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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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you will not need that heavy coat when you walk out the door this morning. temperatures in the 60s. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein keeping a close eye on the warm temperatures for us. tom, good morning. a strong southwesterly breeze greeting you this. good morning on this monday morning. we have the rain that came through overnight. most of it is over. a few lingering sprinkles. we had enough to make everything wet. many of the side streets, sidewalks and front steps covered with leaves are slippery this morning. watch out for that. right now we're in the mid-60s prince george's county, low 60s montgomery. much of northern virginia, fairfax from near mt. vernon, restin, mcclain in the low 60s. near 60, loudoun. mid-60s prince william, stafford, spotsylvania. a mild morning, followed by a warm afternoon. a chaps of rain and snow on wednesday. next weather and traffic on the
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1s, a look at your neighborhood temperature at 6:11. we have had a crash early on. what's going on with that? >> another new crash, bw parkway northbound at arundel mills boulevard. earlier we were seeing something on the other side. chopper 4 over this right now trying to figure out where this crash is. beltway, connecticut avenue, we have a mess here. outer loop crash. that is the outer loop. now a crash inner loop. it is a mess in either direction. very, very slow. 270, pretty typical. d.c., 295. 66 and 95, again, looking pretty typical this time of the day as we are in the 6:00 hour. both running 40 miles per hour. i'm pack in 10 minutes with travel times >> see you then.
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6:02 is your time right now. he was a larger than life figure in d.c. politics. the district is working on plans for a memorial servi. we're also learning about what caused the former mayor's death. richard jordan is here with more on that and the reaction from ward 8. d.c. medical examiner says marion barry died of heart problems caused by high blood pressure. they say kidney disease was a contributing factor. he had a kidney transplant a few months ago. the family said he had just returned from getting something to eat. hours earlier he was released from the hospital and treated for a urinary tract infection. a crowd gathered outside his home to honor him with speeches and music. we talked to a man who took his picture on saturday night. that was just hours before his death. i'm just trying to take as much as i can from the last
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words he gave me. he's a legend. his legacy must live on. i hope it can live on in me >> as far as the memorial service for the mayor, it is expected to include a public service at the brighton center or washington convention center. he is expected to lie in repose at the wilson building. right now no dates or times have been set. eun? >> richard, thank you. d.c. council will start to begin the process of filling his ward 8 seat. they have officially declare the the vacancy. candidates will be run to go fill the remainder of his term, which ends in 2017. today the university of virginia's president will speak directly to students and parents about claims of multiple rapes on campus. the president and the inter fraternity plan to hold a news conference. a "rolling stone" article described a student's gang rape
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at a fraternity house. . today a judge could decide to drop charges against dozen office convicted criminals. an fbi agent is accused of tampering with evidence, guns and drugs, in their cases. as many as 28 separate cases could be dropped. right now in chicago, firefighters are searching through rubble after a three-story building collapsed. take a look at the damage. neighbors say they heard a loud boom before that collapse. crews pulled two women and a dog from the rubble. at last check, the women were listed in serious condition. the cause of the collapse is still unknown 6:05 now. a montgomery county substitute teacher accused of touching students will be in court. he is being held on $150,000 bond. he is charged with third degree sex offense. four female students have come forward saying he touched them
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inappropriately >> coming up on five minutes after the hour. a lot of questions about the future of rg3 after another tough loss for the redskins despite the loss against the 49ers. head coach jay gruden said griffin will be the starting quarterback. he said he was happy with the effort from his guys. but that's not enough. i think all our guys competed today. i didn't see any heads hanging down. so i'm happy in that regard. >> we're going to go back, watch the tape, and try to get better each week. trust the process. trust what we are doing. the redskins play the colts next week. we are following a developing story right now. the nation is waiting on a big decision about the shooting of an unarmed black teenager in missouri. the security changes in ferguson that have people wondering if that decision could come today. the shopping urge many of us
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face and what you should prepare for. plus, storm team 4 live in vienna. we're looking at how warm it can get there. weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. and the phone lines just opened up. you can donate to our annual food for families campaign which helps families in need this thanksgiving. call 202-885-4949 or to make your donation.
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welcome back at 6:09. a new study finds three in four of us have made an impulse purchase. imagine that. according to, this is what happens. >> any unplanned or unnecessary decision to buy something.
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apparently booze and emotions matter. men were three times more likely than women to make an impulse buy while drinking. and women phorp likely to buy when they are sad stpwhrfplt you've a heard of retail therapy. a stkpwrapblg full of stuff you don't use. >> i have heard of that. >> the rain has moved out. the big weather story, we're watching warm temperatures. check bell is live at the dunn loring metro stop. chuck, good morning. >> no heavy coat. this is barely even necessary. it is 62 degrees in the vienna
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fairfax area. had some showers on it earlier. you can probably get away without the umbrella. 64 degrees in manassas. 65, prince george's county. 66 in college park. 63 in gaithersburg. so it's a mild start. these numbers are already above high temperatures. plan a warm one for sure. 70 some martinsburg. 75 record high challenging degrees here in washington. fortunately the rain has now come to an end. coming knupp 10 minutes, tom will have your seven-day with a chance for rain and, yes, indeed snow on the travel day before thanksgiving. that's a wednesday morning. >> a monday morning mess. right now chopper 4 over northbound bw park a way and
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arundel mills. you are going to see flashing lights. might be a little slow. pelt way at connecticut avenue, on the left side of the roadway. outer and inner loop on the right side of the road, both out of the way. very slow. should take you 11 minutes from 95 to 270. 66 looking good. 395 not bad. 95 north, quantico to the beltway, 37 minutes. i'm back in 10. one of the fsu students shot inside the library has a message to share. why he has no ill will towards the shooter. ever feel like having it out with your boss? why it may be good for your career.
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time is 6:15. closely watching the developments out of missouri this morning. the grand jury could come back today with a decision to indict a ferguson police officer for the death of an unarmed black teenager. jennifer has more on what police are doing to prepare. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: eun, good morning.
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yes, police have been staging their 12-hour shifts. they have been stepping things up. put barricades around the courthouse and blocked off some of the streets near here in st. louis county, clayton courthouse. the grand jury is expected to meet again today. the speculation that they were close to a decision at the end of last week didn't turn out to be true. and they are still deliberating on this case, which they have for three months. this jury has been impaneled a month ago and extended through january. we don't know. and nobody knows. but law enforcement is ready. some schools put plans into place to dismiss students early in case there is a decision and unrest in certain neighborhoods.
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but, again, the guesswork is what it's all about. the grand jury has a lot of evidence to look through. it is evidence that may or may not become public when it's all done. a lot of uncertainty here in clayton and ferguson and the greater st. louis area. >> coming up on the "today" show, more on the process that the 12-member grand jury is coming to a decision and the problems mounting tensions are causing in megger son. not even a day before his death, barry went to get something to eat at a local bar. his long-time nurse says she's glad he made it home. >> he was walking. he wasn't on life support or
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anything. it was just natural cause. >> coming up at 6:30, we will share some of oprah's final enter is view with marion barry. this bus flipped over in northern california. it was taking a tour group from l.a. to washington a state for the weekend. the top of the bus was sheered off in the crash. one man died. 6:18 now. florida state university freshman who was hurt during a campus shooting says he feels sorry for the gunman. they were grazed by a bullet outside of florida state university library on thursday. >> i don't have any resentment or anything. he had his own problems to deal with. and i can't be mad at him for anything. >> both are expected to be okay. a lot of people cleaning up
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from severe storms in central georgia work to go figure out whether a tornado touched down. a tree fell on one boy's bedroom. the home wrecked. but nobody seriously hurt. that's always a good thing. that damage is incredible to see. we are experiencing wacky weather of our own in our area. we had freezing weather last week and it's monday and we have 60s. >> we are hashtaging wild swing for this monday. overnight, we have had a strong southwesterly flow sweeping the rain away. still most of the pavement is wet around much of the region. with wet leaves, pretty slippery on the side streets where it is mild in the mid-60s. much of fairfax, low to mid-60s. great falls to burk city, chantilly. 60s in loudoun, leesburg.
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mid-60s down towards woodbridge. warrenton, 64. what to wear today, well, just maybe a light shirt or a light jacket this morning. it will feel down right balmy when you step out the door. the first light of this day showing up over capitol hill. we'll have sunshine in and out through the morning with temperatures hovering in the low to mid-60s. by noon, near 70 degrees. and hitting mid-70s by midafternoon. under a clear sky by sunset, mid-60s. up near 60 during the afternoon. on wednesday with, looks like we'll have rain in the morning, changing to wet snow in the afternoon as we drop into the 30s. might have a light accumulation north and west of the metro, mainly grassy areas. thanksgiving day and friday, 40 degrees. a bit milder over the weekend. now melissa is here looking at so so traffic.
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we already had accidents. what's going on now? >> we have one here at connecticut and beltway and another in the inner loop. we have chopper on the way for you to show you the bigger picture of what sort of delay we are talking about here this morning. taking a look here beltway at central avenue, you can see that is moving along nicely. no major problems there. wider look at things, you can see the slowdown top of the beltway on the inner loop. that is nasty, especially this time of morning so far. taking a look here at 295, past 50, a little bit slow. that looks typical this time of day. on 66 headed into town, prince william parkway, very, very slow headed all the way in. and you open up finally in virginia. taking a look here at 95 in maryland, you're slow all the way northbound. pretty much 14 miles per hour as you approach the woodbridge area here this morning. prince george's county, overall looking quite good.
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i want to show you something very fun tom, an where and i did this weekend. a special weekend of course. we teamed up with the "today" show. so much fun. al, savannah, peter alexander for the second annual cranksgiving food drive. we biked 12 miles through the city picking up canned goods for miriam's kitchen along the way. 1,500 pounds of food collected this weekend. very cool. >> riding up capitol hill was a bit of a challenge. >> walking. >> put it into low gear. melissa had to dismount. >> that's the way to do it. >> i said, sorry, guys, i'll be there in a minute. >> a worthy cause here in washington. miriam's kitchen. >> i love miriam's kitchen. thank you, tom and melissa. 6:22. you still have plenty of time to help a needy family. >> all day nbc 4 is collecting donations as part of our food for families campaign.
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pat lawson-news has more now. good morning, pat. >> reporter: good morning. you know, thanksgiving is such a special time of year for us. most of us are busy getting ready for family and friends and of course thanksgiving dinner. too many of us, though, will not get thanksgiving dinner. that's why food for families is so important. every year, with the help of our friends and community partners at georgetown who got together and collected hundreds of thousands of cans of food last week were able to put thanksgiving dinner on the tables of thousands of needy families. but we need your help to do it. you can make a donation of any size sometime today. call our phone banks. volunteers are at the phones right now. call 202-885-4949. with me here at verizon center is our director of community affairs, eye aoe that. this means so much to everybody every year. >> thank you so much for being here, pat. it is so good to be out.
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thank god for a wonderful warm day. our goal is to try to feed at least 4,000 families. we can do it, because we have great viewers who i know will go online and do all the things you have instructed them to do. at the end of the day we hope we have collected enough food and enough money so no one in this city goes hungry this thanksgiving. >> well said, aisha. making a donation is as easy as pie. you can come by tow verizon center between 6th and 7th, make an online donation. or if it's easier, drop a donation at nbc 4, 4001, nebraska avenue, 20016. your donation will help put the "happy" in thanksgiving this year. . pat, thanks so much. go see pat today. she's going to be down there
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7:00 p.m., working hard collecting donations. see you soon. thank you, pat. 6:25 is the time. if you don't like your boss, there's a new study that says you should have it out with your boss instead of pretending to get along. >> really? >> yes. researchers say this. >> researchers. >> researchers at michigan state university save the bad blood between the two of you could negatively affect your work. your job performance improves if you and your boss see eye to eye about your relationship. the two of you not knowing what evil other feels is the problem. you don't have to like each other. you just have to know it. >> i feel the the alternative could be you could get fired. so tread lightly. sit a warm morning. shaping up to be a beautiful day. we're dodging a few showers, though. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein will take you through your forecast on the morning drive with weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:31.
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and marion barry. what he shared with oprah winfrey about his legacy in one of his final interviews.
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right now we can show you something you rarely see this close to thanksgiving. check out the numbers on the screen. temperatures sitting in the 60s in those places. starting to see the first color in the morning sky as well. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein going to get you through your trip to work. >> that's a live view from the storm team 4 city camera. southwesterly breeze that
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brought us the clouds and rain, now taking away the clouds and rain as well. watch out for the side streets and sidewalks covered with leaves. they're slippery. bowie, laurel, farther south, camp springs, upper marlboro, mid-six. low to mid-60s in fairfax from mcclain, vienna, fairfax city, alexandria. low to mid-60s there. near 60, loudoun, prince william. stafford and spotsylvania, mid-six already. and your drive time forecast will be encountering that son. the sun comes up at 7:00, the roads will still be wet. low to mid-60s. the winds will pick up in the middle of the day. lots of sunshine. you need the sunglasses as we soar into the 70s this afternoon. chuck bell in 10 minutes at 6:41. next weather and traffic on the 1s with the wild swing in temperatures the next several days.
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melissa is looking at our roads. everything is welt. you're right, we have had a couple of accidents. beltway at 66, you can see the sheen on the roadway. i was telling you earlier, my road in rockville, a little bit iffy because of all the leaves that came down last night as well. so be careful as you head out. very slow top of the beltway. jammed is seven miles at this point this morning. inbound, 395, slow. d.c., 295 slow. and just inside the beltway is slow. chopper got over this beltway at wisconsin avenue, slow. so as i advance back. i wanted to show you that for a second. crash there. we'll get more information about that. wide look again. slow in the normal spots. a little slower than we would like to see. northbound through dale city, 10 miles per hour. beltway at st. barnabas actually looks pretty good. travel times in a couple of minutes. more on the beltway slowdown. melissa, thank you. 6:32. reaction continues to come in
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from all levels of government on the passing of marion barry. current mayor vincent gray suppressed deep sadness and called him a true statesmen in the district of columbia and promised a memorial worthy of barry's level of service. the interview aired last night on own network. oprah talked about his new book "mayor more life" and what it took to gain that title. >> if you don't have the courage to carry out your conviction, your vision. got gave me a lot of gifts. you shoot for the moon. if you miss that, you look for the stars. he called his 16-year tenure incredible. he said he thought voters elected him for his service, not his name. our coverage of marion barry's legacy continues on more reaction from friends and colleagues and an interview with
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the former mayor where he answers some of his critics. it is now 6:33. two people will be in d.c. court for illegally carrying guns near the white house. april dubois was arrested thursday. they spotted her with a gun in a holster near the white house line. and r.j. copheim was arrested wednesday after agents found a rifle, ammunition and a knife on alexander place northwest. he told agents someone told him to drive from iowa to d.c. for a meeting with president obama. 19 people are in jail thanks to a prostitution sting by d.c. police. the vice unit targeted prostitutes and johns on massachusetts avenue between 14th and 16th northwest. one of the johns they arrested was also charged with possession of illegal drugs.
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alcohol and no seatbelts contributed to this crash. about 3:00 yesterday morning a chevy suburban drove off the road on east west highway. eight people inside. three passengers died, a man and two women. those three were not wearing seatbelts. the five other people, including the driver, were taken to the hospital. >> prince george's county police with are looking for a driver who hit a bicyclist and drove off. just before 2:00 a.m., a cyclist was riding on martin luther king near forbes avenue. he was riding along the curb when he was hit by a car they are looking for a black sedan with a broken headheadlamp and a piece of its bumper missing. today some of the country's most well-known and well-respected americans are here in washington. president obama will present them with the medal of freedom,
6:35 am
the highest civilian honor, at the white house. meryl streep, stevie wonder and tom brokaw are among the artists, activists and public servants receiving the honor today. today you can find out if rockville city council plans to raise your water rates. in order to address budget deficits they should consider raising water and sewer rates. the increase would happen gradually over the next six years. the budget meeting at 7:00 p.m. on city hall, maryland avenue >> your thanksgiving drive could be the cheapest one you have made in five years. the one decision that could change the dropping trend of gas prices. taking advantage of a bad situation. the trick thieves are trying to pull now that the buffalo bills game will be played in detroit. and it's warm today. how long will these warm temperatures stick around? what you will want to see when all of that starts to fade. weather and traffic on the 1s at
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6:41. stay with us.
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right now we are taking your calls for food for families. you can help a needy family in our area by making a donation any time between now and 7:00 tonight. call the number on your screen. 202-885-4949. your thanksgiving road trip could be the cheapest in five years. aaa reports global prices for crude oil are dropping to their lowest levels since 2010. however, the price could change thursday if oil producers decide to cut production. right now the average in the district for regular unleaded is
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$3.05. in maryland, you're looking at $2.84. in virginia right now the average is $2.65. and in west virginia, you see it right there, $2.93. timing is good for the holiday getaway. >> at least the gas prices are good. a little snow. i had to say it. it is warmer than it is typically this time of year >> chuck bell is live at dunn loring station to see ow abnormal this is. aaron mentioned the "s" word. it is the wild weather we have been been having. >> aaron looks to be the cold blanket on any toasty warm fire. a mild start this morning. already in the 60s. our average high is 54, 55 degrees. so we're already in plus territory, saving money on the heating bills as well as the car gasoline bill. so that's all good news. as far as your temperatures over the next couple of days, well,
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let's just say there is an ugly change coming. enjoy the day. 66 already at reagan national. 66 in college park. today is far and away the warmest day of the week. we'll have record challenging temperatures today. mid-70s. upper 70s are a a possibility today. tomorrow, back down into the 50s. by the time we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, the cold blanket is coming back. a chance for rain change to go snow wednesday afternoon. tom will have more of course in 10 minutes. whether it's rain or snow or just a rain event, any time you slow down the run ways on the busiest travel day of the day, be ready to pack your patience. it's already been an ugly start. melissa mollet will try to put a smiley on it somehow. >> i'll be smiling but i don't know if anybody else watching this is.
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beltway outer loop after georgia avenue. take a look at chopper pans out. you can see the slowdowns as you approach georgia avenue on the outer loop. jammed top of the beltway. seven-mile backup here. inbound 295, slow as you pass 50. talking about all the other major roadways. 66 east, not bad. 395, not bad. 95 to the beltway, 63 minutes. that should take you 25, 30 minutes. very slow there. maryland, outer loop. taking you 34 minutes from 95 to 270. southbound is taking you 22 minutes from 495 to the beltway. one of the biggest parts of d.c. council member marion barry's legacy is his yearly turkey giveaway. we are learning how his loved ones will carry on the tradition of giving >> a building collapse in
6:43 am
chicago. the search for survivors under way right now. your time now is 6:43.
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he helped shape d.c. politics for decade. the district is still working on plans for a memorial service. there are new details about what caused barry's death. news 4's richard jordan is here with more on that and the reaction from ward 8. eun, the d.c. medical
6:46 am
examiner said marion barry died of heart problems caused by high blood pressure. and kidney disease was a contributing factor. you may remember he had a kid transplant. the family said he had just returned from getting something to eat. hours earlier he was released from the hoital. he was treated for a urinary tract infection. last night he was honored with speeches and music. we spoke with a man who spoke with him shortly before his death. >> i am trying to take as much as i can from the last worlds he gave me and make the best of it. he's a legend. his legacy must live auto and i hope it lives on in me. >> a public service possibly at verizon center or the convention center.
6:47 am
no date or times have been set for that. eun and aaron. >> all right. richard jordan. thank you, richard. marion barry was planning to taking part in his annual turkey giveaway. >> the event will go on as planned tomorrow. volunteers are planning to hand out 3,000 free turkeys to needy families before thanksgiving. >> we'll be right here at the baptist church. he's been doing it for umpteen years, man. it's going to be really, really special day. he helped many a people, man. families who live in ward 8 can get the turkeys from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on a first come first served basis. the council has to officially declare a vacancy and then set a timeline for special election. his term ends in 2017.
6:48 am
today the university of virginia's president will speak to directly students and parents about claims of multiple rapes on campus. the president and the inter fraternity council plan to hold a news conference. all greek organizations were suspended after a "rolling stone" article described one student's gang rape at a fraternity house. the article suggested that there is a culture of rape at uva. this just in to the live desk. airports bracing for significant delays as thanksgiving travel begins because of wind and rain we're told. they're warning ground stops are expected at reagan national, along with airports in new york and philadelphia. thanksgiving travel also will be impacted from boston to denver they say. but the biggest problem is expected at chicago omid way detroit. >> angie, thank you. in a few hours lawyers for several convicted krpls will be
6:49 am
in court to argue their clients are illegally behind bars. an fbi agent is accused of tampering with evidence, guns and drugs in those case. federal prosecutors dropped charges against several of them even some who pled guilty. some others are still in jail, though, today. today montgomery county substitute teacher accused of touching students will be in court. jose paneda is being held on $150,000, charged with third degree sex offense. for female students have come forward saying he touched them inappropriately. now to a developing story it of chicago. firefighters searching through rubble after a three-story building collapsed. you can see a lot of damage here. neighbors say they heard a loud boom before the collapse. crews pulled two women and a dog from the rubble. they will be okay. the cause of the collapse is still unknown right now. at tough loss for the redskins. every game gets tougher to
6:50 am
watch. despite the loose to the 49ers, head coach jay gruden said rg3 will be the starting quarterback next week he said he's happy with the effort of the guys but says that is not enough. i think all our guys competed today. i didn't see any heads hanging down. so i'm happy in that regard. >> we're going to go back, watch the tape, and try to get better each week. trust the process. trust what we are doing. the redskins play the colts next week. >> i don't know. it's getting bad. or it is bad. you know what, though, here's the reality of being a life long redskins fan. i will still watch. i still care. >> let's move on. talk about the weather. we can be a little more excited about that. >> indeed things are looking up. i went to bed and it was fall and woke up to summer morning. in the 60s throughout much of the region. when you step out your door, greeted to temperatures in the 60s. right now much of fairfax county
6:51 am
from great falls over towards vienna, fairfax city, alexandria. mid-60s right now. farther west from lees burg into manassas, warren ton, low to mid-60s. what to wear today, that's pretty easy. a flannel shirt or light jacket and sunglasses too as the sun is breaking out. lots of sun through the day ahead. at the bus stop this morning, you will have a mild temperature with breaks in the clouds and low 60s. and then between 8:00 and 9:00, the winds will pick up. winds gusting 25 miles per hour by then. it's going to stay blustery. mid-60s mid morning. there are the blue berry clouds racing over the potomac. live from from city camera. afternoon highs reaching mid-60s. by noon time, 70. by late afternoon, near 70. overnight tonight we will be down into the 60s.
6:52 am
look at this wonderful cloud cover. this is posted on facebook and twitter and on instagram. colder weather moves in with highs near 60. rain changing over to snow from a coastal storm system. pink and white is snow. green is rain. a significant impact on ralph between here and boston. and the best chance for any sticking snow west of i-95. and then thursday, thanksgiving day, high near 40. cold friday. 40. a bit milder over the weekend. melissa looking at roads. >> just a little slow beltway, georgia. crash off to the right side. we do have serious backups. some serious volume here this morning at the top of the beltway. gw parkway, a new crash there. volume at the top of the beltway building up seven miles at this point. 395 is slow. 295 past 50 is slow as unusual.
6:53 am
a steady but 45-mile-per-hour commute. 66, fairfax parkway, not looking good too. 95 in stafford. a little slow. slow in dale city. running 15 miles per hour. guys? >> melissa, thank you. 6:53. families in buffalo getting ready to evacuate their homes today. temperatures climbing above freezing. not only is it expected to rain but all the piles upon piles of snow, seven feet, now melting too. governor andrew cuomo says it could cause flooding, bring down trees, roofs and power lines. the buffalo bills will play a home game 250 miles from home because of the snow. they had to move the game against the new york jets to detroit and push it until today. the tickets are free, although some people tried to sell them for 100 bucks or more.
6:54 am
still time to help families in need have a happier thanksgiving. food for families campaign. pat has more on the program. pat, good morning. >> reporter: hi, eun and aaron. good morning. guess what, we have gotten our first donations. people have come by and dropped money in the bucket. it's a great way to get us started here at verizon center. these wins right now are empty. they're empty. but we want to fill them to overflowing by day's end. we are here until 6:00 don't. we have volunteers from pepco and verizon center. they are coming from comcast, washington first bank, volunteers from all over the area to help us what we do every year, put thanksgiving on the table of needy families. 4,000 needy families are our target this year. but we need your help to do it. our volunteers are at the phone bank. call from the warmth of your
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living room or office. 202-885-4949. call and give your information. you can make a secure credit card donation at or drop your can donation in the mail to food for families at nbc washington, 4001 nebraska avenue. 20016. this is so important to us, folks. we do it every single year. we have done it for many years. we have fed thousands and thousands of people who can't enjoy a hot thanksgiving dinner. we want to feed as many but we can't do it without our family, our partners and our friends and viewers, you. back to you in the studio. >>. >> thank you, pat. >> pat will be there until 7:00 p.m. angie goff in the live desk. we continue to cover the death of former marijuana yon barry.
6:56 am
muriel bowser was talking about what he did for job growth. >> we joked off that he built the middleclass in prince george's county, maryland, nearby the district of columbia. but until this day if i walked through any neighborhood in the district of columbia and seen one of our 30,000 employees, oftentimes they will remark they got their start with mayor marion barry. >> he was a big supporter of bowser during her run for mayor. back to you. and good weather for donating to food for families today. afternoon highs reaching the mid-70s. a blustery wind and sunshine. tomorrow, high near 60. morning rain change to go wet snow on wednesday. a big change on the way. maybe some accumulation on grassy areas north and west. looking cold on thanksgiving. high near 40 >> after georgia, jammed from 95
6:57 am
over to 270. pretty big stretch there. slow down. taking a wider look at things, slow in all the normal spots. 66 headed into town. 395 north as well. 270, about 45 miles per hour headed southbound. >> less your heart. no problems on wednesday. good luck with that. thank you for joining us this morning. >> the "today" show is next. be sure to call us for food for families. we are going to be manning the phones until 7:00 p.m. or see pat at the verizon center. have a great a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families.
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opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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good morning. the big melt. in the wake of seven feet of snow, temperatures rise and rain falls in buffalo. the city braced for what the governor calls a toxic brew of flooding, while al tracks another winter storm that could disrupt the holiday travel plans of millions. breaking overnight, an apartment building collapses in chicago after an apparent explosion. two women and a dog pulled out of the rubble. we're there, live. breaking his silence in a "today" exclusive, former nbc staffer comes forward, saying for years he helped bring women to bill cosby's dressing room and, in some cases sent them money afterward. >> i felt dirty. >> why he says he could no longer remain silent. and


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