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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v . right now at 6:00, another teenager shot and killed in woodbridge. tonight witnesses describe the moments after a neighborhood dispute turned violent. fire engulfs a maryland home. what investigato think sparked it. rain moving through the metro area. we're tracking when the big good evening. i'm chris lawrence. two teenagers have been shot in a quiet neighborhood and one didn't survive. the home on keating drive just off dale boulevard. news 4's darcy spencer spoke to
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one neighbor who said as he was running to help the wounded teenager bullets were still whizzing by. >> he called me about 12:00 and said come get me, someone has been shot. >> reporter: bobby pole's 13-year-old son was on keating drive when two teenagers were shot, one died. >> he was pretty shook up. when i came here, the guy that was shot, woody, was laying in the foyer with a gunshot to the neck. >> reporter: pool says he placed 19-year-old christopher weaveer woody in his car with plans to drive him to the hospital. he took him out and performed cpr. weaver later died. >> as i came down the streerkts i got shot at a couple times. >> you did? >> it was pretty crazy last night. >> reporter: a 15-year-old boy was also wounded. police have not said what provoked this shooting. witnesses say it stemmed from a neighborhood dispute. residents tell me they heard several shots fired and there's
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eviden here in this neighborhood that bullets were flying. it looks likes one of the bullets may have shattered the window of this car. one bullet may have struck a home. >> i heard about three shots. after about maybe two or three minutes i heard another two shots. my sister heard approximately, anywhere from 10 to 12 shots. >> reporter: all concerning for residents who live here. >> when i came, i saw a whole lot of police cars and ambulances parked here. >> reporter: annette robinson is a new resident on the street. >> i just bought a home here. never would have crossed my mind that anything like this could happen. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. >> weaver is the second teenager killed in woodbridge in the past week. while police say the murders are unrelated. brendon wilson was shot multiple times monday. he was 16 years old and police have arrested four people in his shooting. let's take a turn to storm team 4, a cold rain is starting to move into our area.
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meteorologist amelia joins us. >> if you're driving tonight, dealing with wet roads. everybody except for southern maryland and the northern neck, seeing rain reports on twitter and facebook. in the next few hours, temperatures will warm up a bit. as we widen out the picture, all this rain continues to push into the area from the southwest, not just overnight tonight, but throughout the day tomorrow. here on future weather, 8:00 p.m., notice rain still favoring areas north of southern maryland. towards midnight, everybody starts to see rain. that morning commute, likely a slow go, tracking rain across the area, at 6:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. continuing to see rain. chris, i'll let you know when the rain leaves. after it leaves, the coldest air so far this season. wait until you see how cold it's going to be for your tuesday.
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>> thanks, amelia. the redskins coming off a bye week at home against one of the worst teams in the league, but it didn't do a lot of good. dianna russini is live at fedex field. there weren't many of them. >> there certainly were not. this team had two weeks to prepare for an event. apparently they needed more time to get ready for tampa bay. they say in order to get better, you've got to hit rock bottom. the redskins have hit rock bottom today was an ugly one. rg3 and the skins hoping the rest from the bye week could lead them to their fourth win this season. first quarter, bucs up 3-0. redskins backed up, griffin's pass intercepted by jonathan banks, takes a hit from griffin but gets in for the touchdown, one of two interceptions in the game for rg3. tampa bay is up 10-0. let's go to the fourth quarter though. bucs up by 13, josh mccown back to pass and he goes up to pass.
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mike evans, 56-yard touchdown for him. evans had two touchdowns today, career high 209 yards receiving. bucs beat the redskins 27-7. the skins are now 3-7. rg3 knows that the blame is just on everyone. >> you can't sit at your locker and be oven the field and say it's not my fault. i'm a baller, i'm an all pro, a pro bowl player. right now we have no pro bowl players. we don't. we're not playing that way. i'm not playing that way. the line is not playing that way. the receivers aren't playing that way, our special teams isn't playing that way. we all know that. guys have to accept that, accept that we have a long way to go, accept that we have to get better. >> this team has a long way to go and rg3 has a long way to go. head coach jay gruden had strong words after the game. you'll hear from him in about ten minutes. a ft. washington family has been forced out of their home by
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a raging fire. firefighters say at one point the fire consumed nearly the entire home. it was just one of several that kept the crews busy today. news 4's derrick ward is live in ft. washington with the latest. >> reporter: chris, despite the damage y debehind me, a ft. washington family is thankful that no one was hurt. this is the back of the house. it's believed the fire started on that side. the front is a lot worse. the roof is even gone. take a look. it was about 2:15 this afternoon when this fire broke out here in the 2800 block of janine drive in ft. washington. we're told it started in the garage. there's a vintage vehicle in there. one of the homeowners may have been working on the car at the time. neighbors say they heard what sounded like a backfire and saw lots of smoke and flames. i also spoke with another homeowner who said she was coming home when this fire was going, saw the smoke and had a sneaky feeling that it was indeed her home. when she got here, her worst
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fears were realized. even after that, she'll being circumt about the whole thing and talking about what's next. >> rebuild. go to church and thank god for our lives and we were able to get out. that's a blessing. >> reporter: this was one of three fires that broke out in the county within an hour of each other. they had a lot of help in prince george's county. we're told fire companies from calvert county, charles county, fairfax and even the naval district of washington responded to help put this fire out. it is under investigation. the family has a place to stay. friends and families will put them up elsewhere in the house. they seem to have lost everything except for the things they could salvage from this fire. live in ft. washington, derrick ward, news 4. new at 6:00, more information ab stabbing. emery percy was at a party in hyattsville when he was stabbed multiple times. it happened inside a banquet hall just after midnight sunday.
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investigators think he got into a fight at the party and that's when someone stabbed him. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he died. the white house is confirming tonight that isis has beheaded a fifth hostage, this time it's an american aid worker. peter kassig was a former army ranger delivering aid to the syrian people when he was captured last year. kassig converted to islam during captivity and changed his nb d*. it shows the militants beheading a dozen syrian soldiers. president obama released a statement aboard air force one on his way back from a trip to asia. it reads, abdul rahman was taken from us in an act of pure evil. he was a humanitarian who worked to save the live.
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some shocking new video shows what happens to an airliner shot out of the sky. still ahead, why investigators are back in ukraine tonight sifting through the wreckage. plus a man from maryland made it his life's mission. now the fire station he fought to build will bare his name. >> he was a really, really good name. he used all the gifts that god gave
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we are seeing incredible new video tonight which appears to be our first look at the aftermath of a malaysia airlines in ukraine. the associated press obtained the cell phone video. back in july the boeing 777 was flying from amsterdam to kuala lamb pure when it was shot down over an area of ukraine controlled by rebels. the first pieces of wreckage are being removed today. the pieces will be flown to the netherlands where duchin spec tors are conducting the investigation. all 290 people on board were killed and two-thirds were dutch citizens. he spent 21 years tryio t a wheaton. today their brand new building was dedicated in his honor.
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again, it took 21 years for the wheaton volunteer rescue squad to get that building. but tom brown would not give up. he is the late president of wheaton's volunteer rescue squad. he stuck with it through county administration changes and building delays. the new fire station officially opened last year. brown recently passed away. his family and fellow firefighters say it was higgs commitment to the squad and community that helped ma >> he used all the gifts that and involvement with s the regs queue squad. >> without him t >> brown started volunteering with the fire department when he was just a senior in high school. he was president of the wheaton squad for more than two decades. still ahead, you don't have to go far to find the best and worst places to live out your golden years, and we're already tracking rain.
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maryland may be a good place to raise kids, but when it comes time to retire, a lot of us may think about moving. the website wall streetcheatsheet says maryland is among the ten worst places to retire, ranking eighth, tied with new york and georgia. the study says maryland's high
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cost of living may quickly deplete your retirement savings, but based on your rankings you don't have to go far to find a better option. the ninth best state to retire is just over the bridge in virginia. well, no matter where you live, d.c., maryland, virginia, probably getting socked with a little rain and a lot of cold air. going to continue to say rain not just tonight, but throughout the day tomorrow. through tuesday, it's about our temperatures. extremely cold air makes its way into the area. monday hasn't even gotten here yet. let's talk about what you can expect as you head back to work t. weather really going to have an impact on your day tomorrow. moderate to high tracking rain throughout the entire day. potentially heavy at times. you want to be cautious for hydroplaning tore threw out the day, especially the first half of the day. here is future weather, 9:00 a.m. on monday, everybody seeing rain. notice the heavy rain at 10:00 a.m. we continue to track showers as we get into the afternoon hours.
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4:00 is when rain starts to push out of the area from west to east. by 7:00 to 9:00 most of the areas looking dry. as the skies clear, the temperatures plummet. arctic air makes its way into the area. as far as the commute is concerned, tomorrow morning add extra time, rain slykely, wet roads will already be in place. the evening commute not much better. showers will taper off toward the end of the evening commute. tuesday morning there can be isoled slick spots because of the cold temperatures in the most rural areas. not talking widespread black ice tomorrow morning. temperatures very important right now. everybody is above freezing. winchester, gaithersburg, two of the colder spots. not forecasting any locations to drop below 34 tonight. not worried about wet roads, not slick roads for your morning commute. temperaturg 41 degrees.
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midday temperatures in the mid 40s. a high tomorrow 52. it's a cold rain throughout the day. showers by the afternoon hours starting to let up in intensity but you still need the big umbrella throughout the day. 7:00 p.m. is when showers start to end. as kids are ready tore school, they need their raincoat but a sweatshirt as well. a high temperature tomorrow only around 50 degrees. tuesday, cold air in place. starting at 6:00 a.m., this is what it will feel like, temperatures in the teens. at best it will only feel like low 20s tuesday afternoon. for the evening hours, temperatures once again feel like they're only in the teens. a high temperature of 35. for wednesday a high of 40. at least tuesday and wednesday we'll have plenty of sunshine around. temperatures run about 25 degrees below average. record cold is possible on tuesday as well as wednesday. we start to warm up on thursday. a high of 49. but then we cool right back down on friday, chris, with a high temperature of 42.
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again, tracking rain throughout the day tomorrow and then the coldest air so far this season for tuesday. amelia, i bet some of the redskins probably wish they could blame today on bad weather. head
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i don't really know what you even say about today's game other than that anything that could go wrong did. >> no one can explain what happened at fedex field today, not even head coach jay gruden. after today's game against tampa bay buccaneers, jay gruden said tampa played with greater effort than the redskins. that's surprising seeing how the skins were well rested and coming off the bye week. this game was ugly from start to finish, the redskins playing for nothing more than pride after today's loss. jay gruden hoping they come off hot after the bye week. not the case today. griffin gets flush from the pocket here, makes a throw, bobbles it and it gets picked
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off by danny land san nah. not a good start. that was the first offensive play of the game for the redskins. later in the first, more bad news. left tackle. this is roy hall lieu, junior. beautiful screen pass here, 30-yard reception. you see trent williams going down here with the ankle and knee sprain. he did not finish the game. he'll get an mri tomorrow. later on, more bad news, griffin getting picked off again. this one goes for a touchdown, rg3 couldn't make the tackle. jonathan banks scores there, 19-yard return, second interception of the ball game. here we go back to that screen pass, roy hall lieu, junior making a few guys miss. 30-yard touchdown. the skins have momentum going into half-time, down 13-7. the bucs offense took over in the second half. josh mccown finding mike
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edmonds, the rookie, 36-yard touchdown reception. edmonds was just warming up. fourth quarter, going up top again, perry riley, junior, the linebacker can't stay with him. 209 yards receiving for the rookie. bucs down the skins 27-7. back out to fedex field where dianna russini is standing by. did gruden ever consider benching robert griffin iii? >> i asked coach gruden that. he hesitated for a second. he said if there was more time in the game, he was considering putting colt mccoy back in the field. today at fedex field the fans were chanting for colt mccoy. that's how ugly it was, looking for the best way to describe today's ge went. coach put it best though. >> it looked like the first preseason game is what it looked like.
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it was not good by anybody on our staff offensively, myself. we got to first initially take the blame and hold some d find out where the confusion is and why we're having so much trouble. >> it was a travesty out there today. we didn't play well. i didn't see the field as well as i would have liked to. we had turnovers, i can't dloe interceptions. we had false start penalties, holding penalties. it was bad ball out there today. >> you've been very consistent the last two weeks that robert griffin iii needs to prove himself. do you think after today's performance he's proved he should be the starting quarterback? >> after today's performance, nobody proved they should start anywhere. offensive lines, running backs, everybody. >> yikes. jay gruden being very honest now. we're at a point where i think this organization needs to make a decision, do you stick with
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rg3 the rest of the year and see if he basically loses the job or put colt in and hope they can get a few wins? we will see. >> six more games remaining. we'll see how the redskins play this season out. let's go to new york now, eli manning and the giants taking on the san francisco 49ers. we'll pick this up in the first quarter. scoreless game. the giants are on the move. manning has some time, finds larry donald. giants up 7-0. third quarter now. san fran on top 9-7. colin kaepernick to michael crabtree. he turns on the jets, 48-yard hookup there. the 49ers go on to win this game, your final score 16-10. college soccer, maryland hosting indiana, big 10 championship game second half. tied at one. here come the terps. david mckelb, the defender takes down a maryland player. the refs give them a free kick.
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how about this? he delivers over the goalkeeper. beautiful goal there. maryland goes on to beat indiana 2-1 in their first season in the conference and take home the big 10 championship. congratulations to the terps. >> redskins final tonight is going to be very, very interesting. >> is a lot of great comments for jay gruden tonight after the news. that's going to do it for us. "nightly" is up next. we'll see you after the game after football. hope
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on this sunday night, pure evil has another american is executed by isis terrorists, the president condemns the killing. and the top military officials say the battle against isis will take years. without warning, gas leaks from a texas chemical plant killing four workers and leaving a cloud over a major metropolitan area. kids at risk. the new warning about the popular energy drinks and what can happen if young children consume them. and call of the wild. using the latest technology to keep people and bears a safe distance apart.


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