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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 30, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EST

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partly sunny skies for most of us. mostly to party sunny here in the district. talking about travel weather one of the areas seeing travel issues san francisco. heavy rain moving in there. so i am tracking some flight delays as you're trying to get out of town and head back to san francisco. aside from at that time plenty of green on this map means good news for those of you flying today and if you are leaving the area, if you had a wonderful time here in washington. advancing throughout the day with the travel weather forecast we're already here at 8:00 p.m. you can see no major systems on the map. so for the rest of today and the evening like i said unless you're heading to san francisco it is looking good. whether you're driving, flying, traveling by rail. temperatures right now in our area are in the 40s. adam, 60s later today and then 30s on tuesday. i'll have the latest timing on our cool down coming up in my full forecast. >> i'll stick with the 60s. developing right now traffic is
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moving again this morning on route 50. looks like one eastbound lane is getting by. lanes have been shut down for hours after on oil tanker ran off the oil causing a fuel spill. hazmat teams have been on the scene cleaning up the mess. >> right now we're following an unfolding situation in d.c. working to find out if anybody was hurt in a serious fire at an apartment complex on edison place and that's where we find zachary kiesch with the very latest. anything new, zach? >> reporter: one resident told me he had to jump from a second story balcony. another resident said he battled smoke to get out of the only staircase they had to make their way to safety. bottom line is this the apartment complex behind me went up in flames late last night. folks around here are asking questions. one question we're still trying to figure out did everyone make it out okay. just after 9:00 this morning we saw a stretcher being pulled out. folks around here have told me
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one woman did not make it. we have not confirmed that but we do know a couple of things. when we showed up firefighters, red cross, police dogs were here trying to get this situation under control. as you can see these punctured out windows tell part of the story. smoke and flames shot up in the sky. this happened about 3:30, 4:00 this morning. a very fluid situation here. still trying to pull all the facts together. here's a couple of local residents. >> came down through the stairway, the smoke was so thick i thought i was going to pass away in the stairway. with me and my friend there. i had to grab her hand. she stopped and i turned back to get her. so it was very scary. all smoke in the hallway you couldn't breathe. no lights to come down the stairway. >> this is a 12 unit building here in northeast d.c. as i mentioned red cross has
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been on the scene all morning long trying to get residents situated in the local community center in nearby school. also talked to residents who mentioned they did not have rental insurance in terms of protection from this fire. again, trying to figure out all this information. we'll keep you updated as we have it. zachary kiesch reporting live in northeast d.c. >> thank you for the update. well we're watching the skies and the roads right now. today expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the year. let's take a look at pictures of ronald reagan washington national a and 270. we don't have them for your right now. traffic is moving. take our word for it. no major airline delays today. more than 26 million people are flying this weekend. there's at least another 20 million on the roads. that's the highest number in seven years. gas prices dramatically lower. the national average for a gallon of regular right now 50 sense lower this year than the same time a year ago.
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and this morning a man is waking up in jail charged with killing a college student from montgomery county. police say shannon jones' boyfriend 32-year-old benjamin strangled her on thanksgiving. he's charged with second-degree murder. >> december starts tomorrow. you can believe it? which means we're only weeks away from the new i-95 express lanes. they are opening sometime next month. you're going to have to pay to use them between garrisonville road and edsall road. if you buy an ez pass flex you can switch to it the hov mode when you have three people inside your car. unlike the current hov lanes the new express lanes will be on all day every day including on the weekends. news4 working to keep you safe and secure as you do that holiday shopping. for the first time ever you can take metro's silverline to the largest mall in the area which is tysons corner but this comes with a warning. >> metro, local police, the mall keeping an eye on those extra
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bags that you'll be carrying around. >> reporter: shopping bags in metro are nothing new but the silverline mixed with ch shopping at tysons corn new. we found riders carrying their bags to the train and many lik doreen say they don't twice about it. >> are you worried about bringing your bags on the train? >> not at all. i don't have any fear. >> reporter: fairfax county police tell us they are glad riders feel safe but extra patrols are being added. >> we will be having undercover as well as uniformed officers in the mall and all around that area making sure people are safe. >> reporter: metro tells us its police force will be on patrol just as they normally would. brianna is from northwest d.c. and decided to come out to get some shopping done. >> i haven't been here since i was in the fifth grade. i'm 22 now. okay. let me try it out. >> reporter: she larger end says she's const of wha
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she's not worried. >> people get on. peop. what are they trying. other than that, no, not really. >> reporter: tysons corner is upping the stakes. they will deliver the bags to your house this year if you live within a ten m. same day delivery and it costs five bucks. now despite all of the increased efforts metro reminds you your shopping bags can be stolen as quickly as your cell phone so be aware on the train. >> it's click until you quit. tomorrow is cyber monday. the biggest sales day of the year for online retailers with shoppers expected to spend $2 billion. here's some deals you'll find for cyber monday. amazon slashing prices on their ereader. js penny is offering free shipping. e-bay and are offering as much as 70% off. for more we set up a holiday shopping section on
10:07 am >> after all that shopping how about giving back in the spirit of holidays. giving tuesday is on tuesday december 2nd. it's so simple. find a way that you and your family can give back to the community. that could be taking part in a canned food drive, feeding the homeless or donating to any of the many toy drives that's happening around the area. the idea is just to give anyway you can. 10:07. coming up stress, insomnia and weight gain all the ways a toxic boss can affect your health at home. >> ferguson protesters are in the running for a national honor. the award they couldhare with people like
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having a difficult boss can make you dread work but for some it can actually harm your
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health. >> news4 jim handly has more on the impact of toxic bosses. >> coming to work was like getting >> reporter: for two years linda power endured a boss she said literally made h >> constant migraines. on and off nose bleed from the stress. >> reporter: stress impacting health is a familiar story in many workplaces. a 2012 study in the journal of applied psychology found a link between a lack of control and perceived unfair attacks. to depression, trouble sleeping and weight gain. >> might be increasing your blood pressure or cholesterol level. might make you feel jittery or nervous oranges. >> chief of cardiology sees chronic stress does the most damage to patients and can all come down to control. >> how muc over? can you ?
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does it never leave? the worst thing permanent stress you don't have any control ove >> reporter: power was a senior administrative assistant. she felt her boss was targeting her performance. she felt it was personal. her boss came down on her and nothing she di >> i cried. i cried, i cried daily. he made me document all of my time. from the time i came in until the time i left. >> reporter: power said her boss had his favorites and she wasn't one. >> i felt isolated. i felt like i wasn't part of the team. >> repor became so bad for powe af >> i was off balance. so i went to the doctor and they said your thyroid is off balance. because of stress. >> reporter: she says the environm finally left and got a job. >> i f i felt free.
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>> reporter: power felt confiding in a colleague helped her. >> they knew where i was coming from. they knew i talked to them about it. they knew -- they could see the tension in my eye. they could feel the body language. just confided in both of them really helped me. >> reporter: jim handly "news4 today". >> i'm just looking over new information coming bin the potential of a wintry mix on tu tu
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the death of michael brown has made its mar and the co now ferguson protesters gained the lea person of the year poll. there's seven days to go in the voting. others in the running, amazon ceo, doctors and nurses fighting the ebola crisis and nobel peace prize winner, malala yousafzai. >> tensions have been flaring in ferguson and across the country since the grand jury decision. >> race decisions now a national conversation. "meet the press" moderator joins us now. chuck, i think what this whole thing opened us all up to again is that race still in our country is a big thing. >> last week on the show it caused a heated debate.
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the way white america and black america view this and look past this issue. they are not having the same conversation. this morning we have a different conversation. it's not where everybody is in their corner. much more frankly compelling conversation, stimuluses oriented and i think that what's interesting everybody i had on this panel they don't want to have a national conversation they want a national project. this is more than law enforcement issues. what got to the point where michael brown robbing a convenience store, what got to the point an education issue, poverty issue and law enforcement issue. so how do we tackle all of it holistically which is easy to say. the conclusion was stop being a conversation and start being a project. >> on the political side of things, why do you think it is that no politician at this point has really taken on this issue and ran with it?
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>> look, it's because it's polarizing. there's that fear -- look at the president himself. trayvon he felt comfortable stepping out. he was hoping to use that moment. look this is specifically an issue impacting african-american men. and more reticent here with michael brown because law enforcement is involved. it's politicians are just don't like to get into this law enforcement conversation. and my conversation with the outgoing governor of massachusetts who worked in the justice department talks about that, that there's sort of, the law enforcement angle here makes it a trickier conversation. >> before we get to what's on the show we don't have the video but the president was in politics and prose and commented on your book. >> yeah. my editor did it. my editor and publisher. it's a serious photo of him. i don't know if it's sad or happy. it's a sober book.
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>> what's the name? >> "the stranger." >> which is appropriate. >> don't forget the holidays are coming. >> yeah. >> shameless plug. >> will it fit in the stocking. >> of course. >> another shameless plug. what's on the show. >> race. big conversation on immigration as well. and then more on the ray rice situation. >> how about hagel. >> we touch on hagel as well and how much of this is about chuck hagel and how much of this about the president trying to do some change when maybe he's not. >> got a lot. >> packed show but worth the time. don't miss it. all right. >> you can see "meet the press" every sunday right here on nbc 4 right after "news4 today". the nfl and commissioner roger goodell could be under fire this week as we learn more about ray rice. tomorrow we'll hear from rice's wife janay on the "today" show. here's what she fold matt lauer
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about her husband and goodell. >> was ray ambiguous? >> no. not in any way. i feel if they wanted to know more details they would have asked. but there were no further questions. it's been consistent with everything he's been saying since february. >> who the commissioner of the nfl roger goodell says ray was ambiguous and the nfl says it was a starkly different sequence of events is the commissioner lying? >> i can't say he's telling the truth. you know, i know for a fact that he told, that ray told the honest truth that he's been telling from february. >> and you think the league and the commissioner covered their butt? >> i think they did what they had to do for themselves. >> rice's attorney is also calling out the commissioner today. matt talks with ray rice too. for his full interview with both ray and janay watch the "today" show tomorrow and tuesday.
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>> a georgia boy has been reunited with his mother nearly four years after he disappeared. the boy was last seen -- sees 13 years hold now. he was last seen when his father failed to return him there a visit. vooi night the boy was able to get his hands on a cell phone and texted his mom. when police arrived at the house they found him but hidden behind a false wall in a linen closet. the boy's father and four other people were arrested. they were finally reunited. today, you can still buy a christmas tree and grab a meal. sixth engine restaurant in northwest d.c. has turned their sidewalk patio into a christmas tree lot. all the proceeds go to the d.c. firefighters burn foundation. it begins or actually began about 20 minutes ago. the trees come from the same growers that provide the white house christmas tree. that's really cool.
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>> great day to get outside and pick a christmas tree. >> and decorations inner loop today is the day you want to do it. temperatures are comfortable. next weekend saturday i can say there's a chance of rain in the forecast and temperatures are looking cooler. so have some time, fit it in today. maybe you'll be thankful next weekend. temperatures today and tomorrow are going to be above average. tuesday, you can see here. not the case at all. high temperature on tuesday only in the upper 30s. wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday our highs kind of skirt around where they typically would be this time of the year which is 51 degrees. right now i'm tracking cloudiness moving into the area. mostly partly sunny skies now. as we work our way into the afternoon hours mix of clouds and sunshine and temperature of 48 currently in washington, 45 in frederick, 52 in culpeper, we'll see our temperatures warm for another ten degrees to hit our high of 60 today in d.c. 58 for those of you in la plata. more clouds will be found around
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the mason-dixon line and back towards winchester towards charlottesville. e of you in southern maryland seeing more sunshine and washington as well. regardless of the sky cover temperatures are comfortable. hang the lights today get the tree nearly perfect weather for that. skiing slushy conditions out there on the slopes because of the temperatures but still pretty nice. monday planner, high temperature tomorrow 63. little bit warmer than today. even starting off the day, walking the dog going for that run, 49 degrees. so light jacket will be just fine. by noon you don't need a jacket at all. have the lunch outdoors. you'll love recess. temperature 60 degrees. 5:00 p.m. chance of a shower. potentially slowing that evening commute. a temperature otherwise of 58 degrees. now you notice there's a big dip in temperature. 63 on monday to 39 on tuesday. 30% chance of showers later in the day on monday. mainly monday evening.
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then on tuesday some scattered showers are likely. a wintry mix is possible. right now it's looking like the best chance of a wintry mix would be for areas west of washington. so that means prince william, fauquier, loudoun, frederick counties and areas off to the east. another elevation kind of driven event. those in the d.c. metro area dealing with rain, southern maland as well. you're seeing a wintry mix. sleet, maybe freezing rain. the good news for everybody it's not looking like we're having anything heavy falling so we're not talking about any impressive snowfall amounts, any ice accumulating, big temperature drop though. everybody is dealing with that. the timing of the system still tricky. we're getting information and it's starting to converge. i'll have the latest update on news4 at 6:00. temperatures rebound a little bit on wednesday. high temperature of 52.
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for thursday mostly cloudy, we're keeping thursday dry. high temperature of 54. overcast on friday. the chance of rain on friday a high of 50. and then the chance of showers on saturday and a high of 51. >> all right. thanks
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>> he gets it. let's it fly. long shot! >> yeah. the announcers and crowd went wild an amazing shot to the end
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game between george mason and manhattan last night. the ball was launched 75 feet. somehow it ended up in the net. the game ended 64-63. >> that was like half-court shot. they didn't try to block him either. they are going to regret that decision. what a shot. that's going to do it for "news4 today". "meet the press" is next. go mason. >> tomorrow morning we begin at
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>> this sunday, a "meet the press" summit, race in america. >> protests across the country following a grand jury decision not to indict police officer darren wilson in america. >> a deep mistrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color. >> are we just as divided under ameri america's first black president. and are leaders not following the president. we are heading to washington, and we are going to make them squeal. >> and what impact will younger and more


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