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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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. right now at 6:00, protesters putting themselves in harm's way. dramatic video of demonstrators bringing d.c. traffic to a screeching halt. developing now, a busy highway is back open after protesters formed a human chain and blocked traffic for miles. thanks for joining us. i'm chris lawrence. for the second day in a row, demonstrators stage rolling protests in our area. they're angry over the grand jury ruling in ferguson, missouri. they shut down i-395 in both directions today. they held hands, chanted, black lives matter and refused to let cars through. eventually police told them to move or get arrested officers took eight people into custody.
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they've all been charged with blocking passage. the protesters got some signs of solidarity today from the st. louis rams. five players took the field with their hands up to salute ferguson. we've also learned officer darren wilson will not get a self-rans. he hopes his resignation allows the community to heal. the mayor made a big announcement. the city will fund scholarships to get more minorities on the police force. jennifer johnson explains how ferguson is a defining moment for race relations. >> officer darren wilson offered his resignation after the police chief told him about threats against others in the department. that's been ongoing for months with the officers and of course, it takes its toll on them. the threats have been egregious. >> the mayor of ferguson appealed for healing with plans to hire more african-american officers and a civilian review board to look at complaints against police. >> number one goal is to bring together our police department
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and our community. to bridge the gap between those who feel there is a divide between them and law enforcement. >> prayers for ferguson at a church service in st. louis as protests continue. a brief one in d.c. shut down a major highway. some believe race relations in america had hit its lowest point since the country elected its first black president. >> so many had the supposition that the police officers will not be held accountable and not going to answer for the shooting of unarmed young black teenagers. >> there's a racial divide in american not ending with trayvon martin being killed, with michael brown being killed. >> wilson's problems aren't over yet. there are possible civil rights violations and conducting a broader investigation into the ferguson police force. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. all right. new at 6:00, back here closer to home, for the second time in a
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few days a prince george's county police officer is in trouble with the law. mark samuels-thompson is accused of leaving the scene of an accident in the district. he was off duty at the time and not driving a police vehicle. he's had one suspension already on unrelated charges. investigators want to know how a fire broke out in an apartment and killed a woman inside. residents there woke up to screams as thick black smoke filled the building on edison place. neighbors tried to save the woman and barely escaped with their own lives. >> i had to jump off the balcony. the smoke was intense. it was coming through these windows right here. real heavy, dark black smoke. >> as the sun rose in d.c., the tape helps to tell the story. the smoke told us that residents wright and gray could. >> up and grab, stop and go. no standing around. >> you could see police afrd fire officials still on the scene in northeast d.c. the information i have is this.
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the fire started in this corner unit right here on the first floor and it didn't take long for the smoke there to make its way up through the rest of the building. it all happened at about 3:30 this morning sending chaos and panic for the rest of the residents. >> on the unit on the first floor. she died. >> d.c. fire did confirm that one person did not make it out. as residents tried to collect themselves, a metrobus offered temporary shelter from the cold and red cross worked on the long-term plan. charmin green. >> we're taking care of the immediate needs right now. we're making sure that they have water and food and right now we're getting ready to serve them some lunch and get them comfortable. >> the exact cause isn't known. but dennis says the resident was a heavy smoker. >> do you know what may have led to this? >> i believe there was cigarettes probably. she smoked a lot of cigarettes. she was a heavy smoker. >> reporting in northeast d.c.,
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zachary kiesch, news 4. new at 6:00, he was shot and killed a month ago right outside his doorway. surveillance video reveals how he may have unknowingly let his killer in. tonight johnson's family is holding a vigil in chill 'em where derrick ward is live tonight. are there any detectives there as well? >> reporter: they are indeed here. they've been keeping close contact with the family there. back here in the crowd of 2 dozen family members and friends of the victim who gathered, as you said, for this vigil. i want you to take a look at surveillance video. this is taken from the door. police believe that's the killer seen going into the building and running out a short time later. there's footage of a car driving away. police believe that's the get away vehicle. this all happened on monday, october 27th at 11:23 p.m. police say that this was probably the person who murdered 36-year-old hollis johnson. he died shortly after being shot
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in the hallway just outside his apartment door. police search for a motive and suspects and they say nothing could be more effective now than a mother's impassioned plea for justice. >> if anybody who saw this happen, whoever drove that car away, i'm pleading with you now, i know you've got a mother, i know you've got family, and i'm pleading with you now to come forward. don't let hollis' life go in vain. >> reporter: hollis johnson would have turned 37 this coming week. police desperately hope to solve this case. we're live in chill i am, derrick -- the last chance for the redskins to get a win this month. this was the first time since rg3 was officially benched in favor of colt mccoy. jason, he add least put some
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points on the board. >> he did, chris. the redskins offense had their chances to make this a ball game early on. they couldn't keep pace with andrew luck and the colts. 49 points scored by indianapolis. the most they've scored all this year. the most the 'skins defense has given up in years. colt mccoy is your starter. third quarter, colt is up 21-10. mccoy rolling out, trying to make a play. gets away from a few defenders here. makes one guy, three guys on his feet and finds logan colston his tight end. that is a touchdown. the redskins down by just four points. later in the quarter, the colts up 28-17. 'skins going for it on fourth and inches. using the play action, mccoy gets crushed by eric wal done, loses the football to jackson. he scores from 35 yards out. mccoy sacked six times in this
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game. the 'skins fourth straight loss. >> we got out of the gateway too slow as an offensive unit. looked like we were sleep walking out of the huddle. just not a very spirited performance in my opinion on offense and then defense. we got to finish on a high note, continue coaching. we'll play this game hard. that's what i want. i want players to play the game hard no matter the circumstance, the count. >> coming up later, we'll go out to indianapolis where dianna russini is standing by. she asked coach gruden if he's sticking with colt mccoy after today. passengers and crew had to be rushed off an airplane. we'll tell you about why authorities had to move the entire plane to a separate area of the airport. breaking news in the search for a missing football player. he has a history of concussions. tonight the case took a dramatic turn. comfortable again tomorrow. but rain and a wintry mix moves in tomorrow night into tuesday. i'll let you know the timing as to what you can expect in thaur neighborhood coming up.
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there were tense moments on an american airlines flight after someone called in a bomb threat. a passenger snapped these pictures just after they landed at jfk. airport officials moved the plane to a remote area and evacuated 200 passengers and the crew. police swept the plane and the cargo with the canine units but didn't find anything.
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the flight took off from barcelona and investigators are trying to figure out who made that call. investigators now say alcohol may hav had something to do with a crash in montgomery county. this is what's left of the suv. it crashed in ol any near the intersection of heinz road and blossom view drive. the driver went off the road, smashed into a free and a light pole. lisa ann smith was in the passenger seat. she was killed in the crash. the driver is expected to be okay. a boy's father and stepmother are accused of holding him prisoner for four years. now we've learned they won be getting out of jail any time soon. a judge denied their bond today after police arrested the couple and three others in suburban atlanta. they found the 13-year-old boy hidden behind a fake wall that was camouflaged with towels. somehow the boy got ahold of a phone that helped police find him. he was reunited with his mom on
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friday. they saw the boy doing yard work and was shocked to hear he was held against his will. a football player whose disappearance had a lot of people concerned. plus, boom or bust. we'll tell you if friday's hype
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breaking news out of ohio. ohio state says that a body found near its campus is that of a missing football player.
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he disappeared on wednesday. he was a defensive lineman and former wrestler. and his mom said he texted her before he disappeared and said he's sorry if he was an embarrassment after suffering multiple concussions related to his sports. she says he had recently experienced several episodes of confusion. the numbers are in and it looks like black friday could be a losing a bit of luster. the national retail federation says over the past four days, 133 million people shopped online or in stores. that's a% fewer than last year. they raked in about $50 billion still. on average, shoppers spent about $380. that's about 30 bucks less than they spent last season. a d.c. restaurant has converted its entire patio into a christmas tree lot. they're doing it for a good cause. this is what it looks like outside sixth engine near fourth and mass in northwest d.c. every friday through sunday,
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they'll be selling douglas and frasier firs there. 100% of the sales goes to the firefighters burn foundation which helps firefighters who have suffered severe burns in the line of duty. over the past two years, they've donated more than $15,000 to the foundation. we can see a lot of people there in very light jackets. very different from what they've been wearing over the past week. >> our high temperature today, i want to you guess. >> 63. >> 66. >> yeah. we were mild today. >> wow. >> comfortable again tomorrow. so the light jacket will be fine again tomorrow. if you need one at all. clouds will increase throughout the day. but enjoy the warmth. major temperature drop comes into the area on tuesday. it's going to feel almost 30 degrees cooler on tuesday. not only that, but rain is likely and a wintry mix as well. tuesday, definitely looking like the most kind of annoying day. they're going to have to deal with out of the next seven. i have to say, it's cold and there's that wintry mix in the
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forecast. temperatures now still in the 50s and even low 60s. 57 is the temperature in washington. so as the kids head back to school tomorrow morning after the long holiday weekend, i hope everybody had a great holiday weekend, long sleeves will be just fine with the relatively mild air sticking around for tomorrow. but like i said, it quickly exits on tuesday. look at the highs tomorrow. areas to the north of washington hit the low 60s. like frederic and gaithersburg. fret ricks burglary and culpepp culp 65. washington, a high of 55. the commuter forecast tomorrow morning will be nice. the temperature around 50 degrees. as you head back to work, at least you won't be dealing with freezing cold temperatures to greet you. for the evening commute, there's a chance of a shower. look at the temperature. 58 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. if we're not tracking showers. future weather, timing out the latest rain and sleet and potentially even freezing rain
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here. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, notice the lack of cloud cover. working through the midday and afternoon hours, clouds increase. chance of showers early at 5:00 p.m. by 8:00 p.m. here we are. scattered showers are likely. temperatures continue to drop overnight into tuesday morning. notice tuesday at 6:00 a.m., areas well west of washington already starting to see a bit of that wintry mix. this means sleet and freezing rain. as we work into the midday and afternoon hours. we start to see mainly all rain. rain is likely, wintry mix, especially in the morning. freezing rain is the greatest concern for those of you well west of d.c. and the higher elevations. we'll be posting this on my facebook and twitter pages. you can see western montgomery and western fairfax, prince william county seeing potentially rain, freezing rain and sleet. it's areas around the beltway that are likely seeing sleet and rain, freezing rain unlikely. those of you closer to the bay, mainly only rain. wednesday, cloudy, dry. our temperatures rebound a high
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of 54. then 51 degrees on thursday, chris. again, tuesday, you need to tune in at 11 cl:00, i'll have more updates on the system. >> i'll enjoy monday while we've got it. i'm not going to think about tuesday yet. still ahead, we head to indianapolis to find out what's next for the redskins after their fourth straight lo.
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i guess you get sort of look on the bright side to say if the colts hadn't put up all those points, they would have had a pretty good day. >> 27 points. >> i'm trying to look at the bright side. >> 27 points is not good enough when you're playing andrew luck at home. >> the offense did look better today under colt mccoy with him under center as oppose to with robert griffin iii the last couple of weeks. andrew luck carved up the redskins secondary throwing for five touchdowns and a blowout win at home. dan snyder and jay gruden were all smiles before the game kicked off. plenty of reasons to smile. first offensive play of the game. andrew luck off the play fake
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gets sacked and stripped of the football by ryan kerrigan. you see jason hatcher jumping all over it. one of three turnovers for the redskins. they came away with three points from the turnovers. later in the game, luck finding his groove. a wide open kobe fleener. doesn't get much easier than that. 30-yard touchdown. the colts take a 7-approximate lead. third quarter, up 21-10. mccoy trying to bring his team back. making a few guys miss. stays on his feet. he finds logan paulson. first touchdown reception for him this season. redskins down by just four. but indy answered back. third down, luck taking his time, dante moncrief. getting behind the defense and indy starts to pull away. they're up 28-17. later in the quarter, the redskins at the fourth and inches. gruden decides to go for it.
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sacked by walden. did he quell jackson scoops it up. the former terp, 35-yard touchdown yard. mccoy sacked six times by the colts defense. andrew luck continues to shred the redskins secondary. plenty of time in the pocket here. moncrief wide open again. a 79-yard touchdown. 370 yards passing today for luck. he threw for five touchdowns. the colts crushed the redskins. 49-27. with more on this mess, dianna russini is in indianapolis. >> well, the washington redskins have now gone the entire month of november without a victory. now with colt mccoy under center, despite having a career day, the offense could not capitalize on any of the turnovers. >> we get turnovers like that early in the game, we've got to be able to get more than a couple field goals. unfortunately, we weren't able to do that. our defense made some nice stops on us. we kind of got going a little
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bit too late. >> they gave us an opportunity in the first half. we were turning the ball over, defense did a great job. kicked the field goal, did some other things, but we got to be better. >> offense did all that they were supposed to do. colt played well. alfred ran the ball. desean made plays. they put up 27 points. when you do that, you're not only supposed to win, you're definitely not supposed to get beat by as many as you score. >> playing 16 games. only get 16 cracks at it. we've lost nine of them. we got to finish on a high note, continue coaching and play hard. >> as for who gets the start at quarterback next week against the rams, head coach jay gruden says he's sticking with colt mccoy. from indianapolis, dianna russini, news 4 sports. thanks, diana. elsewhere, giants visiting the jaguars. new york led by 21 points in the second quarter. in the fourth, the jags coming
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back. eli manning throws to larry donald who fumbles the ball. aaron coal bin there to scoop it up. he heads 49 yards the other way. the jaguars missed on a two-point conversion but still take a one-point lead. later in the quarter, giants k back on top. bortles keeps it himself. a 20-yard scramble and the jags get in field goal range. a few plays later, josh scobee connects from had 3 yards out. the jaguars come back to beat the g-men 25-24. philip rivers and the chargers visiting the ravens. the ravens lead it by ten. handoff to ryan mathews. up the heart of that ravens defense. chargers pull within three points. under a minute to play. ravens up bip six. rivers throws a strike to eddie royal. third touchdown for rivers in the game.
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san diego with a one-point lead late. then with nine seconds left, joe flacco trying to get baltimore in field goal range. no time-outs. he finds akin, 24-yard gain. but he doesn't get out of bounds. the clock continues running. chargers beat the ravens. that should be a good one tonight. sunday night football. >> good game. we hope you'll stay up late and check us out after the show. nightly news is up next. we hope to see you after the game. have a gre.
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on this sunday night, the fallout. in ferguson, missouri, the police officer who shot michael brown offered tos and tonight statements of protest against the decision not to indict. the numbers are in after the biggest shopping weekend of the year, but will they make retailers happy. critical mission, nasa gears up for a crucial test flight that could be the first step in a journey to mars. and hollywood makeover, shelter dogs get a new look and a second chance at finding a home. good evening. the resignation of ferguson ce


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