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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 6, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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man entered the walmart. that's kind of on the back side of the potomac mills mall. he approached the jewelry counter with a hammer in each hand. he then began breaking up the glass on the jewelry counter. there happened to be an off-duty law enforcement officer in the walmart at that time that confronted the man. the man fled from the store, but the off-duty officer pursued him into the parking lot. the officer then confronted the man again. gave him some commands. when the man did not comply, that's when prince william county police say this off-duty officer shot the man. we understand that that man has now been flown to an area hospital for treatment. we don't know anything about his condition and naturally, many prince william police units responding to that scene to investigate what happened. as i said, we're within sight of that walmart right now, and we will bring you the scene there as soon as we arrive. >> thanks, julie. more breaking news. this time in prince george's
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conti. police have found the mother of a newborn baby girl abandoned in beltsville yesterday, but they're not pressing charges. they say the mother is actually the same woman who calmedled 91 heard a baby crying outside her home. this is what we were told last night. >> i stepped outside and heard a baby crying, then i heard a bigger cry and i stepped off my porch and saw her right here. and i immediately just got up, got her, and washed her. >> but now jackson admits she's the one who gave birth to the child in her home and then says she became overwhelmed. police say the infant was never left alone outside. the mother is receiving medical care and child protective services has custody of the little girl. now to fast-moving developments on a story you saw first on 4. >> late today, ten people kpicted of federal drug crimes in our area will xi soon go
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free. that's because an fbi agent is accused of drug-related misconduct, we're told, with evidence seized in more than two dozen cases. now we're beginning to see the fallout from all this. chris gordon outside of the federal courthouse in washington with new details on that agent. chris? >> reporter: sources who know fbi agent matthew lowry tell me he has a substance abuse problem. sources tell news 4 lowry used heroin from criminal drug investigations too try to wean him from a dependency of prescription medications. being investigated for alleged misconduct and suspended as a federal investigator. lowry is 33. he allegedly tampered with drug and gun evidence, compromising dozens of cases. here at the federal courthouse in d.c. this afternoon, cases against ten defendants were dismissed by judge james
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bozeberg. but another judge in a different case delayed his decision whether or not to dismiss drug indictments against four our defendants involved in another drug case. federal court judge richard leon said it is too complicate add matter to decide without more information, and so those four defendants will remain in jail until another hearing scheduled for december 10th. their family and friends left the courthouse. i spoke to the lawyer of one of the defendants, cory rich, disappointed that the drug charges against him were not dismissed today. >> well, his reaction basically is that he's a little upset with the outcome of the hearing today, because he was under the impression he was going to be released. >> reporter: as a result of the alleged misconduct of fbi agent lowry, now prosecutors in maryland and virginia are reviewing their criminal drug cases to see if any of them have been compromised. the lawyer representing lowry reportedly says that lowry is cooperating with the fbi, and
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local prosecutors to try to bring these matters to a close as quickly as possible. that's it's latest live at the u.s. courthouse in d.c. chris gordon, news 4. now to the weather. the threat of severe storms is over for now, but rain is still moving through parts of our region. let's check in with doug in storm center 4. what's going on, doug? >> still a couple of areas of thunder and a little lightning too, but, yeah, the severe threat is definitely moving off towards the east. you can see we are looking at enhanced rainfall in through montgomery county, prince george's county through anne arundel conti and the north neck, too. would not be surprised to see more in the way of lightning and thunder. annapolis towards diehl, straight towards calvert county, seeing light to moderate rain there. steady at times. heavie heaviest, eastern portions of montgomery county. around laurel, around savage, over towards the areas down around pine hill, in and around
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montgomery and northern prince george's conti, don't surprised about a little thunder and lightning. heavy rain over 29, about to move over the beltway, rather 95 on your way up to baltimore. not just rain. much colder air tonight. wait until you see how cold it gets next week, guys. got that coming up. >> thanks, doug. a shooting inside of montgomery county business today, two people left wounded. one of the victims is a retired 75-year-old woman. a witness described it all as cold-blooded. news 4 crist wrukristen wright report. >> reporter: a 55-year-old man came out of on a gurney, should the in the attempted robbery. a man at a nearby business heard the gunshots. he's afraid to show his face, because the shooters are still out there.
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. sweeney employees are extremely upset just robbed two months ago and we're told the 75-year-old woman was inside the business then too. >> kind of bad, because she's like 75 years old. really elderly. to shoot someone like to is cold hearted. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out if the two crimes are related. they have not given description of the suspects, in today's attempted robbery. in gaithersburg, kristen wright, news 4. the hearing lasted less than five minutes, and the suspect said just three words. now in the coming days, delvin barnes will likely be transferred to virginia. barnes was arrested yesterday in maryland.
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he's suspected in the abduction of a philadelphia woman. before he'll face charges in that case, he'll be in virginia for attempted murder charges. coming up at 6:30, how a car dealership indirectly provided police with the big break they needed to catch him. just a few days before veterans day, an nbc news confirmed the identity of the man who took down the world's most wanted terror leader. osama bin laden. the former navy s.e.a.l. named rob o'neil says he is the man who fired the fatal shots at bin laden in a s.e.a.l. team raid back in 2in 2011. epreviously told the story through "esquire" magazine but referred to as "the shooter." three retired members of the s.e.a.l. team six confirm o'neil is the shooter in the article. he retired from the navy in 2012 and gives paid motivational speeches now on the unspoken understanding that he is the man
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who killed bin laden. new at 6:00, a local middle school principal accused of beating up a student is being held on $75,000 bond. dwight jefferson is accused of punches a 13-year-old student twice in the stomach and once in the face. it happened at eisenhower middle school in laurel in september. prosecutors say they don't know what provoked the alleged attack, but are taking the allegations very seriously. >> parents should feel when they send their kids to school in the morning they're going to come home in the same condition that they left. so certainly when we hear that a principal has apparently attacked a student, you know, regardless of the reason, you know, we take that very seriously. >> jefferson is charged with child abuse and assault. he's due back in court in january. and he's been permanently removed as the principal of the school. two days after the election we've seen two of washington's more powerful political women together. d.c. mayor-elect mariel made a
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stop on capitol hill to meet with eleanor holmes hilton, talking about big issues moving forward such as the recent initiative to legalize marijuana in the city. both women expect progress despite potential challenges from a republican-controlled congress. and democrat mark warner's lead is growing during this send day of canvassing. now ahead of republican ed gillespie by 16,500 votes. warner dropped in at a fairfax county luncheon and answered questions for the first time since tuesday's political conte contest. he says he's moving ahead with his second term mindful of the fact that he narrowly escaped defeat. >> my first task is to be more of a disrupter. to show we can get the senate to actually work. >> gillespie still hasn't c conceded the race. tomorrow they deal with
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provisional ballots, nearly 500's them. nearly 2 opinion people monitored for ebola in texas have now been cleared. one last person is being watched closely in connection to the three patients who were diagnosed with the disease. that person's 21-day monitoring period will end tomorrow. a total of 177 people checked twice a day for symptoms because they contact with at least one of the three patients. a man from liberia died from the disease. two nurses who treated him were infected but survived. no additional cases of ebola have been diagnosed in texas. the texas nurse who took a flight to cleveland and back before being diagnosed with ebola is speaking out today. amber vinson says the centers for disease control told her it was okay for her to travel to ohio. in an exclusive interview on the "today" show, she told matt lauer she didn't feel sick until she returned home to dallas. >> that sunday when i heard
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about my colleague coming down with the virus, i was -- floored. i was -- afraid. afraid for myself and my family, because i was -- i did everything that i was ip instructed to do every time. i felt like if nina can get it, any one of us could have gotten it. >> vinson claims the hospital staff received very little training on how to treat ebola patients. there's new fallout from an under cover investigation. what a local lawmaker is demanding after uncovering beer theft by delivery workers. aing shoulding admission from a mother in court. a teenage girl hijacked -- carjacked at gunpoint. reaction from neighbors as the police in bethesda look for the
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an armed carjacker on alert. a second man opened the front passenger side door and stole a bag out of the car while a third guy stood nearby. it happened around 7:00 last night near hampton lane right off wilson lane in bethesda. so far nobody arrested.
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a woman who jogs in the area says she's nervous. >> well, i was shocked. i don't feel unsafe here at all and the fact that the person had a gun is what really scared me the most, i think. >> police spotted the stolen car on 14th street in northwest d.c. but then lost track of it, and it is still missing tonight. the mother of two missing children in montgomery conti says she knows where the kids are right now. but that woman, catherine hoggle, won't be allowed to help prosecutors find them. pat collins explains why. >> reporter: to prosecutor john mccarthy indicated he may seek murder charges against catherine hoggle. currently, hoggle is charged with parental abduction and child neglect. but mccarthy says more serious charges may be on the way. could there possibly be a murder indictment? >> in light of the fact we have not seen these children, that is something we are pursuing and
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investigating with the police. that is something that is actively being investigated. whether that's the appropriate charge, final decision will come in the next several weeks. >> reporter: this comes after an attempt to get catherine hoggle to go out and show police what she did with her children. 2-year-old jacob and 3-year-old sarah. catherine hoggle's children have been missing now for nearly two months. police believe she's responsible for their disappearance. today prosecutor john mccarthy asked a judge to sign an order to allow catherine hoggle to go out with sheriffs to show them where she put her children. catherine hoggle's family members said she told them last week she wanted to help police find her kids. >> she said she wanted to show the police where the kid were. i asked her how come she doesn't show moo? i'm their father, i can pick them up. she said it wouldn't do anything
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for her to show me that she needed to show the police herself. >> reporter: in court, catherine hoggle hoggle lawyer says she didn't want to do that. she suffers from schizophrenia and is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. in court, the judge said she not confident she is competent to proceed in the case. the next court date is january 5th. by then they should have a competency ruling for catherine hoggle. pat collins, news 4. more now on breaking news story we talked about at the beginning of our broadcast. one person shot out a walmart in woodbridge. julie carey is on the scene. julie? >> reporter: we are right in the middle of that walmart parking lot. you see the crime scene tape a little ways away and a lot of officers on the scene as they
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begin the investigation into this bizarre incident that happened this afternoon around 4:30 inside the walmart. we're right next to potomac mills mall. a fall spot to a lot of people. joining me to answer questions, jonathan ross with the police department. we understand this happened around 4:30. a man came into the store but had a hammer in each hand. what happened after that? >> once he entered the store approached the jewelry counter and pulled out the hammer and began smashing the glass counters. an odut off-duty officer was in the store at the same time. approached the man. the man began to leave the store and the officer followed him outside into the poarking lot ad continued issues commands. >> reporter: this was not a prince county police officer. what agency was this man from? >> at as of right now, holding
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off on that information. we'll release that information later. >> reporter: we see the area of investigation behind us and shopping carts overturned there. there were probably quite a few people out in the parking lot that witnessed this unfold? i'm not sure about that actually, julie. i'm not sure how many were in the parking lot in respect were people inside the store at the time of the encounter but as far as out here in the parking lot i'm not sure. >> reporter: the man shot was taken to thospital. do you know anything about the man? >> shot in the mid-body area. as far as i know, he is in surgery, alive at this point. >> reporter: as far as a motive? >> we believe a possible armed robbery because of where he approached inside the store. but nothing was taken that we know of as are right now. >> reporter: thanks so much for joining us and, again, the investigate under way both into the motive fors they and also scrutiny given of this shooting that took place in the parking lot outside of walmart with shopper within range, fortunately no one else hurt on
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the scene. but the man who was inside the store. doing the attempted robbery. reporting live from woodridge, virginia, julie c.a.r.eweulie c and some reporters in other locations reporting lightning throughout? >> yeah. add all tuss reporting on t ita. and northern prince george's county, an arundel, moves in there. and over the stafford area, too. heads up along i-95. seeing the heaviest rain. once again, where lightning was earlier around laurel. continuing to see that system make its way off towards the east. live around anne arundel county north of 50, best chance of rain and down to the south through southern maryland, fredericksburg seeing rain towards your area. heads up in fredericksburg.
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notice number. 61 d.c. 66 fredericksburg. cooler weather. back to the west, 50 in petersburg. in the 40s quickly as we are already seeing colder air begin to make its way into the region because of an area of low pressure moving through. you can see numerous lines of storms. you get this with an upper level area of low pressure that has cold air with it, and that cold air is actually already producing snow back around the snowshoe west virginia area. reporting snow back towards that area. and we could see more of that along the slope here back towards the west over the next 24 hours. so that's something we'll continue to watch as the cold air makes its way on in across our region. future weather times it out fairly well. not much going on over the next few hours bought shower or two continuing through 10:00, 11:00. you go out, take the umbrella. most won't need it, just in case, you've got it. tomorrow morning, cool and breezy. notice i mentioned back to the west, notice the chance for snow here back towards some of the higher elevations. that's the kind of cold air we
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have moving in for our friday and saturday. friday just a very cool, breezy afternoon. high temperatures 55 in d.c. only 49 towards winchester. 55 culpepper. mixture of sun and clouds during the day tomorrow. same deal saturday. high of 56. a cold start to saturday. look at saturday's low temperatures. 34 in manassas. talking about a very cold start to the day on saturday. 58 on sunday. the weekend even though it's going to be a little bit of a cool start, looking really good for the week. at least dry. then warm up considerably monday and tuesday before we come crashing, i do mean crashing down, making our way towards wednesday and thursdaycoldest air of the season moving in next week, guys. >> thank you, doug. 72 hours on edge. new evidence how police track down the suspect and snatched a woman on a street in philadelphia. from the war zone to the courtroom. the new local program designed to help troubled veterans turn
6:23 pm
their lives around and save taxpayers al the way. and the inner county connector set to open. how much is it going to cost and should toll goes up
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here's a question that comes up more often around our area. how much are you willing to pay to get around rush hour traffic? >> as the intercounty connector
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toll road in maryland expands, there's a new toll coming. transportation reporter adam tuss with details of a new price coming with it. >> reporter: and end to end from gaithersburg to laurel, the inner county connector now costs $4.40 during rush hour. too much? carl gottlieb tweets me, given the about zush level of taxation in the county, too much by far. wipe we have a gop gov. but charlotte writes, cheaper than the greenway, $ saying it's way too high. >> each way? >> reporter: one way. >> oh, god. >> reporter: $8.80. >> no, no. take my way around. gas, plus the connector. >> reporter: john sails with the maryland state highway administration says people are willing to pay for a speedy trip n. some segments between 45,000 and 50,000 vehicles per day. >> reporter: as far as the new section opening up, due keep in
6:27 pm
mind the will be numerous traffic shifts. >> 14 different movements we're opening. note getting individual movements, by monday morning, able to uses 95 interchange and drive the icc to route 1. >> reporter: if you've lived in the d.c. yeah a while you know the icc was fiercely debated whether or not to be built. come monday the all-electronic toll road will stretch near lir 19 miles from gaithersburg to laurel. as far as future tolls on the icc, a traffic study was completed. they'll look at that to determine whether tolls go up or come down. in laurel, adam tuss, news 4. next a family reunited in maryland, and a suspected serial kidnapper off the streets. tonight, new questions about his connections to a virginia kidnapping. >> they helped me get my life back. new at 6:00. an innovative program helps veterans win personal battles and changes minds after landing
6:28 pm
on the wrong side of the law. plus, after the i-team 4's investigation, busting government workers. why he wants to cut off the co
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first at 6:30, a team of
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reporter, would go new angles on the dap top stories. new details in the kidnapping case that captivated the knt and ended in our backyard. the coordinated police effort and a car dealer's caution brought the ordeal to an end. the young woman brutally yamnke off the street in philadelphia is back home and the man accused of kidnapping her extradited to virginia to face charges in a vicious attack on another teenager last month. >> jay gray joins us live from philadelphia where police have just released new information. jay? >> reporter: hey there, good evening. yes. police still working their side of this. the investigation. the family saying it's all an answer to their prayers, a miracle and even veteran law enforcement officers saying the result here is "amazing." they say they are stunned. the young woman brutally attacked, kidnapped, three days later is home reunited with her family now. neighbors peer out from their doors and windows here but
6:32 pm
they're no longer looking for carlesha freeland gaither. overnight, the woman held captive three days finally came home. >> our family is so, so happy. >> reporter: after almost 72 hours on edge, it started sunday night along a well-lit philadelphia street where security cameras captured the violent attack, carried out investigators say by 37-year-old delvin barnes. >> he didn't know one another. >> reporter: federal state and local police launched and e manhunt coving five states. surveillance cameras showed the suspect using the victim the atm card. tips from the public led federal agents to this maryland parking lot where they closed in on barnes. >> a lot of information coming from various sources and it all worked together. actually a case study sample of how it's supposed to work, and i say that knowing -- it doesn't
6:33 pm
happen a lot. >> reporter: barnes is not only a suspect in this case, also a string of earlier violent crimes in virginia. >> attempted murder, abduction. aggravated assault. i meean a variety of charges. convicted of rape here in philadelphia back in 2005. he has an extensive criminal history. a vile the predator. >> reporter: at a hearing the i morning, waived extradition. >> and i was happy they found my granddaughter alive. >> reporter: alive and well. and now finally home. now, gaither did spend a few hours in the hospital right after she was rescued. treated for minor scrapes and bruises. her family is concerned that the emotional scars from all this will take much longer to heal. the latest live here in philadelphia. jay gray, news 4. another look the a you at o weather.
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doug, what's going on? >> showers across most of the area. see it some in locations off and on. you may want to take the umbrella. showers around the annapolis area. thunder and lightning with it. around the crownsville region towards the south, back one more, down to the south here. talking areas around fredericksburg, portions of southern maryland. st. mary's county. calvert county seeing showers coming through. not done with the rain yet. behind it, colder tomorrow. you'll need coats. how cold, coming up. new reaction from an i team 4 investigation uncovered problems. a member says the county should get out of the booze business after what he saw in our report. tisha thompson shows why he is calling for both a government and criminal investigation. >> shocked. outraged. >> reporter: montgomery county
6:35 pm
council member hans reamer says what he saw was criminal. controlling all alcohol sales in county pulling in about $34 million a year. mu multiple forces said some are skimming the beer they're supposed to be delivering and selling it illegally under the table for cash. our investigation uncovered troubles trends pointing to certain delivery truck drivers, and stores. >> we need a criminal investigation of these employees. we need the attorney general to get involved, figure out what happening in the first place. >> reporter: delivery crews on at least three different days pouring what appears to be alcohol into styrofoam cups and drives government vehicles. >> i wanted to know why the two of you have been drinking in a government vehicle. >> he's been drinking. not me. >> reporter: he's been drinking. not you. he says you've been drinking in a government vehicle and not him?
6:36 pm
>> who's drinking? >> reporter: you have. >> no. >> reporter: the head of liquor control immediately pulled both men off the road after he showed him the video saying he's invest gating other drivers as well. but remer says that's not enough. >> we need changes. we need to have the department minimally in the short term able to bring real consequences, but fundamentally, what you have to do, you have to get out of the liquor whole sale business. >> reporter: remer is already reached out to the county's inspector general to investigate what we found and the county says it's already started making changes at the department of liquor control. to see that compete list go to our website and while there check out a special interactive we've made. multiple sources say the theft has been going on for years using a complicated scheme to hide it. we break it down in detail on our website. while there, go to and click on the investigations link to see the complete series. tisha thompson, news 4 i-team.
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watch were the i-team beer bust investigation and send a tip to a crush of media as ray rice fight indefinite suspension from the nfl. that's not the only thing he's demanding in the wake of the scandal. i'm darcy spencer in prince george's county. a man gunned down as he walked into his condo building after watching a football game. you'll hear from his family and their message to the
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
a son a brother, tonight waiting for answers for the murder of her loved one shot outside his apartment in maryland last month. >> he was a really great uncle to my kids. and -- we just miss him. >> new at 6:00 tonight,
6:40 pm
johnson's family has a message for the killer. darcy spencer spoke with him and has our report. >> it's horrible. absolutely horrible. you know, my family is broken. >> reporter: they want their brother's killer to know -- >> we dentally want the person to come to justice. the perp, son or persons who di this. they don't know what they've taken from us. >> he was really just the ideal brother. fun, loving, caring. >> reporter: and their father has lost his youngest son. >> somehow we've created monsters. we have. >> reporter: shot and killed walking into his condo building in prince george's county. returning to his condo building after watching a monday night football game on october 27th. actually on his cell phone when this happened. a friend on the other end of the line did not hear a shot but did perhaps hear his last words.
6:41 pm
>> no shots but heard him yell out, i've been shot. >> reporter: the family wrestling with who would kill johnson and why. they said he led a good life, worked for freddie mac and was engaged. >> total personality, somewhat of a ham as a young kid. a lot of personality. lit up a room. police handed out flyers in his neighborhood. so far, noest ras, no notive. nothing taken from him. the family now prepares for his funeral saturday in manassas. darcy spns spencer, news 4 a man shot outside a local walmart with customers nearby. gathering details and a live report right after the break. taking a look at the model program helps veterans who committed
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right now back to that shooting at a walmart. julie carey is there now. julie? >> reporter: just finished talking to a couple store employees and a shopper who were inside the walmart around 4:30 when that chaotic scene we've been talking about started to unfold. you can see the invest yaund under way in the working lot, an off-duty law enforcement officer shot a man who apparently tried to rob the jewelry case inside the walmart. some still photos taken in the parking lot earlier in the afternoon from someone else inside the store. you can see the scene in
6:45 pm
daylight. we understand from police that a nan came in to the store had a hammer in each hand. went to the jewelry counter and started bashing it in, but he then fled. an off-duty law enforcement officer in the store followed him into the parking lot. confronted him, gave him command. when he didn't comply, the man was shot. he's flown to a hospital where he's being treated. i talked to shopper a short while ago, in the store the past two hour, didn't see the man with the hammers but saw the he chaos when he started to break the counter. >> in the dvd aisle i hear women and children screaming, running to one side of the store. many ploep flo employees runs a >> reporter: did you ever see the man with the hammer in his hand? >> no. i didn't know about the hammer until you said that.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: now, this is the walmart store that is right near potomac mills mall. the employees i spoke to actually heard the loud bangs as those hammers hit the jewelry case. they, then, heard women screaming, children crying and they say they ran from the store, but they did not see the shooting that took place here in the parking lot. again, an investigation under way into this man's motive for going into the store. was it a robbery attempt and, of course, want to find out about a shooting that took place in this busy parking lot. reporting live from woodridge, virginia, julie carey, news 4. serving our country only to come home to face legal trouble. now a new program is offering them a second chance. starting january 1st, fair fashgs coufairfax county launching a special court for military sveterans. going to pennsylvania to see how it's working there. >> they helped me get my life back. >> reporter: served six years in the military, two in iraq.
6:47 pm
when chuck came home, the transition was tough. suffered from ptsd, turned to alcohol to medicate and arrested for arson. >> you get out of the service. there's no structure. there's everything's at pretty much freewill. no rules. >> reporter: a shock to the system. >> it is. because you're used to a routine. >> reporter: he's turned his life around but a lot of help instead of spending a lengthy sentence behind bars, he spent 24 months in veterans treatment corps. they enter a plea. if a judge allowing, a sentence post poe postponed pending a successful outcome. during the week, working to recover and get back on track meeting with psychiatrists, probation officers, mentors and the judge. 700,000 veterans are imprisoned or jailed.
6:48 pm
10% of the population veterans. substance abuse shot up 38%. former prosecutor, mentoring veteran alex turner helping him navigate his return to the community and often playing a parental role. >> we ask them to go out and do those things and put their life aside, go into ricky irisky experiences and i think it's our obligation as a society to help fix them. >> reporter: since turner xwoirned the program for dui and assaulting an officer, paid restitution, entered college, got a full time job and had a child. >> reporter: do you feel there's a team that's got your back? >> yes, sir. every person involved in absolutely here to help you. >> reporter: many are veterans themselves. the judge, the prosecutors, therapists and mentors.
6:49 pm
they can speak their language, and the veterans who commit the offenses know it. treatment court's a win-win for the veteran and the community. it can save the system on average more than $860,000. >> avoid recidivism, if we've taken people at one time not productive citizens and made them productive. >> reporter: every week they take the witness stand before their fellow veterans. >> you can lie to staff but you can't always lie to your peers. your peers know exactly what's going on. >> reporter: the first graduate is giving back, becoming a mentorhimself. >> they helped me get my life back. >> reporter: in montgomery mountie parks pa, jim handly, news 4. this special court featured during our half-how special saluting veterans with chris lawrence airing saturday morning at 10:00 right here on nbc 4. how's the looking out there, dude? >> changes over the next couple days. no jackets needed today.
6:50 pm
tomorrow, you'll neat the jacket for sure. wake up a little shock to the system early tomorrow. right now, still need the um brel barer barela in places. fredericksburg, southern maryland, a few back towards the west and again, the heaviest rain downed towards southern maryland around calvert kourchty, st. mary's, mechanicsville calvert beach and king george and westmoreland county countyies. along 95, fredericksburg. not quite done with the rain yet. where it's not raining currently around the metro d.c. area, more showers this evening, maybe. might want toic ta the umbrella in case. a few showers around. cool, 56 degrees at notice a change wunonce the wind picks u. tomorrow, a lot cooler than today. cooler and breezy.
6:51 pm
lots of sunshine, though. temperatures 49 to 55 and with wind, upwards of 20 miles per hour. cooler as well. thinking about taking lunch yot doors, tomorrow you may want to think again. 56 degrees on saturday. after a very cold start. most of you down into the lower 30s. then 58 degrees on subbed sunday. weekend cool, quite nice. 62 on monday. 66 on veterans day and look at next thursday. that when the real cold arctic air moves in. high temperature of only 46, and guys, might get colder than that late next week. >> bring it on. what you got? a big day of preparations in the nfl that has nothing to do with football. the story how leah phil gets ready for daddy's big night. and the washington wizards keep getting better. it has nothing to do with the stat sheet.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
now for sports. >> drama goes on a while, i think. we could know soon if he'll be back in the nfl. two months since suspended add waiting a decision from the neutral arbitrator who presided over the ray rice appeal hearing. rice's future in in her hands. if reinstated rice could be back in the nfl this season. the media circus continued today
6:55 pm
for the second and final day of the proceedings in new york. ray rice testified under oath nearly six hours this afternoon. his wife janay testified separately. roger goodell was not in attendance after being questioned more than two hours yesterday. the arbitrator is reviewing the case. have no timetable for a decision, but we're told it should come soon. meantime, rice's legal issue is far from over. suing the ravens for wrongful terman apgs hoping to get back theed 3ds.5 million in salary he was due this year. art. we've been asking all afternoon what do you think? should ray rice be reinstated by the nfl? results of the poll in. about half of you think he should be allowed to play again. so we will see if the arbitrator agrees with you in the near future. the wizards are the talk of the nba and we're only five games in. riding a four-game winning streak at the top of their division and doing all of this without the injured bradley beal. overtime, killed the wizards last year, only won four out of
6:56 pm
overtight games. last night looked like the trend would continue. a season hh 31 points. muscled out a big o.t. victory against the pacers. saying there is a will to win this season that wasn't there before. >> i think last year we sdrn the competitive edge to come out and compete in our play. usually let our defense get bad in the overtime situations. took a lead. we came down, made big shots, big stops. it's our leadership of the guys, knowing what situation we was in the playoffs knowing if we don't want to go through the same circumstances again. >> wizards play tomorrow night in toronto. to a story capturing the hearts of the people around the nfl. big day for the daughter of cincinnati bengals defensive lineman devon still. leah is battling cancer. don't in the stand to watch her father play in person for the first timer began on to cincy to
6:57 pm
meet with her dad. can you say excited? >> how are you feeling. >> good. >> are you excited to be here? >> yeah. yes. >> it's definitely exciting to finally have my daughter out here in cincinnati and for her to be able to go to a game finally. to be able to watch me play. i given her a lot to cheer for hopeful hopefully. >> so cute. game time, 8:25 tonight. before the game, you have to have tea, of course. leah and devon, off to the field where she posed with the cheerleaders. saying she fit right in pt proceed from his jersey sales donated to a hospital, children's hospital. donating a check, more than $1.3 million to the hospital in her name. jersey sales, out of them. number 75, sold out. >> not surprised. make another batch, sell them out, too. >> better get a win for her. >> that would be nice. home game against the browns. >> there you go. well, no the necessarily.
6:58 pm
"nightly news" coming up next. >> they should win the game. you inny s ythink so? >> yeah. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at
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on our broadcast tonight, found alive. a remarkable rescue after that awful kidnapping that was caught on camera. tonight, the unbelievable series of events that ended with a takedown. digging in, how's that cooperation going that everybody promised after the election results? tonight, we have a reality check. who killed bin laden? controversy erupts over what really happened that nightn abbottabad as two members of s.e.a.l. team six were on the mission break a long-time code of silence. and behind the scenes with jerry seinfeld, the master of standup has now quickly mastered another medium. and at the age of 60 reveals something he has noticed in himself. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world


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