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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 17, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. now at 11:00, a fight at a local high school, the whole tonight, some parents say their kids were bullied. >> we're not going to leave her . she's not safe. president obama calls isis pure evil after the killing of another american on video.
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tonight, a virginia woman accused of recruiting for the terrorist group. and new concern about crime in o we'll tell you which part of the city has gone from first tonight, here. if you haven't been outside tonight, perhaps you can hear . parts of all 50 states are expected to be below the freezing mark tomorrow. here in d.c., we could break a record. >> that wind is making it feel even flags blowing all o doug, we're in for some really cold temps in the morning, aren't we? >> we really are. when you combine it with that wind, we're going to be seeing windchills down in. it's going to be b already the winds gusting 20, 30, ev. take a look as we look towards storm te. that storm that came through
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bringing nearly 0.75 inches of ra. and what it's bringing in behind it, look at the snow showers . that cold air is racing down across our region and will continue take a look at the windchills across 37 in hagerstown. but 7 in pittsburg zero, columbus, oh. this is the brutally arctic air that will be making its way into our region. i'll give you the full forecast coming up. breaking news about the investigation into d.c. mayor vincent gray's. wendy rieger at our live desk. >> reporter: "the washington " is reporting that mayor gray was offered a plea deal and he rejected it, which means he could be headed . that plea deal was reportedly
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offered in mid sept it would have required gray to complete guilty to a single felony cou. six people have pl and among the claims, a conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws and knowledge of a $600,000 shadow ca news 4 has learned that prosecutors have been reinterviewing key witnesses in this investigation, further indication that authorities may be moving towa. gray's attorney, bob bennett, has said if it comes to that, his client will fight these charges and he will seek a spee. new tonight, a teenager hurt in a high school brawl says she warned administrators before the fight that a classmate was thre now a 16-year-old who came to her defense at suitland high school on fr. he had to have surgery o
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news 4's jackie bensen is at the hospital with the latest on this. >> rep the video i note the pink balloons in the le. friday was the 5'0"90-pound b the girl with the pink purse is th she tells us that the girl had been in an administrator's office hours earlier expressing fear for her safety saying she was being bullied. >> at thatl said, we promise, nothing is going to happen to you can leave her here. >> reporter: she says her daughter is an excellent student who is good at art who recently drew this pictur he rushed to her a. this is what happe.
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his relatives gathered as he underwent three hours of surgery joyce conyers said please show that video, not only because students participated in the beating but because others seemingly uncaringly reported it without trying to stop it. >> it's heart-wrenching to me that i have to look at a video with my nephew on it and where somebody is putting him in a chokehold like they're in the military trying to defend our country. >> in a statement to news 4, a spokesperson for prince george's count public schools said, we join the community in sadness and shock following the brutal incident that was videotaped this past friday at suitland high school. please be assured that the school system is taking swift and ry. news 4 has been unable to determine whether any students .ill fac the school's principal is expected to address this matter at a pta meeting tuesday nig.
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that united airlines plane that had to make an emergency .anding at dulles airport this we have learned the boeing 757 blew a tire just after taking off . the plane was headed to san they were all put . some other flights were delayed while fluid and debris were cleane. right now, a man was hit by a car on columbia pike in annandale. the road is closed from evergreen to john mar drive. the victim is 52 years old. the man was not in a crosswalk e the driver stayed . he's not been charged. a judge has ordered a virginia woman held in jail after federal agents arrested her for heather koffman is from henrico
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county. according to an affidavit, she offered to help connect the agen koffman's attorney says she has no connections in the terrorist group. new at 11:00, two different views chuck hagel says the u.s. military can take credit for helping stop the. american soldiers are providing logistics and support but they .re not in the meantime, the international red cross says the virus is spreading and that agency is struggling to recruit new volunteers to work in that area. a delay in aggressive ebola treatment may have made it impossible for anyone to save the doctor who was br dr. martin salia lived with his family in maryland when he wasn't working to treat patients in his native sier.
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he was flown from west africa to nebraska last saturday. salia had been symptomatic for 13 days, was unconscious and his failing when he doctors say early intervention . last april, dr. salia described his work treating ebola patients as a calling from god. the governor of missouri has declared a state of emergency and he has activated the . the grand jury is expected to rule any time now in the shooting death of a black teenager, his nameow protesters chanted outside the courthouse today demanding that charges against darren wilson -- that there be charge against darren wilso. demonstrations earlier this summer exploded into violence. police say brown fought for the officer's protesters believe wilson used undue force by shooting an
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unarmed teenager. new details on a weekend crash in gaithersburg. police say the driver died this afternoon. his car overturned and hit a utility pole saturday night. moments before the crash, police say he fled from a traffic stop when officers found out he had there's new concern tonight about a spike in crime in one section of d. last year, the fifth district was number one in the city in but in 2014, it's been a much different story in that section of n our mark seagrieves has our report. >> r crime has all gone up here in the f that's what drove so many residents to the c this woman told police how her
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home has been broken into three times this month and several of her neighbors have been robbed as well. >> most of them are senior citizens in the area that we live. and they can't go out and defend themselves against the people. most of them are frightened. >> rep last year, the fifth district was celebrated for having the biggest reduction in crime this year, it's on track to have the biggest increase in crime citywide, a distinction that has residents worried. >> the neigh. that's why we have meetings like this, to hear from the fifth district, specifically what they're doing to address this. >> reporter: police in the fifth district have had success fighting one category of crime and they hope that success carries over to other crimes. >> we have had some success with burglaries. we look at crime trends, the patterns and focus our efforts in tho areas. >> reporte with the hol approaching, police and residents are bracing for even more crime. >> what we're . the burglaries, robberies,
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assaults. as tonight's meeting ended and the crowd left the rec center, police ran into a group of people smoking marijuana on the corner right .utside where police had parked next at 11:00, a local mother turning her recent loss. >> i remember him screaming. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez has the story. and while much of the country is getting slammed with cold, we'll show you where they're dealing with tornadoes tonight. that frigid air moving in right now. i'll show you just how long it st. ♪
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tonight investigators are trying to figure out what caused a car to slam into a house in mo chopper 4 flew over the scene. it's an new hampshire avenue. firefighters say n. the driver of that car suffered minor injuries. it's a fight that's been . but tonight there is a new push .o change safety standards for erika gonzalez sits down with a maryland mother whose toddler died after being entangled in the cord of a windo >> reporter: deployed for months, erica thomas' husband wa but last march, preparations erica was making breakfast with
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her baby was a bit of a sleeper. >> when he woke up, you knew he was awake because he was lou >> reporter: erica is a fierce protector of her family. but never thought what would transpire next would erica ran u the stairs to his .oom, surely the noise woul nothing. >> i listened at the door. i paused for a second. and i just -- i knew. i knew something wasn't right. >> reporte she opened the door and found mac lying under his window at some point in the night, the 2-year-old's brilliant blue eyes had dimmed. >> at that point, it was almost like my mind and my body were had become entangled in the cord behind a roman shade, a weight f of his little body eventually caused e blind to snap.
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>> as i lifted him, i saw this dark mark. >> reporter: chairman of the consumer products safety commission, elliott kay. >> the rooms that parents think are the safest are the most likely where these incidents occur. >> rep the cpsc has a new push now, two recommendations to the industry, eliminate pull cords that create a loop and make cords altogether unworkable, which will take considerable time to reach the entire. but the wcma says safety is its top priority but to eliminate accessible cords or make cords inaccessible would result in removing safe products from the market. by raising costs, it would most likely cause consumers to hold onto older p. back at erica's home -- >> i remember screaming and
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yelling into the phone, it's mac, it's mac. erica later joined a support group for parents who had lost children in the same way. but each story told is another gash to this mother's heart. >> it's like watching mac die all over again. >> reporte all she wanted was to mourn, but instead, anger and frustration propell. >> it's been replaced by this urgency and this terrible fear that it's like a monster inside me that this happens to someone else. >> repor she works to inform parents about what she said is a hidden but life continues and the pitter patter of little feet will once again enter their . erica is pregnant w. >> on our website right now, you can find important safety information about the blinds in your home. we also have the full statement from the window coveri
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go to and tonight, the honda company is not expanding a recall over a defect but the company is quietly offering to replace those airbags were car owners all over honda's recall includes only 13 states and only car owners in those states h. the recall is to replace airbag inflaters that can explode with too much force and send shrapnel into. those airbags are made by the takata corporation. about half the country is co the deep south is dealing with stor. this is what it loa r now. an ef1 tornado tore through twigs county, georgia, this morning, reducing at least one home to rubble. and in florida, it's believed another tornado cause. the warm air ahead of a cold
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fr. miami tied a record high of 87 degrees today. >> imagine that. >> how soon can we get down there? >> and west palm w that was also a reco we're talking reco that would come du and really into to. let's show you what temperature of 44 degrees. but notice the winds northwest at 1. that puts us in the windchill category tonight for sure. right now, the windchills in the . many areas already colder. look at 28 in d.c. 38 in leesburg. winds gusting clos. 31 in winchester. 32 in manassas. 30 in the baltimor. 36-degree windchill in d.c. down to 24 in . 17 in cumberland and we're going wa radar shows our sto.
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that's the cold front that came through the area. and in behind it, you can just see the cold air moving from west to east right on down acro our area it's going to co something else goi lake effect streamers coming th. between two to thrt of snow expected in some portions of new york over the next 24 to . for us, not the snow, during the summertime, we say, it's not the h tomorrow, it's not the cold, . 16 for a windchill. 9 in winchester. 8 in martinsburg. 11 in gaithersburg. typically see these numbers 15 around the 1:30 winchester, 15. gaithe downtown around the buildings, even colder, that windchill around the 21-degree mar and tomorrow evening, dealing with windchills in the teens and it doesn't improve wednesday
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we'll have lighter winds but still going to be down into the low teens as far as the num tomorrow's forecast, windy and just plain cold, 31 to 36. we'll be dealing with the winds. that's why the impact forecast for your tuesday is going to be on the moderate to. it will have a big impa. temperatures still c 37. the record low in . we're not going to. dulles will break that record, i think, ear there's your recor. 30 degrees overnig. high of 47. but right back dow friday and saturday, well below 42 on friday. 43 degrees on satu. a very cold couple. sunday and monday, though, we do get back to around average on sunday. by monday, ahead of our next storm system, that jumps temperaturs. so it's still out there
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somewhere,. it will get here but it will take some . >> it's coming. sports is comi did you hear that jay gruden jaso
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the redskins, giving up? >> toast. >> this evening? finished. >> i'm looking at the wizards, caps -- >> the redskins do one good thing and he'll be right back on
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the bandwagon. >> another game, ano that seems to be the cycle for the reds robert griffin iii making headlines for the wrong reasons today after some people viewed his postgame comments as throwing his teamm >> it takes 11 men. not one gu that's proven. if you want to look at the good teams in this league or the great quarterbacks, the peytons, the aaron rodgers, those guys don't play well if their guys don't play well, they don't. >> robert needs to worry about hims. it's his job to worry about his job at it's my job to worry about everybody else. >> griffin did take to social media saying, it's unfortunate that anyone would take a piece of my press conference and say i threw my teamm these men are my f he went on to say, i would never throw my teammates under the bus. i take responsibility for my play and will play better.
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i didn't think his commen w. he said, we have no pro bowlers in that locker room, i thought that was over the line. didn't need to say that. >> taken as a whole, i don't think any of it was taken out of context. it didn't sound good -- >> when you're losing and playing bad, people are going to pick apart everything you're saying. moving on to college basketball, maryland was at home facinghe blue de looking for win number two at the xfinity center. check out the pass. later on in the hal. lehman keeps it in. little circus shot h gets it to go. .he second half, terps starting dez driving, monst he had a game-high 27 poin.
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terps beat central connecticut state university. also, american university, they beat san francis 49-46. they beat san francis 49-46. >> thank you, jaso
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two weeks after election night and here's how the results still stand in a small town i nick girone and marie rich tie with 2,349 votes for a city
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co. you can't do a run-off with less th so tomorrow the mayor will draw the winn. we hear the mayor has chosen the ceremoni.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- benedict cumberbatch, allison williams,


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