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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 17, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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to today's top stories. >> we begin with the weather, though. today was a really crappy day. i think that's fair to say. but we are bracing for some cold weather, folks. perhaps the most brutal cold snap since last february. as the temperatures fall, doug tells us we could break some records. we're not alone, though. much of the country is dealing with bitter cold and several inches of snow. be glad you're not in buffalo. they're getting a whole bunch of stuff, aren't they, doug? >> 2 to 3 feet of snow, potentially for them. and snow is not going to be the issue we're going to be dealing with here as it has been across the midwest. for us it is going to be the bitterly cold temperatures. storm team 4 radar showing a few showers making their way across our region. mostly through ann run dell county, getting their act together and out of here as the storm system moves towards the east. the faster the storm system moves n the colder the air is going to be getting. the snow towards cincinnati, cleveland, up towards the buffalo area. the cold air moving in as we speak just to the west.
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right now, 34 in hagerstown. 52 in washington. 73, virginia beach. it would be great if the air was coming from the south and east but it's not. look at this. the wind chill, 5 degrees in columbus, ohio. 25 in elkins, west virginia. that's the cold air we've got coming in. yes, we are talking about some record-breaking numbers. i'll go over those with you and show just how cold we're going to get and how long the cold air sticks around comingel noup. falling temperatures don't have to mean skyrocketing heati heating f you home. new details on staying warm and safe indoors. richard? >> reporter: it sure is getting cold. you can feel the temperatures dropping and the wind is picking up. and that means people will want to be indoors and heat their homes, make sure they have a nice, warm, place to stay. that doesn't always go as planned. take a look up on the second floor. that is damage caused by a fire started by a space heater, a brand-new space heater. it was not being used properly. and whether you use a heater,
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portable heater or a furnace, there are things you can do to stay safe and save money. now may be too late to get your furnace serviced before temperatures drop. but randy hamilton has been working on heating and cooling systems for almost four decades and he says he's got a tip that will help circulate heat and reduce your heating bill. change the filter. >> a restricted filter, especially in a townhouse or multilevel home, you're not going to get nearly the hair flow to the top level of the home you need. >> reporter: too much dust and pet hair slows down a furnace and can cause it to break down. >> you're going to experience inadequate comfort. you're going to increase utility costs. >> repor any furnace fix should be left to the professionals. but many people rely on portable heerts. those can be dangerous if you're not careful. >> excuse me, but you should always turn space heaters off. >> reporter: this cartoon draws a comical picture of what can
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happen when a space heater is too close to a bed. firefighters say it's no laughing matter. >> heating systems are working overtime. and a lot of cases, there's still clutter or things around the heating system. certainly you want to create a circle of safety. >> reporter: in prince george's county last week, a capital heights family sparked a fire. so keep these tips in mind. space heaters need space. anything that could catch fire should be three feet from the heater, and always plug unplug electric space heaters when not at home and asleep. and it's not just the portable heaters you have to worry about. fireplaces are dangerous too. they should also be inspected. and when you're throwing out the ash from the fireplace, make sure it is in a closed metal tin. you don't want to throw that out even though the ashes may seem dry. any strong wind could blow and flame up again. we saw that happen last year, a very bad fire here in the area,
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because of that exact thing. be careful. reporting live in capital heights, richard jordan, news4. this cold blast is already having an impact across the midwest tlcht . there is a snow emergency. people dealing with hazardous conditions on snow-covered roadways. the early snow is also a problem for transportation officials who are hoping they wouldn't need to dig into already low salt supplies this early in the season. kids took advantage of snow days in and around indianapolis, but there were plenty of problems for others. cars were sliding off snow-covered highways, and there were self chain reaction crashes. interstate 74 was shut down in both directions for much of the morning rush hour. in minnesota, a serious accident on interstate 94. they shut that road down, as a matter of fact. drivers there were also stranded on the sides of the road. there were also delays at airports, because planes, many of them, needed to be deiced. coming up at 6:30, a report from
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jay gray showing how folks down in st. louis, missouri, are dealing with the cold there. now to the death of an american physician with ties to our area. tonight we're learning new details about the efforts to save dr. martin salia from ebola. he died this morning in nebraska. doctors gave dr. salia two experimental therapies when he arrived from sierra leone over the weekend. including the drug zmapp, and a plasma transfusion from an unnamed ebola survivor. both therapies were too late. >> dr. salia was extremely critically ill when he arrived to our hospital. he had no kidney function. he was working extremely hard to breathe. and he was unrespons >> dr. salia arrived in the u.s. on the 13th day of his illness. he is now the second person to die from ebola on u.s. soil. dr. salia's family lives in maryland full-time while he
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traveled back and forth between here and senior. news4's chris gordon is in lamb ham with laex from relatives and more on the risk the doctor encountered and accepted. >> reporter: the community is coming together to pay condolences. but dr. salia, wife and new sons lived in new tarlton. because of his dedication to his work, he is rarely home. in this video, dr. martin salia this past april described his medical mission to treat ebola patients in sierra leone as a calling from god. >> i knew it wasn't going to be ro i belie god wanted me to do it. i knew deep within myself there was just something inside of me that the people needed help. >> reporter: treating patients kept him away from his home here in new carlton ton, maryland.
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this past weekend he was flown to omaha in critical condition. he was the third ebola patient brought to the nebraska medical center. he was the sickest so far. dr. salia died early this morning. his wife issued this statement the hospi we are very grateful for the efforts of the team led by dr. smith. in the short time we spent here, it was apparent how caring and compassionate everyone was. we are so appreciative of the opportunity for my husband to be treated here and believe he was in the best place possibl she knows the pain the salia family faces. his brother of beltsville died of ebola in august, treating patients in sierra leo >> i knew what they are going through. it's going to take them a long time to really resolve that. it's tough to lose somebody, especially with eb most of the time, you have a chance to bury them. >> reporter: because the ebola
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virus is so contagious, many victims are cremated. in lanham, maryland, chris gordon, news4. someone at potomac high school in oxon hill in maryland was recently diagnosed with tuberculosis. the health departmens not revealed who that person is, whether it's a student or staff member. but they are working with staff and students to prevent any new cases. they're trying to track down anyone who may have had close contact with the person who became ill. so far, they have not found any new cases. tuberculosis spreads through the air. symptoms include a bad cough, weight loss, fever, chest pains. it is treatable with medication. also in maryland tonight, a fight broke out inside suitland high school. a student is in the hospital. cell phone video shows the brutal beating of the student. it happened in a school hallway last friday. right now we don't know what sparked the attack or how badly that student was injured. a parent tells news4 her daughter also was the target.
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a spokesperson for the prince george's county public schools tells us that fight was an isolated incident, and that those involved will be disciplined. in virginia, a woodbridge community is in fear tonight after a shooting that left one teenager dead and another wounded. neighbors say bullets were flying early sunday, and they want to see an arrest. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey talked to the victim's family. she joins us live with their theory on a motive. julie? >> reporter: well, there are no streetlights in this cul-de-sac where the victim lives with his mother and three of his four siblings. it was in this kind of darkness early yesterday morning that someone knocked on their door and then opened fire. >> two guys just came by and started shooting. >> reporter: a shooting on the front steps of this woodbridge home. two teenagers who had been gathered inside with family were hit. 19-year-old christopher woody weaver died from a gunshot to the neck. his 15-year-old friend is recovering from his wounds.
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testify stephanie good win says everyone called him woody, a nickname his mom gave him as a baby that stuck. >> it's very, very devastating. this is a child that just graduated from high school. this is a child that had never been in trouble befor he was a child that stayed at home a lot. he had asthma really bad. >> reporter: relatives say the trouble started earlier in the evening when woody and a 15-year-old friend went to a neighbor's house about a block away to pick up the younger teen's little sister. at that house, words were exchanged. it wasn't long before the two teens and little girl got back to the house there was a knock on the door. stephanie good win says his mom opened the door to two friends. woody and his friend were in the doorway too. >> the two guys didn't like that. they came over to get the sister from the house. >> reporter: then came the gunfire. >> it's a tragedy, and it actually just makes no sense.
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>> reporter: i spoke to a woman at the home where the teens had gone before the shooting, and she says there were no men at her house. this afternoon, detectives were back at woody weaver's home, looking for more information. neighbors on the normally quiet keatg are fearful the shooters could come ba >> it's scary. because you don't know when it's going to happen again. so it's very, very scary. >> reporter: so you'll be hoping they make an arrest soon. >> i hope so. >> reporter: prince william county police say they do not believe this is a random shooting. they have not released details about the suspect or suspects that they are searching for. meantime, woody's family is planning a vigil for him. it will be here at their house, 6:30 friday evening. live from woodbridge, julie carey, news4. >> thanks, julie. weaver was the second teenager killed over the past week. somebody shot and killed brenden wilson a week ago. today police announced the arrest of a fifth person in that case. it's a 16-year-old girl.
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she's been charged with conspiracy to commit a felony. police say a group planned to rob wilson, make it look like a drug deal. three students attacked in one month. tonight the warning from police as we dig deeper into a crime on a local college campus. new reaction from the parents of a man murdered by isis. we're learning new details about the suspect blind that brutal beheading. a priceless possession buried under a pile of costume jewelry. how one couple is paying it forward after an incredible find
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there's new video that appears to show the immediate aftermath of malaysian airlines flight mh-17. people can be seen running toward the crash site in eastern ukraine. a thick black smoke billows into the air. a russian newspaper obtained this video. it has not been independently verdict by nbc news. that plane was shot down by a missile in july. all 298 people on board were killed. ukraine and russia blame each other for that attack. flags have been lowered at state buildings across indiana in honor of an american hostage beheaded by the terror group isis. peter kassig returned to the
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middle east to become an aide worker. as richard engel reports, his family wants him to be remembered for what he did with his life, not how it was ended. >> our hearts still heavy, are held up by the love and support that has poured into our lives these last few days. >> reporter:a vigil in indianapolis, friends, supporters and peter kassig's parents remembered the young man who decided to dedicate his life to helping others, but paid for it with his own. the 26-year-old former army ranger who served in iraq traveled to syria last year to volunteer as a medic. isis militants stopped him at a check point and kidnapped him. kassig endured torture in captivity, along with the mental trauma of watching some of his european cell mates released after their ransoms were paid. these two shared food and a blanket with kassig and he changed his name. >> he wanted to have the people
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involved in the humanitarian drama taking place in syria. and he thought maybe it was naive, but he thought he could help. >> reporter: kassig also watched his american and british cell mates taken out one by one to be murdered. he knew his time would come. >> our hearts are battered, but they will mend. the world is broken, but it will be healed in the end. >> please allow our small family the time and privacy to mourn, cry and, yes, forgive and begin to heal. >> reporter: richard engel, nbc news, istanbul. >> authorities in paris identified the exe in kassig's death as a french citizen. a prosecutor says he is a 22-year-old convert to islam that french officials have been tracking for years. tonight investigators say no other fbi agents were involved
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in an evidence tampering says that could lead to dozens of d.c. drug cases being dropped. today prosecutors told a judge the investigation is ongoing and that the agent, matthew lowry, worked alone. lowry is accused of tampering with drugs and guns from evidence lockers. but so far, no charges have been filed against him. as a result, federal prosecutors have dismissed drug cases against more than a dozen felons. this could be the week president obama decides to use his executive powers to make changes to the nation's i am gracious policy. one order would stop the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants who have deep family ties here in the u.s. tonight, top senate democrats are urging the president to act, but the plan has upset many republicans. they vowed to block any executive action. the obama administration says more than 1 million people visited over the weekend. open enrollment began saturday
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and the second signup season got under way without all of the technical problems experienced last about 100,000 people submitted applications for coverage in 2015 on that first day alone. that includes new and returning customer doug is back with more on this deep freeze. it's about to descend on us. >> it's going to get a little cold around here. and we're talking about january cold. and the average high temperature in january is 43. we're going to be around 34 degrees, 10 degrees colder than the january cold temperatures! and here we are in the month of november. averag temperature this time of year, 57 degrees of the we will be nowhere near that this time tomorrow. right now, though, close. 52 degrees the current number. winds at 8 miles per hour. that northwesterly component to the wind showing you that the cold front is moving through the region and we're starting to see cooler air move in from the west. haitiantown at 43 degrees. 41 towards cumberland, west virginia. 51 in fredericksburg. and 54 towards patuxent river.
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29 in martinsburg. leesburg at 31, as i mention that. that is the cold air making its way in here. if you're towards the west you know what i'm talking about. starting to feel colder already. to the south and east, though, still a couple hours of the mild air. mild relatively speaking. storm team 4 radar not showing rain anymore. showers toward the baltimore area where they will stay. the rain is now out of here. and so is the snow toward the west. however, they're going to see monster snows towards the great lakes. buffalo could see upwards of 2 to 3 feet of snow over the next couple days there as that flow coming right off lake erie making its way towards their region. snows in the mountains towards our west and west virginia, western maryland, as well. we're not going to see that here. all we're going to get is the cold. and i do mean cold. look at the feels-like temperature. that's the wind chill. tomorrow morning, how about 19? 19 it will feel tomorrow in d.c.
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9 in hagerstown. 10 in martinsburg. 18 in culpeper. 1:30 in the afternoon, 21 in d.c. 15 in winchester. winds tomorrow, 15 to 25 miles per hour. that's what's really going to make it feel cold. and even tomorrow evening, 20 degrees in d.c. 14 in gaithersburg. does it get better wednesday? no. 17 in fret rick. 15 in gaithersburg. wednesday at 8:00 a.m. so once again, we are going to be dealing with a very brutal 48 hours of just intense cold. that's why our impact forecast is on the moderate side. i really feel like this will give us at least a moderate if not a higher impact tomorrow. walking out the door, you know you're going to need the coats, the gloves, the scarves. anything you have got this time of year. i went to the attic this morning, got out the kids' coats and gloves, because they will need them tomorrow. i forgot the hats. 37 on wednesday where the coldest air is. 47 degrees on thursday. gets better but doesn't stay there. we go back down friday and saturday, chilly.
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but at least we're in the 40s. look at next week. starting off on monday close to 70 degrees. so the cold air will not stick around, but it will be here for at least most of this week, guys. bundle up. >> looking forward to monday. thank you, doug. new at 6:00, a party spirals out of control. now the man behind security is facing charges for what he allegedly did to control the crowd. if you like to drink in virginia, you're soon going to be paying more for it. we'll tell you why. bill cosby under fire. he's not talking, but his attorney is. tonight, the new controversy surrounding sex assault allegations against the 77-year-old comedian.
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breaking news. an emergency landing at dulles airport. wendy rieger is at our live desk with details. >> this is a united airlines flight that took from dulles, and the pilot realized he had a problem with some of the landing gear, especially the wheel under the nose of the plane. they didn't get far. they took off from dulles. these are live pictures on the ground at dulles. they took off six miles out, turned around and came back. did a beautiful landing. now we're understanding the plane may have some -- leaked some hydraulics on to the runway. they'll tow it back to the terminal and get these people on their way, probably on another plane. so far, nothing -- no engineers. all is well. back on the ground. back to you. counties thanks, wendy. another alleged victim is telling her story about -- or
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what she says of sexual abuse by bill cosby. but cosby refuses to comment about that or any other of the assault allegations surrounding him. several women have accused cosby of raping them. he was asked about those stories during an appearance on national public radio over the weekend. >> there have been serious allegations raised about you in recent days. you're shaking your head no. i'm in the news business. i have to ask the question. do you have any response to those charges? shaking your head no. >> cosby has not been charged with any crime. his lawyer says he will not make any comment about the accusations. nbc's sin thee j mcfadden will have more on this controversy as cosby continues to cancel more scheduled appearances. her report on "nbc nightly news" at 7:00. no arrests and no reported irregularities after a surprise inspection of three nfl teams by
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federal drug agents. investigators with the drug forcement the agency carried out the raid yesterday. the medical training staff of the san francisco 49ers, the seattle seahawks and the tampa bay buccaneers were all questioned following their games. the bucs were here in washington picking on the redskins. a dea spokes mapp says agents did the spot check as part of an ongoing investigation. that investigation was reportedly sparked by a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of former players. they allege nfl teams, physicians and trainers freely dispensed prescrip pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs to minimize lost playing time. players say the drugs were given without prescriptions, and made it harder to recognize when they had concussions. the league has asked a judge to throw out that lawsuit, arguing it's not responsible for the medical decisions of teams. a separate lawsuit on concussions is in the settlement stages. next, multiple attacks this month near a although university campus.
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students and police question safety on and off school grounds. new at 6:00, we're asking just how safe are students? new video of a man who allegedly pushed a stranger in front of an oncoming train. tonight, the suspect's next moves after leaving the subway station. plus, brace yourself for part two of an arctic blast. today is the warmestel it will be all week, as other parts of the country deal wit
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a violent attack on a student at the university of maryland. tonight, we're learning how safe students are both on and off campus there. right now, more than half the country is covered in snow or ice. >> i'm not ready for winter. >> we're tracking round two of the arctic blast as we brace for record-breaking cold. medals belonging to a war hero discovered at a yard sale. and thanks to the determination of one couple, they're back where they belong. >> i had no idea there was a purple heart in air medals. it gave me chills. >> tonight, a local family shares the sto. first at 6:30 tonight, university of maryland students being told to walk in groups, this after a brazen attack near the campus. a guy with a knife tried to kidnap a student along hartwick road off route 1. kristin wright joins us from
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college park with a closer look at this case and other crimes around campus this year. kristin? >> reporter: the attempted abduction happened right here on the street off campus. but new tonight, we wanted to know also about incidents happening on camp >> i get scared all of the time walking home from places. i don't like it. >> reporter: university of maryland college park student, maria elsburg, is nervous about the fact another woman was attacked right off campus. >> i depend on the bus system. but most buses don't really go exactly where you want. >> reporter: the student got out of her car on hartwick road sunday morning at 6:00. a man with a knife grabbed her around the neck from behind and said she was coming with him. she got away. tonight, police are still looking for the man. campus police increased patrols and sent out an alert, warning students about the attempted kidnapping. >> be smart, be safe. we operate 24-hour walking
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escort service. >> reporter: sunday's attack is the third off campus this month. november 10th, a man tried to rob a woman walking and groped her. november 6, a woman walking was fondled. and august 3, a sexual assault. on campus, two peeping tom incidents in april. a sex offense march 10th and sexual assault february 9th. in addition to robberies and burglaries. >> i don't walk out after maybe 6:00 these days, because it's getting dark very early >> it's really concerni there is a lot that has been happening in the neighborhood. and the recent ones have been at times when normal pedestrians are out, you know. it's not late night coming home from parties or whatever. >> reporter: police released a somewhat vague description of the man. he's 6 feet tall and had on a red flannel shirt or coat. the woman was able to get away
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when he stumbled backward. live in college park, kristin wright, news4. >> thanks, kristin. take another look at our weather now. and doug, we've got some serious cold coming our way, huh? >> that's exactly right, jim. we're talking about this cold air making it's way in from the west. and wind chills now in the single digits. that cold is moving in right now. as we look towards the east, that's where the rain has been. we saw a lot of that rain earlier today. that's all moving out. here's the snow shower activity. parts of buffalo, new york, could pick up 2 to 3 feet of snow from this. for us, 52 is the way it feels. that's the current wind chill here back to the west, 5. yeah, hello. cold air moving in overnight. i'll show what you can wake up to tomorrow morning. >> thank you, doug. right now, more than half the country being hit by another round of winter weather. dangerous ice, bitter cold and snow piling up. nbc's jay gray in st. louis where temperatures are dropping fast. hi, jay. >> reporter: yay, doreen, they
6:35 pm
really are. as the sun goes down, so does the temperature here. 3 inches of snow around st. louis overnight. today, mostly just flurries. but as we head into this night, which will be the coldest on record here this year, it's going to be the same across the country in many cities. the bitter temperatures, brutal conditions and battle against the elements continue overnight and into today. >> this is a good wake-up call this morning. >> reporte more than half the country waking up to snow on the ground. kansas city is frozen solid. the water from this fountain still flowing, but quickly turns to ice. kids and a few grownups making tracks in louisville, kentucky. and while hillsides can be fun, it has been tough sledding for drivers. accidents litter roadways and highways. the elements being blamed for at least six deaths across four states. >> just about every case, it started with a vehicle losing control on those icy roads. >> reporter: conditions that
6:36 pm
stretch from south texas through the east coast, and forecasters warn, more ice and snow is on the way. too much too soon for many who say they aren't ready to take on the elements this early in the season. >> i'm not ready for winter. >> reporter: ready or not, it's here. for more than 100 million people across the country, dealing with temperatures below freezing right now. >> that was jay gray reporting. to stay on top of any weather changes, download the storm team 4 weather app. it's free on itunes or google play. virginia's governor, terry mcauliffe, is counting on the lgbt community to help boost tourism to the state. he announced the formation of a task force today that would focus on showcasing virginia as an lgbt-friendly destination. the governor says it is a chance to build on the progress the state has made this year with legalizing same-sex marriage. tourism is a $21.5 billion
6:37 pm
industry in virginia. a maryland judge has rejected montgomer request to stiffen the fines for drivers who illegally drive past stopped school buses. this fall, the county asked state court leaders to increase the $125 fine many drivers pay when they ignore a school bus stop sign. county leaders said violations are too frequent. hundreds were reported over the course of just one school day. our scott macfarlane reports now, maryland's chief judge has officially notified the county now that only the state legislature can change the fines, and the courts will not do so. next, get ready to pay more for your favorite cocktail. the reason behind the price hike and why officials hope it will pay off in the long run. also, some considerable concern after a man shoved off a platform on to the path of an oncoming train. we'll tell you about some clues that police are trying to pull together to get their suspect.
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it's a crime that's rattled subway passengers. tot police in new york hope surveillance video will help them find a guy who they believe pushed a man to his death in the subway. he was standing on the platform with his wife yesterday when without warning the man shoved him on to the tracks just as the train was arriving. investigators say they still don't have a motive for the killing. >> everyone's fear. it's ridiculous. i'm shaken just thinking about it. yncht would you do that to somebody? if they don't pose a threat to you, why would you push somebody into a train track? >> police also say the suspect may have been trying to push his wife as well. she managed to get away and was not hurt. . tonight, a 13-year-old woodbridge, virginia, boy is recovering from stab wounds taffe after a fight at a birthday party. he was working security at the party a clubhouse on cramer
6:41 pm
estate's drive. police say he was claiming to be a police officer and turning people away. a fight broke out and the 13-year-old was stabbed in the chest but he is expected to survive. he is held without bail on a malicious wounding charge and impersonating a police officer. there is now state of emergency in the st. lo suburb of ferguson, missouri. governor jay nixon made that declaration, and then activated the national guard. his actions are in advance of a grand jury decision on whether to charge darren wilson, a white police officer, with the fatal shooting of michael brown, a black teenager. ferguson was rocked by unrest after that shooting in august. there are fears now that if wilson is not charged, there will be more unrest. the grand jury decision is expected in the coming days or perhaps weeks. in the meantime, police here in the district are keeping a close eye on the events in ferguson. they just released a statement,
6:42 pm
saying they are preparing for protests, and that individuals who come to a city to express their view should do so in a lawful and peaceful manner. people in virginia are about to get a taste of higher liquor prices. this afternoon, the virginia alcohol beverage control board agreed to three proposals that will cost consumers an average of 24 cents more per bottle. the markup will pay a small portion, about $2.5 million of the commonwealth's $2.5 billion budget gap. but it will also pay for new tech not needed to modernize. terry mcauliffe hopes the modernization will increase sales and income from $800 million to $1 billion per year. a discovery in a flea market in the south has led a war veteran to our area. we'll tell you what he found and why he felt compelled to track down the right of owner. and an historic ground breaking that will change the
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a word war two veteran was shot down over germany many years ago, but now his family here in sterling, virginia, has been reunited with precious reminders of his sacrifice. >> thanks to the kindness of strangers. he was captured by the enemy and did not survive. but now decades later, some of his war medals suddenly turned up hundreds of miles away. derrick ward has the story. >> reporter: seen here in a picture, taken on their mother'. it would be the last time they were together. >> joe, tom, ben and pat. and tom and pat are the two that died in world war ii. >> reporter: there is a special connection between lieutenant tom and this tom. >> before i was born, he asked
6:46 pm
my mom to name me after him. >> reporter: he was a navigator in the army air corps, the predecessor to the modern air force, shot down over germany in july of 1944. he was a prisoner of war. this letter was from a brother stateside. he and his son had plenty of history but they were missing something and didn't know t. the medals he had earned, including the purple heart. somehow they ended up in a yard sale in south carolina. but a retired marine browsing with his wife bought them two weeks ago and tracked down the family here in northern virginia. he put them in the mail. >> i got the package, and when we opened it up, i was shocked to find out what they had sent. >> quite impressed with his career, because i didn't know about the purple hearts, the distinguished flying cross and the air medals. amazing. i spent 21 years in the military myself, and achievements are
6:47 pm
special. >> reporter: now they have one more mission, to meet that couple. >> we can't say enough about the effort they made. >> repor actually, there's another mission. you see, lieutenant tom has a grandson whom they say should be the o to keep his medals. >> we found out he was in the marine corps. i don't know where he is now. we'll do our best to find him. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. want to update a breaking news story now. a plane has made an emergency landing in dulles airport. we have learned it was a united airlines plane that blew a tire moments after takeoff. it had to turn around and it landed safely on the runway at dulles. no word on where the plane was going, how many passengers on board. they're waiting to get off that plane and presumably on to another to continue on their way. the building boom shows no sign of slowing down in tyson's corner. capital one is building its new headquarters by the mclean metro
6:48 pm
station. the new tower will be 470 feet tall. it will the tallest office tower in the d.c. region. only the washington monument will be taller. the proct is expected to take about three years to complete. so cold air moving in. is this the kind of cold where you need to, you know, open the cabinets so pipes don't freeze? >> you know what, that is a very good question, doreen and i would say yes it is. any time we're below 28, that's a hard freeze. by this time tomorrow, many areas down to 24, 25. by wednesday morning, the wind begins to die down and we'll be in the teens. so very good point. that's something you should definitely do. turn off the water if you have hoses outside. you don't want those freezing up tonight. and we could see pipes burst so you might want to leave that water on, a little trickle is all it takes to keep that water flowing in those pipes to keep them on the good side. on the mild side, especially
6:49 pm
compared to tomorrow. flip that armed around. 25 i'm expecting. 49 by 7:00, dropping to 38 by 11:00. the cold air starting to come in now. we're still in the 40s. 45 gaithersburg. 48 manassas. the wind picking up with winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour now, and you're going to feel that change over the next couple hours as that really cold air just continues to come in from the west. it is coming in very quickly. snow towards west virginia. columbus, ohio, 5 degrees. so a very cold air mass moving in. this is the kind of cold we're dealing with. 23 in martinsburg. 24 in culpepecu. that's not the wind chill. take 10 degrees off and we'll be in the teens for the most part during the morning hours tomorrow. and that's why you're really going to need to be prepared for this cold. 34 for a high tomorrow. 37 on your wednesday. cold two days. we warm on wednesday or rather thursday, but it's not until next sunday and monday that we start to see temperatures back to where they should be, and
6:50 pm
even above average as you move into next >> thank you, doug. a lot more coming up tonight on "nightly news" with brian williams. >> here's a look at some of the big stories. >> we go to ferguson, missouri. the governor has signed that state of emergency that activates the national guard. it appears they're bracing for the judgment of that grand jury. we'll look at the case of bill cosby, his silence in light of all these allegations. and we'll cover the news today about cholesterol drugs. all of that coming up after you. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thanks, brian. the air is pleasant in 30 rock but dianna is someplace where it's really toxic. dianna? >> oh, yes. you know, guys, jay brooden is not scared to call out his quarterback. hear what he had to say today. jay gruden. >> robert needs to understand, he needs to worry about himself, number one and not about anybody else. >> ouch. jay gruden laying into robert griffin iii.
6:51 pm
what is he talking about?
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. okay, dianna, here's the deal. i know you guys are sometimes hating on people like jayson werth and others who won't talk to you. i've said for some time now that rg3 needs to keep his mouth shut and just play.
6:54 pm
his play yesterday was embarrassing. wh he sa afterwards is probably even worse. what do you think? >> jim, i can't keep up with this. using the word "we" too much, according to some people. and desean jackson goes on instagram and his his comments. and jay gruden yells at everybody. then robert goes back on instagram and says i'm sorry for saying that, that' i meant. i can't even -- i don't even know what i do anymore, because reporting has become very challenging here at redskins park. he said/she said. and we all know that the problem is because the team is not winning. so what were the comments that has started all this? this is robert griffin iii last night. >> right now we have no pro bowl players. and we don't -- we're not playing that way. i'm not playing that way. our receivers aren't playing that way. the backs aren't playing that way, our defense isn't playing that way, our special teams isn't playing that way and we know that. >> robert needs to about himself and not anyone else. it's his job to worry about his
6:55 pm
position, his footwork, his fundamentals, his read, his job at the quarterback position. it's my job to worry >> all right. it's the coolly report. how would you describe it? >> i think it's chaos. one word. >> how do you fix this right now? you have wide receivers that aren't too happy about it. what is tuesday morning going to be like here at redskins park? >> the rest of the week is going to be a lot of trouble for jay gruden and to get these guys back on the same track and get everyone together. he's got to find out the best 11 guys to put on the football field. and moving through the rest of the season, this mind-set that i don't care who it is, what the name on your jersey is. g to play.playing well, you're that's what you get guys to do. how you buy into what you're selling. you put the best out there. >> robert griffin iii needs to start this weekend, no changes at the quarterback position. but yesterday was his worst performance of the se how did he go back? look at this film and improve. >> i don't think watching this film is going to help at all,
6:56 pm
other than see he had guys open. you heard gruden say in press earlier he's taking a five-step drop when should be taking a three. he's got to go back to technique, basic, basic stuff. he's got to be a basic guy. we have got that in. if he wants to do some special things, he has to go to what works for him, the fundamentals, instin inst thinking less. you can't make more out of it. you have to swallow it all. >> good news, it does sound like it is all ended, jay gruden said he spoke to the guy, deshawn and robert spoke. so everyone on the same page. unfortunately, still the same problems, and that's this team is not very good right now as they get ready to play the san francisco 49ers. coming up, a great win against the new york giants. more good news, though. washington wizards could be
6:57 pm
getting bradley back in the lineup, expected to return as soon as the next few weeks, actually. he gets to play since he injured his wrist in preseason. will return to full practice for the first time. great news. reports -- head coach randy whitman waiting to see how it progresses through the week. the wizards are in the southeast division with a 7-2 record, undefeated at home. no need to rush back. >> we'll see how we do. no, it's just -- i mean, that does kind of play a factor. i don't want to come in, just ruin chemistry. i'm sure we'll be fine when i decide to come back. just being able to get out there and do what i'm cape be of doing, not force anything. >> all right. and finally, vance, i leave you with this. my thought here at redskins
6:58 pm
park. don't tell me what you are. show me what you are. i think that will help this washington redskins. >> a lot of people saying that. >> pretty much. the thinking. >> thanks, dianna. >> go, wizards. "nbc nightly news" coming up next.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on our broadcast tonight, state of emergency. fearing a new explosion of violence in ferguson. tonight, the governor of missouri activates the national guard with that grand jury decision expected at any time. brutal killing, the latest american beheaded by isis. but this time did the executioners give away clues to their identity? record snow and tornadoes. half the country now covered in snow, more than we usually see by christmas time. and to the south an outbreak of twisters. and new allegations on bill cosby as he remains silent during a dramatic confrontation. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian


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