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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 13, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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team of reporters working new angles to the day's top stories. >> we begin tonight with the weather, and this video just in now from clarksburg, maryland. little bit of snow falling out there. temperatures continuing to drop. doug tracking it all. doug? >> i'll tell you what, jim. this is not the kind of weather we normally see in the month of november. this is more like december or january weather. and if that was the case, we wouldn't be that big of a deal. but it's november. temperatures over the last week were near 80 but now down around the 30s in many areas. take a look at the radar. we continue to see temperatures falling. right now, 38 degrees currently. of up toward the north and west, 36 in gaithersburg. 37 in leesburg. 37 in winchester. 45 in d.c. here is the rain, sleet and snow. the radar having a tough time picking up on that rain, sleet, snow line. definitely seeing snow in carl county, catoctin and south and rockville. northwest d.c., notice this
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enhanced coloring here right around the college park area, would not be surprised in college park was seeing light sleet and maybe snowflakes mixed in. somebody in alexandria also tweeted they had seen a couple of snowflakes in that area. it's all moving south and east. it's not going to be a big deal tonight. you'll need the umbrellas as you step out. that's really about it. the bigger deal is that it's not just here. it's all over the country. one of those places really getting hit hard, denver, colorado, which is shattering records. reynolds wolf has been there all day. >> reporter: well, weather certainly a huge story for us around the country. i'm personally in denver right now. but i can tell you pacific northwest we're seeing yet another storm begin to fire up. winter storm bozeman bringing heavy snowfall to the cascades, the tetons and portions of the central rockies. even northern rockies may get hammered with snow. in denver, this story is the brutally cold conditions. where this morning just after midnight, we fell to minus 14 degrees. that's without the wind chill. you pile on the wind chill, it felt like minus 32 degrees.
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so certainly dangerous cold, brutal times here in the mile-high city with these incredible record-low temperatures. denver not alone. millions of people across the country dealing with a big cooldown, that lasts for many through the weekend. however here in denver, we're going to be moving up a little bit back in the 30s by tomorrow. i'm reynolds wolf for the weather channel at nbc news. >> reynolds, kind of puts our cold into perspective. we'll talk about how cold we're going to get into tomorrow. and yes, even colder air moving in. i'll show when that occurs coming up. you can stay ahead of this with our weather app and you can look at the latest interactive radar right from your smartphone. >> doug, thank you. breaking news in the investigation into the white house fence jumper. nbc news has obtained details of a new report critical of the actions of one specific secret service officer. the report says the officer who is in charge of a dog was in a van, talking on a cell phone and was not listening to his two-way radio when omar gonzalez jumped
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the fence in september. gonzalez made it all the way inside the white house. the report also uncovered a series of, quote, performance, organizational and technical failures. and new developments in a story we broke over the summer. it centers around a sexting case in virginia. police ask a judge to order a teenager to have his private parts photographed. now the detective in that case is suing the teenager's defense attorney. news4's mark segraves is in our newsroom to tell us why. >> reporter: this is one of those stories that got a lot of national attention. lots of people were surprised that law enforcement officials would make such a request. and that was the exact reaction of the teenager's lawyer in which she said to reporters is why the detective is now suing for defamation. >> he's being percent accused. >> reporter: that's how the attorney described a search warrant to law police to take explicit pictures of the 17-year-old's genitals. jessica foster represented trey sims after he was accused of
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texting a video of his penis. foster told the "washington post" the search warrant was crazy. who does this? it's just crazy, she reportedly said. those are the words detective david abbott of the manassas police department says were directed at him. and caused him severe emotional distress. in a lawsuit first reported by the "washington post," abbott says he received threats and was called a pedophile and that foster's comment put him under intense media and public scrutiny. he is seeking at least $350,000 in damages. as for sims, the judge put the teenager on probation for one year, at which time the porn charges could be dismissed. neither detective abbott or jessica foster could comment. trey sims is due in court next august when the judge will skied whether to drop those charges against the teen. in the newsroom, mark segraves, news4. >> thank you, mark.
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a rare move today following the murder of a local high school student. a judge in virginia allowed police to release this photograph of an underaged teenager wanted in the death of brendan wilson. his name is deion moses. we also learned today that the suspected triggerman in that case, a man named kay juan small, was out on bond. he was supposed to be wearing a monitoring bracelet at the time. police believe the shooting behind woodbridge high school was drug related. there will be a service for brendan wilson tomorrow evening in woodbridge. new at 6:00, hearing from a woman who came within inches of being hit by a minivan as it plowed into a store. you could hear the emotion in her voice. chris gordon is in gaithersburg tonight with a story. chris? >> good evening. we begin with brand-new information. montgomery county police tell me that the driver of the van that crashed into this store front
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has been charged. he's identified at 92-year-old edward roberts of montgomery county. he faces charges of negligent driving and failure to control speed to avoid a collision. two people were injured in this crash. >> i don't know. i'm just still shaken. still shaken. >> reporter: as she looks back at the damage to the store, she realizes the minivan was heading right toward her. >> i wasn't hurt. mentally, maybe. emotionally. but not physically. i was coming out of the fitting room, walking towards the women's section, where the van is currently positioned. >> reporter: the minivan crashed through the glass door and window just as two women, one carrying an infant, were entering the store. a store employee showed investigators the video from surveillance cameras inside, and then told me -- >> after looking at the video again, she came about that close from hitting the baby.
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>> reporter: the minivan hit one of the women, causing serious but not life threatening injuries. the other woman and infant were loaded into an ambulance and transported home. another shopper inside the store suffered less serious injuries, but was taken to the hospital. >> witnesses indicate that there was a handicapped spot right directly in front. i believe the minivan was pulling into that spot. and for whatever reason, the car crashed through the building. the driver of the car was an older male. he was not injured. he was evaluated. but didn't need any medical treatment. >> reporter: ebony parker tells me, the crash sounded like an earthquake. the minivan narrowly missing her. >> i'm nervous, i'm shocked right now. i've never, ever been in anything like that. >> reporter: behind me you see restoration crews rebuilding the front entrance to the store. montgomery county officials will have to inspect it to make sure it passes code before rugged warehouse reopens for business. that's the latest tonight.
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live in gaithersburg, chris gordon, news4. >> thanks, chris. there is new reaction tonight after a police officer got the minimum sentence for shooting a man in the back. that man was in handcuffs at the time. johnnie reilly was an officer with the district heights police department. today he got five years in prison for shooting the suspect in the back two years ago. prosecutors wanted a 25-year sentence. prosecutors say reilly fired at the handcuffed man who posed no threat. coming up in our broadcast at 6:30, we'll learn why the victim, now confined to a wheelchair, says he is not upset with that sentence. they have been missing for months, but tonight there is a new effort to find two missing toddlers from montgomery county. the father of jacob and sarah hoggle is hoping a new reward fund will lead to some answers. news4's kristin wright is in clarksburg tonight to tell us how police plan to keep this a top priority.
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kristin? >> reporter: doreen, sarah and jacob hoggle used to play at aurora hills park over the summer. now it's starting to feel like winter and they still haven't been found. police say the case is still high priority. >> this is still in the forefront of our office and will remain in the forefront of our office, because honestly, the investigators don't want to let go. >> reporter: police, determined to find sarah and jacob hoggle. they're going back to places they searched before. now that the leaves have fallen, they hope to find something. police want people to do the same at home. >> the terrain on their properties has changed. we would like them to go out and check and look for things that are suspicious, things that are out of place. >> reporter: sarah's 4th birthday is one week from today. the children's mother, catherine hoggle, still hasn't said where they could be and a judge won't allow her to go with police to show them. >> my job as my children's father is to believe in them and find them, period.
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a father still determined to find his two children. today troy turner announced a reward fund with the nonprofit, victims rights foundation. >> that gives us more organization. it gives us a greater base to pull volunteers from. >> reporter: the victims' rights foundation will start the fund with $1,000 and they hope it will grow from there. live in clarksburg, kristin wright, news4. >> if you want to donate, visit our website, and search hoggle. the u.s. military is hinting tonight that it may be necessary to have ground troops in iraq. they say that is not off the table. chairman of the joint chiefs, general martin dempsey, told lawmakers today that he's considering sending troops to help iraqi forces in future operations. dempsey said he is unsure if or when those troops might be needed. but he said they could be used in an effort to retake mosul, a
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city being held by isis forces or other areas on the syrian border that are held by the militan move would need approval from the president, who has pledged not to send troops back into iraq. republican larry hogan is expected to face a hefty budget shortfall when he is sworn in as governor of maryland. according to the "washington post," analysts estimate a shortfall of $593 million in the state next year. if planned spending levels remain the same, this would be a gap of $1 billion by fiscal 2020. hogan has said his first priority in office will be to cut spending and he made tax cuts the focus of his campaign. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton is not encouraging anyone to spoke anything, but does not believe marijuana users should be quitted of a crime. today she joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers from colorado, oregon and california
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to urge congress to decriminalize marijuana. last week, d.c. voters overwhelmingly supported a ballot initiative to legalize the possession of small amounts of pot, but congress would have to approve it before it becomes law. new questions tonight after a scaffold collapse and left two window washers damaging from the nation's tallest sky scrapper. demanding action after a nasty sewage spill. the costly cleanup. tensions run high as a grand jury decision draws near in the shooting death of an unarmed black
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a new audio message online. this is the first time we have heard from isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi since saturday, when he was rumored to have been wounded by a u.s. air strike. it's not clear when the message was recorded, but he calls for volcanos of jihad, and vows that isis will fight to the last man. anxiety is growing in ferguson, missouri, as a grand jury decision nears in the michael brown case. there are concerns that the town could return to the turmoil that followed brown's death last summer. today his parents issued a personal plea, and nbc's sarah
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dahloff has the story. >> reporter: a plea for calm and restraint from the family of michael brown as protesters and police await a decision from the grand jury. >> on behalf of the brown family, we do not condone any acts of rioting, looting or violence. that it is equally important to implore law enforcement to exercise reasonable restraints when dealing with demonstrators. >> reporter: inside the justice center, dr. michael baden, hired by the brown family to perform a private autopsy, was scheduled to testify today. earlier this week, state and city leaders worked to reassure an increasingly anxious public, saying they trained 1,000 officers. county police have purchased $170,000 of new riot gear, including tear gas grenades, handcuffs and helmets. >> we know that the vast majority of protesters are peaceful, reasonable people. and we are meeting with those groups to ensure they have the
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right to have their voices heard. >> reporter: business owners along ferguson's main streets are adding new layers of protection to their store fronts. and parents are expressing concerns about keeping their kids safe. local school district has asked the decision be announced on a weekend. >> if history is any indication of what's going to happen when this verdict or this announcement comes down, it's going to be pandemonium. >> reporter: organizers are asking for 48 hours notice before a grand jury announcement and safe zones for large groups of demonstrators. officials have yet to respond. sarah dallof, nbc news. the man accused of snatching a woman from a sidewalk and hiding out in maryland has been indicted on kidnapping charges. delvin barnes faces life in prison if convicted. the case in philadelphia made national headlines when police released video of carlesha field gaither being abducted of the
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barnes is also accused in the attempted murder of a richmond teenager. the view from the 68th floor of one world trade center in new york city is back to normal tonight. that window was replaced after rescuers used a diamond-edged saw to cut through the glass and rescue two window washers danglinging from a scaffold yesterday. one of the workers said he called his wife who was afraid it might be their last conversation. window cleaning at that building has been suspended while investigators figure out just what went wrong there. >> bet they had to pay extra to get someone to go back in that thing and repair that window. >> no thank you. >> not for me either. what's up with the snow falling up in clarksburg? >> even outside we had some snowflakes mixed in here in northwest. a little bit of sleet mixed in. you blink around this area inside the beltway, pretty much missed it. and we are dealing with rain across the area now, but yes, still snow just off to the north and west. you mentioned that clarksburg area. they have been seeing snow the last couple hours in some parts
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of maryland actually seeing snow accumulating on the grassy surfaces. 43 degrees the current temperature. winds at 13 miles per hour. wind chills in the 30s. this is the actual temperature, 36 in gaithersburg. 39 manassas. 37 back towards winchester. 45 in fredericksburg area. temperatures more reminiscent of middle january than now in the month of november. areas of rain and the snow. radar has a very hard time picking up. i want to show you, here is the sterling site there, snowing at dulles airport now. that's why you see that right there. that's an actual observation. you can suh see that white and shower activity towards bethesda and bowie area. we have seen a lot around barnesville, damascus, mt. eerie, all reporting snowfall the last couple areas. on the light side. no problems as far as roads are
6:20 pm
concerned but don't surprised on the trees and grassy surfaces to see accumulation. you know you're going to get it along the blue ridge. higher elevation, this is an area to watch out tonight. you could see slick spots in these areas between front royal and marshal in through fauquier county. behind this, we've got one more area of snow. you can see it right there. that's going to come through tonight. so we're not quite done with the snow yet. but what we have here, the jet stream making its way all the way down towards the gulf coast, and then right up around our area. in the middle of this, it is cold and not just cold, it is record-breaking cold. the good thing for us, we're not going to see record-breaking cold here. towards denver, 14 below zero earlier this morning. shattering the old record by 11 degrees. that is ridiculous cold. kind of puts this into perspective just a little bit. so we're going to be cold. but not too cold. 34 degrees in d.c. tomorrow morning. 28 winchester. 30 degrees in culpeper. 30 in lease berg. we'll see temperatures below
6:21 pm
freezing and wind chills all day in the 30s. tomorrow one chilly day. 44 on saturday. less wind but still chilly. sunday a high of 49 degrees. we'll see rain move in late on sunday, could mix with snow in parts of area before changing to all rain monday. high temperature around 50 degrees monday with a good chance of rain, especially early. behind that system, it gets even colder. high temperature on tuesday of 38 degrees. wind chill all day next tuesday in the 20s. guys, yeah, this is some cold air for sure, and very early this time of the year. >> but it's not denver. >> it's not denver. >> thank you, doug. growing backlash against the local school district. why a move to be more politically correct about holidays backfired. tap your smartphone debit or credit card. metro unveils its payment system today. i'm adam tuss. we
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just tap your smartphone, and then head for your metro train. that's the new metro payment system being tested out right now. but some are asking whether there are risks. the new method requires keeping your smartphone out, and that's something metro and police have warn against, because of the thieves trying to take cell phones. news4 transportation reporter adam tuss takes a look at the plan. >> reporter: take out your smartphone, debit or credit card, tap the targetnd go.
6:25 pm
metro showing it off for us today. >> a spot here on the fare gate. accepts the payment and walk through. >> reporter: but isn't metro always tell you to keep your smartphone out of sight? george rides every day and says he worries about a thief taking advantage. >> upon taking my phone out, and i don't want some guy hanging around and being like, phone, let they grab that. >> reporter: metro addressing the issue. >> be aware of using your smartphone, i think it will work just fine. >> reporter: the new payment system is a big change. sleek, shiny and computerized. you can see why the transit agency wants to make a change. this is basically how the whole thing will work. you get on or off the train, pull up the app on your smartphone, tap it right on the new fare gate. it recognizes that you have paid through a chip in the back. and then charges you. there is one hitch right now. these fare gates are made by samsung and not yet apple iphone compatible. metro says they will be.
6:26 pm
remember, right now this is a pilot program. here's a look at the station's getting the machines in january, boston, bethesda, gallery place, navy yard, pentagon, pentagon city, shady grove and suitland. at gallery place, adam tuss, news4. a new road now open in montgomery county. it's called century boulevard in germantown. it was extended 2,600 feet as part of a plan to help connect the east and west sides of the city. you can now take century boulevard from father hurley boulevard tokinster drive. some lanes might be closed but the road is now open to traffic. next, he was shot in the back while handcuffed. tonight, he responds to the sentence today for the officer who shot him. and he's not the only one upset. a school calendar shakeup. the names of religious holidays erased from a school district.
6:27 pm
the fallout as this controversy gets national headlines. plus, what a waste. a company answering tough questions after a sewage backup left a mess in local houses. next.
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some say the punishment was not severe enough. but the victim says he is satisfied. tonight, we'll report the new reaction after an ex police officer is sentenced for
6:30 pm
shooting a handcuffed man in the back. a local story in the national spotlight. >> 'tis the season. but not for some students in maryland. >> reporter: the new fallout over montgomery county's decision to remove religious references from the school calendar. our northern virginia bureau broke the story this week. neighbors at a loss as sewage backed up into their homes. now they're demanding answers to make sure something like that doesn't happen again. first at 6:30, disappointment over how justice was served for a former cop who shot a handcuffed man in the back in prince george's county. >> that officer got the minimum sentence today. new at 6:00, we're hearing from the victim who was left paralyzed in that shooting. darcy spencer is outside the courtroom now. darcy? >> reporter: well, jim, this may surprise a number of people. but the victim says he is satisfied with this sentence, because he got the one thing he wanted, and it had nothing to do with prison time.
6:31 pm
the former cop who shot calvin kyle in the back paralyzing him from the waist down was sentenced today to five years in prison, the minimum sentence. still, kyle is satisfied. in a statement, he told me, what happened to me is already done, and no amount of time in prison can change that. i just wanted a sentence that would mean that mr. riley will never be able to own a gun again or be a police officer again. i don't want what happened to me to happen to anyone else. but the prince george's county state's attorney is not satisfied with the sentence former district heights sergeant donny riley received. >> we requested 25 years, because we thought that was an appropriate sentence for shooting this unarmed man in his back who was handcuffed, who was barefoot, who posed no danger whatsoever, threat to this particular officer. >> reporter: the shooting happened back in 2012. kyle was being arrested for allegedly possessing a stolen motorcycle. he decided to get out of the cop car and run.
6:32 pm
>> the officer first threw a baton at him. when he was unsuccessful in hitting him with his stick, he took his gun out and shot him in the back. >> reporter: he could have been sent to prison for more than 45 years. he was perhaps granted some leniency because of his service to his country. riley's attorney told me he was a decorated officer and veteran who served in the army and maryland national guard, including a tour in iraq. riley was also given a 30-day jail sentence for contempt of court. that's because during the last court appearance, he allegedly lunged at prosecutors, including a woman who was nine months protect. he still could face charges in that incident. reporting live from upper marlboro, darcy spencer, news4. we're getting our first look at the man accused of stabbing two people inside a mclean home this week. andrew and his wife alicia, together attorneys, face charges in the home invasion sunday night. the victims are in the hospital recovering from serious
6:33 pm
injuries. law enforcement sources tell news4 the attack followed the recent firing of alicia, who worked in the same law office of one of the victims. they are both in jail right now. there's a plan under way in maryland to keep college students safer from sex assaults. today attorney general doug gentzler released a report for recommendations for campus administrators. those recommendations include educating and training university employees. creative efforts to improve public awareness and increasing bystander interventions. but some studentses at the university tell us it would be tough to get involved. >> outrageous if you say something. but otherwise it's not -- crossing the line. >> even though we should tell men they shouldn't do that. but if women realize they don't need to be in that situation, i think it would help a lot. >> that report released today also reveals that one in five women will be assaulted while
6:34 pm
they're in college. and 1 in 16 men on campus. 1 in 16 men also will be attacked. most of those cases will not be reported. a cocaine bust at dulles airport. more than two pounds of the drug found friday inside bottles of capsules marked as natural medicines. a woman from guatemala traveling with her daughter was according the bottles. she told authorities she was a courier on business. a local school calendar shakeup that got attention on our facebook page this week now is making national headlines. this week montgomery county school officials decided to remove the names of religious holidays all together from its school calendar. chris lawrence is here with reaction to that. chris? >> fallout, to say the least. montgomery county has been inundated with calls and e-ma s e-mails. the story was featured on msnbc and fox news last night. all of this because muslim
6:35 pm
community leaders asked them to recognize their holy day on the school kadar. eid falls on yom kippur. the school board decided to remove the names of all religious holidays, including christmas, easter and rosh hashanah. >> 'tis the season. but not for some students in maryland. >> i think they don't want to disrespect anybody. and this is a safe way for them to say, look, let's just not celebrate any holidays. >> but still giving some days off. >> you know, a lot depends on where you live. so if you have a population where the majority of the school, they are muslim, i think they would have handled this much differently. >> i thought we lived in where all men are created equal. >> school administrators in maryland are cancelling christmas. sort of >> the christian and jewish communities aren't the only ones upset by this decision. muslim leaders say this isn't what they asked for.
6:36 pm
they're not happy, and would like school officials to put the holidays back on the calendar. this story is still getting a lot of comments on our nbc washington facebook page. you can join the conversation. see what others are saying. >> thanks, chris. now to our weather. everybody is talking about it and the cold air will be with us for a while. doug, what's the scoop? >> these are the wind chills now. winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. our current wind chill in d.c. 40. 34 in gaithersburg. the first time we have seen temperatures this low and wind chills this low so far this season. now as far as the radar is concerned, notice where we're looking at rain for the most part. but it has mixed in with sleet and snow in parts of the area. the radar does not do a very good job showing this, but we are dealing with some sleet and snow even around the herndon a reston area but coming with rain too. so a big-time mix. this is not going to pose a problem to the roads. we'll talk much more about that and when even colder air moves in, guys. this is just the start.
6:37 pm
>> thanks, doug. still ahead, an air scare involving one of the biggest names in music. >> i am in the cafeteria. i have the shooter. one shooter. >> and they have released the 911 calls from that deadly sh at a school in washington state. we'll have more on that and on the teacher whose heroic actions
6:38 pm
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bono was never in any danger, despite a scary malfunction on his private jet yesterday. that's the word from airport officials. the u2 front man was on a private flight from dublin to berlin when a rear hatch on the jet flew wide open. the pilot's say it felt like normal turbulence to them. nobody was hurt, and the plane landed just fine. but two suitcases were missing from the luggage compartment once the the flight landed. for the first time we're hearing the 911 calls from inside a high school in washington state after a student there opened fire.
6:40 pm
four students were killed. the gunman killed himself. a young teacher is being called a hero for shopping the shooting made one of the calls for help. >> i am in the cafeteria, i have the shooter, one shooter. i need help now. shooter right here, he's wearing all black. i'm staring at him. i tried to stop him before he shot himself. >> police say the freshman shooter texted his friend to join him in the cafeteria for lunch and then started shooting. investigators say they still don't know why he did that. a taxi helped lead police to a man charged with robbing a prince george's county bank and then using the cab as a get-away car. investigators say william thomas took the cab to the bank on indianhead highway in ft. washington last week. he demanded cash from the teller and then left in the same cab. detectives found that cab and
6:41 pm
credit that discovery with leading them to thomas. the taxi driver was not involved, obviously, in that robbery. all coaches at stafford county public schools will be getting extra training in bullying and hazing after a choking incident last month. a student suffered a concussion after he was choked in the locker room, passed out and hit his head. coaches get training every year but will get additional information on bullying and concussions this year. next, neighbors demanding answers after a messy situation. tonight we head back to this community in northern virginia to find out how residents will recover their losses. a magnificent landing of a spacecraft on a comet. but there is a snag. we'll tell you what is keeping researchers from recording as researchers from recording as many images as they would
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residents in an alexandria neighborhood that recently flooded with sewage are getting answers about what's ahead. they have a new concern, their brand new street must be dug up to replace the water main underneath. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey joins us live wheray is still going on. julie? >> reporter: yeah, this meeting 45 minutes strong and still questions being asked under the tent. some residents just learned it will be mid december before the cleanup and restoration is complete in their homes. and they have also learned replacing that troubled waterline will take even months longer, and then that street out there is going to get repaved yet again. >> you guys are not going to do like a freak -- like a first
6:45 pm
cleaning. i still have mud in the tub. >> reporter: there are still plenty of cleanup questions a week after sewer water flooded homes in this alexandria neighborhood. tonight a meeting to get them answered. this is video of the mess created when a broken waterline led to sewer water gushing into 14 homes. virginia american water quickly hired a home restoration company to clean up and replace drywall and carpet and flooring. ann henderson says her basement is looking better but still wonders if she'll be compensated for her belongings in the backyard. tonight an assurance from the restoration supervisor, the losses she has inventoried will be accepted. >> i want to go over your inventory to make sure we're on the same page. >> reporter: while residents monitor the cleanup, crews work to replace the entire waterline here. residents say that raises another concern. jordan street was just repaved. now this brand-new asphalt will be torn up. >> i cried when they dug it up.
6:46 pm
i think that's a waste of our taxpayer money. >> it's ridiculous to have the road just recently paved all torn up to put in a new water maybe, which we need. but they should have thought of that. they should have coordinated. >> reporter: a city spokesman says that's exactly what they're working harder to do. his statement reads, moving forward, we have committed to improve coordination in an effort to prevent excavation of newly resurfaced streets. both agencies are shared replacement schedules, resulting in a number of changes to the city's pavement management alexandria is also trying to better coordinate with other utilities like washington gas and dominion. that city official says it's not always possible to completely synchronize schedules but they are going to be working harder to do that. reporting live from alexandria, julie carey, news4. scientists over in europe are racing against time to get even more images from the
6:47 pm
surface of a comet on which they landed a space probe yesterday. here are the newest pictures from the european space agency. the probe is called fily. it pulled off an incredible feat of catching up to and landing on a comet hurdling through space at 40,000 miles an hour since maybe the beginning of time. but now the scientists have to reposition their probe if they can. it is currently sitting in an area there where it's in shadow, thus blocking the energy that would come from the sun to recharge the solar panels there. thus, the battery life might not be as long as had been anticipated. >> i guess they will know this weekend. >> i don't think it will take too long. >> the first ran out of juice in the first two-and-a-half days and then they're supposed to be able to charge the thing so that the next battery, secondary
6:48 pm
battery can take hold. absolutely amazing. >> only an hour of sun a day now. >> in between. the word is -- >> still fascinating. >> incredible to do that. >> and we were able to watch it live too. we can talk about this all day long. but let's talk about some really cold air. that cold hair making its way in, and some rain and snow and some sleet. look at these temperatures down to 36 in gaithersburg. 36 rockville. 38 in reston. temperatures at 41 degrees in camp spring. yeah, very cold numbers. and the wind chills already below freezing in parts of the region. storm team 4 radar showing it very well. you see the rain and the snow. look at the snow towards the north. snowing pretty good into portions of pennsylvania and maryland and back along the blue ridge into the catoctins seeing snow accumulating. thank you for any pictures you've sent on my facebook and twitter pages. and see this yellow area in fairfax county? that is sleet coming down. not sure if that's reaching the ground but definitely ice in the atmosphere being picked up by the radar.
6:49 pm
we have this first band of precipitation here. that's the rain and snow. lots in through southern southeastern pennsylvania. this next band associated with an upper level low that moves through tonight and we will see another chance for more of that snow back to the west. speaking of back to the west, 43 in d.c. 29 in columbus, ohio, at 6:00 at night. that's colder air rushing in and what we have during the day tomorrow. here's what i'm talking about. first band, second band at 11:00 tonight. more snow in frederick, leesburg, front royal, winchester. once again, not going to cause too many problems tonight but some conversation to say the least. snow gone tomorrow and just cold. breezy and cold with a high of 43. 44 on saturday. near 50 on sunday. not a bad day. but increasing clouds during the afternoon. 50 degrees on your monday, and yeah, even colder next tuesday and wednesday. guys, you could stay ahead of the weather any time. download our storm team 4 weather app on your iphone or google device.
6:50 pm
that's the android. >> thank you, doug. this evening we are proud to announce a new partnership between comcast, nbc universal and the boys and girls club. the two groups are starting a five-year national partnership. aaron gilchrist and jackie bradford were in northeast d.c. today for the launch of my dot future to teach members of the boys and girls club about the digital world. >> watch out. wizards on a role. >> chrkris humphries trying to break away from being mr. kardashian. he found a way. play good basketball. and jay gruden unfiltered. we talked rg3's future. all on the table.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
this ishe xfinity sport desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> so i think we like jay gruden, don't we? >> so far. >> okay. huh? what do you think? >> even with a losing record, i say yeah. >> the answer he gives about robert, a lot of time. still needs time to grow. >> he seems to like to answer questions. >> no, he keeps it real. definitely keeps it honest. he has no -- no question i could
6:54 pm
have asked him that he was afraid of, certainly not. so remember when 47-year-old jay gruden was introduced as the new head coach, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. some of us thought we were in for a ride. the head coach tells me the transition has been smooth. he feels he was prepared and ready for this job. so now nine games in, three wins, gruden sat down with me to talk about what everyone wants to know. who is really calling the shots. is dan snyder meddling? what is mr. snide schneider. how active is he in your decision makinger. >> i see him game day and walking around practice. i don't see him very often. bruce allen has a lot of say. and as far as dan is concerned, we haven't had that issue like people think. i was kind of worried he would be in my office, calling plays. that has not been the case. kind of funny to think about him doing that. hasn't happened yet.
6:55 pm
might happen, i don't know. >> yeah, i've heard -- >> i guess he could do that, right? but he hasn't yet. >> jones does it all of the time. >> your first year head coach and you're telling me the owner hasn't said anything. i think when jay is talking about he doesn't have that relationship with dan snyder in terms of big decisions, i believe him. but you have to maybe -- i think you're a little naive if you think dan snyder has no involvement. >> you just think dan is not on his phone -- or speed dial on his phone. >> yeah. no. i know with other teams i've covered, owners with meet with coaches once a week for dinner, lunch, have daily conference calls. but according to gruden, they don't do that. they see each other and wave and that's it. >> i was going to say -- >> he's the mouthpiece. >> it is his team, by the way. >> that's what jay said. if he wants to come in -- i just like -- he expected it to be a lot worse than what it is. >> we all did. >> yeah. so it is good to hear. >> cool. so from owner to quarterback, jay gruden was
6:56 pm
hired for one main reason. and that's to develop robert griffin iii. gruden's background as a quarterback himself and his credit for developing quarterback andy dalton got him this job. as for robert's production under gruden's offense, the head coach is encouraged but made is clear, he still needs time. in fact, he says rg3 has to prove himself. fans are anxiously awaiting for that growth. the are the redskins ready to pull the plug on the guy they gave up three first round draft picks for? >> i think we're quick to judge now. he's still young. he's only played nine quarters for me right now. so i think these last seven weeks will really tell a lot about his progression and it's very important for him to continue to get better and see these concepts and play these third downs and when the game is on the line make plays and make things happen. but we have total faith that he's going to be the guy. but he's got to prove it. >> what has that been like to be
6:57 pm
coaching a team with a player as dynamic and electric and popular as robert griffin iii? >> yeah, i mean, it's fun. you know, it's -- obviously challenging. because he's -- for as much publicity as he's received, he's got to now live up to the hype. >> a lot of pressure. all right. so they say it's not how you start, but how you finish. but why can't you start well and end well? the washington wizards are off to a blazing beginning, undefeated at home. this year doesn't really look like that is going to be a problem for this team. the wizards look to be in trouble early, but after a hot start by the pistons last night in d.c., kris humphries really had no problem taking care of business at the end of the night with 12 points and 9 rebounds. 13-year veteran butler hit 7 of 8 field goals and ended the night with 18 points. the players helping the wizards with their best start since 1975.
6:58 pm
we joke about the kris humphries-kim kardashian connection. yesterday drops that bomb of a photo and he goes out and wins the game. >> that's what i like. >> "nbc nightly news" is next.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on the broadcast tonight, shocking lapse in security. late word tonight about a series of blunders by the secret service that allowed an armed intruder to make it deep inside the white house. new threats from the leader of isis apparently still very much alive and lashing out at the west calling for volcanos of jihad. thunder snow, whiteout conditions, treacherous snows and bitter cold now gripping two-thirds of the country. and good job. tonight what just might be the coolest place to work in america, beer on tap and unlimited vacation. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian


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