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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now at 11:00, dangerously slick conditions send an plans sliding into two pedestrians, and what happened next that made the situation even worse. plus reports of shots fired at the national security agency
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headquarters. tonight police are investigating whether today's shooting along the intercounty connector could be connected. and a scathing report about the ferguson police department. the racially charged comments that the feds uncovered. >> news 4 at 11:00 starts now. we begin tonight with yet another round of winter weather creating extremely icy conditions outside. it's so slick in places north of the city that right now the columbia pike between route 198 and dustin road in burtonsville is shut down until salt trucks can treat it let's go to chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> the word is good news as we move into the overnight hours. we've had lots of ice in parts of the area. north of route 50 and that's exactly what we've seen out there. more good news the radar not depicting any more rain freezing rain or sleet. that's out of here at least for tonight. and temperatures are continuing
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to rise now. many areas not just above freezing but many areas in the upper 30s to close to 40 degrees. let's widen this picture out because this storm system that came through today is up towards new york bringing them the freezing rain. boston seeing the snow. but look at all the moisture back to the west. this is what we have to go through over the next 24 to 48 hours. the first part of this system will be on the warm side. so that's the rain. but then comes the snow. we'll see that tomorrow night. a winter storm watch in effect from 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night right on through the day on thursday. some of the latest information has just come in. i'm tweaking those snow totals. find out how much you can see in your area. it could be a lot in any forecast. thank you, doug. a developing story now, slippery roads led to an unusual accident in which an ambulance hit two people. kristin wright is on the scene now in silver spring. >> reporter: hi, doreen yes, this is cameron court. a perfect example of how
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treacherous conditions are. you can see a little bit of salt has been put down on the road now, but a little while ago it was a sheet of ice. we have pictures to show you just how bad things went here tonight. see the ambulance there. it was responding to a woman who slipped on the ice and fell on cameron hill court. the ambulance was coming to help her, but it actually hit her, ran into fire says the ambulance just slid at low speed but nonetheless right into this woman who was waiting for medics to help her after her slip and fall. and the ambulance brushed a neighbor who was there trying to help her. the ambulance then got stuck for a time on the ice. montgomery county fire says cameron hill court at the time was a sheet of ice. it is a hill. conditions are like this across the county we're told especially on ramps and bridges. a stretch of route 29 in
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burtonsville is closed because of the ice. take a listen to what montgomery county fire wants us all to remember tonight. >> we've been saying for weeks now that these weather conditions affect us the first responders just as they do the motoring public and the pedestrians and those out. so certainly we hope that everyone takes their due diligence, walks with caution drives with care certainly if you don't have to be out when these conditions exist, we hope that you would stay in. >> reporter: good advice. now, that ambulance again was stuck. so a second ambulance came to help the woman and the friend who had been hit as well. they couldn't even get down the driveway. they had to actually stay up here and then the woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries i might add. not life-threatening but we're told her injuries are serious. kristin wright news 4. >> rough night. be careful getting out of there. two shootings near two busy
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highways just miles apart. one targeted a landscaping truck on the intercounty connector. the other a national security agency building. now, the fbi's investigating that shooting. news 4's darcy spencer is along the bw parkway tonight with the latest in both of these investigations. >> reporter: u.s. park police all evening have been shutting down portions of the bw parkway for this investigation. we're told all lanes are now open. we're looking at two separate shooting scenes about eight miles apart. and investigators are still trying to figure out could they be connected. >> they were returning from a job, coming back to the shop and they were driving along and they got shot at. >> reporter: gary cooper works with the two men who were shot at as they were driving on the icc in prince george's county. how are they physically and emotion emotionally? >> wrecked. one guy's hurt a bit and the other guy had minor stuff to his face but they're both
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completely shaken. >> reporter: police investigating to see if the incident could be connected to another shooting near the national security agency in ft. meade. officials confirm one of the buildings was damaged by gunfire. the northbound lanes on the bw parkway were shut down as police investigated the shooting near the intelligence agency. it was two hours earlier that the two men were shot at on the icc. the shot fired from a wooded area overlooking the highway near old gunpowder road. one man was hit by flying glass. a bullet lodged in the other man's clothing. both were taken to the hospital and later released. >> they just really wanted to get home. they were emotionally whipped, i think. >> reporter: both scenes are still very active. we should tell you that multiple police agencies are involved in both of these investigations and at this point no arrest has been
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made. we're reporting live from ft. meade, darcy spencer, news 4. >> thank you, darcy. new at 11:00, a carbon monoxide scare at a d.c. restaurant. a co detector went off at the rustic tavern on first street in northwest. they found elevated levels of carbon monoxide near a wood-burning stove. the restaurant was evacuated. so were residents in some apartments up above. one person was evaluated at the hospital but is expected to be okay. crews are making progress tonight in repairing that broken water main that caused a major sink hole and shut off the water to about 25 homes in d.c. the ground gave way on 13th street in northeast just before 2:00 in afternoon. but residents say the water had been gurgling and it hasn't been shut off. the sink hole started to swallow up the front of a car but the owner was able to drive it away
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safely. >> a virginia man learns he will spend 15 years in prison for his role in a smash and grab robbery. alonzo meadows is one of the men scene casing a fredericks jewelry store. he got away with $25,000 in rolex watches. meadows was the only one to get caught. a shake-up at the fairfax county attorney's office amid allegations that the county attorney mishandled the case involving the fatal shooting of an unarmed man. today the board of supervisors say the county attorney would reorganize the office and then retire by next june. that announcement as the board also passed a measure to form a new 25-member commission to review the handling of officer-involved shootings. it all comes after criticism surrounding the john ghere case. he was killed at his springfield home in 2013 but it took almost a year and a half before some basic information about the
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incident was even released. the county board chairman says the board's goal is to increase transparency. >> i think it would be wrong for us to delay making some positive changes. >> this is a reaction to the latest nasty story in the media. a citizens group called justice for john gear says the panel does not go far enough. they released a statement tonight calling for a permanent independent oversight board. the u.s. department of justice is expected to release a scathing report tomorrow that details racial bias within the ferguson police department. it comes six months after a white police officer shot and killed michael brown, an unarmed black teenager. coming up how the feds are reacting and the racially charged comment thes uncovered. a live look at the capitol tonight. congress is sending a clean bill for president obama to sign that will fund the department of homeland security through
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september. the house passed the legislation this afternoon. it does not include any of the republicans' demands to overturn president obama's immigration executive orders. tonight senate leaders say they're moving forward with a bill requiring any nuclear deal with iran be approved by congress. it would require a 60-day review period before any sanctions against iran are lifted. that follows today's appearance by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu before congress. netanyahu said negotiations between the u.s. and iran would all but guarantee tehran gets nuclear weapons. >> i came here today to tell you we don't have to bet the security of the world on the hope that iran will change for the better. we don't have to gamble with our future and with our children's future. >> president obama says he didn't watch the speech but read it and that netanyahu offered nothing new.
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it was meant to be a night of honor for hillary clinton, but a gala in d.c. was overshadowed by clinton's e-mail controversy. she received the we are emily award tonight from emily's list a pro choice organization. but instead of focusing on the award allies are defending clinton saying she was not the first to use private e-mail in public office. critics say it shows a lack of transparency. next at 11:00, scathing report uncovers a pattern of racial bias within the ferguson police department. tonight the comments made about our president and reaction from the feds. plus the army after people claim they got cancer while livg near a maryland base. and pothole problems. the minefield on d.c. streets right now
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we're back with a major story we're following out of ferguson missouri. more than six months after a white police officer shot and killed a black teenager there, the justice department's about to release a report outlining widespread racial bias within that police department. nbc's ron allen reports. >> reporter: investigating the underlying mistrust after the death of michael brown, officials familiar with the justice department report say in the two years before that deadly encount er encounter in 88% of the cases where the police used force the subject was african-american.
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they found examples of racial stereotyping. an e-mail saying president obama would not be in office long because what black man holds a steady job for four years? eric holder said he was troubled by what he heard. officials also say the report accuses police of targeting black and poor drivers to raise revenue. 80% of those stopped were black. >> i didn't know nothing about being in the jail. i was horrified. >> reporter: she says she was stopped five times first for a cracked windshield then when she couldn't pay the fine court fees piled up. eventually she was stopped and jailed. >> i think the court's less likely to listen to you. >> reporter: her dream job is to join the navy but recruiters say no until she clears up her problems with the courts.
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>> it's stressing me out because i can't get to >> it stresses me out, because i can't start my career because of these little tickets. >> reporter: officials say the justice department probe found that ferguson overwhelmingly charges african-americans some 67% of the population with minor or petty sfenss that cause crippling debt, loss of homes, and jobs. >> ferguson city leaders met with federal officials all day to review the findings in that report. they plan to hold a news conference tomorrow. new at 11:00, the stage is set for a trial that could put some sick frederick, maryland residents up against the u.s. army. 110 people filed claims for compensation saying that chemicals at ft. detrick, maryland caused them or their loved ones to get cancer. today the army denied 106 of those claims. the other four are unresolved. an attorney for the group says it's highly likely they'll challenge the denials with a lawsuit. if you have to drive
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anywhere in our area you can't escape them. potholes. they seem to be multiplying every hour in this cold icy weather. earlier today one of the worst pothole places we found was the 1300 block of r street northwest. but by the afternoon d-dot workers were able to repair the holes with asphalt patches. they'd probably have to resurface this whole street soon it's that bad. we know exactly how long it takes to fill potholes in the district. you can check out our interactive map. go to and as much what else potholes. >> do we know what "soon" means? >> i'll tell you what we know for sure. we'll have a whole bunch of new potholes by this weekend, won't we? >> that's exactly right. temperatures continue to rise. potholes are formed by the freezing and then the warming. we had a lot of problems on some of the area roads, mostly to the north of the d.c. metro area. right now we've got the cloud cover, but we're not seeing the rain the freezing rain the
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sleet, the snow, not much comeing out of the sky right now. 39 that's the warmest we've been today. that wind chill down to 32 degrees but we're seeing a southerly wind. look at the numbers now, 40 in fredericksburg 37 in gaithersburg. petersburg west virginia at 51. that air's going to try to move in. the cold air is still going to be trapped. so we're not going to get into the the upper 50s or even near 60 the way it looked a couple of day ago. but the 40s are a lot better than the 20s and 30s the next few days. the radar not showing anything right now, but widen out just a little bit. here's that little impulse that came through our area earlier today bringing the freezing rain and snow earlier today up towards pennsylvania new york boston out of our area but this is what's coming in for the next couple of hours. we'll see rain early tomorrow morning. then we start to see the cold air move back in. all that rain then changes to
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snow. here's future weather. again showers around 8:00 tomorrow morning. we will see rain tomorrow. a rather wet commute in some locations. give yourself extra time. but temperatures will be above freezing. the roads should be fine. tomorrow at noon the showers all across the region. then just the steadier rain by tomorrow afternoon and i do think tomorrow evening's commute will be a little bit tougher with heavier rain coming down at times. then 11:30 tomorrow night. still raining around the region. but notice the colder air is starting to filter in. the rain is first. rain likely but heaviest in the afternoon. we may get over a half an inch. then we move to thursday morning. here we are now at 5:30. the snow starting up to the north. still rain down to the south. and that line where is that change what time does that change occur? does the cold air move in in time for a rush hour problem early around the d.c. metro area. i think we are going to see some issues north and west of d.c. but here we are 12:30, lots of
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snow to the north. that mix could be coming in then everybody sees the snow thursday afternoon i do think we'll see a lot of it. that winter storm watch is in effect through the day on thursday. here are the snow totals. 5 to 8 inch ses eight ichlg plus this might be trimmed back tomorrow some of the moisture is coming down south. 8 plus windchester, leesburg, waldorf, d.c. annapolis then 3 to 5 farther to the south. this will be a fairly big storm. this is still our first call. tomorrow the very latest and our final snowfall map tomorrow afternoon. 46 on your wednesday. 29 on thursday. look at those high temperatures. 27 on friday. you want some potholes? temperatures in the 20 tst after snowfall. at least the weekend looks nice. at least it looks dry with temperatures above that all
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. all right. we had the wizards and the caps both in action tonight. >> you know what they say? >> what? >> a win is a win. >> we'll take it. >> by an inch or a mile at least for the caps. you know that who's hot section in sports coverage? alex ovechkin and the capitals. congrats going out to joe ward.
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wardo playing in his nhl game. caps up 3-2 on the power play. alex ovechkin. first try misses. ovi never wants to give up. second goal of the game league leading 43rd this season. caps up 4-2. later in the period columbus with the power play. nick foalino sets up scotty hart. folino to hart. got to give respect. blue jackets back within a goal. but a late power play for the jackets. watch the puck go right across the crease. ward sends it to the boards. johanson fresh out of the box with the empty netter. caps fan, you can breathe now. they beat the jackets 5-3. the wizards still slumping on the road. tonight in chicago they went down fighting. and to the one team they hate losing to the bulls. not just losing. they hate everything about this team. fourth quarter big man making
11:26 pm
his feelings clear. joakim noah going down hard. thank you, mr. big forearm. flagrant foul here. he didn't help him up. aaron brooks who has the guy with number zero? nobody. 22 points for brooks. bulls up eight. under two minutes, john wall on the drive. kicks it up to otto porter jr. the floater. gets it to go. 11 points for otto. but bradley beal. wizards fall tonight. eight straight losses on the road. down a level, senior night for rutgers. skip ahead, watch this. first half winding down. terps up 6. des baseline two guys on him and he still jumps over. putting these guys on a poster. terps up eight at the break. now the scarlet knight. down just three.
11:27 pm
mack the deep three ball. huge play by mack ties it up at 35. guess who takes it des wells. spin move off glass and in. you can't defend that doug. then wells has the steal all alone one handed. boom. 20 points 10 boards for him. tenth ranked maryland beats rutgers 60-50. terps earn a double bye in next week's big ten tourney. roy hibbert in the house. the former hoya and current indiana pacer watching georgetown take care of business against butler bulldogs. rivera knocking down the three. georgetown up six at the break. dunham splits the "d," drives dishes and they get the dunk. it's a one-point game later on hoyas up two. the three ball. georgetown takes the five-point
11:28 pm
lead. smith-rivera loves playing in his hometown. 21st ranked butler.s it 60-54. regular season finale on sunday. maryland at nebraska. >> a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle
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yoplait. with a smooth and creaour whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. we've got some breaking news to share before we go. our affiliate station in baltimore has just confirmed that police are trying to figure out if the shootings near the national security agency and on
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the intercounty connector today are connected to three other shootings in maryland in the past week. a shooting in hanover, laurel and also columbia more online as it come
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- judi dench ansel elgort musical guest


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