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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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our chris gordon is in rockville right now to report what's being done to keep worshippers safe. >> repor good evening. security is always a top concern here at the jewish community center in rockville. but even more so today after the violent attacks in israel. young jewish students attended class. senior gathered for lunch conversation and cards. looking at this, you wouldn't know that security is tighter today at the jewish community center of greater washingto >> when i was coming here today, while i was driving, i thought about it. but i did feel safe enough to come. >> rep the jewish community center contacted police after hearing reports of the murders of three americans and a british worshipper at the synagogue. >> our campus security director has been in communication with local montgomer police, as well as general terrorism task force in montgomery county.
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>> reporter: more than 100 schools, synagogues and senior living centers in maryland, virginia and the district are the responsibility of jcrc, the jewish community relations council of greater washington. >> when there are high-profile events, the police will be aware of it and take additional extra precautions to make sure people feel -- that people feel safe at community gatherings or whether it be worshipping or celebration or commemoration. i asked a representati from the islamic group c.a.r.e. >> they condemn the horrific attacks on the jerusalem synagogue that has taken several lives. >> c.a.r.e. says there is no justification for killing innocent civilians, or attacking houses of worship, whether they're synagogues or mosques. that's the latest live at the jewish community center in rockville.
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chs gordon, news4. >> thank you, chris. there are new details tonight in a bizarre case in mclean, virginia. prosecutors say a woman may have saved her life by playing dead. her husband is still in the hospital after the two were stabbed in what prosecutors say is the result of an office dispute. kristin wright has our report. >> reporter: andrew schmuhl stays in jail tonight. his defense attorney tried unsuccessful to get him out today. schmuhl and his wife, alicia, both lawyers from springfield, are charged in a violent home invasion and stabbing in mclean. torture the couple who live there. novemb 14th, we learn schmuhl is accused of tasing, handcuffing, stabbing and torturing the couple while his life, alicia, waited outside. and today andrew's attorney told the judge his client is disabled. used a walker in court. the prosecutors showed a picture of andrew schmuhl at a kick ball tourname in august. the judge denied bond. in court today, we also found out the female victim played
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dead and hit a panic alarm, setting off a loud siren. prosecutors say the alarm sent schmuhl running from the home. alicia smooul worked with the male victim and was recently fired. she is in jail tonight, also without bond. no word at this point on how the two victims ar doreen? >> kristin wright, thank you. medical examiners have ruled the death of university of virginia student hannah graham a homicide. but at the request of police, they're not releasing specific details to the public. graham vanished after leaving a bar near campus back in september. her remains were found more than a month later. jesse matthew has been charged in her disappearance. authorities say dna evidence also links matthew to a sex assault in fairfax county, and to the death of virginia tech student, morgan harrington. weather now. really cold out there, and with the wind chill, we could be setting a record tonight. doug? >> yeah, that's exactly right,
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jim. you notice the flag still blowing in the wind. the good news, though, we're not -- no longer seein winds of 30, 40 miles per hour. man, it was howling last night. temperatures out there now. if you're making your way outside, yeah, this is what you're deali with. the temperatur that are in the 20s in most locations. these aren't the wind chills. these are actual temperatures. 31 d.c. 31 fredericksburg and 27 back towards winchester. we still have some winds gusting upwards of 18 to 23 miles per hour. but notice most of the region just seeing lighter wind now. and that's some really good news. so we' not talking about the wind chis tonight. but what less wind actually allows is for the actual temperature to cool. because of that, i think we will set a couple records. i'll talk about those record-low temperatures when you wake up tomorrow morning. plus, when is it going to warm up? i've got that too. >> looking forward to that answer. thanks, doug. everything is relative, isn't it? think we've got it bad? in buffalo, they're getting clobbered. ud to snow there. but tonight they're calling in for some backup.
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the national guard is being deployed to help clear the streets and help the folks up there. snow is blowing in off lake erie, and will continue to do so for the next two da. by the time it stops, they're expecting in buffalo 5 to 6 feet of snow. that's not inches. 5 to 6 feet. the weather channel's mike bettes joins us from buffalo with a look at travel on the ground and in the ai >> the corruption scandal involving mayor gray's 2010 campaign is back in the headlines. today he got angry when asked about reports that he turned down a plea deal. and signs that prosecutors may be close to possibly charging him. news4's tom sherwood looks at who might testify against gray if the case goes to trial. >> reporter: d.c. mayor vincent gray out helping waqr's food drive on pennsylvania avenue. and still avoiding reporters. earlier, they cha after him to ask about new reports he has rejected a deal to plead
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guilty in the long-running federal probe of his 2010 campaign. mr. mayor, could you stop and talk to us? >> if you have questions about this continuing investigation, talk to bob bennett. >> i'm sorry, mayor. did you turn down a deal, sir? >> if you want to talk about -- if you want to talk about this continuing investigation which has gone on for almost four years, talk to bob bennett, my attorney. bob bennett was out of town and did not return nbc 4's phone call. sources tell news4 that gray has burned possible plea bargain talks, and ronald machin has begun winding up the case by reinterviewing mor a half dozen witnesses. they all have pleaded guilty and could testify against gray. sources tell witnesses including close friends of gray could provide damaging testimony against the mayor if he is indicted and goes to trial. last march, businessman jeffrey
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thompson pleaded guilty to financing the $668,000 shadow campaign for gra prosecutors said in court, gray knew about it. gray told news4 back then, it was all lies. >> i maintain these are lies. these are absolute lies, tom. >> repor today gray was brushing aside reporters. >> come on, man. no plea deal, will gray be indicted and go to trial? if so, when. prosecutors say their investigation is continuing. doreen, he only has six more weeks in office, so a lot of speculation about will there be a charge if there is a charge before he leaves office. we are told it's still possible. >> all right. tom sherwood, thank you. this investigation has been going on for years with a lot of charges, guilty pleas and other developments. our news4 i-team has put it together in a time line you can find on just search time line. right now, the senate is
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voting on a bill that would approve the keystone xl pipel. e all 45 rep are expected to vote for passage. that means 15 democrats need to vote yes for that measure to pass. as of this weekend, lawmakers said they were one vote short. the house has already passed the bill. president obama has not said whether he would veto the bill if it reaches his desk. the body of dr. martin salia has been cremated one day after his death from the ebola virus. his ashes were turned over to his family, who live in prince george dr. salia contracted ebola while he was working in sierra leone. he was flown to nebraska medical center for treatment. but he was already critically ill when he arrived on saturday. today the hospital chancellor to congress it cost more than $1 million to treat two ebola patients. it's the first on-the-record estima of the cost of treating eb those who knew him say he
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was well-educated and well-liked. and tonight we're hearing from the roommate of a murder victim in maryland. the victim lives in montgomery county, but police found him dead behind the wheel of a car that was still running in anne arundel county. our pat collins joins us now with the latest on this. pat? >> reporter: jim, a murder victim with a masters. he lived in a condo here in murdered in anne arundel about 45 miles away from his home. today i talked to one of his roommates. she asked not to be identifie >> he's very kind. he's strong. he's caring. he's a clean guy. and he's very helpful. he'll help anybody. >> rep she's the roommate of the m. she asked we not use her name or show her face, but she is most upset by what happened. >> it's very hurtful to me. >> reporter: the victim, sadell
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alex ba, 46 years old. his sister said he was educated at the moscow institute of mining. she says he has a masters in computer science from george washington university. now this is an aerial view of the millersville neighborhood in anne arundel cy w it happened. alex ba, found dead monday morning in his blue nissan versa car. a car similar to the one pictured h they say his car was parked in an awkward way along an anne arundel co road. bob was behind the wheel. the motor was still running. at first, they thought it was a medical emer but then when the ambulance arrived at the scene, the medics soon learned that this was a case of murder. ba lives some 45 miles away from the murder scene. he lives in this condo here in divided the place up into four bedrooms and he rents the
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rooms out. his friend says he makes money driving people around. >> alex is a very friendly guy. i have never known him to fight anyone. because i wouldn't move in with anyone that fights >> reporter: so why did alex ba go from gaithersburg to anne arundel ? and who wanted him dead? police are trying to answer those questions. live in gaithersburg, pat collins, news4. we showed you the video yesterday. tonit there is new reaction from students about their safety in the wake of this videotaped attack in a school. from ferguson, missouri, to the nation's capital, many are bracing for protests as we get closer to a decision from a grand jury. we'll report what's being done to help keep the peace. new reaction from the owner of the wizards as he looks for locations for a new team training facility. could it be coming to your ?
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a waiting game in ferguson, missouri right now. tonight the city is bracing for the fallout from a grand jury decision in the poli shooting that killed michael brown. nbc's jay gray reports on the attention that is once again on the st. louis sub >> reporter: it is cold and for the most part quiet right now in ferguson. people in this city, like many on the outside, on edge and searching for answers.
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>> it's kind of nerve-racking. day after day. constantly waiting. >> r waiting for a decision from the grand jury considering charg against ferguson police of darren wilson after he shot and killed michael brow protesters continue to demand an indictment. small groups that march peacefully each day since the unarmed teenager was killed. far different from the violence that erupted in the days following brown's looking to keep that peace with a grand jury decision expected any day, missouri governor jay nixon introduced the ferguson commission, a group of residents with diverse backgrounds who will address ongoing issues surrounding the controversy. >> it is my expectation that this commission will maintain open lines of communication, engage the best andest brightest thinkers and channel energy and goodwill that exists in our community. >> nixon has also now declared a state of emergency, which would allow him to call in
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the national guard for support if necessary after the grand jury's decision. something the governor also did just after brown's death. many local businesses are preparing as well, boarding up their windows and doors. >> just a precautionary measure, and -- that we do. >> reporter: but some protesters worry about the message the military and boarded windows might send. >> it kind of sends a message that we are expecting the worst. and i worry about that. >> reporter: concern, an emotion that doesn't seem to be taking sides here righ jay gray, nbc news, ferguson. >> there will be local protests if the grand jury does not indict in the michael brown case. the washington chapter of the national black united front is planning a protest in northwest. it would be held at 7:00 p.m. the day after an announcement. there are also plans for a protest in mcankle din square.
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>> leonsis owns the wizards and opened up about building a new training facility for the team. they were his first public comments since news4 broke the story. mark segraves joins us with a look at the project. >> reporter: jim, deadly onus didn't comment on our report. he says now he's not looking to build a 5,000-seat venue. he wants a smaller facility that will seat about 1,500 people. >> we're looking at multiple places. developers are reaching out to us. communities are reaching out to us. it could be in maryland, it could be in virginia, d.c. >> reporter: wizards owner deadly own as i say envisions a training facility for his team that is similar to the iceplex in the boston neighborhood in virginia. aed he has been in negotiation with dist officials, but says he wants to put the wizards' facility in a neighborhood welcoming to the team. many residents in the shaw
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neighborhood are upset at the idea of a popular dog and skate park. speaking on radio today, leonsis said while he prefers a downtown location, he's open to building in the suburbs. and the shah location is not on the top of his list. >> one of e areas that we're looking at, but it's certainly not the preferred area or the only area and the like. you know, we would want to build something that everyone is supporti of. and, you know, w you go to boston, the community is really proud of what we built. it's become a gathering place. >> reporter: leonsis says he expects it will take two years for the facility to become a reality, wherever it's built. >> mark segraves reporting. thank you, mark. doug is back with more on this ice-cold weather. it could be worse, i guess. we could be in buffalo. >> we could be in buffalo or 30 other cities in the country right now really doing dealing
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with this very, very cold weather. an arctic outbreak of cold air, even tow parts of florida. yes, all 50 states recorded temperatures at or below freezing. even including hawaii, way up there, 13,000 feet. the beaches of hawaii, they're okay. 31 degrees, that's the current temperature. winds west at 12 miles per hour. so, yeah, we're talking wind chills right now. and that's what we're going to continue to see. the current wind chill down to 22 in d.c. 13 martinsburg, 14 in baltimore. 17 in manassas. so a frigid, frigid tuesday evening for you. and i think it's going to be a very cold wednesday morning to start off with. not much going on in the radar. storm team 4 radar clear around the mid atlantic. it's up towards the great lakes and really lake erie and ontario reporting big-time snow. buffalo, just south, this is a six-hour loop and notice the snow coming right off lake erie, right over the buffalo area. this is just south of the city of buffalo. they're repor upwards of 4 to 5 feet. you want to see a cool picture?
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>> yes. >> how about this? a friend of mine sent this from lancaster. look at th guy right here. look it at this wall of snow nearly 10 feet high. that is a drift off his house. yes, he has been stuck outside of his house or rather inside his house, as most people have, just south and east of the buffalo area. so incredible snowfall totals. the biggest i've seen, 51 inches of snow so far, and they're not done yet. they've got about another 24 hours. and then another day coming up on thursday. wow. low temperatures overnight tonight. 24 d.c. 21 fredericksburg. 16 in leesburg. the winds will die down tonight, and that will allow temperatures to cool, and i think they'll allow temperatures to cool to the fact that we could see some records. reagan national is 18. that's the record set in 1891. no way we get close to that with a temperature of around 24 as forecast. but dulles and bwi, i think these will be broken. 20 degrees at dulles, going tore a temperature of 16. going for a temperature of 16, 17 at marshal.
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record-breaking cold. tomorrow clouds on the increase, breezy and cold. temperatures 33 to 38 degrees. wind chills remaining in the upper 20s all day long. and that's why, of course, you'll need the hats, warm coats, gloves, the scarf, you name it. you'll need it all once again during the day tomorrow. as we move on through the next couple days, though, we do have some better weather moving in here during the day on thursday. let me try to get back to that four-day forecas there it is for you. yeah. no snow, doreen. no snow. 47 on thursday. 40 on friday. stays rather chilly. but we do warm towards the end of the weekend. by sunday, we're back to around 60 degrees. but that could come with some rain late in the day >> all right. thank you, doug. and as we mentioned, if you think it's rough here, take a look at this time lapse video showing the lake-effect snow rolling into parts of new york. tonight we'll head to one of the hardest hit areas as travel grinds it a halt. >> repor a zookeeper attacked by a zebra exactly one year ago returns to the hospital that helped to save his life.
6:22 pm
why he says there are no hard feelings against that animal. we'll have that story, next. i'm julie carey in arlington, where elected leaders have suddenly lost their desire for the street car planned here on columbia pike. a look at how d.c.'s struggling street
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what a bizarre scene at the
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national zoo exactly one year ago today. a 900-pound zebra turned on a zoo cooper, as the keeper was trying to clean out a stall. tonight for the first time the man is talking about the attack. >> basically, the first thing i remember is he bit my ear off. >> his name is wayne milner. he says he barely remembers the attack that nearly cost him his life. >> he was in the hospital for two weeks, and had several surgeries after that. tonight we're learning doctors faced an unusual situation in the operating room when he was brought in. news4's richard jordan explains how everyone involved managed to stay calm. >> reporter: the zebra pictured here named gamu is at the national zoo, but the zookeeper the animal attacked last year retired. actually, it is a year ago today. basically, first thing i remember he bit my ear off. >> reporte the zebra got into the yard he was in and bit him
6:26 pm
six times, ribbing off his flesh. milner is still missing part of his upper ear. >> terror goes through your mind, and you react. and hopefully you react and try to keep yourself alive, which is what i did. >> reporte doctors at george washington hospital thought the emergency was a drill at first. but that day there was added pressure in the operating room. the american college of surgeons was reviewing the hospital's trauma team. >> it's kind of like doing the hardest homework you can imagine with your teacher watching you. >> repor milner survived, but a young gazelle in an exhibit nearby was spooked and died. today milner met with the medical team that helped him and other trauma victims. 23-year-old sean berry was also injured in a bizarre accident. a piece of a cinder block wall fell on him. >> didn't feel too far from being punched in the stomach might feel. >> repor the patients all say they're fortunate to be alive. i'm very lucky to have gotten out, and i don't hold any grudges against gamu. he was just doing his thing, i
6:27 pm
was in his area, and he just wanted to -- let's play, you know. >> r milner says that he accepts full responsibility for what happened, that he mistakenly left a gate open, allowing the zebra to come into the yard he was in. that zebra is still on exhibit. the zoo says they haven't had any problems with him since. from the national zoo, richard jordan, news4. just in to our newsroom, a mesh to approve the keystone xl pipeline has failed in the senate. lawmaks the did not get the 60 votes they needed. 60 votes they needed. we'll be right .
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a child bullied and beaten in the hallway. tonight, reaction from students about their safety following that disturbing attack inside a local high school. the snow is piling up, and so are the problems for people in new york. what's being done to keep families safe from the winter storm. > a major setback amid plans to revolutionize the way we travel. we'll tell you how the struggles of d.c.'s street car project played a role in arlington. a lot of news yet to come and a bunch of reporters all over the place looking for new information on those stories. >> first to a school fight caught on tape. parents are just minutes from meeting with school officials to demand answers about this fight inside the school. news4's darcy spencer is outside suitland high school with details. darcy? >> repor doreen, earlier today, i was able to talk to
6:31 pm
several constituteland high sc students. they tell me, yeah, there are fights in schools, but they feel safe. now the parent of one of those attack victims tells me there is something wrong with that kind of thinking to know there are fights every day, and for them that's just the norm. suitland high school students have left for the day, but tonight parents are expected to come here to find out about two fights at the school that left one student in the hospital. students we spoke to said there are fights at school, but they do feel safe. >> i feel safe a little bit. i don't have any problems with anybody. i stay to myself most of the ti >> reporter: this is the mother of one of the students slammed to the floor in the hallway of her school. it's a video she says parents need to see. >> i watched in horror as tears strolled down my face. >> repor her daughter, attacked on her 16th birthday, is okay. but her boyfriend is still in the hospital with a broken jaw.
6:32 pm
after jumping in to break up that fight. >> he has a plate and screwses and pins in his jaw. >> repor she says her daughter has been bullied. she did everything she could, filed a bullying complaint, talked to staff, talked to school security. >> they failed. they fell asleep on the job. >> repor the school princil will address the pta about the incident at a meeting at the school tonight. the families of both students who were attacked plan to be there. >> we need to get back to the days where our children go to school and get their education and feel safe while they're doing it. >> reporte that pta meeting gets under way at 7:00 tonight. reporting live, darcy spencer, news4. >> thanks, darcy. a mother in montgomery co is suing a former teacher and the board of education. he worked at loiterman middle
6:33 pm
school in silver spring. he was charged with sexual assault last year, but never admitted guilt. the mother of the victim is suing cano for battery against her child, and the board of education. she claims negligent hiring. a startling turn of events in arlington. the decade-long plan to bring street cars has failed. it would have run along columbia pike through crystal city and south to potomac yard. julie carey has bn gathering reaction since she broke the story on twitte >> reporter: arlington's plan to replace columbia pike buses with street cars just came to a screeching halt. two long-time street cars supporters on e arlington board announced they would vote to discontinue funding. voters sent a clear message. >> that the only way to move
6:34 pm
forward together, to rebuild the civility and the consensus that have been the hall marks of our civic live is to discontinue the project. >> this is the first arlington board member to actively oppose the project, in part because of the high cost compared to bus rapid transit. >> i'm delighted. and i think it's a victory for democracy. along columbia pike, this office has been a hub for revitalization since 1986, helping to attract new businesses while looking out for the 36,000 residents her its executive director fears now development could stall. >> if you invest in arlington, you' supposed to know what happen. so for us right now, we lack a narrative that tells us what happens next. >> reporter: i district of columbia, the street cars are on the road on h street, but are behind schedule and struggling with start-up issues. arlington street car opponents say that too has impacted public
6:35 pm
opinion here. >> it was a gift for those of us opposing the street car. it was a gift. it showed so clearly everything we have been saying that is so wrong about having a street car on tracks and wires mixing with traffic. >> reporter: now the street car line was a joint project with fairfax county. this columbia pike line would have extended to bailey's crossroads. th a statement issued that reads we are saddened and disa with the arlington's board decision. julie carey, news4. all we've had so far is cold weather, no snow. but crews all over the area are gearing up for that as as well. today the department of transportati in virginia unveiled its snow plan for the northern part of the state. about 4,000 plows and trucks will be available to clear all the of roads. six equipped with live streaming cameras to provide real-time video of the road conditions.
6:36 pm
vdot snow removal budget this year is roughly $145 million. about $52 million of that is designated for northern virginia. > winter is still technically more than a month away. but snow is already burying the shores of lake erie. take a look at this incredible time lapse video of those snow showers moving off the lake, and straight into buffalo. the national guard is being deployed there, but this is just the beginning. several feet of snow could be on the ground by the time it's all over, and in some places, already that's how much they have. the weather channel's mike bettes is there toughing it. >> reporter: the lake-effect has been pouring down in person new york here in hamburg, which is just south of buffalo. it has snowed about 15 inches since last night, and the plows have been out here to mounds of snow on the sides of the road. we're just beginning with this. the lake-effect snow likely to last the next two days. the snow piles could be measured in several feet before all is said and done.
6:37 pm
obviously, travel is severely impacted. portions of i-90 shut down, as well as multiple major arteries in and around buffalo, including 400, 219, and the mayor is banning travel south of buffalo. very difficult to travel and not to mention the airport impacted as well, trying to keep up with snow there. roughly 40 flights cancelled. now as far as the temperatures go, very cold. wind chills have been down into the single digits and winds should howl through the remainder of day. and that could mean some very, very dangerous wind chills. s cancelled as a result of the snow and the cold. that's the very latest from hamburg, new york. i'm mike bettes for nbc news. >> they've got it rough there. doug, we can almost consider ourselves lucky not to have that, huh? >> very much so. we're all dealing with the same wind direction. their winds coming right off the lakes. our wind coming right off the -- right towards the west from cincinnati, bringing us cold air. and the winds have been the big issue today, still dealing with wind chills down to 11 in gaithersburg.
6:38 pm
17 in manassas. 22 in d.c. we're not done with the cold yet. we get a reprieve and then it moves back in for part of the weekend. i'll show you in my forecast. >> thank you, doug. if you questions about the first family's safety weeks after the security breach at the white house. a pilot killed, home destroyed, and new details about the tense moments on board before that crash.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
. breaking news now in the effort to build a soccer stadium in the district. wendy is at our live desk. >> d.c. mayor elect muriel bowser says she will propose a compromised deal to get the soccer stadium built. she is making a key change for the deal and it involves the aging reaves municipal center building, located in the hot u-street corridor. she is taking that off the table. that will no longer be part of the deal. the district was going to turn that over to the developers. bowser says that even though she doesn't become mayor until
6:41 pm
january, she is going to ask the city council to vote on her proposal before the end of this year. news4's shomari stone just got done speaking with muriel bowser one-on-one and will have that for you coming up tonight on news4 at 11:00. more on this soccer deal. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger. tough questions expected for the director of the secret service tomorrow. joseph clancy will testify before the house judiciary committee. las are expected to focus on the september breach of the white house by fence-jumper omar gonzalez. a homeland security report released last week revealed that one agent was in a van talking on a cell phone when it happened. clancy called the breach inexcusable, and already admitted that the secret service has fallen short. new details tonight about a deadly plane crash near midway airport in. tonight, our station there has learned that the company involved has had nearly a dozen incidents, including one deadly crash before today.
6:42 pm
the plane crashed into a house last night shortly after the pilot radioed about engine trouble. the pilot was killed. a couple inside the house was sleeping just inches away from the crash and managed to walk away unharmed. the national transportation safety board has removed the plane from the house. it's now trying to figure out just what caused that crash. next, a father opens up about the struggle to get his son the help he desperately need. >> i was told bring him back when he tries to hurt himself or hurt someone else. >> tonight he is sharing his story in hopes of helping others battling a mental illness.
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
tomorrow marks one year since virginia state senator creigh deeds was attacked by his own son who then killed himself. >> tonight we meet another father and son from virginia who face the same difficulties getting help for the son's mental illness. news4's mark segraves tells us how they're now working to help ot. >> reporter: these days, things are good for the earlies. pete and his son kevin are living happy, productive lives. but a few years ago, things were far from okay. pete got a frantic call, saying his son who was away at college was in trouble. >> he said, you've got to get up here. and he said kevin is crazy. >> reporter: early found his son. he had stopped taking his medications. >> kevin had been walking around manhattan i think for five days. he hadn't slept. he was convinced god had him on a special mission.
6:46 pm
>> i was paranoid of everybody and i didn't want to accept help from anybody because i thought they had you wi motives. >> r he convinced his son to see a doctor. after waiting hours to see a doctor in a fairfax emergency room, the doctor said there is nothing they could do. >> then i was told, bring him back when he tries to hurt himself or hurt someone else. >> reporter: since his son was an adult and not a threat, virginia law prevented the doctors from holding early's son so they went home. >> he's clearly delusional and nobody will do anything. >> rep a few days later, off his medications again, kevin broke into a random house, where luckily no one was home. >> he picked up a lawn chair and threw it through theind window to get in to take a bubble bath. >> reporn ear got this call from police about the break-in, he thought it would mean kevin would be forced to get the medical help he needed. it turns out that's not how the system works. >> a policeman was standing outside, and he said i'm a
6:47 pm
father. the judge is in fairfax county are adamant about protecting civil rights. and unless you go in there and you tell them that your son has threatened to kill you, they're not going to do anything. >> r early did lie at first to keep his son in treatment and out of jail. even that didn't result in kevin getting the help he desperately need. >> i wasn't aware of how scary i was being until i was sort of caught in that -- the bliss of being manic. >> rep eventually, kevin did get the help he needed. >> he is fantastic. >> the model for recovery. he is a clear sign that people when they get services can and do get better. >> rep but not before things got much worse. >> when i was at my lowest and he was at the sickest, and this is something a lot of parents feel but they don't say, where i honestly thought he was in such
6:48 pm
pain it would have been better if he hadn't been born. >> as said, the earlys are doing better. pete has written a book about the ordeal and works to get laws pa when dealing with mentally ill people. kevin works to help people like himself find help they need. and one positive change out of all of this, fairfax county police now have a crisis intervention team trained to deal with mentay i suspects, and kevin actually helps in that training. >> wow. >> it's good to report good news. >> i sure is. >> thanks, mark. >> we're glad to see that good outcome. > w a lot more information about schizophrenia and resources to help people battling mental illness. it's on our special changing minds page on our web page at nbcwashington. back in the day, folks used to call this a three-dog night. >> why do they do that? oh, yeah, three-dog -- >> keep you warm. >> remember back in the day --
6:49 pm
>> it is going to be one of those nights tonight, exactly right. the heat is going to be on. the fire. a couple extra dogs, whatever you need. we're talking about record-breakinco 31 the current temperatures outside. gaithersburg down to 23 already. and that's not even the wind chill. let's bring in that wind chill with winds now still at the 10 to 20 miles per hour. gaithersburg wind ch at 11. 16 in camp springs. 19 in annapolis. 20 in reston and 14 in dulles. dulles will set a record low temperature as the winds begin to die. our temperatures will begin to fall fairly quickly. they have done so, down to 27 in d.c. at 9:00. 26 by 11:00. that is a very, very cold november evening. storm team 4 radar all clear. we're not talking any rain or snow as the case would be. what we are talking about, those cold numbers. these aren't wind chills tonight. these will be the low temperatures. martinsburg. 18 in frederick. 19 around columbia, and yeah,
6:50 pm
just cold early tomorrow morning. down to the south in through northern virginia. leesburg at 16. dulles at 16. that would be a new record low temperature for the dulles area. also baltimore expected to set a record tonight. highs tomorrow back into the 30s. and above freezing. 37 d.c. 38 in fredericksburg and 33 in gaithersburg. will see the clouds on the increase during the day tomorrow. d the winds pick up too. still chilly thursday with a high of 47. still dealing with a wind chill there. 40 degrees on friday as we cool back down. and then we see temperatures warp. sunday and monday back around 60 degrees, at least start offering around 60 during the day on sunday. rain, though, likely in the afternoon. >> thanks, doug. here's what's coming up next. >> the redskins have the day off but there is plenty to talk about with this team. we'll show you what an nfl hall of fame quarterback had to say about rg3.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live spor. >> i'm confused. we're talking about who said what about whom. and it all has to do with rg3 and some people that used to be -- or at least one -- or something like that. tell a story. >> pretty much everyone is taking shots at rg3, the way the team is playing now. robert griffin iii had a bad
6:54 pm
game and a not so good post game press conference. and because of that, everyone seems to be taking shots at rg3. hall-of-famer steve young who was coached by mike shanahan during his time with the 49ers had this to say about griffin and is on the field issues. >> i've talked to previous coaches, people i trust and admire, no quarterbacks, he dot put the time in. >> here's the thing. that's completely the opposite of what we have heard about griffin during h entire time here with the redskins. when it comes to his work ethic, that has never been in question. however, his cd coach, jay gruden, did make it clear that griffin needs to improve dramatically after sunday's pe >> robert had some fundamental flaws. he did. his footwork was below average. you know, he took three-step drops when he should have taken five. he took one-step drop when he should have taken three. on a couple occasions. and that can't happen. he stepped up when he didn't have to step up. and stepped into pressure. he read the wrong side of the
6:55 pm
field a couple times. just critiquing robert, it was not even close to being good enough to what we expect from that quarterback >> now when steve young says he doesn't put the time in, that's what he's heard, again, no one has ever questioned how hard griffin works. you can question the performance, the wins, the losses, what he says. you cannot question -- no one has questioned is he a hard worker. >> therefore, why are we giving him anyttention at all? throw it in the garbage can, you know? let's >> time to move on now. the capitals. they are in action tonight taking on the coyotes -- nice transition -- into arizona. 9:00 puck drop in that game. look for the capitals. as for their roommates, the wizards, they host dallas tomorrow. fo a second straight day, good news for the wizards. bradley beal practiced and was all smiles. randy whitman says beal is feeling no pain in his wrist he fractured and saying it's not about the pain but what shape
6:56 pm
he's in. no word when he will return. and when he does, he'll join a wizards team that tops the southeast division off to their best start in 40 years. owner deadly own as i say went on wtop today for ask the owner and is excite how far this team has come. >> there's a fan at the every time i go to my seats on the floor yells at me and boos. and you know, i would leave a game, we would get blown out and he would hold his nose, put his thumb down. and the other day, you know, i'm walking out, he gives me a high five and like one of those man hugs. i'm so happy. >> sure a lot of wizards fans want to give deadly own as i say a hug right now. a harlem globe trotter showed us some tricks and spent time working with glen rice. and he showed the guys how he
6:57 pm
does it. i'm sure randy whitman wants him to forget everythinhe learned. getting behind the back passes tomorrow night. let's go back to the redskins for a moment. today the team hosted the fuel up to play 60 minute combine, aiming to fight childhood obesity. over 200 kids went to their exercise stations with the players. d no matter what is happening on the field or off it, the skins, this is what it's all about. >> when all else fails on a sunday, you lose a game, i've still got impact some lives and i out here and have fun. i don't want to be miserable. i'm not a miserable person. obviously, i take my job seriously. i what i do. at the end of the day, just trying to be a role model. and this is my calling. >> great job by darrelle young and a lot of other guys participating in that event. >> he is at everything. >> he does it all. >> all the community events. >> alfred morris. >> that looks like a fun workout too. thank you. >> we ain't studying no steve
6:58 pm
young -- i'm not sure why -- "nbc nightly is coming up. >> see you ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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on our broadcast tonight, in cold blood. an awful massacre as palestinians armed with guns and knives storm a synagogue in israel. three americans among the dead in jerusalem. where there are fears of what could happen next. national recall. late word from the feds demanding nearly a dozen automakers get dangerous air bags in millions of cars off the road and quickly or else. buried under six feet of snow with parts of all 50 states now below freezing. a relentless storm paralyzes a big part of the country. tonight preparations to bring out the national guard. and sky high. with oil prices at their lowest in years and airline profits up, why are plane ticket prices also going up? "nightly news" begins now.


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