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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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that's going to be right around
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8:00, 9:00 tonight coming right into the metro area. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11 when storm team 4 x 4 hits the road. breaking news on the roads now. breaking news. two new crashes on 66. first of all, both of them are eastbound. first between nutley and the beltway. the second at sully road. another at the beltway. that cleared out of the way. but 66 is fairly slow the entire way because of that, trying to get chopper over this for you. 66 hopping on prince william parkway, centreville, you're about 40 miles per hour because of the two crashes. 95 in virginia, dale city, very close. 15 miles per hour. that's just normal volume for you. nothing happening there. wider look at things. looking typical top of the beltway. slow as you approach colesville road. nothing happening. just volume there. beltway at st. barnabas looking quite good. up here, 95 in maryland, bw
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parkway, no problems. travel times in 10 minutes. >> thank you, melissa. we'll see you then. 6:02. the big story, republican larry logan the second republican governor in the state in half a century. in d.c., democrat muriel bowser will be the next mayor. and the senate race is too close to call. it is separated by 12,000 votes. take a look here. incumbent mark warner leading by less than a point this morning. now the process begins to make sure every vote is counted and the results are accurate. >> that process starts this morning at the fairfax county government center. news 4 megan mcgrath is live with a look at what's next. megan, good morning. well, good morning. a very, very tight race. too close to call. mark warner had 49%.
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ed gillespie had 48% of the vote. only 12,000 votes separating them. 99% of the precincts have reported. officials will certify the results at 9:00 this morning. ed gillespie has not conceded. he said he wants to see what the numbers are like today. however,ark warner last night speaking to his supporters, well, he struck a victorious tone saying voters are tired of the partisan bickering. >> they recognize and why i think we were tonight, e end of the day they want to hire folks that can work across party lines and actually people the people's business first. you have given me the chance to go back and continue that fight. no matter what the opposition may say, this race is not going to be decided until
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the last vote is counted. >> and as the electoral board begins the canvas process later this morning, they will cut the the tape to the room where the votes were kept overnight. we of course will be there for all of that. this is a race we will be watching throughout the course of the day. back to you guys in the studio. >> megan mcgrath live in fairfax county for us. thank you. we want to take you through the recount rules in virginia. only the apparent losing candidate can ask for a recount. if a difference in the vote is less than half a%, tax payers foot the bill. if it is between half a percent and you with 1%, gillespie's campaign must pay. you can download the nbc washington app to get a push alert with any new developments on the race. it is 6:05. now to other races in virginia. jerry connoly crewsed in the
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district. he took scholte with 11% of the vote. and from council member to mayor, muriel bowser will be leading d.c. for the next four years. >> she beat david catania. >> today's outcome confirms you want to be proud of your leadership and your leaders. we are washington, d.c., and i pledge tonight that i will make you proud. >> bowser's ward 4 council seat will have to be filled now with a special election. >> new clues in the search for a woman kidnapped off a philadelphia street. the new evidence police are going over and a growing connection this has to maryland. >> violence and video games. we have a better idea whether violent games could make your child lash out. and your morning is off to a cool start. temperatures will change every hour today on your weather and
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traffic on the 1s at 6:11. stay with us.
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welcome back. new this morning, two new studies say violence in media and violence in real life have no impact on each other. a second study found in link between paying violent video games over a five-year period. both studies are published in the journal of communication. as you step out this morning, get ready for the cool air to greet you but not too cool. >> we are watching a change in temperatures as the day continues. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is in with the storm team
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4 x 4. >> reporter: good morning, eun and aaron. this morning we're in fairfax and temperatures are in the mid-50s. about a 10 degree improvement over yesterday. look what i'm tracking here. rain drops across northern and western maryland. that's all coming our way. it will probably be after dark before it starts to impact your day. temperatures mostly in the 50s this morning. it will be another mild day. we will get sunshine primarily in the front half of the day. most of us will wait until after the sun goes down. the farther west you live, if you're close to i-81, front royal, winchester, martinsburg, hagerstown, rain drops will probably impact you a little bit sooner there. that is a chuck on the forecast. breaking news with melissa mow
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lay. chopper over the scene. if you see this it is very slow right now. just ahead of that initial crash, a second crash. going to be slow on 66 until these get out of the way. taking a look at travel times. 95 northbound, quantico to the beltway, 38 minutes. 395 northbound, 13 minutes. running on time there. in maryland, 495 outer loop, pretty slow, 17 minutes. not so bad 270 south from jermantown to the beltway at 16 minutes. i am back at 6:21 with another look over 66. melissa, thank you. a man wanted for aing taing a police officer is back on the street. how he escaped from custody without much of a hassle. plus, many of us use them when we send text messages. the major change that could be coming to emojis.
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6:156789 decision 2014, republican barbara comstock beat foust to represent northern virginia in congress. comstock becomes the first woman ever to represent the state's 10th district. >> this is a heated battle with john foust. there were a lot of heated ads, including where comstock uses a quote from foust saying he doesn't think comstock ever had a real job. she talks about what she wants to do in washington. >> getting things done and working together and bringing people together to solve the problems we have. that's what i plan on doing. she will replace frank wolf who is retiring. she said she would serve in his great tradition. president obama will meet with
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congressional leaders friday after republicans swept congress. they will layout their agenda for the next two years. they will focus on on jobs, energy and tax reform. we are following a developing story out of pennsylvania right now. the search is on for a person of interest in connection with a woman abducted off the street in philadelphia. the woman has ties to st. mary's county, maryland. police released this new video of a person of interest in aberdeen. katie, good morning >> reporter: good morning, eun. philadelphia police still do not know where this 22-year-old nursing aide is. but new this morning, they have new video of her being abducted. they have a photo of a man using her atm card. she was last seen walking home sunday night. here's video of the moment before she was abducted. it she's the the suspect approach her. look closely and you see him
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reach for her hand. when the victim tries to get around him, he lunges and grabs her. a pair struggles down the block. then they are forced into the car and driven off. hours after the abduction, the victim's bank card was used in aberdeen, maryland. a source close to the investigation says the man who used it took out cash. sometime later in the same shopping center, a man matching the description appears inside a gas station convenience store. he purposefully walks to the back of the store, grabs a bottle of water and pays and leaves. they dusted for fingerprints inside that convenience store. >> her family tells us she was raised in california, maryland. they fear her abductor could be a former boyfriend. >> katie, thank you. police looking for a man who escaped from a psychiatric ward
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in the district. he is accused of attacking a police officer. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire that killed a mother and her 7-year-old daughter in arlington. we brought this as breaking news yesterday morning and have since learned more details about what happened. mary barks was one of the first to call 911 and went outside. she went back in to save her daughter emily. the woman's husband was able to save their 11-year-old daughter. he couldn't go back in to save the rest of the family. the home did not have a working smoke detector. a judge says she probably won't make an improvement any time soon. police arrested her in july 2013 for painting two cathedrals.
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even if you don't attend you'll want to still plan for it. preparations are under way now for tuesday's concert for valor to honor our nation's veterans. the concert is free. metro is shutting down the blue line to shuttle the thousands expected to attend. it is going to be a huge event. it will affect traffic everyone saying, listen, you have to plan for that. >> it's coming up on 20 minutes after the hour. breaking news, first four traffic. >> 66, two crashes. we are pretty slow. eastbound at sulry road. 66 in general, you're running 40 miles per hour. not terrible but slower than we would like it to be. dale city, 15 miles per hour. slow approaching dale city.
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just normal volume. slow at indian head highway and branch avenue. typical this time of day. maryland 50 at the beltway. normal volume there. wider look at things. jammed through 95 headed into town. top of the beltway, typically slow as you pass colesville road. it's a little warmer than i expected. not bad. >> very nice compared to yesterday morning. we were quite chilly. this morning all the storm team 4 weather observers, temperatures in the mid-50s. a good commute weather wise. storm team 4 radar showing light sprinkles way out in the panhandle of west virginia. that stretches down to western west virginia. the bulk of the rain, though, that will likely get into washington. that's way down here in kentucky. quite a while all day long by the time it gets into the metro area it will be after sunset.
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sky cast 4 showing high clouds drifting over us through noon time. they will thicken up and and lower by 4:00, 5:00 as we get dark again it's going to lower a lot. the cloud cover beginning to produce a little light rain by 11:00. at the bus stop, low to mid-50s. between 8:00 and 9:00, up around 60. rather cool. sunshine through high clouds. overnight, light showers. highs mid-60s. breeze where and chilly. over the weekend, turning colder. good weather for leaf raking over the weekend. saturday and sunday. we'll have calm winds. unlike last weekend's wild winds.
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next week milder. good weather on tuesday. 60s tuesday afternoon. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31. hometown highs for this wednesday. back to you. we are following breaking news. police investigating what they believe could be a terror attack in jerusalem. it happened early this morning. the video is just coming in. several people standing at a train platform. a car driving up, plowing those people down lead to go chaos there. now, the driver was eventually stopped by other cars. police were able to track them down. the driver was shot and killed. at least one of the victims did not survive the injuries sustained in the attack.
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they are investigate to go determine if this was a terror attack. it was definitely an intentional act. ray rice's appeal hearing begins. he was suspended indefinitely from the nfl and released from the baltimore ravens after video showed him punching his fiancee in an elevator. roger goodell and rice's wife are expected to testify. we could find out exactly when the nfl learned of the facts of this case. rice is seeking ren statement. >> right now sit not clear if adrian peterson will be allowed to play football after reaching a plea deal in his child abuse cas case. he pleaded to reckless assault. two years probation, $4,000
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fine, 80 hours of community service, parenting classes, and public service announcement. >> the way you get your peer in one county is changing. montgomery county is one of the jurisdiction ises that controls the buying and selling of whole. it generates $34 million in profit. sources inside the department of liquor control tell the i team some county deliver where men have been selling the beer under the table and pocketing cash. no one from the county is keeping track of employees who might be breaking the law. >> is this cause for concern? >> it is absolutely cause for concern. i'm glad you brought it out. >> coming up tonight on news 4 at 6:00, the i team shows you how the theft might be going down. talks to insiders who say it's been going on for years and what the county is doing to stop it
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now. it should be interesting. a new range of emoj iphone symbols that could soon be available. we like to use them. >> smiley face. they will have five different skin colors. look at the new pictograms. users have been clamoring for change to better reflect global diversity. a proposal is still under review. this is an international organization that regulates the emojis. for the second time in 40 years, maryland will have a republican governor. we are looking at the road to victory to show you how he won. 400 children will be told they cannot go to school. warming up. we're checking out how high the
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this morning some experts are calling larry hogan's win in the race to become maryland's next governor an upset for the election. >> a lot of folks have crossed over and voted for us. we'll look at anthony brown in just a few minutes. mark warner holds a lead in virginia's u.s. senate race. no winner has been declared yet. a canvas of the votes will start in just a few hours >> in d.c., muriel bowser will be the next mayor. in her victory speech she promised to make sure schools give receiver child a fair shot. our election coverage continues in just minute. >> melissa mollet. >> sully road is jammed. very, very slow because of a crash off to the shoulder. still slowing folks down quite a bit. another new crash in the district. 295 south at pennsylvania avenue
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which now explains all the red we were seeing on 295 right there. this is a little more than we normally do see. wider look at things, no major problems. inbound 66 right as you get inside the beltway is a little bit slow as well. stafford county, headed on northbound nothing happening. indian head at the beltway, moving along. hardly any cars there. top of the beltway, we're a little bit slow as you head down 95 to the outer loop. 270, though, actually looking quite good. good mornin hometown forecast for this wednesday morning. starting off on the cool side. manassas, prince william, 53 with high clouds drifting over. highest temperatures of the day now. we went back earlier in the afternoon, 2:00 p.m. there in
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manassas, upper 6 0s. northern montgomery, high clouds there. in the low 50s. and early afternoon. high temperatures there will be in the low 60s. and in hyattsville, prince george's county can, they're at 54 degrees with high cloud cover and high temperature. 2:00 p.m., mid to upper '60s with clouds beginning to thicken and lower. live with your 4 x 4 forecast for the day ahead hour by hour. and now back to you. >> thank you, tom. tom 6:32. we will hear from governor-elect larry hogan with what might be the biggest upset in the country when he beat a anthony brown. maryland has a democratic-controlled legislature. registered democrat voters outnumber republicans 2-1 in maryland. >> when the election began, he
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trailed. chris lawrence asked him if he was surprised by the final results. >> we delivered what we thought we needed to do. every county is important. we did what most people expected. we won the county that nobody thought was possible. everything we hoped to do got done. >> hogan will be the second republican in the last 40 years. baltimore county and anne arundel made up a third of his votes. hogan lost in prince george's county. with those numbers, compromise could be the theme of the four years in on office.
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analysts said they expect jobs and the economy will be the first things on his agenda. read about their expectations on a few other races to get this morning. in virginia's 7th district, brat won twice. brat beat eric canter in the pry marries. he will finish the remainder of the term because he resigned. in the eighth district, democrat don beyer defeated micah edmond. shelly moore capito becomes the first ever female elected to the senate. she replaces long-time democrat jay rockefeller. >> 52 republicans, 44 democrats, and two independents.
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two races are still undecided, alaska and louisiana. but that won't affect the balance of power. in the house, 243 republicans and 174 democrats. 18 seats are undecided right now. nbc news projects republicans will win 250 seats. that means republicans will have the largest majority they have ever held in the house of representatives. another milestone this midterm election, the number of women. nbc's peter alexander will break down how the president is reacting to the midterm reactions at 6:45. it's 6:35. this morning as you get your child ready for school, some of them will be september home. student who don't have their proper vaccinations cannot attend class.
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angie? >> reporter: good morning, eun. this piece of paper could hold back 400 students from going to class this morning. many of them who attend green belt middle school not having the shot record not only means your kid can't go to school but new parents out there could be in trouble. from today on the staoupblts will will get five excused absences. after that the parents could ultimately face court action. the school district has come out and said it has made extraordinary efforts to reach every student. but parents must do their part. a number of free clinics to get required shots. they have been hosted throughout the school year. getting shots for mumps, measles, whooping cough. the school districts sending letters, phone calls, house visits even have been made. 155 kindergartners and 75 seventh graders still not in
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compliance. keeping your family safe on the road. new, why people people say they realize texting and driving is dangerous but do it anyway. news 4 discovered when a traffic mess on massachusetts avenue could finally get back to normal. 6:36. storm team 4 x 4 live in fairfax. we'll check out how much it will warm up hour by hour at 6:41.
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welcome back at 6:39. a new survey suggests most people are still texting and driving despite laws against it in some states. >> according to at&t, 98% of drivers who own cell phones and text regularly say they are aware of the dangers. only three-quarters knit to texting while driving. >> two-thirds say they have read text messages while stopped at a red light or stop sign. i bet you that's really common.
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a lot of people think they're just really good drivers and that's not going to happen to me. very dangerous. we're anticipating another day that's going to be nice. good morning, chuck. good morning, aaron and eun. in fairfax, a noticeably milder morning than when we were in mcclain. mid-50s in fairfax. rain will be part of our forecast. our eastern sky mostly cloudy. a sliver or two of sunshine. that's really just going to be about it for sunshine chances today. pinpoint, mostly cloudy. mid-60s around lunchtime for highs today. back into the low 60s by early this evening.
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clouds on the increase during the day. rain chances in fairfax not only after the sun goes down. that's a check on the forecast. tom is back in 10 minutes with your seven-day. for now breaking news in first 4 traffic with melissa mollet >> a new crash we mentioned last hit here. 295 at district line south at pennsylvania avenue. we have a four-mile backup because of that accident. chopper 4 over the same crash. slow on 66 headed from gainesville. still showing real backup at this point this morning. taking a look at travel times. slow from quantico to the beltway. taking twice as long as it should. fairfax to the beltway, 18 minutes. taking a look at maryland, slow on the outer loop as well.
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very slow actually. 22 from 95 to 270. 270 jermantown to the beltway, 21 minutes. see you at 6:51. more on this crash on 66. so far pharpl warner the apparent winner over ed gillespie. a look at at what needs to happen today to finalize the vote count. the new incentive g.m. is using to get
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welcome back at 6:45. news 4 is following the election results and digging into what comes next for the races not yet final. >> just one way we are working to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. we start with megan mcgrath. >> reporter: good morning. democratic incumbent mark warner ahead by the thinnest of margins. 49% of the vote. ed gillespie, 48% of the vote. only 12,000 votes separating them. 99% of the precincts have reported. later this morning the canvas will begin. election officials will certify results. that will happen at the county government building at around
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9:00 this morning. ed gillespie has not conceded. he wants to see what the numbers are today. mark warner struck a victorious tone. he said he is tired of the patterson bickering. >> they recognize and why i think we were successful tonight. te end of the day they want to higher folks to go to washington to work across party lines to put people's business first. you have given me a chance to go back and put up that fight. >> i believe we need to be respectful of the voters. >> as that canvas gets under way, the electoral board will cut the tape to the room where the election results were kept overnight. that will be happening at 9:00 this morning. that's when we are expecting that all to start to unfold, that process. and of course we are going to be there. reporting live from the fairfax
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county government building, megan mcgrath, news 4. here's how the recount rules work. only the apparent losing candidate can ask for recount. there is no automatic recount. if it is less than half a percent, tax payers foot the bill. if it is between half a percent and 1% the campaign pays. . you voted to change the way maryland spends its transportation money. the state transportation trust fund can now only be be used to fix highways and pay off bonds. state leaders have to declare an emergency to use it for other reasons >> racine is the first time elected with 41% of the percent.
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a race could be too close to call. in the sixth district, john delaney leads bongino by two points. congressional leaders will head to the white house on friday. they are sitting down to lay out their agenda for the next two years. and we will check in with peter alexander at the white house. you can check on more on that report on the president's reaction and what this means on the "today" show after news 4 today. new jersey governor chris christie is credited with helping a lot win, including larry hogan. he will share his thoughts on the "today" show. you can watch that live in a few minutes on nbc 4. . 6:48. in less than an hour, montgomery county school hraoerz will meet with parents to talk about a reported sex assault. police arrested a contractor
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used of eup appropriately touching a opportunity at a middle school in damascus last month. the principal said she waited until now to protect privacy of the student involved. that meeting is 7:30 this morning at the media center. the "washington post" reporting the group wants the county to develop a plan to protect three endangered shrimp-like kraoefpls from being harmed. the purple line would run 16 miles between bethesda and new carrollton. general motors is getting creative to convince people to fix a faulty part. it wants to buy you dinner. morgan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, general motors is a offering $25 gift card as an incentive to replace faulty
6:50 am
ignition switches. it is good for apple bee's and bass pro shots. only had had been repaired due to a lack of replacement parts. >> thanks, morgan. ten minutes before the hour right now. tom kierein has been -- you have to enjoy when you get to give people good khr. >> the majority of those who went to the polls voted for more mild weather. i love the electoral process. it is rather cool. you do need a couple of layers, a light jacket. and then later this afternoon, you'll be comfortable. milder hair moving in. for the morning drive, you'll need the heater on the car. sun through high clouds. mid-50s for another couple of hours. then should be in the upper 60s early afternoon. dry roads for the afternoon commute. it's going to be a close call.
6:51 am
just to the west, the rain will move in. right now off to a cool start. 50s in the region. low 50s. leading edge of a few scattered sprinkles in the panhandle of west virginia. it gets a little more intense in tennessee, kentucky. i'm closing tracking. this one getting closer to the metro area. that's not going to be until after sunset. the timing on any rain between now and then is just for a few scattered sprinkles. remaining dry locally. a few scattered light sprinkles in the shenandoah by 6:00 p.m. after that showers begin to move towards the metro area towards 9:00 tonight. after that, midnight, tomorrow the rain will be moving on through. stay ahead of the rain with the radar on the storm team 4 weather app. google play and itunes store.
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this afternoon, 1:00, 2:00, upper 60s. high clouds. sun coming through the high cloud cover. highs reaching low to mid-60s. might get a half an inch of rain. it ends on thursday early evening. maybe a rumble of thunder. no severe weather. windy and chilly on friday with sunshine back. highs in the low to mid-50s. over the weekend, be a bit chillier saturday and sunday. partly sunny. monday and tuesday, up near 60 degrees. melissa, more breaking news. >> breaking news. still close. 66 eastbound from prince william to 29, 7 to 8 miles of slowdowns because of three earlier scratches on 66. very slow there this morning. 295 at the d.c. lane, a crash at pennsylvania avenue. four miles of backup.
6:53 am
outer loop a bit slow. headed northbound past that crash. taking a look at 395 as you head northbound just inside the beltway, it is slow. 95 north in dale city, slow as well. prince george's county, indian head highway, a little slow stretch as you head into the beltway. typical this time of the morning. 95 in maryland, b.w. parkway, a little slow. not terrible. 270 at montrose, normal volume as you head to the spur. muriel bowser will be leading d.c. for the next four years as mayor. she took 55% of the votes. >> today's outcome affirms that you want to be proud of your leadership and your leaders. we are washington, d.c. and i pledge tonight that i will make you proud. she rejected mayor gray's
6:54 am
controversial plan to change the school boundaries. the yes votes make it legal for a person 21 or older to possess two occupies of marijuana for personal use. they could grow up to six plants in their home. congress can either approve or block the law. those of you who voted are dissatisfied with capitol hill. less than half of voters approved president obama. 44%. overwhelming 79% say they disapprove of the job congress is doing. when asked if you think the country is on the right track, 65% of respondents said no. mysterious stretch of road in the district could be finished by friday. crews are buries 1,900 feet of
6:55 am
fiberoptic cable. no agency has said what it will be used for. much of the asphalt laying has to be during the day. that's causing quite the traffic mess. it's too cold to lay it at night. the system is building a 12th high school. a meeting will happen tonight at 7:00 at kelly leadership industry centre on bristow in manass manassas. firefighters will go door to door to check if you have smoke alarms. if you don't have one, they will provide one or provide you batteries. >> four things to know on this wednesday morning.
6:56 am
prince george's county schools will not allow your kids into class if your child's vaccination records aren't up to date. there are new requirements for students. police looking for a person of interest in connection with a woman abducted in philadelphia. police released this video. the victim has ties to st. mary's county, maryland. hogan is trending in our area right now. it is one of the biggest upsets in the country. we will hear his reaction in a news conference this morning. candidates are separated by 12,000 votes. a canvas will go over all the votes this morning at 9:00 a.m. at the county government center in fairfax. >> shout out to henderson elementar i'll be in this morning. nice day today. high clouds coming through. highs reaching mid to upper 6 0s. then some rain moving in late
6:57 am
tonight. off and on showers on thursday. windy and cool on friday. chilly for the weekend. >> melissa. >> big backups eastbound. you can see that stretch coming in very slow. a crash 295 southbound at pennsylvania avenue has it slow into town as well. four mile backup on 295. >> thank you, melissa. that is news 4 today. thanks for starting your day with us. >> we hope to see you then. until then, have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow. >> make it a great wednesday everybody.
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good morning. republican rout. the gop grabs full control of congress for the first time in eight years. >> it's time to turn this country around! >> we are going to make them squeal! >> so, what does the historic night mean with the 2016 presidential race looming? new jersey's governor, chris christie, is with us in our studio, live. breaking overnight, new video tied to the chilling abduction of that woman in pennsylvania. one of the women shaking her abductor's hand just before he forces her into his car. another video showing the person of interes


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