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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 26, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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you mention that winter storm warning. the good news here is that it has been allowed to expire and will continue to improve. but we've had snow all day if parts of the region. you can see right now storm team 4 radar showing the rain and snow getting out of here. say good-bye to the rain and snow around northern virginia. still seeing some in portions of fairfax county. mostly now in through the state of maryland, most of it on the lighter side. it will continue to be on the lighter side as we move on through. still snow around gaithersburg . flurry activity. we're going to continue to see what's going on now. the winter weather advisory also in effect. that is dropped. not worrying about that either. the big deal here is we've seen the snow and now we're seeing freezing temperatures tonight. 34 in reston. 34 in gaithersburg. temperature only have to drop two to four degrees to get to that freezing mark. and that will happen as move on through the next couple of
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hours. we're expecting the roads to be on the slick side. i'll be back in a couple minutes to talk about that tranforecast. >> thank you. >> here's a look at some of the conditions that drivers had to contend with in an effort to make it to the thanks giving destination. david has been tracking the trip across northern virginia all day. he is live in hay market, virginia, with the accidents along the way. >> test the roads we did to a lot of driving. we started out in arlington where this this cold rain coming down. we headed into western fairfax county that crossover snow began and we made our way out to winchester where it was a much heavier snow. it was a tough commute on this thanksgiving eve. >> route 7, the first of a few cars we found spun out. farther down, another driver split off the road.
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that is where steve shannon's crews come in. they've been treating the roads most of today. >> heerd in loudon, i have between 120 and 130 pieces of equipment. we're getting hit harder out here than the rest of the county in the area. >> vdot had to send more than twice of what they budgeted. >> we start preparing for snow in june. >> a mostly empty interstate 81 caused many travelers to rearrange their plans. >> icy out there? >> yes. >> at this winchester rest stop, even the dogs bundled up and some kept to travel plans despite the weather. boris cramer drove down from boston. he has the uva-tep game. >> i thought there be wore movement. but coming down 81 it was smooth. >> where did you start? >> rochester, new york. >> in his 80s, pat shriner is headed to norfolk. his family members tell me the
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former trucker insisted on taking the wheel. >> i see the road is quite bad up that way. >> you were surprised? >> yeah. we ran right into it. >> maybe tough to see behind me but route 15 right here is covered in just a wet surface as of right now. as you heard doug mention, the temperatures are going down and it's for that reason that vdot tells me their truck drivers are treating the roads throughout tonight and into thanksgiving morning. we're live in hay market, david kulver, news 4. >> here's the scene in leesburg, virginia. a lot of secondary roads and neighborhoods covered in snow. places got an inch to two inches of snow. >> drivers encountered slush and wet roads in germantown. the snow fell steadily there throughout the day. >> some travelers got a unique view of the snowfall.
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our storm team four by four to check the roads in maryland. where are you now? >> right now i'm on canal run drive in point of rocks, maryland. i tell you, take a look right now on this. you can see snow covering the lawn. it is not snowing anymore. but a lot of folks, we saw some folks shoveling. basically, it's quiet. a lot of the roadways, i must add, are wet. this is why you need to make sure you slow down, look out for black ice. a lot of folks tell us this came out of nowhere. they did not know this snow was going to happen.
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>> slow going at the airports up and down the east coast tonight. nearly 700 flights have been canceled throughout the country. the lines outside our local rpts are not nearly as bad as they were yesterday. on the left, you see our adam tuss there reporting on security lines yesterday. on the right, adam walked that same con course today. rain, snow, sleet, wind. there will be turkey on the other end of the flight. the travel impact coming up. >> popular thanks giving destinations are also dealing with snow. only a light dusting in chicago. what albany, new york, is getting hammered with a foot of snow. people near springfield, massachusetts, doing last minute shopping with conditions there took a turn for the worst.
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>> the guardian of a local high school student says she feels disgusted and disturbed after she learned that her charge, a teenager was in a sexual relationship with a teacher's aide. carla nordic is the teacher's aide. she was trying to hide her face from cameras out site the courthouse today. police arrested her last night in an costa. court documents say she was in a car naked with a 16-year-old girl. she works at eastern senior high school. coming up later in our broadcast, the guardian of that teenager tells us why she was so disappointed after she talked to school administrators. >> now to more fallout from the decision in ferguson. >> everybody step down. >> st. louis police lock down city hall and called in more than 100 extra officers after protesters rushed into the building. three people were arrested
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including one charged with assaulting a marshal. meanwhile, in ferguson, national guard members are posted downtown where a lot of people are just hoping for peaceful night. we have a report. >> demonstrations from here in missouri and coast to coast today. angry demonstrators stormed city hall and met with police resistance. angry protests overnight in ferguson. a sent. appreciated by the family of mike april brown appearing this morning on the "today" show. >> some people have their own agenda. i won't say i'm mad at the people that what they're doing. that's their agenda. it's not what i asked for. it doesn't have nothing to do with us.
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but, yeah, we appreciate that. we love them for that. >> while were problems, there was nowhere near the level hit reached 24 hours earlier after the grand jury decision not to indict ferguson police officers darren wilson was announced. >> i understand why our city is angry. it's not the right way to go about it. >> as a long holiday weekend approaches, with some home for calm. >> in all, 42 arrests overnight and over the next 48 hours their goal is to keep the peace and still preserve everyone's right to protest. >> eight protesters were arrested in los angeles this morning for blocking traffic on the 101 freeway. the demonstrators also spraypainted vulgar language directed at police officers on the highway. more than 200 protesters were arrested in los angeles since monday night's announcement in ferguson, missouri.
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several businesses in upper marlboro, maryland, have been forced to close early after part of the building collapsed. an outside wall and part of the floor at this building on main street just crumbled last night. a portion of the parking lot also collapsed. i couple of insurance businesses there were not able to open this morning. that building has been declared uninhabitable. u.s. capital police arrested a homeless man that spent the night inside the cannon house office building. the man was removed early stat morning from the third floor offices of the u.s. house committee on veterans affairs. that's just down the hall from the committee's hearing room. we're told the man had baggage with him at the time. temperatures dipped near 20 degrees that morning. >> did you see what happened with our football team? robert gri robert griffin iii is now number two. second string, that is. been the second time in the last two years he's been benched. we have a whole lot more on what that means for him and the team.
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>> that's right. i just got back from redskins park. jay gruden says he made this decision on monday. he calls all three quarterbacks in on tuesday to tell them without the rest of the team that robert griffin iii is no longer going to be the starter. colt mccoy will be under center on sunday. the first snap belonged to mccoy. griffin prepared to be his backup. gruden says he knows rg-3 did play better and that signature hymn down right now may help him in the long term. but he added, right now mccoy gives the skins a better chance to win a game and that as long as he's productive, the job is his. >> i'm prepared to give colt every opportunity to keep the job, yes. that's not an issue for me. if he zshgs he'll be the quarterback next week. if he does, he'll be the quarterback the following week. but he's an experienced quarterback. he's got, you know, some games under his belt in the nfl. he has a little bit more experience than the other two guys have here. and, you know, he plays like it.
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>> gruden said that he made the switch because rg 3 just isn't producing enough. so lots more to this though. how does the rest of the team feel about the quarterback change? we'll talk to them in about 30 minutes. >> thanks, diana. >> arrested for impersonating a first responder and it's not the first time he's pretended to be somebody he's not. >> former marylandon barrie happened plans i had own funeral months before he died. tonight, some of the details are revealed. we'll report how it compares to other high profile tributes in the city. >> bargain hunters braving the weather for the black friday deals. see where people are already lining up this evening. ♪
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it's been a nasty day for people trying to get to their destinations. the delays and cancellations began to build. adam tuss is checking the situation at our airports all day. he has the latest from reagan national airport. hi, adam. >> hi, dor reen. lots of people still have a lot of traveling to do in the airlines, yeah, they're trying to catch up after today's weather caused delays and cancellations. >> snow falling, sometimes at a steady rate, and that means some had to wait. anticipation for john and his
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wife as they first checked in. >> we started with the first delay, right? right now 20 minutes and hoping we don't have another delay for the flight. have they td you anything about why it's delayed? >> no. we're just guessing that there's been delays all up and down the eastern seaboard. >> he's right. it hasn't been the easiest day to fly. it hasn't been all that busy either. take a look at this chart from the tsa. the busiest day to fly over this holiday period will actually thb coming sunday. still, families from vee yaen trying to get indianapolis kaud in the middle today's weather bags and all. the 2:00 flight from reagan national canceled and this is just the beginning of the trip. >> we're hoping that we'll make it today and in fact we're flying to inldy and then two hours to where my mom lives. >> wow. >> you have a long day. >> you have more to go once you can get on a flight. >> others have been facing delays. for the most part, the
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precipitation not causing a huge mess on the runways. >> and back here now live. most of the delays and cancellations we've seen today are in places in the northeast like philadelphia, new york, hartford, boston. if you're going there, do check ahead as always. reporting live at reagan, adam tuss, news 4. >> thank you. of course as noted, this bad weather is hitting on just one of the busiest travel days of the year. aaa says more than 46 million americans are flying or driving on this holiday. more than at any time since the year 2007. lower gasoline prices and a healthier economy are two reasons for that. most travelers seem to be taking the weather in stride. >> we have to be on the lookout for each other as we're driving. >> there is a silver lining, of course. travel has been smooth for those headed to the midwest and west coast. >> rough going for a lot of people today.
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a lot of folks now worrying about tomorrow morning. wanting to get out of town tomorrow morning or maybe get out -- >> runs and all that kind of stuff. >> that's the concern. some of this could be changing to ice overnight. we don't know if it's going to be a huge issue. if you run into some of the areas that do have ice, that could cause problems. let's take you a couple of areas. one of those places, how about north carolina. just over the border of west virginia. just south of blacksburg. picked up four inches of snow there. that snowmaking its way up towards the virginia area, wf, maryland and pennsylvania. and that's obviously great news for the ski resorts. many pennsylvania ski resorts open during the day or will open during the day on friday. they include liberty mountain, white tail, round top and blue mountain as well. this is near carol valley earlier. liberty mountain's web cam is up and running. and snowshoe mountain kicked off their area today. they were sitting at 9 inches of
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snow as of 1:00 in afternoon. how about that? yep. get your skis ready. it's almost that time of year. snowfall totals around our region very close to what we had last night. almost all rain down towards the south. again, it doesn't matter too much there. less than an inch around the d.c. metro area. prince george's county and stafford area and in that ench was only on the grassy surfaces. the roads, no problem here. one to three inches back to the west around ashburn, leesburg, this is where did he wwe did see some of the roads covered. the snow came down fairly heavily. covered everything. and then as ♪ began to wayne a little bit, we did see that melting on the roadways. back to the west, three to nine inches. i had three to six here yesterday. mentioned we could see more. so some good snows back near towards the mountains. the snow is out of here. temperatures have gone up the last couple of hours. 37 degrees right now. wind out of the north at 9 miles per hour. i mentioned the temperatures
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going up. they were at 34 degrees last hour in manassas and leesburg. the temperatures do tend to go up a little bit before falling back down. they will fall back down to around freezing. that's what the concern tonight. so overnight tonight ending the snow and rain ending by 8:00. icy patches tomorrow morning. use caution for sure, especially in the areas where did you see the snow on the roadways later this evening. now what we're going to see on the radar, a few showers remaining. these are very light rain and snow showers coming through. really nothing of consequence. a few along i-95. some down waldorf and bathesda. just very light shower activity there. that is our one storm moving off. you can see how it affected the i-95 corridor. traveling throughout northeast over the next 24 hours, going to be a bit of a mess. here's the next storm making its way through the st. louis region now. that wunl dip our way during the day tomorrow and yes, thanks giving. could see a shor or a stray shower as well. so 39 degrees on your friday for
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black friday. a cold one there. saturday and sunday, temperatures warming. 46 degrees on saturday. 58 on sunday. 65 degrees on monday. man, that's going to feel pretty nice. >> indeed. thank you, doug. a local teacher's aide found naked in a car with an underaged student. all new at 6:00. reaction from the victim's guardian about the school system's response to the arrest. i'm darcy spencer in landover near fedex field where fans are reacting to rg-3 getting benched for supd's game. you'll hear from a woman who
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a blockage in an artdry was discovered after she experienced discomfort while exercising last night. ginsburg is expected to spend a couple days in the hospital. she is the oldest justice at age 81. >> the events to hohn yort life of former d.c. marylandon barry will last three days in the city. there will be a public service at two separate locations. one of those is washington convention center. mark seager is there now with more on this. mark? >> jim, you're right. there will be a huge sendoff for
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the former mayor, marion barry three days as you said that will culminate here at the walter washington convention center with a four hour memorial service. you actually have to go back to walter washington's funeral and another funeral that was also held here at the convention center to find anything that will compare to what is being planned for barry. >> marion barry will be remembered by many as a larger than life civil rights lead eastern politician. after lying in repose for 24 hours at the wilson building beginning next thursday morning, friday morning his body will be removed in a public procession from the wilson building to the temple of praise church in southeast. that procession will pass through all eight wards. similar to the funer procession for former mayor walter washington in 2003. after a day of services at temple of praise friday, there will be a public viewing and memorial service saturday at the washington convention center. the same place the godfather of
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go-go chuck brown's memorial service was held. >> we initially talked about the service being four hours. that's probably the interim. >> while there are many people that want to speak at barry's funeral, it will be barry who decided who gets to speak. after a brush with death several months ago, barry gave his family specific instructions on how his services should be planned. >> he pretty much gave a outline of what he would like to see at his home going. >> the sstss will reflect barry's work here and in the district in the civil rights movement. >> one of the things that mrs. barry and christopher are trying to reflect and show is that incredible life of the mayor for life marion barry jr. >> now we hope to know by early next week the exact route and road closures for that funeral procession that will be friday morning after rush hour. we also hope to know how much all this will cost and who's
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going to pay for it. reporting live from the walter washington convention center, mark seegraves, news 4. >> next, a convicted arsonist guilty of impersonating an ems worker. we're learning this isn't the first time he sprepretenned to protect you. and a teacher's aide accused of a sexual assault steps away from the university. plus, former rookie of the year rg-3 sent to the sidelines. tonight why some fans believe this may be a good thing for the struggling
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snow and rain out there all day to day. doug, i guess what we deal with now is just the cold, right? >> that cold coming in tonight. any of that rain, that snow that came in made its way on to the roadways could see refreezing overnight. this is the only concern we have now. storm team four radar taking that moisture and moving it away. it is just about all out of here. that's why the winter storm warning, they have both been allowed to expire now. how much snow did we see around portions of the area? well this is the area that actually saw accumulating snow, montgomery county and fairfax county and back to the west. we did see a coating even in prince georges county and the district. the roads remain dry. we saw 1.2 fin gauge urzberg an
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parse of frederick county. we're back to the west, even more. romney, west virginia, over a foot of snow. most of the higher elevations though, those are the areas that saw the most snow from this. back in a couple minutes with what to expect. >> doug, thank you. a d.c. teacher's aide accused of starting a sexual relationship with a student who has special needs. >> those two were found naked in a car together last night. we spoke to the teenager's guardian who questions whether school leaders might have missed some warning signs. kristen? >> jim, this teenager's guardian talked to us right here out in front of the courthouse just a little while ago. and she says right now she just feels numb. >> teachers aide walking out of d.c. superior court a few hours ago. the 27-year-old aide at eastern high school is charged with sexually abusing a 16-year-old student. the teenager's legal guardian tells me the girl had special
6:31 pm
needs. >> i'm just really disturbed, disgusted. i'm disappointed and d.c. public schools myself. >> she went over to eastern too to day to talk to administrators. >> they say they didn't have a word. they just offered me support. >> police say they caught norday parked with the teenager in an alley in the 4500 block of grant street yesterday. boeblg of them naked. acourting to court documents, the 16-year-old toelgd investigators she and the teacher's aide are in a relationship and the woman is her girlfriend. >> if you tell her that you love her, you know, you can basically get her to do anything that should want. >> the court reports also say the student told detectives she left eastern with norday yesterday. the teacher's aide was hired in august. the girl says they engaged in sexual acts proximaapproximatel a week since september. >> i'm hurt. i was sending my child to school for her to learn, to stay out of
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harm's way and to be protected. and right now, i can't find no words to how i feel. >> the principal of eastern sent a letter to parents saying that the teacher's aide is it on administrative leave right now and will not be back to campus while this all plays out in the legal system. carla norday is due back in court on december 16th. live at d.c. superior court, kristen wright, news 4. >> thank you. this is the third time d.c. school staffer has been accused of having sex with a student in recent weeks. at the end of october, simone green was arrested for performing a sex act on a male student there. it was her first day on the job. then just last week a former dunbar high school employee, charles allen young, he was arrested after three boys accused him of sexual abuse. young resigned last month.
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there are hope new clues can track down the suspect in a sex assault that happened near the george washington university campus. detectives hope you'll remember a group of three men one wearing a shirt with the word fitch on it and another with a dark v neck shirt on and black nike fuel band on his right wrist. a female student claims the men followed her into an alley near i street and new hampshire avenue last night friday and sexually assaulted her. the area is very close to the foggy bottom metro station. a man rescued from a trench in maryland died. that trench caved in on robert craig while working at a construction site in meyersville yesterday. he was buried up to his waist for several hours before crews managed to get him out of there. craig survived the initial collapse but he was complaining of hip and leg injuries after his rescue. he died at the hospital. what and how you eat on amtrak could be changing as congress considers how to stop big money losses on the train food service.
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the house transportation committee has approved legislation ordering the rail agency to eliminate losses on the food and beverages within five years. a recent investigation by the news 4 i team revealed amtrak was losing nearly a dollar in overhead cost for every dollar in food its sold. $2.4 million were lost selling food on the chicago to d.c. route alone last year. >> rg-3 will be sitting on the sidelines of the game on sunday and now the talk all over town is whether his time here in d.c. is over. i saw a survey of the day. more than 70% of the people that weighed in said, yes, it is over. prince george's county bureau reporter darcy spencer spoke to folks about their thoughts and she has more now on why some say the move could actually be good for rg-3. >> valerie jackson sees where some good might come from benching redskins quarterback rg-3 this sunday. >> it is a little harsh.
6:35 pm
sitting him down for a minute so he can see how the team can play and maybe we can win this game would help him a lot. >> but -- >> being a dallas cowboy fan, i love it. i think rg-3 is a great quarterback. i think offensive line, like he said, they're not protectsing him. >> there's a lot of discussion on social media and talk radio saying that rg-3 is basically done. the diehard fans we spoke to here in this county are not only loyal to the team, they're loyal to rg-3. >> honestly, i feel like they should give him a chance to bla. >> they brought him back too soon anyway. that's my belief. but i'm not going to say it wasn't, you know. >> he needs more time to heal? >> i think. so. >> no matter the reason for this dismal season, many like this man says the teams problems cannot be pinned on one man. >> they're not playing together as a team. so you can't put it on just him. so they're going to get rid of him, they need to get rid of the
6:36 pm
coaches, the linemen, the linebacker. >> it takes 15 to win. it takes a team. >> now many are wondering what is next to be robert griffin iii remain a redskin? >> i wish they let him play the rev of the season to play himself into the quarterback position or out of the position. period. >> in landover, darcy spencer, news 4. coming up, we'll hear from the new starting quarterback colt mccoy. diana reports. he says the approach to the game might help the team win. >> the first family continued thanksgiving tradition today. they served turkey dinner to families in southeast. in addition to the traditional food, they handed out special white house her shy kisses. >> there is new video just released in a playground tragedy. we'll tell what you we're learning about the moments before police shot and killed those young boys was holding a toy gun. >> plus, a controversial
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campaign why marijuana has some women moving across state lines in an effort to a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma.
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we have video of a cleveland boy moments before he was shot and killed by a police officer. it shows him walking around the playground carrying a toy gun. two officers pulled up next to him in a cruiser. police say rice was ordered three time to raise his hands but he reached into his waist band instead. one officer opened fire killing rice. cleveland police say the gun looked like the real thing. >> maryland's governor martin o'malley is considering commuting sentencing for inmates on death row. there are four men on maryland's death row. one of them is heath birch. he is a convicted of killing an elderly couple named robert and cleo davis in capital heights, maryland, back in 1995. >> according to the "baltimore
6:40 pm
su sun", the governor is calling relate is of people called by those inmates on death row. davis' daughter told the sun that she asked o'malley not to commute their ntence. o'malley last year signed a bill doing away with the death penalty. >> they call themselves ka k. mom. they're pushing for nationwide legalization of medical marijuana. the four women all have children with major medical problems and they say the thc helps ease the children's symptoms. they had to relocate from their home states to ones where medical marijuana is legal for minors. the mothers say they worry about the risks from the fda approved drugs that their children are already taking. >> we are not against conventional medicine. my daughter's life has been saved several times. but we do believe that have we had options, some of the things that were more harmful and unnecessary would not have had to be put into their bodies and done the damage that they've
6:41 pm
done. >> unlike adults, children do not smoke medical marijuana, they're given oil instead. >> dash cam video shows a man racing to a fiery scene but he's not a first responder. he's not a firefighter either. tonight, we look into the suts inspect's criminal past as he faces new allegations and some jail time. >> it's cold and wet. but that's not stopping some of us from lining up for black
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6:43 pm
he drove through red lights arriving at the scene of a fire in rockville. lights and sirens blazing.
6:44 pm
the fire at the warehouse was real but kevin craft was not a real emergency responder. tonight he is facing serious jail time. news 4's chris gordon has a closer look at the suspect's past. >> why are there lights and sirens on this personal vehicle? kevin craft claims it's because he works on trees by the side of the road and needs them. but he's been charged with impersonating a firefighter and investigators say this is not the first time he has pretended to be someone he's not. >> we arrested him on several occasions. and in the '90s for arson and facility report of a bomb. he was quite a frequent flyer for our office for some time. zbh a police officer driving to this warehouse in rockville see this is white kia suv with lights and sirens run a red light. the officer pulled alongside to question the driver kevin craft. craft said he was heading to a two alarm fire on tap street saying he's with ems. prosecutors say craft had
6:45 pm
nothing to do with starting this fire in april. he was charged with impersonating a firefighter and today craft pleaded guilty to the charge. >> this is an individual that has a checkered past when it comes to fire. and, you know, it's important that the community realize that they can rest assured that first responders are the real deal. >> kevin craft will return here to the montgomery county courthouse at the end of january for sentencing. at that time he could face up to three years in prison. chris gordon, news 4. >> the goal is to make your holiday shopping easier at least getting there. vdot is changing the timing on traffic signals. they p help drivers move through 13 shopping centers and help them do that more efficientlily. the signal changes will be in effect on thanksgiving day through new year's day. eager shoppers in our area will be spending the night in the cold. they're camping out to be the first to get holiday deals at the best buy store in
6:46 pm
gaithersburg. brandon jackson told us he thinks his worth it to sleep outside to get a bargain on electronics. >> it's a drive just to do something and say that i've done it. i've never dn the whole black friday thing. so i figure why not do it? i'm off for three days. my family be in in virginia. i have nothing to lose. >> best buy stores open at 5:00 p.m. and stay open until 1:00 a.m. i hope he gets the perfect tv set he's looking for. >> how cold is it going to be? >> that, of course, is black friday. i want to show you first off more about that snow. how about what happened towards sterling a little earlier today. that snow was coming down. it was coming down fairly quickly on the area roadways. the good news is the main road for the most parts were okay. that's what beef been talking about the last couple i of days. now berkeley springs west virginia, a little bit different
6:47 pm
story here. this is one of the areas that got hard hit. berkeley springs, by the way, not in the shenandoah valley. this is in portions of west virginia and the potomac valley up there by the potomac river. they saw close to a foot of snow in that region. 37 degrees the current number. winds out of the north. that is going to help numbers fall a little bit. 36 degrees at 9:00. we will be seeing some clearing skies by then. temperatures around the region, mostly around 34, 35 degrees. so we're still above freezing now. but we will go below freezing as we head through the overnight hours. and because of that, we could see refreezing on the rides. give yourself extra time tonight. we're almost done with the rain and snow through prince georges county. light flurry activity. for the most part, we're done with they vent. that event moving on out of here. but hey, look back here towards st. louis. another event making its way our way. that one for the most part should stay just to our south. on that track it could give us some more shower activity in the form of some snow showers or
6:48 pm
rather some rain showers, too. so we could see a little bit of both during the day tomorrow. 37 to about 41 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow. not a bad day. most of the day should be dry. however, we got football games planned for yourself, the roads, rather the fields, yeah, they're going to be a little wet. 41 on your thers. 49 on friday. waking up early friday morning, we're talking about a very cold start. sunny and cold. morning temperatures around 30. the wind chill around 20 to 25 degrees. that's going to be the case throughout the day. high temperatures in the upper 30s during the afternoon. 46 degrees on your saturday. 58 degrees on sunday. warming up nicely on sunday. sunday really looking like a great day. and then we get to monday with a high temperature of 65. so we're going in the right direction. and then we come right back down. next tuesday and wednesday, back into the 40s. and tuesday right now looks like there could be at least a chance for some more rain or snow. not a big event. nothing like what we've seen during the day to day. but something we'll continue to watch right here from the storm center.
6:49 pm
guys, back to you. >> thanks, doug. >> 14 years now volunteers have been serving free thanksgiving meals at the convention center here in d.c. it's called the safeway feeflt of sharing. they feed over 5,000 people every year. >> we were there. >> yes. that was amelia siegel and also erica gonzalez. they were among the hundreds of people who volunteered there today. >> we have a lot more news coming up tonight on "nightly news." >> a look now at what brian williams is working on. >> coming up tonight, the great get away is under way. and mother nature is playing a big bad role. a truly heart warming story of thanksgiving as a heart recipient meets the donor's family. we'll have that for you tonight and the airline captain that told folks to prepare for pushoff and takeoff only he ment they all had to get out to do the pushing off. that and more when we join you tonight on this thanksgiving eve. >> wow. and right here, diana has the
6:50 pm
word on this craziness out at the park. >> quarterback carousel we go. it's in constant motion. rg-3 benched. has he gotten worse since jay gruden took over the team? the head coach hard pressed to give us an answer. stay right h
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
we always have some of the most fun on this team. >> what a day at redskins park. right before the holiday, too. we have something to talk about while eating turkey. >> we have lots to talk about. lots to argue about. >> yes, lots to argue about. we'll argue about that in a minute. >> he looks sad though. >> i'm sure he is. >> all right. the clock was ticking. and now it's for robert griffin iii. the last time woen a game for the redskins was last yearen on november 3 and after two of his worst performances of his career. rg-3 is now the redskins backup. >> do you think that he's better or worse now since you've been his coach? >> better or worse? well -- i'd like to think he's gotten better as far as a passer is concerned. some of the things i've asked him to do, i think he's better. it hasn't shown on the field. i think it's shown in the meeting room. it's shown on the practice field
6:54 pm
from time to time. but he's not at the stage yet where he is a starter for us right now. i'm not going to give up on him. he's not going to give up on himself. as far as the future is concerned, we don't know. >> all right. so what makes colt the right decision then? he says he's confident in the grasp of the offense and shown in practice that he deserve this is opportunity. he says mccoy will be given every opportunity to hold on to the job for the final five games. mccoy for his part tried to just separate himself from the drama. >> this is a significant decision for our team. i understand that. and you know moving forward just want to go out there and play the best i can and, you know, i'm doing my best to make my focus, my approach one day at a time. not worried about the things going on around me. none of the distractions. i'm staying in my three foot world and, you know, that's the way i'm going to deep approaching it. >> all right. so we know the quarterbacks were
6:55 pm
told about the team changes yesterday. to date entire team was informed by jay gruden. recently manufacture the redskins had been critical of rg-3's performance or lack thereof. although some want this, benching robert for the second time in two years was a bit shocking today. >> it was surprising. and, you know, i have no control over it. it's a business day in and day out. of course, gruden is the head coach. whatever decision he makes, we all support. >> every time you see the starting quarterback go down, you are like, man, it sucks being in that position. hopefully i hope he goes in there and does what he is supposed to and what he can do. colt announced he was the starter. some of the guys were just like okay, we have to keep going. he's proving himself with the one game under his belt. he played that monday night a couple weeks ago. >> all right. all the right answers, right? they're going to all support the guy under center right now. but really, the big question and
6:56 pm
i don't know if any of us know the answer is robert give riffii going to be around next season? >> i don't think so. >> i saw him go down and his teammates didn't come and help him up. and you saw it happen. and that speaks volumes as far as i'm concerned. >> but that's not what this is about though. >> yeah. this is a team decision. >> yeah. >> he's not able to run this offense right now as simple as they made it to help him understand, if he can't even do that, thou are they supposed to grow as a team? look at all their weapons, jim. >> i know. zooe. >> desean jackson, jordan reid, alfred norris. >> i'm thinking that i know colt can get me the ball. robert hasn't been able to do it f colt can give me the ball, i'm running it. >> but why not kirk cousins? you would rather have colt mccoy? >> colt beat the cowboys for one thing. that is enough. >> why not make kirk cousins the
6:57 pm
backup? kirk kuz continues throw the ball to jackson. >> this is a conversation that will be going at every thanksgiving day table. >> bring in santana moss a couple games ago. i knew this was the same conversation. >> see, we're going to play quarter last game. that's where they were going to put him. they're changing it up over there. >> this will be continued over turkey. >> it will. >> all right. quickly, the cleveland calf leerd were embarrassed last friday. tonight the two will meet again in cleveland to face lebron james and company. the wizards were stunned by the hawks last night committing the season high 20 turnovers. the coach says it was as bad as they played offensively all season. now they rebound and take down the calves again. and they know this definitely won't be easy. meanwhile, the caps up in new york to face the islanders t. fortunately they have their captain out. so they practice early yesterday. but he is in the lineup.
6:58 pm
and he is going for his 700th career game in new york. >> i love that stash. it looks good. >> he doesn't have that anymore. >> that's our broadcast
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on our broadcast tonight, travel torment. sloppy roads, hundreds of flights now canceled as a messy winter storm threatens thanksgiving plans for millions. fury spreading far beyond the borders of ferguson, missouri now. protesters blocking highways, clashing with police and hundreds are under arrest from coast-to-coast. the gift of life from a college student to a vietnam veteran and the extraordinary moments cameras were there to capture. and holiday cheer, the trip of a lifetime for high school squads from across this country joining in the biggest thanksgiving tradition there is. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening.


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