapolis is charged with threatening the president. investigators say christopher o'brien sent an e-mail to the white house threatening to kill the president and the first lady. o'brien eventually aitted to sending the e-mail but says he never intended to carry out the threats. he told investigators he regrets sending the message and feels embarrassed. a horrifying struggle captured on surveillance camera. a family's plea for help this morning as police try to track down the man who abducted this woman. and a cool start to the morning but it won't last. we're tracking the changes you'll see in the coming hours with your election-day forecast at 5:11. all quiet at the polls right now but voters will begin to turn out in less than an hour. we'll help you prepare with some of the key races you'll find.
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after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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5:09. back to the midterm elections, this year we're seeing a changing of the guard in virginia. congressn frank wolf is retiring and so is jim moran in the eighth district. five candidates are vying for his seat, don buyer is the frontrunner right now going up against repn micah edmond who has run a vigorous campaign. in maryland you'll be voting for a new attorney general
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today. democrat brian frosh is the leading candidate. so before you head out to the polls, we'll give you an idea of what to expect when you go to vote. >> we sent storm team 4 meteorologis chuck bell in the storm team 4x4 to mcclain, virginia. good morning, chuck. >> reporter: good morning. indeed, a very chilly start here in mcclain this morning. the temperature of 45 degrees here on the storm team 4x4. it's chilly all over the map. dulles airport reporting 39 degrees. 50 in alexandria. 46 in clinton, maryland, right now. 37 in hyattsville. there e cool spots out there first thing this morning. we'll take you hour-by-hour through the forecast today. temperatures, a couple 30s but mostly 40s on your way out to door to work and school to vote first thing this morning. we'll get a fair amount of sunshine today. some clouds around this morning, but i think we'll see increasing amounts of sunshine toward the lunchtime hours. temperatures rising into the upper 60s to near 70 by
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lunchtime. d then trailing back down by the time you're coming home from work and school. polls close between 6:00 and 8:00. temperatures will once again be back down to the 60s. forovember standards, it will sure. coming up at 5:21, tom has your seven-day and the next chance for rain marked on it that may have a rumble of thunder mentioned as well. we'll talk about that in ten minutes. first, we have breaking news in first 4 traffic with melissa mollet. we are talking about new hampshe avenue right at randolph road, a pedestrian struck. right now this intersection is shut down. a few minutes ago we had cars going by, so some lanes closed here. just tweeted about this from @first4traffic. and down in arlington, we have a fire at 11th street between south edison and south emerson completely shut down because of fire response there. a w look at the beltway, no ad problems in or out of town. inner loop and outer loop both
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looking good with lots of green here and movement for us this morning, which is great, of course. taking a look at prince george east county, pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue, indian head highway, everything is moving along there. i'm back in ten minutes with a live picture of 66. makingirport security a little less of a hassle. the technology that could put an end to that liquids ban that we all dread when going to the airport. plus, call it a new workplace hazard. .hy constantly changing your
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she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington post called comstock's behavior "an apparent breach of congressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock. patriot majority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising. - oh, the young. their energy seems like an unlimited resource we sometimes wish would run out, at least for a moment. but as we grow into adults, it's important to learn how to use our energy wisely, especially when it comes to electricity. you can save energy and money by caulking around windows.
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15 after the hour. polls open in just about 45 minutes across virginia. ane of you in the state's tenth district e voting for a new representative this morning. congressman k wolf had the seat for decades and the race to replace him is spirited. mcgrath is joining us now with a look at this race.
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good morning. >> rep it is still early but we are starting to see signs of life here at the spring hill elementary school, one of the polling places here as workers are showing up and beginning to t things up in the cafeteria area. virginia's tenth dist is expected to be the closest of virginia's congressional races. as repa comstock tries to fill the vacated seat by tom wolf who has held the seat since 1981. barbara comstock is a member of the virginia house of delegates and a former rnc opposition researcherin foust is the fairfax county supervisor elected to the position back in 2007. now, the campaign has been marked by a lot of negative ads on both sides. you can't help but see and hear the ads in receipt weeks with millions of dollars being spent. now will the ads have an impact on voters, though? that remains to be seen in about
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45 minutes when the polls open here in virginia. and then we'll start to see the voters trickling in. reporting live in mcclain, megan mcgrath, news4. another race that will be watched very closely is the house race in virginia's seventh district. you might remember dave brat ter i can cantor. virginia's seven district runs from the west end of richmond through parts of manassas and fredericksbu you think you are fewer campaign signs, the news4 i-team found out why. state workers removed thousands of them from maryland roads. maryland does not allow signs in the median and says they are a distraction to make your commute unsafe. i-team says since july crews took down nearly 3,000 signs in montgomery and prince george's counties alone. 5:17. d.c. voters are choosing an attorney general today. this position is not new but
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this is the first time you can vote for someone in that seat. before now it was appointed by the mayor. five people are running today. all democrats. you'll also decide whether to legalize marijuana today in the district. have a choice to vote yes or no to ballot initiative 71 which legalizes the cultivation and possession of limited amounts of marijuana. supporters of the initiative will hold an election night party as well as a fund-raiser for the d.c. central kitchen. while this initiative legalizes the possession of pot, it does not legali the sale of pot. the d.c. council is currently working to come up with regulation laws. just into the live desk, breaking news out of arlington. we have crews trying to rescue two people trapped in a house fire. arlington fire and ems on the scene right now fighting this blaze in the 5100 block of 11th street. is near north george mason drive. details right now very limited, but we know police are helping shut down the roadway,
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especially 11th street asthma lisa mentioned. that area is completely shut down. more as we get it. aaron, back to you. 5:19. right now, this morning police are looking for the gunman who shot a student at delaware state univer in dover. the shooting happened yesterday afn outside a red dense hall near the main campus. .he victim is expected to be school leaders lifted a lockdown overnight to say even though the gunman is still out there, there's no threat to any student at this time. right now police are looking for the person who shot a man near the shaw metro station in the district. that shooting happened last night near eighth and r streets northwest. this morning traffic is moving again as police blocked off the area during their investigation. the victim is expected to be okay. parents of a student at montgomery county schools are just learning of an alleged sexual assault on campus that a month ago. a letter was sent home to parents of baker middle school students yesterd explaining the october 6th incident. the principal says police arrested a contractor working on
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the school building after he was accused of inappropriately touching a student. no one else was involved. the principal says the incident was not made public in order to protect the privacy of the student. detectives are hoping newly-releasy video showing a woman being abducted off a philadelphia street sunday night will lead to their video shows the struggle between 22-year-old carlicia gaither and her attacker. they found a glove, a knife and other items on the street that were turned over to police. >> she was screaming for help. i figured if it was somebody she knew, she would have said the name. please, whoever, bring her back home. release her. >> the family is hoping for the best and praying for a safe return. police are also offering a $10,000 reward for information. vikings running back adrian peterson is back in court in
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texas. he could accept a plea deal in the child abuse case. peterson is accused of punishing his son by hitting him with a switch. he's facing felony child abuse charges. peterson said he never meant to harm his son. in news4 your health, a new study finds many high school football players don't know all the symptoms and dangers of sions. researchers at the university of florida found only a few players surveyed knew that untreated concussions could cause brain hemorrhaging, coma or death. many didn't know nausea, grogginess and changes in behavior are also symptoms. parents should not assume that the athletes have proper concussion training. also another reason to try to get more sleep at night, as if we need more reasons. a new report says more and more drivers are falling asleep while driving. the national sleep foundation says one-third of drivers say they have fallen asleep on the road. 12% of deadly crashes involve
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drowsy driving. it can be very dangerous. sleep deprivation is a constant problem, but when you are behind the wheel of this fast-moving machine, it can be very bad. >> you're right. 5:22 is the time right now. we want to get you up to speed on today's forecast that will be warmer. tom? >> yes, indeed. we are off to a dry start with a live view from the storm team 4 city camera overlooking washington.a l of clouds around this tuesday morning. and this is going to continue into wednesday, this milder pattern. and starting off this morning, rather chilly. so you will need a light jacket as you head out the door. but you don't need the hat or scarf or an umbrella. have sunglasses handy because the sun is increasing a bit getting in the latter part of the morning. so dress in layers because you want to peel the layers off by later this afternoon as temperatur right now are chilly. low to mid-40s in montgomery, prince george's, fairfax counties. upr 40s in the district of
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columbia and arlington. in the bay, near the upper 40s. farther south and west, a few spots dipped into the 30s. the upper 30s in loudoun county and down to prince william. war renton, 42. dulles at 38 this morning. walking to the metro this morning, you're walking to the bus stop and it will be chilly in the 40s. then during the afternoon, partly sunny, beautiful afternoon. temperatures reaching around 70 degrees in the metro area. and even milder weather for southern maryland. across north/central virginia, a few isolated spots like fredericksbu ove to culpeper and near staten, virginia, in the upper 70s by mid-afternoon. a beautiful day coming up with great weather for the election in west virginia, virginia, maryland, distr of columbia and delaware. then tomorrow the mild pattern continues. highs reaching the upper 60s to near 70 and partly sunny. then o thursday, a front sweeps through. likely getting us some rain. that's the next chance of rain
5:24 am
on thursday. occasional showers for the morning all the way into the afternoon wit hig reaching the mid-60s. maybe the afternoon could get a rumble of thunder. after that, the showers clear out. we get gusty winds on friday and turning cooler. friday afternoon the highs are just in the mid-50s. the seven-day outlook for the weekend, a chilly change for the weekend. 30s in the morning. low 50s on saturday. might get a shower sunday afternoon. drying out on monday. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:31, county by county neighborhoo highs today, and now what is happening on the roads with melissa and breaking news. silver spring at new hampshe avenue at randolph road, we have a pedestrian struck with a police presence on the scene. here are the closures, new hampshe avenue shut down near midland road and wolf drive. eastbound randolph also closed at vital way. the triangle of roads there. the alternate is layhill road or columbia pike to get around this. no word on how long it will be in the way.
5:25 am
then we have a house fire we've been telling you on is 1 et street near south edison and south emerson. try to work your way around that in the neighborhood. a wide look at things, no major proble in or out of town. 66 at virginia at route 50 is there looking good. 95 also moving right along. in prie george's county, a live picture there. if you are eager to get your hands on the apple watch, you may have to wait a little longer. apple said it will release the watch early next year, january or february. however, according to the 9 to 5 website, the launch won't happen until spring. cnbc reached out to apple to find out why. it did not receive a response. traveling with hair sprai, body lotion and gel, all those things may soon be a little easer greating through airport airports overseas are testing a new device to help with the screening process. here a look at the insight 100
5:26 am
to use a laser to determine what is in liquid containers. the 63 airports in europe and australia are testing the technology. d the company is in talks with the u.s., too. right now you're only allowed to bring 3 ounces of liquid in your carry-on bag. so this device could change that rule. the polls open in 30 minutes for voters in virginia. we're making sure you are not turned away at the polls. the i.d.s that will be accepted if you're casting your ballot there. plus, helping decide the future of transp funding. the measure on the ballot in maryland that could change the way the state pays for ano cold start to the r continues.oller-coaster the high temperatures you'll see in your neighborhood with your weather and traffic on the 1s. and don't forget to stay connected us online or on your smartphone, follow us on twitter @nbcaaron an twitter @nbcaaron an
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v looking at the stories making headlines, we are watching the race for maryland's next governor closely ahead as voters decide a race that many polls now consider a toss-up. independent candi david
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catania and carol schwartz try to pull off the upset against muriel bowser. good morningyou, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchris. it's tuesday, november 4th, 2014. electi day. 50 degrees outside our studios wi a few clouds in the skies. but it will be a good day to head out to the polls. tom kierein is here with your election-day forecast. good morning, tom. >> off to a chilly start in the 40s, suburbs and rural areas. highs today in prince george's ane l 7. montgomery count near 70. near 70 for arlington and the district. across northern virginia, quite a change there. it will be in the upper 70s from spotslvania couy over to parts of southern culpeper.
5:31 am
north to prince william and the western fairfax and loudoun county area in the low 70s. highs in most locations will be in the lower 70s and partly cloudy. for counties north of washington including howard, frederick, the panhandle of west virginia and western maryland, should be in the low 70s there. shenandoah valley into the mountains the mid to upper 70s. the mountains in the low 70s. great weather for voting in west virginia, virginia, the district and maryland. now melissa has breaking news on this tuesday morning. breaking news in silver spring once again as we talk about new hampshire avenue right at randolph road. it is completely shut down because of a pedestrian crash. probably going to be like this for some time. we'll take a look at the specific closures and alternates. new hampe avenue closed between midland road and wolf
5:32 am
drive. your alternates are layhill road or columbia pike to get around this. it will probably be there for quite some time. down south in arlington, near 11th street between south edison and south emerson, that is shut down due to a house fire. 270 headed into town, you're slow out of frederick opening up near the clarksburg area and totally fine headed into town. coming up at 5:41, travel times with a wider look at the beltway. overall things are looking good right now. 5:32. we are getting you ready for election day 2014 this morning. all quiet at this polling place in mcclain, virginia. polls open in just a half hour in virginia. they close at 7:00 p.m. and an important reminder headed to virginia to vote, you're going to need an approved i.d. to cast a ballot. you can use your driver's license, passport, other government i.d.s or a photo i.d. card issued by your employer. college students can use their university i.d.s if you show up.
5:33 am
if you are empty-handed, you can fill provisional ballot and show a proper i.d. by friday to get it to count. no matter where you are voting today, let us know if you see problems at the polls. give us a call at 202-885-4444 or e-mail us to tips@news4it with the stakes being so high in this midterm election, voter turnout is a major concern. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on that. good morningyou. >> reporte good morning. at this point it's all about the numbers, how many democrats and how many republicans are coming out. and what we are seeing so far, low interest. 55% of americans saying they are interested in this election. that's down about 6% from the last two midterms. and we saw a significant drop off with young people. that's a critical group. and also with independents who tend to come out to vote in the midterm elections. so that could have an effect.
5:34 am
the high turnout usually benefits democrats. we are watching a lot of races. the key of course here on capitol hill is who is going to control the senate. there are eight toss-up races too close to call that could determine that of the 36 races out there. also, 32 gubernatorial races in states around the country. all 435 of the congressional races on the house side, although republicans are expected to hold on to their majority there. so a lot of numbers this morning, but the most importan h are the 90 million people expected to come out to vote or cast their ballots today. remember, we ha three states doing mail-in ballots and some may not come in until after election day. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. if you are voting today, you could have an impact on the commute in our area. news4's richard jordan is joining us from upper marlboro where voters will be in a few
5:35 am
hours. good morning. >> rep just 90 minutes until the polls up here at st. joseph's catholic church in upper marlboro. one of the issues on the ballot is term limits. right now the county executive and county council members can only serve a maximum of two terms, that's eight years, but if approved by voters it will be extended to three terms or 12 years. thos in favor of the change say it will lead to more experienced council members. those against it would like to get new blood into the county fund is all across voters in maryland. one is on the ballot. the transportation trust fund money would be used exclusively for transportation projects for building and repairing highways. that is question one on the ballot if approved by voters. right now the way it stands, that money in the transportation fund can also be used in the general fund. there is an exception here and that is if the government or
5:36 am
governor of maryland declares a fiscal emergency, then some of the transportation money could go to other projects. those are two of the important issues maryland voters are going to be deciding when they come to the polls. polls in maryland open at 7:00 this morning. reporting live in upper marlboro, richard jordan, news4. we are following small races and will have live team coverage of all the big ones as well. watch news4 at 11:00 tonight and on for a full hour. then "the tonight show" is starting at midnight. like nbc washington on facebook and download the app to bring you breaking election results between now and then. i'm angie goff at the live desk with an update to breaking news we are following from arlington. just learned that a child is one of two people who died in a fire in arlington. th is in the 1100 block of south emerson street. we also know that another adult and child were taken to a hospital, but we have no word on what condition they are in.
5:37 am
arlington fire, meanwhile, still on the scene. they are investigating, the fire is out, but the investigation continues. while that continues, 11th street near south emerson and south edison will remain shut down. stil no word on what started this fire. we do have a news4 crew on the way to the scene. thank you. no ordinary election day for voters in virginia. why the results will make history in that state. and feeling nickel and dimed when you fly? how much airlines are making with all the fees they charge you. and a cool start to the morning headi door, but don't get used to it. the changes you'll see during the day when you head out to vote with your hour-by-hour
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welcome back at 5:40. overnight police in oregon found the body of a 6-year-old after a woman told police she tossed her son over a bridge. the 6-year-old's body was recovered below the bay bridge, which is 100 feet above the water. as officers searched, the mother told them voices told her to throw him off that bridge. police believe the body is the woman's son. right now the mother is in police custody. the white house says a no-fly zone over ferguson, missouri, during heated protests should not have restricted the news organization. the associated press released audio recordings yesterday showing faa officials and feuson police officers
5:41 am
restricting helicopters for news organizations following demonstrations ov the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. all right. 5:41 is the time. weather and traffic e ten minutes on the 1s. in particular, we are getting you ready for election day. >> we september storm team 4 meteorologist chucll into the 4x4 in mcclaip, virginia. it should be a busy polling place today. good morning, chuck. >> reporter: it will be busy for sure. a little bit of a chill, you have to keep your hands warm this morning at 45 degrees in mcclain. but there are a couple sheltered spots toward sterling and dulles, virginia. out to laurel and fort meade, maryland. most neighborhoods are in the 40s. it will be a mild day today with temperatures evelly climbing up into the upper 60s to near 70 degrees by noontime. then by the time the polls close late this evening, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, temperatures are back down into the 60s. so on the whole, a good day.
5:42 am
no chance for rain anywhere in maryland, virginia or the district during the course of the day today. good news, because as you can see on the radar tracker here in the 4x4, a big line of showers coming our way f later in the week. we have that a coming up in ten minutes. now to melissa mollet. breaking news right now in silver spring with a pedestrian crash on new hampshire avenue at randolph road. we have about one block in each direction blocked off at that intersection becau of this investigation. wider look at things, you can see we look quite good beltway-wise, inner loop and outer loop, we are on time everywhere. in maryland, 270 south from germantown to thbeltway, we are looking good. and in virginia, 66 east, no problems there. 395 to the 14th street bridge looking good northbound. and 95 northbound from quantico to the beltway on time at ten minutes. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at 270. taking their fight to the
5:43 am
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chase. so you can.
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welcome back at 5:46. if you are just joining us, head to the polls soon. we are covering decision 2014 all over the area. right now it is quiet in maryland which is a live look at st. joseph catholic church opening at 7:00 a.m. and polls in virginia open in just 15 minutes. >> that's right. the big race you'll be voting for is the senate contest between incumbent democrat mark warner and ed gillespie. megan mcgrath is live in mcclaip. we are starting to see movement there. >> reporter: ye we are starting to see activity here.
5:47 am
just moments ago i saw what i believe to be the first of the voters starting to come and line up here outside the elementary school. just a little while ago we could see election officials setting up their booths and the things they need for today. so a flurry of activity with the polls opening in a couple minutes. one of the bi races to washington in virginia is the u.s. senate race incumbent mark warner and ed gillespie. warner making a final appeal to voters last night and an appearance with tim kaine is alexandria. the latest poll numbers show warner favored 51% to 44% over gillespie. gillespie got a big endorsement on sunday. the elder president bush announcing his support for the former rnc chairman. now, gillespie is also or also made an appearance on the eve before the electi with ann romney in sterling and encouraged people to get out to
5:48 am
vote. and that's what it all comes down to. all of the campaigning, all the canvassing, the ads, all of that is winding down here. and it gets down to the actual voting. and the polls open in just about 15 minutes at 6:00. reporting live in mcclain, megan mcgrath, news4. you'll also get a chance to give some financial relief. the military families in virginia choose a constitutional amendment on the ballot. it exempts spouses of military members who died in action from paying property taxes. this is only for a spouse's primary residenc and not valid if they remarry. in west virginia the winner of the u.s. senate race will make history. shelley capito is running against natalie tenant. either candidate will be the first woman elected to represent west virginia in the u.s. senate. moore-capito was the first republican senator from virginia in 56 years. both are trying to pick up the
5:49 am
seat from jay rockefeller who is retiring. polling places open at 6:30 this morning and close at 7:30 tonight. at the live desk with an update on breaking news we are following from arlington with firefighters on t scene of a house fire trying to put out the hot spots and also trying to figure out what started this fire that killed two people including a child. this happened in the 1100 block of south emerson street near the intersection of 11th street. we know 11th street is shut down near south anderson and south edison. two other people were taken to the hospital, one includes a child. at this point, we have no word on their conditions. >> angie goff from the live desk. thank you. your time is 5:49. police in baltimore county stop the teen they say was planning to kill people at his high school in townsend. this surprised parents at the george washington carver center for arts and technology.
5:50 am
the boy is facing adult charges including possession of a destructive device. police found homemade explosives and a gun at his home. investigators learned of his plan while interviewing him as a suspect in a car break-in. and look at these surveillance pictures. maryland state police need help identifying this who stole bank information fr atms by installing a skimmer and small camera. investigators s he made off with more than $100,000 in ann arundel and frederick counties. he may also be the same person to hit several atms belonging to sandy spring bank over the summer. federal investigators are still fining pieces of the shuttle that bro up. the parts were small enough that the wind may have carried them away. the spacecraft was designed to
5:51 am
take six people on sightseeing trips to space. investigators a trying to figure out what caused friday's crash. and investigators will piece together a timeline of what happened in the moments before a rocket exploded after lifting off from wallist island. they will join federal investigators to re out what happened. the rocket carried supplies and experiments boud r the international spa sti that exploded a week ago today. dulles airport is one of five where people traveling from africa or sierra leone are allowed to come. travelers are given a kit, thermometer, pictures containing more on symptoms and who to call if you're sick. and researchers from the
5:52 am
university of texas at austin say a vaccine saved nine monkeys that tested for the infection. they need more funding to continue the study but say they have been working on this particular vaccine for several years. now they await to see if it will work. today the national federal agency phone data program is constitutional. but collecting the data is important to national security. opponents point to a recent court restriction about the issue. and making names on the west coast. several nativ americans in california are asking the fcc to deny this.
5:53 am
the fcc chairman calls the name offensive by legal experts raise doubts any licenses can be revoked. time to get your election-day forecast. we want to know what it feels like when you head to the polls. >> it feels good when you go to vote. first things first, walk the g dog. we'll tell be in the mid-40s between 7:00 and 8:00. then between 8:00 to 9:00, still rather chilly near 50 degrees by then. and here's what to wear this morning. a light jacket. we'll have temperatures chilly for much of the morning, but then during the afternoon you can shed the jacket and use your sunglasses as we'll have the sunshine in and a southwesterly breeze warming us up from the low to mid-40s near the metro area. near the bay in the upper 40s. a few spots dipping into the
5:54 am
upper 30s from loudoun county to prince william. we are scanning the sky, no rain anywhere in the vicinity. dry roads and dry weather. then the sunroof open during the afternoon near 70 degrees throughout much of the region. we'll do that tomorrow. another day of rain on thursday with a cold front sweeping through triggering a few thundershowers ty afternoon. but not surprisingly windy as we are stuck in the 50s on friday. then on sunday, most of the day should be dry with a shower in the afternoon. a dry start to the first part of next week. breaking news on the roads this tuesday morning. we have breaking news at silver spring at new hampshire
5:55 am
avenue at randolph road. we have a police presence out here still completely shut down. take a look at what is shut down, new hampshire avenue near midland and the east randolph closed at vital way. it's a triangle of roads there. alternates are lahigh road or columbia where 11 et street is closed near south emerson and south edison. the beltway at kenil worth is moving along.qhñ0q 66 at 95 is looking pretty typical. i'm back in ten minutes. 5:55. if you drive on the beltway, beware of a new plan to crack down on maryland drivers. state and local authorities gave out 60 citations between friday and sunday. the plan is to crack down on drivers throughout the beltway for the first of the year.
5:56 am
they are also looking for a number of car brands. jackie deangelis is live with more on the investigation. good morning. >> report: good morning you. the national highway safety traffic administrn is opening a probe into whether honda failed to report to regulators deaths or injuries involving tocata air bags. the automakers must submit quarterly reports on death, injury and other claims. toyota has recall ed close to $ to $35 million. and nickel and diming these days to the tune of $50 billion just this year according to a new study by cartroller. doubled in the past five years
5:57 am
and consumers have adjusted becoming more accustomed to the fees. the average paying is looking to be near $7.75 an hour. and sears will stay open for 42 hours straight on thanksgiving. shoppers will come in at 6:00 p.m. at macy's. stores are going to capitalize on predictions for you to spend 4% more this year than last year. polls in virginia will open in just minutes. and an hour in upper marlboro. we are looking at the race between anthony brown and larry hogan is closer than otherwise predicted. and tom kierein has your forecast. and melissa mollet is checking
5:58 am
on the roads whennetoy" contins.
5:59 am
breaking news in arlington where two people are dead this morning after a fire. >> we have a crew on the scene right now. news4's angie goff is following breaking news from the live
6:00 am
desk. angie? >> reporter: yes, just into the live desk, we know the news4 crew is on the scene right now of this deadly fire in arlington. what we do know at this point is a child among two people killed in this fire. two other people were taken to the hospital. one of those people being a child. this is happening in the 1100 block of south emerson street near 11th street. so 11th street shut down as fire crews continue to investigate what started this fire near south emerson and south edison. it will be blocked off for an unknown amount of time we are being told. we're working right now to find out what started this fire and what condition the people that are in the hospital are in. we're hoping to bring you live pictures coming up shortly throughout the hour. eun? angie goff, thank you. we are also following breaking news in your first 4 traffic. melissa mollet is here with that. >> breaking news, chopper 4 now over the crash in silver spring with a pedestrian struck. looks like this might be the vehicle that hit t


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