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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 12, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, huge turnout at a vigil for a murdered teen. >> this is our community. >> tonight, friends remember brenden wilson while parents call for peace. a potential danger on local highways. we'll report when answers might be coming about the safety of
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certain guard rails. and only on news 4, the multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against metro, new claims about the contractor working on the line. news 4 starts now. we begin tonight with the lawsuit filed on behalf of a metro contract worker who was killed on the job last year in an accident near metro station. >> chris lawrence has been going through the paperwork filed in this case today. he joins us with the latest in the studio. >> yes, this man was a veteran, a soldier, a father of six. these documents show why they mean to make metro pay. harold ingram's obituary mentions the time he served in
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the army and the time he spent in the war. in fact, he was still serving time in the military. he was a contractor working on the red line tunnel in october of last year, part of a crew repairing the rails near union station and judiciary square. the lawsuit says at some point the hose ruptured shooting a fire ball from the hose, which caused a metro crane prior to that time -- operator to raise the crane. when it started to swing wildly, it smashed into ingram. the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit, few $10 million, they claim that metro failed to train and teach the operator to use that speed swing properly.
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they did not want to comment on the case. it has been assigned to a judge with the first hearing in january. thank you, turning to our weather, it is already cold enough for a coat outside and heading even colder, right veronica? >> yes, for sure, we're in the low 40s, definitely chilly tomorrow. and we're talking about a little extra layer. so here we go, the fleece, nice, warm winter type jacket tomorrow. look at the numbers, 33 around restin, ash tton, 32 and 33, an brandywine, temperatures in the low 30s. yes, we have been that cold. temperatures this past weekend mild, not just cold but prolonged cold. it will move in. we're not just talking about the air mass being a lot like
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winter, but we could see some winter-type weather falling, too. i'll show you coming up. tonight, a large crowd of friends and concerned parents gathered around the spot where a 16-year-old was killed near woodbridge high school in virginia. police arrested three in the shooting of brenden wilson. shomari stone has more on how he is being remembered. >> reporter: good evening, jim, right now police are searching for a fourth suspect in this case. meanwhile, tonight, brenden wilson's family gathered with me on the path where they say he was killed right behind woodbridge high school. >> reporter: robert bennett grieves over the death of his friend, 16-year-old brenden wilson. >> i just grief that somebody took his life. >> reporter: robert, along with
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brenden's mom and other friends gathered from woodbridge high school to see neighborhood. the crowd shared stories of how brenden always smiled and uplifted others. >> but as a mother this is just absolutely heartbreaking. >> reporter: police arrested three suspects, the alleged shooter, smalls, kymothy wilson and a teen are charged with conspiracy, and police are searching for a fourth suspect. roberts hopes that they lock up everybody involved. police say brenden's death is drug-related but earlier today his mother told us that is not true. >> just because they were drug dealers does not mean this was a drug-related crime. i will not have my son's name go out like that. >> reporter: and tonight sources tell news 4 that one of the suspects confessed. live in woodbridge, virginia, i'm shomari stone, news 4. thank you, shomari.
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new at 11:00 tonight, the serious crash closed down all the lanes during the rush hour, two people in the crash are in critical condition. reconstruction teams are trying to determine the cause of the crash. and just a week after winning the election, larry hogan has learned he will face a massive budget shortfall when he takes office. today, he taxes robert neil. at the same time he learns that maryland faces nearly a $6 million budget hole. tax revenues are down and the pinch is affecting government workers in the state. >> they have been obviously spending too much. >> reporter: hogan will present a new budget plan to lawmakers in january. it will have to be ready for the next fiscal year in july. a teen is locked up, charged
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with killing a teen. he was shot in october just a few blocks from the rhode island metro station, witnesses say it was a drive by. resper lives in upper marlboro. the boys name has not been released because of his age. and two lawyers in jail without bond. the two went to a home on spencer road sunday night. a man was stabbed after answering the door, his wife was stabbed when she came to see what was happening. they are still in the hospital with life-threatening injuries, both of them, a law enforcement source tells news 4 this all stems from alicia smool losing her job. the male victim is a partner in the law firm where she worked. and an investigation into a
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rabbi who was accused of videotaping women during ritual baths. he has been charged with videotaping six women, using allegedly a camera inside a clock at the kes hhar israel in georgetown. investigators have set up a website so potential victims can contact them. one maryland couple says they're being shunned at their rockville synagogue for going public with the fears she had been videotaped. >> no one talks to us in the synagogue. >> well, the president did speak to us and said don't expect an apology. >> the detectives have to review videos dating back ten years looking for each woman who believes she might have been recorded. in less than an hour, work begins on a project that could ease congestion on one of the most heavily traveled roads. before i-6 gets better
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construction could slow things down. v-dot is installing a road system, the only one in our area. huge signs will go over the roadway to warn you that you will need to get in a certain lane to avoid an accident. the work will take place between midnight and 2:00 a.m. and february. the group that is supposed to plan to widen the railway filed a lawsuit today to stop construction from going forward. last week, the federal highway administration gave the green light to the virginia avenue tunnel project. that would allow cs x to deliver an open trench between 2nd and 11th streets. csx said the problem is going through a long review period and they are committed to doing it the right way. and with mid-term elections
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behind, the house and senate and the vote on the controversial keystone pipeline. senator mary landrieu is facing a runoff in december and is trying to keep her seat. the pipeline would run from canada to the gulf of mexico. the republican-controlled house is expected to pass the bill. the democrats are concerned about the environmental impact. it is still not clear whether president obama would sign the bill if it reaches his desk. next, at 11:00, a design change is blamed for killing drivers who crash into guard rails. we'll report about new steps tonight to make sure the local highways are safe. the tallest building in the country just opening for business. but something about one world trade center made it harder to rescue two window washers today. and bitter cold from canada to texas knocking on our door
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you may remember us showing you this video last month. it is what is supposed to happen when a car hits a guard rail head on. now federal officials say we'll know by early next year if guard rails installed all over the country are doing their job properly. virginia became the first state to begin inspecting and removing all the guard rails made by a company that made a design change that could turn the rail into a spear that impales cars. trinity already is facing
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several injury and wrongful death lawsuits. those guard rails will be tested by an independent lab in texas. gasoline prices have been dropping for weeks now. tonight, the energy department says we actually may be able to get used to that. a new estimate says the average price of a gallon of gas holding below $3 a gallon in the country next year. that would save americans $61 billi billion. e economists say it could act as a tax cut, the new estimate is based on crude oil prices and on weaker demand. they were 68 stories up, hanging onto a scaffold that was pointed almost straight down. tonight, we know more about why it took so long to rescue two window washers outside the new world trade center tower. more from our sister station in new york. >> got a window washer hanging on the scaffold, approximately
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the 50th floor. >> reporter: two window washers hang on for their lives as first responders run to save them. fdny radio transmissions capture the high-rise, high-risk drama. it all began shortly before 1:00, the two victims identified as lezama and lopez had lowered themselves from the top of the building when officials say one of the cables snapped. >> they were able to lower the rope to secure both victims on the scaffold. >> it was pretty impressive. right now i would have been scared to death if i was up there. >> reporter: officials say the sight of the nation's tallest building along with fortress-like security along with windows that don't open complicated the effort. >> this this case, the glass was thick and they were 68 stories up. and it does present a little more of a challenge. >> reporter: a photo taken from
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the fdny shows the angle of the scaffolding. originally crews planned to lower the second scaffolding but ultimately chose to cut through one of the tower's nine-foot windows. the two work the scaffolding. one by one they were brought to safety after hanging among the clouds for over an hour. video showed them being taken away in an ambulance. they are being treated for mild hypothermia. folks in europe celebrating what may be one of the most fascinating stories in a very, very long time. they're celebrating a billion dollar achievement after they successfully landed a spacecraft on a comet for the very first time ever. the european space agency did it. this mission started ten years ago with a launch of a spacecraft called rosetta, which traveled 300 million miles caught up with a comet that was
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traveling 40,000 miles an hour and has been for many years. then they released a smaller craft which drifted down to the comet. the lander first of all landed successfully and didn't bounce all over the universe. then it is now sending back data which could help to uncover secrets about the very beginning of the universe. an arctic blast is moving across the country, denver is under siege from the brutal cold. here it feels like 20 below, wind chills below freezing as far south as texas and alabama. in the northwest, powerful wind is knocking out power and bringing down trees. makes me want to crawl under the covers, veronica and not come out until it is over. how will it affect us? >> well, unprepared you could be caught doing the shiver/shake dance, where you stand there and
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go like this with anyone you're waiting in the cold with. so dress very warmly. we get hit with the 30s late tonight starting out. bouncing up and back down to where we stay. head on out to the weather with me, much colder temperatures and colder air, lower temperatures for tomorrow morning. meanwhile, you will watch it layer up. don't forget about your umbrella, we're looking at a bit of rain with the lower temperatures tomorrow. of course it is all about unpacking that winter we, right? finding time. if you don't get a chance to do it and can get by for friday, then this weekend will be a time the cold stays with us. it is all the way down and all the way south. we're in the 40s, dallas now in the low 30s, close to freezing, they will see some freezing temperatures by tomorrow morning. our temperature starts out around 35/38 degrees, a nice winter jacket, at least there will be sunshine, clouds by the afternoon and yes, some rain, wet roads heading home for your commuter forecast.
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we'll be in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees for your area. 50 in town, and rockville, clarksburg at 48 for a high temperature. prince george's county, you folks around largo and clinton getting up to about 48 tomorrow. just a few showers skirting by southern maryland tomorrow. this is at noontime. you could see the clouds across the area. the afternoon from 5:00 to midnight. shower, rainshowers, there could be flurries because again there is cold air that comes with this system. any flurry activity will be short lived. certainly not impacting any roads. hagerstown, leesburg, may see that. then on friday, back to breezy cold sunshine across the area folks as high pressure moves in. flakes are possible to the west. all the first wave ends, wet weather, sunrise by friday, up
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the coast with more cold air for monday. which means again we get by the weekend just fine. should not be any impacts, i think on any local roads around here. could see some accumulating snow in the mountains on monday with that second system. a dry weekend for us, we're at 44 to 48 degrees, saturday to sunday. i think it is for the most part good bit of rain that we get throughout the day on monday right now. it is wet, cloudy, at least we're up to 50. a chance to go up one of the mildest days out of the next seven, then more reinforcements on the winter arctic air for tuesday and wednesday next week. the trend, nothing has changed. we stay there in the cold for about the next seven, ten, to possibly 14 days. >> the bike ride i recommended you take today, that coulde it for the year. >> all right, thank you, veronica. >> you know one of the most impressive things about the wizards this year? diana will have more coming up. stay tuned.
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hey, guys, channeling tatum is my guest tonight, we have music
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uploads as fast as downloads. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this is the xfinity sports desk. got to love these guys. because they're starting five -- you know, they're okay. but when things are not going their way -- >> i know, definitely improved from last year, we talked about the good old days when george was sitting here, i finally can do something he never did. the best season that the wizards have had over the years.
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all right -- protecting home court, that is on the list of the top three goals for the wizards team, they are planning on improving the 23 and 22 record they posted before the regular season. right now this team is having its best start in 39 years. they haven't lost a game at home yet. they fall behind early, detroit led by brandon jennings. nailed the three-pointer. jennings, a big night for him 32 points, ten assists. detroit holds a comfortable lead. butler getting into the act, detroit takes the 13 -- i know, i was thinking of that two. second court, butler. from the corner we'll take this butler. wizards get momentum, humphrey leading the break, finishing a
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little later. butler again, there he goes, the last guy to make the wizards roster, too, so there you go, good for him. driving, shooting, wizards get the lead for good. 27 points, wizards hold on, 3 and 0 at the verizon center, for the effort of guys like chris humphreys. >> you never know when the opportunity is going to come. as long as you're ready, you can attribute it to what the team can do. >> all right, well, good season for the wizards. all right, so everyone has an opinion about rg3. everyone. the head coach jay gruden said his quarterback is mentally tough but there is not a person on this earth that would not be affected by constant negative criticism. that being said when it comes from your own teammates, it makes it more difficult.
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rg3 says he doesn't care who doesn't want him to start because he believes the majority believe he can do this job. they all have publicly supported rg3. the quarterback believes when your team is losing people just want to talk about these stories. >> certain networks push that stuff. some people have friends in high places. i don't, do you like everybody you work with? you don't have to point them out. but -- it's really not even about that. i think we're getting closer as a family on this team. you know what dashon said, like before, just addressing the few. are and it doesn't matter. >> tomorrow, jay gruden sits down with us in an exclusive interview, we talk with rg3, his biggest regret, and his relationship with dan snyder. so we get into it a lot. he said the relationship -- he
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thought it was going to be something that it was not either, so -- >> i want to hear more about that from jay gruden, but not rg3, i just want him to play ♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪
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it was a nail biter, but he survived, ryan sill makes it
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into the top 12. he did get enough votes from the fans to be saved. but he was saved by his coach, gwen stefani. >> i bet
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