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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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leave the jacket. grab the coat. what does it feel like? temperatur in the teens right now. plus, taking time to remember. hannah graham's parents prepare to speak about their daughter as their hometown prepares a farewell to honor the uva student's life. a very good mo. welcome to news 4 today on this november 15th. what can you expect when you walk out the door this morning? >> kristin and angie, bundle up. it's a cold one out there.
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most everybody is below the freezing mark. downtown locations are just above it. there is enough of a breeze that everybody is going to be miserable out there this morning. lots of cold heir and close by, too. lake-effect snow extremers across pennsylvania. bright sunshine, but cold, indeed. temperatures right now are in the upper 20s and low 30s. we're at 33 at national airport. so you're going out for an early bundle up, everybody. 20s and 30s on your way out the door this morning. plenty of sunshine. temperatures will make it up into the low and mid 40s today. on your way out the door, first thing, you're going to need to bundle up. hat, gloves and a warm jacket out there. hat and gloves. low to mid 40s. i have all your college football forecasts coming up in just a minute. d.c. crews gearing up for
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the winter weather season for the first time. crews are also switching to ceramic snow blades now. this won't create as many potholes. as for the salt to treat the road, the director tells news 4 that he plans to horde as much of it as he can. meanwhile, a hypothermia alert is on right now in the district. people won't be left out in the cold. chris lawrence talked to the people most at risk. >> is this man really sick? he told d.c. police he was. sometimes a trip to the hospital is the only way to warm up. >> he's been living outside for a third of his life. >> i've been on the street 15
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years. >> two men died from exposure back in april during the last blast of friday yij temperatures. earlier this week, city councilman jim graham raised questions about the city's plan after district officials didn't plan any new shelter sites. >> the city is prepared to respond to a crisis of homelessness during this win the city was overwhelmed last year, but officials say they were at capacity when hypothermia season saturdtarted fall. only 49 families are in hotels right now, far less than last year. >> last year was pretty bad. we weren't prepared for the number of families coming in. >> advocates say the district needs sufficient outreach. >> this morning, in fairfax county, and friends will remember the life of a young
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woman who had her whole life ahead of her. hannah graham was in h her second year at the university of virginia when she was killed. her disappearance made national headlines. today at her former high school there will be a celebration of looifr in her honor. it starts at 11:00 in the you a tore yumm in alexandria. hannah's parents will be there and do plan to speak. meanwhile, the man accused of abducting anna has pleaded not guilty in an unrelated rape case. police say jesse matthews dragged a 26-year-old woman into a wooded area, beat her and sexually assaulted her in fairfax city in 2005. that woman now lives in india, but plans to come back to the u.s. to testify in court. matthew will be in a charlottesville courtroom in december for a hearing on charges of abducting hannah graham. take a look at this if you can. all lanes of the beltway are back open after a car hit a
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28-year-old man in montgomery county. we learned the man tried to cross the avenue between georgia avenue and columbia pike and silver springs when he was hit. maryland police say the man got up and jumped the barrieres and tried to cross the outer loop and that's when he might have been hit a second time. look at those delays. the victim is expected to be okay, but as you can see, that wreck shut down the section of the beltway for a while causing a major bottleneck, a major delay. all lanes back open again this morning. lanes wide >> right now, you can enroll in the affordable care act. is now open. sign up for coverage that will begin january 1st. the site has been through five weeks of testing and leaders hope for a smoother rollout than last year. if you have health insurance through the health care act, you have to reenroll every year to
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keep that coverage. in the district, you can enroll using d.c. health link. e opens wednesday. the state spent $411 million to upgrade the technology. today, a new town center is opening in prince georges county. the town center at laurel brings more than just shopping for you to enjoy. there's a brand new regal cinema. the complete makeover cost $131 million. many of you spoke to say even the new layout makes you feel safer. >> the lighting is very good out here. so if you come, now that it gets dark earlier, when you come out, you feel safe. very nice. it's long overdue. >> a big university is in crisis
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mode. a student dies after partying in a frat house. how this is shedding light on more problems and greek life across the country. and keeping your money safe and secure this holiday season, it could mean shopping without swiping that card. erica gonzalez will show us how it all works. it aa new form of innovation is taking shape,
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bringing media and technology together for more people. together is more wi-fi access in more places. it's a home you control with the touch of a finger. it's reimaging tv to give more people more choices. it's bringing technology and people together in ways you never thought possible. comcast and time warner cable. together is better for more people.
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>> credit card is are chipped, phones that double as credit cards. consumer reporter erica gonzalez shows us the newest payment
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options to keep you safe and secure. >> then i don't feel safe swiping my card at department stores these days. i don't know what to do these days. >> jeff norman of d.c. is one of millions of americans undecided about how they'll approach the register these season. big breaches are making skeptics out of shoppers. >> it makes me want to go back to using cash, actually. >> cash is always king, but you do have secure payment options, largely in part because of technology. >> just incredible to think how far we've really come in such a short period of time. >> in talking with us, beth makes a bold predict. >> i think if the credit card companies do it right, this will be the last holiday shopping season where people will sign for their purchases. >> mag stieps are slowly but surely being equipped with chip cards. we rang up a few items at this walmart in northwest d.c. to try. you insert instead of swiping
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and leave the card there until the transportation is approved. >> i usually do thanksgiving and the family. >> are you inviting us? >> come right over. >> cleo brown lk doing some shopping this year, later this year. >> big turkey with wonderful dressing, sweet potatoes. >> and no shopping? >> no shopping thanksgiving day. not at all. >> but when i asked her about the chip card, she said it wasn't top of mind. >> i actually haven't given that much thought just yet. >> have you thought about it, you should. >> i would highly recommend that you call and request a chip card either as your cards may be expiring or you woul a more sec payment. >> or you could go the mobile route. >> maybe the iphone 6 with the pay system on it. >> apple card is for the latest edition of apple products. google wallet is the android version. both give you the power of credit in your phone without ever taking out a physical card. but only selt stores are ready for you to tap and pay this holiday season.
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so there could be a lot of shoppers like cleo. >> do you feel much more comfortable shopping with cash or with checks? >> i really do. i think i will be definitely doing that. >> even if it takes you a little bit more time and you have to be more secure as far as walking around with a lot of cash? >> not at all. i'm retired so i'm happy to do that. >> if you have a credit card with that chip and end up at a store without the updated payment device, don't worry, you can still use the card. swipe it to make your purchase. >> how west virginia university is punishing its greek life community after tragedy at a fraternity house. and starting off, cold, cold, cold out there. >> it most certainly is. cold and windy, as well. there's a bit of a windchill you'll be coping with this morning. when i see you in a bit, we'll talk about h
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this morning, an ns u way to see what led to a student's death at west virginia in morgantown. it's the latest death involving fraternities at colleges acrs >> west virginia university is a campus in mourning. >> noah meant so much to so many people, it's hard to know where even to begin. >> 18-year-old nolan birch died after he was found late
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wednesday night, unconscious on the floor on the capa sigma fraternity house. >> that certainly breaks all of our hearts because that's not what students go off to college -- that's not what's supposed to happen. >> according to the student t spaper, a big brother nit for fraternity pledges. birch's final sweet that afternoon, it's about to be a very eventful night, to say the least. last week, another fraternity on campus was suspended after 19 pledges were cited for underage drenging. sororities.ty suspended all >> i think it starts with us. we have to take initiative and change the culture for this whole school. >> nationwide, greek organizations have come under close scrutiny following recent deaths of pledges. in september, a 19-year-old pledge died during a fraternity run at clemson university in south carolina. this past summer, a 19-year-old
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pledge at california state university north ridge died on a fraternity trip. and last december, a 19-year-old pledge from baruke college in new york died from head trauma at a fraternity retreat. professor elizabeth allen is studying what colleges are doing to prevent dangerous behavior. >> this is about changing campus culture and helping students rise to, you know, the occasion when there are group situations and peer pressure and people end up doing things they wouldn't ordinarily do. >> that was rehama ellis reporting. the president of the university released a statement saying, quote, words cannot describe the heartache we as a west virginia university feel at the loss of our own. a warning to be awap of your surroundings after a series of on and off campus robberies. there been at least seven robberies since the beginning of
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the month. police say the thieves targeted students. a police officer who shot a teen could return to duty if he isn't ip dieted. a georgia is trying to decide if it will press charges for killing michael brown. the st. louis school district will be notified before any decision is released to make sure the students are safe. police are warning those who live there to stock up on supplies just in case they' unable to leave their home because today, you can vote in a special firehouse runoff i. you can vote at colvin run elementary school on trap road in vienna from 110:00 a.m. until
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2:00 p.m. this afternoon. the winner will take on kathleen murphy. they are running for the seat left vacant by barbara comstock's election. frosty the snowman is back. everyone's favorite snowman is being brought to life in more than 2 million pounds of colorful ice. this weekend, you and the family can walk through a classic christmas story and go down those fun ice slides over two stories high. adult tickets running abo $34. kids under 2 are free. and if you've ever done this, it is so fun. we've done it every year. you go and you put these huge -- you can barely move these hu walh the ice village. and the ice slides are a hit with the kids. but you also -- a lot of people don't know this, but once you go inside the national harbor of the gaylord there, they have a
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gingerbread workshop. >> and santa is there so you can get pictures of the kiddo >> it's that time of year. can you believe it? >> you buried it. gingerbread, count me in now. it's a beautiful start to the weekend. if you have things to do outside, go ahead and get it knocked out today. clouds will be back tomorrow. it's going to be very chilly both days this weekend. there's our early morning sky over washington. mostly clear here in town, but a chilly 33 degrees at national airport.
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current temperature, 32 in annapolis. ith the hint of a wind out back in the upper teens and low 20s. the overall impact on your day, fairley moderate. still cold. like winter cold. january cold stu. not as much wind later this afternoon as we dealt with yesterday. but still, a little bit of a winter hit out there. expect a windchilled morning. plenty of sunshine coming our way today. temperatures only in the low to mid 40s, that is average for the middle of january. as far as the rain and snow chances, all the snow near us today will stay well to our north. if you're going up to the penn state game, you might have a flake or two there. but that's about it. our next weathermaker is out here across parts of the great plains. it's racing our direction on a very energized jet stream. it's going to start to impact our weather tomorrow with clouds early. chances for rain coming in late, late tomorrow and into monday. sunshine for now. it will be a sunny and chilly
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day outside and a very cold evening, as well. your college football forecast, going on over to annapolis, georgia southern and navy kick it off at 3:30 there in annapolis. temperaturesw 40s at kickoff and back into the upper 30s by the time the game is done. michigan state in maryland, temperatures will be in the 30s. it's going to be really cold. here is your seven-day forecast. today, breezy, chilly and sunny, 44. tomorrow, 45. rain chances come back in on a monday, monday night into tuesday, and staying cold all the way through the upcoming week. >> an alarming trend for breast cancer. one specific pocket of our region. >> we forget to take care of ourselves because
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welcome back. in news for your health, regular mammograms are the best way to stop breast cancer. >> some people are skipping th e because they can't afford it. the alarming trend that has physicians concerned. >> it was january when i was supposed to go and get my
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mammogram. and, you know, just busy. and, you know, you just put stuff off to the side. >> a fatal one for videra washington. that's because there was a tumor growing inside her breakfast 37. >> a lot of women, we forget to take care of ourselves because we're always taking care of someone else. >> doctors here say they're seeing a lot of women like videra skipping mammograms even though they have health insurance. so when they finally do seek medical insurance, their issues have become fatal. >> when a woman comes here, it is huge, meaning that the woman has to let the tumor grow over many, many months. meaning this woman didn't have a moom mow gram. >> he says about 97% of women would come in with advanced stage 3 or 4 brett cancer have health insurance.
6:27 am
it's a trend that's becomes so alarming, they're launching a study in the ward section of the district. it has the highest breakfast cancer mortalitily rate in the city. >> nita is one of medstar's patient navigators. she walked around war ward 5 e spoken to some women whoto take it just hurts or i junt don't want to know. >> fear is the most common answer. >> being afraid can cost you your life. >> videra washington know shs lucky she found her tumor on her own before it became too advanced. for now, she's clear of cancer. she's hoping other women will ta advice. >> overcome their fear because
6:28 am
you have a life. it's your life and, you know, you can't let fear, you know, cheat you of that. >> doreen gensler, news 4 today. >> and you can learn more about breast cancer on our website. breast cancer on our website.
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in our top stories this morning, a celebration of life will be held for anna graham today at her former high s begins at 11:00 a.m. at west potomac high. hannah gram's parent will be there and plan to speak. >> you can enroll for insurance under the affordable care act. is now open. maryland's health exchange will hope on wednesday. >> today, the town center on laurel opens up. the county's first store is there along with a brand new reigan cinema and dozens of national retailers. good morning and welcome to
6:32 am
news 4 today. >> welcome. below-average temperatures is what you'll be feeling when you walk out the door. >> we are in for a lot of it, you two. enjoy it while it's here. you have to embrace the chill, first thing in november. wins it gets to february, march, we'll be sick of it. wk deal with it, i think. temperatures over the department wag area, there's the national cathedral, mostly clear sky toes greet you on your saturday morning.s temperature, no snow worry about this morning. temperatures well below freezing. down to 16 in culpepper. 33 downtown and 32 in annapolis. plenty of sunshine, but struggling to make it up into the low and mid 40s for highs today. mid 40s towards fredericks berg.
6:33 am
if you're making the drive up to happy valley, penn state playing the outlines. game time temperatures stay in the 30s. more of your college football frafr in the seven day, coming up. thanks, chuck. this weekend, volunteers will search for two missing toddlers from montgomery county. jacob and sara have not been seen in more than two months now. the children's father hopes a me ru ward fund will help find his kids. news 4 talked with him earlier this week. >> any job is to believe in myself and believe in my children and go find them, period. that is what we're going to do. >> that gives us more organized, it gives us a greater base to pull volunteers from.
6:34 am
>> sara and jacob have been missing since oekd. >> it's changed the terrain. we're going to be searching those areas again. >> can children's mother still hasn't said where they could be and a judge won't allow her to go where police to show them. >> the right thing to do is to tell us where the babies are. that's my message each time. >> sara's fourth birthday is thursday. for more information on how to donate to the rewar funds, go to nbc now to the datest case of able coming to the u.s., a married maryland doctor who got the virus in sierra leone will be arriving back in the states today.
6:35 am
saleah is a citizen of sierra leone but has a permanent residence in >> he loves helping whoever are in need of his help and he always sacrifice just to make sure someone else is happy. >> saleah will be the tenth patient to be treated for ebola in the u.s. family members around here are making plans now to visit him in omaha. >> meanwhile, a senior scientist for the world health organization says the chances of finding a viable drug to treat ebola anytime soon, they're slim. his statement was made at the united nations conference. the world health organization says instead of using one drug, they may use as many as 120 different drugs to treat ebola. this morning, a fourth person wanted in the murder of a
6:36 am
northern virginia high schoo waking up behind bars. this is 17-year-old dionne moses. he turned himself in last night. a judge allowed police to release his name even though he is a minor. four people are now charged in the shooting of brendan wilson. family and friends held a memorial service for wilson last nigh. a sign that says brendan's path will be up where he was shot and killed. he was shot several times on a popular path that students use to cut through a nearby neighborhood to get to school in wood bridge. right now, president obama is in australia for the g-20 summit. the conference brings together major issues. among the leading issues, climate change. the european union coming up on a decision about further sanctions on moscow. leaders will discuss the ebola crisis. happening today, you can go to a tree lighting ceremony in
6:37 am
downtown silver springs. an artist will unveil his 35-foot tall tree artwork called silver symphony. it's made from chimes, bells, pin wheels and ribbons. parents say an elementary school lesson on sex education went way beyond the birds and the bees. >> things that no sixth grader who is 11, maybe, should ever be exposed to. >> how the school said they made the bie and why parents aren't buying it. and should you pay for your child to ride the school bus? which school this could soon roll out in, despite complaints, and why the school board says it's unnecessary. and why chuck bell says don't expect things to warm up anytime soon. he has the forecast, c.
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a historic event at the national cathedral. it hosted its first ever muslim prayer service yesterday. worshippers completed traditional friday prayers. the service was extremed live online and it sparked a major debate.streamed live online and it sparke . and here is how you responded to our poll. do you support the national ta can a they'd ral's symbolic gesture to host a muslim prayer as much? 64% of you said yes. charging children to ride the school bus. >> a lot of you out there shaking your head over there. soon some parents in northern virginia may have to pay up to
6:41 am
get their kids to school. the louden county schoolboard asking permission to charge students to ride the bus. some parents say schools shouldn't charge for basic serve like riding the bus. >> we pay for quite a bit these days and so, you know, the more -- i know we need to build more schools. but for some basic day-to-day activities like getting to school, it would be nice if that was provided. >> and the louden county schoolboard saying that the decision was a tough one, but the school distinct is facing budget shortfalls. and the board would rather charge for busing than cut education programs. controversial topics are laid out in a sex education lesson plan. it is upsetting some parents. why the school says parent should have to never -- why parents should have never known about it in the fist place. and no, yes, no, making for some real treacherous conditions across the country.
6:42 am
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the board will talk about a new financial model to lower your student debt. average student debt at uva climbed 51% in the past decade to more than $22,000. but that is still below the state and national average. that is according to the university's estimates. health officials at the university of maryland in college park say they are seeing some activity of viral meningitis after last month's outbreak. so far this year, there have been 31 cases at the campus. some of those students had to be hospitalized. they are all expected to recover. viral meningitis the flu, usual lasts 3 to 5 days. viral meningitis is the least dangerous form of the illness. the time right now, 6:45 in the morning. parents of fifth graders in chicago are concerned about what their children are learning in sex ed class. >> that's right. chicago public now apologizing for the paperwork parents received.
6:46 am
the school system says the parents were given the teachers' manual, not the actual curriculum. lauren giggets reports. >> it's completely inappropriate. >> parents andrew jackson language academy on the near saw during a parent d by at meetings on wednesday. ther pages where i was like, i didn't know about that. okay. >> the images and binders detailing what parents were told is the new sex health curriculum for fifth and sixth graders. >> things that no sixth grader should ever be exposed to. >> slides that mentioned sex toys, different types of intercourse, feel-good reasons to use female condomes. >> some aspects of it did come across more as a how to rather than here is the biology, here is the information. >> they admit a mistake was made. however, it was never part of the curriculum. it was mistakenly downloaded and
6:47 am
we agree lths not appropriate for students. and a parent representative was at the meeting with them. >> they were asking her in explicitly why are we discussing this act with a fifth grader? >> all of the parents we spoke to support sex education, but say this material went way too far. >> sexual awareness, okay. but how to use a condom and that it was going to be shown how, i thought that was a little bit >> and that was lauren giggets reporting. now, we are dealing with -- well, i guess we are dealing with freezing temperatures, but we're not dealing with stuff like this, right? states west of us being buried by record setting snow, up to 6 inches of snow falling in parts of idaho. people falling, too, obviously. that hit a record for the november storm. several schools in boise canceled classes yesterday because road conditions were so bad. doesz of accidents, as you can imagine. people having a real rough time out that way.
6:48 am
>> get ready, right? >> i know. >> all right. we have the "today" show next on nbc 4. we want to find out what they're working on. >> erica hill and lester holt join us live from new york. >> good morning. coming up on a saturday morning on tt wsh we're live where radio transmissions where michael brown was shot and killed were released. this morning, yet another day of unseasonably temperatures. you guys are talking about this and talk about snow across the country. bill will let us know if there's any relief in site. and a woman who follows a vegan diette and wanted to feed her son a certain type of formula. we'll tell you why police have stepped in. and bears are getting too close for comfort at one national park. so the rangers are bringing in high track methods to keep tm aw from visitors. all that, plus catherikath
6:49 am
he stops by. >> lester and erica, thanks so much. someone tweeted me this for you. >> turn on the heat. oh, turn on the heat. it i guess. absolutely. you know what? once we get the sun up and the sun is up here in just a couple more minutes, that counts as turning the heat on, i claim. >> there is your answer. >> that's the best i can do. and using 2 sunlight to warm things up is much more energy efficient, as well. and it's going to keep your r t normal. it's cold, yes, but as long as the sun is shining, we don't tend to mind it as much. the sun has not crossed or eastern sky, but it will be there in the next three to five minutes. temperatures are on the cold side, for sure. still 33 degrees. i'll be interested to see if we dro 32 or lower during the overnight hours. if though, that will be our
6:50 am
first official freeze at national airport so far this early cold season. northwest wind at 8 miles per hour, keeping the windchills a bit of a factor for you this morning. outside temperatures, mid 40s in northern maryland, upper 20s in the metro area. ju enough of a breeze to keep wr windchills in the upper 20s. saturday afternoon will be sunny and cold. high today up near 45 degrees. in and around town, sun is down before 5:00. if you're making a drive to some of the football games, salisbury state taking on frostberg state up in maryland. that's going to be a chilly one. temperatures only in the low 40s during the game when it starts and back into the upper 30s before that game is done in western maryland and another one that looks la fairley chilly game today. william & mary is on the road, another old line state of maryland football game today. and back into the mid 30s by 7:00 this evening. so if you're going to go out and about tonight, temperatures mid
6:51 am
to upper 30s early saturday night, but back into the low and mid 30s by later on saturday night. so if you're going out tonight, you will need the jacket. no rain or snow in our forecast for today. tomorrow, we do have to watch this system out here that's racing in our direction. that is the one that has a chaps for bringing us a little bit in the way of what's probably going to be rain around here as we get into sunday night and monday. today, nothing but sunshine out there. a great day to be outside. lows tonight, back down into the upper 20s to around 30 degrees by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. tomorrow, clouds will be moving in quickly during the day. skies will be from partly cloudy to mostly during the afternoon. our future weather forecast there, trying to crank out maybe a sprinkle or two as early as about 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow evening. better chances for organized raifl. and it looks like it will be rain at this point in time come up during the day on monday. looks like rain even though there's plenty of cold air around. it will be just mild enough and with this area of low pressure
6:52 am
going just off to our west, we stay on the warm side of things. so this is going to be a rain event for us. it will be snow, though, out across parts of the great lakes and the ohio valley. here is your seven-day forecast. 45 today. 48 tomorrow. 30% chance of a few sprinkles just after the sun goes down tomorrow. but the bulk of it will be a monday rain event and staying real cold. industrial strength cold, highs only in the 30s on tuesday and wednesday. that's almost 25 degrees below average. bundle up, you two. >> all right, chuck, thank you. a brand new park is opening for anyone who likes outdoor activities and concerts. where the ribbon will be cut in our area. plus, why one --
6:53 am
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6:55 am
good saturday morning, everyone. don't bother going outside in the cold. plenty lapping in the world of sports. georgetown kicking off their season later today against st. francis, brooklyn hoyas looking different this year after losing their leader on and off the court the last few years. he graduated. now john tops in the third going with some of his other guys. coach. >> personally, i wish we had another two or three weeks before the season starts. we have a group that's going to contribute, that's going to be out there, but still has a lot to learn. >> now, the by his ards back in
6:56 am
action against the orlando majoric. the wi ss still on top of the southeast division at 6-2. one of their best starts in a long time. john wall, he's not surprised. >> i think we all came in with a mind-set of knowing how we finished last season and we've got differesnt guy on the team. we want to come in and take your home court first and then just play good on the road at the same time. but we're just coming up and playing the right way and going through different contests and stuff. looking to bounce back after another tough loss, the devils. capitals play new jersey, but late mistake by brayden hope, the goaltender. that was the difference. the caps three-game winning streak was snapped. maryland football team with a huge matchup tonight. at bird stadium. they will hold the 12th ranked michigan state spartans at 8:00 tonight. thoovs a look at course morning sports. hope your satus a good one. so forgee cold. we've got a celebration going on in northwest d.c. today.
6:57 am
mayor vince gray along with several city leaders are going to be out to toast the new park's renovation. they are cutting that ribbon at the much improved stead park field. a rubberized running track was added and there are some new picnic tables, as well. that ceremony starts off at 11:00 a.m. bundle up, right? >> it will be a cold one. windchills teens and 20s this morning and only in the mid 40s at most today. winter is here early. >> you'll want the coat over the jacket. >> keep that in mind. that's it for news 4 today. we're back
6:58 am
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good morning. what really happened? this morning, we hear for the first time the radio transmissions from the frantic moments in the officer shooting of the unarmed teenager in ferguson, missouri. >> 21, put me on canfield. >> this as e community nervously waits word if the grand jury will charge the police officer with the crime in the case. the cold hard truth. another day of dangerous low temperatures and early season snow. tens of millions left to struggle in the elements this morning. is there relief in sight? dylan is tracking it all. and lost in space. the batteries run out of the deep space probe that ed


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