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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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sunday. he allegedly tased, handcuffed and stabbed the homeowner and the homeowner's wife multiple times. they're in their 60s. the man is a lawyer. >> we're still assessing the evidence. the police are working very hard following up leads, even as we stand here today. >> reporter: we also learned andrew schmuhl allegedly fired a shot at the woman and missed. she pressed a panic alarm before he walked out of the door, he allegedly said he would be back to finish the job. the homeowner gave police a description, and authorities tracked down the suspects an hour later after a car chase. they say andrew was wearing nothing but a diaper. >> that's pretty strange, i guess. >> reporter: rich hardy has lived next to andrew and alicia schmuhl for three years. >> they were good neighbors. they were friendly. we would have interactions when we were in the yard. >> reporter: the victim also told detectives that alicia schmuhlas recently fired from his law firm. police say she stayed in the car during the home invasion. >> we're just glad they're alive. >> reporter: now, right now both
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victims are at the hospital. the woman is expected to be released as late as tonight or tomorrow morning. as for andrew schmuhl and his wife, they're in jail. a judge denied bond. so alicia schmuhl is still in jail. and we'll bring you an update at 6:00. coming up at 6:00, we will let you know what police found in andrew schmuhl's car during the arrest. in mclean, i'm shomari stone, news4. now to a weather system bringing a winter blast to two-thirds of the country. it's impacting our weather tonight. and part of that system led to an unusual phenomenon to our west. you're hearing it. thundersnow hit a cleveland suburb just off of lake erie. that area still under a lake-effect snow advisory. when it's all said and done, they could see up to 10 inches fa fall. union station line. wind chills will drop into the 20s tonight, folks. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center with the word.
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doug? >> yeah, wind chills in the 20s already there in parts of the suburbs. and that's the way it's going to be through the rest of the evening. tonight will be the coldest night we have seen, especially downtown. take a look at the high temperatures today. a high of 36 in luray. 37 in cumberland. we have 44 in d.c. that is the average high temperature for christmas. which is still well over a month away. as we move on through the rest of the night tonight, you know it's going to be on the cold side and you mentioned that lake-effect snow coming all the way down into portions of maryland. that just shows how cold the air is, even colder air coming overnight tonight. we'll talk about the temperatures for this weekend, and then, guys, it gets a lot colder into early next week. we'll talk about that too coming up in a minute. a d-dot worker seriously hurt when a snowplow hit her is on the path to full recovery. donna stuart was hurt last month during a test run at rfk stadium. she became pinned between the plow and a pickup truck, several
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injuring both her legs. and tonight we have learned her condition is improving. >> she is recovering. she is doing well. doing better. she has i think gone through nine surgeries now. but she is on the path to recovery. >> coming up later in our newscast, we're going to track d.c.'s snow plan for the first time the district is gearing up with more than just roads. mark segraves shows us the work the city has in store this winter, and what leaders are so concerned about. prosecutors say she survived an attack from the man now linked to two murders in virginia. and she could be coming back from overseas to testify against him. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey explains what happened when jesse matthew appeared in a fairfax courtroom today. >> jesse leroy matthew jr. did feloniously, willfully, deliberately intentionally and with premeditation attempt to kill rg in the commission of or subsequent to an abduction with
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the intent to defile. how do you plead to that charge? >> not guilty. >> jesse matthew entered a not guilty plea to all three charges against him. he's accused of an attack back in 2005 of grabbing a 26-year-old woman and dragging her into a wooded area in fairfax city. there he's accused of beating her and sexually assaulting her. in court today, attorneys also agreed on a trial date, march 9th. outside the courthouse, commonwealth attorney ray morrow says the victim is prepared to return from india, where she now lives to testify. he says her family, including a 6-month-old child, will accompany her. >> i am grateful to her for her continued cooperation. a lot of people would say, hey, i'm done with this, i'm going to walk away. but she is a really fine person, and looking forward to meeting her personally. >> matthew's attorneys asked the judge to allow their client to now be transferred back to the charlottesville area to the albemarle county adult detention center. there he faces a december preliminary hearing in connection with hannah graham's
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abduction. her remains found an albemarle county property were positively identified in late october. matthew has not been charged in connection with her death. dna also links him to virginia tech student, morgan harrington, found near charlottesville in 2010. prosecutor morrow says he hopes that fairfax county case will be the first to go to trial to bring closure for a victim oh who has been waiting for a deca thinking about my victim, i would like to get this moving and get it through the system. on the other, i recognize the situation, and i'm totally flexible whatever the right thing to do is, that's what we'll do. >> reporter: and a new angle has developed in albemarle county where hannah graham's body was found. jesse matthew is a prime example of why dna samples need to be taken from more convicts, and hannah graham never would have met jesse matthew. at 6:00, i'll tell you about the thing he says will prove that.
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for now, reporting live from fairfax county, julie carey, news4. we are expecting an update this weekend on the search for two other young women who have gone missing in virginia over the past four years. orange county police are planning to announce a new search for alexis murphy, who disappeared in august of 2013. randy taylor has been convicted of her murder, despite the fact her body has not been found. police say they will also discuss the disappearance of samantha clark, who has been missing since 2010. a man accused of kidnapping the montgomery county judge has now been found competent to stand trial. rick lee senning is charged with kidnapping and assaulting judge audrey crayton back in may. the judge claims senning attacked her at her home and forced her to drive him to gaithersburg, where she was able to get away and call for help. senning was living with crayton at the time of that incident, but she hasn't commented on their relationship. the trial is supposed to start next monday. it was postponed, so senning can
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get a new attorney. a local mother is facing charges of providing alcohol to a minor after police say a 12-year-old overdosed. search warrants revealed that maria cabrera gave liquor shots to the child last week in fairfax county. after going to the hospital, doctors found their blood alcohol level was .139. that's well above the legal limit for adults to drive in virginia. right now, doctors in nebraska are gearing up for the possible arrival of a new ebola patient. this time, it involves a doctor from our area, who has been treating people in west africa. pat lawson muse in the news room now with new details. pat? >> reporter: jim, if all goes as planned and the doctor is deemed stable enough to travel, he should arrive in the u.s. tomorrow afternoon. a federal official tells nbc news, he will likely be taken to the bio containment unit in nebraska. the doctor is martin salia, a surgeon who lives in prince george's county.
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dr. salia tested positive for the ebola virus on monday, while working in sierra leone. where he's from. that country is one of the hardest hit by the ebola outbreak. recently, dr. salia talked with the united methodist news service about his decision to take a job there. >> i see it as god's own desire for me. i took this job not because i want to. but i finally believe that it was a calling. >> should dr. salia go to nebraska, he would be the third ebola patient treated there. both dr. rick sack sacra and ashuka mukpo were treated and released from the same facility. a shock and search for answers on the campus of west virginia university. 18-year-old nolan birch died this morning after being found unconscious at a frat house in morgantown. that was wednesday. the university called it a catastrophic medical emergency. the freshman was from buffalo,
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new york, and frien from high school say they were floored by the news. >> i couldn't believe it. it was -- i was like, there's no way this is possible. and it's real. and everyone started it telling me and i just broke down and it was really sad. the family is really devastated. coming up later this hour, what wvu is doing now in the wake of birch's death and why several fraternities were in trouble with the school. people around the world are reacting to the first muslim prayer service at the national cathedral. hundreds have already weighed in on our facebook page. news4's kristin wright was there for the protest and for the historic service. ♪ >> reporter: an historic moment. >> in the name of god, lover of peace and source of truth, in the name of god, most gracious, most merciful. welcome to washington national cathedral. >> reporte the first muslim
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prayer service to ever take place at the national cathedral. >> there is nothing more christian, there is nothing more muslim and definitely nothing more american than praying together. >> reporter: worshippers from five muslim groups completed friday prayers. >> this prayer marks a historic moment for the american muslim community, a community filled with hard working and productive members of this society that unfortunately have suffered from negative stereotypes. >> i think it really symbolizes how far we have come. >> thanks and glory. >> reporter: the south african ambassador offered the sermon, condemning islamic extremism. a protester briefly interrupted the start of the service. to critics, leaders of the episcopal cathedral say this is a house of prayer for all people. new at 6:00 tonight, we'll hear from people who don't think the cathedral should welcome muslim worshippers. in the district, kristin wright, news4. >> we have asked you to weigh
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in. do you support the national cathedral's symbolic gesture to host a muslim prayer service? your vote on social media and by phone. here's a look at the results of our poll so far. 59% say they do support it. now at 5:00 tonight, parents sound off. a local school district wants an exception to state law so it can ch the school bus ride. why the district says it's justified. and is writing a check safer than swiping your credit car consumer reporter erika gonzales answers your questions about safe and secure holiday shopping. next.
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all this week, we have been showing ways to stay safe and secure while you holiday shop from online sites to the front lines inside the stores. >> consumer reporter erika gonzales joins us to answer your lingering questions. >> to black friday bargains, we have shown all week how to shop smart for the holidays. and you have responded through facebook, through twitter, e-mail and over the phone. so here are four of the most asked questions, with answers, from the top. ted on facebook asked, when swiping a debit card, are you safer selecting debit or credit at the register? says the short answer, it doesn't really matter which you choose if you're using a debit card, the same protections from the retailer and banks are in place, whether you choose debit or credit when using that debit card. next question. mark in maryland called in wondering, do i get a pin number
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with my new credit card that has a chip, like they do in europe? credit says not necessarily. most chip cards from american banks are actually chip and signature cards, meaning you sign for purchases rather than entering a pin. mike in arlington tweeted, can prepaid cards affect your credit score? we asked the experts at "consumer reports" they tell us no. prepaid credit card companies do not report to the credit bureaus and the cards are not tied to your credit history. if you're looking to build a good credit history, consider a secured credit card. with that, you can make a deposit and get a line of credit for that same amount. and from carol lynn on facebook. she asks, how secure is writing a check as a form of payment instead of a credit ? credit says there is a risk when writing checks. if a criminal gets hold of your bank account number, then it's your money being stolen. so if choosing between credit cards and a check, the experts say a credit card offers more protection from fraud and data
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breaches. you can watch all of our stories on our website,, and keep your questions coming. happy shopping, everyone. jim, wendy? >> all right. thanks, erika. >> doug joins us now. sounding fit as a fiddle and ready for the next storm, right? >> it's just a shock to the symptom out there. >> it is. >> it's a little bit like yikes. >> and if it's yikes today -- it's yikes-yikes on tuesday. >> yikes squared. >> because we -- that's exactly right, wendy. it is going to get colder than it is today. first off, well, if this doesn't get you into the winter spirit, how about this. this is what i'm waiting for. take a look at this, guys. this is toward colorado. this is snowshoe, west virginia. they picked up about 5 inches of snow yesterday. they have been making snow for the past couple of weeks. and they actually predict one of their earliest openings in the last decade that they are officially opening on the 26th. so they will be open for thanksgiving weekend. how about that? yeah, they've been cold, they have been getting some snow, and boy, i'll tell you, skiing
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conditions are going to be pretty good early this season. 40 degrees the current temperature outside our area right now. and that does feel much more like a winter situation for sure. winds out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. and that makes it feel even colder. look at the wind chills. 34 in d.c. 26 -- the wind chill, 26 in leesburg. 24 in winchester. 28 towards the culpeper area. so again, a very cold evening. if you're out tonight, it's friday. everybody has got to be out and about somewhere. make sure you bundle up. nothing on the radar. as we look at the wider view here, one thing you notice. notice all the snow, first off, still snowing down around the snowshoe area. cloud cover down there. lake-effect snow coming in towards pennsylvania, cleveland. they have seen a pretty good amount in that area. that is the pattern. that northwesterly flow, that's making its way right across our region. that's what's going to keept wind chill up tonight. also the reason why we're so cold early tomorrow morning. take a look. feels-like temperature, these are the wind chills around 11:00 tonight. 28 in d.c. 23 in leesburg. 24 in winchester.
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23 in manassas. tomorrow morning, waking up, stepping out the door, wind chills in the low to mid 20s. veronica johnson and i have been looking at the wind chills for tomorrow, but vj, wind chills could even be colder next week. >> right. it feels like christmas, right? but no presents. so what's bigger than yikes, zoinks? you can put an exclamation mark behind it. temperatures in the 40s. we have been tracking the cold, in the 40s today but even lower readings the early part of next week. so here we go. let me show you the cold air that's moving in. this is a look at saturday doing okay. we'll be in the mid 40s. by the time we get to the second part of the weekend, close to 50 degrees. more cold air dropping south. this is the next wave. and then by the early part of next week, it starts easing to the east. high temperatures on wednesday only in the 30s. so tuesday and wednesday, mighty cold. zoinks kind of air covering a good chunk of the nation. doug?
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>> i did not know that zoinks is bigger than yikes. you learn something every day. tomorrow, no yikes at all. tomorrow morning, cold, but tomorrow afternoon breezy conditions early but the afternoon the breeze begins to calm. so mostly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. say between 1:00 and 4:00. not all that bad. but still will be chilly. temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees below average tomorrow. so the impact forecast, especially early on the moderate side. a lot of soccer games and flag football games tomorrow. on the chilly side, but not as wind chilled as during the day today. next couple days, how about sunday. sunday, the best day of the next seven. this is the great reason why. 50 degrees, with temperatures, sunshine, not a lot of wind. and that's great news if you're heading out to the redskins game, as we take on tampa bay. we don't like it cold. they don't like it cold at all. hopefully that works in our favor. chilly, 3:00, temperatures around 50 degrees. kickoff around 1:00 in the afternoon. it will be cool if youe going out to tailgate. but not bad at all for a game if
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you're in the shade, though, you're going to probably need those -- not only the blankets, but need those -- maybe the hoodies, as well. 48 degrees on monday. that's when our next storm system moves by. right now the storm should move west. and that means all rain for the most part. it may end in some snow in some areas as the colder air comes in. and that's what we're talking about. next tuesday and wednesday, the real cold moves in. 36 for a high on tuesday. next tuesday, i think our wind chills will stay in the low to mid 20s all afternoon. we're talking very cold and very windy. low temperatures. these are in the city. 26 on wednesday. 29 on thursday. that means some of you in the suburbs will be in the teens when you wake up in the middle of next week. >> whoa. all right. thank you, doug. >> zoinks. getting an early start on the season, santa ditched his reindeer, opting for metro today in virginia. take a look. santa rode the new silver line with metro gm, richard sarles and a couple dozen children at tyson's corner. he knows where to shop. transit officials say it's a
5:21 pm
good option this holiday season to avoid the parking lot crowds. along with discounts, riders can also use new $5 same-day delivery service to get their goods home. and if you have ever spent a winter here in d.c., you know a little snow can bring the streets to a stand still. we're going to see if the it a a secret service red this blunder. one agent was on a personal cell phone call when a white house jumper headed for the front door. we're going live, next, for more on the fallout tonight.
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here's correspondent peter alexander. >> reporter: good evening. a homeland security official called this a harsh report, intended to identify problems that need fixing. this report says that nearly everything that could have gone wrong that night did. a comedy of errors in the words of the house republican. so after barging through the front doors, knocking a female secret service officer to the ground, the fence-jumper, according to the report, walked past the officer who accidentally grabbed a flashlight instead of her baton before pulling out her gun. this fence-jumper ignored commands to stopped, walked into the east room and turned around
5:25 pm
and where he was eventually tackled by an officer in the center hallway. the armed counter assault team didn't immediately enter the mansion, because they were unfamiliar with the layout of the white house and waited to get into a tactical formation before going on. an officer with an attack dog missed the radio calls, because he had taken his earpiece out, according to the report, was sitting in his van on a personal call. he only noticed the jumper after seeing another officer chasing him. this afternoon, peter king of the house homeland security committee told nbc news, when you're protecting the president, there are no time-outs. the secret service says it's changed its training and procedures. joseph clancy is expected to testify at a house oversight hearing. wendy, that's scheduled for next week. >> all right. peter alexander, thanks. abysmally and offensive low. that's how a member from hyattsville, maryland, described voter turnout. and that's why he said they
5:26 pm
should lower the voting age from 18 to 16. it would only apply to municipal races like city council and mayor. he believes in engaging young people may improve turnout. the issue could come up for discussion next month. he pleaded not guilty, but there is some pretty strong evidence now against the man who abducted a woman. we'll tell you why the man who is also facing attempted murder charges in virginia ended up in court in philadelphia first. and there is a new tribute in place to honor that woodbridge teenager murdered close to his school. >> reporter: i'm jackie bensen in loudoun county. imagine having to hand your kids one of these to ride the school bus.
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a campus tragedy. >> it was heartbreaking. >> a university suspends all fraternities and sororities after the death of a student. how the school community moves on from here after this unprecedented action. abduction caught on camera. the man accused of violently snatching a woman off the streets of philly and bringing her to maryland makes a new move today in court. and a redskins fan's final wish goes viral after years of highs and lows, his last request of this team comes in his obituary. free school bus rides could become a thing of the past for one of the biggest districts in our region. >> it is against the law now to
5:30 pm
charge students to ride a school bus in virginia. but as jackie bensen reports, loudoun county is trying to change that. she is live in leesburg. jackie. >> reporter: wendy, this sounds hard to believe. but it could happen. the big yellow bus ride could require students to use a fare card if the loudoun county school board's request is approved by the state legislature. under current virginia law, school systems are not required to provide bus transportation, if they do, it must be free. the idea of charging for a ride that has long been taken for granted by parents is being met with some consternation. >> it's a public school. and we are already paying taxes. . >> we pay for quite a bit these days. and so, you know, the more -- i know we need to build more schools. but for some basic day-to-day activities like getting to school, it would be nice if that was provided. >> reporter: what's driving the
5:31 pm
school board's desire to be able to charge for bus transportation is loudoun county's growth. a growth that includes lots of children and the pressing need for more and bigger schools. the county has faced budget shortfalls between 30 and $40 million in recent years, and school board members say it's no longer a choice of when to cut the budget, but where. coming up on news4 at 6:00, we'll hear from the vice chair of the county school board. she will talk about the difficult, difficult debate that went into this decision. live in leesburg, jackie bensen, news4. don't expect to see one neighborhood bank teller on the job anymore. this man is now charged with stealing more than $30,000 from the vault at the columbia bank in rockville. he was a teller. police say it came to investigate last week when a bank manager noticed thousands of dollars missing from the vault and they found it in this teller's cash drawer. he is now out on bond tonight. breaking news in the murder of a woodbridge teenager.
5:32 pm
pat lawson muse at the live desk with new details just coming in. pat? >> yes, jim. a manhunt is over in virginia after a deadly shooting just feet from a high school earlier this week. police in prince william county told us deion moses just turned himself in. a judge allowed us to release his name, even though he's under age. brendan wilson was shot and killed monday. the suspected triggerman was out on bond at the time of the shooting and was supposed to be wearing a monitoring bracelet at the time. there is a memorial service for brendan in woodbridge tonight. jim? >> that's right, pat. meanwhile in just about a half hour, family and friends will gather to pay their final respects to the local teenager murdered near his high school. police discovered brendan shot to death in a wooded area known as "the cut" between woodbridge high school and a neighborhood. tonight he'll be laid to rest after funeral services. a new sign will also go up in the cut with a photo of wilson, and the words "brendan's path."
5:33 pm
the chilling surveillance video of that woman being abducted on that philadelphia street has been seen across the countr but the man accused of kidnapping carlesha freeland gaither and holding her hostage pled not guilty today. george spencer from our sister station in philly was in the courtroom. >> standing in his green prison jumpsuit before a judge for the first time since his formal indictment yesterday, delvin barnes also mumbled his not guilty plea. he will be held without bail, awaiting trial, a condition the federal prosecutor believes was essential. . he's clearly, by the facts of this case, a danger to the community. and his exposure in terms of his sentence is significant. so he would be a risk of flight. >> reporter: barnes' publicly appointed defense attorney did not try to convince the judge her client deserved pretrial release. prosecutors said there were no circumstances under which barnes could be safely released.
5:34 pm
after all, they argued, he has no immediate family in the philadelphia area. he faces life in prison, plus he was already on probation and being sought in an unrelated crime when he kidnapped his 22-year-old victim, a stranger off this germantown street, locking her in his trunk for some of the time. >> there was a period of time during her abduction where she was forced to remain in the trunk. and she was also restrained. >> that was george spencer reporting. barnes is also charged in the abduction and attempted murder of a 16-year-old girl in virginia. but the fbi and the u.s. attorney want him tried for the pennsylvania abduction first. greek life shut down at a major university. a freshman student now dead. coming up, his last tweet, and where police are focusing their investigation. the national children's museum back to d.c. we'll tell you why it's leaving national harbor, just after being there for two years. and the part of the job jay
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gruden absolutely hates. dianna finds out in part two of her sitdown with the skins' head coach. high temperatures today 15 degrees below average. can we hit 20 below average? the answer is yes. colder air next week. i'll show you when it arrives, next. brand new cadillac. ♪ ♪ my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac. ♪ ♪ look here, daddy, i'm never coming back.... ♪ discover the new spirit of cadillac and the best offers of the season. lease this 2014 standard collection ats for around $299 a month.
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almost a year ago, jay
5:38 pm
gruden took the helm as head coach of the washington redskins, a job that doesn't exactly allow for a lot of downtime. >> no, it doesn't. but as dianna russini learned in part two of her one-on-one, the head coach allowed time to explore d.c. >> i loved the wizard game, i went on one of those things you stand object, segue. >> you did a segue tour? >> how was that? >> almost fell off but it was good? >> i see your car out here, whether i'm here early or late at ght, your car is always out front, unless you're sneaking out the back. >> which i have done. >> is there something people haven't thought about as fans, like oh, yeah, i never thought about. >> when you're going to spend 17, 18 hours a day at a location, you better love it, otherwise you're a miserable son of a gun. i love what i do. there are certain days i don't like -- you know, i don't like days after we lose. i don't like shaking the opposing coach's hand after a loss.
5:39 pm
i can't stand that. i don't like watching the film after we lose. but i love the grind. i love the preparation. and then i love the challenge of working with players to get then to win on sunday. you know, the one thing i've learned is, i've always been one to speak my mind. and sometimes i speak my mind and my words get tangled around and i read a headline and i'm like oh, no, i didn't mean that. that's the toughest thing. i watch what i say. >> reporter: have you had anyone say, coach, you can't say that. you can't say that to the media. >> i've been told a few times. >> reporter: have you learned the hard way? >> i've learned the hard way. >> reporter: is there one that stands out, you're like, that's not what i meant? >> i don't want to get into it. yeah, there's been a few. probably in this interview. >> and there are many devoted redskins fans out there. but one is taking his devotion to the grave. >> a virginia man made a final request to the team from his obituary. john bartkiss was a fan for more than 30 years. he lived in hanover county. he died monday from lung cancer.
5:40 pm
but his family says he never lost his sense of humor. in his obituary he says he wants the team to be his pall-bearers, so they can, quote, let him down one last time. >> i had no idea that anything like this would become what it is. that's what he wanted, and you know, he just -- he was so funny. always very witty and quick. >> john's family says they have yet to be contacted by any member of the redskins team. so what's it going to take to be ready for the first major snowfall in these parts? >> this year the focus will not only be out there on the roads. find out what else we can expect this winter, next. and a children's museum is going to move. going to move. find out the reason beh
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the same weather system is bringing these chilly temps to our area created icy conditions of the a semi carrying potatoes wound up on its side after sliding on the ice. no injuries. well, let's get the word on our weather. we have a colder half of this weekend wind, doug. >> a colder half saturday. tomorrow waking up will be a cold start because it's already cold, and this is friday evening. if you're heading out tonight, the coldest night so far that we have seen this year. take a look, at least this season. 38 degrees by 7:00 tonight. dropping to about 36 by 9:00 and 34 by 11:00. we're still dealing with rather breezy conditions. so our wind chills currently in
5:44 pm
many locations are already into the 20s. take a look at these numbers that we're dealing with out there across our area. right now, 36 in rockville. 34 in leesburg. 34 in dulles. so we will get the freezing very quickly over the next couple hours. 37 degrees camp springs and 36 degrees out towards bowie. you know it's going to be a very cold night tonight and very cold start to your saturday. nothing in our immediate area, but there are a few light snow showers moving in through parts of the area. these are lake effect snow showers, believe it or not. they'll move on through. don't expect anything. don't be surprised to see a flurry or two. especially north of the d.c. metro area, maybe frederick county, montgomery county. but we're not expecting much. you can see those showers making their way down from the great lakes. the great lakes very warm this time of year. so it takes -- it does not take nearly as much cold air to produce those lake-effect snows. that's why they make their way down our area. low temperatures tonight, 31 degrees in d.c. the first freeze at the airport, if we officially get below freezing. 27 leesburg. 26 in martinsburg. 27 in fredericksburg.
5:45 pm
so it will be a very cold start to your saturday. high temperatures, though, rebounding somewhat. so a cold start, but after about 11:00, 12:00, with plenty of sunshine, tomorrow is going to be a cold day. and if this was january, it would be a beautiful winter afternoon. but this is november. so it will be quite cool. temperatures in the low to mid 40s. exercise impact on your , 9:00 a.m., 36 degrees. 11:00 a.m., 41. up to that 45 degree mark. early in the morning is definitely going to be on the chilly side. so make sure the kids have on the coat and the soccer game during the day. 50 degrees on sunday, looking good for the redskins game. no problem there. 48 on monday. rain moves in on monday. it will be a cold rain with a high of only 48. staying in towards the -- changing over, rather, to snow late. no accumulation. don't worry about that. but what it will really bring in is even colder air. we're going tore a high temperature next tuesday of only 36 degrees. the wind chill, i think, next tuesday, could be around 28 in the city, and that is in the middle of the afternoon. guys? >> all right. thank you, doug. well, while many of you may
5:46 pm
not be ready for this winter weather, d.c. crews already have a game plan in place once the snow starts falling this season. this year, they're not just clearing the streets for cars, but for bicyclists too. and as news4's mark segraves tells us now, there is one big thing the district leaders are worried about. >> reporter: bill holland, director of d.c.'s department of public works, has been overseeing snow removal here for more than a decade. he knows even a little snow can bring d.c. to a standstill. holland says d.c.'s ready for winter. >> we're very prepared. every year we make improvements from the previous year and we feel really good. we felt we had a great year last year and we feel like we'll have a better year this year. >> reporter: one of the improvements this year will help pedestrians. >> we've got sidewalk plows for the bridges. >> reporter: and there's good news for cyclists too. >> we have a crew dedicated to do bike lanes. and we have a special crew that's detailed to do those cycle tracks so we can clear those, as well. >> that will be nice.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: d.c. isn't the only jurisdiction looking for bikes and pedestrians this winter. arlington county plans to plow its mixed use trails for the first time. while district officials say they're ready for anything, their biggest concern is this. whether or not they'll have enough salt for this winter. >> last year around the beginning of march, just about everyone was running out of salt. we're concerned about that this year, because we don't think the suppliers have stocked up again. so we had a comparable winter this year, there could be trouble. >> reporter: so how is d.c. going to deal with the possible salt shortage? >> we are going to hoard as much as we possibly can. >> reporter: in the district, mark segraves, news4. well, tomorrow is the start of open enrollment for anyone who needs to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. dore gentzler joins us to tell
5:48 pm
us what you need to know when it comes to signing up for albuquerque. >> last year, websites didn't work, there was trouble signing up, it was rough for a lost lot of people and government agencies, as well. but with lots of lessons learned over the past 12 months, officials say they hope for a much smoother second try. so far, more than 10 million adults have gotten insurance under the affordable care act, hoping to decrease the number of uninsured by 26%. this year officials are hoping that number grows even bigger when the 2015 enrollment period opens tomorrow. and it will stay open until february 15th. but they're also urging people not to wait until the last minute. in order to get coverage by january 1st, you have to sign up by december 15th. to qualify for financial assistance to help cover the cost of premiums, individuals have to earn between 16 and $47,000 a year. if you earn less than that and live in the district of maryland, well then you'll qualify for medicaid. but in virginia, one of 23
5:49 pm
states that didn't expand medicaid coverage, you won't be eligible for any subsidies. for those who don't enroll and who don't have any health insurance coverage, penalties will increase next year. $325 or up to 2% of the household income, whichever is the larger amount. in maryland, one of the states plagued by enrollment problems last year, they have retooled their website. it's been up and running for a few days now. and so far no reports of problems. for more information on where to sign up, go to our website, >> thanks, doreen. they have been fasting outside the white house for nearly two weeks now, and today they got the attention of some lawmakers. the group is called dreamer moms. they're calling for executive action from the president on immigration. something he's promised. today two democratic members of congress visited the group. one woman who has been there since day one says she's trying to bring attention to pain and
5:50 pm
suffering deported families face. >> it affects women and children. and women who are left to fend for themselves when their husband is deported so we're asking for urgency. >> lawmakers who visited today say they expect action from the white house by the end of next week. just two years ago, the national children's museum moved into a brand-new space at national harbor in prince george's county. today we found out the museum is leaving, and moving right up the road to the place it called home since its founding back in the '70s. d.c. bureau reporter zachary kiesch went to the museum today to find out why. >> national harbor is growing. and you can see it. but today the children's museum announced they will no longer be a part of that growth. >> lack of affordable expansion space is inhibiting our ability to serve the number of kids and families we think we can serve.
5:51 pm
we're very excited about the move. >> reporter: ross hessinger is chairman of the board. >> we're at 17,000 square feet of space and we are looking to double that space. >> reporter: he says the move-out date hasn't been set but metro access and more space are top priorities. >> we have been very successful at prince george's county, serving a quarter million kids and families since we opened in december 2012. but the opportunity makes sense to do a better job at attracting kids from all areas of the washington metropolitan area. >> reporter: reporting in prince george's county, zachary kiesch, news4. one attraction moves out, a true sign of the holiday season moves into national harbor. ice. that popular winter attraction has returned to the gaylord. it opened at 1:00 this afternoon. this year's theme is frosty the snowman. the ice display features more than 2 million lights, 2 million pounds of colorful ice, and 9 degrees inside. it's going to be open every day,
5:52 pm
starting november 20th. al roker is now in the record books. >> he sure is. his quest for the longest weather cast had many glued to their media devices the last two days. all came down to the end this morning. >> 3, 2, 1! >> the "today" show anchors cheered his final minute with confetti. shortly after 8:00 a.m., he completed 34 hours of straight weather reporting. we saw him here yesterday at 5:00 this time. he set a begin guinness world record. he raced $77,000 for the uso. a couple window washers with a great story to tell. up next, hear from the guys who spent more than an hour dangling from one world trade center. i'm darcy spencer in laurel. a new mall doesn't just mean more shopping. residents here will now be able to do something they haven't
5:53 pm
been able to do in years. i'll have the story coming up. news4 at 6:00. plus, he was only a freshman. the death of a college student forced one university to shut down greek life. the live report, coming up next
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
. a future king of england is coming to d.c.
5:56 pm
the duke of cambridge is coming with his wife, the former kate middleton. the royal couple will spend most of their time in new york city, but prince william will head to washington for a day. on monday, december 8th, he will visit the world bank for a conference and luncheon. the last time the duke and duchess visited the u.s. was back in 2011, when they went to california. and those two men who were rescued when their scaffolding malfunctioned outside the 68th floor of the world trade center said they will keep window washing, they says they'll look for work closer to the ground, however. the two said at first they did panic but then saw the firefighters and believed that everything was going to be okay. >> it's hard to say that i was calm. but with all the training, it gave peace of mind. it makes you -- it calms you down in just a matter of time. >> investigators are still trying to figure out what caused
5:57 pm
that scaffolding to malfunction. fraternities and sororities suspended tonight after the death of an 18-year-old student. >> the freshman died in the hospital after police found him unconscious at a frat house. cara zopida is live with the latest from morgantown. >> reporter: jim and wendy, morgantown police told us they spent the last two days interviewing members of the cappa sigma fraternity here on campus. still so many unanswered questions about what activities were going on wednesday night inside of that house that ultimately led to this 18-year-old freshman's death. greek life at wvu is completely shut down after a freshman pledge died rushed from this cappa sigma fraternity house to morgantown hospital wednesday night. medics found the 18-year-old unresponsive with no pulse. earlier that night, nolan sent a last chilling tweet, saying it's about to be a very eventful
5:58 pm
night, to say the least. the fraternity was reportedly celebrating big/little night. >> everybody was devastated about it. a terrible thing that happened. i don't want anybody to get in trouble. >> reporter: morgantow work to uncover what led up to this freshman's death. the chief told channel 11, they will be looking into three things. hazing, alcohol violations and criminal misconduct. this afternoon, wvu's president e-mailed the student body saying nolan birch passed away. we found heartbreaking tributes showing up everywhere, including from nolan's sister, saying she'll work hard to fulfill his dreams. and at wvu's mountain student union, donations for the family. >> it is nice to see his fellow mountaineers come out and support him and his family. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil is set to begin in two minutes, remembering nolan. this fraternity chapter was shut
5:59 pm
down monday by their national organization for violating their code of conduct in an unrelated incident. so whatever activities were going on wednesday night, nephew should have taken place. live tonight in morgantown, news4. next and new at 6:00, a bold claim from a top officer. why he says he could have prevented the death of uva student, hannah graham, if the laws had been different. a scathing review of the secret service after a fence-jumper got into the white house. tonight we go in depth with nbc's chuck todd as we learn new details about the agents who were involved in that security breach. plus, history at the national cathedral interrupted by a protest at the first muslim prayer service there. a local lawyer arrested wearing only a diaper after a violent attack. >> now we're getting new information about what police found in the suspect's car. all of this stems from a workplace dispute.
6:00 pm
the victims both stabbed and tortured for hours inside their home in mclean. news4's shomari stone takes a closer look at the evidence collected in this case. >> reporter: people who live out here on spencer road in mclean, virginia, are surprised. prosecutors say their neighbors were tortured. we're learning new details about what happened in a bond hearing today. new court documents reveal what police say they found in home invasion suspect andrew schmuhl's car. several items, including a taser gun, a pistol and four cartridges. officers arrested andrew schmuhl and his wife, alicia, after the violent home invasion in mclean prosecutors say the victims are recovering. >> thank god they're alive. and i'm going to go over and see the male victim. >> reporter: police say andrew schmuhl posed as an officer at the couple's front door on sunday. he allegedly tased, handcuffed and stabbed the homeowner and the homeowner's wife multiple times. they're in their 60s. th


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