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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 4, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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and good afternoon. our decision 2014 coverage just minutes away know. >> but first, an update on a developing story. we have just learned new information about a fire that has devastated a local neighborhood. this home wept up you in claims and now we know about the human toll. >> news4's wendy rieger starts us off at the live desk with more. >> this fire claimed half of a family of four, killing a mother and her youngest daughter. family members identified the victims as mary barkes and her 7-year-old daughter, emily. they say the pair got stuck inside after two other family members did manage to get out. that fire broke out early this morning at the home that's along south emerson street in arlington. and we're told there were no working smoke detectors inside. the victim's father told pat collins this is a devastating time for this family. >> i just loved my wife six months ago. and we took care of her for six years at home.
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i'm having a hard time getting through this. why does this have to happen? >> at this point, no word on what may have sparked that fire. p pat collins will have more on the victims and investigation in our next hour. back to you. >> weapon de, thank you. first at 4:00, the video that has everybody talking. we just learned a close connection to our area a day after this video of a scary abduction went public. coming up in about 15 minutes, we'll show you the investigation of an abduction in philadelphia just spread much closer to the washington area. voters still have time to get to polls across the area with some big decisions at stake today. d.c. voters will choose a new mayor. there are six candidates including d.c. council members, muriel bowser and david catania.
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schwartz is making her fifth run. three council seats are up for grabs and for the first time ever, d.c. voters will select an attorney general. in maryland, the race for the state's next governor. voters at the polls deciding there who they want to replace outgoing governor martin o'mall o'malley. lieutenant governor anthony brown or republican larry hogan. >> and there are two big races to watch in virginia in the u.s. senate. incumbent democrat mark warner is facing off against ed gillespie and libertarian robert sar advice and come stock is running against john faust for the seat in the house. we have team coverage of election day. let's get started with northern virginia bureau chief julie carey in mclean. >> reporter: i'm at the polling place. you can see republicans and democrats doing a last bit of pitching. this precinct is in mclean and that is in the tenth
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congressional district where we will closely be watching that race tonight between republican barbara comstock and democrat john faust. the first time in more than 30 years a new member of congress will be elected out of this district. we started our day out in another part of the tenth congressional district out in ashburn. we were at belmont ridge middle school. there are two precincts there, so it's usually a busy polling place. i talked to a member of the assembly started at the polls just before 6:00 this morning and said there were 40 people lined up ready to go in as soon as the doors opened. i talked to registrars both in loudoun and fairfax county and they described turnout as steady, not heavy. at midday, they saw between 10 and 20% of the registered voters come in. they hope to reach between 40 and 50% by the time the polls close tonight at 7:00 p.m. coming up on news4 at 5:00, we'll talk to voters out there in loudoun county about those two marquis race.
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we're focused on the u.s. senate race and the tenth district congressional race. from mclean, i'm julie carey, news4. >> thanks, julie. we're closely watching the race for maryland's next governor. chris gordon is live it at the polling station at largo high school with more. chris? >> reporter: good afternoon. you see more voters are showing up now that work is ending and people are coming here before dinner. we expect the rush this evening. prince george's county is considered primarily democratic, but the maryland governor's race is no sure thing. republican candidate larry hogan campaigned here heavily, and his father served as county executive and representative to the u.s. congress decades ago. it is also important to remember that prince george's county is home to the democratic candidate, lieutenant governor anthony brown. here in prince george's county, the majority of voters we spoke with today cast their ballots
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for anthony brown. >> i voted for brown. >> why? >> because i like the executive to continue with what they were doing for the past eight years. >> reporter: at leisure world in silver spring, life-long democrat debby shankman voted for republican larry hogan today. >> well, i did something i've never done before. i voted republican, because i wasn't happy with brown. so i voted for hogan. >> reporter: martin o'malley, who is term limited and moving on is working to make his lieutenant governor, anthony brown, his successor. >> does it surprise you this governor's race is as tight as the polls indicate it may be? >> not really. having been through this a couple of times, chris. i mean, in my two races for governor, the polls appeared to narrow before the final decision. >> reporter: you can have an impact on the final decision if you haven't voted yet. maryland polls stay open until
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8:00 p.m. that's the latest live at largo high school, chris gordon, news4. a potentially serious voting problem was averted in the district. election officials say four electronic polling books were stolen overnight from davis elementary school, a polling site in southeast. the devices are used to check people in. they were replaced before voting got started this morning. election officials say no personal information was compromised. the news4 i-team is tracking issues. if you see problems, call 202-885-4444. tweet nbc4iteam or send an e-mail to d.c. police are searching for a driver now who hit a pedestrian and took off after 1:00 this afternoon at the intersection of new york avenue and blade ensburg road in northeast. the man hit has serious injuries but is expected to recover.
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witnesses tell police they think the car that hit the man was a taxi. the car and driver still haven't been found. we are learning new information about how an accused criminal escaped from a d.c. mental facility. kenneth clayton was being held for assault and other charges. he escaped from the psychiatric institute of washington yesterday morning. we just shared his picture on our facebook page again as the search for him continues. we just found out he got out of a back door in an area where privacy restrictions keep police out. turning to ow our weather now, a beautiful past few days, but it's not going to last much longer. >> storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson has the rest of that story from the weather center. hey, veronica. >> hey, guys. already the clouds got us today, but it's been terrific voting weather today. any time it's dry, that's terrific, right? yeah. but, again, the clouds have got us, and we do have areas with a south easterly wind that are much cooler than other locations. look at this, 60 degrees, pax
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river, your cool spot. 70 in leesburg. 73 in frederick, maryland, and mt. eerie, everywhere it's cloud cover across the area now and we expect most clouds to be hanging tough throughout the overnight period. so maybe a little tough to see those meteor showers. dry on the radar. evening voting, we drop to the low 60s. and yes, we're talking about rain. i'll show when it moves in and how much your neighborhood could get, coming up. screening inside an airplane cabin. we'll tell you about the bizarre incident that injured crew members just moments after takeoff. plus, so much at stake. we'll break down the potential power shift that could happen in this election that could impact our country for years. and one of the country's most popular airlines now accused of shoddy maintenance work. the big new concerns now about your safety in the skies. we're coming right back.
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she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington post called comstock's behavior "an apparent breach of congressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock. patriot majority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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political control of the u.s. senate is in the balance right now. and depends on the decisions of voters in three dozen states. polling has been favoring republicans who have fewer seats to defend. news4's aaron gilchrist explains what's at stake. >> there are 36 seats in 33 states up for grabs right now. seven in states where democrats are retiring, and president obama lost in 2012. west virginia is the one closest to us. shelly moore kippito is the favorite to become the first republican senator in more than 50 years. south dakota and montana are also favored to go red. here's how we expect the races to shake out today. in order for democrats to win, they'll have to hold off republicans in new hampshire, north carolina and a majority of the eight other battleground states that you see here in purple. now if it's close, they have a
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built-in advantage, too. the two independence in congress currently caucus with democrats, and that could tip the balance. and if the republicans gain just five seats, the senate is tied with vice president joe biden, the tie-breaker in favor of democrats. now, no matter what happens today, it could be months before we hear some final results. if no candidates win 50% of louisiana and georgia here, well then those states could go to runoff elections. louisiana is in december and georgia is not until january of 2015. i'm aaron gilchrist. news4. by now you know some of the big races across the country and here at home. but there are also some that impact your community. that includes a transportation referendum in fairfax county, the first ever race for county executive in frederick, maryland. and a contentious race for mayor in leesburg. it's a mystery that has captured the nation's attention. now this national story comes to our backyard as the investigation into a woman's
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frightening disappearance. her abduction inches closer to this area. >> please give her back. please give her back.
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now at 4:15, new developments in the heart-stopping abduction of a woman caught on surveillance video. >> yeah, this happened in philadelphia sunday night and now we learned the suspect has
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been seen in maryland. here's news4's barbara harrison in the studio. >> pat, jim, the victim's name in this case is car lescha freeland gaither, she is a nurse at the presbyterian hospital in philadelphia. we learned her credit card was used at a bank in aberdeen, maryland, on monday morning by a man with a similar description to the suspect. that's about 100 miles north of where freeland gaither grew up, 75 miles south of the philadelphia neighborhood where she was living with relatives. she went to philadelphia to pursue a nursing career. sunday night she was walking home from a party for her godson when she was grabbed. police aren't sure she knew the man. she kicked out both back windows of the car, trying to escape. today her family pleaded for her return to philadelphia, calling her a fighter. >> please give her back. just please give her back.
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please. >> just release her. we're not asking for anything else. again, like i said before, if anything, we want somebody -- just get me, not here. >> i got you, just come home. just come home. i love you so much. i love you. everybody loves you. everybody loves you. >> police have interviewed her boyfriend in philadelphia and ex-boyfriend in maryland. neither is considered a suspect. philly police are now working with maryland state police and the fbi, and there is a $45,000 reward in this case. jim? pat? >> thanks, barbara. first at 4:00, we have learned a 7-year-old man was hit and killed crossing the street in silver spring. police say he was hit crossing new hampshire avenue at randolph road this morning. the driver stayed at the scene.
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it's not clear if he was in the crosswalk when he was hit shortly before 5:00 a.m. we're learning more about violent turbulence that affected an air france flight from paris to new york. flight 006 was forced to turn around after severe turbulence injured three crew members in the skies over northern england. the flight landed safely. injured crew members were treated for concussions. no one else was hurt. did you see it? it lit up the skies and social media. take a look at this. a ball of fire spotted last night streaking across western japan. experts believe it was a fireball meteor, a piece of asteroid that ignites when it enters the earth's atmosphere. it was captured on several cameras. scientists say they happen quite often but it is rare to have video footage of one. >> you want clear skies for that, vj. >> yes. we have clouds around right now, but, of course, we know there were a few reports of some
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meteors, fireballs in our night sky last night around here. so what are our chances tonight? well, i think up to the north around northern maryland where the clouds could thin a bit and even break up, there is a chance. the south current meteors. we could see on average seven per hour, but with the cloud cover, we're fighting that, along with the full moon too. it's tonight and november 5th. so a chance of fireball, epgsnally bright ors. this a live view. we are, however, going to be keeping our eyes on areas south of d.c., because there might be a shower that tries to fire around there. 66 your temperature now. by 9:00 p.m., we drop to 62. yes, we're calling for, again, mostly cloudy skies across the area. even as we get into the late evening. this area up to the north could thin, hagerstown, frederick, columbia, maryland, into montgomery county and olney and to west around frostburg,
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maryland. but then again tomorrow morning, we're mostly cloudy again. so that's going to be very brief thinning and breaking up of those clouds. no rain expected really tomorrow. it is going to be mild, despite the cloud cover, and any shower activity should stay well off in central and southern areas of west virginia. as we get into wednesday night late and early thursday morning, better chance of rain. in fact, it could be a little heavier, that rain that falls at times during the day on thursday. and we'll be up along later to tell how much your neighborhood could get. most of the rain will be pushing out around lunch time on thursday. behind it, we're breezy, and yes, there will be some more cold air that follows. just not quite as potent as what we had with the last round. the last way, it was brutal last weekend for so early in the season. 61 to 69 degrees. mild under mostly cloudy skies for tomorrow. the high temperature on thursday, 67. so we drop it a degree. and then into the 50s starting
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on friday. that's the colder air that i was talking about. breezy conditions on friday. the high temperature just 53. yes, there will be some 30s starting out friday morning. and especially saturday morning. look at this. 39, i think our range in temperature saturday morning will be anywhere from about 33 to 39 degrees. into the 50s we'll have a detailed look at your weekend. and again, more on that rainfall amount for thursday coming up later. new concerns about the spread of ebola in west africa. thousands of people in sierra leone are apparently ignoring quarantines in order to find food. the government and u.n. food programs are responsible for delivering food to people who have been ordered to stay in their homes. but many aid agencies there say the deliveries aren't reaching everybody. meanwhile, a doctor in new york city is still in the hospital fighting ebola, but his condition does continue to improve. health officials say dr. craig spencer is now stable. however, he'll stay in isolation
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for now. spencer was admitted to bellevue hospital two weeks ago after testing positive for the virus. he had been treating ebola patients in guinea. does the punishment fit the crime? we'll tell you why there's a brand-new push now to increase the amount of time that oscar pistorius will spend behind bars. and a heads up for thousands of drivers. we'll at the you if your car just made a new recall list so you can stay safe on the road. we want to hear from you. follow us on facebook and twitter and get in on the conversation.
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first at 4:00, what's old is new at the top of the museum. former usa today editor peter pritchard, will move back into his old role as ceo. the museum has struggled to pay its bills since 2008. pritchard says he's optimistic for the future because attendance and fund-raising are both on the rise. football star adrian peterson won't be going to jail for abusing his son. this afternoon the vikings' running back pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of reckless assault. he's admitted to hitting his 4-year-old son with a switch. a judge ordered him to pay a fine and perform community service. the plea also means he will avoid a trial. if the nfl agrees, peterson could be playing football again as early as this month. prosecutors in south africa want to see oscar pistorius spend more than five years in prison. they filed court papers today, appealing his sentence. last month, a judge sentenced
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the track star to five years for the shooting death of his girlfriend. pistorius has maintained it was an accident. in legal papers, the prosecution calls the sentence shockingly light, and inappropriate. southwest airlines says it's looking forward to fighting a new lawsuit over plane repairs. the justice department is suing the airline for $12 million. it claims a contractor hired by southwest didn't follow safety standards when it made extensive repairs on dozens of planes. repairs to keep the aluminum skin from cracking. southwest disagrees. the lawsuit was filed after a settlement couldn't be reached. tomorrow night, the loudoun county school board of supervisors will vote on a pay raise. technically, they're not voting on their own salaries, because the increase would not go into effect until 2016, after the next board election in 2015. but nearly all of the supervisors are expected to run for re-election, according to the "washington post." if those raises go through, the board chairman's salary will
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increase from 50 to $70,000. the vice chairman and district supervisors could get a $10,000 raise. several school board members oppose the raises. once i had gotten in there, i realized, hey, i have access to everybody's stuff. hacking into a celebrity's phone was child's play for this guy. now a confessed super hacker comes clean to nbc's jeff rossen, and what he found out may shock you. and it's a law that's been controversial since day one. we'll tell you about some of the problems that you, our viewers, have run into so far today at the polls. and more team coverage of decision 2014. stay with us. cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty?
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. after months of planning and tens of millions of dollars spent, the day is finally here. decision tw2014. we're tracking the big decisions and hiccups along the way. and in just a few hours, we should know whether marijuana will be legalized in the district. d.c. already decriminalized the possession of marijuana last year. if today's ballot initiative passes, it will become legal to own or grow small amounts. in maryland, voters are deciding who they want to be the state's next governor. republican larry hogan or lieutenant governor anthony brown. recent polls show a toss-up. democrats outnumber republicans
4:31 pm
almost two to one in maryland. right now news4 is working to clear up some confusion over voter i.d. issues in virginia. now, here are some acceptable forms of i.d. all must have your name and your picture. a credit card, your work i.d., a tribal i.d. or military i.d. also any federal or state of virginia or dmv issued photo i.d. card. the fairfax county office of elections tells us, you don't need your address on your i.d. news4 is working for you on this election day. if you have voting issues or problems, contact the news4 i-team this evening. call 202-885-4444, or e-mail first at 4:00 today, a federal appeals court panel here in washington waded into the debate over national security versus privacy rights. an activist lawyer is challenging the national security agency's bulk collection of data on u.s. phone
4:32 pm
calls. his lawsuit led a judge to rule the surveillance program is likely unconstitutional. the government is trying to get that ruling thrown out. he is one of the most sophisticated hackers law enforcement has ever seen. he taught himself how to steal your credit cards and hack into celebrity's cell phones. now this super hacker is sharing his secrets in an exclusive interview with nbc's jeff rossen. and you may be surprised to discover what he used. >> reporter: his resume reads like a criminal playbook. as a teenager, hacking into countless companies, stealing over a quarter million credit cards, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of his victims' money. he hacked his school records, changing grades. broke into burger king's verified twitter account. even hacked secure police databases. >> it was easy. too easy. >> reporter: after years in hiding, super hacker cameron
4:33 pm
lacroix, revealing himself, and breaking his violence in an exclusive interview with nbc news. how young were you when you started playing around on the computers and accessing personal information? >> 11 or 12 years old. >> reporter: that young. >> yeah. >> reporter: and by the time he was 16, cameron pulled off his biggest hack of all. a celebrity hacking. unlocking paris hilton's cell phone, posting her personal contacts, e-mails and nude photos online. how did you do it? >> it all started because i wanted a free t-mobile phone. once i had got in there, i realized, hey, i have access to everybody's stuff. i looked her up, and sure enough, it was under her name. i went into it and was shocked at what i saw. >> reporter: why post it online? >> i wanted to be known. i wanted to be famous. >> reporter: ever apologize to her? >> no, but i would. >> reporter: you can do it right now. >> paris, i'm sorry i put your information online.
4:34 pm
should never have done it. i wouldn't want it done to me. sorry. >> reporter: but that was just the beginning. cameron spent nearly a decade hacking anything he could, and getting away with it. how much money do you think you've made from your victims? >> i would say $500,000, could be more. >> reporter: how complex of an operation is this? are you sitting in a room with lots of laptops and main frames going on or just one laptop on your bed? >> i had a $300 toshiba laptop from best buy. nothing else. >> reporter: and with that cheap laptop, he says he could access the country's top stores, like the recent hacks at target and home depot. the big chains we use every day, say we're increasing our security. you don't have to be worried about using a credit card at our store. do you buy it? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: you think we're all still vulnerable? >> absolutely, yeah. you could put much put together a blueprint to do anything. if something is connected to the internet, it's vulnerable. >> reporter: little did cameron know the fbi was hot on his
4:35 pm
trail and last year finally caught him. >> probably one of the most scariest things that's ever happened. >> reporter: but in a twist made for the movies -- >> welcome to the fbi. >> reporter: the fbi asked cameron to teach them all his tricks. >> you got any other checks? >> reporter: just like leonardo dicaprio in "catch me if you can." >> why work with law enforcement? the same people that busted you. why help them? >> i've caused a lot of harm. i just want to help. i've got to fix this. >> cameron lacroix served time in juvenile detention for the paris hilton hack, and even though he cooped wirated with t fbi, he still has to pay a price. days after that interview, he was sentenced to four years in prison. he says he does plan to go legit when he gets out. ford is recalling nearly a quarter million vehicles for serious safety issues. the biggest and most serious recall involves f-150 pickups and ford flex crossovers from
4:36 pm
2014. faulty weight sensors can stop air bags from deploying in a crash. another recall affects crown vic mercury marquis and lincoln town cars they have been recalled once now ford says repairs were improperly done and can cause loss of steering. a circus stunt gone wrong and all caught on camera. now someone is about to pay up, and it's not as much as you might think. plus, it could have been the next big school tragedy and it's a little too close for comfort. how it was stopped just in time. storm team 4 tracking some changes coming our way. vj? >> yeah, that change is wet weather. we're already tracking rain. some neighborhoods could see as little as a tenth of an inch. other neighborhoods could see as much as a third. we'll share with you the latest information coming in on news4 at 4:00.
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this cell phone video sent gasps around the world. scircus performers dangling by their hair, plummeting to the ground. now the circus is being ordered to pay a $7,000 fine. today national safety regulators said the apparatus was too heavy and in violation of industry
4:40 pm
standards. ring ling brothers and barnum and bailey circus is expected to appeal the fine. nine women were hurt in that accident in rhode island in may. cell service provider, sprint, is losing customers and its employees are paying for it. the nation's third-largest carrier is laying off 2,000 workers to save $400 million. sprint plans other moves to save more than $1 billion overall. the company lost 272,000 subscribers during the third quarter. august was the worst month the company has ever seen. the vatican is now weighing in on the suicide of american brittney maynard. today a vatican official called her suicide reprehensible. but he also said he's judging her act, not brittney maynard as an individual. she ended her life on saturday at the age of 29. she suffered from terminal brain cancer. before her death, she became an internet celebrity after going public with her view that she wanted to die with dignity.
4:41 pm
president obama resumes his so-called pivot to asia next week. he'll be visiting china, myanmar and australia to focus on the global economy and the u.s. relationship with countries in the asia-pacific region. his itinerary includes a visit with the chinese president. a russian member of the taliban in virginia today. this is the first time a military detainee from afghanistan has been brought to the u.s. for trial. he is a russian veteran of the soviet war in afghanistan. he defected to the taliban. he was captured in 2009 after an attack on u.s. forces. he's been held in a facility at bagram air field since then. today a judge in richmond set his arraignment for friday. in just a couple of hours now, we could know who will be coming here to work in washington from incumbents to businessmen and women to singers. it's a day that could change the course of our country. if you haven't had a chance to vote yet, we'll take a look at whether you'll need the coat
4:42 pm
or umbrella this evening, as well as some changes on the way for us. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at you're watching news4 at 4:00. and welcome back to news4 at 4:00 right now. anxiety and excitement just ahead this evening as we're just hours away now from the first votes being tallied while storm team 4 gears up for a storm system heading our way, and wendy rieger joins us with new information on a tragic fire.
4:45 pm
first at 4:45, to the most dramatic races of the night, and their importance to theel ba of power on capitol hill. steve handelsman is live with the blame president obama will get if democrats lose the senate tonight. >> thanks, good evening. this is a contest nationally between the republicans and the president. but it's tough and tricky to predict, because they're both unpopular. republican mitch mcconnell could become senate majority leader. >> well, i'm hoping we're going to have a new majority to take america in a different direction. >> reporter: and he's hoping to be re-elected. democrat allison will you knowder green grimes is close in kentucky polls where many voters like voters everywhere today are upset at congress. >> it's time for changes all around. >> reporter: independent greg orman could beat three-term incumbent pat roberts. >> so go out and vote today. >> reporter: but the main theme
4:46 pm
today is democrats struggling. michelle nun in georgia. incumbent mary landrieu in louisiana. bruce brailly in iowa, where democrats have the senate seat, but the republican could win it. many voters say their ballots send a message about the top democrat. >> i think as much as anything, it was probably a vote against obama. >> reporter: that's a factor intense governor races today. and in the 435 elections for the house of representatives, where republicans seem sure to enlarge their majority, it's been ad nause nauseam. >> pretty soon you are going to want to do this to your tv. >> reporter: 3 to $4 billion worth. a record. >> i haven't watched tv for about two weeks, because i can't stabbed to watch the ads. >> reporter: what to watch tonight, if incumbent new hampshire democratic senator jean shaheen loses to republican scott brown. that could signal a wave of wins for the gop. but if republicans do win
4:47 pm
control of the u.s. senate, they still will not have enough votes to override obama vetoes, and end the gridlock up here. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> thank you, steve. he's hoping to go from "american ido "american idol" to capitol hill. clay aiken cast his ballot today. he will face a tough battle against renee ellmers. the district he's running in near raleigh is mostly republican. virginia's seven county district race will be one to watch as well tonight where dave brat upset house majority leader eric cantor in the republican primary. brat is running against democrat jack trammell. both are professors at randolph macon college. the district runs from the west end of richmond, north, including culpeper. our decision 2014 coverage is just getting started here on nbc 4 and
4:48 pm
we'll be cutting in throughout the evening as the results come in, and don't miss a special one-hour edition of news4 at 11:00. saw some clouds today. what's the night hold, veronica? >> it's going to be dry, but we're talking about that transition already as we go from jackets this week to umbrellas toward the end of the week, and, yes, back to coats again. the roller coaster ride conditions. so a cloudy sunset for us as we look forward again, rain toward the end of the week, and another cool to cold weekend for us. first thing tomorrow morning, what to wear as the kids go back to school. a lot of them that had a couple days off here, just a light jacket in order for tomorrow. but again, talking about plenty of cloud cover still across the area. here's a look at high temperatures across the area for your wednesday going up to 68 degrees in d.c. 68 la plata. 66 gaithersburg to 70 degrees around stafford. quantico and fredericksburg. so your exercise impact forecast for wednesday, gray skies, overcast. high overcast.
4:49 pm
but dry conditions. we start out in the low 50s. we'll see high temperatures easily hit the upper 50s by lunch time. there is your noon hour. 2:00, 3:00, even hanging around, upper 60s by around 4:00 or 5:00. then it's rain for wednesday night, and doug, you've taken a look at neighborhood amounts across the area and what we can see. >> that's right. we're talking about this making its way in during the day on thursday and thursday morning could start off rather wet. let's look and we'll show what we're talking about here as we move through our next chance of rain making its way our way during the day tomorrow. but kind of fizzling out tomorrow, just dealing with cloud cover. but then the rain moves in. and it is going to be fairly heavy in some locations early on thursday. and i think it will affect your rush hour. as far as how much we're going to be seeing, well, thursday rain forecast looks like this. right now we're thinking about a third of an inch north of d.c. and about a tenth of an inch to the south. so this is not going to be a big system. but it is going to impact your morning, especially thursday morning's commute. maybe even a thursday evening commute in some areas. we'll talk much more about that at 5:15.
4:50 pm
and then again, vj, return to the cold. >> right. and that could be as early as friday morning. take a look. here's friday, that cold again. all the way down to areas like southern virginia. down through the carolinas. another cold wave of air. here is your storm team four-day forecast. tomorrow, 68, thursday, 67. there is your wet weather. by the time we get to friday morning, into the 30s and 40s. 53 for a high temperature on friday. and the weekend right now not quite as big of a bite as what we had last weekend. but it will be cool. talking about a few showers moving back in on sunday. and then more cold follows again as we work our way into the early part of next week. high temperature on monday just a 52 degrees. a lot more, details of this weather system for thursday providing us with rain and a nasty morning rush on thursday. guys? >> thanks, veronica. there is tragedy right now for an arlington community. wendy rieger is at the live desk with more on a devastating fire.
4:51 pm
>> well, pat, we told you earlier this hour, that fire took the life of a mother and her youngest daughter. now we're hearing about the heroic actions of the father. that house fire this morning in arlington went up quickly, and it was immediately clear to neighbors it could end very badly. mary and emily barkes were unable to get out of that house alive. a 7-year-old was also trapped inside, but now we're hearing her father saved her and hurt himself in the process. news4's pat collins spoke with the grandfather. it was quite emotional, as you can imagine. he will be joining us in a few minutes at the top of the hour with more on this family's loss, the father's heroism and why it took 70 firefighters to get that fire put out. i'll see you at 5:00. back to you. >> all right, see you in a few, wendy, thank you. an important deadline is looming now for hundreds of prince george's county students. they could be barred from school come tomorrow, if they don't have all their shots. darcy spencer is working on the story for news4 at 5:00 tonight.
4:52 pm
>> i'm darcy spencer at a health clinic in prince george's county. more than 400 school children could be forced to stay home tomorrow here in the county, because they don't yet have they're required immunizations. county school officials say they have done everything they can to educate parents about these requirements. but still, hundreds of kids still haven't gotten their vaccinations. >> i think there are a multitude of reasons why patients haven't gotten their vaccines, one being we have a large influx of new immigrant parents. so a lot of them have not brought their vaccine records, so a lot of them are missing vaccines because they're moving into the school system in pg county. >> so what if these children who have not gotten their vaccinations show up for school on wednesday? i'll tell you what the plan is coming up in my report. news4 at 5:00. in the delphi, darcy spencer, news4. they say he's a kind, sweet boy, and they can't believe he would try to do something like
4:53 pm
this. his plan for a school tragedy in our region. plans that have now been foiled.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
an oregon woman often blogged about her struggles raising her autistic son. today she is accused of killing the 6-year-old boy by throwing him off of a bridge and then caulking police to tell them. julian mccabe was arrested shortly after the boy named london was found in a bay late last night.
4:56 pm
since then, we have also learned that mccabe was also caring for her husband, who suffers from ms. she is being held on $750,000 bail. a developing story right now in maryland. residents of a baltimore area community are shaking their heads. a boy who everybody thought was kind and sweet is now accused of plotting to blow up his school. lisa robinson tells what led to his arrest. >> sweet young man, and very kind-hearted, and that's why this is difficult. >> reporter: regina describes 16-year-old sash as kind and a gifted artist. she's lived across the street from the family for almost 20 years, and he and her daughter grew up together. >> that's why this is difficult. it's hitting everybody from -- just not expected. and i just hope that he's -- that whatever is happening, he's going to get what he needs. >> reporter: the 16-year-old is now being charged as an adult
4:57 pm
after police say he admit he was planning to bringing a gun and explosives to school at carver center for arts and technology and kill people. according to police, the case unfolded late saturday afternoon when they say an investigation into car break-ins at the mountain grill led them to his parents' house a few blocks away. investigators say the teen went into detail about his plans to kill people at the school. >> the boy showed us a gun he had in his bedroom. he showed us some home-made explosive devices. he's are crude devices made with ordinary household materials. once those were found, we, of course, dispatched our hazardous materials unit. they came and rendered those safe. >> reporter: the teen told police he took the handgun from his father's job, but investigators didn't say where that is. no one came to the door at the teen's home. employees at the grill say he's a regular at the restaurant.
4:58 pm
>> he's a little guy. he would come in and sit at one of the tables and sleep. we even comped him food one day. we gave him something to eat. >> news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. right now at 5:00, decision day. >> we're at the election polls as voters wait in line. >> and watching every development on social media with early reports of problems and the first lawsuit. >> nbc washington and nbc news has team coverage and midterm elections all the way to the finish. >> on this election day, new k accusatio accusations. >> we have a lot of big developments we're following at the polls. first at 5:00, new developments with a family tragedy. >> with their house engulfed in flames and two daughters upstairs, a mother and father made split-second decisions. >> but only one of them made it out. this is a heartbreaking story.
4:59 pm
of it has devastating an arlington community. the mother and her 7-year-old daughter lost. tonight news4's pat collins is learning more about the heroism that occurred on south emerson street today. heroism that saved one of those girls who was trapped upstairs. >> reporter: wen kdy, we begin r story with james white. six months ago, he lost his wife. today, he lost his daughter and granddaughter in a vicious fire here in arlington. >> i don't know why i'm still here. they took my granddaughter. and my daughter. it's horrible. i don't know why we have to go through this. >> reporter: this is a picture of james white. his daughter, mary, and his granddaughter emily. this morning, mr. white lost his daughter and granddaughter in a blistering fire at a home on
5:00 pm
south emerson street in arlington. what are you going to remember most about mary? >> that she was a good mother. and a hard worker. and a good wife. >> reporter: and what about emily? what are you going to remember about her? >> everything. >> reporter: was she your favorite granddaughter? >> i hate to say favorite, but yeah. >> reporter: inside the house at the time of the fire, bill barkes. his wife, mary barkes, and their two daughters, 11-year-old sarah, and 7-year-old emily. mr. white tells this story. he says his son-in-law, bill barkes, managed to get out of the house and then use a ladder to go up and rescue his 11-year-old daughter, sarah. but halfway down, they fell off the ladder. in the meantime, he says his daughter mary was inside. she called 911 and t


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