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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 3, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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ands up. a montgomery county couple have been found for unsubstantiated child neglect. daniel and alexander may teach are gained attention for the free range parenting style. they found their 10 and 6-year-old children walking home. she said her children are happy and safe and are not the ones that child services should be worried about. >> they have taken on more responsibility. they get themselves to and from the bus in the morning and the afternoon on time right? >> the findings of child services basically means that evidence of child neglect may have been found but there isn't a firm conclusion. she'll continue to let her children walk home from the same park alone. investigators may have crucial new clues to put them one step closer to catching the so called black hat bandit. they struck again robbing a wells fargo in false church
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yesterday. it makes eight armed robberies in virginia and maryland over eight weeks. this time the men left footprints in the snow. investigators took pictures and molds. multiple law enforcement agencies are working on the case. there's a $30,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction. spring is now just weeks away and the cherry blossom festival is nearly here. new a few hours festival organizers will be at the museum to predict when the peak bloom will happen. we'll post on twitter as soon as we know. >> maybe if we keep talking about the cherry blossoms we can will warmer weather to come to washington, d.c. >> good luck with that. >> mind over matter. >> it's got to come eventually. let's check with tom kierein. we have a little more winter to deal with. >> yeah. we're heading toward spring at 67,000 miles per hour. that's the speed of the earth and the orbit around the sun. we're getting closer to the
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vertical exwith a fox. this coming in the shenandoah valley and maybe a few scattered flurries this morning. it's not the main event. it's arriving this afternoon. might have a little bit of patchy ice that melted overnight and refroze this morning. we're below freezing in the 20s. still below freezing noontime cloudy around 30. then after that around 1:00 2:00 maybe a little bit of sleet coming through. maybe a little bit of freezing rain by late afternoon. by then in the low 30s then a warming trend after that. by 8:00 p.m. above freezing. any mixing will be ending. holding steady upper 30s by 11:00 p.m. by this time tomorrow morning the low 40s with light rain falling. much warmer air is moving in. melissa is here. welcome back. >> still have some construction in the way, unfortunately. my trip away didn't get rid of the construction. i wish i could do that.
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95 southbound we have the left lane blocked until 6:00 this morning until the typical 5:00 a.m. blockage. taking a look at things overall no major problems when you take a look at the beltway. take a look at 66 and 95 everything looking quite good there. no issues up north. 95 into and out of town bw parkway 29 to the beltway looking good this morning. remember we have this in the way. 395 northbound between duke and king street two right lanes blocked until 5:00 this morning. >> it is now 4:33. we can tell you why former virginia governor bob mcdonnell said he deserves to win his appeal case. his appeal case starts in may. we went through the opening briefs for the case. he said it was built on a deafing in of bribery that the supreme court rejected.
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he raises questions about the immunity that john my williams received. williams is the man who gave the governor thousands in so-called bribes. mcdonnell said the favors williams received were routine courtesies elected officials extend every day. prince william county police are looking for a number of items stolen from an officer's use cruiser. a gun, magazine were stolen last week. i'm angie gothff at the live desk. sources telling nbc news that audio from two body cameras worn by l.a. police officers seen in the video suggest that the homeless man who was shot dead did try to take the officer's weapons. billions have viewed and shared the cell phone video posted on sunday by a witness. you can see a man wrestling with
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the four officers. there's a lot of shouting and eventually fife shots. l.a.'s mayor said they'll do an investigation. some groups are calling for an independent probe. >> thank you. this morning a suspected terrorist from northern virginia is waking up behind bars in somalia. the associated press reports that former cab driver lib ban mohamed was wanted for helping terrorist groups. we may see a delay in the murder trial against jesse matthew. according to our affiliate matthew's lawyers said they need time to hire a dna expert. prosecutors said they plan to use dna analysis against matthew. defense lawyers want their own expert to look at the evidence. matthew is charged with murdering uva student hannah graham. his trial is slated to begin
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june 29th. a fairfax city manager will propose a budget. it's the first of several sessions before the budget is adopted. we'll post a link on so you can see the proposal. [ chanting ] lots of back and forth on the purple line topic right now. maryland governor is deciding whether he wants to move forward with the new purple line which would connect the maryland suburbs from new carrolton to bethesda at the ami theater. those in favor protested outside. we heard from both sides inside. >> we're talking 69,000 people a day will be riding the purple. >> you have buses running around empty saying we need trains. >> supporters of the line say it will prevent even more gridlock in our area. critics say it's simply not worth the cost. >> what your student eats for
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lunch will go under the microscope on capitol hill today. the specific changes. the hangout spot created by two friends that was mistaken for a terror threat. >> and sleet and rain in the forecast today. tom kierein is tracking what you're going to see at the bus stop this
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how about this? the california skies just opened up and dropped a massive amount of hail on huntington beach. it almost liked like a blanket of snow there.
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people at the beach made the most of it and tried to make some snowmen. >> they're not used to seeing that. many of you have been affected by the recent cold snap and the toll it's taking on the region's water mains. the washington suburban sanitary commission said crews repaired more than 400 broken water mains last month. it's the second most breaks in february ever behind the 479 in february of 2007. it fielded more than 17,000 calls. more than double the number during the same time last year. the utility company continues to ask for your patience as it expects more mains will break. yikes! today a brand new exhibit to honor the navy reserve which is 100 years old. you are able to see artifacts at the u.s. navy memorial including a world war i uniform and recruiting posters. the exhibit opens at 9:30 this morning and on display until
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april. two men in their 20s created a man cave tunnel in canada. police discovered it in january. there were concerns about terrorism because the center is a major tennis venue that will host the pan a.m. games this summer. toronto police said the men wanted to dig a cave to hang out. one of the men works for a construction company. he used his work equipment to dig the tunnel. it would be the ultimate man cave. >> they went down there large screen tvs, video games, and junk food. oh never mind! >> you got to get the right permit for that. you can't dig a whole like thatant to take a live look outside for you this morning, and we'll let tom do that. >> weather and traffic on the 1s. you won't have burrow underground to escape the weather. we'll have a few flurries this morning. we're getting those now to the
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west. this area in the gray shenandoah valley frederick county to the mountains tracking to the east. a few flurries for the morning bus stop. maybe a little patchy ice on the sidewalks. watch out for that. below freezing upper 20s by 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. patchy ice around. dress for a cold day. we're going it stay rather chilly throughout the day. you won't need the sunglasses but you'll need an umbrella. look at the timing on that coming up at 4:51. what is going on with the roads? >> still have construction here hanging around. this is a water main break. they're going to be fixing this until 6:00 this morning. those repairs until 6:00 a.m. beltway at river road that's rolling fine. bethesda at wisconsin avenue at wood woodmont and two right lanes blocked. 270 into and out of town no major issues. nice and green. back in ten minutes. >> thank you.
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hillary clinton trending on twitter overnight about her e-mail use. what we're learning about how she may have violated federal rules. a search warrant reveals details about online conversations between a top state department employee and somebody he thought was a 14-year-old girl. why police
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fifteen before the hour now. the battle over nutrition and school lunches is heating up again. nearly a thousand nutritionists will lobby on capitol hill today. tracie potts joins us from capitol hill with more on this. >> good morning. they want more money and more options.
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the usda said schools have to spend $1.2 billion more this year to meet the new standards and a lot of those schools, according to the school nutrition association, are either losing money more than half of them or about a fifth just breaking even. they're here to ask congress for 35 cents per meal more to help cover that shortfall. they're also asking for more flexibility on things like salt. they don't want to see the levels reduced anymore because many schools say they're having a hard time finding foods items that meet the standards that don't have so much sodium. they also say they're losing money because kids are throwing out the fruits and vegetables they're now required to get. they're required to pick them up. they're not required to eat them. one university study found that waste is up 100%. $684 million worth of fruits and vegetables being thrown out by kids who don't want to eat them. there is a new proposal here on capitol hill that would address
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whole grains for example, half of grains being whole grains and not 100% like the new standards say. and also limiting sodium to the pre2012 levels before this went into effect. all of this they're trying to get done by september, which is when the school lunch program has to be reauthorized. >> all right, tracie potts. thank you. right now there is a $25,000 reward for information that helps d.c. police find relistsha rudd. police say they have no new leads in the case but are holding out hope she could be founded. she lived in the d.c. homeless shelter shelter. they added security surveillance cameras, and repaired heating and air-conditioning systems there. we're learning more about what lead police to move in and arrest a official accused of soliciting sex from a teen. police say daniel rosen was e-mailing and texting off and on
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with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl since november. the teen was an undercover detective. according to the search warrant obtained by julie kerry the arrest one came one day after rosen got suspicious and cancelled a planned rendezvous on february 23 prpd you can get a look at the full search warrant by using nbc washington app. a class-action lawsuit has been filed against a restaurant owner. he faces peeping tom charges after he was secretly recording women in the bathroom. mule houser is one of the owner of the ram's head tavern. they found footage of six different women. they arrested him last week. >> the university of virginia hosting a series of meetings to prevent sexual assaults on the campus campus. the local paper reports that uva will hold a response working group meeting today. it will happen at 9:30 this morning at the great hall. there will be another meeting tomorrow at noon at the library
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auditorium. students had their first meeting. it's in response to a discredited rolling stone article. the groups will report their recommendations to school leaders this spring. police have made an arrest in a rash of car break ins in arlington. antwon kennedy was taken into custody. police say they caught him in the act trying to break into cars in a parking garage on wilson boulevard. they say he's responsible for at least 50 break ins ins are s areroast lynn. later today hillary clinton will be in town to attend the emily's list gala. they are giving her the we are emily award. it's given to women who have made a significant impact on our nation through their consistent leadership and inspiration. to a story blowing up online. apparently hillary clinton used her personal e-mail account ebs collusively during her four
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years of secretary of state which may have violated federal law. the u.s. state department said clinton turned over 55,000 pages of e-mails in requested last year in an effort to comply with updated laws. the department adds that john kerry is the first secretary of state to rely primarily on a e-mail account. go ahead and pour yourself that second cup or perhaps third cup of coffee. i know some people go beyond that. researchers in south korea are finding more evidence that coffee can be good for your heart. they say people who drink three to five cups a day show fewer signs of clogged arteries. it's possible coffee might improve insulin sensitivity. ihop is trending around the country now because it's national pancake day. you can get free pancakes at ihop. the restaurants are giving away free short stacks until 10:00 tonight. you can have it all day long!
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>> yes, i can. >> as part of the promotion, you can donate to several children's hospitals. they raised close to $16,000 million since promotion started. i know it's about stuffing our faces but there's a charity behind it. i like there's a good cause behind our gluttonous pancake eating. >> gluttonous? you can't turn down a pancake. >> my kids say my pancakes are the best. >> i like mine with natural maple syrup. it soaks in. anyway we're talking about another wintery mix coming our way. we have an area under a winter weather advisory because of that. it includes the counties in purple east and west virginia. later this morning and all the way into this evening this winter weather advisory mainly for sleet and light icing. right now the storm team 4 radar showing a little bit that have going on. some snow and sleet here in ohio indiana, illinois. this is heading off to the east.
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leading edge showing up on the storm team 4 radar is a few scattered flurries -- these are trying to reach the ground as well as shenandoah valley and farther to the west pan handle from frederick. here is the timing on the more potent part coming in around noontime. maybe some snow and sleet that may be causing icing. and snow and sleet moves into the immediate metro area about 1:00 or 2:00. it tracks to the east. and very light. and maybe light icing after that around 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. that in the pink zone that continues. and the green zone is light rain that may switch to light rain during the early part of the evening. by 8:00 most is over and we're going get a temporary reprieve and more rain moves in as much warmer air comes in later tonight. temperatures right now below freezing. watch out a little bit of patchy ice from what melted yesterday and refrozen this morning. temperatures staying below
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freezing near the morning. near 30s by noontime and maybe sleet and light icing. a little bit of snow in the afternoon and hovering in the low 30s. after that we warm in the evening hours. keep up with the challengenges with the storm team 4 weather app. wednesday with rain and low 50s tomorrow with rain. another surge of cold air comes in changing the rain to sleet and some snow on thursday morning. most of it ending by noontime. maybe a few inches of accumulation. stay tuned. sun back on friday and finally a warming trend as we get into the weekend. we turn our clocks ahead one hour saturday night. partly cloudy saturday and sunday. near 50 on sunday and monday. melissa here with a look at the roads. >> weekend looks good to me! roads a little more construction. 395 northbound between duke and king. we have two right lanes blocked. about the next 15 minutes or so and it should be out of the way. beltway everything running along nicely there. no major issues. big look at things overall lots
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of green and movement. no major problems when you take a look at the beltway inner and outer loop 270 into and out of town no issues as well. earlier road work that has been cleared out of the way for the past hour. 66 and 95 also rolling along quite nicely. no major issues. take a look at 95 in maryland and bw parkway into and out of town no issues. >> thank you. the changes one major school district is making to the schedule this year. and do you want to get away from the cold and the snow? >> yes! >> we're working for you with the simple change you can make to save you more than $100 when
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in the day ahead maryland lawmakers will consider a bill that would ask you to expand gaming to include bwi marshall airport. it would ask to add more than 2500 slot machines at the airport. two similar bills failed. the maryland state house committee will hold a hearing at 1:00 this afternoon. parents and students in prince william county save some room. the public school system is rook looking for tasters to help find appealing and nutrition foods for student lunches. the country's food and nutritions staff holds the 25th annual food show tonight.
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reviews help the team develop menus and make purchasing plans for the next academic year. there are two tastings tonight at patriot high school. the. today you can learn more about what is happening in fairfax county public schools. superintendent will hold a final listening tour stop today. it's designed to collect and share ideas. it's happening at 6:30 tonight in fairfax county. and they would like you to register ahead of time if you can. a change coming in the way you pay for groceries at costco. american express is out and visa is in. citi will become the exclusive issuer of costco card. it will provide more information about how you can transition to the new card. you can save a lot of money on your spring vacation by leaving just a few days later. fare checked flights in february. it found a sound sunday trip
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cost nearly $480 a tuesday to subtle trip cost more than $120 less. march is here but we're looking ahead to the warm summer evenings. in couple of months it will launch the summer concert series. national symphony do a special 30th anniversary back to the future. >> pack a picnic outside. i can't wait for warmer nights where we can do something like that! >> it's coming. trust us. stay with us. news 4 today continues now at 5:00 a.m. the you should be fine getting to work and school this morning. you could see more sleet and ice on the drive home. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has eye on the
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winter weather advisory zone. >> good morning. the radar is showing we're getting a little bit of some light sleet here this area in pink in west virginia. it extends to ohio. north of there it's snow. a few scattered flurries on the radar in frederick county, howard toward washington county. pan handle of west virginia shenandoah valley may be getting a few flurries trying to reach the ground. we have the areas in purple color under a winter weather advisory it includes northern virginia, the metro area most of maryland for this wintery mix combination that is going to get going here by later today. temperatures right now ahead of that are all below freezing. we're in the 20s to around 30s degrees. what melted overnight may have refrozen. watch out fors patchy ice. the roads are dry here. patchy ice maybe this morning and little bit of snow moving in


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