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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 15, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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right now at 11:00. kidnapped, robbed and taken for a wild ride from virginia to maryland. plus, missing for days, a maryland girl's emotional
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homecoming. >> remembering hannah graham. the movie tribute to the fairfax teenager good evening. i am chris lore earns. one woman's nightmare began when a man got in and forced her to drive it atms. we are live outside the vienna metro to explain. >> it's about 40 miles from this parking garage to the metro station in prince george county.
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imagine making that drive with a carjacker beside you. they have a good photo of a person they are calling a person of interest. they think he is the person responsibility. >> metro trance et police, prince george county police want to talk to this plan. it's in connection with an armed carjacking. >> police say it started thursday. the woman was in her car. someone knocked in the window. she saw a man with a gun. he got in the car with her. the gunman promised the woman he wouldn't harm her if she did what he told her to do. the suspect ordered her to drive along the corridor in new
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carrollton to places with atms so she could withdraw more money. police say there is no warrant out, but they want to talk to him in connection with the carjacking. he walks with a limp to his right side. prince george county police have the car. they are going over it for anything they hope will solve the crime we are just getting this in. emergency crews are at the scene of a serious crash in montgomery count. a car hit a utility pole, overturned, then caught fire. the person driving was thrown out of the car. police had to close the road to
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investigate. >> a very chilly start to the weekend. >> goldest air so far this season. it's going to make its way into the area at the beginning of the work week. we will be tracking rain moving through the area. satellite and radar showing clouds pushing their way into the area. we remain dry overnight tonight and throughout the daytime tomorrow. at 6:00 a.m. on sunday, plenty of clouds in the area. overcast, with similar temperatures to today. tomorrow evening we start to see rain pushing in. after that, cold air. i will let you know how cold it will be in ten minutes new tonight, detectives are trying to solve a plrd. a young man was shot to death.
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tonight investigators have identified a suspect. he is 21 years old. a baby died earlier today in alexandria. investigators are looking into how it happened. the child was in a house near old up to. medics came to the house monday morning. the baby died today five days later. an autopsy is underway too determine what happened to her hugs and smiles and a lot of emotion for a girl who vanished on tuesday. she is a sixth grader. they tracked her down friday night, more than 300 miles away from her home in raleigh, north carolina. they were able to pick up clues from her xbox and ipad.
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she was found safe and unharmed. >> to get the call last flight it felt like the world had been take. off my shoulders. >> federal agents are questioning the man found with jasmine. her smile, great sense of humor. that's how people who knew hannah graham remembered her. they shared their memories. >> it's sad when things like there happened. >> repe about her. >> she was smart, she knew what she was doing. >> reporter: they honored her at a celebration of life service at
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the high school. she was currently a sophomore at university of virginia. classmates from both schools pay tribute to hannah. >> i remember her dry sense of humor. >> reporter: this is a rock students painted. it says we love you, hannah, always in our hearts. >> it's a hard day for many of us -- for all of us, really, knowing we have lost a valued member of our school community. >> reporter: her remains were found after a month long search. a man was charged with her abduction. people will always remember her smile and great sense of humor.
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he is back in jail tonight after making his first court appearance. back in 2005 he dragged a young woman into the woods, beat her and sexually assaulted her. we are tracking the progress of a maryland doctor fighting for his life after treating ebola patients in sierra leone. dr. martin sal ee an is now in critical condition. he is a good surgeon a vandalism spree in maryland forces dozens to scrub their
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a lot of car owners in frederick aren't too happy tonight. someone vandalized their neighborhood using breakfast as a weapon. they egged cars and poured syrup all over one vehicle. officers are canvassing the area to make sure they don't try it again tonight. they held a firehouse primary today. an entrepreneur and air force veteran will take on democrat
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kathleen murphy. he says he will support values and push for improvement in education and tax policy the open enrollment for obamacare is underway. over in the district consumers were partnered with insurance brokers at the library. people who signed up last year should check their policies. still ahead, a new and dramatic account of what happened the day an officer shot happened the day an officer shot an unarmed
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d.c. police have arrested a man accused of shooting a pregnant woman. paramedics rushed her to the hospital. she is expected to be okay. he is charged with assault with intent to kill there are new questions about the michael brown shooting. the st. louis post dispatch says that's officers darren wilson walking out to ge to the
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hospital. the brown family says this video appears to show that ferguson police exaggerated the officer's injuries. miss are praibracing for the wo >> any moment now we can expect to get an announcement, if they are done with their work. >> the grand jury has been meeting since the third week in august. in other words, since it was hot and we were t-shirts and shorts. feels long gone. >> distant me.ochs tuesday. get ready. only going to be in the mid 30s. tomorrow not too bad. 48 degrees the high. today we had beautiful sunshine. tomorrow we are looking at
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overcast skies. as we get into the evening hours, scattered showers are possible. could see snow mixing in at first but not looking at any accumulation. no snow in the d.c. metro area. you need to have the umbrella handy. rain could impact the morning and evening commute monday. temperatures right now are in the 20s and 30s, washington one of the warm spots, coming in at 38 degrees. tomorrow morning walking the dog you will need to bundle up. areas outside of the beltway waking up to temperatures in the 20s. at 9:00 a.m. we hit 40. 46 in leesberg. any morning sunshine quickly
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gives way to clouds tomorrow. if you are going to the redskins game, bundle up. temperatures for the game will be in the mid to upper 40s. temperatures about 10 degrees below average for tomorrow. then we hit monday. high on monday about 50 degrees. what we are talking about is rain, here by 6:00 a.m. it's a rainy lunch. 4:00 still tracking steady rain across most of the area. we will return to be dry conditions monday night. after that the cold air makes its way into the area. we start off around 33. breezy throughout the entire
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day. temperatures running below average. when you factor in the winds on tuesday it will feel like it's in the 20s. a high of 41. our average high 57. our temperatures try to moderate. we still remain cold with high temperatures in the 40s. >> i don't see anything close thought fast. still ahead, the wizards pull off somethi
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i got to tell you, when you get nearly 50 point from your bench, you generally don't lose too many basketball games. >> the wizards haven't had a start like this for a very long time. actually, 1974-75 season. they are doing it the right way. team basketball is being played, all five starters averaging in double digits this season. tonight they took care of business again. nationals general manager mike rizzo in the house. john wall drives and delivers. he somehow got this one to go. he had 15 points and 10 assists. orlando is only down two at this
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point. john wall ahead to porter. earlier today at verizon, georgetown oepds up their year at st. francis brooklyn. this is the senior going to the hoop strong. he had 11 points. georgetown is up 5-3. later in the half, this time it's the freshman l.j. peak. george down starting to run away with this. watch this little two handed jam for the fans. a game high 23 points in his debut. georgetown wins 83-62. >> we are a totally different team than we were last year.
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we are a work in progress. there is long way to go. now we have to keep making progress. >> let's move to hockey. the capitals trying to regroup after a tough loss last night. the same mistake that happened against new jersey happened in st. louis. justin peters was in net for the capitals. second period, the blues are up 1-0. moore is going to fire on net. capitals tie the game at one. later in the period st. louis on the astack. kevin shat kirk got a stop. this is a 2-1 blues lead. early in the third, blues dump
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in the puck. peters can't clear it. an easy goal for david bacchus. the caps fall 4-1, blues. back at it on tuesday in arizona the michigan state spartans are in town. first home night game since 2011. second quarter they are down 9-0. they are going for it on fourth down. he needed six yards. he gets it. a huge conversion for maryland. they would cash in on the next play. brown finds daniel adams for the score. his first catch of his career a
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big one. jeremy langford takes it in. michigan state up 16-7. third quarter the pass gets picked off. that is a 22 yard return. michigan state on top of maryland 30-7. that game is in the fourth quarter. >> the blue devils hosting the virginia tech hokies. after duke fumbled on the kick-off, they are in business. that's a 15 yard hook-up there. virginia tech scores all of their points on turnovers. they-up set duke 17-16. high school football playoffs. third play of the ball game. this, just one of five
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touchdowns in the game. 55 yard score. they stay undefeated with a 39-12 win. howard beat central connecticut today 28-25. navy beat georgia southern 52-19. big day for the redskins tomorrow. >> that's our news for t
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last week republicans won in a decisive election. this evening, that drink took place.


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