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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 1, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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for all over the news 4 area today. for us around here this morning, mostly snow generally two inches or less with highest chances up across northern maryland. by this afternoon, sleet and freezing rain off and on. gradually trying to change over to mostly rain. all this should be drying up by about 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. but we could still see a refreeze on roads by tomorrow morning. everyone still well below freezing. there's warm air aloft starting to mix in and change. all this pink shading into the northern neck here. a lot of reports of sleet an freezing rain coming in whereas as this is all still snow now across north earn montgomery county and frederick county. that mix is already starting to take place down to the south. that is going to be the trickiest part of this forecast is how much of a glazing we can get. as far as snow a coating to maybe an inch of snow for the light shaded area here. again, it will be that coating of sleet or freezing rain on top
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of it. we'll get into the timing of all this as well as your seven-day forecast coming up. chuck, thank you. right now as you mentioned, we are watching those flakes and flurries in d.c. maryland and virginia. it is a weather alert day with snow expected all around our area and news 4's derrick ward there in his hat is live in rockville to show us what's going on rig now. hi derrick. >> reporter: well we've got snow flurries coming down. this can be the start of something slick. it's going to get worse later on. take a look at the road. this is rockville pike. obviously nothing to worry about at this point. don't let that deceive you. as the temperature drops and more of this falls, it will get treacherous. maryland is asking motorists to delay any travel. we've been lucky to have snowfalls on the weekends where traffic is a lot lighter and allows crews to get out. vdot has 1500 trucks on the road. d.c. has gone into a full deployment starting at 6:00 a.m.
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we don't have numbers on how much maryland has out. they are asking people to delay travel keep the roads clear so they can keep them clear of snow. right now you've just got a coating. be careful because it is definitely below freezing. there's always the issue of black ice from some of this that melted and froze and melted and froze again. it's going to be the start of something sikh ening depending on how you feel about snow. we just talked to one woman who said she's moving to florida. derrick ward news 4. >> one person not complaining is that little pup behind you. he's sitting still. seems to be enjoying the weather. >> he's got a great coat. the sidewalks will certainly be slick later on. you'll want to be careful. some schools in our area are canceling all activities today, charles, sapt mary's and calvert county are canceling actives today. download the nbc washington app. new this morning.
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someone died in a crash on route 50. police told us the road is back open again. this is near the intersection with davidsonville road. only one car crashed. we're told it caught fire as well. one person did die, and we are working to learn his or her name and what caused the crash as of now. right now prince george's county police need your help. they're trying to find this missing girl. janay janson is 16 years old. the last time anyone saw her was friday afternoon in new carlton, wearing tan khakis a pink sweatshirt and a black pea coat. today family and friends will gather to remember an 8-year-old d.c. girl. this week marks one year since the disappeared of relisha rudd. a vigil is planned at 2:00 p.m. at the mount pairing baptist church in southeast d.c. rudd was last seen in february of 2013 with khalil tatum, a former janitor at the d.c. general shelter where rudd had been living. police believe tatum shot and
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killed his wife and then himself. we still don't know what happened to relisha. the cfo for d.c. says he's expecting an extra $37 million this upcoming year lowering the $250 million gap the mayor and the city council have to cover in the budget. the mayor submits her budget for the city and council to cover in the budget, and that plan is supposed to be submitted next month. a developing story right now out of madison, wisconsin. police are looking for someone they say opened fire outside of this mall. you can see right there police outside of the mall in this video on guard. they searched the area and found shell casings outside. police say the shooter was fighting with somebody in the food court and went outside. after the shooting the person ran away and no one was hurt. coming up in the week ahead, the government will take a look
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at metro's safety. the federal transit administration will conduct a safety management inspection. this inspection is not related to january's deadly smoke incident. this week local leaders will also debate the proposed purple line in maryland. maryland public policy institute is hosting the debate in silver spring. the purple line is a planned light rail system that prould connect the bethesda and new carrollton sessions. this week we could learn when the krerry blossoms could bloom. on tuesday there will be a press conference to predict the peak bloom period at the museum at 10:00 a.m. how a local car dealership is trying to change the industry so you know more information about the safety of your car. what start add late night fire at disney land right next to one of its most popular rides? storm team 4 radar very busy tracking that snow sleet and
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freezing rain. chuck bell is watching this very closely. he'll tell you where you'll feel the impact where you live. stay with us on this weather alert day. "news 4 today" will be right back.
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good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. there's a possibility of ice accumulating on top of this coating of snow we're getting first thing this morning, the potential for up to .10 inch of freezing rain from the d.c. metro area arlington, parts of fairfax county much of prince george's county all the way south into parts of southern maryland. we'll be watching this very carefully and give you the latest check of the radar, your snow forecast and your seven-day forecast. all that coming up in a few minutes. stay with us. disney land is working to install the it's a small world ride. firefighters in anaheim say one
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of the park's many fireworks shows may have sparked this. flames engulfed what looks like scaffolding near the ride. disney expects to get the ride back open soon. the venezuelan president is issuing sanctions after he says americans were spying on his country. nicholas maduro says he will ban u.s. officials including george w. bush and dick cheney from entering venezuela. he called them terrorists. he detained a group of missionaries who have now been released. police in brazil say they arrested victor bernard in northeast brazil thousands of miles from the u.s. bernard is accused of raping and abusing under age girls in a religious followingship in rural minnesota. rand paul is leaving the pack a winner again. for the third time in a row, paul won the cpac straw poll. thousands of people at the
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conference vote for a candidate. the results are considered an early indicator of a possible presidential nominee. the event was held at the national harbor. 9:10 on this sunday morning. coming up the new push to let you know more information about the car you're about to buy. we are watching for snow. taking a live look at national harbor right now. all things appear to be calm. and though accumulation also be light, still a good reason to be careful this morning. chuck bell will let you know how this new storm will impact your entire day. stay with us.
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right now the time is 9:13 on this weather alert day here on nbc4. the snow the sleet, freezing rain. we are expecting it all. we're taking a live look right now over northwest d.c. you can see national cathedral there, a very gloomy shot. we're awaiting that wintery mix. we're seeing the first signs of it right there. you can see a couple of the flakes falling. we'll check in with chuck in just a moment. >> frederick county is implementing a new program designed to prevent distracted driving. officials say if you're caught on your cell phone while driving, you can face a big fine $83 the first time $140 the second time and $160 the third time. this will apply throughout the county from now through the end
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of the month. the maryland state senate is considering a new bill that could change the entire car industry. >> it was launched by a dealer in our area and a woman whose teenage daughter died. the news 4 i-team's tisha thompson shows us what they're doing to let you know more about the safety of your car. >> reporter: laura christian admitted she was a little nervous shaking hands here in annapolis. she says her 16-year-old daughter died after the air bags failed in their chevy cobalt. the air bags would eventually be recalled but christian says car dealers knew about the problem long before then. >> there was a technical service bulletin out about this they called it a customer convenience issue. a deathly safety detect was a convenience issue. >> reporter: she's joined car clear jack fitzgerald to push for a law that would be the first of its kind. >> we are prohibited contractually from disclosing
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this type of information. >> reporter: peter kitsmiller of the maryland automobile dealers association who normally lobbies on fitzgerald's behalf is against the schang. >> we're not qualified to determine if it's a defect in the car or whether this particular car broke. that's dangerous. i have 300 new car dealers in america, you can't have them putting stuff on their websites based on what they're seeing in the service department. >> reporter: christian says she thinks they're worried about angering the car manufacturers. >> says to me they're scared. again, they're the little guys. i hope that they're secretly cheering us on. >> that's the most offensive part about all. that is basically saying that we are -- new car dealers are happy to allow their customers to drive defective cars because we don't care because we're scared. >> that's absolutely not true. >> i'm afraid of the factory, too. you'd have to be an idiot not to
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be afraid. >> reporter: he said he's been punished by his car manufacturers before when speaking out. >> yoon what i would do if i lost my little girl when she was 16. right now two nasa astronauts are on a space walk outside the international space station. they have 400 feet of cable and two antennas to install. the walk started laltd more than an hour ago. also happening today, a spacex falcon 9 rocket is set to launch. liftoff will happen from cape canaveral's complex around 11:00 tonight. one astronauts up there did something a lot of you are talking about today. leonard nimoy who played spock on "star trek" died this weekend. close to a hundred of you have shared this story on your facebook page. leonard nimoy is still trending around the country. also making waves, william
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shatner not being able to make the funeral because of a prior commitment with charity, that's causing a lot of buzz. what we're talking about is the weather. that's the big story. pretty much everyone will be touched by this. >> in some way, shape or form everyone is going to get a little something during the course of the daylight hours. it primarily started out as snow. it's going to stay mostly snow for our friends and neighbors in northern maryland and west of the blue ridge. from the capital beltway southward toward i-95 fredricksburg, into southern maryland this is going to be much more of a sleet, freezing rain event for the next couple hours. fortunately any amount of anything that's coming down is going to stay very very light. there's a live pick touche over national airport, another plane load of folks getting out on time. if you're flying out of a local airport, check with your carrier. quite a few delays and cancellations at all three major airports. great pictures via social media.
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@chuckbell4 is my twitter handle. this is john in ft. washington. a coating of ice. donna reagan in waldorf, a little coating of ice and sleet on the sidewalk. nij ill driving in frederick, maryland. please come to a spleet stop before ever taking a picture. no texting or photographing while driving, please. snow-covered roads in frederick, maryland. chad in falls church virginia already a little coating of sleet and ice there. that in mind winter weather advisories are posted for everybody for the remainder of today and through the overnight hours tonight. even though most of the rain sleet, snow mix will be done with this not long after the sun goes down temperatures below freezing could allow a bit of a refreeze threat and black ice issues for early tomorrow morning. right now 21 degrees in washington 23 frederick, 25 at joint base andrews, 28 in
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fredricksburg. temperatures should continue to climb up towards the freezing mark inside the beltway, inside the urban centers probably just over the freezing mark today. but a lot of the outlying areas may only get to 32 or 33. it will leave a little coating. have your storm team 4 weather app ready to go. there's a dry slot through the central parts and southwestern parts of virginia. our precipitation may briefly come to an end before starting um again later this afternoon. this little break in the precip is important because it will allow temperatures to rise just a bit. here is the pink indicating freezing rain and sleet across southern maryland. first check of your seven day forecast 35 with a mix of sleet and snow and everything we can have today. temperatures hovering at or just below freezing by tomorrow morning. tomorrow well above freezing. everything that comes down today will be gone by the end of the
9:20 am
day tomorrow. rain likely tuesday into wednesday, a rain-snow mix on thursday as more cold air comes our way late this week. >> thanks chuck. coming up what we're learning about an out-of-control crash into a bus stop. melissa mollet will tark you down one of fairfax county's most historic roads. how it served as a major route during the civil war. welcome to ""first read minute."" i'm mark murray. >> i'm carrie dann. >> the emerging 2016 race there are two political stories, both full of drama. >> on tuesday israeli prime minister will address congress. hardly your normal speech. israel didn't innushl li notify the obama white house about the address, two weeks before israel's own elections, likely to criticize obama's nuclear negotiations with iran.
9:21 am
on wednesday, the united states supreme court will take oral argument king versus burwell, is about whether states create their own health care marketplaces are able to award sushs difficults to help low and middle income americans pay for insurance. >> at stake are millions who could lose tax credits. >> two very big stories we'll be watching. see you.
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oral argument, king versus see you.
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oral argument, king versus see you. this is a weather alert day. 9:24 on this sunday morning. taking a look at storm team 4 radar, light snow moving through the area. you see the pink at the bottom of the map. that's sleet and freezing rain. we'll be dealing with that rain, sleet, freezing rain line all day today. chuck will have your forecast we go throughout the day. there are dozens of road names in the area that make us wonder where did that name come from? but there is one in fairfax county that could perhaps take the cake for the most historic of them all. >> first 4 traffic's melissa mollet takes us down a trip down hunter mill road. >> originally hunter mill road was an indian path. >> reporter: a 7.2 mile indian path, a path you can still find. >> if you go in the woods and know where to look you can see the traces. they're there. they're in some cases pristine.
9:25 am
>> reporter: historian jim lewis knows anything you'd ever want to about fairfax county and hunter mill road the mill named for george washington hunter senior. in 1831 he bought the mill at auction. for lewis, driving down to today's hunter mill road is a trip. >> i can look left and right and envision what was going on 200 years ago. it takes your mind off the rush hour if you will. >> reporter: it might be busy today, believe it or not, it was busy during the civil war, too. that's because this was the main route north from the fairfax courthouse. >> if you were at the courthouse and wanted to go north way they did, you typically would travel up hunter mill road. there have been a number of very well-known military figures utilize the road. >> reporter: the courthouse served as a supply outpost that the union eventually took over. the road had several names for
9:26 am
several years. >> there's a 1937 plat that doesn't say hunter mill road. we know it was hunter mill road before that because there were our maps before that. >> reporter: arthur god freed lived in that area. using a point po point formula at one time. hunter mill was browns chapel oakton road. nearby we learned about lawyer's road. mr. lewis, please take the stand? >> lawyers road was the road that brought the lawyers in from the western reaches of fairfax county at the beginning of the foundation of fairfax county which is 1742. >> back then lawyers was angled a bit differently than it is today. >> we know exactly where the old road traveled. >> reporter: that route was changed two years after the civil war. in fairfax county virginia melissa mollet news 4. >> if you weren't a lawyer stay off the road. this is just one in our series
9:27 am
of reports on the history of roads in our area. if you have an idea for a road we should look at in your community, tweet melissa mollet@first4traffic. the new message from former ravens player ray rice. >> what we learned about the shooting at a party of well-known rappers. >> we're watching the snow come down and the impact the weather system is having you throughout the day. stay with us. >> we're watching the snow come
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right now at 9:30 take a look at your tv. this is what it looks like right now. in rockville, some light snow starting to fall in what will be a very eventful day outside. >> yes, it will. take a look at storm team 4 radar behind us in the studio. you can see a lot going on. first comes the snow then the sleet, then the freezing rain. >> it is a storm team 4 weather alert day here on nbc4. good morning everyone. i'm angie goff. >> i'm adam tuss. let's get you caught up on the forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> as add sized, light snow and sleet has moved in this morning. a break in the action coming our way in a minute. you can definitely see the little white snowflakes there falling down in northwest washington. temperatures are all still well below the freezing mark at the surface, but there is warmer air
9:31 am
aloft that's trying to work its way over us. as a result the changeover from all snow to sleet and some freezing rain is taking place south awful the metro. this is likely to be the more impactful part of the forecast as it could ice up roads very very quickly. south where this pink shading is from waldorf and la plata through leonardtown and huntingtown, all my weather watches are tweeting me saying that's mostly in the form of sleet and freezing rain. keep the reports coming in. snow chances, one to three inches in northern maryland a coating to maybe as much as an inch of snow. high temperatures today just barely getting above the freezing mark. that will help at least a little bit. but back below freezing we have to watch out for icy roads around first thing tomorrow morning as well. more on all this and the great pictures coming on social media, all coming up.
9:32 am
right now the snow is falling and we're out in your community keeping track of the knls. news 4's derrick ward is live in rockville. hey, derrick. >> reporter: well, it's coming down a little heavier than it was the last time we talked. you can see it's study. it's starting to stick to the sidewalks. this is what you'll see on the sidewalks, a gentle coating, something you might have to be aware of the you are indeed walking. as for the roadways themselves still just wet, but again, we've got the subfreezing temperatures. it looks like this road might have been treated. i can't confirm that. i haven't seen it since we've been here. take a look at this video. this is from ashburn, virginia sent in by news 4 photographer sean casey. this shows pretty much the same conditions that we are seeing here. but again, this is the start of an event that could be a bit dicy especially in terms of getting around. again, the saving grace is that this is on the weekend where you
9:33 am
don't have the rush hour traffic jams. that will give crews a chance to get out here and make it safer for rush hour. be cautious. maryland is asking people to delay any travel they have. d.c. has a full contention of vehicles out on the street as do vdot 1500 trucks treating the roads to keep you safe. >> thanks derrick. stay warm out there. cancellations building at airports in the region. we just checked and reagan national has 36 cancellations so far today. dulles is looking at 32. there have been just four at bwi marshall so far. the storm is also having schools in our area shut down their weekend activities charles, st. mary's and calvert county schools all closed today. we put the list of all closings and delays online at two people are hurt after a minivan lost control and plowed into a bus stop in kensington. the toyota obliterated the bus shelter in front of a safeway on
9:34 am
connecticut avenue. the minivan ended up on its side with the driver trapped. an 18-year-old girl was pinned underneath the van and broke both her legs. >> the wheels facing this way. a lady trapped right here. people trying to help her. >> the driver is 63 years old. police say he had some sort of medical emergency right before the crash. right now investigators in prince william county are working to see what started this fire in the townhouse. firefighters sent us this picture. they say they responded quickly to put out the fire on pohick creek court in woodbridge. we don't know how much damage the fire caused but no one was hurt. today after memorial march is scheduled to honor russian boris nemtsov. the shooting happened hours after he criticized putin's government in a radio interview. putin says everything possible
9:35 am
will be done to find and punish the killer. new video of a north carolina nightclub moments after shots rang out. you can see it here. two people were hit. they're expected to survive. take a look. people scrambling to figure out what happened. some started running away. the instagram user who posted this says rappers t.i. and young jeezy were in the club when this happened. police haven't arrested anyone in the shooting so far. a couple thieves stole very expensive signs that belong to the town of ocean city. the fact all caught on camera right here. take a look at the top left corner of your screen. you see some movement. that's two people getting out of their car, they start to steal several signs. we're told the signs cost about $800. new construction may be threatening the airport in college park. pilots say tall buildings by the runway can make it impossible to fly. there is an apartment building for maryland students going up
9:36 am
right now. developers are also considering a 13-story hotel around the area. also new today, a number of foreign countries want to keep a closer eye on their airplanes. australia, indonesia and malaysia have announced plans to enhance the track of aircrafts. the new method will allow planes to be tracked every 15 minutes rather than the previous rate of every 30 to 40 minutes. it's almost been one year since malaysia flight 370 disappeared. news 4 reported mclean-based arion is looking to launch a system that can track planes any time anywhere. the time right now is 9:36 on this sunday morning. in the week ahead, wednesday the supreme court will hear a case challenging the affordable care act. you may know the court ruled the law does not violate the constitution. they're hearing a case that calls its wording into question at this time. coming up former baltimore ravens player ray rice making a plea. >> he wants his job back. the dark moment he's admitting
9:37 am
following the fight with his wife. a family is literally driven out of their home. they recall the scary moments when a car plowed through their home and the other crimes police are linking the driver to. it is a weather alert day. taking a live look outside our studios in northwest d.c. the rain the snow the sleet, that wintery mix on the way, already falling down in some parts of the region. we're going to check in with chuck bell after this break.
9:38 am
9:39 am
good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. 9:39 on your sunday morning. everyone well below. washington metro southbound into southern maryland and the northern neck all this wave of very light precipitation is moving off to our east. there's more where that came from which could put an
9:40 am
additional foot of glaze down later this afternoon. more details coming up in a few more minutes. stay with us on this weather alert day. this morning's wednesday's child says moving from one foster home to another is not an easy life. >> in spite of his many moves, nick has found ways to cope with having to start over in a new household over and over again. >> barbara harrison caught up with him recently during an afternoon of bowling. >> meet nick. >> moses lee well komd us to bowl more lanes in bethesda. nick was first up and proved to have a lot of natural talent since this is something he rept recently took up. >> i've been bowling for probably a month and a half. >> did you fall in love with bowling immediately? >> it took a little while to get used to because, of course i didn't know what i was doing. >> reporter: nick is a very bright 14-year-old who has been in the foster care system over half his life. >> i've been in 19 different
9:41 am
foster homes. >> reporter: wow how hard has that been for you? >> it's hard getting to know new people transitions, doing a lot of new stuff. but i've got twork with it and try to get along. >> reporter: those who know nick say he shows a great deal of maturity for a 14-year-old. >> nick has grown remarkably. he has matured, really started to focus on his studies. >> i have all as and bs so far for the first and second term. >> reporter: she says he now just needs the love and security of a family. she hopes one will come forward to adopt him. >> of course a two-parent family hunting and fishing, like outdoors. that's all ki ask for except that they love and care for me. >> moses gave nick his own ball to take home. hopefully to a forever home. barbara harrison news 4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home
9:42 am
and your heart for nick or another child who is weighing call our special adoption hotline, the number is 1-888-to-adopt-me or search coming up the creative ways some people in the northeast are trying to make some cold hard cash. why you may not get what you paid for. what we are learning about this crash into a house in prince george's county. why police believe this wasn't the driver's first crash of the day.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
the free agency son is about to start in the nfl is about to start. ray rice is asking for a second chance. he spoke to "the baltimore sun." he says he regrets everything that happened when he punched out his wife janay. the ravens terminated his contract after that. even after suspension no one hired him. he said you almost want to punish yourself. i almost felt as if life wasn't worth living end quote. in response the city denied wrongdoing saying rice failed to quote, exercise due care that day. a prince george's county
9:46 am
home condemned after a car slams into it. the family who lived there had to scramble and is now waking up somewhere else. news 4's darcy spencer shows us why they're happy to be safe and together right now. >> reporter: what were you thinking when you saw that? >> i was in shock. i really didn't know what to do. >> reporter: brian was at home with his family watching television when this red minivan slammed through the living room wall. >> out of nowhere, we just saw the door fly inside. >> reporter: his older brother gerardo was in the house with his wife and child and scrambled to get everyone out. >> the door was smashed in half, half the door is on one side, the other half by the entrance, bricks are all over the dining room, kitchen, the couch is covered with glass and bricks. >> reporter: relatives tell me this truck parked in the driveway likely saved the lives of several family members in the home on riggs road in prince george's county.
9:47 am
>> thank god they're still alive. if it weren't for the truck parked right out front, they wouldn't be here to tell this right now. >> reporter: police say the man behind the wheel of the van hit a taxi cab a few blocks away, kept going, hit two parked cars and then the house. they say he had been drinking and he's facing several charges. >> there would be hit-and-run charges, related traffic violations as well as the drunk driving. >> reporter: meantime, nearly a dozen family members are trying to figure out where they'll go. the house for now has been condemned. darcy spencer, "news 4 today." >> the driver was also hurt in the crash and was taken to the hospital where he was then taken into police custody. we had somewhat of a slow start to the morning when we were talking about snow. but we're stating to get reports from people. out in leesburg it's coming down hard. >> from washington north it's
9:48 am
snow. south it's sleet and rain here. that's the trend that should continue for the next couple hours. break in the action coming our way ahead of the second wave which would be more likely to be sleet or freezing rain. so take a check of some of our viewer photographs coming to my twitter handle @chuckbell4. kathleen in mclean reporting ice in mclean. susan ma tia in hunting town freezing rain has some of the sidewalks, any of the untreated or elevated surfaces like the handrails here be really careful. the road crews have great success treating the roads. temperatures fairly close to freezing. the amounts of precipitation are light. the untreated surfaces from the front door to the driveway needs to be treated carefully. blue ridge, already ice covered road in her neighborhood.
9:49 am
carrie hoover also a fresh inch in northern montgomery county. that's the location in northern maryland. could get two to as much as three inches. everyone under the winter weather advisories. most snow locations two inches or less. mostly sleet or freezing rain as soon as the suchb goes down. still a cold and icing up 28 degrees in the washington area with the light rain coming down. 27 lore done and quantico 28 in fredricksburg. all the surface temperatures still below freezing for now. with time they will get up to the freezing mark about 4:00 this afternoon. as a result frkts that will cut back a little bit on the potential accumulation amounts. as far as snow and ice goes probably a coating to as much of an inch of accumulation o to the south of town whereas one to maybe three inches to the north. through 8:00 tonight, computer
9:50 am
models seeing chance for an enhancement of freezing rain in southern maryland and the norther earn parts of the bay. have your storm team 4 reth weather app ready to go. mostly snow in pennsylvania. winter weather advisories and sleet reported as far south as raleigh, north carolina. look at the large area of dry air here. that's coming from late morning into early afternoon before the next wave comes in. a chance for temperatures to recover a couple degrees and get a degree or two above the fleasing mark. that will be very very important. you can see the freezing rain and sleet across southern montana. mostly snow from washington northbound. i think the trend will continue for the coming hours. the sleet trying to break up after about 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. things will dry out after 8:00. temperatures may go below freezing by tomorrow morning. that can also cause black ice problems. tom and i will be back here
9:51 am
tomorrow morning. rain moves back in. tuesday afternoon, rain wednesday with temperatures near 60. that may end with a rain-snow mix on thursday morning. >> see what he did there? take away the 60s. >> i saw that. down by three. the district is in better financial shape than originally thought. >> the overflow situation that could help the city in the long run. plus here is a question. have you thought about selling this? selling the snow. don't knock it before you try it. how one couple is turning their whiteout winter misery into mean green.
9:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream.
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winter weather in oklahoma is wreaking havoc on drivers there. the oklahoma highway patrol says they responded to more than 100 accidents. this was within a ten-hour span. accidents have ranged from minor fender-benders to a semi truck that rolled over on its side. people are being asked to stay at home. >> yikes. well, if you think bottled water is overpriced you should try bottled snow. >> with the record snowfall one man in massachusetts decided to sell it. nbc's ron mott shows us how well his business is going. >> reporter: there's no businesslike kyle waring's snow business. >> it's booming right now. >> like no business we know. mail order snow. >> i was shoveling the front walkway with my wife and we were
9:55 am
just kind of joking around and talking about shipping it to our friends and family just to get it out of our front yard. when we started thinking about it we decided to launch a similar joke website. >> reporter: his company ship snow yo is getting off the ground literally. scoop by scoop, and with this much snow something had to give. more precisely, some of you paying $19.99 for a bottle or nearly 90 bucks for a styrofoam container of kyle's snow. sales are heating up. more than 130 orders and counting he can hardly keep up. >> so we bought some. you're welcome. you're part of history now with us. >> reporter: though he can't exactly promise it won't melt before arrival. >> we're struggling to pack the snow and get it shipped out as fast as possible. i had to bring on my brother. >> reporter: still business is solid even as the product itself is flakey. some here have advertised free snow with few or any takers.
9:56 am
kyle waring figured out a basic secret of commerce. >> i'm really excited about it but at the same time it's like how is this possible. >> ready to ship. >> reporter: while the best things in life might be free sometimes you can take them to the bank. ron mott nbc news boston. as you can imagine, you pay for the cooler of snow and it shows up and it's all water. >> putt it back in the freezer. at this rate he says it's not going to meant until july all that snow. so he could be in business for some time. if it carries into the next season he might start bottling up fall foliage and see if that works. taking an idea and running with it. >> i have some ice to showell you. it's been a year since a little 8-year-old girl has been missing from the district. >> today how the community is hoping to renew calls for the search. a hockey coach saves his players, the words he yelled
9:57 am
that saved him from a collapse. >> it's a weather alert day. let's take a live look over our national harbor camera. we have started to see some snow sleet and freezing rainfall throughout the area. please tweet us your pictures and chuck will stay on top as we head throughout the 10:00 hour.
9:58 am
9:59 am
it's a weather alert day today. snow is starting to pick up
10:00 am
outside. you're taking a live look at the conditions in rockville, maryland. the snow starting to stick to the ground already. >> this is a day you'll want to curl up on the couch and watch some tv. take a look at all that is in store for us today. snow sleet, freezing rain. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us now with the fo >> stay inside and off the roads because they're not going to be that favorable for driving. outside conditions right now, everyone is still well below the freezing mark. our tower camera looking towards the national cathedral. the snow which is very evident, you can still see it out there. it's eased up just a touch. national harbor very light snow pellets coming down from the skies in prince george's county. the overall impact weather will have on your day, moderate to high impact. the roads will get a little slick and a little it's see and


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