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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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talking cold air. look at these numbers. 52 in d.c. 20 degrees in columbus, ohio. that is not a wind chill. that is the actual temperature, 20 degrees there. 32 in pittsburgh. 28 in jackson, kentucky. that's the cold air moving in overnight tonight. and i do expect to set a couple records in our region, both tomorrow and probably on wednesday, too. we'll talk much more about that coming up in my full forecast, guys. get ready, here it comes. >> thank you, doug. while we deal with this cold snap, other cities across the south and midwest are dealing with snow. take a good look at the road accidents blamed on the slick stuff near indianapolis, parts of upstate new york really going to get hit hard. here's a live look at what's happening. that's new york city. and buffalo, we've got two online there. they've had as much as 2 feet of snow in buffalo forecast there. here at home, you can find out exactly when anymore rain will hit your neighborhood by downloading the storm team 4 weather app on your phone. search nbc washington weather, and the app store or google
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play. a neighborhood dispute and a teenager's murder. tonight some of the victim's family believe they're linked. and they talk with northern virginia bureau chief julie carey who joins us live from woodbridge. >> reporte well, friends of 19-year-old christopher had been driving into the cold through the day to give condolences to his family. last night, just after midnight, woody and his mom answered a knock at the door. minutes later, gunfire that killed weaver and injured his 15-year-old friend. >> it's very, very devastating. >> reporter: that's what woody weaver's cousin has to say about the sudden loss that's jolted her family. the 19-year-old's given name was christopher but family and friends called him woody, a nickname given when he is little. the family showed this certificate from his recent graduation. he just started a new job. now the family cannot make sense
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of the incident on this doorstep early sunday that left the teenager dead. relatives say the trouble started earlier in the evening, when woody and a 15-year-old friend went to a neighbor's house a block away to pick up the younger teen's sister. at that house, words were exchanged. it wasn't long before the two teens and little girl got back to the house that there was a knock on the door. stephanie goodwin says woody's mom opened the door to two men. woody and his friend were it at the doorway too. >> the two guys didn't like that. they came over to get the sister from the house. two guys just came by and started shooting. >> r the men fled. a family friend initially began to drive woody to the hospital, but rescue crews arrived and rushed him there. his family says he was flown to a second hospital where he died. >> it's a tragedy. and it's actually makes no sense. >> rep the 15-year-old is recovering. i spoke to a woman at the home where the teens had gone before
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the shooting and she says there were no men at her house. this afternoon, detectives were looking for more information. family members wait for word of an arrest and they're planning a vigil to honor the teenager to reflect on what they'll miss most. >> just his smile, his laugh. he actually got along with a lot of people. >> reporter: now as you can imagine, this double shooting has left neighbors on edge. on news4 at 6:00, what they fear could happen next. reporting live in woodbridge, virginia, julie carey, news4. a student is in the hospital tonight and an investigation is under way. this is cell phone video of an attack. you can see the teenager on the ground as he's being punched. right now we don't know what sparked this fight or how badly that student was injured. a parent it tells news4 her daughter was also targeted. a spokesman for prince george's county schools tells us the fight was an isolated incident and those involved will be discipli far, no arrests. a 16-year-old girl is the
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latest person charged in connecti with the murder of a teenager near woodbridge high school. police aren't releasi the girl's name but sayhe is charged with conspiracy to commit a felony. she is the fifth person arrested in the death of brenden wilson. someone shot him last week near woodbridge high school, where police say a group had planned to rob wilson and then make it look like a drug deal. small is the only suspect charged with murder. and new at 5:00, a man accused of pushing his way into an off-duty cop's home and assaulting another officer and k-9. tonight a virginia man is being held without bond. raymond lushinski. i banged on an officer's door last night and forced his way in. the officer called 911. when others got there, he apparently hit one officer several times in the head and grabbed a k-9 by the neck and held the dog to the ground. no one was seriously hurt. tonight a maryland family is
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grieving after learning their loved one lost his battle with ebola. dr. martin salia contracted the virus while treating patients in sierra leone. he was flown to nebraska saturday for treatment. but doctors say he was too sick already and couldn't save him. chris gordon has reaction from salia's family. chris? >> reporter: good evening. the family and friends are gathered here. they say that they pray for the continued mobilization of resources for sierra leone, guinea and liberia to combat the spread of the ebola virus. family and friends are stocking up on supplies as they gather in maryland to mourn the death of dr. martin salia. he died treating ebola patients in his home country of sierra leone. dr. salia was the third ebola patient brought to the nebraska medical center. but he was the sickest so far. >> i want to thank our local heroes who took care of a global
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hero these past few days. they did a remarkable job. and their work was second to none. >> repor dr. salia died early this morning. his wife issued this statement from the hospital. we're very grateful for the efforts of the team led by dr. smith. in the short time we spent here, it was apparent how caring and compassionate everyone was. we are so appreciative of the opportunity for my husband to be treated her, and believe he was in the best place possi besides his wife, dr. salia leaves two sons who look up to him as a hero. >> for him doing that, even though he knows the sickness is already out, he decided to still go and help his people, because he wanted to show that he loves his people. >> reporter: he knows the pain the salia family faces. his brother of beltsville died of ebola in august, treating patients in sierra leo. >> i want to send my deepest sympathy to the salia family. i know what you are going
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through. we pray that the gentleman, this fine doctor, salia, rest in peace. >> rep the doctor's family has started a foundation to help in the fight against ebola. both dr. khan and dr. salia knew the risks they faced. and tonight on news4 at 6:00, we will hear and see video that dr. salia made as recently as april when he talked about his mission as being his true calling. that's the latest live in lanham, maryland. chris gordon, news4. more people traveling from west africa will have to monitor for potential ebola symptoms. airports are now screening people coming from mali. homeland security officials tell us there are no direct flights from mali. about 15 to 20 people come from mali each day. the move comes after a number of
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confirmed cases in that country. there are some very big differences between the two deadly american ebola cases compared to survivors. in our next half hour, we continue with doreen gentzler, who will explain what went wrong this time. and new at 5:00, a call for prayers from the parents of the latest american beheaded by isis militants. we streamed live coverage of the press conference from abdul kassig's parents on th their son's life was proof that one person can make a difference. kassig was an iraq war veteran from indianapolis who found his calling as a humanitarian working on aid missions in the middle east. yesterday president obama confirmed the authenticity of an isis propaganda video showing the death of kassig and a dozen other hostages in syria. >> please pray for abdul rahman or pete. pray for all people in syria and
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iraq and people around the world held against their will. >> french officials say the man seen killing kassig may be a french national who left last year. missouri's governor has activated the state national guard today in the death of michael brown. the governor says the guard will support police if there is any unrest in ferguson. in an executive order, the governor also said that st. louis county will have command over security for the city. brown was shot and killed by a police officer in august. his death sparked several violent clashes between residents and the city's police department. there is a tush losis scare at a maryland high school tonight. someone at potomac high school was recently diagnosed with tb. the county health department is working with staff to keep others from being infected. they're trying to identify people who may have had close contact with the sick person. so far, they haven't found any other cases.
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tb is a potentially serious infection that spreads through the air. it is treat be with medication. a bus load of cheerleaders had had to be rushed to the hospital over the weekend after breathing in fumes that made them sick. that bus pulled over on i-95 near spotsylvania last night when people on the bus said they were having a tough time breathing. 15 patients, most of them teenagers, were treated and released from the hospital. the group was headed to north carolina after attendi cheerleading competition right here in washington. this is a fight that has been going on for years. it's a push to change the safety standards on window coverings. >> we were lucky. we city have our son. so many parents don't. >> how one local family's life changed forever. this mother says her son became en tangled in the cord of a window covering. consumer reporter erika gonzales sits down with that family who wants to warn other parents and hear what the strooi industry
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has to say. that's tonight on news4 at 5:00. now new at 5:00, reaction to new accusations of sexual assault against a comedy giant. why one attorney says bill cosby should stay quiet. and a young woman attacked from behind on a local college campus. there are new details just coming out in the search for her attacker. a cold blast moving in. when it's cold outside, you want it warm inside. we've got the expert advice to protect your home and family, ne
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temperatures dropped. get ready, folks. the risk for certain hazards goes up. we have team coverage on this arctic blast moving in. storm team 4 tracking just how cold it's going to get. we're going to start with richard jordan in capital heights tonight. what are they doing out there? >> reporter: wendy, here on xenia avenue, it is getting colder already. a lot of people will be turning on the heat. make sure it's nice and warm inside their homes. however, things don't always go as planned. take a look up on the second floor. damage caused by a brand-new space heater. you can avoid dangers like this, and also make sure that you and your family stays safe. crank up the heat. the temperature is dropping, which means the number of calls to inspect heaters is rising. >> i would expect 100 service
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calls tomorrow for people with no heat. and a lot of people that said oops, forgot to get it services. >> reporter: jhc services has technicians out ahead of the rush tomorrow. and for audrey, they say they recently had their new heating system checked out. >> it doesn't faze us. we know it's going to be warm. and we don't have any problem with the heating system at all. >> reporter: any furnace fix should be left to the professionals. many people rely on portable heaters. those can be dangerous if you're not careful. >> you should always -- >> reporter: this cartoon draws a comical picture of what can happen when a space heater is too close to a bed. firefighters say it's no laughing matter. >> heating systems are working overtime, and a lot of cases there's still clutter or things around the heating system. certainly you want to create a circle of safety. >> reporter: in prince george's county last week, a capital heights family was forced out of their home after their new space heater sparked a fire.
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so keep these tips in mind. space heaters need space. anything that could catch fire should be at least three feet from the heater. and always unplug electric space heaters when you're not home and when you're asleep. heaters aren't the only thing. watch out with fireplaces. they should also be inspected before you use them. coming up at 6:00, the one thing you can do tonight that will help to circulate the heat in your home and also lower your utility bill at the same time. that's in less than an hour. reporting live in capital heights, richard jordan. >> if you see someone outside, there are hypothermia hotlines. go to and search for hypothermia. >> it's not like it gets this cold this soon. >> i looked back at some of the records and i actually went farther and talked to the national weather serv we did get cold last year. we had two days in the 30s last year and three days total in the
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30s. this is different. we're talking about 34 degrees for a high tomorrow. and a wind chill that's going to be in the lower 20s. so, yeah, this is the kind of cold you see in the middle of january, not november. and we could actually set some records tomorrow. and i think some of those records will fall pretty quickly. 54 degrees the current number. that's still on the mild side across our area. winds out of the west at about 5 miles per hour. we've got plenty of cloud cover. but most of the rain is out of the region. and it will continue to move on out. down towards southern maryland, where we're still seeing the rain. cold air moving in. 37 petersburg, west virginia. 41 in martinsburg. 58 towards pucatuxent river. here is the shower activity, now coming through right around the beltway, oxon hill, national harbor seeing showers. waldorf, right along 301. we'll zoom in here and show all charles county for the most part seeing showers. these are the lighter side so not much in the way of heavy rain. driving from waldorf toward the
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colonial beach area, you continue to see rain. st. mary's county, you too have a bit of rain to go. the bulk of the rain out of here. even some thunderstorm activity just off the coast in through portions of the new jersey coastline. and back to the west, it is the snow. and man, is it coming down in part of the area. they are predicting near 2 to 3 feet of snow around the buffalo area, lake erie. this is a big lake effect snow effect for us. it's just going to be that cold air driving right across our region. and we're not just talking cold. we're talking frigid. look at the current wind chills. here is 5 2 in d.c. 74 in virginia beach. so no wind chill there. look at that number. 6 back towards columbus, ohio. and that is the cold air that's moving in. veronica johnson and i have been looking at these numbers. and vj, when we wake up tomorrow, we talked about a s p shock to the system. we have had one or two. this is going to be different. >> yeah, for sure. folks are going to notice this in a hurry.
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first thing tomorrow morning, this is the kind of cold where you really need to prepare. and, again, dress in layers tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a second. take a look at the ratings. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., wind chill temperature, montgomery couy around burtonsville and bethesda at 14 degrees. areas like oakton, this is by 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. not much better. your reading around 19 to 21 degrees. same around vienna. then as we kick it into the evening hours again, we're back down into the teens. and there may be some locations that drop down to the single digits by tomorrow evening. dale city by 6:00 p.m. feeling like around 20 degrees, as well as early wednesday morning. so what to wear, it's the day to dress in layers. we're talking about layers one, two and three. . big coat on top for kids at the bus stop. means a warm coat, gloves and scarf and a hat. you don't want the heat to escape. this is the first one we're getting for real shock to the system. more of that january kind of
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air. >> yeah, that's exactly right. that's why we had that impact forecast up along the moderate side. even high for some areas as we will be dealing with that wind of 15 to 25 miles per hour. so not just cold, but windy and cold. and that's -- those cold temperatures will stick around. a high of only 34 on tuesday. the record low maximum, that's the coldest high temperature we have ever seen, is actually 33. so we're close to records there. overnight on wednesday night or wednesday morning, 24 for an overnight low. dulles airport will set a record. bwi, winchester, frederick, they'll be into the teens for overnight lows wednesday morning. high temperature on wednesday still cold at 37. 47 on thursday as we rebound just a bit. but that's ahead of another system. that will drop us back down on friday and saturday. high temperatures in the low 40s. low 40s a lot better than the low 30s. but it's still going to be quite chilly friday and saturday before we really start to break out of this. sunday, a lot better with a high of 54 degrees. most of the day on sunday will be dry, a big system though
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moves in sunday night into monday. we'll h the potential for a line of rain sunday night. but monday, we're up near 70. so we're not done with the warmer weather just yet. it's just going to take time to get here. and we've got a couple of extremely cold days ahead of us. guys? >> flip-flop weather. got to give a heads up about a massive construction project in d.c. that's going to make you miserable if you're in one part. starting tomorrow and then for the next six months, a big project in the third street tunnel. third street is going to be closed just north of h for the entire time. you're going to have to take a detour around that site. that work will start at 7:00 in the morning, last through midnight during the wee and on weekends, crews will wrap-up around 8:00 in the evening. d-dot is warning even pedestrians to follow the sidewalk detours and don't enter that work zone. crews are relocating utilities in that area. it's the kind of video that police want to go viral. this is the man responsible for
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deliberately pushing a stranger in front of a moving subway train. his wife witnessed it all, but we'll tell you why she had trouble telling police. and call it a surprise. we're not talking about the score of yesterday's game. we're going to find out what federal investigators did after that blowout.
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welcome back to news4 at 5:00. i'm dianna russini at redskins park. i don't have to tell you now, there was an ugly loss the redskins experienced yesterday against tampa bay. but today what everyone is talking about is what robert griffin iii said after the game. he's being criticized for using the word "we" instead of "i" and has many teammates upset today. so i asked jay gruden about robert's comments today. >> first of all, robert needs to understand he needs to worry about himself, number one, and not everybody else. his footwork, his fundamentals, his reads. it's my job to worry about everybody else. >> chris, you heard coach. what are your thoughts? >> i think it's helpful for record. because he's trying to be what everyone expects him to be in the media. i don't think he quite knows exactly what he needs to personify as robert griffin iii in the media. he's saying "i" "we", it's i.
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there was way too much "we." and if there is going to be "we" that's between you and the guys in the locker room when you played poorly. >> if you're a player, how would you react? >> it's just a bunch of basic guys, so -- trying to do something epic. >> obviously referencing desean jackson's tweet, saying that, you know, it's hard to do great things with basic people. taking a shot, you know -- gruden said that was a shot at robert griffin iii, because of those comments. what is this lker room going to be like tomorrow? >> the locker room is not going to be great for the rest of the season and hasn't been great for the first half of the season. and goes back to kind of the old theory, if in the media or outside the locker room you hear something might be wrong or something is going on, it's always worse. i love the way jay is handling it. i think jay gruden is trying to be a later for the team and trying to say everyone involved. that's what holds the group of guys together, jay gruden. they believe in him, want to play for him, work for him. but between themselves, it's becoming more of an issue than i
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think needs to ever be handled in the loc. >> and jay gruden obviously had a lot of to say today about robert griffin iii's comments. he also has a lot to say about robert griffin iii's performance on the field. and boy, is it not good. we're going to have that coming up in sports. i'm dianna russini live in redskins park. back to you. >> it's a tough room. the nfl says it cooperated when federal agents with the dea surprised players yesterday. >> they were with medical staffers for the 49ers, buccaneers and seahawks. those surprise inspections came amid suspicions some teams are issuing pain killers to keep the players on the field. this was alleged by former players in a lawsuit year. the its knowledge there were no irregularities found during yesterday's inspections. >> so what's the next step for bill cosby? >> at 5:00 tonight, some people are glad the comedian is staying
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silent. more than a dozen women saying they were sexually assaulted by the comic. find out what could be his next move. and the difference between life and death. dore dore dore again gentzler explains who american cases with ebola ended in tragedy. a man assaulted in university. not the first that happened. what happened with this most recent incident and the
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right now at 5:30, a deadly shove. a stranger pushes a family man to his death on the subway. we have new images now and new details about who else the suspect tried to push in front of a moving train. plus, a hidden in your home. >> it tan a minute for local family speak out about why their son's pain and suffering may be worth it if parents hear their mes tonight. and bill cosby scandal unravels. >> there have been serious allegations raised about you in recent days. you're shaking your head no. >> new fallout now from the growing accusations of sex abuse. we have some big stories developing tonight at 5:30. from a although college student attack near campus to new days on why the ebola patient with ties to our area really died. and a team of crews working
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to get you the up to the minute developments in the next half hour. and you don't want to miss the latest weather forecast update. up first at 5:30 now, students at the university of maryland are on alert tonight after a man armed with a knife tried to kidnap a student over the weekend. it is the latest in a string of assaults on or near campus this year. this latest incident happened early yesterday on hartwick road off route 1. news4's kristin wright joins us from college park with new information just released about suspect. kristin? >> reporter: well, jim, he tried to deduct t f this street here. >> i'm a grad student and work, so i have to to do what i have to do. i can't, you know, not go to my car at 6:30 a.m. >> reporter: university of maryland graduate student,
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kendra smith, lives across the street from where a young woman was attacked. >> i park on the street as close to my apartment as possible. that's really all i can do. >> reporter: this student got out of her car on hartwick road near route 1 off campus sunday morning at 6:00. a man with a knife grabbed her around the neck from behind, and said she was coming with him. she got away. tonight, police are still looking for the man. campus police increased patrols and sent out an alert, warning students about the attempted kidnapping. >> to be smart, be safe. we operate 24-hour walking escort service. >> repor sunday's attack is the third off-campus this month. november 10th, a man tried to rob a woman walking and groped her. november 6th, a woman fondled. and august 3, a sexual assault. grad student vincy chen never walks alone. >> i don't walk out after maybe 6:00 these days, because it's getting dark very early.
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>> reporter: all new tonight at 6:00, a look at some of the unnerving incidents that have happened on campus. live in college park, kristin wright, news4. health officials at the university of maryland also telling students to be on alert because a viral meningitis outbreak at the school is spreading. the director of the health center says there have been 31 confirmed or suspected cases since the middle of october. about 19 students have been hospitalized for what's described as suppoive treatment. students are being told, stay at home, rest, if you are sick so you can avoid infecting others. a virginia woman is facing serious charges after a teenaged relative says she hit her with a cable and extension cord. officers arrested her after the girl told her school officials about this. and police say the girl did have significant injuries to her back, legs and her lower body. they say this happened after the girl and the suspect got into an
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argument at their home in woodbridge last week. she is being held without bond. here we go. get ready. we're following the big, big developments in the weather world. >> oh, and if you think it's cold now, just wait until tomorrow morning. do you go? >> for sure. temperatures into the 30s in some spots. most of us still in the upper 40s and 50s as cold air still has a couple hours before it moves in. still dealing with shower activity. most now towards southern maryland, talking about areas around waldorf and annapolis, still dealing with those showers. but back to the west, it is the snow that's making its way our way. we're not going to see any snow. for us it's all going to be the cold air. the current temperatures in the area, 20 in columbus, ohio. 32 in elkins. that's the cold air moving into our region. so your driving impact tonight, rain ending around 6:00 to 8:00 tonight. 46 degrees at that time. but look at the temperatures tomorrow morning. 28 degrees in any areas still on the wet side could be a little on the slick side too. so heads up for that as you're stepping out the door.
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not expected to be a huge problem. the bigger problem will be the wind chill. i've got those coming up in just a minute. >> doug, thank you. bill cosby's attorney says tonight the comedian will not respond to what he called discredited decade-old allegations of sexual assault. those accusations began making headlines when stand-up comedian hannibal burris recently called cosby a rapist. that led to cosby cancelling tv appearances. during an interview over the weekend, cosby remained silent. >> there have been serious allegations raised about you in recent days. you're shaking your head no. i'm in the news business. i have to ask the question. do you have any response to those charges? shaking your head no. >> now despite never being charged with any of the alleged assaults, years later some are still demanding an apology from cosby. harry hairston from our sister station in philadelphia has more
5:37 pm
on what could lie ahead for the comedian. >> if i was mr. cosby, i think the thing for him to do at this point in time is obviously not to dignify any of these allegations with a response. >> reporter: that is the advice from former philadelphia prosecutor. at lea 14 women have said they were sexually assaulted by bill cosby decades ago but never led to charges. >> for them to come out and say she settled a lawsuit is -- it really doesn't say anything. >> reporter: when we first broke this story, a former employee did file charges against cosby a year after her alleged assault. she made her report at a police department in canada, near her home. a long-time cosby friend who still meets with the comedian regularly says he never believed the allegations. >> my relationship with bill is different from what somebody else may have had or may not have had. and i don't know the reasons for doing that. but i can say honestly, he's been a giving person.
5:38 pm
and i'm not seeing this -- i don't have to say anything th not true. >> reporter: as we first reported, a source told the nbc 10 news the former temple employee recorded a call from cosby offering her money not to go to the police. our source says those tapes were allegedly turned over to the montgomery county district attorney's office. the d.a. would not confirm or deny if those tapes ever existed. >> if they do exist in some type of case file archived away, is it possible that anyone could get their hands on those tapes going forward and cause more issues? >> theoretically, if tapes like that existed, they could always be subpoenaed by way of, you know, some form of subpoena duces tecum. but the question is really do they exist, what do they say and what do you need them for? >> now, it's important to reiterate, despite the allegations, cosby was never charged. the statute of limitations has also run out, meaning cosby will not face any criminal or civil
5:39 pm
suits. with news that dr. martin salia died from the ebola virus today, there is a lot of people wondering why he didn't make it, especially when so many others treated in the united states have survived. doreen gentzler is at the live desk with details on how this doctor was treated. >> hi, wendy. dr. salia is the second person to die of ebola in the u.s. he contracted the virus in sierra leone, where he was working at a hospital in that country's capital. doctors say the problem was he didn't get the treatment he needed until it was too late. by the time dr. salia arrived in nebraska for treatment on saturday, the doctors say he was already very, very sick. he had nearly no kidney function, and he was unresponsive. he was given an experimental drug, as well as a plasma transfusion from an ebola survivor. but at that point, it clearly wasn't enough to help his body fight off the virus. so far, both people who died from ebola in the u.s., salia
5:40 pm
and thomas duncan, who died last month in texas, were in the later stages of the illness. all of nose who have survived in the u.s., including five patients who contracted the virus in west africa but were nurses in texas, they were all diagnosed at earlier stages of the virus. what's still unclear is exactly what it was that cured the patient who survived here. they have all gotten a combination of various experimental treatments. what we do know is that the earlier those treatments begin, the more effective they clearly are. one big reason why dr. salia didn't start his treatment earlier, his first ebola test in sierra leone came back negative. he didn't get a confirmed diagnosis until his symptoms were pretty much more severe. wendy, jim? >> obviously, that makes a huge difference. thanks, doreen. this ambulance is on the ground and able to transport
5:41 pm
suspected ebola patients in sierra leone's second largest city this afternoon, thanks to churches and donors from northern virginia. it's only one of only two ambulances in the city of bough. several united methodist churches and a nonprofit helping children worldwide has raised that money and shipped the four-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle. they suspe the -- they support the mercy hospital in sierra leone. totally unprovoked. that's what police say tonight about the push that killed a man on a new york subway platform. coming up, was his wife targeted too? i'm erika gonzales. after decades of child injuries and deaths in window blind accidents, i'll tell you the new recommendations the government is putting forth. and a bumpy landing. new pictures of that historic but rough ride there. the comet in our solar system.
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it happens time and time again. children injured or even die after becoming entangled in the cords of window blinds. >> now there's new fuel in this fire to fix it. consumer reporter erika gonzales has that story. >> reporter: heather takes us into her waldorf, maryland, home. her morning routine with 10-year-old son bobby. he's a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy and considered legally blind. he wasn't borger like this.
5:45 pm
this is bobby ten years ago. he became entangled in the cord of a window blind and surrendered suffered a traumatic brain injury. >> i was gone maybe two minutes. >> reporter: she had stepped away to do the morning dishes, her two boys in their room with nothing but a few toys and a large window. >> i thought that morning that i was doing everything i could, that my kids were protected. that my kids were in a safe environment. then things took a turn for the worse. >> my 2-year-old at the time was standing there saying "mama, mama." >> reporter: heather found bobby dangling from a window cord. certified in cpr, she did what no parent should ever have to do. she immediately began efforts to revive her child. >> it takes less than a minute for this to happen. >> reporter: dad met the family at the hospital. >> probably about eight to ten hours later, it really hit hard that you may not have your child again. >> reporter: bobby s the next two months in intensive
5:46 pm
care and has never been the same. this is how children can become in blinds. the consumer product safety commission demonstrates here on a roll-up blind. the roman shade with the cord on the back. or this window blind with potential hazard in this inner cord. elliot kay is chairman of the cpsc. >> unfortunately, like sad clack clockwork, once a month a child is hanged to death by one of these products. >> reporter: a 2013 petition, the cpsc is now proposing two rules to the makers of window blinds. >> the first is the pull cord. trying to eliminate pull cards that create a loop that a child can put his or her head through. the second is the continuous loop cords, trying to make sure that if the tension device, which is supposed to be installed to keep that from creating a hazardous loop, if that is not installed properly, the blinds will not function.
5:47 pm
>> reporte in a statement, the manufacturers association says safety is the industry's top priority, and goes on to say, the number of incidents related to these products continues to decline. there is substantial compliance among industry members to the voluntary safety standard, and the industry has a strong track record of cooperating with the cpsc. back at heather's home, we get a glimpse at bobby's happiness. the sheer mention of his big brother billy sends him to the moon. life is hard for the family. but smiles and laughs like these makeses the days bearable. >> if this message gets out and one person's child is saved, his injuries are worth it to us. to see other people's kids survive and not have to go through this. >> reporter: still, their hearts go out to so many whose pain will never go away. >> we were lucky. we still have our son.
5:48 pm
so many parents don' >> tonight at 11:00, you'll meet a family that has in fact lost their child because of a cord on a window covering. and the mother who will not stop telling her story until parents recognize this nightmare could happen to them. this is a story that my colleague, liz crenshaw, followed for years. and now i'm doing the same. jim, wendy? >> erika, thanks so much. tonight alexandria police are awaiting autopsy results into what caused a baby's death over the weekend. the infant died saturday, five days after medics rushed her to the hospital. they found the baby unresponsive last week at a home on pendelton street. no charges have been filed in the case. we have some new details just in about that serious crash in aspen hill this weekend. pat lawson muse at the live desk. >> wendy, we just learned the driver who was hurt in that crash on saturday night has died. the 21-year-old from gaithersburg was thrown from his car after it overturned and then hit a sign and a utility pole.
5:49 pm
the car landed on its side, right next to a parked car on aspen hill road. investigators say moments before that crash, the driver fled from police after they found out he had a suspended lice to you. well, construction has begun on what will be the tallest building in tyson's corner. there was a groundbreaking this morning on the new capital one headquarters. 31 stories tall when done. 470-feet height will only be exceeded by the washington monument, which is 555 feet tall. in addition to the offices this new building will also include retail and a community center. >> wow. pretty big deal. let's get the word on the weather and just how low are we going to go, doug. >> overnight low temperatures tonight really going to be dealing with the wind chill early tomorrow morning. that's the number that i want you to think about. in the teens when you wake up. take a look outside right now. first off, we show you a pretty nice evening currently. 4:53, the time the sun went
5:50 pm
down. 52 in the d.c. metro area. 49 degrees at 7:00, but dropping to 38 by 11:00. it will drop fairly quickly after around the 9:00 hour. that's when our winds will begin to shift. take a look at the radar showing around the clinton area, waldorf, right along 301 toward eagle harbor. that's where we're still seeing light shower activity. for the most part, most of us on the drier side. that area of rain moving out and behind it just the cold. and you can see what i'm talking about with the snow showers back towards indiana, ohio, coming through portions of west virginia. that cold air will come through overnight tonight. so notice the numbers. still on the mild side. still below average for today. but mild when you compare to would we're about to see. 50 degrees in ft. belvoir. 46 leesburg. 48 out towards bowie. how about those overnight low temperatures? well, these are the actual numbers. 29 d.c. 23 martinsburg. 24 in culpeper. you subtract 10 degrees from these, and that's about where we'll be tomorrow morning with the wind chill. so down around 13 in the martinsburg area. down around 14 in gaithersburg.
5:51 pm
19 in d.c. a very cold start to your tuesday. and a very cold afternoon. these are the high temperatures all day long. the actual temperatures 34. d.c., 27. and winchester, 31 towards culpeper. again, take 10 degrees off and you get upper teens to lower 20s the entire day tomorrow. tomorrow could be one of the coldest days ever on that day. november 18th. so it could be one of the coldest november 18ths we have seen in the history of the d.c. metro area. it goes back to 1880. 34 degrees tomorrow. only 37 on your wednesday. 47 on thursday. so we start to mad moderate just a bit. friday back to more chilly air on friday and saturday. at least we're chilly in the 40s. and look as we move toward next sunday and monday. we get close to 70 degrees by a week from now. a new report tonight says the district's aggressive advertising campaign is working to educate more people about hiv infection. and tom sherwood reports the newest campaign effort is going to use the popular word selfie
5:52 pm
to draw even more attention to the hiv battle. >> reporter: at whitman walker health, educator and case worker rihanna buford, who does home visits and classes on hiv, says everyone needs to know about hiv. everyone. >> i do talk to my nieces and nephews a lot about it. i'm that aunt. >> reporter: decades of fighting hiv have featured all sorts of campaigns and television ♪ a new d.c. survey says more than 50% in the survey say the ads have given helpful information. and 70% say they're aware of the city's widely advertised free condom program and free testing services. >> to have 70% of people know there are free condoms available means they can protect their health. >> rep case workers like rihanna, a howard university graduate, know it's still a never-ending campaign, especially among women and people of color who test
5:53 pm
positive more often than others. >> the stigma behind it all keeps a lot of people in what we -- what i would say is the closet. you're constantly reinfecting people. so if we can get into communities and talk approximate ways to reduce risk. >> reporter: the city is about to unveil a new ad campaign, adapting the popular word "selfie" to attract a wider audience. >> we're using instagram, facebook, twitter, as ways to reach people where they're at. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. >> district health officials tell us tonight they distribute as many as 7 million free condoms every year. so why did he do it? the hunt for a motive after a man was pushed to his death on the subway. and we're going to find out who may have become -- about to become his second victim. >> reporter: some pieces of milita memorabilia puts a local family in touch with its past. i'm derrick ward, and i'll have details coming
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
let's check out what stories are trending online today. celebration in the city of brotherly love as officials confirm an upcoming visit from the holy father. >> the pope is coming. to philadelphia. >> philly's mayor, michael nutter, said pope francis' visit will be the biggest in modern
5:57 pm
history. the pope will travel to philly in september of next year for the world meeting of families celebration. it will be his first visit to the u.s. since elected to lead the catholic church in 2013. a burst of sunshine might be all that's needed to wake up the spacecraft that landed on that speeding comet. new pictures today revealed that the lander bounced off the comet after it touched down, and it came to rest about a half mile away. the comet meanwhile 300 million miles away from earth. after wednesday's landing, the solapowered batteries died. scientists now hoping it will peek out of the shadows long enough to recharge those batteries. the sun, that is. he was just taking the subway with his wife when police say a guy pushed the 61-year-old man on to the tracks into the path of an oncoming train. >> and tonight they still have no motive. investigators have released video of the man suspected of giving the man that shove. ida segal from new york has the
5:58 pm
latest. >> reporte posters went up around the neighborhood today, this time with the picture of the victim. 61-year-old pushed on to the southbound subway tracks and killed by an oncoming d train yesterday morning. >> i hope they find this guy right away. i'm in this area now. so if i see him, i'll call and help the situation out. >> reporter: police were also down on the platform during the morning rush passing out flyers at the 167th street station, asking subway riders if they had seen the man they believe gave the fatal shove. >> just be on the lookout for this guy. he's wanted for murder. >> reporter: his image was captured on surveillance video and police are trying to track him down. the push happened in front of s away. what police still don't know, why he was pushed to begin with. and that has rattled folks who live around here. >> why would you do that to somebody? if they didn't pose a threat to
5:59 pm
you, why would you push somebody no a train track, in front of a train? >> reporter: family members were silent about their pain, though they told me briefly yesterday he was a good man and a hard worker. >> if i see the guy, i'll point him out and find somebody. i'll hold him, if anything. >> witnesses say the suspect left the train station and hopped a bus to get away. >> police also say he may have also tried to push the man's wife, but she was not hurt. condolences are coming in for an american doctor who lost his battle with ebola this morning. tonight at 6:00, new information about why the victim stayed in sierra leone, despite the risk of infection. cell phone video captured a violent brawl inside a although school. what officials are saying about that fight and the kids involved. one communi deali with e murder of two teenagers just days apart. tonight, new reaction from neighbors about the latest case and their theory on a motive. tonight, we have a team of reporters uncovering new angles
6:00 pm
to today's top stories. >> we begin with the weather, though. today was a really crappy day. i think that's fair to say. but we are bracing for some cold weather, folks. perhaps the most brutal cold snap since last february. as the temperatures fall, doug tells us we could break some records. we're not alone, though. much of the country is dealing with bitter cold and several inches of snow. be glad you're not in buffalo. they're getting a whole bunch of stuff, aren't they, doug? >> 2 to 3 feet of snow, potentially for them. and snow is not going to be the issue we're going to be dealing with here as it has been across the midwest. for us it is going to be the bitterly cold temperatures. storm team 4 radar showing a few showers making their way across our region. mostly through ann run dell county, getting their act together and out of here as the storm system moves towards the east. the faster the storm system moves n the colder the air is going to be getting. the snow towards cincinnati, cleveland, up towards the buffalo area. the cold air moving in as we speak just


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