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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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so take the hint. and get more guaranteed today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v now at 11:00, food truck found, how a tip from a news 4 viewer may have saved a small business. a standing ovation for bill crosby as supporters rally
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around him tonight as he faces new allegations. and a partial hotel of a collapse in london. first tonight accusation of child sex abuse against a former high school staffer. good evening. >> now we know at least three young men have come forward accusing 34-year-old charles young. we are at dunbar high school where there could be more young victims. >> the allegations are very serious. we're told young resigned from his sign here at dunbar in october. d.c. say the investigation began last week when a student at dunbar senior high school in northwest told the school resource officer that he was a victim of active sex abuse in the fall of 2013, and the person who abused him was the school's
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community director and helped with the track team. >> through that investigation we obtained an arrest warrant for mr. young charging him with one count of first degree sex abuse with a child. >> something happened to change the child's mind. >> he heard there may have been subsequent victims and he felt an obligation to come forward and approached staff at the school. >> in a letter sent home to the parents said this. >> officials say young had worked at the school for less than a year. >> this evening i spoke with a man who coached with young on a d.c. young track league, he said he had a very difficult time believing that these allegations against young are true. live in washington, news 4.
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>> thank you jackie. more girls have come forward claiming a local substitute teacher touched them at school. he faces three counts of sex offense and sex abuse of a minor. first charged in october when a girl from a middle school claimed he touched her bottom and since two more girls came forward since and another woman claimed he touched her ten years ago. there's been an explosion at a major hotel in scotland yard, it happened just before midnight london time. it was so powerful that part of the hotel collapsed. here's some photos from one of the guests. the explosion ripped through the basement at the churchhill
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hyatt, 6 hurt around one went to the hospital. it shook the entire eighth floor. at point everyone is accounted for and crews are dealing with the building right now. new tonight a standing ovation for bill cosby at a sold out performance in melbourne, florida where only two protesters showed up. his performance in six other states have been cancelled after more women came forward claiming he sexually assaulted them years ago. this is the quote from his attorney. myra may sent ten packages
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to friends before opening fire yesterday. tonight all packages are recovered. it is believed he was sending videos to prove he was being spied on by the government. one package was sent to someone in alexandria. officer shot and killed may after he wounded three at fsu. an emotional night at woodbridge in virginia. now that two are in custody family and friends held a vigil for 19-year-old weaver. we spoke to his grandmother. >> she never thought she would ever outlive her beloved grandson.
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affectionately known as woody. >> woody was my heart. i'm going to miss him. >> they held tribute to him in front of the same house that brian patterson and christopher kourd shot woody. woody's friend survived. the suspects were arrested. >> hoodie was a good kid. didn't give nobody no trouble. >> relatives say the trouble started when woody, his 15-year-old friend walked to a house not far away to pick up his sister, words were exchanged, woody, the 15-year-old and the sister walked back to woody's house. moments later there was a knock, woody's mother opened the door and the suspects open fire. >> i'm a real mother. >> woody graduated from high school and recently new
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job. he's remembered as a nice young man who's life ended way too soon. >> one day we'll all meet again. >> his memory will live on. president obama sending a message to ferguson, missouri coming ahead of the long awaited ruling on whether to indict the police officer of the shooting of an unarmed teen, saying, everyone has the right to express her views and protest and adds using the event for violence is unacceptable. a grand jury is expected to make a ruling any moment now. stick with us as we monitor new developments throughout the weekend. another cold night ahead but things are looking up for the weekend. >> if you're looking for warmer temperatures three on the way but first all right very cold
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night tonight and cold start to the weekend. d.c. around 32 degrees. ocean city, maryland 21 degrees. 17 at state college. a very cold night tonight. high temperature only 40 degrees. it was a very cold day. over the next couple days doing nothing but going up. to up 70 degrees by monday. i will show you what is in store for next week. that lake-effect snow snow have not stopped warmer and rain is in the weather for the weekend, that has created nervousness about flooding. many are still digging out of seven feet of snow. melting could make that snow heavier which would cause more
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roofs to collapse. the national weather service has issued a flood watch in that area. in the last half hour crews finished repaving silver hill road. repairs closed down part of the busy route near the high school but now is all open again. the new express lanes on interstate 95 are opening next month in virginia, those lanes will be all electronic. you have to have aan e-z pass to pass the toll. you have to have three or more people in the car and an e-z pass with a flex switch. is this will replace the current hov lanes fromming from staff ford to fairfax. hundreds of students showing
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their outrage, a student claiming she was raped by seven fraternity brothers in 2012. today, the university top choice for special investigator had to drop out because he was once a member of that fraternitiy, phi capa si. a collision tonight on the ta tarmack at the nation's busiest airport. >> a bus hit an american airlines plane as it was sitting at the gate tonight. look at the pictures being posted from the atlanta airport. this plane just arrived from dallas when it clipped the wing. the impact moved the plane a lot and flight attendance told them
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to get off the plane as quick as possible. they have taken the plane out of service and in the process of finding alternative flights for the passengers. news 4 i-team recently investigated dangerous decisions on local railways we will report what police are doing in an effort to keep the track safe. a stolen food truck has been found, we tell you where they tracked it down. and an update on ape
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investors are are trying to figure out what caused a window washer to fall eleven floors and onto a moving car today. it happened in downtown san francisco. the man was screaming before crashing onto a car, amazingly he survived and the driver of the car was not hurt. police are taking action in the wake of a news 4 investigation. they are beefing up patrols along the train tracks in maryland. >> our cameras showed you how it happens over and over again, people illegally and dangerously climbing over csx train tracks in prince george's county. middle of the day, middle of the
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tracks, three locations in particular. this one near rhode island avenue and here half hour north of the river dale mark station and near the woods in route one in bellsville where a train hit lords this year, her bones broken and teeth knocked out. we showed the company that owns the track what we found and soon there after they dispatched csx police at those hot spots and our cameras were rolling as the cop stopped multiple people. we also showed our video to operation lifesaver which helps warn the public about trespassing on train tracks and after seeing it they canvassed
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several neighborhoods asking businesses to hand out safety flyers and post warning signs in the window. >> we want to make sure people think safety. it's trouble because you can't legislate good common sense. >> these patrols an indication of an uphill battle they face for people who see the tracks as a shortcut for getting around town. we revealed more than 100 people have been hurt or kills crossing local tracks in the last three years. >> the tracks are the fastest way to get from point a to point b, on foot, by far. it's much shorter. >> a train hit and killed mary gafney. >> that's where people cross every single day. >> there's been a 10% jump for
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people who have been killed while trespassing on tracks over the past year. there's been at least two deaths since our first story aired a few weeks ago. >> watch the i-team's first report on train track deaths. it's been a virtual search and rescue mission all day. tonight someone on twitter has solved the mystery of the stolen food truck. the owner of popped republic discovered his popular truck was missing and he went to facebook and twitter for help and around 7:00 tonight paul thomas said the truck was parked across the street from his office in maryland and he called police and two hours later he tweeted it was recovered. the truck had been sitting there all day. didn't realize it was stolen
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until news 4 at 6:00 report. so the pop corn chef and the truck are reunited. >> that's amazing. >> that's the power of social media. >> i tweeted i lost a hundred dollar bill, so if anyone found it. >> what's this mention of the "s" word. >> i think we could see a little bit of snow making our way towards the holiday. that could be interesting. we're watching the storm system effecting parts of the east coast. could see some snow in our area. first off if we had moisture we would be talking snow right now at 32 degrees. the winds are calm and clear skies that will allow temperatures to cool. already down to 19 martinsburg. stanton, virginia at 18. so we're already on the cold
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side. no rain or snow around the region. clear skies around the mid-atlantic. watch what happens when we zoom out just a bit. few more snow showers around buffalo area. they're done with the snow. now off to the west. there's a storm system. ahead of it there's a lot of warmer air making its way our way. little bit warmer tomorrow and a lot morning during the day on sunday. here we are at 5:00. saturday and sunday are dry during the day. no problems at all. 5:00 in the afternoon just some cloud cover. the rain will move in late into the evening hours. around 11:00 on sunday, notice where the rain is. the heaviest rain coming in around 2:00 to 5:00 in the morning. may wake you up as we will see
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heavier down powurs but by 8:00 in the morning it's out of here. might want to give yourself extra time on monday morning. tonight down to 17 in leesburg. a very cold start to your saturday. tomorrow not bad after 11:00 or 12:00 we will be looking good, turning partly sunny, 43 to 50 degrees across the area. the impact is on the low side. weather is not going to have an impact on your day. by the afternoon long sleeves shorts could come out monday. can't rule out isolated showers on monday but right now we're keeping it on the dry side. 57 on tuesday.
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wednesday that's the big day for travel, one area of low pressure moves through and another comes up the coast and moisture around i 95 could have snow fall from c. up towards boston. will have much more on that coming up the next couple days. this is definitely something we will be watching right here on nn brks krrn nbc 4. >> may think about an early departure. >> leave tomorrow. >> or wait until christmas. sports coming up. ♪
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you know we all wish we would have been there. >> i would have loved. >> i wanted to watch lebron. >> who is lebron? >> exactly. he got outshined tonight. there is an intensity tonight between the wizards and cavs. never stopped battling. no doubt this is the beginning of a beautiful thing which is really just hatred for each other. let's go. lebron james tweeted about how much he likes playing the verizon center in d.c. might want to change that now. kyrie irving misses the shot lebron is there to put it in.
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four points in 7. lebron with 22 points, no the best on the floor. later in the first quarter, the setback jumper and wizards up three. second quarter wizards up 11. wall with the steel all the way, wizards led by 13 at the break. third quarter wall driving and he gets it to go. 17 of his game high 28-points in the third quarter. later in the game bradley beale from the corner, 12 points off the bench for him. wizards beat the cavs in their first meeting of the season. 91-78. virginia looking to flex isthmusle against george washington. first hax. half. loop from anderson. nice reverse slam from the junior gets everyone pumped.
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second half one point game. here comes patricio base line, they're up one. virginia doesn't have to worry because even when they miss like evan here, here comes anderson, out of nowhere, a follow up, one-handed jam. 18 points for anderson. virginia takes down george washington, 59-42. high school football. only body paint and love for your team needs tonight. that's ej lee ripping through number 9 prince archard's d. north west hooking up with brandon williams off to the races, 83 yars to the end zone. north west up 21-7 and hold off
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a furious qo rally. 28-21 the final there. to baseball it's adam laroche good-bye my man, signed a two-year, $25 million with the chicago white sox. he had been with the club last 4 years finished
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>> that's our broadcast tonight. enjoy y
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- julianne moore, michael cera,


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