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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 10, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> a forestry spokeswoman did not respond to multiple requests for comments about that footage. right now at 6:00, a lot to clean up. not a lot of answers, though. frustrated homeowners talking to news4, four days after raw sewage poured into their homes. plus, some major changes now happening to help thousands of veterans get the health care they need. and video you saw first on news4 this evening. new at 6:00, we hear from a woman charged in a stun gun attack near dupont circle. >> reporter: alicia, tell me about what happened. >> no. >> reporter: did you have a taser? >> no! we begin tonight with breaking news. police investigating a homicide near woodbridge high school. aaron gilchrist at our live desk now with details. >> all right, vance. i'm reading over new information we're getting from the school system in woodbridge about schools being placed on
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lockdown. a picture of the investigation scene happening. what we understand at this point is that a 16-year-old male has been found shot to death off oak wood drive near woodbridge high school, not necessarily on the high school property, although the scene you see here live from chopper 4 is the police that have gathered and it looks like they're in the parking lot at woodbridge high school as they begin this investigation. this is right off old bridge road in the lake ridge area there in woodbridge. as we understand from the school system, the woodbridge high school, as well as lake ridge middle school and old bridge and elementary schools are in a secure the building mode right now because of the police activity. it's a precautionary action. all the students and staff are safe, building entry being restricted now. parents, and this is something to note for parents who may be concerned of what's going on. parents may pick up their children from the school-aged child care programs at an teatum. please do not use -- okay.
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so that's what's happening right now as it relates to schools there in the woodbridge area. it was 4:30 this afternoon as we understand when police got reports about a shooting having happened on oak wood drive. not far from woodbridge high school. they came upon the the scene there, as you can see from a photo that one of our viewers tweeted out a little bit ago. police arrived on the scene there, and started investigating. they found that 16-year-old male dead in the area. what we can tell you, there is a little cut-through, if you will, that goes from the neighborhood on oak wood drive to woodbridge high school. and somewhere in that area, on that small tree line, perhaps, but certainly on oak wood drive not far from the high school, that male's body was found here. again, police very early in this investigation trying to piece together exactly what happened. we do know they are looking for three suspects who fled the area in a pickup truck. no really good description of what those suspects looked like. but at this point, that's what prince william county police are telling us. we're going to keep digging into
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this. obviously chopper 4 over the scene. shomari stone arriving on the scene, as well. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring that to you. let's go to shomari in woodbridge. >> reporter: good evening. we were the first on the scene here. and i'm standing at old bridge road, and over here, you can see a massive police presence. there's an officer that is questioning every single car that's trying to get into this parking lot. i must say that this is a school parking lot, and this is woodbridge high school, home of the vikings. there are cars going through right now and a large police presence right over there. you can see the flashing lights. now, as you stated, aaron, on the other side of those trees, that is presumably where police are focusing right now. they're obviously parked in this parking lot, because that's a good command post. it's a good area. it's open. where detectives can talk to each other and figure out what they have here, again. we have a 16-year-old. we don't know if this is a student of woodbridge high school. we don't know if it's a student in the surrounding neighborhood.
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but we do know, this is a homicide investigation. 16-year-old boy. and right now police are looking for a pickup truck. we have two suspects. but we do not have a, you know, strong description of the suspect. so right now police are gathering details. it's worth mentioning, there was a tow truck that came here, and i said to the tow truck driver, why are you here. and he says he has to break into a car. he's here in response to a shooting. that's all we have right now. i'm going to go right over there. there is detectives over there. we're the first on the scene. i'm going to try to get more information and i will bring it to you as soon as it becomes available. live in woodbridge, i'm shomari stone, news4. >> thank you, shomari. we'll get back to you as you get more information. the stage is set for the big concert for valor tomorrow. by this time tomorrow night, crowds on the national mall could rival those on the 4th of july. and some presidential inaugurations. >> that's right. the veterans day concert will mean road closures, metro
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changes. we begin our team coverage with news4's jackie bensen live on the national mall. jackie? >> reporter: doreen, the key to enjoying this event is to know what to expect. the national service expected thousands to show up for one of the best-kept secrets in town. ♪ rehearsals for major events like tomorrow's concert for valor. instead, a few dozen delighted folks got a chance this evening to get a sneak peek without the crowds, the long lines and the waiting. >> i'm surprised how -- at the access. how easy it is. >> there are ten entrance points between 4th street and 17th street, spread out every block or two on both sides of the mall. >> reporter: and it's fenced. so those are the only places you can get in. >> those are the only places you're able to get in.
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expect a bag search, so leave yourself some extra time. >> reporter: now, some people will not be working tomorrow. some people will be working tomorrow. everybody is going to need to get around. and news4's adam tuss is somewhere near me with details to help you out. >> reporter: that's right, jackie. there is a sound check going on right here at the concert for valor. let's actually take a look at what's going on here. i believe metallica is in town, and it certainly sounds like metallica is here, warming up right now. 800,000 people could be here on the national mall by this time tomorrow. certainly will be ramping up. and most will take metro. before the big show gets rolling, you have to get yourself here. metro's dan stessel tells us blue line service is being suspended. >> what we're doing is, we are replacing blue line service with additional yellow line trains that provide a faster, more direct trip to this event, to the national mall. >> reporter: and metro says it could take hours to clear the
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mall after the event. other tips? >> you want to make sure you have your smart trip loaded up in advance for both sides of your trip. in other words, load enough value on it to make sure you cannot only get to the event but also back. >> reporter: and the roads will be tough as well. take a look at the closures in effect tomorrow around the mall. for some like hubbard caster, today was a chance to see the setup and the sound check even if he don't know exactly who was on stage. >> the thing is, i don't recognize anyone on stage. that's what happens when you get old. >> reporter: you don't know carrie underwood? >> i'll be honest, if she walked past right now, i wouldn't know who i was looking at. >> reporter: dave grohl? >> definitely not. >> reporter: metallica? >> heard the name. >> reporter: bruce springsteen? >> heard of him. i think he's from new jersey. >> reporter: we'll let hubbard go study up. and back live on the national mall as the setup continues now, guys, hbo and starbucks are putting this show on. they're picking up the tab for all the extra metro service, and metro tells me that will be well
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over 1 million bucks. reporting live on the mall, adam tuss, news4. >> looks like rehearsal is fun to watch. what kind of weather can you expect if you're planning to head to theel mall tomorrow evening? veronica johnson is in our storm center with more on the convert forecast. what's the good word? >> the good word, the weather could not be any better, doreen, from the beginning of the day until the end. take a look at this. the temperatures early tomorrow morning will be starting out folks in the 40s. okay? by lunch time, we'll be hitting a temperature around 57 degrees. and then for the afternoon and evening hours, we're talking upper 60s to 60 degrees by 7:00. so a light jacket or long sleeves. you'll be able to get by with. only a few clouds. gorgeous conditions for tomorrow. but then just about every day this week after tomorrow, we drop about 10 degrees as we track the first arctic outbreak. yes, it hits us this week. and it's going to be lasting a while. i'll tell how long in just a couple minutes.
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>> thank you, veronica. it's a major shakeup after a scandal that left more than 100,000 veterans waiting to see a doctor. today the head of the department of veterans' affairs announced a major restructuring plan. billions of dollars will be spent to hire more doctors and more nurses and a new customer service center created. we also learned today more than 5,000 employees have faced disciplinary action, and as jay gray reports now, more firings could be on the way. >> reporter: yeah, doreen. the initiative, as you talked about, was just announced this morning. streamlining the massive agency, hiring those new doctors, thousands to treat veterans who say they're encouraged, yeah, whiby the idea there is going to be change, but now they actively want to see some results. crews on the national mall continue to prepare for tomorrow's concert for valor to honor the men and women who have served our country. >> we need to make sure we get things right. >> reporter: the new secretary of veterans' affairs is setting the stage for what he calls the
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largest restructuring effort in the history of the agency. >> we have an opportunity to not only right the wrongs that have occurred, but to lengthen our lead in areas where we have already excelled to take the lead and service delivery. >> reporter: the plan is to streamline the system, making it easier and more efficient to use, and to hire as many as 28,000 medical professionals. >> it's a good start. i mean, the proof will be in the pudding. we'll see. >> reporter: advocates say in the wake of the scandal that left more than 100,000 vets waiting for health care, some for a year or more, changes must come quickly. >> we literally had had people dying, you know, on wait lists and time is of the essence, and urgency is key. >> reporter: faster and better care is the new goal at the v.a., and so far, veterans we've talked with like what they have seen. >> i think that the new administration has been trying to make some changes to change some of it, you know. sort of like customer service. and they're also trying to improve the level of care by
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bringing in what seems to be more qualified doctors. >> reporter: providing the care most agree veterans deserve after the sacrifices they have made to protect our freedom. jay gray, nbc news, washington. we've learned the former convict accused of snatching a woman off a philadelphia street will head to pennsylvania this week. according to court records, delvin barnes will be turned over to the fbi tomorrow, so he can be transported to philadelphia for a hearing wednesday. barnes is being held in central virginia on charges he kidnapped, raped and intended to kill a 16-year-old girl. he's facing federal kidnapping charges in pennsylvania for the abduction of car alicia freeland gaither last week. hotel clerks in prince william county in virginia are on high alert after a series of armed robberies there. there are surveillance pictures that detectives think this same man is responsible for holding up five hotels in woodbridge and
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manassas in the last few weeks. the guy walks n pulls a gun, demands cash. nobody has been injured so far any of these robberies. a water main break causing a major backup that leaves more than a dozen homes knee-deep in sewage. >> you can smell the air, you can smell the stench. so we're going to be working hard. >> coming up, the question residents are still trying to get answered, days after this happened. and this was sentencing day for the student charged with making ricin in his dorm room at georgetown university. we'll report what some
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we've got an update now on that breaking news we're covering in woodbridge, virginia. parents are telling us woodbridge high school is on lockdown right now. and children who were doing after school sports and activities are not being allowed out. we told you at the top of the hour that a 16-year-old was shot and killed outside the school late this afternoon. we'll get back to woodbridge with more information as we get it. jim? tonight, a children's therapist has been accused of having sex with one of his young clients during a therapy session. a grand jury handed up six fellow counts against gary hankins today. he's a clinical social worker facing now up to 30 years in prison if he's convicted. we broke this story on earlier today.
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and northern virginia reporter david culver joins us now. he's got details right now. david? >> reporter: vance, hannins is accused of having an inappropriate relationship in his office. police searched hankins' phone and computer. the teen claims they had sexual intercourse during a therapy session. when we first learned of the allegations, he was listed on the staff section of the counseling and forensic services website. we have since checked and his bio has been removed. the boy's mother noticed inappropriate text messages and reported them to police. the affidavit appears to show hankins messaging the teen. quote, you did not have to go there so that means tom is hotter than you. does it make you excited waiting to know. and he allegedly asked the boy if he's engaging in a sex act. detectives say they have been working on this for months.
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>> we had to look at many factors of the case, and to take it to the prosecutors to see what prosecution wanted to do with it. we always take any allegations where the suspect is in a position of authority to the victim very seriously. >> reporter: i put a call into his last employer, counseling and forensic services. we haven't heard back. >> david culver, thank you. a blast of cold and a foot or more of snow. people in the midwest who are proud of their ability to cope with winter weather are getting caught in this early storm. our temperatures are going to be dropping too. nbc's mark barger shows us who is going to get the worst of this weather. >> reporter: snowplows are out in force across the upper midwest as an early season snowfall blankets the region. motorists in forest lake, minnesota, north of minneapolis, found the commute slow going this morning. >> this is a little early to be having all the white stuff. i'm not ready for it yet. >> reporter: others are taking
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it in stride. >> being from minnesota, no, i kind of expect it. from time to time. and i think it's -- i think it's great. >> reporter: not so great for these motorists in duluth, minnesota. a 16-car accident caused by slick, icy roads. just a reminder that while the official start of winter may still be six weeks away, mother nature can still deliver a winter wallop. as much as a foot of snow is forecast in some areas over the coming days, with winter storm warnings stretching from northern idaho to northern michigan. the weather pattern is part of a dip in the jet stream that is allowing cold, arctic air to push south across canada into the u.s., where temperatures will be dropping across much of the country. more than two-thirds of the u.s. will see below average temperatures this week. hardest hit will be minnesota and the dakotas, where wind chills will dip below zero by wednesday. an arctic blast putting much of the country in its icy grip.
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mark barger, nbc news. >> so now, of course, veronica, we want to know how that's going to affect us and when. >> oh, yeah. so it hits us at the end of the week, prolonged cold, reminiscent of last year. i took a look back when we got our first arctic outbreak two weeks later and did last for a while. so here we go again. kind of in the same kind of pattern where we get the cold that lasts for a while. so just have to enjoy what we have right now, right? and indeed not too bad out there right now. look where the cold is. we talked about this last week, all that cold up in canada. that's what you see there in the purple areas around the u-conn and northwest territories in canada. where the cold is originating and dropping southward into the nation's mid section. look at this. this is wednesday. minneapolis, kansas city. from 10 to 23 degrees. in fact, there will be few states escaping this arctic outbreak. for us, mid atlantic states, d.c. down toward raleigh, north carolina, in the 40s. and we're going to be staying there again for a couple days.
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temperatures out outside right now range from 52 degrees around pax river, 59 d.c. you've got 55 around leesburg, around warrenton. 52. to falls church in fairfax. not too bad now. cool and nice. by 9:00, 10:00 p.m., down to 50 degrees and right inside the beltway. satellite and radar. well, it was a beautiful day today. we have that clear sky. some clouds to our south. this is a system that's just off the coast of north carolina that's skirting by. we'll provide some cloud cover for the early part of the day tomorrow. and then on wednesday, there's another weather system way out here that's going to make its way through. and allow us to have that temperature drop. a little bit of a temperature drop. again, about 10 degrees every day we're heading down. so weather overnight, not too bad. nice and starry. areas south and east might see a sprinkle or shower late tomorrow. there is a slight chance for that. i don't think that would happen until very late around 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. or so.
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meanwhile, as that system makes its way out of here on wednesday, there is your clouds right around i-95 corridor in east. cloud cover pushes out of here. the front comes through, mainly as a dry front. so we'll have sunshine around midweek. but also more of this windy conditions. gusts could be as high as 20 to 25 miles per hour. we've had a couple windy days already around here. temperature wise, look at this. 67 la plata. manassas too. and culpeper, even areas around stafford could get close to 70 degrees tomorrow. feeling more like, well, october than november. so 2 inches fine for tomorrow. 62. annapolis to 66. pax river under a partly sunny sky. sprinkle chance to our south and east. here is a look at your storm team four-day forecast. wednesday, 62. we hit 50 degrees for a high temperature on thursday. again, it is also looking like a fairly dry pattern that is setting up. not much in the way of any rain until second half of the
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weekend. sunday, late, we could get a few showers right into monday morning. but look at the low temperatures, look at the high temperatures in the low 30s, low to mid 40s across the area. really some january days coming up starting late thursday night, early friday morning into next week. >> now is the time to do any of the winterizing things. >> exactly. >> for your house. unhook the hoses from the -- >> right. and i know we've got those all listed online. >> thanks, veronica. two people hospitalized tonight after being attacked inside a northern virginia home. what police are saying about this unusual home inelevation. a debate in a local school district over days off. they've got a plan to deal with it, and we'll tell but that. plus, new details about a training facility that could be built for the washington wizards. why some
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two people have been taken to a hospital tonight after a violent home invasion in virginia. we have learned that all of those involved are attorneys. police say a man and woman were stabbed at a home on spencer road in mclean just before 10:00 last night. they have sustained life-threatening injuries. a woman who works in the neighborhood says it is usually a quiet area. >> kids around here, and always play around here. and nothing happens. you know, i work here like for eight years.
6:26 pm
already. in this neighborhood. and i never see this. >> a couple in their 30s has been arrested for the attack. police believe the woman recently lost her job, and that may have led to the stabbing. after barbara comstock's win, voters are going back to the polls. a special election to fill her virginia house of delegate seat is set for january 6th. comestock served three terms. homeowners getting rid of stuff they just bought after a broken water main causes sewage to flow into their homes. questions amidst a big cleanup tonight. a georgiatown student sentenced for making ricin in his dorm room. why some students say the punishment didn't go far enough. >> disregard for human beings. motionless. and a brawl outside a d.c. nightclub. the woman accused of using a
6:27 pm
the woman accused of using a stun gun in
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i've got the meat sweats. this is good ham, diane. paperless discounts -- give it a rest, flo. all: yeah, flo, give it a rest. we go back to our breaking news story and a deadly shooting near a high school in virginia. >> news4's shomari stone has new information from the scene. shomari? >> reporter: good evening. moments ago, i talked to a friend of the 16-year-old shooting victim. i talked to a parent who was coming here to the school to pick up somebody from wrestling
6:30 pm
practice. they tell me that this 16-year-old is a student at woodbridge high school. i want to make sure i'm abundantly clear. police have not confirmed this information. let me move out of the way. you zoom in right over there. moments ago, there is a crime scene truck that pulled up over there. you can see the lights. there is a fence over there, and there's a police cruiser. police are targeting that area. that is where we're being told that the body of this teenager is located. now, if you look, that is the parking lot of woodbridge high school, home of the vikings, and on the other side of those trees, that is where police are searching. i have seen flashlights. police also have a block here. and i have information, new information, woodbridge high school, lake ridge middle school and old bridge and eden elementary schools are in secure the building mode. again, police are searching for a pickup truck and three suspects. we'll bring details as they become available on
6:31 pm live here in woodbridge, shomari stone, news4. okay, shomari, thank you. days after raw sewage poured into their homes in alexandria, a neighborhood is still cleaning up tonight. >> it was a water main break along south jordan street just off duke street. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us with a look at what's going on there. >> reporter: it's day four of the cleanup here and look at that dumpster across the street, brimming with folks' belongings all ruined from sewer water. loss of property isn't the only concern on parents minds. they are worried about the impact on their health. >> >> reporter: this is what most back yards look like. furniture soaked with sewer water stacked up. and this is what the lower levels look like now. soggy carpets being ripped up, damaged drywall cut away. and this is what it looked like early last thursday morning.
6:32 pm
it was the rudest awakening as sewage contaminated water gushed no the lower levels of 14 homes. this man doubtedcumented the da. his home video shows the water pouring out of the toilet. and leaking through the back door. >> i just opened that door, and i looked down here and i said oh, my god. i screamed. i said we have a flood. in the basement. water, water, water. >> reporter: the trouble started with the break of a six-inch water main just off the street. the rush of water from the break was so strong, it backed up the sewer pipes, flooding homes. across the street, willie brown had just bought all-new furniture for his den. now it's all trashed. the water company, virginia american, brought servepro in right away to start the cleanup. but brown says his biggest worry is not his property. >> we see guys running around
6:33 pm
with white uniforms on. we don't have anything on. we don't know how hazardous stuff is or anything. i think it's a health project. we have sewage water coming in here. >> reporter: this neighbor here with two young daughters is also fearful. >> my kids' health. i don't have to worry about me, but my kids. >> reporter: now a spokeswoman for virginia american water tells me they were not in a position to do any kind of health analysis. they are paying for a hotel room for some of the folks on the block, particularly those living in the basement bedrooms. i talked to a spokesman from the city of alexandria. they say because in waterline was observed by a private company, they urge residents with questions to call the city health department or private doctors. reporting live, julie carey, news4. >> thank you. tonight, crews are working to repave a road torn up by a water main break in aspen hill. the ramp from southbound georgia avenue to southbound connecticut avenue is closed. workers spent the entire day
6:34 pm
trying to repair the burst pipe. the road is being repaved right now. they expect it will be back open in time for the morning rush hour. in the shaw neighborhood of northwest d.c., they are worried they could lose part of their community if the wizards get a new practice facility that's planned. the team is negotiating with the district to build a $40 million veneer a metro station there. right now, it's the site of a popular park. and a closed middle school that is scheduled to be rebuilt. >> the idea that the facility could be incorporated into the neighborhood i think is interesting. but i think we need to talk to the -- >> zack evans says it's near the skate park. >> georgetown university student admitted to making deadly ricin.
6:35 pm
prosecutors say the student was inspired by a tv show. >> they made a very serious error. he has served enough time. >> reporter: daniel's family was happy the judge only sentenced him to a year and day in prison rather than the two years prosecutors had asked for. he told the judge he was sorry and that he's learned his lesson. his defense attorney said he was a confused young man who was plagued by depression and that he made the ricin so he could kill himself. and that he had no intent to harm anyone else. but some georgetown students think he did harm other students. >> people like me, who want to see justice done. because affected my friends. >> reporter: think think he got off easy. >> i think it should be 24 months in solitary confinement. >> reporter: they say he had been watching "breaking bad" that depicted rice ink used as a
6:36 pm
weapon. they say that along with threatening facebook messages were indicators he wanted to hurt others. >> whatever it was, we hope that it's all behind him now. >> reporter: his attorney asked the judge for a sentence of a year plus one day so he could qualify for time off with good behavior. because he's already been in jail for more than seven months, he could be eligible for a halfway house by the first of the year. our weather tomorrow could not be better. we'll be running a few degrees higher than 60 degrees which is our average this time of year. but then winter rushes in for the end of the week. folks, it is going to be cold and it's going to stick around for a while. i'll show how long on the other
6:37 pm
side of the break.
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this story just in. a new york dr. declared ebola-free. he's going to be released from the hospital tomorrow. dr. craig spencer had been in guinea, treating ebola patients with the group doctors without borders. he was rushed to the hospital october 23, with a fever. and within hours, blood tests had confirmed he was infected with the ebola virus. you will remember his infection set new york city on edge, because in the days before the diagnosis, spencer was on the subway,s in in an uber taxi, ate out and went bowling. it's not clear if he can return home. his fiancee is there still under quarantine. the montgomery county school board is trying to figure out what to do about their calendar for next year. two different holidays fall on the same day. the problem is the school is closed for jewish holidays but
6:40 pm
not muslim holidays. as chris gordon reports, they're thinking about scrapping references to all religious holidays on the calendar next year. >> i would simply add eid to the existing holidays they already have without substituting any other holidays. >> reporter: but montgomery county executive ike leg get isn't the one making the decision. the board of education is at their meeting tomorrow. the muslim holiday of eid, coincides with yom kippur. since montgomery county public schools do not close for the muslim holiday, school superintendent dr. joshua star sent this recommendation to the board of education, which eliminates the reference to rosh hashanah and yom kippur on the 2015 school calendar. >> to not mention the holidays by name, but still the schools closed. >> reporter: montgomery county public schools have been closing
6:41 pm
for the jewish holidays since the 1970s, because the large jewish population would create high absenteeism. but school officials say the muslim student population doesn't warrant closing the schools. >> the eid is just the same exact as christmas day or easter day or yom kippur. the children want to be home with their families. this is a family holiday that goddess natured and gave us the time to celebrate. and be joyous. >> reporter: muslim students and their parents will demonstrate tomorrow before the board of education meeting, trying to convince officials that the muslim holy days ought to be included on the calendar as a school holiday. in montgomery county, chris gordon, news4. >> nbc washington survey today says they are not in favor of eliminating the religious references on next year's calendar. a wounded warrior who nearly gave his life to save others gets a favorite part of his personal life back.
6:42 pm
and we'll hear from the and we'll hear from the woman charged in a stun
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♪ i ♪ know i can't deny... ♪ that i got a new feeling ♪ deep inside... ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see e good. a woman is out of custody this evening after a late-night street brawl that stretched across connecticut avenue. cell phone video captured part of the fight that included a taser. news4's pat collins is live at d.c. superior court where he talked to the suspect on her way out. pat? >> reporter: doreen, it was a closing time street fight. it sent three people to the hospital. police say a taser was involved.
6:45 pm
charged in the case, a 19-year-old teenager. i ran into her today as she left the courthouse in a paper jail jumpsuit. this is alicia mccoy. she is 19 years old. she is charged in connection with a rolling street fight early this morning involving a taser. according to court documents, during the incident, mccoy was seen passing the taser around. i tried to talk to alicia mccoy after she was released on bond in the case. alicia. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: alicia, did you have a taser? >> no! oh, my god. >> reporter: who started the fight? >> you. >> reporter: now the fight happened around closing time the 1200 block of connecticut avenue. bri jordan was out celebrating her birthday when she encountered the melee. >> some of the aggressors were
6:46 pm
women. a woman had a taser, tasing women, tasing men. there were other women, punching each other. they were punching men. punking women. everyone was punching each other. gender was irrelevant. >> reporter: bri caught some of the action on her cell phone. if you listen carefully, you can hear the distinct sound of a taser going off. at one point, bri says it got violent and scary. >> i saw a guy knocked to the ground, not moving. and then someone came up and stomped on his head multiple times. >> reporter: and did you see a woman with a taser? >> there was a woman with a taser. she was tasing over here in the second round, and she came over, with the crowd, and continued to takes people, and taunt people with the taser in the air. >> reporter: again, three people injured in that fight. they were taken to the hospital. one was admitted. everybody is expected to be okay. live at superior court, pat collins, news4.
6:47 pm
here is a story that is hard to believe. a florida mother came back to life after 45 minutes without a pulse. she says she has a deep appreciation now for each new day. doctors say the woman's heart stopped beating after complications during a cesarean section in september. her family was brought in to say goodbye when her heart started beating again on its own. hospital officials say it's a double miracle, because she has no brain damage, despite being so long without a pulse. and her baby girl is healthy. >> incredible. the gift of a lifetime tonight for a wounded warrior in northern virginia. corporal jeremy green was given an all-terrain wheelchair by the freedom alliance, a group that supports injured veterans. corporal green lost a leg during an heroic action in afghanistan th likely saved many lives. his prosthetic leg helps him in his daily routine but doesn't accommodate his favorite
6:48 pm
pastimes. >> doing so much more things, hunting, fishing, things i like to do that i couldn't do before, because it's just harder to move around in the woods when you're trying to walk over logs and stuff with a prosthetic limb. >> the freedom alliance has already outfitted four other wounded warriors with those chairs and plan to donate three more before the end of the year. >> good for him. he's got hunting and fishing weather for a few days, right? >> that's right. and i cannot tell you, with all the events going on tomorrow across this area, and there are some big ones, i am so happy that our weather is going to kind of stay status quo. in fact, even higher temperatures expected across the area tomorrow. meanwhile, this evening, if you're going out, 9:00, 10:00, temperatures around 49 to 50 degrees. clear. nice starry sky. maybe walking the dog, taking a casual stroll there. right now, we sit at 59 degrees in d.c. 53 in camp springs, bridges
6:49 pm
prince george's county. and gaithersburg to rockville and fairfax, reston, 56 to 50 degrees right now. so tomorrow morning, no issues whatsoever. it's going to be the kind of day where we start cool so you will ne need the long sleeves, maybe a light jacket. and sunglasses will be in order for tomorrow. so veterans day right now, only thing that we're expecting moving our way, no rain whatsoever. just some high clouds during the afternoon. so we start out kind of with a perfect day. and then we start to hit the yellow there. but a-okay for tomorrow and very comfortable by november standards. in fact, it's going to feel a lot like a mid october day. as our temperatures take to the mid 60s by 1:00 in the afternoon, 3:00 in the afternoon will be around 68 to 69 degrees. so starting out cool. getting nice and warm mpt. and in this weekend, thursday
6:50 pm
night, friday morning. here we are saturday. sunshine, crisp afternoon. 44 degrees. a very pretty day. we'll pick up more clouds this second half of the weekend. and even a little bit of rain i think late will carry over into monday. here's a look at your storm team four-day forecast from 62 on wednesday to 50 on thursday. 43 degrees for a high temperature on friday. it's a cold weekend coming up, and a cold rain from sunday late into monday. that cold pattern with highs in the 40s likely lasting through a good part of next week. guys? >> thanks, veronica. >> dianna is at the park where the team is getting ready to go back to work. >> a much-needed break for the washington redskins team and a new leader may have emerged. you may be surprised to find out who it is. plus, maryland football may have taken a real big hit. a potential season-ending injury to their top play maker. we'll have the latest.
6:51 pm
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. dianna is out at the park. this is one of those games hard to look forward to, because you're supposed to be able to beat these guys. just about everybody -- that's a terrible team to look forward
6:54 pm
to, because they can jump up and hurt you. >> de matha is always your benchmark for talent. every time we talk about it -- >> like them guys. >> you're probably right. that's the sad part. so, yeah, you know, the redskins are basically in the same boat as tampa bay this weekend. but i have to tell you, i think this break was needed for this team, so much drama last week. they seemed refreshed, they seemed reenergized. and head coach jay gruden took a lot of time to really figure out where this team is right now. >> there's a play here, a play there that we're just so close to being 7-2 as opposed to 3-6. that's the way the nfl is right now. so we have to focus in on crunch time plays, let the big-time players make big-time plays. and not turn the ball over and third downs.
6:55 pm
>> all right. so desean jackson and the rest of the team happy to be back on the field today. jackson normally a really soft-spoken player. he told us he stood up in a meeting, today his teammates, they need to rally around robert griffin iii, no matter what they think about the quarterback. and after last week's drama, jackson felt it was time he let his own voice be heard. >> also, me being new to the team, i understand where i've been in the past and things i've been through in my career. and i just feel, you know, it was needed. a certain type of situation needs to be spoken on. >> he doesn't say a whole lot, usually sits with his hood on and, you know, but it's good. he started opening up a little bit and people have a lot of respect for him as a football player and obviously what he does when the lights are on. >> so lack of leadership, a big theme here at redskins park and seems the players are figuring
6:56 pm
out that somebody has got to step up. even if it's somebody like desean jackson, who normally isn't in that role. he usually likes to show it on the field. but he told us today his voice needs to be heard and the guys respect him, of course, because of the talent he has on the field. let's bring it down a level and talk maryland football. big game this weekend. face 12th-ranked michigan state. this weekend without stephan diggs, suspended for what he did in the pregame against penn state. well, some more bad news for maryland. they may actually be out without diggs for the rest of the season. a source is telling nbc 4 tonight that he suffered a lacerated kidney on this play right here against penn state. diggs was helped off by trainers, but he did return to the game. maryland's leading receiver this season also missed the terps' final six games last season after breaking his leg. you may remember that. no word yet, though, as to whether diggs will miss any bowl game maryland plays.
6:57 pm
so from the field to the ice. capitals getting ready for two divisional home games. the ice not the best place to be the last couple weeks while the team dropped five straight games. today the mood dramatically different. the team working hard, having fun after coming up two huge wins this past weekend. they say their confidence really never wavered. but a couple ws has them feeling good. starting an important week. >> you feel better when you're winning. guys make you feel easier and have more fun. but we have confidence in the group right now. we know that we have a great team here, and if we can stick with it for 60 minutes, we're going to give every single team a run for their money. >> we were frustrated and i thought we were doing a lot of the right things the last couple weeks. but we're getting rewarded and last couple games, made a few
6:58 pm
mistakes but still got the win so the attitude is better here and excited to continue. >> i bet de matha couldn't beat de matha. >> winning cures
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on our broadcast tonight, the plunge. a shock of a system coming for upwards of 200 million americans very early on in the season. the weather phenomenon that's about to make it bracingly cold from north to south. dead or alive, was the leader of isis hit by an air strike? tonight the latest from richard engel who reports from inside one of the most dangerous cities on earth. what really happened inside the medical clinic where joan rivers went into cardiac arrest? what investigators say doctors didn't notice. and a household danger, the problem is those detergent pods look like candy. the new warning tonight about how many children are ending up in the hospital. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this


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