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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 21, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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working on several developing stories at this hour. for the first time outside of the courtroom, we are hearing the chilling confession of a local marine who killed his wife. >> caleb crew pleaded guilty to the crime last month, and northern virginia bureau chief julie carey got a copy of crew's confession to detectives. something you'll see and hear only on news4. julie? >> reporter: prosecutors credit the two detectives who obtained the confession with strong police work that helped bring a murder charge against caleb crew in the death of his wife, andrea. her body was found in the river back in august of 2013, just days after her husband reported her missing. telling detectives he had no idea where his wife had gone. >> you're going to feel better when you get it off your chest. >> reporter: detectives sat down with caleb crew hours after his wife was found dead in the aqua kwon river. a backpack of weights strapped to her body. at first it's clear crew sticks to his story he didn't know what
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happened to andrea. but after almost two hours of conversation, the detectives urge him to walk them through the crime. crew gets emotional, and tells them the couple had argued and he attacked his wife after she threatened to call 911. >> she did start to call 911. i took the phone, he grabbed her out of her chair. she only weighs 112 pounds. i strangled her in the back seat. >> chilling words. coming up on news4 at 5:00, what crew says were his final words to his wife. >> julie, thank you. first at 4:00, more girls have come forward claiming a substitute teacher inappropriately touched them in the classroom. and the claims go as far back as ten years. jose pineda is now charged with three additional counts of third degree sex offense and sexual
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abuse of a minor. he was first charged in october when a middle school girl accused him of grabbing her bottom. after his story aired, three more girls came forward, two 12-year-old girls claim pineda did the same thing last year at ridge view middle school and a 23-year-old woman says it happened to her back in 2004. when she attended forest oak middle school. pineda is in jail in montgomery county. new today, the motive behind the murder. we are learning more about sedu ba of gaithersburg, found dead monday in a running car from his home in millersville. chappelle gunter is charged with the murder. police say ba was an unlicensed cab driver and he and gunter got into an argument that led to the shooting. the assistant planning director for a virginia county is out of a job. charged with indecent exposure.
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raymond ots lost his job with prince william county. on two different occasions on monday, he drove up next to women in woodbridge, got their attention and exposed himself. investigators tracked him down through the description of his car and license plate. the man arrested with a gun and ammo in his car near the white house has reached a plea deal. rj capheim is expected to plead to at least a misdemeanor charge in court on monday. capheim is from iowa. secret service agents found a loaded rifle and 37 wounds of ammo in his car after he said he had an appointment with president obama. we are working to learn more about the woman arrested with a gun outside the white house. april lenhart was part of a protest last night. we broke the story with a push alert from our nbc washington app. it was during president obama's speech on immigration. police officers noticed a gun on her. she is facing charges of having an unregistered firearm and
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carrying without a license. now to the fallout from president obama's unilateral action on immigration reform. >> with this action, the president has chosen to deliberately sabotage any chance of an acting bipartisan reforms he claims to seek. and as i told the president yesterday, he's damaging the presidency itself. >> strong words today from house speaker john boehner on the president's plan to use executive action to protect about 5 million undocumented immigrants from immediate threat of deportation. chris lawrence at the live desk with late developments for us. chris? >> reporter: yeah, jim. the president was pretty blunt, as well, telling republicans if they don't like his plan, they should pass. now he's going to vegas to sign the executive action he announced last night and he's doing it in a place that resonates with his supporters. del sol high school, where he has spoken twice before. the first time was as candidate obama. then in january of 2013, just as he started his second term,
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president obama came to the school to make his pitch for immigration reform. should be known, nearly one-third of nevada's population is hispanic. critics say the president went back on his own word when he said before the election that he was no emperor and couldn't just do what he wanted on immigration. and while some congressional republicans are threatening to sue the president over this, they also acknowledge they take control of both chambers in january, the pressure will be on them to come up with their own reform bill. at the live desk, chris lawrence. in the meantime, republicans filed a different lawsuit today against the obama administration. house republicans say the president broke the law to implement obamacare. speaker boehner says the president waived the employer mandate and transferred money to insurance companies without congress's approval. in fact, the lawsuit claims the president used money designated by congress for other purposes. democrats call the suit a political sideshow and a waste of money.
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right now, hundreds of national guard troops are helping to dig out part of western new york. take a look. the snow has been piled up to 7 feet in some spots. at least 13 people have died from the snowstorm. at least two of those were in a nursing home that had had a collapsed roof. many of the travel restrictions have now been lifted across new york state, but several side roads and towns are still dangerous. we'll have more on the new dangers they're facing coming up. turning now to the weather. everyone wants to know if we can shake off the cold in time for the weekend. >> shake it off. let's get to storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson in the storm center with your first forecast. vj? >> yeah, it would be nice to, right? today a lot of folks complaining about the cold, because we've got cold and wind today. let's take a look at the temperatures across the area right now. montgomery village and lleytonsville at 23 degrees. tysons corner at 29. areas like largo, at 30 degrees
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right now. good news, if you're going out this evening, the wind will be calming down. it's still going to be cold. the actual air temperature will drop to 32 by 7:00. 32 by 8:00. so today we were around 40 degrees for a high temperature. here's the direction we're headed. the roller coaster temps continue. we're up to 70 degrees. i'll tell you when. and what adoes the sun have to o with your communication devices? i'll tell you that, coming up. all right. now to a developing story out west. a window washer fell 11 stories, and landed on the roof of a passing car in downtown san francisco. the driver survived. the worker is in critical condition. these are some of the first twitter pictures of the scene. it happened around 10:00 pacific standard time. police say the man was at the top of a bank building. he tumbled from the scaffolding and landed on a toyota camera. your holiday gifts gone in an instant. why police are trying to get the
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word out today with a spike in crime this time of year. cancelling on cosby. why the fallout isn't over yet for the legendary comedian accused of sexually assaulting women. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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we're learning new details now about the man behind the sandy hook shooting in newtown, con. a new report gives clues into what might have gone wrong in helping adam lanza. connecticut's office of child advocacy says there were a half dozen red flags through lanza's teenage years. and it puts the blame on lanza's parents and schoolworkers. it says they treated the symptoms and not his underlying psychiatric disorders. but it does not conclusively say whether better treatment would have prevented the tragedy.
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lanza killed 26 people in the 2012 shooting. if you plan to have any gifts delivered to your home, you might want to watch this. it's from a home in the mt. pleasant neighborhood of washington. the homeowner's own surveillance camera caught someone stealing a package from the porch. it happened october 27th around 3:30 in the afternoon near brown and 17th streets. the man walked up with a garbage bag, put a package and other things inside and then walked off. a consumer alert now. toyota is recalling more than 400,000 lexus vehicles, because of a possible fuel leak. the recall impacts lexus ls, gs and is models, ranging from model years 2006 through 2011. the national highway traffic safety administration says fuel can leak where the fuel pressure sensor is attached to the delivery pipe, and that increases the risk of a fire. toyota will begin notifying affected car owners next month. the devices you use every
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day could soon hit a snag. why scientists are on high alert about a phenomenon that could make you miss that call or even make your lights flicker. plus, a dark day in our city. the solemn remembrance for an incident that stunned the city 20 years ago this weekend. also, any chance of a weekend warmup? storm team 4 is tracking what's in store for us, and you don't want to miss this. first at 4:00.
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i'm chris lawrence at the live desk with breaking news that will affect hundreds if not thousands potentially of commuters trying to get into d.c. from virginia. the entire 14th street bridge has been shut down. what we have learned is that there are four vehicles involved in a crash. you can see there some of the backup on 395, backing up into virginia. the crash looks like it took place right near the split, where you're coming over the bring, and you can either stay right to stay on 395 or you can stay left on to 14th street. that whole area has been shut down. it looked like at one point there may have been a little traffic going in that right lane. but some major, major backups going all the way back in virginia. we're going to stay on top of this story and keep you updated on what's going on there. for now, chris lawrence at the live desk. >> chris, thank you anymore a mystery motive in yesterday's shooting at florida state university. investigators have been
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intercepting packages muthe shooter told friends they should expect. myron may was killed by police after firing at them outside the fsu library. hundreds of students were in the library at the time, injuring three. authorities thought the packages might contain videos or journals. they say he feared he was being watched. 20 years ago this weekend, a lone gunman walked with an automatic weapon into d.c. police headquarters and opened fire before turning the gun on himself. two fbi agents and a d.c. police sergeant were killed. another agent was severely wounded. today at saint patrick's church in northwest, there was a memorial service, followed by a wreath-laying at the law enforcement memorial. attorney general eric holder, fbi director james comey and other local and federal law enforcement officers were there. they called the ceremony a celebration of how the slain officers lived more than a remembrance of how they died. >> as we pay tribute to their bravery and to their valorous
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actions, we rededicate oh ourselves to the cause that defined them and the work for which they gave their lives. >> news4's derrick ward was there today. he will show you the emotional remembrances. coming up, new at 5:00. notice any glitches lately with your smartphone or computer? >> if not, you could soon. and you might also notice problems with your lights, your gps, even your holiday flight. >> storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson joins us to explain this. vj. >> that's right, guys. my phone, it's acting okay today. but have you noticed anything peliar with your phone or gps? you might want to look to the sun. okay, guys, take a look at this. we posted this amazing picture on our facebook page of the sun. nasa researchers have their attention on the largest observed sun spot in 24 years, and how it could impact our daily lives.
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scientists around the world have their eyes turned to the sun this week. it's revealed a sun spot ten times larger than the earth. it's historical for its size and nasa is doing everything that it can to understand better the solar phenomenon. i asked how concerned we should be on a scale of 1 to 10. >> maybe 5. you know, we're not going to have major effects, probably, due to this particular sun spot region now. but it's possible. and it's facing the earth, so it could throw off some solar storms that hit the earth, interact with the magnetic field of the earth, and that will affect our technology if they're strong enough. >> that big sun spot, that dark patch you see, is a hot bed for solar activity. they create violent bursts of radiation known as solar flares. although the radiation can't pass through the earth's atmosphere, it can disrupt their electric power, navigation systems and airline communications, as well as satellite operations. worst-case scenario would be? >> if there was a really, really
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strong flare, what we call a super flare and corresponding coronal mass ejection, that could knock out a large area of power for, you know, a chunk of the united states or other countries. and that would be devastating, because it takes time to get those transformers back up. >> reporter: nasa scientists say they will continue to watch that sun spot closely over the coming days. and, of course, we've got a lot more information on but something, of course, that can happen, so those researchers are going to continue to monitor that, while we monitor the temperatures, which are going to be going up, up, up over the next couple of days. we're at 39 degrees. yes, i know, it's cold. and you're tired of it already. cold conditions for 9:00. but the wind eases. 32, your temperature. so we drop from 39 to 32. and 29 by 11:00 p.m. we're headed down into the 20s throughout the area overnight. in fact, some areas just west, leesburg, manassas, around suddenly, culpeper, stafford,
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down into the teens by morning. here's a look at your satellite and radar across the area. a weather front that's well east. cold conditions here. we're under an area of high pressure now, but way down on the tail end of this system, there is warm air and that will start moving over us through the weekend. so let me show future weather here, take you through the next 24 hours. a clear night for us. we'll have i think a good deal of sunshine tomorrow. we start cold. there we are at 7:00 a.m. in the morning, just some high clouds that will start moving in during the afternoon. still, it's going to be a very nice day coming our way and a fairly bright day too. and then temperatures will continue to warm. so from 48 degrees your saturday, call it cool. yes, it's also a good day for raking tomorrow. i've got a ton of leaves on my lawn. so, you know, jump on my facebook page. i'll tell you where to go. warmer conditions for sunday, but we'll see more clouds and rain coming late sunday. doesn't look as though the rain
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will move in until around 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. sunday evening. so that means your monday, as we get into early monday, a little wet. the rain should be moving out around 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. so there will be some wet roads. but nothing slick, because we start out at 50 degrees. so i promised you we'll go from cold to 70. your 70 hits on monday. right now your tuesday, high temperature 57 degrees. and as the turkey comes in, for all of the travel that's going to be taking place around thanksgiving, a chance of rain right now wednesday with the temperature of 45 degrees. we're at 43 right now on thursday. 42 on friday. but it will be very cold and very windy, i think, early friday morning for anyone that has to wait in line. and, yes, wednesday prior we're not just talking about rain showers here. we're talking about rain that could be impacting portions of the mid atlantic states, and also a forecast -- so you know, that could change. we're going to talk more about that coming up on news4 at 5:00. >> we'll see you then. well, here's a sign of the holiday season. >> yep, the capitol christmas
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tree just arrived. take a look. this year's tree is a massive white spruce from the chippewa national forest in minnesota. before the big lighting, in keeping with tradition, the tree will be decorated with thousands of ornaments made by people across minnesota. now, the big reveal comes december 2nd at 5:00 when house speaker john boehner lights it up. >> love that tree. another industry could soon be bubbling up. why the beer industry could soon explode right in our backyard. hackers. they're watching you, your home, even your child in their sleep. we'll tell you what you need to know to protect your privacy. and we want to hear from you on this friday about the stories you're talking about, and thinking about as we head into the weekend. >> like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. we're coming right back.
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one of the world's leading health experts in our area warned today against getting complacent about fighting progress against the ebola outbreak in west africa. >> the best way to protect americans or anyone else throughout the world is to completely suppress the epidemic in west africa, so that there isn't any risk of it going any place else. >> dr. anthony fauci is head of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases at nih. you'll recall he treated dallas nurse nina pham.
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dr. fauci noted today he has completed the 21-day monitoring protocol for health care workers who have been exposed to ebola. bill cosby's career suffering more fallout from those sex abuse allegations that dominated the news the past week. two more venues have cancelled appearances. his show, set for next week at treasure island in las vegas, is cancelled. and a show in champaign, illinois, for april is also called off. earlier this week, nbc and netflix both backed away for upcoming projects. the reversals follow allegations from multiple women that cosby sexually assaulted them. we want to know what you think about whether that decision to drop cosby from tv projects is fair. it's our nbc washington flash poll of the day. you can respond by texting or calling or finding us on facebook and twitter. with less than a week to go now before thanksgiving, the nurses at med star georgetown university hospital are busy. they're busy collecting cans of
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food for needy families. for more than a decade now, the nurses have played a big role in nbc 4's food 4 families campaign, which provides a hot meal with all of the trimmings for families in our area. the nurses hope to collect at least 7,200 cans in 72 hours. and everybody pitches in. >> so in addition to caring for everybody's ailments, we also really care for people as a whole and provide, you know, compassionate moments. and this is just one example of how we're able to go sort of above and beyond. >> and here's how you can help food 4 families. on monday, we'll be collecting nonperishable foods and money outside the verizon center from 6:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening. stop by and see us. you can also drop off donations at any washington first bank, the location between now and thanksgiving. if you would rather make a donation online, do so through our secure site at or mail a check to food 4 families, 4001
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nebraska avenue northwest, washington, d.c., 20016. we certainly hope we'll see you there monday. >> it's always your longest day of the year. you are down there crack of dawn. so many great people down there. generous people. >> feed a lot of families. >> making a big difference. >> worthwhile cause. a week to go until the crowds rush the stores. >> so the question is, which stores have the best deals. we have a new list that will help you save some money. classroom controversy. why so many mothers are upset about the sex education class their students could soon see.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. i know from firsthand experience that demonstrations like these have the potential to spark a sustained and positive national dialogue. but history has also shown us that the most successful and enduring movementses for change are those that adhere to nonaggression. >> that's attorney general eric holder, praising the effectiveness of peaceful protests in a new video released by the justice department today. he does not single out ferguson, missouri, but the timing does make it clear, the message is for anyone planning to protest the grand jury's decision. >> and we are learning more about when that decision might be announced. jay gray is live now in ferguson with the latest. what are you hearing, jay? >> reporter: hey there, good
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evening, pat. good evening, jim. what we're hearing this afternoon from officials is they have confirmed the grand jury is meeting. they also believe many here -- they'll announce some type of decision by this weekend. protesters gathered outside the ferguson police department last night, just like they have most every night since michael brown was killed. three people were arrested as tensions, anticipation and the crowds continue to grow here ahead of what many believe will be a decision this weekend from the grand jury considering charges against police officer darren wilson. >> hurting others and destroying property is not the answer. >> reporter: brown's father urges everyone to stay calm. >> no matter what the grand jury decides, i do not want my son's death to be in vain. >> reporter: separate messages from sports stars and attorney general eric holder don't mention the case but do call for unity and peace. >> the most successful and enduring movements for change
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are those that adhere to nonaggression and nonviolence. >> reporter: violence erupted in the days after wilson shot and killed brown, unarmed at the time of his death. the images and emotions serve as a warning, more than 100 days later as the grand jury moves closer to a decision. >> let's just face it. the subsidy city is really in a panic at this point. in anticipation of this decision. >> reporter: along the street, a local artist posted images of hands up. the familiar chant of protesters heard since brown's death. the photos show different ages and races but represent one message. >> we, all the people, no matter who they are, no matter what color they are, stand together. that won't change, whatever the grand jury says. >> reporter: and whenever they say it. yeah, so here's the latest. we've had a couple indications late this evening that some type of announcement may be on the way. first of all, the county
4:34 pm
preparing an area they will use to brief the media once the grand jury reaches a decision. they're getting that space ready today. also, a local school district has decided to start the thanksgiving holiday early. they'll start on monday instead of wednesday, citing concerns over this situation here. that's the latest, live in ferguson. jay gray, news4. >> jay, thank you. a new police request this afternoon in an abduction nearly 40 years ago. the sheriff's department in bedford county, virginia, is asking the public about a 1960s or '70s model station wagon that they want -- that may have been hid, they believe or removed from a barn, shed or outbuilding. authorities believe finding out about that vehicle may help them solve the lyon case from 1975 when 12-year-old sheila and 10-year-old catherine were kidnapped from a wheaton shopping center. the theory is that the vehicle could have transported the girls to bedford county and then been hidden. now changing minds when it comes to migraines.
4:35 pm
imagine having severe headaches every single day for years, and nothing will stop them. that's what happened to a virginia woman, but then she found a treatment that really worked for her. news4's doreen gentzler has more. >> you're suffering with this horrible pain. i couldn't get away from it. i couldn't make it stop. >> reporter: for nearly two years, 28-year-old sonja lambkin suffered from chronic migraine headaches. that means severe head pain 24/7. pain that left her feeling helpless, stressed out and just plain miserable. >> i felt completely out of control. i felt like a victim. i don't know if i got fully depressed, but definitely very sad. >> reporter: after visiting half a dozen doctors and undergoing countless brain scans and mris, nobody could find the cause. running out of options, sonja decided to start looking at things from a different perspective. she stopped seeing so many doctors and started meeting with a therapist. >> what oftentimes happens with
4:36 pm
migraine sufferers, they feel completely out of control, because they can't stop it. >> reporter: sonja's therapist, olga block, says therapy might not necessarily cure migraines. but she says it can help patients identify and avoid patterns and triggers that often precede the painful headaches. it also helps patients deal with the stress of having so much pain, which can cause the migraines to get even worse. >> what exacerbates migraines oftentimes is not only the anticipatory anxiety, but also the fear of will he i be able to withstand this pain. >> reporter: olga block says another key is learning coping mechanisms, breathing, visualizing calming scenarios, like a sunny beach, or even smelling something that has a tranquil effect. >> the therapy specifically has been one of the largest aspects that has helped me, because it's really changed my perspective on almost everything. >> reporter: sonja is using other treatments, including
4:37 pm
massage and seeing a chiropractor. but she says since she started therapy, it's helped her control the pain and freakquency of her migraines. she now only has them every few weeks. >> it's a whole transformation. the beautiful thing is, it's really because of my migraines i've gone knew this transformation. >> reporter: doreen gentzler, news4. >> a great outcome there. the strategy that worked for sonja's migraines can also help with other kinds of chronic pain. we have a lot more information about mental health and therapy on our "changing minds" page on someone may be watching you inside your home. how hackers thousands of miles away could be watching you and your family and how to protect yourself. the national museum of the american indian opens a new exhibit as it celebrates its tenth anniversary. coming up tonight on news4, how the museum is changing and what it means for visitors. and a cold night. gee, that's not good.
4:38 pm
what the latest data shows, a pretty warm weekend for us. and we've already made a few tweaks based on that updated data to your wednesday/thursday travel weather. yeah, thanksgiving. that forecast back when news4 at 4:00 returns.
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we want to hear from you about the stories that get you going. what's on your mind? >> like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. a new warning about the web
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cams and baby monitors in your home getting hacked. >> a russian website has done just that. streaming live footage from thousands of private cameras here in the u.s. now this website hacked into thieves of consumers that did not change default passwords on their camera-enabled devices. the best way to protect yourself, as soon as you set up a device like a baby monitor or webcam, create a unique user name and password. we're one week out from black friday, folks. and there's a new list out of which stores are offering the best deals. wallet hub surveyed more than 5,500 deals from black friday ads and found the jcpenney shoppers are getting the highest overall discount, with 65% off. you'll also get more than 50% off at macy's, rite aid and sears. jewelry was the most discounted category in the bunch. but the toys category had the biggest number of discounted items. a major shift for the
4:42 pm
smithsonian's national museum of the american indian, as it celebrates ten years. >> museum is reinventing itself as a place that not only preserves native american history, but also teaches it. news4's kristin wright explains how. >> this is the -- an original. treaty. >> reporter: the six nations and the united states forged the land agreement in 1794. >> the english name is handsome lake, a very famous leader. >> reporter: the treaty has never been on display before now. >> the george washington signature is right there. >> reporter: the new exhibit, nation to nation, is a major shift at the smithsonian's national museum of the american indian. now the museum is focused on teaching the history of native americans, rather than presenting simply cultural artifacts. museum director kevin govar. >> w wee decided we're going to focus on history. we wanted to focus on teaching and learning institution. >> reporter: attendance is lower
4:43 pm
than at most other smithsonian museums. the american indian museum is reinventing itself as it marks ten years on the mall. govar is a citizen of the pawnee tribe. >> native american history isn't just for native americans. it's not just about native americans. it about america, the united states. the western hemisphere. >> reporter: pipe bags from the great smoke of 1851. a replica belt commissioned by george washington as a gift to the hoda nashoni. native children taken and forced into indian boarding schools. and the fight for rights. these are the stories now told at the national museum of the american indian. >> it's against all odds in the face of, you know, everybody ignoring them. they finally prevailed. >> reporter: in the district, kristin wright, news4. first at 4:00, a quick right ride or a long wait on the platform. >> whether track work on the
4:44 pm
metro could slow you down and whether your station could be closed. >> speaking of the weekend, are you going to need the heavy coat? storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson breaking it down by the neighborhood. first at 4:00. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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a developing story now involving the snowstorm that has buried parts of buffalo, new york. as much as 7 feet of snow now cover some driveways. >> big work to dig out cars is under way. storm team 4 meteorologist
4:47 pm
veronica johnson is here now with a look at some new dangers ahead. vj? >> yeah, guys. this really is not a good thing. they've got warmer air coming in, which means melting snow. that in turn means the risk of flooding with rain coming down on top of that. they could see anywhere from a half to an inch of snow, and all that weight means the new danger of roofs caving in, as nbc's sarah dallof reports. >> reporter: in buffalo, snow-weary crews are scrambling to catch up. >> i've turned down 103 new contracts that called in. we can't handle it. we're already buried as it is. >> reporter: digging out homeowners trapped for days. neighbors have been relying on one another. dan borrowed a sled to pull supplies home from the store. >> the neighbors texted me the grocery list, and i got everything they needed. >> reporter: today we saw those neighbors scraping roofs. some balanced carefully on top. others working from the ground. >> this is the worst i've ever seen it. >> reporter: dozens of buildings
4:48 pm
collapsed overnight from the weight of all of the snow. and authorities announced the deaths of at least three more people, including two residents of a nursing home that was vacated due to a buckling roof. the snowfall has stopped, and now the focus shifts to the weekend and the warmer temperatures that are forecasted. the resulting snow melt could create the equivalent of 6 inches of rain in two days. >> we are preparing now for more flooding than we have seen in a long, long time. >> we're asking people in the areas that may experience flooding to remove items from your basements to unplug items that are in basements that could take on water. >> reporter: residents now facing extreme conditions of a new kind. even as they struggle to dig out from this week's storms. in new york, sarah dallof, nbc news. >> just really is a horrible situation up there. again, flooding on top of all of
4:49 pm
that. around here, well, we've got some sunshine still out there. 39 your temperature. yes, it's been cold. and you can see by 9:00 we're headed down to 32. and then 29 degrees. impact forecast for tomorrow, on the low side, because of sunshine and the fact is, it's just not going to be as cold. tomorrow's high temperature, close to 50 degrees. look at this. our range, upper 40s. hagerstown around martinsburg, 46. cumberland, 46 degrees. 52 in petersburg and 50s. a nice day tomorrow. meanwhile, sunday, you're looking at it. we are going to be seeing more clouds move in, but again, that rain probably nottel in very late in the day. so we're going to track it here for you. look at this. this is 9:00, the first bit of rain hitting winchester, charlottesville and around petersburg, so sunday night rain, unfortunately, could be heavy from 11:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. early monday morning. i do think, however, by -- here we are at 4:00 a.m.
4:50 pm
6:00, 7:00 a.m., the drive into work monday, rain will be gone. temperatures start out monday at around 50 degrees. so no issues with any slick conditions, but going out late sunday night, take the big umbrella. we can see some heavy spots on area roads with, again, that rain coming down. we're expecting right now somewhere between a third and about a half inch of rain to fall throughout the area. thanksgiving day right now still taking the early look at it. your forecast overcast, chilly now. the range, 37-43. this is the first change we have made where we kind of tweaked and took down the highs just a bit on thanksgiving day. in terms of your four-day forecast, yeah, up to 70 again. so we go from tomorrow 50, 60 on sunday, 70 degrees that high temperature on monday. and then right now, traveling wednesday, 45 degrees the high temperature with rain in the forecast. again, this is rain we did not have in our forecast yesterday. things could change. meteorologist doug kammerer is
4:51 pm
tracking that right now. >> yeah, we have been looking at this, vj, over the last couple days. we decided not to put it in yesterday, but now this next storm coming up the coast could be more of a factor as we make our way in through the day next wednesday. again, a huge travel day. and yes, we could have some travel delays. here is the first storm, a storm coming through on sunday night into monday. very warm out ahead of it. behind it, though, we get on the colder side of things. and then here comes the storm system right up the coast. and some of the latest computer models now bringing this closer to the coast. so what would that mean here? we've got the cold, the colder air. storm to watch for sure. something we'll be watching across the weekend, chuck bell, amelia segal. rain, some snow possible in some areas. but not looking too heavy right now. again, vj, this is something we know we'll watch right here. >> yeah, at least again for right now, we've taken down the highs. 45 on wednesday. 43 thanksgiving day. and early friday morning, wind chills in the 20s starting out at 32. so enjoy our warm weekend, right? a lot more on the storm system coming up on news4 at 5:00.
4:52 pm
guys? reconstruction on metro continues this weekend all the way through sunday night. silver, blue, yellow and green line trains operate on regular weekend intervals, except at franconia springfield. trains there depart every 20 to 25 minutes between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. again, this is for saturday only though. orange line trains will operate regularly between new carrollton and west falls church with buses actually replacing trains between west falls church, loring and vienna that saturday and sunday. red line is adding trains between grovener and gallaudet during daytime hours, as well. might seem like an inconvenience now, but an investment will install new rail platforms and escalators to eventually make your commute easier. back to you. his passion was helping people. just one of the many memories shared today at the memorial for the local doctor who died monday of ebola.
4:53 pm
>> reporter: i'm darcy spencer outside saint mary's catholic church here in prince george's county where there was a special memorial mass held this morning to honor the life and the memory of dr. martin salia. he is the doctor who contracted the ebola virus while selflessly serving in it west africa, and then died here in the united states. his family lives here in prince george's county. his wife and his sons were here for this memorial mass today. i sat down and spoke with her after the service today, and she told me how she wants her husband to be remembered. >> if that was his passion, to just help people, make people happy, heal people. help to heal people. he treats and heals. >> reporter: il have more from our interview, including what she thinks the world can learn from the loss of her husband on news4 at 5:00.
4:54 pm
too much information. mothers outraged over how much their young children could soon learn in the classroom about sex. is the plan going too far? ♪
4:55 pm
♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at
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we're getting a first look at surveillance video of a stolen car crashing head-on into a building. it happened during a police chase in kansas city. you can see the driver speed off through a busy intersection, hit
4:57 pm
a building which then collapsed into a huge cloud of dust. the driver wasn't seriously hurt, and fortunately no one was inside that building. some mothers and fatherses in chicago are outraged over an elementary school sex he had curriculum. as sara jiggets reports, it looks like a how-to guide. >> completely inappropriate. >> parents were shocked by what they saw during a parent meeting wednesday. >> there were pages where i was like i didn't know about that. okay. >> reporter: these images in binders provided by cps detailing what parents were told is the new sex health curriculum for fifth and sixth graders. >> things that no sixth grader who is 11, maybe, should ever be exposed to. >> reporter: slides that mention sex toys, different types of intercourse, feel-good reasons to use female condoms. >> some aspects did come across more as a how-to rather than here's the biology, here's the
4:58 pm
information. >> reporter: cps admits the objectionable material was never part of the curriculum. it was mistakenly downloaded and included in the parent presentation, and we agree with parents, it is not appropriate for elementary school students. but parents say a cps representative was at the meeting with them. >> they were asking her in -- explicitly, why are we discussing this act with a fifth grader. >> reporter: all of the parents we spoke to support sex education, but say this material went way too far. >> sexual awareness, okay. but how to use a condom and that it was going to be shown how, i thought that was a little bit extreme. >> the chicago public schools are now reviewing all sex ed material before any new school presentations are made. here in the washington area, it was just a month ago that a survey for maryland students raised a lot of eyebrows because it asked young women about sex. that survey is voluntary. news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy.
4:59 pm
sex abuse scandal now at 5:00. new reaction from parents about accusations against a substitute teacher. accusations that stretch back a decade. new images released in the bill cosby rape allegations as he is set to take the stage in just a few hours in what could be one of his shows. a chilling confession only on news4. a veteran admits to killing his wife. how investigators finally got him talking. it was a crime in our area that put a spotlight on the issue of domestic violence. >> and tonight for the first time, outside of the courtroom, we're hearing the taped confession from that marine veteran who killed his wife and then dumped her body over a busy bridge. >> for days, caleb crew lied to detectives, but he finally broke down, explaining how he killed his wife. our northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey, got a copy of that audio recording today. julie? >> caleb crew pleaded guilty last month to killing his wife andrea. he had initially reported her missing in it august of 2013.
5:00 pm
but after her body was discovered, fairfax county detectives got the confession that revealed the truth about how she died. the portrait of a happy family. a shot taken on vacation. just a few weeks later, marine veteran caleb crew killed his wife, andrea. the two had been to court that day, a previous domestic violence charge against him was dropped. andrea's body was found in the okay would kwan river two days later. detectives chris flanagan and derek green brought crew into the vermont police station to talk. >> take a deep breath and walk us through it. i know you can do it. >> finally, crew begins to break. he tells detectives, as the couple drove home after court, they argued. crew parked the jeep in a parking lot. andrea threatened to call 911. >> she did start to call 911. i took the phone. i grabbed her out of her chair.


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