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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  November 29, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. >> holiday shopping gets disrupted from the district to virginia. hundreds of shoppers get mixed up with protesters. they are hitting the streets and malls with no sign of letting up. just about an hour ago traffic cameras captured protesters in china town. they're upset with the grand jury decision in ferguson and taking the protests right to the heart of the holiday shopping season. we are getting new images and video into our news room as demonstrators lay down in the middle of malls and strut down streets from georgetown. these protesters are still on the move right now.
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news 4's derek ward is live. >> lots of civil disobedience. things have returned to normal now. now this street belongs to people looking for sales and bargains. a few minutes ago it belonged to folks who say they were looking for justice and she may be blind but she drives a harder bargain. >> we need to take to the streets and show that we are not going to stand for this. >> reporter: they laid down in protest of the word that no indictment would be coming for officer darren wilson. all across our area today from georgetown and arlinon crowds came to shop and shout. >> hands up. >> today started with a group. >> people who need justice. >> reporter: peaceful for the most part with police looking on. later protesters converged on
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pentagon city. outside they shut down the street where a most uncivil exchange occurred when motorists shouted a racial. and these protesters say they plan to keep this up for quite some time now and it is becoming a weekend fixture in the area. we are live outside pentagon city. >> great work. and the anger is still fresh in ferguson. protesters still continue to fill the streets there and overnight there were more arrested. police arrested 16 people for disturbing the peace. one is accused of assaulting an officer. the group started gathering late last night when officers started moving. a developing story outside montgomery mall. the crash happened around noon in the westbound lanes of
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democracy boulevard. paramedics rushed two women and a man to the hospital. right now detectives are trying to solve a murder in northeast d.c. investigators are trying to figure out who stabbed a man to death and why. police found his body last night just before midnight. it was in an alley near 18th street and benny road. a maryland probation officer has been suspended after he was accuse of attacking someone in atlantic city. the officer works for prince george's county. earlier this week he was offduty in new jersey when police arsted him for simple assault and disorderly conduct. the county suspended him. one day after the nfl reinstated ray rice some baltimore ravens fans say they want to see him back on the field. >> he answered all of the questions. he was truthful throughout the whole process. he apologized to his family, his
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friends, his fans. now as far as what we did with his girlfriend and now his wife another situation and another mistake of which he owned up to. >> the team dropped rice after the video caught him punching his fiance at the time. now rice's focus may be getting back pay from the ravens. jason pugh with the latest. >> the nfl pa did file a grievance against the organization on rice's behalf. he was due to make a big salary of $4 million this season. if rice does win his grievance against his former team he would get paid for every game check he missed from week 3 to week 13. that appeal has been overturned by u.s. district judge barbara jones. rice is eligible to sign with any nfl team. he could be in store for a pay
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day from the baltimore ravens. thanks. and for the first time since his suspension ray rice and his wife are talking about the assault that resulted in that suspension. the couple spoke exclusively to nbc's matt lauer. a man was killed trying to cross a busy street in maryland. investigators say a van hit him last night. police say he was trying to cut across the road but he didn't use the cross walk. the maryland doctor who died after contracting the ebola virus has been laid to rest. dr. martin salea was a surgeon. last month health officials flew him to a special unit in nebraska but he died a few days later. his wife and two kids live in new carrolton. his family had a funeral mass today. he chose to work in his native
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country because of the need for doctors there. president obama patronized small business saturday and took his daughter shopping for some books. the president, sasha and malia bought at least two bags. the first family picked up some children's books, a fiction novel and an historical book about china's golden age. they are one of many families out shopping in local stores. we will have more on how small businesses are getting a big boost. plus a boy reunited with his mom after being reported missing years ago. he was discovered behind a fake wall. tonight you will find out how he is reunited with his mom. her fight for the rights of pregnant workers could be about to pay off. one northern virginia woman wouldn't give up her discrimination battle against ups. and warmer air moves in for tomorrow but it doesn't last for
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long. i'm tracking a major temperature swing. i will have
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a little boy who vanished four years ago is back in his mother's arms. now he is 13 years old. police say he was being held prisoner inside his father's
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home. officers found him living behind a fake wall. police arrested five people there, his father, step mother and three people under the age of 18. they have all been charged with false imprisonment. police say the boy got ahold of a smart phone which helped officers find him. the family of a missing ohio state football player is hoping to find himself. he disappeared wednesday from his apartment near campus. today the ohio state stadium wentileant and an announcer called his name before the game. he sent his mother a text the day before he disappeared. at the time he said he was sorry if he has been an embarrassment because of the recent concussion he suffered on the field. a woman took ooish with how ups treats pregnant workers. she sued the delivery company nearly seven years ago claiming ups discriminates against pregnant women. she says her daughter ordered
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her to avoid lifting heavy packages but the company refused to put her on a temporary assignment. she lost two rounds on lower courts but now the supreme court will hear her case wednesday. there is a push to soften marijuana laws in virginia. a bill is being sponsored to decriminalize small amounts of pot. the bill would decriminalize the possession of less than an ounce of pot. right now anyone caught with that amount can be fined $500 and get up to 30 days in jail. small businesses could rake in big money this weekend. find out how some local stores are getting a little extra help luring in the holiday shoppers. if you are heading out to do a little shopping tomorrow we will tell you what you can expect for the weather as we keep a
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breaking news out of ferguson, missouri, officer darren wilson has resigned from the police force. his lawyer tells nbc wilson resigned in the wake of the shooting death of michael brown. stay with news 4 and for more details about wilson's resignation.
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a lot of small businesses in our area are banking on what happens after black friday and before cyber monday. as zachary kiesch reports they are hopeful this weekend's push will help boost the bottom line. >> able to create environment where you can get luxury things for half. >> four years ago alexa johnson was just getting her luxury consignment shop off the ground. now they are experiencing the fruit of starting a small business because of loyal customers. >> they know their clientele. it is more like shopping at a friend's place than a store. >> reporter: today marks five years of small business saturday highlighting an important component of the busy holiday shopping season. >> fabric for our community and neighborhoods. >> american express marked the anniversary by helping a handful of small businesses dress up their curb side appeal.
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>> last year consumers spent $5.7 million on small businesses on small business saturday. >> reporter: today is about drumming up support for the small businesses. the folks i talked to said what you get in return often times is an experience you can't get at the big box stores. at baked and wired they say days like these are appreciated. >> we don't do the business that big businesses do but we definitely do enough. it's great to be recognized for it. >> reporter: it was a busy day. they are spending, too. >> what did you find? >> dresses. >> something you had to have? >> yes. >> couldn't be more grateful because it is so important to keep people in business. >> reporter: reporting in northwest d.c., zachary kiesch, news 4. >> that's the great thing about our area. from fredrick to fredricksburg,
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georgetown, there is a ton of places to go to small business shopping. >> wonderful small shops. >> today was a good day to get some shopping done. >> it felt pretty good out there. >> a little bit of a chill in the air. our high today was 49 degrees. tomorrow a high of 60. we'll continue to warm through monday and then the bottom falls out. high temperatures on tuesday will only be in the 30s. if you are traveling tomorrow looking at quiet travel weather across the country and posted more information about that on my facebook and twitter pages so you can head there and check it out. if you want warmer weather soak it up because it is only here through monday. chance of rain comes monday night and then with that our temperatures drop in a big way. here is the latest on the satellite and radar. still tracking cloudiness across the area. skies become partly cloudy overnight. temperatures in the 40s. 48 in washington and will fall into the 30s. this is where we start off tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., a
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temperature of 37 degrees but plenty of sunshine. mostly to partly sunny skies throughout the day tomorrow night. by the noon time hour a temperature around 50 degrees. our high of 60. we'll hit that at about 3:00 in the afternoon. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow evening still not bad walking the dog. 56 degrees. noticebly warmer than today. whether hanging lights or getting the tree tomorrow nearly perfect weather. all you need if you are hanging lights and will be outdoors long sleeves or sweatshirt just fine. local ski resorts all open right now. some slushy conditions for tomo so you want to keep that in mind if you plan ongoing. for the most part this early in the season nice skiing and snowboarding weather. future weather this is 8:00 a.m. we start off dry, morning commute not impacted by weather at all. here is 7 p.m. notice the chance
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of rain moving into the area. this is that cold front that is going to allow temperatures to plummet. tuesday morning 6:00 a.m. future weather bringing in the chance of rain and snow. right now it is looking like little or no accumulation. however, that could slow travel tuesday morning and then there is the chance of rain and snow lingering into tuesday afternoon. about a 30% chance of showers late in the day on monday. tuesday about a 40% chance that we are seeing a wintry mix. low competence in this forecast. the computer models are all over the place. you want to stay with storm team 4. what is looking like a thing, major temperature drop and breezy on tuesday. wednesday isolated shower, better temperatures, high of 62. >> still ahead terps looking to end the first big ten season in
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. everything was setting up so
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nicely for the terps. >> i don't think they had beaten a winning team all year. they started out great for maryland but they are changing rather quickly. final game of the season for the terps. it was the final game for seniors, 22 players playing in their final home game. c.j. brown the quarterback recruited by former maryland head football coach making his return to the program that he helped build. the offensive coordinator for rutgers saying hello to old friends today, probably not too thrilled to see c.j. brown. second quarter maryland is up 7-3. third and six, brown throws a dart here to the sophomore showing off the speeds. 71 yards into end zone, his first touchdown of the season. maryland is up 14-3 and looking good. maryland is up 21-10 now. their defense getting the job
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done. rolling out but he stripped of the ball by davis. forces the fumble. this play was reviewed. it was a clean fumble and they did stay inbounds. maryland has the football. very next play brandon ross, longest touchdown run of the season. maryland is up 28-10 at this point. after trailing by 25 points rutgers down by a touchdown here. third down nova finds patton for the touchdown. rutgers tied this game at 38-38. the knights just kicked a field goal to take the lead 41-38. they are on top in the fourth quarter. west virginia defeated iowa state today. moving on to the pros. the redskins looking to play the role of spoiler. three coming against teams fighting for playoff spots.
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the culture in control their division due to andrew luck. they are one of the best in the nfl, just his third season with the colts. indianapolis, playoffs in each of the last two seasons. stopping them will be key for the skins tomorrow. they know how good this young quarterback truly is. >> obviously on pace to be one of the greats. he is already being mentioned with one of the great ones. he is very tough. he gets pressure. he gets hit early in games. he continues to drop back and look down the field. he has incredible touch and obviously got the escapability that makes him extra dangerous. >> you don't disrupt and make him get off the spot you are in trouble. the pass rush really has to be big emphasis. if you don't you are in trouble. >> the redskins have also ruled
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quarterback out for sunday's game. he did not travel with the team due to concussion. let's talk basketball. wizards dropped back-to-back games for the first time this season. he has been ruled out with a foot injury. he will sit out again tonight. they start a four-game home stand. in college basketball taking on seton hall today. one of the many talented juniors for the colonials. second half action, three point ball game. savage, difficult shot here in the lane somehow gets this one to go. he had 19 points. later in the half we are tied at 45. the three ball is good. seton hall is on to under 30 seconds left, two-point game trying to run down the clock. he gets called for an offensive foul pushes off there.
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colonials couldn't take advantage of that. seton hall off the missed free-throw. that is your game. seton hall beat gw 58-54. down in virginia bcu taking on old dominion. they came out with upsets on their minds. first half action. that three ball was good. up 14 points at halftime. late in the game they are down nine. his three is good. he had a game high 34 points. just a few plays later looking for turnover. the floater to go. he had 31 points. old dominion shock 14th ranked
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bcu. maryland turned the ball over on downs. it is rutgers ball. it is 41-38, rutgers leads it under 1:00 to go in that game. >> you knew they were going to get a bowl game. >> eight wins would have been nice for the terps. >> first year in the big ten. they really -- >> they overachieved. they really did. >> that's going to do it for us. we will see you again for news 4 at 11:00. have a great night. ♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows. ♪
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♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> it's show time, let's go. >> hello, chris. >> hi diane, how are you. >> redskins quarterbacks have turned. >> griffin, cousins, mccoy, we're going to talk about who is in love with who, all the dirty secrets behind the scenes and who we might kill off at the end of


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