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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 6, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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girl is in good condition tonight. child protective services taking care of her right now. police say as of now they don't plan to file any criminal charges again the mother. we want to remind you, there are options for mothers of newborns who make likewise feel overwhelmed. called the safe haven law. go to and search safe haven. back to you. >> another big story. the mother of two knows where the children are right now, but catherine hoggle won't be allowed to help prosecutors find them and news 4 pat collins joins us in rockville where hoggle went before a judge today. pat? >> reporter: jim, they tried and tried to get a judge to have catherine hoggle go out and show the cops what she did with her missing children. they tried -- but a judge said, no. the last time we saw pictures of catherine hoggle it came from security cameras as she was on the run hanging out in germantown.
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today she was at a montgomery county courtroom wearing a blue cardigan sweater, long brown hair, she looked straight ahead. no eye contact with her family members sitting in the same room. catherine hoggle was brought to court from a mental institution where she's being held. in the courtroom, the judge asked her, how are you? she said, okay. i've been better. the judge says, are you taking drugs? she said, yes. she says, what do they do? she said, they knock me out. now, in that courtroom today, a bombshell proposal from prosecutor john mccarthy. have a judge sign an order to have catherine hoggle go out with the sheriffs and help them find her missing children. 2-year-old jacob and 3-year-old sarah missing now nearly two months. police believe catherine hoggle is responsible for their disappearance. catherine hoggle's mother says just last week her daughter told her she wanted to show police
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what she did with the children. >> catherine did call me and request to speak to the police. she wants to give an answer on these children. >> reporter: david felson represents catherine hoggle. he says she didn't want to do that. >> represented on behalf of high client she does not have the desire to go and meet with the police. >> reporter: catherine hoggle suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. she's undergoing a mental evaluati evaluation. in court the judge says he doesn't think she's competent to participate in a search. order denied. as catherine hoggle was taken out of the courtroom, troy turner, the father of the missing children, had these parting words. >> and what she left, you said, catherine, don't -- if you have nothing to say about the kids, i mean, i'm not having conversations about how she's doing. i don't care how she's doing. i want my kids. that's it. >> reporter: now, catherine hoggle is presently charged with
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parental abduction and child neglect, gut those charges could get far more serious. they could get murder serious. more about that coming up at 6:00. live in rockville, pat collins, news 4. right now, storm team 4 is tracking some rain spread out across the washington region. >> and chief meteorologist doug kammerer is with us. >> showers around the rest of the year through portions of st. mary's, southern maryland, areas back to the west. this is the area here where the heaviest rain is falling through central portions of fairfax county. zoom in more show you where this is. right along 66 now. you know how that is during a regular afternoon. so this is not helping with traffic at haul. down around fair fashgs, the city of fairfax coming down good from oakton towards the clifton area. move and follow this towards the east towards tyson's corner. mclean, you'll see it and the east farther towards annandale,
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bailey's crossroads, falls church, you'll see the rain in the next 10 to 20 minutes. behind this system, getting cooler and then a lot colder. all of that coming up in my seven-day forecast in a minute. hunched over with his head down, that was the demeanor today of the man suspected of abducting a woman from philadelphia arrested in maryland last night. tim furlong has the latest on this case today. >> reporter: you can see from the court sketch delvin barnes in a baltimore county court via video link in his orange prison jumpsuit and answered the judge with no, sirs and yes, sirs, no attorney present. waived extradition hearing. barnes was capture pd and locked up here in maryland. today the prosecutor only had to help the process along to get him back to where he paces the more serious charges. >> again, i can't comment what's happening in virginia or in philadelphia. all i know is here in baltimore county we asked for no bail. he's exactly where he belongs. an easy sdegs for baltimore county to decide. obviously, the charges he's facing in virginia are very serious.
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>> reporter: as dramatic and highly publicized as the abduction of carlesha was, barnes faces far more serious charges in southern virginia, charged with attempted capital murder. the authorities say he beat and raped his young victim who was able to escape but remains in a virginia hospital. authorities have until next wednesday to come pick barnes up from this baltimore county facility, although i'm told they'll probably be here to get him within the next 48 hours. in maryland, tim furmong, news 4. and we spoke with barnes father. coming up later, we'll hear the message he has for the victim of that virginia case. witnesses are sharing some harrowing tales tonight after two people were shot inside a business here this afternoon. one of the victims is a 75-year-old woman. news 4's kristen wright joins live from the scene in gaithersburg. kristen? >> reporter: jim, the front door to the cleaning business was locked. so police think the guys who wanted to come in and rob it
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just shot out the front door. two people shot at their workplace in gaithersburg. a 65-year-old man came out sweeney building services on a gurney. his gunshot wound, we're told, not life threatening. a man at a business a few doors down heard gunshots at lunch. he's afraid to show his face, because the shooters have not been caught. >> when we heard some gun shots. like four gunshots. the next thing you know, looked out, broken glass. >> reporter: a 75-year-old woman was also shot. she came to this man to get help. >> locked or dours, called 911. we brought her back inside our office. she said she was shot. one of the secretaries helped her control the blood. >> reporter: sweeney employees are extremely upset. they were just robbed two months ago. police are trying to figure out if the crimes are connected. >> this may have been a robbery attempt. the glass door may have been shot out. there are some casings on the ground. >> it's crazy. you know? you can't even come to work and
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try to have a good day, and you got shooting down here and, you know, they've been robbed before. >> reporter: both people who were shot are expected to recover. coming up tonight on news 4 at 6:00, more on the older woman. live in gaithersburg, kristen wright, news 4. two days after the election, we are seeing two of washington's most powerful women together. d.c. make-elect muriel fouser made a stop on capitol hill to immediate with delano holmes hilton. talking about moving forward like the initiative to legalize marijuana and the pay say they expect progress, despite the potential challenges from a republican-controlled congress. west virginia is poised to become home to the youngest state lawmaker in the country. sarah blair, just turned 18 in july, and this tuesday was eleshgtded to the state house of delegates. there she. the daughter of a state senator and a freshman at west virginia university. she plans to finish fall
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classes, then defer spring semester while she represents the state's 59th district in berkeley and morgan counties. in virginia, the u.s. senate race, the vote canvassing nearing an end in fairfax. mark warner's team says the senator is gained another 700 sproeps northern virginia bureau chief julie kerry joins us live with how many votes are left to count and what gillespie is planning. at the live desk following breaking news coming out of prince william count any northern virginia. prince william county police are inside a walmart there investigating a shooting. again, that's a shooting inside a walmart. we heard this happeneds near the jewelry counter of the store. an apparent robbery was going on and the suspect in this case was shot. police are investigating near potomac mills mall. the massive shopping complex off 95 in prince william county. shomari stone is headed to the scene.
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we'll bring updates as we get more information. >> thank you, david. sounds like a cripe cliche, but a sman accused of trying to steal kand fri children at gunpoint in the delray section of lalexandria. it happened halloween night along commonwealth avenue near mt. vernon after nhu. a gunman in a ski mask confronted a dozen kids on a playground. those children ran away. no one was hurt. now the latest on a scary crime in an area where police say it's normally quiet. we have new details on a woman carjacked at gein gunpoircht in bethes bethesda. live on the search for the suspects, also stretching into other areas. >> reporter: we're told this happened fast and it was terrifying. last night, about 6:55, just before 7:00, an 18-year-old girl parked a red volvo in front of the house here on hamdon lane.
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in the car, car returning, on the phone. not an uncommon scenario. at that point, a man wearing a mask pulled open the driver's side door, put a gun to her head. told her to get out. a man opened the door on the passenger side, grabbed her bag. that was lying on the front passenger seat. now, they say a third man, according to police, was also present. they took off going through bethesda and headed into silver spring, at which point police lost the trail of that vehicle. neighbors in this area say they are concerned about this. >> well, it was shock. i don't feel unsafe here at all and the fact that the person had a gun is what really scared me the most, i think. >> she complied, always the right thing to do. there's only one of you. we can also replace the car, but you can't be replaced. she did the right thing and got out of the vehicle. >> reporter: police are still looking for that vehicle. there's more information including the license plate number on our website,
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live in bethesda, jackie bensen, news 4. >> jackie, thank you. tonight the family of a maryland man murdered as he came home from watching football is speaking out. hollis johnson was shot and killed outside his chillma apartment back on october 27th. his killer han been found. johnson's family says he touched the lives of every one he knew. >> it's crushing. it's crushing to our family. it's going to hit me later, you know, that, you know, when hollis is not here. the going to be extremely difficult. >> now, johnson was on the phone when shot. coming up at 5:45 tonight what that friend on the other end of the line heard when it happened. now at 5:00, he inspired us with one pose, and a never give up attitude in his fight against cancer. >> he made sure we knew whether or not he made it, he was happy and he was okay. >> how the parents of a university of maryland student are keeping his fight going.
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good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins! a misconduct case news 4 broke this week. going free, because of the alleged actions of one agent. we just learned about some of
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these cases being thrown out in the last hour. news 4 chris gordon is live outside the u.s. district courthouse with new information about the agent involved. chris? >> reporter: good evening. all because of fbi at matthew lowry, investigated for alleged misconduct. he has been suspended from the fbi. he's 33 years of age and allegedly tampered with drug and gun evidence compromising dozens of cases. today the anne arundel county police department confirmed for me that he is the son of their assistant police chief. they add, this is a personal issue that the family is dealing with. sources tell me that fbi agent matthew lauerry stole drugs in an evidence locker, part of a criminal investigation for his personal use and possible sale, found passed out in his car in southeast washington a few weeks ago with some of that drug evidence in his possession.
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as a result of lowrys alleged misconduct, d.c. prosecutors identified 28 criminal cases that they are moving to dismiss. here at the federal courthouse in d.c. this afternoon, cases against ten defendants were dismissed by judge james bozeberg, but another judge in a different case delayed his decision whether or not to dismiss drug indictments against four other defendants involved in another drug case. federal court judge richard leon said this is too complicated a matter to decide without more information, and so those four defendants will remain in jail until another hearing scheduled for december 10th. their family and friends left the courthouse. i spoke to the lawyer of one of the defendants, cory rich, who was disappointed that it drug charges against him were not dismissed today. >> well, his reaction basically is that he's a little upset with the outcome of the hearing today, because he's under the impression he was going to be
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released. >> reporter: another ten defendants will be brought here to court tomorrow, prosecutors asking that their cases be dismissed. that's the latest. live at the federal courthouse in d.c., chris gordon, news 4. so -- bringing you an update to breaking news out of prince william county involving a shooting at at walmart there. here's what we've just gathered. sources telling us the person shot has been flown to the hospital. it happened during an apparent robbery at that walmart. the shooter, an off-duty police officer. no other injuries reported. again, this is the walmart in prince william county near potomac mills. the massive mall right off 95, behind potomac mills nap shooting taking place moments ago. two crews are headed to gather more information. again, as of now, we can tell you the new information is it was an off-duty officer who fired the weapon and shot a person in an apparent robbery
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suspect at that walmart. gathering more details and will bring you the information as we get it. back to you. >> david, thank you. all right, doug, we're going to need a little jacket for the evening, and -- for tomorrow? >> yeah. and maybe the um brel lo and a jacket. on a roller coaster the next couple of days. going up and then down a little bit and then back up and then going down and then we go -- boom! and we way down. >> a crash. >> that's the one thatic mas your stomach come up. that's happening next week. first off, hello to new friends of mine. these are outdoors, farmland elementary school out in rockville. the kirnd nandergartners. changing weather in the area. we called it the battle of the seasons from the warmer weather to the cooler weather. tomorrow, bundle up. talking about cold number. right now 58 degrees. the rain now moving into the d.c. metro area as it has been throughout the afternoon. we see periods of rain. some lighter, some on the heavier side. right now dealing with one heavier shower in fairfax
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county. temperatures though still in the 50s more the motor part. notice 60s. 62 down towards the river. the radar, notice not a lot of rain left. we did see shower activity out towards the portions of southern maryland, down towards fredericksburg and back towards laray. notice around the d.c. metro area, not a lot, but seeing some showers in through gaithersburg, in and around rockville, right around the democracy boulevard and montgomery county mall, the rain coming right around the airport. heavy rain. zoom in here a little bit more. show you where this is. right in through d.c., this is the national mon weekend right here on the mall. seeing some of that heavier rain right along 395. making your way from the beltway towards d.c., yeah, heavy rain continuing around the cherylington area, heads up there, moving across the river. if you live down towards the southeast that rain mooving you way next. heads up. showing areas of rain continuing. right now shower activity.
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it's all wrapping around an area of low pressure that as it moves through will bring in the colder air. we are talking about much colder aduring the day tomorrow. futureweather, timing it out for us. thursday, 11:00. no problems here, but seeing problems back to the west. cool and breezy conditionses during the day tomorrow and cold enough air moves in seeing snow towards the mountains of west virginia and the mountains of virginia, something we'll watch, too. for our region, just cool and very breezy. seeing winds gusting 20 to maybe 25 miles p hour with high temperatures in the up are 40s to lower 50s. it is definitely going to feel like a much cooler they dan the past couple of days. you'll need the jackets when you step outside during the afternoon tomorrow, but put the umbrellas away. next couple of days. 55 friday. 56 saturday. 58 sunday. a cool weekend but a nice weekend. 62 degrees coming up on saturday. rather on monday. and then notice what happens next week. we've got one cold day on saturday and then the bottom
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drops out next thursday. veronica johnson and i have been looking at the cold period and v.j., have that cold morning on saturday. that's nothing compared to what we think is moving in next week. >> true. the atmosphere, jut getting ready to, you know, get going. preparing itself. not all at once. let us show you here this saturday morning's temperatures. areas like damascus and burtonsville, 33, 34 degrees. early saturday morning. and temple hill, around oakton, great falls, springfield area, 34 3shgs 3 degrees early saturday morning. very cold. the average day of our first freeze, as we talk about hitting that 32-degree mark is november 17th. we hit it early last year. on the 1th. -- 13th and could do it again. hitting it around the 13th starting at 32 degrees. mild today. that cold staying power, that arctic air set to move in and it looks as though it will stick around a while.
5:22 pm
got your coat ready, doug? >> four sure. you won't need it moving into the weekend into early next week but yes, cold air. high of 46 next thursday. next weekend, guys, looking really chilly. >> thank you. a warning tonight at prince george's county after two recent rob ribs at atms both in bowie, a fuel miles apart and both near shopping centers. one a man trying to rob a customer in a drive-through atm at gunpoint. the victim in that case managed to drive away. the other involve add guy with a knife. that time police say he got some cash then drove off in a white pickup truck. former ravens cheerleader indicted for having sexual contact with a 15-year-old boy. what we are learning about why this case may be treated differently. and you could deal with more delays, dpeending on which metrorail car you get in. we'll tell you how to spot
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new developments tonight in a home depot security breach. consumer reporter erika gonzalez at the live desk with new details. >> getting this in. home depot revealing more customer information stolen during its security breach. the home depot tonight says in addition to the payment card data stolen, separate files containing about 53 million e-mail addresses also taken during that breach. home depot says that criminals
5:26 pm
used the third party vendors user names and passwords to access customers e-mails. the retailer is warning customers to be on the lookout for phishing e-mails. back in september, the company said that as many as 56 million cards were at rick and i want to read you something just sent in a statement. the files containing the stolen e-mail addresses did not contain passwords, payment card information or other sensitive personal information, but, again, you want to be on the lookout for the phishing e-mails. the breach affects customers who shop at the home depot april and september of this year. more on this story as it develops at the live desk. erika gonzalez. several new claims of discrimination by a fair pacs county school principal. >> we first told you last month about a federal lawsuit filed against baileyal elementary school principle marie lemon. three former school employees and a past student are suing lemon and the school system now for back pay and other damages
5:27 pm
saying she discriminated against them based on age and race. the suit claimed lemon repeatedly insisted the school administrators only hire pretty, young blondes who did not have families. and would work for her. just this week, the plaintiff's attorney filed written statements for five more current and former staffers, they, too, claiming discrimination. attorneys for the school system are having the case be dismissed. both parties expected in court later this month. right now at 5:00, accused in the violent abduction of a woman in philadelphia. >> now the father of a man who has a case unfolding in virginia is speaking out and he has something he wants to say to the parents of his latest alleged victim. a major commuter route set to open, but will it save you time? we'll tell you where it is and when it's all happening, coming up. plus, she has served our community nearly 50 years. now a hero's welcome is in order for an alexandria woman who
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right now at 5:30. went viral and now life after death. how the parent of a maryland student are continuing his legacy. >> plus, ray rice wants his job back. his first testimony to get back into the nfl. and it was a welcome surprise. [ applause ] for a woman who helped keep
5:31 pm
thousands of local children safe for decades. authorities will soon talk way man accused of abducting a philadelphia woman this past weekend. >> delvin barnes will be extradited to the commonwealth where he's a wanted man. northern virginia reporter david culver is here with more. >> reporter: coming out of the richmond area. 37-year-old braerns accused of disturbing acts. deputies in charts city-county say he raped and tried to burn a teenager to death. they spoke with his father. >> reporter: behind the door of this charles city-county home a man who says he's the father of delvin barnes but didn't want to show his face. virginia authorities say barnes is a wanted fugitive, accused of abducting a 16-year-old girl from the richmo area last month. allegedly hitting her in the head with a shovel, forcing her into his trunk, then raping her. deputies say he also poured chemicals on her and burned her clothes.
5:32 pm
>> [ inaudible ] to give our son -- [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: the teen able to escape in the dark found here two days after she went missing. police say barnes is also the man in this surveillance video accused of abducting carlesha freeland gaither in philadelphia sunday. officials tracked hip down in jessop, maryland. carlesha was rescued from the car and taken to a city hospital. barnes' car is what connected him to the crimes he allegedly committed in virginia. >> never saw anything like that. pretty much a rural, quiet area, but this case is a gruesome case we haven't seen anything like this for year, if ever. >> investigators say that richmond teen is still rorcherrirorcher i recovering in the hospital tonight. barnes is expected to be back in virginia within the next 24 hours. pat? >> thanks a lot. maryland attorney doug
5:33 pm
gantzler file add brief that could overturn the death penalty fop for an inmate. jody lee miles convicted of murder and robbery in 1997 and still on death row even though maryland abolished capital punishment in 2013. gentzler held a press conference this morning stating miles' sentence is illegal and should be revoked, instead asking miles get a life sentence without parole auing not only did the state government want to get rifd the death penalty but it was what the people wanted >> in terms of sort of a national movement of yet another state sort of taking the death penalty off the table, i think maryland already did that. i mean, maryland did that twice. the ledge slach der it and th then -- legislature did it and put on a referendum and the people of maryland affirmed that deciding they don't want the death penalty in maryland. >> it's specific to the miles case but will leave the door open for three other inmates given the death sentence before maryland repealed the law.
5:34 pm
gaithersburg to laurel at 55 miles an hour during rush hour. it will soon be a reality. the final section of the intercounty connector is about to open in laurel, and that's where transportation reporter adam tuss slowed down for us to tell us what to expect. adam? >> reporter: jim, the final section here in laurel will connect route 1 with i-95. even if you don't plan on using the icc, there's plenty you need to know. it's kind of like making sure all the pipes in the house are ect canned properly. when you open a new stretch of road, you have to have the ramps and bridges in the right configuration. >> e don't want people coming into the area saturday, sunday, as much as you can stay away, know that everything will be open monday morning at 5:00. >> reporter: and with the maryland state highway administration, saying even if you use 95 or route 1 and don't plan on using the itc, there are changes. >> it's about 14 different movements we're open. not kind of getting into individual movements, but
5:35 pm
suffice to say by monday morning able to use the 95 interchange and drive the icc to route 1. >> using the itc saying she's looking forward to the new commuter option to get around the gridlock. >> at rush hour, it's terrible. >> reporter: right. >> i believe taking that road will help. chop italities bit. >> reporter: if you've lived in the d.c. yeah a while you know the icc was fiercely debated whether or not it should evenen built. come monday, the all-electronic toll road will stretch nearly 19 miles from gaithersburg to laurel. it's been a long time coming. back here now live. coming up in my next report at 6:00, what the new toll on the icc will be and we talk future tolls. reporting live in laurel, adam tuss, news 4. you might see more delays, depending on the speck type of metrorail car you ride. reports by the metro board shows that 4,000 series railcars are
5:36 pm
involved in delays more often than any other type of cars in the fleet. the railcars, the 4000 series, are supposed to do about 60,000 miles between breakdowns. instead, om making it ap half way. metro has plans to gradually replace the cars beginning in january. ray rice fighting to get back in the nfl. now at 5:00, who was and was not in the room for his testimony today? >> and why first lady michelle obama invited big names in music to the white house. doug? still watching rain around the area as we zoom on in. montgomery, fairfax, prince george, seeing rain now. look, zoom in around the gaithersburg area. as we do that, see the rain along 270. continue to make its way off towards the east. i've got the latest forecast for you and let you know who will see what next comi
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how safe is your child when you buckle them up? a new report out today looks at that. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez is here to break it down for us. >> jim and pat, all about booster seats and good news. consumer safety says more seats than ever are safe for kids. a record number of booster seats earned iihss highest rating for safety belt fit, and 27 out of the 41, that's what's really
5:40 pm
unheard of, new models of booster seats earned its best bet designation. a few brands that fared well, most britax, even flow and great lake graco. particularly interested how well the three-point shoulder and lap seat belts fit. iihs says that shoulder belts should lie across the middle of the child's shoulder, not geps their neck or falling ining on their arm. lap belts lie flat on the leg, not their stomachs. the booster say it's ranged in price from $$25 to nearly $400. not all are recommended by ihhsened you can check your booster seat's rating on our website. head to and search booster seats. a special afternoon leading up to a special evening for
5:41 pm
military service members, and their families. first lady michelle obama hosted a workshop on the history of music and the military today at the white house. students got to ask questions and a panel including superstars bike willie nelsen and common, special performances tonight on the south lawn. he inspired friend, family, even strangers. the pose did more than just inspire, though. we'll explain how the legacy of one maryland student lives on? and parents will have to bury their son with his killer still on the loose. the person who was on the phone with the vick tip speaks out. >> they heard him yell out, i've been shot.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
a family broken apart. tonight they want to know why someone would shoot an kill their loved one. hollis johnson was gunned down outside his home last month. news 4 darcy spencer spoke with johnson's father and has the story. >> somehow we've created mons sisters. we have. >> reporter: one of those monsters brad johnss says killed his 36-year-old son. >> it's crushing. it's crushing to our family. >> reporter: hollis johnson was shot and killed as he walked into his condo building in prince george's county, returning here to his condo building after watching a monday night football game on october
5:45 pm
27th. he was actually on his cell phone when this happened. a friend on the other line did not hear a shot but did perhaps hear his last words. >> they heard him yell out, i've been shot. >> reporter: the family now wrestling with who would kill johns aon and why. said he led a good life. worked for freddie mac and was engaged. >> a total personality, somewhat of a ham as a young kid. a lot of personality. lit of you a room. >> reporter: his nickname, hollywood because of flashy moves on the basketball court, won trophies and played in a semiprofessional court years ago. >> realized quickly he had a passion and a gift for the game. >> reporter: police handed out flyers in his neighborhood. so far no arrests, no motive. nothing was taken from him. brad johnson still searching for answers as he prepares for his son's funeral or saturday. coming up on news 4 at 6:00,
5:46 pm
hollis johnson came from a large, loving family. you're going to hear from his brother and sister and the family's message to the killer. for news 4. and new questions on the story rocking the baltimore region. the indictment of former ravens cheerleader for charges of performing a sex act on a 15-year-old boy. our affiliate in baltimore reports there are signs that the way molly shanic's case is being handled isn't routine. the indictment against against her kept secret two days. the reason is still unclear. legal experts say it may be sealed to keep the defendant from knowing the deputy of a witness but that wouldn't likely apply in this case. she is accused of having an intimate relationship with the teen for at least four months. she could face prison time for third-degree rape charges. this is david culver at the
5:47 pm
live newsdesk. breaking news out of prince george's county walmart. new information now. this appeared to have been somebody acting erratically within the store. initially we thought an apparent robbery. somebody acting erratically within the store and sources say an off-duty law enforcement officer actually opened fire and shot that person. that person was flown to a nearby hospital. we're told there were no other reported injuries but we're keeping close to the story. crews are headed that way. julie kerry and shomari stone and our assignment, continuing to calls on the story. shooting at a walmart near potomac hills mall and one person shot, believed to have been a suspect in this. getting more details, we'll bring those to you as we get them. >> david culver, thank you. his photo and battle against cancer gave hope to countless others. and even after his death, the
5:48 pm
teen and movement known as zaching lives on. tomorrow night, they'll be a special event to benefit a foundation in his name, and news 4 angie goff recently spoke with his parents about their inspirational son. >> reporter: what if one kid -- >> made friends wherever he went. >> reporter: with a picture. >> self-less. >> reporter: of a pose -- >> it grew from there. >> reporter: could change the world. many say it's what zach lehrer did. two years ago the university of maryland student strongman quickly became a worldwide symbol of hope. zaching became more than a web phenomenon. >> really that's what zachary wanted from the pose. wanted others to feel that strength, hope and courage. >> reporter: john lehrer thook iconic photo of his son. zach had been battling cancer since age 11 when another tumor developed aer yao after that muscle man pose, his parents hoped he's beat it again. this time, it was too much. >> but at that moment, it was like, oh, thank god he's not
5:49 pm
dealing with this any longer. >> then after that, you forgot about that and it was the huge void and loss that kind of took over at that point. >> reporter: losing zach had a huge impact on what could be considered his second family. the university of maryland. here, zach was the manager for the men's basketball team. and though he's gone, here at the ex-feninty center, he can'te missed. >> jump on players if we weren't going hard in a drill. >> reporter: the coach says his attitude was contagious and wanted to make sure that kid was getting most out of each day, which was the way he lived his life. he made a huge impact on a lot of people. >> reporter: so much so, umd just renovated and dedicated the basketball team storage facility in zach's name. ed there a locker there, too, filled with his things. another reminder of a man who started a mission. >> he made sure we knew whether
5:50 pm
or not he made it, he was happy and he was okay. and that he had lived a great life. but what he did do is, he made his wishes crystal clear for what he wanted to happen with the foundation and with other cancer patients. >> reporter: this friday, chris and john lederer continue the fight hosting the first zaching against cancer foundation living the dream event in baltimore. everything they raise will help those connected to cancer. after all it was the sick children that affected zach the most. it's why in the hospital he never walked around without his cape. >> zach wanted to make those kids smile and that's kind of why he did what he did. >> reporter: a super man who didn't try to save the day, just did what he could to help others want to live it. angie goff, news 4. next month, the wizards will honor zach during the game. for more on tomorrow's living the dream event visit
5:51 pm great guy he was. what an inspiration. >> indeed. what a guy. we all remember him. what about the weather? >> watching thunderstorms. most of the activity moving out of the region but areas of heavy rain in through montgomery county, prince george's county and seeing rain now. northern mech reporting thunder activity towards west moralened county and king george county and across the river if towards prince george's county, upper marlboro seeing rain. montgomery county, heavy rain. over this area. this racontinues around 28, wheaton, and rockville all the way across towards laurel. that's where we're seeing heavier rain making its way in through northern prince george's county, the laurel area in the next 15 to 20 minutes. down sow the south, upper marlboro, 301 and right down route 4.
5:52 pm
if you live along route 4, you're going to see pretty good rain make its way through your area, too. so not quite done with the rain just yet. temperatures on the cooler side now. 57 degrees. temperatures dropping through the 50s and by 11:00, 51 and rather breezy. we could see a couple more showers, but the winds will start to pick up bringing in cooler air for tomorrow. so cool and breezy on your friday. lots of sunshine, though. 49 to 55 degrees. so not a bad day, but it will definitely be a cool day. saturday, a very cold start. 37 in the city. that means most of you around the freezing mark. high of 56 saturday. right now, a pretty nice weekend pap cool weekend but a pretty good one. 62 degrees. very nice weather on monday and tuesday. tuesday a high of 66 on veterans day and then making its way towards wednesday and thursday. much colder air moving in. the coldest air so far this season. xpcting an arctic outbreak next thursday, friday, maybe int next weekend as well. that, of course, something we'll continue to watch. >> thank you, doug. tonight the longest serving
5:53 pm
crossing guard in the history of alexandria retired, and today staff and students here at james k. polk elementary honored her for her service. charlotte ross has watched students safely cross steets for nearly 50 years. she tells us she was with polk elementary from the very beginning, and she'll miss the job and, of course, the kids. >> i think it's so nice. i've been here since the school was built. as a crossing guard. it almost makes me cry. it's so thoughtful of everybody. >> congratulations, ms. ross. she tells us, she has to leave her job, because shez mo's movio north carolina. ray rice gets a chance to plead his case. in developmenting in his effort to return to the field after his domestic abuse scandal. that report is next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the army's swift action to stamp out a racial controversy tops our trending news today. >> it all started with a report to an army regulation saying a service member can be referred to as negro when describing black or african-american personnel. the regulation was published recently but it's not clear how long the word has been part of the document. >> now, reporters have been asking questions the last 24 hours and now that policy has already been changed. we just checked and the word has been removed from the regulation.
5:57 pm
students and professors call it an invasion of privacy. after harvard university admitted to secretly taking photos in lecture halls. the school says it was part of an attendance study but comes less than two years after harvard secretly searched thousands of e-mail accounts. researchers say they never meant to identify students and say all photos were destroyed. a second day of ttimony now over, and the ray rice appeal hearing has wrapped up in new york. >> a decision on rice's future in the nfl could come at any moment. that's our flash survey of the day. do you think ray rice should be reinstated by the nfl? call or text your reply to the number on your screen. we'll have the results at 6:00. for more on today's hearing, turn to carol maloney on the live desk. >> reporter: jim, both sides anxiously awaiting the arbitrator's decision. neither side talking about what was said in the two-day hearing, were ut we do know rice and his wife testified separately today. day two of rice's appeal
5:58 pm
hearing, and a media circus awaited rice outside this new york city office. the former baltimore raven is taking on the nfl, and commissioner roger dpa del, who extended his suspension of the three-time pro bowler from to games to an indefinite ban, hours after the video became public. >> we had not seen that second tape that become public and that was not consistent with what he said. >> reporter: insists rice was punished twice for the same offense. now it's up to an ash brater to disease rice's future. >> is ray rice telling the truth when he alleges the commissioner knew exactly what happened in the elevator or is the commissioner when he says ray rice lied to him? >> reporter: what did goodell know and when did he know it? that question one of many this hearing is trying to answer. this as the nfl tries to tackle a new personal conduct policy for the entire league. >> what are you going to do when
5:59 pm
somebody is arrested? when suspended? when reinstated? how many games issuspended for? two months later, nothing cohesive in place. >> reporter: but we may know soon if ray rice will be backn the nfl this season. we'll continue to follow the story and have more for you on news 4 at 6:00. from the live deck, news for sports. at this moment, there's a huge police scene at the walmart behind potomac mills mall in woodbridge, virginia. one person was shot just outside the store. we're learning new information about what happened. and a julie carey is headed to the scene is on the phone with us now. julie? >> reporter: just about inside of the potomac mills mall. you said, we understand there is an enormous police presence and just got new information from the county police on the scene. here's what they tell us about what happened. at about 4:30 this afternoon, a
6:00 pm
man entered the walmart. that's kind of on the back side of the potomac mills mall. he approached the jewelry counter with a hammer in each hand. he then began breaking up the glass on the jewelry counter. there happened to be an off-duty law enforcement officer in the walmart at that time that confronted the man. the man fled from the store, but the off-duty officer pursued him into the parking lot. the officer then confronted the man again. gave him some commands. when the man did not comply, that's when prince william county police say this off-duty officer shot the man. we understand that that man has now been flown to an area hospital for treatment. we don't know anything about his condition and naturally, many prince william police units responding to that scene to investigate what happened. as i said, we're within sight of that walmart right now, and we will bring you the scene there as soon as we arrive. >> thanks, julie. more breaking news.


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