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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 5, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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eisenhower school in laurel. and darcy has the reaction. >> reporter: this is the middle school behind me. they let out about 3:10 this afternoon and they had the opportunity to speak to many parents and they had no idea this former principal was charged with assaulting a student. when the school found out about the allegations in september he was placed on administrative leave immediately. he's accused of punching a 13-year-old boy on september 29th. the teen claims the principal had taken him to a back room. at that point, he punched him twice in the stomach. it didn't stop there. he apparently punched him in the face. it was a teacher who noticed he had a swollen eye reported to it administrators and sparked this investigation and that teacher being placed on administrative leave. we just spoke to a substitute
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teacher here at the school teaching today. she had no idea about the allegations. still, she said, it's unacceptabl unacceptable. >> he knows that that's not right. he knows there are people in the school there for reasons like that to help out as far as mediators, maybe resource teachers. you have had mandatorytors, sometimes you may even have police in the building. i feel like there's an alternative way to handle that than to turn it into a physical altercation. >> reporter: we did receive a statement from prince george's public schools says the type of behavior that led to the allegations are not accepted or tolerated in our school district. coming up at news4 at 6:00, we will hear from those parents and many had no idea this principal has now been indicted. darcy spencer, news4. breaking news out of prince george's county where a newborn girl was found abandoned outside
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a home in beltsville. we have a photo. she was just found today. a neighbor heard the infant crying and found her outside and called 911. she's being cared at a local hospital and told she appears to be in good health. doctors say he was born hours just before she was discovered. police are asking for any with information about the baby's parents to call them. turning from the fallout to the mid-term elections. the race in virginia still not settled. senator mark warner is the apparent winner. he currently has a slim lead over challenger ed gillespie, just 16,000 votes with 99 percent of precincts counted. meanwhile in maryland, a shift in power as republican larry hogan pulls off a stunning upset in the heavily democratic state. chris gordon is in maryland with more on the new governor. we begin with northern virginia bureau chief in fairfax county,
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where they're double-checking the biggest single block of votes for errors. >> reporter: fairfax county was responsible for 300,000 votes. inside today election volunteers are pouring over those results, doing the math and looking for errors, a process playing out in all the cities and counties in virginia. when it's completed, it's something ed gillespie will use to decide whether or not to seek a recount. >> reporter: canvassing the vote, it's a painstaking process that happens after every election but the intensity spikes when it's close. armed security guards were posted overnight until the tapes could be unsealed. >> to make sure there were no transcription errors or math errors and we try to get the numbers as right as possible. that's what we are going to do. >> reporter: already hundreds of votes have shifted and mark warner has an elections lawyer
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who insists the difference is too big for gillespie to overcome. >> could the margin change by 1,000 to 2,000 votes? we've seen that. it's very unlikely even going through a full recount for 15,000 votes to be changed from one candidate to the other. >> reporter: while warner declared victory last night gillespie never conceded saying we owe it to the voters of virginia to respect the canvassing process going under way to get an official result. >> i'm very hopeful things might change as a republican and that we come out on top at the end of this day on this. >> reporter: hoping to add his vote to gillespie's total, one of 500 fairfax voters who had to cast a provisional ballot because of a problem at the pole. he went before the electoral board today to defend his ballot.
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>> every vote counts. the notion i can be so easily denied and kind of dismissed in a way, politely, but vetoed, no, you're not going to vote today, annoying to say the least and frustrating. >> reporter: that voter will hear back from the electoral board by monday whether or not they decided to count his ballot. coming up on news for 6, the latest numbers inside the government center and i'll tell you about the timeline as it moves forward. news4. northern virginia will be the key to mark warner keeping his job in the senate. here's a breakdown by county how the state voted. you can see the concentrations of support for warner in our area, richmond and parts of hampton roads. in fairfax county, a stronghold for warner, he leads ed gillespie by more than 50,000 votes. as you head outside the beltway, those margins become more and more razor thin.
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pris prince william's county still has a warner lead but less than 3,000 votes and in this county less than 400 votes separating the two with gillespie holding a slight edge. we have team coverage of the elections tonight. maryland an upset for democrats, voters unexpectedly made republican larry hogan the state's governor-elect, who today said he's ready to roll up his sleeves and begin working. chris gordon spoke to voters about the change they hope to see. >> reporter: larry hogan's late night victory allowed for only an hour's sleep. today, he held his first news conference as governor-elect. >> we have a lot of work to do. our state economy is in real trouble. we focused on that for years and now we have to roll up our sleeves and get to work on trying to turn our state around. >> reporter: business owner lisa ellis and reverend charles
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o'neill says prince george's county needs hogan's help. >> we have more taxes and quite frankly, i'm looking forward to that changing to growing my business instead of my business almost closing its doors and being able to employ returning college students coming home that don't have jobs. >> reporter: pastor mcneil helps people find jobs do you think governor-elect hogan can help you with that? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: how? >> by bringing business back into the state of maryland. >> reporter: larry hogan's transition team will handle the transfer of power. >> reporter: outgoing governor o'malley invited hogan and his wife to tour annapolis which in january will be their home. hogan said he woke up this morning to a new reality. >> kind of a shock when state troopers showed up at our hotel room to say, we're here to protect you, governor. >> reporter: as aids packed up
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the campaign suv, troopers waited to drive mr. hogan away in his new state vehicle. jan gardner says she's overwhelmed, elated and honored to become frederick county's first ever elected executive. she beat out young in that case. the first issues she wants to focus on are ethics reform, education and responsible growth for that county. >> president obama pledging to work with both leaders who control both chambers of congress next year. for now, he has three priorities for the remainder of this session of congress. funding for fighting ebola. new author -- authorization of fight i isis and a budget. >> what we wanted to make sure we do is reach out to mitch mcconnell and john boehner, who are now running both chambers in congress and find out what their
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agenda is. >> "meet the press" mod rart chuck todd joins us next half hour with expert analysis of last night's results and what they portend for the next two years. we have new developments in the ray rice scandal. >> hi, wendy. rice's appeal began here in new york city and he is speaking immediate statement in the nfl. it's been nearly two months since rice was cut by the ravens and suspended indefinitely by the league after a videotape appeared showing him punching his fiance and now wife in the elevator. rice said the nfl had all the evidence when it originally imposed the two-game extension and suspending that suspension violated his rights under the collective bargaining agreement. the league contends it was justified because the elevator video was the new evidence. both rice and nfl commissioner roger goodell are expected to
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testify tomorrow and possibly rice's wife. we will have more when the key players take the stand. >> thanks. showers in the area. more rain rolling in for tomorrow. >> is it going to get cooler, doug? >> it is going to get cooler. not tomorrow. we will see real cool air. today, even though we had cloud cover, take a look at the numbers. 70 in fredericksburg, 64 in leesburg and 67 in martinsburg. a nice afternoon even though we didn't see showers but continue to see clouds and in the evening making our way in. back to the west, a lot more than just plain rain. i'll show you when the rain moves in in ernest and really cool weather moves in that may affect your weekend. the fbi stepping up the search for the woman so dramatically kidnapped off the street in philadelphia.
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now, we have new video of the suspect and a little bit more on the women's ties to maryland. d.c. voters say a big yes to legal marijuana. the fight may not be over. see who could be standing in the way. a new incentive of
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this video could be key to finding the woman abducted on the streets of philadelphia. this man is a person of interest in the disappearance of carlesha fr freeland gaither. she grew up in maryland. reaction on carlesha's family. >> we're thinking she's here. he took her here. why would he be all the way down my end? he took her here. >> the mother of carlesha freeland gaither spent much of the day talking to federpolice federal investigators. while she tells us she does not recognize the images of this person of interest. she suspects her daughter was targeted. >> i believe this wasn't a random kidnapping. >> i don't know him. i can't identify him. i don't know there was any connection with my granddaughter. all i can say, whoever he is, i hope he's caught.
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he has answers that we're looking for. >> reporter: for carlesha's relatives, the scene of abduction seems to be the best place to continue reaching out for help. her grandmother admits the investigation is wearing on her. >> i'm standing here and talking to you, inside, i'm broken. i want answers and want to know something. >> if you have a heart, let her go. what could she do for you now? what could she do? let her go. >> reporter: the family is now forced to play a waiting game hoping the abductor has heard her pleas. >> we don't want you, don't even want to know who -- let her go. she don't deserve that. she do not deserve this at all. >> reporter: in the meantime carlesha's mother is holding out hope the abductor left her daughter somewhere here in philadelphia. later on this evening at 7:00, carlesha's mother tells us there will be a vigil at the crime scene. reporting in the germantown section of philadelphia, rosemary con ners, news4.
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recalling over 100,000 vehicle vehicles with airbags of model years 2013-and 15. a 4 and s 4. there are querns they may not inflate during a crash, there have not been any injuries. general motors is offering $25 gift cards as an incentive to take their cars to dealers. this is the faultily ignition switch issue blamed for two dozen deaths. >> you have a cloudy day and still warm out there. >> in the mid to upper 60s, light windy. even though we did see cloud cover, a pretty nice afternoon. tomorrow, is light rain moving in. we show you what's happening firstoff. temperatures around 65 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 9
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miles an hour with cloudy skies. temperatures responded well today. 57 in gaithersburg. 65 in fredericksburg, 61 in leesburg. we're still on the mild side for this time of year. as far as the radar is concerned, fairfax county, more back towards the west around warrington area and nassau and dulles airport, right now, that's all light rain. take a look at the wider view. see the cloud cover and rain moving in. the haven't rain is off to our west. what's happening here is we have moisture coming outside of the pacific ocean across texas to the southeast. we need something to bring that moisture our way. that's this storm right here. see this swirl in the atmosphere? bringing storm in minnesota and that's why we will see rain during the day tomorrow and start overnight tonight. rain towards the west, and if
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you're thinking heading out during that hour, you will get rained on. 5:15 a.m. mild early and notice the rain. it will be raining during rush hour tomorrow. heads-up there. tomorrow afternoon, around 12:00 or noon, we're still going with shower activity. the haven't rain moving out of the region. we will continue to see showers and behind this we get breezy thursday. it will be a rather breezy day and talking about the rain chance blasting pretty much all afternoon. the haven't rain is tomorrow morning's rush and tomorrow evening and could be problematic with rainfall continuing. what do we think? umbrella for sure. off and on rain and not all heavy. you will need the umbrella, maybe bigger umbrella. not just the purse umbrella. 68 in gaithersburg and 68 in fredericksburg and 65 with clouds and shower activity. this storm will bring cooler
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air, around this time next week, we could be talking about colder air. veronica johnson with more on that. >> storm team 4 already looking forward for you. we're looking all the way up in canada. in fact, we're looking all the way up in the polar region. where this very cold air setting up. modified as it hits the states around north dakota. temperatures in the 20s and 30s in this pocket right here. everyo everywhere north of the jet stream, that's where the colder air will and dropping south. day seven, next wednesday, it arrives here. our temperatures are several degrees below average. we could continue to see these cold waves move through part of november. >> that's what we're looking out for. even though we see things cool off. 65 on thursday, 55 on friday, we're not nearly as cold as next week.
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57 on sunday, not a bad weekend right now. it does look like temperatures will be warmer than previously thought monday and tuesday. here's that big change. high temperatures next tuesday will only get to 46 degrees. some will stay in the low 40s, a week away. right now, the weekend not looking too bad. tomorrow, we've got the rain. >> thank you, doug. a mother of three inspires others when she was cheerleader for baltimore ravens. now, she's under arrest and it's serious. a glass of red wine said to be good for your heart. is it good
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welcome back to news4 at 5, everyone. i'm jason pugh here at the verizon center where wizards will play host to indiana pacers that ruined their runoff last season. you better believe it's in their mind and they haven't forgotten it. here's images of the last defeat that ended the season. you can see the heartbreak and disappointment on the guys' faces. what made it worse, they lost all three games at home against the pacers. the guys are ready for payback tonight.
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>> a little redemption. indiana beat us at our place three times. we're going to come out. first and foremost we want to protect home because it's our home court and didn't do a good job last year. >> we have to get it. especially at home, that's something we try to establish. so nobody can come and beat us and have to leave some blood on the ground. >> they will try and improve on the 3-1 mark they started the season with. i will tell you just how good the start has been for the wiz from the verizon center. news for sports. coming up on women in congress, how the numbers compare as women continue to make strides on capitol hill. and new allegations for a
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breaking right now, a stabbing near the dupont central metro station that happened on 20th street. our crew saw police talking to the victim in an ambulance. we're working to find out the severity of the injuries. a woman was taken into custody at the scene. right now at 5:30, a developing story out of maryland, outrage in one community where a man is accused
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of groping a middle school student. now, we learn the same man may have been involved in a similar case at that same school without the parents being told. pat collins outside baker middle school in damascus. >> reporter: a sex assault inside a baker middle school. it was caught on tape by school security cameras. the suspect in the case, a private contractor. he was in the school to work on security cameras. the crime scene, baker middle school in damascus. the victim, a 12-year-old girl. they say she was walking down the hallway when she was touched inappropriately. charged in the case, 44-year-old john edward epps. epps is described as a contractor who was doing work in the school. >> it's conceivable the cameras he was working on were the same cameras that took the picture of
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this alleged assault? >> that possible. >> reporter: according to court documents the school security footage clearly shows epps reaching beyond his normal arm motion to couch -- touch the juvenile. in a sent out by the school they say there's allegati allegations epps may have inappropriately touched a 17-year-old high school student when she was here for a school activity. no charges yet but police are investigating. parents of students of baker middle, they're most upset. do you have confidence in the principal at that school? >> no. no. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: do you think the principal should be removed? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the parents say they didn't learn about the sex assault here until weeks after it happened. they have a lot to say and we're all ears coming up at 6:00, live in damascus, pat collins, news4.
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a reminder to lock your doors when filling up at the pump. police are a lot of thefts at gas stations. since friday, there have been at least three in montgomery county alone. two cases, women had purses stolen out of their vehicle. and yesterday, someone stole the car because they had keys in it. investigat investigators sayhis happened in the morning and afternoon and beltway on the d.c. line. along with victories for the gop, the election proved to be an historic one for women in office wit more than ever headed to capitol hill. back in 1917, the entire congress had just one woman after jeanette rankin of montana was elected to the house of representatives. fast forward nearly a century later, next january when the congress is sworn in, we expect to see 100 for the first time ever more than three-quarters are democrats. here in the district, mayor
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elect muriel bowser talked about plans for office saying she will have a focused discipline to take over january 2nd. she decisively won the mayor's office. she said voters gave her a mandate to govern with integrity and vision. >> we love the progress that this city is making. nobody is nostalgic from the days when we were broke and the streets were unsafe and we were the butt of jokes across the station. >> bowser said she has spoken to both mayor vincent gray and defeated candidate, david catania. she has 58 days for a transition before she takes office in the new year. one day after d.c. voters approve an initiative to legalize marijuana, lawmakers already making calls to reign in the district. maryland representative ed harris fought hard to keep the measure from becoming law and says he will introduce an amendment again to bar d.c. from
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spending public money on legalized weed. >> it's harmful to teenagers and young adults, probably the last thing d.c. needs in a high unemployment problems with the education system already, the last thing you need is legalized marijuana. >> the measure will now undergo a 60 day congressional review period before it becomes law. congress can block it but only with approval from the house, senate and president. despite that reaction, the real fireworks in races across the country. >> republicans took over the u.s. senate. and chuck todd from "meet the press" is here with more on what we can expect to see from a republican controlled congress. a day in, any sense how their agenda is shaping up? >> in the mitch mcconnell news conference today from the university of louisville, he sort of gave a hint how he wants to at least start his relationship with president obama. i thought it was interesting he almost seemed to want to table
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health care for a little bit, issued a warning to the president on immigration and immediately talked about the first two issues he think they can come to potential agreement on is trade and tax reform. it tells me the republicans would like to see if they can throw a few points on the scoreboard, show they want to govern, they want to reach out. the president sounded a very similar conciliatory tone on a couple issues, too. i tell you, jim, at some point, health care and immigration are going to have to be dealt with. that's where we could see gridlock return and where we could see the acrimony again. >> that's the last thing any in america wants looking at congress's approval or d disapproval rating is at this point. what can the president do? how will this change his plans? he's a lame duck president. will he be vetoing a lot of things in the coming year? >> i think it's possible. the interesting tone the president decided to take. it was not the -- it was not a
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president that was taking all the blame for what happened even though, frankly, when you look at these election results, he was the central figure in all these campaigns. exit polls may have said he was only a part of this -- of folks' votes, he was the central figure in all these campaigns. he seemed to not be ready to accept full blame and not be ready to back down. i think he knows lame duck status is going to come probably the minute hillary clinton announces her candidacy for president, but i think he's hoping for at least a six month window, republicans would like to have a six month window. that's the way i look at it, a six month window between now and the fourth of july of next year when you will see a decent chance of anything happening. >> thanks a lot. nbc news with brian williams and we look ahead at the new congress and what we can expect on capitol hill coming up on
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news4 at 6:00 tonight. a former cheerleader charged with having sex with a 15-year-old and social media's role in their relationship. looking forward to that glass of red wine tonight, one ingredient that could sabotage your workout. doug, when's our rain hitting us? >> sabotage our workout? no! talking about your morning commute, and i will let you now ♪ they may not be the most handsome of body parts. yet, there they sit on the sides of our heads. for the world to see. but what happens when they stop hearing? should we stop doing?
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should we stop living? not today. esteem. the hearing implant. ♪
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in news for your health, research shows early screening for cervical cancer can save lives. according to a new cdc report 8 million women have not had the screening in the past five years. and most cases have rarely been screen and one-third of girls received hpv vaccine last year, to prevent cancer when they get older. the number of c-sections of babies delivered is declining and the most in virginia, massachusetts and hawaii. it is no surprise by experts.
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there's been a push to keep first time moms from going under the knife if they don't have to. our wednesday's child may look familiar to some of you. she has a beautiful smile and despite a difficult life has a happy disposition. >> we first met her earlier this year, an orphan from haiti. we think the right family may not have been watching the first time. barbara harrison wants to tell you again about wilma. >> reporter: georgetown cupcakes was wilma's choice of a place to visit and we got there early in the morning before the usual crowds lined up. >> we hear you're a big baker. ready to make some cupcakes? >> wilma is originally from haiti. she's also deaf. we have an interpreter with her to help us understand what she wants to say to you. >> she was abandoned at age 2 by her mother. she grew up in the orphanage.
5:40 pm
she survived the earthquake in 2010 and came to the u.s. in 2011 to be adopted. >> from that bright smile and eager response you can see she is willing to learn everything she can. >> wilma is a delightful little girl, energetic, fun loving, affectionat affectionate. >> hoping and adoptive family would encourage education and wilma would like an adoptive family that spends time in the kitchen together. >> i want to cook more. >> you would like a family that likes to cook? >> yes. >> they had her do a teaste tes on the strawberry cupcake, her favorite flavor. with the help of her signing interpreters, wilma said -- i love cupcakes. >> she taught me to sign cupcake. >> she's a delight to be around. everyone falls in love with wilma. >> it's easy to see why everyone
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loves wilma and we think an adoptive family would feel the same. >> if you have room in your home or heart for wilma or another child waiting, call our adoption hotline 1-88-to-adopt-me. drivers ticketed for running red lights in florida take aim at that state's law, how that lawsuit could have an impact in our area. a fight over plans to build a new soccer stadium
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well j it's a small study but it might have you thinking twice about a glass of red wine after the gymnasium or spa or wherever you go. reachers looked at res ver troll as an negative in red wine healthy. re sr resv resveratrol. those with the supplement had fewer benefits from exercise. their sample was small and more work needs to be done before drawing conclusions. the final part of the intercounty connector in prince
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george's county is to begin monday. it extends to u.s. 1 and also open the i-95 interchange. both roads should be open to rush traffic million dollars morning. start looking for signs as they start setting up the new traffic pattern. should taxpayers help foot the $200 million or more to build a new soccer stadium. today, city leaders heard the good and bad on the project. morning segraves with a look at how those politicians are leaning. >> reporter: good evening, jim. dozens of united soccer fans packed into the building many fearful their dream of a new stadium would crumble before their eyes but lawmakers seem determined to make that dream a reality. >> my biggest fear is they would do something like move. >> reporter: allen ford is a long-time d.c. resident and united ticket holder.
5:46 pm
he's been following the deal closely. he doesn't want them to move to a different city. he listened as council heard from consultants about the risk associated with the $300 million stadium deal. those risks go beyond just money. >> there's risks regarding some of the environmental risks we've not seen all the studies on. >> there are soccer fans here and this is not just about a new soccer stadium, a new government office building and it hasn't been determined, the amount, which is probably a couple hundred million. >> every great undertaking has risks and rewards associated with it. it's not that there are risks, what are the risks relative to potential rewards and doing nothing? >> reporter: while kunlgts waco warn about risks, they're looking at long term financial game. >> if you're asking the question
5:47 pm
is it better to do this deal or not, we are better to do it by $109 million. >> reporter: it would give a development company control of the reeves site and opponents worry the city isn't getting enough value for that land. >> the team now has the right to walk away and move somewhere else. think about the economic impact associated with that. >> reporter: the d.c. chief financial officer had more bad news for the stadium. he told council members there was no money to pay for the nearly $60 million in up front costs the district would have to come up with if the plan is approved and questioned the tax break d.c. united is asking for as part of the deal. mark segraves, news4. >> thank you. a highly anticipated grocery store nearly ready to open its doors to customers who live and work near the national cathedral. we got a sneak peek inside as
5:48 pm
they stocked the shelves. the 56,000 square foot grocery store is a new anchor to mixed retail in northwest d.c. the giant will officially open for busy tomorrow evening. >> i used to go to that grocery store when i was at american university in the last century. it needed a little nip and tuck. to find out how the weather is tomorrow with a front coming in. a little front coming in, talking about rain moving in and cooler weather moving in, we have it all for you right now. take a look outside. nice conditions. temperatures on the mild side in the 60s, where they've been all day long. 60 degrees by 7:00, 58 degrees by nip:00 and rain by 11:00. 57 in gaithersburg, 59 in leesburg, 65 in d.c. and towards the huntington region.
5:49 pm
we will stay mild tomorrow, too. the real cool air will wait to come in until later this weekend. the rain back towards portions of culpeper and warrington, fairfax county, a little shower through the district earlier, out 55 or rather out 50 towards bowie and this area. most of us seeing right conditions as far as rain is concerned. not too worried about that. tomorrow, some of the rain could be heavy at times. it could be cooler. 59 degrees and 58 towards the winchester area and seeing off and on rain most in the early portion of the day. in maryland, i think your temperatures stay in 60s, 64, mechanicsville. 66 in huntingtown. off and on rain but it might come later in the afternoon and it might be on the heavier side. sky cast 4 breaking it out by early tomorrow morning, 5:00
5:50 pm
a.m. notice the rain starting to build across the region. that rain will stick with us through 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow. there will be a chance for heavier rain in the rush hour. give yourself extra time. you won't need the coats tomorrow, umbrellas. you will need the jackets. 55 degrees on friday, 54 on saturday and 54 on sunday. and then we get milder with a big cooldown and temperatures in the 40s. >> thank you, doug. the death of a child can unleash something in a mother. for one local woman, it inspired her to make a movie. it debuts tonight. it's called "warning." about teenage stress and access to prescription drugs they think will ease their struggle. tonight in our series, "changing minds" we look how pills can consume a young life. >> i got a knock on the door
5:51 pm
from police at 4:00 p.m. that afternoon. a knock you don't want to get. >> reporter: trish's son, charlie, was 21 years old when he overdosed on oxycontin one afternoon, never woke up. he first tried this drug when he was 18. it got to him. addiction can be quick. his life unravelled. >> if your child has an addictive tendency and he starts abuse i abusi abusing drugs and alcohol, it's a very very long road back. >> reporter: grief can be an endless road as well. she took those first sad steps at her computer. using her background with adventure theater in bethesda, she wrote a movie about young people and the pressure that can lead to drugs. >> kids are wound so tightly. you push the wrong button and they will snap. >> reporter: the movie was shot locally with local actors, not long, 24 minutes. >> we're catering with today's
5:52 pm
teenage brain, that goes a mile-a-minute. >> reporter: it aligns as a musical like "glee." it's set at a high school that follows three friends that sends one of themver the edge into the easy willie of drugs. >> there's a song in the film called" pills." take this pill, take this pill, and you will, you will feel okay. >> reporter: it's a cautionary tale of addiction and mixed with opiate can become an unending hell that can change the course of a life. >> it's a horrible disease. >> reporter: the movie emphasizes it is not a personal failing, it's biology and can seize any. >> it's everybody, the soccer mom, a college student, a doctor. addiction is a disease and it needs to be treated with respect, the same respect of a cancer patient. >> reporter: addiction can be prevented by giving teenagers
5:53 pm
another path out of the pressure, permission to call out when the stress is pulling them unde under. >> you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help and you shouldn't have to hide it. >> warning, take only as directed is actually being shown to educatorers tonight at a special screening, designed to be shown in school and meant as a teaching guide. you can learn more about stress and mental health. just search for "changing minds." >> she once made headlines that inspired. now this former baltimore ravens cheerleader is in the news nor very different reasons, what police found when they investigated her for a sexual relationship with a teenage boy. could government employees be making thousands of dollars by stealing this? i'm tricia thompson with the eye team in this results of a six month investigation
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it's a coming, the famous rockefeller christmas tree. they cut down this tree and they hoisted it. 13 tons of tree on a truck and the 150 mile trek to midtown manhattan. a federal lawsuit in florida
5:57 pm
could impact red light cameras here and around the country. this suit claims the way those cameras are operated violates due process because in florida an outside company first reviews that footage. the company says they don't actually issue tickets, only forward them to police. but if a federal judge agrees, it could mean refunds for hundreds of thousands of drivers. she once cheered for the baltimore ravens, made headlines as the nfl's oldest cheerleader. >> but tonight, molly shattuck is back in then news again, this time accused of having sex with one of her son's high school classmates. jane miller has our story. >> reporter: can we talk to you for a second? >> flanked by her lawyers. it was a somber molly shattuck in court in delaware this morning where she was arraigned in a nine count indictment in a scandalous case. >> reporter: miss shattuck, may we speak to you? may we speak to you? >> she is accused of instigating
5:58 pm
a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy and then in delaware. >> this is a difficult situation for everyone involved. thaw for your time. >> reporter: the first alleged physical contact between shattuck and the boy kissing and touching happened when they went to a theater in columbia and went to a parking lot and got in the back of the car. almost half a dozen times she would pick the boy up from summer school and go to owi owingings milowings mills garage. she and some of her kids were staying in a rented beach house. the boy stayed overovernight. sometime around 2:00 in the morning they drove to a liquor store and shattuck purchased a 12 back of miller lite and bud light for them and the younger ones were left alone at home and performed sex and the boy
5:59 pm
described the undergarment she was wearing and performed oral sex on the boy and said if he wanted to have sex she would. the boy opted out and decided to leave, the document says. she told him to come back later and he did not go back. his father picked him up the next day and that was the last he saw shattuck. the reaction of parents left in the dark weeks after the alleged attack. by now, you've seen the video, new details about the victim are just coming in. i will tell you what her former boss says about her past in maryland. new numbers released in the past hour could explain what happens next in the race for virginia senate. the votes still be counted after yesterday's election, this much is clear, it was a big victory for republicans across the country and here at home. >> the gop is back in control of the u.s. senate, holds control
6:00 pm
of the house and taken control of the governor's office in several states. tonight, we have team coverage including one democrat still holding on by a razor thin margin, senator mark warner in virginia. he's claimed victory but his opponent, ed gillespie hasn't conceded yet. not much separates them. julie. >> reporter: what is happening right now is a vote canvas across the way in the commonwealth as they double-check all the vote totals. in fairfax county, the workers just went home, election volunteers. they're about halfway through their analysis of the 300,000 votes cast here in fairfax county. so far in their canvas, ed gillespie has lost 800 votes. mark warner lost 300 votes as they discovered math and transcription errors and 500 provisional ballotsha


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