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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 26, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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it's a weather alert day. rain and snow are a problem this morning as people head in and out of town for thanksgiving. we have the roads and airports covered to help you get where you need to go. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. we begin with live pictures from cumberland, maryland. been snowing since the sun came up. piling fast, especially on grassy areas. as you can see on storm team 4 radar, the snow is now even moving into the district. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell begins our coverage from the weather center. >> there are big snowflakes falling just outside the windows
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here at nbc 4 in northwest washington and the farther west and north you go from downtown washington, the more snow you're going to see. temperature down to 32 at dulles airport, 34 at gaithersburg and leesburg. 42 down in southern maryland. here's storm team 4 radar. there's the quick switch from rain to snow now, moving right inside the capital beltway and on to the i-95 corridor. so we'll be watching this very, very carefully. the rain/snow line just now into northwest washington. it will work its way into the rest of the city in the next couple of minutes. you can send me a pictu picture @chuckbell on twitter. winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings remain in effect. out in the elements, my colleague tom kierein. >> here in leesburg, we're just south of leesburg now, in the
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storm team 4 x 4. we're on route 15. traffic is moving very slowly because the roads are snow covered now. this is the view out the front window of the storm team 4 x 4. we're only doing about 25 miles an hour. you can see the roads are already getting snow covered. along the sides of the roads, the grassy areas are getting covered now. i would estimate we have about an inch of snow on the shoulder of route 15 here and right along the grassy areas as well, all of the trees are getting snow covered. these are big wet snowflakes that have been coming down here in leesburg for the last hour and a half. enough to coat everything. and all of the neighborhoods around loudoun county now getting coated. we're just now coming sort of just a little bit into a rural area. speed limit's now 45. the prudent thing is to keep the speeds under the speed limits now. because everything is very slushy out here in loudoun
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county now. chuck. >> all right, thanks, tom kierein. winter storm warnings continue in effect. we'll get more on what you can expect from your neighborhood in a few minutes. >> the rain turning into snow couldn't be happening act a worse time. as many of you, your fries, neighbors, hundreds and thousands of others, are hitting the roads for the holidays. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in german town with that part of the story. oh, it's really coming down there, megan. wow. >> it really is. the flakes are enormous. it's very, very wet. you can see we're actually starting to see it stick on the bushes and the grassy areas. it's srting to snow in german town and we're starting now to actually see some slush beginning to form on the road here. so it's not to the point where the plows can come out here and push it aside. it's not that bad. but we are starting to see the slush as people are driving through the intersection here.
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so if you are going out, you're going to want to be very careful. >> a steady cold rain ushered in the start of the holiday travel rush. it's not what you want on a busy day like today. aaa says more than 46 million people will leave town for thanksgiving. 90% of them will hit the highways. >> what are you expecting out on the road? >> just a lot of traffic, the normal. >> rain alone causes enough fender benders and problems but there is also snow. in german town, the flakes started falling a little after 9:00 a.m. >> hopefully, the roads don't get too slippery. because the temperatures been warm. still got to drive. got to keep the family happy. >> i love snow. i think everybody's prepared for it. >> now, maryland state highway, the folks there had asked people to delay their travel plans. either go early or go on thursday and avoid traveling today because of the snow to
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allow the plows and the crews to do their job. whether people paid attention to that advice or that request or not, we're going to see. right now, it's not too bad out there. we're starting to see the slush build. of course, this is early in the day and the snow just beginning to fall just about an hour and a half ago. reporting live in germantown, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> coming up in less than ten minutes, houb the holiday spirit is alive at dulles airport despite the bad weather and the holiday rush. we have some breaking news now on capitol hill. let's check in with molette green. >> just minutes ago, i heard from capital police about a homeless man accused of breaking into a private u.s. house office building. our i-team reporter tweeted about this hours ago. u.s. capitol police just told me the suspect that was taken into custody has now been released from d.c. lock you and the
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unwelcome visitor apparently spent the night inside one of the offices inside the cannon house office building, an office belonging to house veterans affairs committee member there. we will continue to follow the developments on this story and bring them to you when we get them. >> thank you, molette. the shooting happened last night on call place near 50th street in southeast. d.c. police are looking for a four-door black honda. they don't have a description of the shooter though. the girl though is expected to be okay. the university of virginia's vowing to combat a campus rape problem with a new zero tolerance policy. it was adopted at yesterday's emergency board meeting. it's unclear how it will be enforced. the university has come under fire since a "rolling stone" article detailed a female student's gang rape at a frat house. >> is it not being done at the university of virginia to deal with this? >> i think we can always do
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more. >> a recent graduate who says she was a victim of assault. we'll have more on her story at 11:30 this morning. also coming up, keeping the peace in ferguson. as protests spread across the country. even shutting down a california highway this morning. and take a look at this wintry scene. snow outside the white house right now. our coverage of this early snowstorm continues throughout this hour. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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a major interstate back open after protesters blocked thousands of cars. take a look. the line of protesters here held up signs. read hands up, don't shoot. we've been hearing during the unrest relating to the michael brown case out of ferguson. this created gridlock on i-5, but things are back to normal again. this morning, police are crediting added troops with keeping the peace overnight. while it was still a violent night, it was nothing compared to monday. in ferguson with a look at police. >> reporter: there was a change in strategy by police and troops
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the ground. more troops, 2,200 now here, that triples the amount that were first deployed. police more aggressive, moving in much more quickly than they did the first night. they feel like they have a handle on things. police squad car was rolled, set on fire, there were buildings damaged, businesses looted. 44 people in all arrested. that's about half as many as the night before. they feel like they made progress in containing things overnight. also, officers telling me they had some help from the protesters themselves. a lot of the peaceful protesters, people who live here, beginning to point out some of those in the crowd who are causing some of the problems
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here. officers say that's going to be vital if they want to keep control of what's happening here. they're cautiously optimistic. there is concern about the holiday. with people coming into town. with students out of school. they're concerned over what could happen over the next couple of days. i don't think we'll see the security forces here change for the next couple of weeks, maybe months here. again, a better night last night. that is the latest from here in ferguson. i'm jay gray. back to you. for the first time since the decision, officer wilson speaking out about his decision to pull the trigger and shoot brown. wilson says brown punched him several times and attempted to grab his gun. wilson says he's confident he did the right thing. >> is there anything you could have done differently that would have prevented that killing from taking place? >> no. >> nothing? >> no. i have a clean conscience
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because i know i did my job right. >> he knows there is nothing he can say to make the brown family feel better. this morning on the "today" show, michael brown's parents said they don't believe the officer's act of what happened. >> who in their right mind would rush or charge at a police officer that has his gun drawn? that sounds crazy. >> attorneys for the brown family say they will pursue federal charges. this just in, new information on funeral arrangements for former d.c. mayor barry. when you can pay your respects. plus, another change of quarterback for the redskins. the inside story. good morning once again, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. there's the snow, straight on to the i-95 corridor. the i-95 corridor. my updated snow totals map
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we've got snow in our region. first, take a look at this. the white stuff coming down hard in sterling. this is route 7. our dash cam. as you can see it's pretty tough for folks driving along that stretch. the flakes are getting bigger.
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i just took a look outside. it's pretty picturesque. we'll keep a check on how things are going. our last look at snow in the germantown area there. just in time for thanksgiving, but trouble for those drivers out there making their way up and down the east coast to grandma's house for thanksgiving. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. right now, the rain and snow have a lot of you concerned about getting to your family and friends. is tracking more than 300 flight cancellations. at least 19 flights into reagan national airport are grounded. the weather channel's rick adams is talking to travelers at dulles airport. >> there's a lot of rain. it's yucky here. we've got a family here who will bring us some sunshine. hello, family.
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so you're the grand mom so i'm giving you a bit of a hug so i don't have a grand mom. >> thank you, it feels good, nice and warm. >> where are you from? >> i'm originally from chicago but i live in williamsburg. >> off to where? >> to see our family in denver our two sons and their family are coming and we're going to ski and have gobble gobble. >> you're a skiing grand mom? >> i think i'll watch. >> just falling down the slope, i'm pretty good at that. did you bring food? >> we brought a bowl of sausage here. >> has it been tough wrangling all these people here? it is the toughest job in the world. >> it is hard to pack for everybody but we're thrilled, we're excited to go. >> let's talk about the weather as well been were you concerned about the weather, the fact we were concerned about snow and rain for this area? >> yes, we left early with lots of time. we're excited to get on the plane. >> the good news is, there's going to be some snow where you're going. >> oh, yes, yes. i have my ugs and i have all my
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clothes and i'm happy. >> as long as you're happy, that's the most important thing. we're going to be here pretty much all morning. we're just checking out the weather. i can tell you, for the moment here, it's going pretty well. no real delays. the weather's looking fairly good. a bit of snow predicted later on. for now, back to you. >> all right, thank you, rick. with more than 1 million people expected to head out our area this holiday, there's no doubt the roads will be packed. add to that, the mounting frustration as snow and rain comes through. we saw a lot of it out there already. first 4's traffic melissa mel lay is here. >> the roads are already a little wacky thanks to all the lucky folks headed out of town. we're going to tell you when to leave and when not to. the map shows our travel habits from last year's holiday. if you're wondering about the worst time to head south or west, today at 3:00 p.m. was
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pretty bad. it was the lightest at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. as for coming north up 95 and back into town, sunday at 8:00 p.m. was the worst time for that. overall, sunday morning was a better bet for a return trip. now, here are four other things you should know as you hit the road this thanksgiving. some tricks to your travel. we start in maryland. if you're headed north on 95 around the beltway, listen up, maryland state highway tell, me all planned lane closures associated with construction have been canceled for the next few days. those closures were put on hold this morning. they won't see them again until 9:00 monday morning. that will provide some nice relief. number two, a nice holiday from the hov restrictions in maryland, talking about 270, 250 here. restrictions are lifted tomorrow, thursday, only. now virginia. our third thing to know. vdot will be lifting all planned construction closures from today until noon on monday. that also applies to the entire
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state. number four, the virginia hov lanes. normal restriction, apply today. tomorrow, they are lifted for thanksgiving day. that's a nice little gift. like maryland, they're back in place on friday. happy travels being and happy thanksgiving. we have new information on the services for former d.c. mayor marion barry now. our mark see graves confirmed barry will lie in repose at the wilson building in downtown d.c. next thursday. the funeral is next saturday. district leaders and his family will announce other special events. make sure you have our nbc washington app. that's the nbc washington. we will send you a push alert as soon as the plans are announced today. barry will be laid to rest at the congressional cemetery on capitol hill. colt mccoy will be the redskins starting quarterback this sunday. overnight, confirmed that rg3 has been benched.
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diana joins us live on the phone now with more on why the decision was made. has the whole team been told this news yet? >> yes, they were told about two hours ago. yesterday, the three quarterbacks, griffin iii, cold mccoy and cousins all met and were told mccoy would get the start and griffin would be benched. this morning, the team was told as a group that they're going forward this sunday against the colts with colt mccoy under center and robert griffin on the bench. >> what does this mean for rg3 and the rg3 era? what does this mean? >> well, right now, we don't really know what it means. i mean, just based on the fact that they are deciding to bench and now here the second half of the season, is definitely very telling of what the redskins
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think about griffin. that he may not be the guy. and there's also a really good chance this is the last season that we'll see griffin in a washington redskins jersey. so right now with colt mccoy being the starter, it looks like this organization has lost faith and confidence in number 10. >> i guess we'll all be watching to see how it goes. and our live -- thank you, again, diana. have a great thanksgiving if i don't see you before then. >> thank you, barbara, you too. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is on the road and will bring us the latest conditions. light snow has started to fall in new york
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today, crews are blowing up these giant balloons. you'll see 16 giant character balloons like spider-man, papa smurf and hello kitty on the route. you can watch the 88th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow right here on nbc 4. it all starts at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. for voice fans, we have a spoiler alert. if you're waiting to watch last night's elimination show, maybe you tivo'd it, you want to turn
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it down so you don't hear what happened. we know many of you are rooting for sterling's own ryan sill. >> ryan sill again. saved by america two weeks in a row. >> sill was saved from elimination last night. he was in the bottom three again. but with your votes, america tweeted to make ryan its instant save. he received nearly 50% of the audience's vote to send him to compete next week with the top eight. watch ryan sing mont night on nbc 4. right now, take a close look at storm team 4 radar. the white on the map is snow. that snow has moved into most of our area now. now the question is how long is it going to last? chuck bell is back with some answers. plus, a victim speaks out at uva
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right now, take a look at the snow. it has arrived in northwest d.c. it's out there. the worst conditions remain to the north and west of us. you can see the snow is coming down. that's nbc 4 out there. we've got some snow out of the ground. meet ro meteorologist chuck bell. >> we're getting a white hue on the green grass. a lot of our friends and neighbors just out to the north
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and west of washington are really getting hit pretty good with the snow right now. here's reagan national airport. lots of slow downs. if you have a flight today or expecting someone, call ahead. and remember, be patient, everybody, we're all stuck in this mess together on one of the busiest travel days of the year. slow going at all of the airports and hundreds of cancellations, mostly out of the metro area. a lot of those plains come down into our area. that's why you need to call again. weather advisory, down towards culpepper and orange county. that's the winter weather advisory. winter storm warnings out farther to the west of there. along i-81, western maryland, that's where the winter storm warning is. that goes unt 6:00. roads are already wet. in some places, a little slushy as well. a heavy wet snow coming down.
11:32 am
will be able to accumulate a little bit in the immediate metro area. winter storm warning also goes until 6:00. i've upped the totals just a touch. 4 inches to maybe 9 right along the crest of the blue ridge. where most folks live, 4 to 9 inches on average. the roads are already slippery and slushy. don't forget to download our storm team 4 weather app. it's absolutely free. we've got a customized storm team 4 forecast there for you. hernan, virginia, already snow covering the ground out there. scott, warren county, virginia, several inches of snow out there from front royal into other parts of clark and warren county. centerville, virginia, walter sending this picture. still barely anything on the ground there in centerville. that picture may be changing now though. send me your pictures. again, it's a cloudy day. it's cold, it's wet, it's snowing out there. north wind at 8 miles per hour.
11:33 am
out to the north and west, temperatures are close to the freezing mark. this is starting to stick pretty effectively. a little bit a breeze has windchills back in the upper 20s and low 30s. hour by hour, through the rest of your day, snow through 6:00, snow ending after 6:00 and turning cloudy and cold. major delays pretty much any form of transportation. i-95, mostly rain. i-81, mostly snow. here's my updated snow totals now. two inches or less right along east of i-95. 2 to 4 inches from i-95 westbound to leesburg. 4 to 9 inches, blue ridge, shenandoah, west virginia. a snow emergency in frederick county, maryland. the snow making its way to the southeast sides of the capital beltway. it's all snow across the shenandoah valley. this is going to continue here for basically the remainder of
11:34 am
the daylight hours. and big dish plate sized snowflakes in and around the city of mon nas ses. again, the end of all of this starts to arrive around 8:00. quick check of your seven day. we'll she yow you again before show's over. chance of a passing flurry tomorrow. the weekend, things turn a little bit milder. >> oh, that's good. thanks a lot. we're going to get an update on the road conditions. tom kierein is in the 4 x 4. you're getting to ride today. >> yes, and the roads are not looking very good. just checking the radar with my storm team 4 app. we definitely have these big dinner plate sized snowflakes still coming down. look at this side street. it's a neighborhood in leesburg. it's been transformed into a winter wonderland. and these streets are covered
11:35 am
with a good, i would say, inch of snow now. they are covered with snow. and all along the sidewalks and the front yards, it's looking more like christmas, not thanksgiving. it's going to be a white thanksgiving here. none of these streets have been plowed. they are slushy. thankfully, the temperatures, a little bit above freezing, so it's not quite turning to ice yet. if these are not plowed or treated in the evening hours, this is going to freeze up solid overnight and we're going to have major problems with icy spots and frozen slush on many side streets throughout much of the region where snow continues to fall. barbara. >> it is beautiful out there, tom, happy thanksgiving to you. today is a weather alert day. look for updates right here. we're going to check in again with molette green now.
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what's happening? >> we're just learning that supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg had surgery this morning to place a stent in her heart. nbc news reports that she needed this procedure after feeling discomfort during exercise this morning. the stent was placed in her right coronary artery. word from the high court is she is now resting comfortably. and will probably be discharged within 48 hours. now, justice ginsburg is the court's oldest justice and two-time cancer survivor. the 81-year-old has talked about exercise contributing to her well being. she's repeatedly rejected calls for her to step down amid her health scares. students and faculty at university of virginia are dealing with a deep-seated issue, campus rape. the handling of a student's assault is fueling protest in
11:37 am
recent days. >> your story's not unique. >> it's not. i heard from a lot of women like me. >> emily knows firsthand about rape at uva. as a freshman, she says she was sexually assaulted at a fraternity house on campus. her attacker, she says, never punished, because he transferred schools. now employed by the university, she counsels other sexual assault survivors including jackie. has exposed a cultural crisis within this 200-year-old institution. >> every student you say needs to look in the mirror. >> and decide what can i do that reinforces a value system that supports survivors and stops it from happening. >> uva's board addressed the firestorm at an emergency meeting tuesday. >> i'd like to say to jackie and her parents that i am sorry. >> weeks after charlottesville police investigated the
11:38 am
disappearance and murder of freshman hannah graham, the university president has now asked chief longo to investigate jackie's case. >> there were bystanders. there were people in that room. who saw and heard what is being called shocking and horrifying and i hope that those bystanders have the moral courage, the moral courage to come forward and help us with that investigation. >> even as protesters silently condemned the school's policies, one sign of uva's founder reading, sexual misconduct, a jeffersonian tradition, the board vowed to come up with new solutions. >> if we can't deliver on this fundamental duty, than we, all of us, we will have failed. >> urgent calls for change. as this campus community undergoes a painful reexamination. >> we are facing a deeply kind
11:39 am
of terrible thing that's happened within our community and that fundamentally undermines trust here. >> we just learned san diego state university is dealing with a similar situation. a fraternity member is accused of disrupting a sexual assault awareness event on campus. university leaders have suspended all greek social activities there. one step closer. what d.c. leaders are doing to bring a new soccer stadium to the city. plus, a behind the scenes look at who's keeping your luggage safe and secure when you check in at the airport.
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i'm mollet green at the live desk. we've just learned a man pulled from a collapsed trench in frederick county maryland has now died. of his injuries. here is the video of the rescue. the sheriff's office says 26-year-old robert craig of myersville died after complaining of hip and leg injuries. craig was buried from his waist down in about ten feet of rock and dirt for several hours before he could be rescued. the plumbing contractor had been working at a construction site there. that is the latest from the live desk, back to you. a new deal for a soccer stadium. the washington business journal reports two communities approved a plan who is still a council
11:43 am
member. it removes the aging reeves municipal building from a land swap. instead, the new plan allows the council to use imminent do main to buy land at buzzard point for a new stadium. the district will pay half of the $3 million price tag. loudoun county's first charter school is facing probation. the loudoun times says the charter school has deficiencies in teaching certifications. apparently, a number of teachers do not come up when searched in the licensed section of the virginia department website. the school board will meet to discuss this issue on the 2nd of december. for most shoppers, black friday is all about saving money. coming up, how ditching the traditional retailers could help you do just that. if you're looking for a new phone, one company is offering you money to make that switch. on your mark, get set -- and they are off. >> and find out how our
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a live look in cumberland, maryland, where it has been snowing since before the sun came up. the snow has now moved into the district. no major travel problems are being reported at this hour. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is back with an update in just a few minutes. bargain shoppers, blackberry
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is offering to pay you to switch your iphone 6 for a blackberry passport. starting this coming monday, the company will pay you up to $400 when you trade in your iphone. after discounts and the maximum amount for your trade-in, you could get back about $50 in your pocket with the new blackberry passport. blackberry says it's the first of its kind deal for this holiday season. from a financial standpoint, the holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. you've probably tried many different strategies for tightening your holiday budget. there's one strategy that can help you save without making any mistakes. this is consignment shopping. we don't know too much about it. carmen lopez knows a lot about it. she's the owner of current boutique. welcome. >> thank you, good to see you too. >> you say a lot of people have misconception of consignment shops. what's that misconception?
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>> i think most people thing they're going to get really old used items on consignment. but that's not the case. you're going to find barely worn in pristine condition fantastic one of a kind items that are great for gifts or for yourself. >> we can see a lot of them in these pictures. they're all over our area. you say they're in every community? >> every community has great consignment shops. so whether you're looking to sell home goods, baby items, designer clothing, check out your local consignment shop and they can help you make money for the holidays. >> okay. we're going to go through a list of five reasons. one of them is about avoiding crowds, right? >> yes, you want to shop local. one of the things about consignment shops, they're mostly in local neighborhoods. so you're going to beat the crowds thisol your shop consignment. >> number two, unique gifts. you say there are lots of things people don't expect. >> absolutely, unique collectible items. things you can't find anywhere
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else whether it's vintage, home goods, baby items. >> you have some examples you brought us with. you say this is an hermes scarf. >> in perfect condition, 100% silk. it's $199 on consignment. >> $199 and this would sell for how much in the store? >> $300 to $500. >> it is in great condition. >> this is very rare too so it's hard to find. you can't just get this special anywhere in the retail stores. it's extremely valuable. christian dior patent leather handbag. it's in perfect condition. as you can see. it's fashionable. again, a great pete piece you can find on consignment. >> what's the difference in price? >> price for this is $330. retail, over $1,000. >> you say lots of clothes that are gently used. >> gently used modern fashionable. you can find on consignment. this is alex ander mcqueen dres.
11:50 am
this dress retails for about $1,700. you can get it for $498 for your holiday party. >> you say number three is save money. >> yeah, you're going to save some money. >> as you just sd us, big price differential. >> absolutely, one other thing, on black friday, you're going to get extra discounts. this is number four. >> and number five, you say you can earn some money. >> absolutely. make some extra cash for the holidays. with you want to sell your furniture, design clothing, baby items, find the consignment shop, vintage shop in your area. and sell your items. >> when you're going shopping at a consignment store, take a bag of used things with you. >> exactly. it's a great way to recycle things. >> thank you sop f much for joig us. our time is 11:50. a look at what happens to your luggage when you check in at the
11:51 am
airport. we're going to check in on where the rain/snow line is now. how much longer we're going
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11:53 am
we're following several developing stories on nbc 4. our mark segraves confirms he
11:54 am
will lie in state next friday. stay with news 4 and for more updates. we're tracking your holiday travel conditions all day. more than a dozen flights in and out of reagan national airport are already canceled. and more could be canceled now that snow has moved into our area. you can track the storm and when it will be in the area by going to in just a few hours, the president will pardon the national thanksgiving turkey and its alternate too in a rose garden. this year's turkey clocks in at a whopping 50 pounds. i guess it's going to be out in the snow a bit later today. more than 26 million people are flying on this thanksgiving holiday. that amounts to a whole lot of luggage. but what happens to your bags after you hand them over to the airlines? went behind the scenes at dulles around to find out. >> reporter: off it goes, but
11:55 am
where, and what exactly is done with it? >> i don't know. maybe someone's brushing their teeth with my toothbrush and toothpaste. who knows? >> reporter: we went down and under dulles airport to find out. >> a bag will travel somewhere between a half mile to several miles to that airline. >> reporter: this is the assistance federal security director for screening operations for the tsa. >> quite an extensive process. >> reporter: this is what passengers never see. a $42 million system called in-line baggage screening. out of tsa's 450 airports, fewer than a third have this technology. washington dulles international is one of them. >> it's put on the belt, run through the handling system under the airport. >> reporter: either single checked bag goes through this explosive detection system. it's the first line of defense. and the tsa says this technology can screen three to four times more luggage than ever before.
11:56 am
>> a checked bag that doesn't have any issues, within seconds. >> reporter: but if it's flagged, that is tie verdictdiv second screening process. >> we physically look at each image. >> reporter: we're footnot allo to show you but we can tell you it's 3-d imaging. if the item in question not recognizable, the bag is sent to a third location where it's hands on and the bag is searched. tsa agents are looking for the item that's been flagged throughout the security process. and we're told it can take anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes to complete a search. a time crunch if your bag makes the flight. >> it's somewhere between 35 to 40 minutes. >> reporter: something to keep in mind when you bag your next bag. >> if it took you and your sister and brother sitting on top of a bag to get that thing closed, it will be pretty hard to get that thing closed again as well.
11:57 am
>> reporter: erica gonzalez, news 4. dulles expects to get a second in-line system installed in the coming year. as we head into the holiday season, don't wrap your gifts. the tsa will likely unwrap them for security reasons. time now for a final check on our forecast. >> lots of snow, especially the higher elevations. here's cumberland, maryland. interstate 68. snow covered side streets and slushy highways. that picture could be almost anywhere on i-81 as well. so take it slow, everybody. there's a perfect example of why this is such a tricky area to forecast for. the rain/snow line. so again southern maryland won't see a flake. northern maryland anywhere from 4 tore maybe as much as 9 inches of snow out towards the higher elevations. far western fairfax, the high spots, and loudoun county, again, that 2 to 4, maybe a little more than 4 inches.
11:58 am
in and around the immediate d.c. area within a couple miles of the beltway, generally 2 inches or less. seven-day forecast, 40s to 30s today. 20s tomorrow morning. a cold day tomorrow. maybe a passing flurry. that's about it. then dry the rest of the holiday weekend. the busiest travel day of the year is actually sunday because everyone comes home on the same day. >> if they get somewhere. >> if they ever get anywhere, they're all coming back. driving to atlanta this afternoon. >> okay, that's news 4 midday for today. we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in for news at
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> chad: yes, mr. shin, i intend to make my father very proud. and live up to the dimera name. >> melanie: chad... it's good to see you're finally admitting the man you really are. >> chad: mel. >> melanie: mm-hmm. >> chad: you look amazing. welcome home.


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