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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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mikulski's fight to bring the fbi headquarters to maryland and what will now be her final two years in office. but first we go back to barbara harrison with breaking news from the live desk. barbara? >> this news is about police surrounding a home in montgomery county after a report of a man with a gun. this video we have to show you now from chopper 4, just minutes ago shows police evacuating neighbors from nearby homes. we aren't showing you any live pictures because we don't want to give away police positions. this is happening on emery grove road just off midcounty highway in gaithersburg. the call first came in just before 5:00 this afternoon as an assault in progress. police have not said if anyone else is in the home that they are surrounding. news4's derrick ward is on his way to the scene. we'll go thrive him as soon as we can. at the live december i'm barbara harrison. president obama says the controversy over the israeli prime minister's speech to congress is a distraction but won't disdeath stroi u.s./israeli ties. >> in an interview with the
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reuters news agency, the president also acknowledged substantial disagreement with the israeli government in the goal of keeping iran from getting nuclear weapons. steve handelsman on capitol hill has the latest on this. >> reporter: jim, thanks. here on the hill israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has addressed joint meetings of the house and senate for almost 20 years, but this time tomorrow about 30 democrats say they won't attend. >> thank you. >> reporter: cheered by american jewish leaders in washington israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warned that israel's survival is threatened. >> we must not let that happen. >> reporter: iran said netanyahu, would build a nuclear weapon to use on israel. >> i have a moral obligation to speak up in the face of these dangers while they there's still time to avert them. >> reporter: the white house tried reassurance. >> the united states of america will not allow iran to obtain a
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nuclear weapon period. >> reporter: but john mccain warned iran will cheat. >> the monitoring organization continues to say that iran is not cooperating. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry's negotiating with the iranians today in switzerland, warning netanyahu not to interfere. >> doing so would make it more difficult to reach the goal that israel and others say they share. >> reporter: back in d.c. netanyahu has no plan to see president obama. their relationship was already strained when running for re-election, the israeli prime minister asked gop congressional leaders to speak without warning the white house. 48% of americans opposed that in the new nbc news/washington journal poll. netanyahu said no disrespect intended to president obama. >> our alliance is sound. our friendship is strong. >> reporter: but his speech tomorrow may sound like a fight among friends. netanyahu plans to push congress not to let up the pressure on
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iran. and in rashes that might assure the israeli prime minister president obama said late today, for there to be a deal iran would have to agree to a ten-year verifiable freeze of its nuclear program. and president obama said the odds right now look against that. i'm steve handelsman news4. we are hearing from another witness after the so-called black hat bandits hit yet another bank. this is the eighth in our area since the start of the new year. and this time there could be a crucial clue in tracking them down. news4's pat collins is live at the wells fargo in falls church tonight. pat, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well erica, i've been to scores and scores of bank robbery, but i can't remember one that ended up looking quite like this. a crime scene with frito-lay boxes, florescent paint, and footprints in the snow. the hunt continues on for the
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black hat bandits. they hit again around noon today. this time the wells fargo in falls church. this time they left behind some telltale footprints. this time people saw the getaway. people like tyler cons. julie carey talked to him. >> i looked over there and saw the people running out to the woods and hopping in a car and driving away fast wearing masks. carrying a bag too. >> reporter: what did you notice about the car? >> it was a silver looked like a charger, looked like a newer model. >> reporter: people in falls church are not used to seeing thing like this. >> we don't have many of these things that happen in this city of falls church but occasionally they do happen and they've been happening a little more frequently. >> reporter: as the robbers ran to a getaway car behind the bank they crossed over a snowy patch of land and left some defined foot prints there. investigators got some empty
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frito-lay shipping boxes from a nearby restaurant to protect the prints until a csi tech could come and take pictures and molds to use as evidence. since january, the black hat robbers have hit eight banks. two in maryland and six in virginia. in one case they put a gun to the head of a customer. so far, no one has been injured. now, the fbi is on the case. there's a $30,000 reward posted here. live in falls church pat collins, news4. what's left of this morning's ice melting now, but another messy weather week is just getting started. that's pretty though. let's go to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. how are things looking for this week? >> i'll tell you what tomorrow is the one day we'll be watching for sure. we have that winter weather advisory that's in effect. we're going to talk a lot more about that tomorrow. i think it's wednesday and thursday that we need to be worried about.
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let's take a look. i'll show you what's happening. today we did see all the ice melt off the trees. it was more like rain coming down. it was melting all that rain coming down. notice to the west 33 hagerstown 27 back towards fredericksburg. we have more cold air coming in tonight. tonight will be cold. the winter weather advisory posted by the weather service earlier this afternoon between 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and 10:00 tomorrow and for our entire area. here's the thing, though. i just don't buy it. i don't think we're going to see much moisture at all around the d.c. metro area and down to the south. we'll talk more about that coming up at about 6:15. i'll let you know who i think does have the best chance to see some snow some ice tomorrow and who has the best chance to see accumulating snow wednesday night into thursday. >> thanks doug. a lot to celebrate on wall street tonight. the nasdaq closed above 5,000 for the first time in 15 years.
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the tech exchange last reached the same level back in 2000 during the peak of the dotcom bubble. today's gains were sparked by lower interest rates in china and a good outlook for consumer spending. new at 6:00 syria's concerns about a new threat that could cripple the nation's airports. a report by the government accountability office that weaknesses in the cyber security of air traffic control systems nationwide are putting airport operations at risk. florida senator bill nelson commissioned the report and says that it shows a hacker could cause major delays near hiss or even an air disaster. some plans to send a letter to the faa asking for plan to fix the problems. three quick arrests in less than 24 hours at the white house. this morning the secret service stopped a guy who they say tried to slip through a pedestrian gate on the north side after a construction worker walked out. late last night, another man was taken into custody after he
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climbed over a bike rack near the perimeter on 15th street. yesterday afternoon, a guy apparently tried to hop the same fence in that same area. gregory dean has now been nominated to lead d.c.'s embattled fire and ems department. actually he's already been hired. he's already talking about the changes he wants to make but also facing questions about controversies he faced during his 40 years with the fire department in seattle. our mark segraves has our report. >> reporter: gregory dean retired after 44 years on the seattle fire department. ten of those years he was chief. while chief, the seattle department was sued by a whistle-blower. >> i demoted somebody and at the same time they said the demotion dealt with the fact they had made a complaint to the ethics committee. i was not aware of that lawsuit. we have >> reporter: in another controversy involving firefighters convicted of duis and then allowed to operate fire
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trucks dean refused to answer questions publicly until ordered by the mayor. >> it was a matter of my office decided that this was an issue that could be dealt with at their level, and so that's what happened on that one. eventually i did end up sitting and talking to the media, but it wasn't a matter of i wasn't willing to talk. >> reporter: dean says he's aware the d.c. fire department has problems that go beyond the death of a man outside a firehouse and the fatal smoke incident on metro. >> i thuns there's a staff shortage. i understand we have vehicle problems. i understand that, you know we've had some ems challbassys challenges. >> reporter: he takes over from the interim chief who had been credited with restoring department morale. >> firefighters respected him. i would like to see him stay on in some role. it's a disappointment but, you know they all serve at the pleasure of the mayor. >> we're very thankful to chief jones, but chief jones will be moving on. we'll follow our normal separation procedures and he'll
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be on administrative leave. >> gregory dean starts on may 1st. until then a new interim chief will be in place. jim and erika, that means by the time he takes over there will have been four new chiefs in less than a year. >> doesn't speak well for the system itself. i'm concerned about this administrative leave thing she just said. what's up with that? chief jones wasn't even at the announcement today. who did he make so angry? >> a lot of us are asking those questions. very odd. you normally see people placed on administrative leave when they're facing some type of discipline. i know from tack talking to people close to chief jones he was, one disappointed he didn't get the job full-time, and he was even willing to stay on in a subordinate role or at least oversee the transition to offer some continuity and they simply didn't want that. so, you know he's out as of last night, and, you know, he really didn't get the message clear until reporters started reporting that he wasn't going to be the pick. >> what is also so puzzling mark is if dean doesn't come
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into office until may, that's just two months. why not let jones just finish those two months? >> again, a lot of the rank and file people we talked to and even some of the union officials said that would have offered for more continuity. jones, by all accounts was very popular with the rank and file very pop you lawyer with the union and even seemed to be popular with the bowser administration. but for whatever reason and mayor bowser did not expand they are not going to keep him on and they don't want him for the transition. >> you yao eel get to the bottom of it. >> we'll keep on it. virginia's former first lady is appealing her conviction on corruption. maureen mcdonnell's appeal today comes less than two weeks after she was sentenced to a year and a day in prison. maureen and her husband, bob mcdonnell were convicted in september of taking gifts and loans from a businessman looking to promote his his company's products. former governor was sentenced to two years in prison. at least 50 car break-ins in
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our area all tied to one man. coming up we'll tell you how the cops went undercover to catch him. their legal story grabbed national headlines. parent who is let their kids walk to a park a mile from their home. why this battle is just heating up.
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the moment is now, according to president obama, to build trust between police and communities of color. he said that addressing a white house task force on police chaired by philadelphia police commissioner and former d.c. police chief charles ramsey. the president pointed out the frustration exposed by recent high-profile deaths of unarmed black men and teens like michael brown in ferguson missouri and eric garner in new york. >> often times the police officers have extraordinarily difficult jobs. they may be put in situations in which there's a lot of tension and how do they deal with that appropriately. and how do they work with the community effectively. >> police body cameras were not a specific recommendation made by the task force today, but they are being implemented in departments nationwide. we're going to have that part of the story and the latest deadly
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police shooting in l.a. coming up on "nbc nightly news" at 7:00. i have two years in my term. my term does not expire until december 2016. so i'm going to be around. >> senator barbara mikulski truly one of a kind. she's talking now about what she plans to accomplish before she leaves office. the senator announced today that she will not be seeking a sixth term. our chris gordon reports on what that means for a fight to bring the fbi headquarters to prince george's county. >> reporter: maryland senator barbara mikulski says she has always fought for middle-class families and will continue to do so. >> it's all the same for the entire state. jobs today and helping people get ahead, not just get by. i'm running for the united states senate! >> reporter: she became the first woman elected to the u.s. senate for maryland. she serves on the powerful
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senate appropriations committee. she got federal grants for goddard, the irs and nih and is leading the fight to get the fbi headquarters in maryland. >> senator mikulski and i and our entire congressional delegation at the federal, state, and local levels are all focused on the fbi being located in prince george's county. >> reporter: because of senator mikulski the prince george's county fire and ems department has received grants to buy equipment and hire firefighters. >> she's gone outside of the box and provided tuition assistance and health benefits for volunteer firefighters at the bladensburg station so they can continue to go to school and provide services at that station at nighttime. >> reporter: senator mikulski's retirement breakings a political logjam in maryland's democratic party. among office holders and some fresh faces who may now decide to run for her u.s. senate seat. >> you can never really replace a barbara mikulski. she is really one exceptional
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leader. >> and about the extraordinary trust you placed in me. >> reporter: mikulski retires in 2016 after 30 years in the senate. she is the longest servinging woman in the history of the u.s. congress. chris gordon news4. unless you've been around for quite a while, you might not know that senator mikulski once sat right here at this anchor desk right next to us. she was our sports anchor for the day. it was part of a series that barbara harrison was doing. she invited some of us to change jobs with somebody else. sports anchor george michael wanted to be a senator. no surprise there. really wanted to be president. as it turns out, his mikulski wanted to report sports and as this shows she had some chops. >> there will be a large rooting section for fighting notion to win that 115th running of the race. fighting notion -- >> she was so close to replacing my man. he was nowhere near to replacing
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her, though. we need to point that out. you can see the whole thing. just download the nbc washington app. it's right there. >> great video. >> she was good at it. >> here is doug kammerer with a check of our forecast. what was great stuff was the sun today. that was nice. >> yeah. how amazing was that. you walk outside early this morning. the sun was shine bug it sounds like it's raining and it's just the ice melting off the trees. almost needed the umbrella this morning. that won't be the case for tonight. tomorrow maybe not going to be the case for many of us either. some ice on the potomac. temperatures have been on the cold side for weeks. 41 degrees currently. look at that windchill. down to 33 right now. it's going to be a chilly night. 37 frederick, 36 martinsburg, 33 hagerstown patuxent river coming in at 39 degrees. what are we going to be seeing? radar not showing anything right now. i think that's going to be the case much of tomorrow.
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even though we have a winter weather advisory up from 9:00 until 10:00 p.m. the only concern here that i can see from the weather service is the fact we have all this ice out there already. we could see prefreezing overnight and then a little bit tomorrow. but i don't buy it down to the south. most of northern virginia and most of southern maryland i think you will be fine tomorrow. don't worry too much about this. just keep it in the back of your mind. you might run into some slick roadways. it will be cold in the morning, around 2:00 here's our computer model, nothing out there during the day tomorrow. i really don't expect much. we may see some ice up to the north and this is the area with the best chance. frederick county virginia over towards frederick county maryland maybe baltimore. south of 66 and 50 i just don't see it happening during the day tomorrow. tomorrow night as warmer air moves in it should change over to shower activity. then everybody gets in on the rain. wednesday is going to be the day of transition again. you see a high temperature close to 52 degrees. plenty of rain during the day.
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maybe an inch of rain and then the cold air moves in and we could see a pretty good amount of snow wednesday night into thursday morning. so thursday morning could be problematic as far as rush hour and schools go once again. this is a system we'll have to watch over the next couple days. so tomorrow's impact first. high impacthe north. frederick, bauer that over towards martinsburg, winchester mod ral impact around leesburg maybe montgomery county. i think most of this should be just to the north. south of this area once again i'm just not too worried. stay with me though. maybe 11:00 we'll get some of the latest data. right now not too worried about the impact, low to moderate side with icy spots early and cold during the day tomorrow. 52 on wednesday with that rain likely. high of 35 degrees on thursday. so we'll see those numbers come down big time nap's why we think we could see some snow overnight wednesday night into early thursday. 34 degrees on friday and right
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now the weekend not looking too bad. chance of showers on sunday. put those clocks forward one hour. sunset on sunday after 7:00 at night. yes! >> yes! we like that. >> yes! a battle over the future of transportation in maryland. we're going to go to the debate over the purple line. major test for iraqi security forces tonight in the fight against isis. there's a battle und
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we are hopeful that republican leaders will do what they should have done last week which is allow the house of representatives to vote on a clean, full year funding bill for the department of homeland security. >> the house version contains amendments that roll back president obama's executive actions on immigration. dhs funding runs out friday night. there is heavy fighting under way in iraq right now as part of the iraqi forces' effort
6:26 pm
to stop isis militants who have taken over the northern parts of that country. today iraqi forces launched their operation to reclaim the city of tikrit. that's a sunni muslim city in that area. it's been under control of isis extremists since last summer along with the city of mosul. an important part of this offensive will be help iraq is getting from shiite military fighters. but those shiite fighters have also been accused of carrying atrocities against sunni muslims in other cities. iraq says its forces have yet to enter i can ty crete but they have dislodged isis from surrounding areas. and we are going to go live at 6:30 for an update on breaking news in gaithersburg. derrick ward out there now. we were just able to get our cameras over there just a few minutes ago. stay with us as this situation still very very fluid. a man apparently barricaded himself inside some type of a residence there. we'll be back with those images
6:27 pm
and that report in just a few minutes. next police are connecting him to dozens of car break-ins in arlington. the hunt for clues after a highway heist fetches $4 million in gold.
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now at 6:30 free-range parenting. the legal trouble still ahead for a couple who let their kids take a long walk home. searching for ru rud. d.c. working to keep the spotlight on this missing girl a year after she was last seen. and details you'll only see on news4. how police arrested a state department employees for soliciting a minor after their investigation hit a snag. first at 6:30 an update on breaking news. derrick ward just got on the scene of a barricade situation in gaithersburg maryland. derrick? we lost derrick so we'll get back to him in just a minute. meanwhile, one year later, police say they are still holding out hope that relisha rudd will be found alive. >> that little girl disappeared while living with her mother in a city-run homeless shelter. as darcy spencer reports, that case is leading now to some significant changes. >> reporter: city leaders say
6:31 pm
conditions have improved at the d.c. general shelter where relisha rudd lived with her family when she disappeared. they've added 24/7 security fixed broken surveillance cameras and repaired the heating and air conditioning systems. >> we're doing absolutely everything we can to make it a space that is a dignified environment for families to be while they're experiencing homelessness and is a safe place for them to be. >> reporter: relisha's disappearance brought to light deploreable conditions at the shelter and revealed he was she was last seen with a janitor there, khalil tatum. he later killed his wife in prince george's county and took his own life at kennelworth park in northeast leaving behind the mist write, where is relisha? >> it's even more tragic today that we don't know the whereabouts of relisha rudd. >> reporter: while we don't know if she's still alive, police chief cathy lanier says there's still hope for a break in the case. >> sometimes it's one small piece of the puzzle that helps us get to the solution that we're looking for. and that solution that we're looking for now is finding
6:32 pm
relisha. >> reporter: lanier says police have followed up on leads but she says there's nothing new to report. i asked the chief if anyone could be charged in connection with relisha's disappearance. >> all the information that we have uncovered in the course of this investigation about anybody who was in care or support or custody of relisha, all that information has been turned over to the united states attorney's office. >> reporter: there is a $25,000 reward for information that leads to the return of this missing little girl. in northwest, darcy spencer, news4. there is a debate now over the future of one of the most controversial projects in maryland. both supporters and opponents of the purple line are going to face off tonight at the afi theater in silver spring. they're talking about whether the project is even necessary now that governor larry hogan is grappling over the massive financial commitment it would require. >> also i think one of the questions that needs to be
6:33 pm
answered is is this the best solution to alleviate congestion? >> transportation reporter adam tuss at that meeting. he'll bring us both sides of the debate on our broadcast at 11:00. safety inspectors are doing a full analysis on how safe metro is. the inspectors began their work today and they'll continue over the next couple of months. the analysis is being done by the federal transit administration. they'll inspect buses and trains to determine the strengths and weaknesses of safety procedures. now, this is not in response to the deadly smoke emergency at l'enphant plaza. and it's not expected to impact bus or rail service. let's go to derrick ward right now. he's got an update on that barricade situation in gaithersburg. derrick? >> yeah. this all started at about 5:00 with a domestic call and possibly with someone in house. we'll step out of the way and let you see the scene. we don't want to give you too much in detail because we don't know if the people watchinvolved are
6:34 pm
watching this situation. they did evacuate some homes that are close to this house. it is on emery grove road, a townhouse on emery grove road in gaithersburg. again, this has been under way since 5:00. don't know anything about any negotiations going on with anyone or who is inside or whether all the people involved are inside related, if this is a domestic situation or not. we are told by sources there may be someone who is intoxicated in one of these situations and that may be what's going on at this point. some of the homes close to this have been evacuated at this point. people who live just beyond this barricade here are not being allowed to go home right now until the situation is resolved. so if you are in this general area expect some disruptions and some divers. you will be directed around this situation while it resolves itself. again, a hostage situation started at about 5:00 at a house on emery grove road in gaithersburg. police have set up a perimeter around there and they've evacuated some homes in the
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immediate area of the house where this is happening. we'll bring you details as they become available. in gaithersburg derrick ward news4. at least 50 car break-ins at garages in arlington county recently, and tonight police say they've caught the man responsible for all of them. a sting operation in the early morning hours of saturday allegedly caught him in the act. news4's zachary kiesch has new details on how police were able to make that arrest. >> reporter: garages like this one near in rosalyn are pretty typical in northern virginia. and car owners who lease a spot do so very a variety of reasons, one of which is to keep their vehicles safe. but in arlington county february brought a huge spike in car break-ins. police say antoine kennedy is the reason why. >> it happens with all these open garages. it's happened in our building which is across the street as well. >> reporter: when we caught up with steve suh in early february, the rash was in the teens. by month's end, that number was more than 50.
6:36 pm
>> gps devices, loose change clothing items, some people left wallets or purses. >> reporter: police say it didn't matter what. as long as it was easily hidden he took it. surveillance video provided clues. the suspect was wearing the same clothes for almost the entire month and he kept on returning to the same places. one was here. 1100 wilson boulevard. but this time plain clothes officers were waiting. once police had kennedy in their sights it didn't take long to confirm this was their guy. they were staked out and watching him. police say that's where they caught kennedy in the act. thanks to more than 100 man-hours and officers on the ground tonight kennedy is sitting in jail without bond. >> that patience and hard work paid off many the end because we have this individual off the streets. >> reporter: in early february steve said when his car was broken into he changed habits. >> i'm very careful and tell my wife the same make sure there's nothing in the cars and no exposed keys or anything like that. >> reporter: a reminder to drivers to lock up and take
6:37 pm
valuables with you. reporting in northern virginia zachary kiesch news4. developing tonight, the maryland parent who is gained national attention for their free-range parenting style have been found responsible for, quote, unsubstantiated childng of child protective ssmss. it basically means evidence of child neglect may have been found but there isn't a firm conclusion. danielle and alexander mativ have been under investigation since december when police found their 10- and 6-year-old children walking home alone in silver spring. coming up, major holdup on i 95. three guys they stole $4 million. we'll tell you more about that. also at 6:00, a major local employer considers checking out of the d.c. area. what the company wants in a new location. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in fairfax county. this search warrant reveals new details about online conversations between a top
6:38 pm
state department official and someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl.
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6:40 pm
it was 50 years ago today that then major hayden lockhart was shot down over vietnam taking part in operation rolling thunder. he became the first air force prisoner of war in vietnam. today's service also honored a group of pous they called the alcatraz 11. they survived 11 years of
6:41 pm
torture in vietnam. marriott's corporate headquarters is located in bethesda bethesda for now. but the hotel chain could be eyeing a new location. its ceo told "the washington post" a lack of metro service for his workforce could be one of the reasons for a move. montgomery county executives want to work with the hotel chain to keep it in town. most businesses want metro axe says and most businesses would like to have an isolated area sort of a park area. and i think we could find ways in which to accommodate them. >> they believe any potential move is still years away. the county executive believes that's enough time to try and keep marriott in the county. there's a whole bunch of people right now looking for three guys who are accused in a brazen heist along the i-95 corridor. police say they stole more than $4 million in gold bars. this whole thing started last night when two guards were
6:42 pm
driving the gold up from miami on their way to massachusetts. they were in an armored truck, of course but that truck broke down in north carolina. they say three guys came up in a white van forced the guards onto the ground tied them up then unloaded the gold from the armored truck into their van. there is a $50,000 reward in this case. >> sounds like that movie "the italian job." the mystery surrounding a canada that sparked fears of terrorism has been solved. police say the underground bunker they discovered back in january is literally just a man cave. two guys apparently built the tunnel for, quote, personal reasons. police say they had no criminal intent. the tunnel was close to toronto's rexall centre which will host the pan am tennis games this summer. one of the reasons the end of february a whole bunch of
6:43 pm
them 28. we'll tell you how much damage the cold did to pipes all over the area and what to expect in march. and how police arrested a state department employee after their investigation hit a snag.
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a state department official accused of trying to get together with a 14-year-old girl. julie carey explains how police had to move in quickly after daniel rosen got suspicious and cancelled a planned sexual rendezvous. >> reporter: it was a silent daniel rosen who left the
6:46 pm
fairfax county jail friday. but new documents say he was very chatty online for months with an undercover officer posing as a 14-year-old girl. this search warrant was filed to examine rosen's iphone 6. it reveals the conversations started in november when the undercover officer put this ad on an internet website. "no school. my parents will be at work. come entertain me. ask my real age if interested." she got this e-mail back police say, from daniel rosen. "i'd love to if you like older guys. sane and clean ho 40-year-old white male in d.c. how old are you"? it was siped xxd. attached with a photo of a bearded man dressed in business attire later identified as rosen. the undercover officer writes back i'm 14 interested? but the court documents say the talks stalled when rosen wanted a realtime camera image and police couldn't comply. then in december rosen resurfaced reportedly
6:47 pm
responding to a new kwarquery from the officer still posing as a girl. he writes sh "hi there, 44-year-old in d.c. happy to get a hotel today to play or i can host." rosen was weary and kept pressing for proof of a real 14-year-old girl. the officer figured out a way to deliver the images and officer wrote back "good, now let's ged gete naked." but then he decided the risk of the teen being an undercover police officer was too late and on february 23rd can eled the meeting. the very next day the officer got this arrest warrant. when rosen was picked up the iphone 6 was in his front shirt pocket and police say it contained those matching those sent to the undercover officer prepd pre tending to be the girl. julie carey, news4. road crews still scrambling illed before water starts to refreeze again tonight. it seems like there's a thousand of them out there at least. the sun helped out today. it melted some of the ice this
6:48 pm
morning. this crew was filling as many holes as it could on chain bridge road near the fairfax county courthouse. these freezing temperatures have taken a toll on the region's water mains. crews have repaired 426 broken water mains last month alone. that is the second highest number of breaks in february ever behind the 479 back in february 2007. wssc says it also fielded more than 17,0lls. that's more than double the number during the same time last year. this the utility continues to ask for patience from its customers. it says there will be more water main breaks. >> that's right, because the way things are looking right now, as far as the next couple days are concerned, march will start just the same right, doug? >> yeah. we'll get cold tonight, another cold night coming up on thursday night. in between, we've got two storm systems making their way our
6:49 pm
way. tomorrow's storm really not a big deal i don't think. i'm not too worried about it. it's the wednesday/thursday storm that's got me a little more worried. evening planner showing a nice evening across the region. temperatures today into the 40s. still there, 41 degrees at the airport, 39 by 7:00 dropping to about 32 degrees at 11:00. we will drop below freezing more most areas by 9:00 10:00 tonight. we're already close. 34 in gaithersburg 36 in leesburg 43 in manassas, 38 in warrenton. huntingtown at 38 degrees. bowie down to 36 degrees. storm team 4 radar is clear. it will stay that way through tomorrow morning. no problems with the morning rush. the winter weather advisory however, goes from 9:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. it includes all of maryland, the entire state of maryland most of virginia especially all of northern virginia. but, again, i'm just not buying it. if you're south of 66 or south of 50 i don't think you have anything to worry about at all. the areas that do have something
6:50 pm
to worry about north of 66 especially along 270 and 70 i think there could be some issues there. the main roads most likely okay. it will be the secondary roads once again. heads up winchester martinsburg, hagerstown frederick, over towards mt. airy and damascus moderate impact for rockville, leesburg baltimore. but most of this will stay to the north. not too worried about this event tomorrow at all. latest on this though at 11:00 tonight. the big worry, 52 degrees on wednesday, but then snow overnight wednesday into thursday. high temperature thursday of only 35 degrees. we drop down to 17 yeah water main break temperatures as we make our way towards the weekend, a little warmer. >> thanks doug. we like that. coming up on our broadcast, diana has some really juicy news about our guys try to get a hold of that guy. think nfc north.
6:51 pm
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we're talking about this whole franchise tag and all that kind of stuff with our team and i'm saying that guy's not going to stay. he is out of here and will make a whole lot of money, right? >> the nfl deadline was today at
6:54 pm
4:00. the franchise tag is a one-year offer with where they pay the player the average of the top five salaries at that position. the rps, they didn't tag anyone today. last year they used the franchise tag on ryan orakpo to ensure he would remain in washington for the 2014 season, but they won't be doing that this year. sources tell me they are working on a long-term contract extension, but the conversations as of right now aren't going too well. in fact i'm told another team is waiting in the wings to sign up rak for better money. here's a look at some players who were franchise tagged today. cowboys wide receiver dez bryant as many expected got the tag from dallas. giants tagged defensive end jason pierre-paul, makes sense. broncos youed it on demaryius thomas thomas. and an interesting one, the new england patriots used it on a kicker stephen gostkowski. here's the big news. one big name not on that list defensive lineman ndamukong suh.
6:55 pm
the detroit lions did not use their franchise tag on suh and if the lions don't agree to an extension with him, i'm told tonight the redskins are very interested in the four-time pro bowler. suh is expected to get one of the richest contracts for a defensive player in league history. so stay tuned as we have an nfl free agency story in just a few days. they can stay busy with that. the nhl trade deadline has come and gone and the caps didn't make any trades before the deadline this afternoon. they did acquire a defenseman saturday and a goal-scorer on sunday. curtis lundcross took his first skate with his new team this morning. coach barry trotz already pencil penciled him in on the second line. he's had two 20-goal seasons. he took tips from almost every player today, all of them eager to share the secrets of the new system. after spending the last seven years in calgary.
6:56 pm
>> almost nervous out there for the first couple minutes, but it was fun. i had a lot of fun out there, and the guys like to chatter and have ton out there so that's nice. it's a fun group here. and, you know, this morning coming to the rink all having fun, smiling, joking playing around. that's why they're such a good team. >> he said he hasn't had as fun of a practice as this today all season long. just that in itself saysenjoy himself here hopefully and, you know we're happy to have him. >> february 10th 1997 the last time the men and women's maryland basketball teams both ranked in the top ten. the men at number ten, the women at number four. this afternoon brenda frese named big ten coach of the year too. plenty to applaud in college park these days. this is definitely my favorite story of the day. we're always talking act
6:57 pm
firings, trades and cults. but we can't forget that athletes they've got families. today a little girl tried to reach out to her father's hockey team. watch this. the 11-year-old daughter of columbus blue jackets defenseman jordan leopold sent this letter to the minnesota wild. leopold's family lives in minnesota, dad plays for columbus. she told the wild in part my dad is very lonely without his family. and finished with the wild have not been winning games and you coaches are most likely mad about that so can you please, please, please ask the jackets if you guys can get him? guess what. got her wish. jordan leopold is part of the minnesota wild. >> that is so cool. >> and she didn't get charged with anything. >> very cool.
6:58 pm
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on the broadcast tonight, new video of a deadly confrontation as police shoot a man on the streets of los angeles. what cameras captured and what bystanders saw. another firestorm tonight over the use of lethal force. storm of controversy as the israeli prime minister arrives in washington to deliver a warning to america. are we about to make a bad deal with iran? how safe are the floors in so many homes across the country? big fall report. wild weather. a whiteout at the beach in southern california as another winter blast moves across 30 states. and a survivor. that amazing rescue in midair. we'll hear from the sky diver paralyzed by a seizure while plunging to earth. "nightly news" begins now.


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