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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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zero of the storm team 4 center, what are we expecting? >> we're expecting that rain really overnight tonight and the transition into snow happens tomorrow morning. a lot of people will wake up look outside and say, guys, it's supposed to be snowing. no. we'll see a difference. this is why. take a look at this map. one thing to notice here's the cold air up around pittsburgh and state college. that's what's coming down. look at this, 72 in virginia beach, 59 in richmond, 46 here. it's going to rain until this cold air is able to work its way in. right now we dao have the rain coming down fairly heavy around martinsburg, hagerstown, toward frederick and now into portions of northern virginia and most of the state of maryland. we're going to continue to watch as this plume of moisture works its way our way. again, notice where the cold air is back toward cincinnati. they're seeing the snow and that transmission is going to make its way our way overnight tonight in through early tomorrow morning. it will all be snow by around 9:00 in most areas, especially d.c. north and west. winter storm warning in effect
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late tonight through the day thursday. we've got revised snow totals. we'll show you who will get the most out of this event, when it will start for you at home in a couple of minutes. >> metro will work bus systems on a moderate plan. buses will stay off of the hills and the narrow streets. metroaccess is suspended for the entire day. our live team coverage continues now with our transportation reporter adam tuss where it's all hands on deck on those roads. >> reporter: certainly all hands on deck, wendy. we have a few light raindrops come coming down right now at tysons corner. but the steady rain moving into the area is the problem for road crews later on tonight. you can't pretreat the roads if it all will just wash away. let's look at the beltway at tysons corner. loaded up for sure. a lot of people heading home for good for the next couple of days. let's show you what's happening with road crews. at this point, the activity has to do with making sure trucks are maintained and repaired. as you know, this has already
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been a long winter for these guys, a lot of equipment being put back together as far as salt supplies vdot is down to 20% d.c. now on a second round overall of salt maryland crews say they're in good shape. crews will be using a lot of sand with the early part of this storm, and they're asking for you to give them room. a lot of drivers, they are not thrilled with the thought of more snow. we caught up with one guy who has already had a rough winter. >> actually was involved in a collision early on, one of the first snowfalls. >> reporter: of this year. >> yeah. >> reporter: what hammed? >> a guy spun out -- i'm sorry. he didn't spin out. but i could see him starting to fishtail. and he just cut it right in front of me. there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: and back here now live, the traffic is making its way on the beltway tonight. coming up news4 at 6, vdot says it's actually having to resa
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just its strategy because salt apply supplies are down to 20%. back to you. >> thank you, adam tuss. with more snow coming, the big question tonight for parents and students and teachers, will there be a day off tomorrow? and when will that decision be made? news4's mark segraves is in touch with school districts across the region joining us live from northwest d.c. >> reporter: thoefz are the $64,000 questions. students in our area have already missed between 1 and 10 days of classes depending on where you live because of the snow. that doesn't include delayed openings. while many parents and students would like to know right now whether their school will be open tomorrow, the reality is many schools won't make that decision until tomorrow morning. we're getting ready for the snow snow. and of course many parents were busy today stocking up for a possible four-day weekend inside with the kids. >> i probably will let them stay
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up late tonight because i'm pretty sure there won't be school tomorrow. >> i'm counting on it. i just bault a bunch of crap for kids to eat tomorrow. >> reporter: school officials warn, not so fast. >> if we can have school tomorrow, we'll have it. if we can have school friday, we'll have it. >> reporter: while the predictions are for 4 to 8 inches in our area, the snow is not expected to start falling until sunrise. and that's why many schools may not make a decision on closing until tomorrow morning. >> we generally like to wait until the morning so we have the best information possible. >> reporter: not knowing before kids go to bed is frustrating for some. would you rather know tonight? >> yes, of course. i would rather know tonight, before early in the morning. typically we have things to do. it's better to know early. >> reporter: some parents would rather wait until the morning because making the wrong call is even more frustrating. >> especially when they close when there is no snow. >> i understand it. i really do feel for these
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people who have to make this decision. i wouldn't want to have to do it for anything. >> reporter: now, we spoke to officials in d.c., maryland and virginia schools. they all said the same thing. they would like to make the decision tonight if they can, but because of the timing of the storm that might not be possible. they all said they would make those decisions by 5:00 a.m. of course you'll know first if you download the nbc washington app. a lot of schools in our area have used up their allotted snow days. we'll tell you at 6:00 what that means for your school district. wendy, back to you. >> thank you mark. and now some new information about a police search at the home of a man suspected in a series of shootings in maryland. hong young is suspected in five different shootings in the last week, including that gunfire that hit on nsa building yesterday. news4's chris gordon reports. >> reporter: prince george's county police investigators entered the beltsville house of the shooting suspect, 35-year-old hong young.
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hours later, they came out with bags of evidence which i have learned contain handguns and rifles indicating the highway shootings of the past week could have been much worse. >> most of us here were probably in some way shape or form aware of events 15 years ago, give or take, with the d.c. sniper case. >> reporter: young lived here in beltsville with his mother, father and sister. his wife recently divorced him and moved. last year, young resigned from his job as a corrections officer in jessup, maryland. >> i thought he was a security guy. he wears like a security dress once in a while. i have seen him that way. >> reporter: but the neighbor never saw the 19 niep 9 blue lincoln town car police have been looking for since the series of five shootings began a week ago. anne arundel mills, walmart in laurel, columbia mall movie theater, the icc and nsa. yesterday afternoon a tree
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service truck was targeted along the icc at the i-95 interchange. one occupant of the truck was wounded by shattered glass another had a bullet lodged in his clothing. police say both were in mortal fear for their lives. then yesterday evening a building at the national xurtd security agency was hit by a bullet. the search ended about 10:30 last night when anne arundel police made a traffic stop in the area of the costco in arundle mills which led for young's arrest. >> investigators worked all night to link these cases together forensically. >> that was chris gordon reporting. to two small victories in court for the man charged in brutal crimes nearly a decade apart in virginia. jesse matthew's defense team got the delay they wanted in a trial in the murder of 18-year-old uva student hannah graham from fairfax county. in addition to the delay, the court will be providing the defense a dna expert. matthew has pleaded not guilty
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in graham's murder and a 2005 rape in fairfax. three people are dead tonight after a small plane crashed while trying to land at the airport in norfolk, virginia. the plane went down in a wooded area here about a mile and a half away from the airport early this morning. it took crews three hours to locate the plane because of heavy fog. sources tell our station that the plane was originally landing about 30 miles away but diverted for poor visibility. ahead in the newscast, we'll have a report from norfolk with new information on the plane's flight path. wendy? what started as a routine traffic stop turned into a lunchtime police chase in arlington. it could have been tragic for the officer who made that stop. in the clarendon area. police are trying to figure out why the driver took off. pat collins is live near the scene. >> reporter: wendy, he tried his best to get away, first by car, then by foot. but he couldn't outrun the law.
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arlington police got their man today, but it took some doing. they searched him head to toe. why did he run? that's what they were trying to find out. but i'm getting way ahead of this story. it started with a simple traffic stop. a red lot infraction. the officer walks up to the driver's side window. he leans in and says man, do you realize you just -- before he could finish that sentence, the driver takes off. the officer sort of wedged in the window. he has to shuffle along like this before he can pull back and get out of harm's way. but the car, that car, it keeps on going. >> the suspect floors it. >> reporter: he drives through the neighborhood up one street, down another. the cops are closing in. at one point, the tires on the passenger's side of the chrysler car go flat. he comes to a crashing halt right here in this crosswalk. he gets out and continues his escape on foot.
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finally, they get him cornered and cuffed and in that chrysler car they find a gun. is that why he ran? >> the firearm was recovered inside the vehicle. right now we're not sure if that's the reason the subject fled initially or if he's wanted for a number of things. >> reporter: oh, and what about the cop who made the traffic stop in the first place? no serious injury there. just some shaken nerves and some boots. now, as of this hour, investigators are still talking to the suspect, and police are back in the neighborhood conducting a search from street to street. more about that coming up at 6:00. back to you, jim. >> pat collins thank you. d.c. mayor mare yul ror muriel buzer is making her first trip to wall street. she's meeting with the bond agencies over the district's rating. right now it's a aa, the highest raitding is a aaa.
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the district's bond rating has improved over the last eight years. the better the rating of course the more money the city can borrow to spend or services and programs they can provide for residents. a new addition to d.c.'s 40-year-old jail. news4 gets an exclusive look at the new library and what kind of books will be inside. >> reporter: virginia state police renewing their effort to get you to move over on the roadway. i'm david culver in prince william county. we'll introduce you to two of the troopers involved in near deadly crashes. a new presidential candidate drumming up quite a controversy tonight. why he says prison is proof that being gay is a choice. and storm team 4 hard at work mapping out the totals and the time line of this snowstorm set to strike the dmv.
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i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk. we've just learned that maryland congressman chris van hollen plans to run for the senate seat at the end of mccullski's term. she will not be running for reelection in 2016. holland announced his intentions in an e-mail to supporters today. he served in the house since 2003. but it will likely be a crowded race. congressman john delaney has indicated he plans to explore a bid and republicans are interested in the seat that
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mccullski has held since 1987. mccullski will end her career as the longest serving woman in congressional history. at the live desk, pat laus chb muse. tonight three troopers with virginia state police are recovering from separate accidents all within a week and all in similar fashion. >> the troopers were all along the side of a road here when vehicles veered into them. >> two of the troopers are now sharing their experiences in and an urgent plea with david culver. >> reporter: you see the signs on the side of the road, move over. police say folks are just not obeying them. their proof? take a look at this virginia state police cruiser. one of three hit in the same week. this particular cruiser in honor of trooper michael campbell. here is a look at the 26-year-old's police darr the night of february 24th. he just pulled over a car on i-66. while out talking to the driver another vehicle came smash noog his cruiser. >> i'm feeling he better than i
5:16 pm
have a right to be feeling. >> reporter: trooper campbell is alive and walking today the first time he's seen his car since last week's crash. he tells me he was thrown into the interstate. >> i was laying down there felt a few vehicles pass me while i'm laying on the ground. a lot of thoughts racing through my mind first and foremost, don't worry about how bad i'm injured get out of the road. >> all we ask is they give us the chance to go home to our families. >> reporter: the troopers were gathered and colleagues of a fairfax county tow truck driver killed in december, all making the same plea. >> if there's an open lane, just move over you know? and if there's not an open lane just slow down. >> reporter: trooper michael mcsellers got hit the week before campbell. the father of two was sitting in his cruiser when right at impact something told him, turn the wheel. >> i can't explain it other than for me i think it was just god say, grab the steering wheel. i turned it to the right and i hit the rear corner ever him.
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otherwise i would have hit this suv head-on. >> reporter: 14 virginia state troopers were hit last year, which makes 3 in just one week a troubling statistic. i'm david culver, news4. we've got an exclusive look at the new addition to d.c.'s 40-year-old jaifl. the city has opened a library for the inmates in the basement of this hulking correctional institute in southeast d.c. it will be paperbacks only, no fictional story that's according to city officials. >> so best sellers mystery, romances, science fiction, a lot of the airport paperbacks you would see just about anywhere are super popular, no matter where you are. >> but you can get some books to read, to limit the stress that you might be going through, books is always good for you to have to read. >> as an escape. >> yeah. >> d.c.'s public library will
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oversee the project costing about $250,000 per year. some relief for families living in northeast washington. everyone has their water service back on after yesterday's massive sinkhole and water main break there. d.c. water shut off service to about 25 homes. crews are still working to repair the road. everything should be fixed soon, we hear. well, going to be getting messy with snow and more stuff coming in. >> why not? we have changes i think to the forecast a little bit. yesterday we were putting out there numbers as high as 8 inches or more. i don't think that's the case anymore. i think we've brought the numbers down. >> excellent. >> good news. but it will still have big impacts on some wras during the day tomorrow. let's show you where we are now. we're warm. we've been warm 51 earlier. look at the fog that's developed. we've got fairly thick fog right now annapolis reporting fog less than a kwoert mile visibility. we'll continue to deal with fog. that fog a result of this warmer air making its way over the
5:19 pm
snowback we have in the area. he are looking at the snow winds out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour light rain continuing. we have heavy rain up to the north, 43 leesburg, 43 in gaithersburg, 53 down toward fred ricksburg, virginia beach at 72 right now. not far from the real warm stuff. but look what's falling heavy rain toward winchester, hagerstown and frederick in through prince george's montgomery county. we'll continue to see the rain now all night. once again the heaviest out of i-81. then right down 270 and 70 corridors there. heads-up in those areas. it's just rain. the roads will be wet overnight tonight. right on through early tomorrow. then we'll start to see the colder air move through. there's two distinct little impulses here, one that's going right over cincinnati right now. the other one back towards the west. and that's the one that's going to bring our snow. winter storm warnings in effect all the way down toward arkansas through memphis, right on into our region all the way up towards the philadelphia region.
5:20 pm
for us, it's a winter storm warning everywhere late tonight into the day tomorrow. future weather, 6:00, the rain coming on through the area. showers through the south. then just plain rain moving through the wednesday hours, overnight tonight around 1:00. still rain except for the portions of the northwest hagerstown, martinsburg, seeing the changeover. 6:00 a.m., rain to the south a little bit of a lull between those two impulses. but still snowing up to the north. and this is the area to the north we'll see the problems early. d.c. south, you'll wake up hasn't started snowing yet. the roads may be okay. but don't think they'll stay that way once the snow comes down. it's going to come down heavily. this is new. look to the north around 9:00, it's done in hagerstown. it may be done in frederick and martinsburg and winchester but still snowing heavily in d.c., toward fredericksburg in southern maryland. that's where it stays right around that region, i-95 to the south and east, north and west may not get much from this
5:21 pm
storm. that's a change and something we've come up with. that's why we're only going 2 to 4 in the north hagerstown frederick winchester on the lower side maybe upwards of the 4 inch mark. but 4 to 8 leesburg warrenton d.c. down toward waldorf. if anything, these totals may come down a little bit more as some of that moisture stays out. i want to throw something else in there too. road conditions ss deteriorate midmorning. they're bad but then they go to treacherous afternoon. early they may not be bad in the roadways. late in the afternoon is when things get bad. 30 degrees tomorrow high of 27 on friday 40 on saturday. right now the weekend looking pretty good remember to spring forward saturday night into sunday. and hey, guys, three days at 50 degrees or higher next week. >> wow! >> woo-hoo! keep it locked here for the latest anoungsmentes from loek will schools. we'll bring you live updates as you get them and keep monitoring
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our app. a federal investigation clears the ferguson police officer who killed an unarmed black teenager. the key findings from the department of justice just released. and say what? ben carson opines about gay people and prison. and it has set off anger on social media. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network.
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two major reports released by the justice department shedding new light on the
5:25 pm
fallout in ferguson, missouri. >> they reveal deep-seeded racism in a community that erupted into violence after shooting unarmed teenager michael brown. >> jim and wendy, officer darren wilson will not face any more charges. the justice department says extensive interviews with credible credible witnesses support wilson's version of the events prompting wilson to fire the fatal shot. a separate report, part of which leaked yesterday, lays out a pattern of bias among police, courts and the jail in ferguson. it found african-american residents were subject to 85% of traffic stops and 93% of arrests in a two-year period. attorney general eric holder says those facts helped explain the reaction by residents after the shooting. >> this investigation found a community that was deeply polarized. it's not difficult to imagine
5:26 pm
how a single tragic incident set off the city of ferguson like a powder keg. >> michael brown's parents say they are saddened by the report but are encouraged that the ferguson police department will be held accountable. wendy? now a story making a lot of people talk tonight. less than 24 hours after announcing a presidential exploratory committee, dr. ben carson is under fire for comments about gay people. here he is earlier today on cnn. >> you think being gay is a choice? >> absolutely. >> why do you say that? >> because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight, and when they come out they're gay. so did something happen while they were in there? >> an official with the human rights campaign says carson's comments prove he is quote, utterly unfit for office. the first lady helping change minds today. new at 5:00, the emotional campaign to prevent suicide and how local students are making a
5:27 pm
difference. an alert for apple and google users. why your personal information could be at risk. plus, the snow stick has already started tweeting. make sure you're following pat's snow stick for his challenge tomorrow. >> storm team 4 has just updated the forecast for the snowfall. check out the new numbers live team coverage straight ahead.
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right now at 5:30 rain tonight but a snowy transition is on the way. conditions are going to deteriorate overnight. by this time tomorrow, several inches of snow will be on the ground. a snow emergency takes effect at 7:00 a.m. in washington. our team coverage begins now with doug and veronica in the storm center 4. >> at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, i think that's when things just start getting under way as far as snow in the district. >> right. areas north and west get the snow first. that's where road conditions will start to go downhill quickly. >> let's talk about what's happening right now. first, we cannot forget it's raining outside. we have heavy rain that will continue to make its way through frederick county, virginia over to fed rick county maryland. good swath of heavier rain, that will dampen the roads also helping to get rid of some of the snow currently out there right now. look back to the west, we do have the cold air and we have the moisture. so this cold air has to move into our region with that moisture for us to get the snow.
5:31 pm
that's why we have that winter storm warning in effect late tonight into the day on thursday. so when is this going to start? what are we looking at here? snow time line. snow starts between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m., 2:00 to the west and 5:00 a.m. insood the city. snow for the a.m. rush, but am rush in d.c. may be okay. the roads are covered to the north and west. for more on when you should expect road problems tomorrow morning, veronica has that. >> if that snow starts to the north guys, around 2:00 a.m. maybe an hour or two or so before the roads start getting snow covered. indeed, this is 4:00 a.m. around hagerstown hagerstown frederick, winchester, some snow-covered roads we will see throughout the area. 7:00 a.m., snow-covered roads from leesburg, winchester. by the time we get to 10:00 right into d.c. and very quickly down through 1:00 faulkner county, prince george's anne arundel county and by the time we get to the afternoon, 4:00 everyone seeing snow-covered roads as the system will be making its exit out.
5:32 pm
>> we think we'll see heavy snow during the afternoon periods. once again that could be the worst time between 9:00 and 3:00 p.m. we'll have the latest for you including those snowfall totals. we'll take you hour by hour in just a minute. >> thank you, doug. the mad dash is on at the grocery store, as you might imagine tonight. you know the routine. stock up on bread, milk, toilet paper, too, maybe some beer and wine. news4 is live at the safeway in greenbelt, maryland. shomari, how is it looking out there? >> reporter: so far i haven't seen anyone buying beer and wine but they are getting plenty of this bottled water, a new shipment just came in. let bhe walk over here. these are the hot items right now, cereal, bottled water as i just mentioned, bread, nonperishable items like this canned food here and here. you've got chips and milk. a lot of folks are concerned they could possibly be without electricity so they're stocking up and getting ready, take a walk with me over here. you see this late di? she has been standing here around the past five minutes, now coming through.
5:33 pm
they're usually not lines like this in the aisles but a lot of folks are getting ready and are concerned about this possible storm. a lot of folks are also telling me that they worry about their kids having to stay hoax again another snow day. what better time to come here to the grocery store, get cereal, the things you need, just to be careful and plan for this potential storm. live here in greenbelt at safeway shomari stone, back to you in the studio. we have some new information just in to news4 about that teenager from woodbridge taken into custody for helping another young man travel to syria to join isis. sources are telling news4 they fear the 17-year-old osborne park high school student may have tried to recruit other students to join isis. that teenager's name is not release released. he's been held as a juvenile now. the older teen who traveled to syria is facing indictment in this case, but it is not clear where he is. a group rallied at the maryland
5:34 pm
statehouse in annapolis today showing support for a bill that would give the terminally ill more control over their death it's called death with dignity. it would allow adults given fewer than six months to live the option to get a prescription that would accelerate their death. critics point out that the measure does not require screening for depression. five states have death with dignity laws now in to reverse the stigma of mental illness. today a new awareness campaign called change direction is encouraging people to treat mental illness with the same sensitivity as other illnesses like cancer or heart disease. today's launch at the museum was led by first lady michelle obama. >> when it comes to mental health conditions, we often treat them differently from other diseases, like cancer diabetes or asthma. and that makes no sense. >> we caught up with a group of local high school students from montgomery county. tonight, kristin wright shows us
5:35 pm
how they're changing minds. >> reporter: this is the beginning. >> all you have to do is just talk to someone. >> reporter: of a long conversation about mental health. >> it's hard to remember that people care about you. >> reporter: an open sometimes painful conversation. >> about a year and a half ago ago -- sorry. >> reporter: on the road ahead, they work to reverse the stigma. >> change directions is basically changing the statement about mental health. it's really exposing a topic that's been in the dark for so long and really bringing it to light. >> reporter: on the road ahead, they recognize the signs of depression and encourage friends to get help. >> we're not perfect. nobody's perfect. >> reporter: the change direction campaign has the support of the first lady. >> whether an illness affects your heart, your leg or your brain, it's still an illness. there should be no distinction. >> walk with us. you matter to me.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: on the road ahead, they see no one else take their own life. >> he's with me. he's making all of this happen. >> reporter: this is the beginning. >> wow. this is going to be huge. >> reporter: in northwest washington, kristin wright news 4. apple and google users to be vulnerable to hackers. the security flaw that has put millions at risk and how the two tech giants are addressing this problem. and we're following a developing story out of norfolk, virginia, where a small plane crashes while approaching the airport runway. new information about where it was headed a new form of innovation
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. you know we've been talking all this week about these selfie sticks being banned at smith sewn yum museums. we're showing you why this could cause problems. this is about four feet long and with your cell phone hook on the end. the big concern is people knocking into exhibits, paintings or other visitors. here's a quick tour in reverse. what some people like is shoot selfie videos, 360 or 180. here is a view of our studio. here's the teleprompter the words aro read backwards. i'll show you wendy. wave to them wendy. we're showing you this bhauz on video the lips can be out of sync. the danger is a lot of people like to do the 180s or the 360s. now,sonian is not banning selfie taking with the cell phones. they don't like the sticks. some museums in new york have also implemented the bans, too.
5:40 pm
what do you think about this ban? you can weigh in on my facebook page. wendy? our favorite wednesdays are the ones when we get to update you on one of our feature wednesday's children who found a permanent loving home. barbara harrison recently caught up with marvin and his new parents. >> reporter: we first met marvin in june of 2013 when we visited the red door spa. he was only 12 and even then quite tall for his age. while marvin was waiting for a family, two people not far away who had already had the experience of foster parenting were considering adopting. >> they both had brothers and sisters and wanted children of our own some day. >> we took all the foster classes and got on the list. then you just wait for a phone call. >> reporter: then they learned about marvin. >> i felt like right away it just clicked. >> fr. >> reporter: eric and john hadn't considered adopting a teenager. when their new son arrived, he was already towering over his new parents.
5:41 pm
but only, they say in height. >> he's 6'4" so you don't picture -- he looks a lot older e.'s 14. >> reporter: marvin says he feels really at home here. >> i guess i just wanted someone who i know wasn't going to leave and they'd stay there and help me through everything. and i have that with john and eric. >> reporter: john and eric say marvin is already asking for a brother or sister to join the family. and they're thinking about it. and lookwhat would marvin say to others still waiting in the foster care system? >> i used to hate this quote. whenever somebody would say it, i would say, don't say that to me. it's don't give up there's light at the end of the tunnel. i would probably say don't give up because i used to think i would never find a home, and i have. >> reporter: barbara harrison news4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home or heart for another child waiting out there, call our hotline 1-888-to-adopt-me. for more on marvin and his new
5:42 pm
family or another child search "wednesday's child" on and we're taking a look at our snowstorm. right now rain across the area. we'll continue to see the rain through the night. but here comes the snow. we'll show you when that moves into your area in just a minute. we're looking at prime sledding snow tomorrow why a d.c. delegate is asking for special sledding treatment for all of you kids on capitol hill. how a group of middle school students came up with an idea that could win them ai national award. you'r
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and welcome back. take a look at this camera shot right now. this is actually fog towards rockville. we're seeing rain and notice 355 there. the wet roadways this picture will look very similar tomorrow except for the fact that it will be snowing at that time. already snow on the ground across the area. right now from our studios in northwest, you can see the fog that's developed. that warmer air, fog moving over the snow cover. that's why we have fog. fog visibility down to a half mile in some locations. 48 degrees right now, rain.
5:46 pm
that rain continuing all night long. we will drop into the upper 30s by 11:00 tonight, but it's on the mild side. storm team 4 radar showing the rain across the area. some lighter rain around the d.c. metro area. but back to the west is where we're looking at some of the heavier rain, back toward winchester, right along 81 then back down through route 7, 50, leesburg, brunswick and frederick. the heavier rain is moving south. look what else is sagging to the south. it was cold air, it was rain and now snow into portions of ohio. that's what will happen here, rain switching over to snow. that's why we have winter storm warnings tonight. now, our totals as i mentioned, we're down a little bit from where we were yesterday during this time. even down a little bit from this morning. only thinking 2 to 4 maybe hagerstown toward the frostburg area, garrett county, they'll get the snow.
5:47 pm
they always do in the mountains. 4 to 8 in a wide region, frederick to warrenton, waldorf, annapolis, d.c. another area of 2 to 4 to the south as a result of it waiting so long to change over toward the south and east. a lot of you asked me, could this change? totals go up? in fact, they may actually go down again as we get to the 11:00 news tonight. i may even make a change in the next half hour. 2 to 4 toward the martinsburg area, i think a good 4 inches around frederick then 4 to 8 right through 66 and over toward 50 down to the south. that's where we're thinking 2 to 4, including colonial beach, st. george island. let's talk about the delays tomorrow. this is a high-impact event. most schools will probably be canceled tomorrow. you may wake up and the roads may not be bad. d.c. to the south, but they will get bad quickly. that's why we have a high impact event in the area to red.
5:48 pm
moderate impact for the yellow. higher impact once the snow starts down there. high temperatures thursday, 30, 27 on friday. we could even see some delays on friday with icy and snow-covered roads friday morning. 40 on saturday, 44 on sunday. temperatures next week, we get into the 50s. it looks like we will stay there for a few days. every time we get significant snow, kids and their parents drag sleds to the capitol for some of their best sledding around. well, now there's a last-minute plea to get the sledding ban lifted before the snow starts falling. today d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton asked that the ban be lifted tomorrow through sunday. she sent a formal letter to capitol police board chair frank larkin asking for a one-time waiver. she implored him to quote have a heart, mr. larkin, a kid's heart, end quote. our cold weather is taking a toll even after crews repair those broken water mains. this is what it looks like on bradley lane in bethesda where
5:49 pm
the yellow lane striping has been ripped up. we're told it's a combination of the rain, the snow, ice, chemicals. that's all likely to blame. wssc tell us those markings are temporary and they'll put permanent striping down as soon as the weather improves. a virginia man is in jail tonight for allegedly flashing workers and customers at a hair salon. paul cocca was arrested yesterday in woodbridge. they tell us he had been sitting on the sidewalk outside the salon on darby brook court exposing himself in front of the window. he drove away after that, but officers were able to track him down with the help of witnesses. he's being held without bond. we'll soon learn just how bad those cuts could be next year in prince william county wub schools. tonight the school board meets to decide what to trim. it needs to save $8.5 million. the board published a list some 400 items that could potentially be cut. it includes eliminating full-day kirnt garden slashing transportation to specialty
5:50 pm
programs. members say those are unlikely to happen, given they are so controversial. members of the next fairfax county board of supervisors will be getting a raise. tonight current board members are talking about why it's deserved. news4 caught up with lead district supervisor jeff mccade during a ribbon cutting ceremony for the expanded telegraph road. he told us the jobs of supervisors are supposed to be part time but in a county the size of fairfax that's not practical nor the reality. >> the idea that this is part time is totally patently false. i've never held outside employment because i don't think you can do this job right with outside employ, and i also think from an ethics standpoint that's what our citizens ought to expect. >> members of the next board of supervisors will be getting around $95,000 a year, a $20,000 raise. the chairman of the board will be getting $100,000. well, a security flaw has left millions of web users vulnerable to hackers.
5:51 pm
the flaw known as the freak affects apple's safari browser and google's android browser. the vulnerability could let hackers spy on folks who use those browse errs. google says it has a fix available in the form of a software update. apple says its software update fix will be ready sometime next week. so far there's no evidence that hackers have exploited this problem. target says it's going to cut several thousand jobs within the next few years. this move is part of the store's effort to cut costs by $2 billion. target says it wants to shift its focus to online and mobile shoppers, most local jobs shouldn't be impacted. the majority of the cuts would happen at headquarters in minneapolis. a student project aimed at addressing a real world problem has already earned a local school $35,000 for new technology. and now they're making some last-minute tweaks as they compete for an even bigger
5:52 pm
prize. here's their story. >> i actually would filter it again. >> reporter: it started with a simple question. how much do you rely on clean drinking water? >> water is our basis of life. >> reporter: first students track their own water use, then shared and charted here at imagine hope charter in d.c. >> that's pretty good. >> reporter: the next question how can they address clean water shortages around the globe. that became the ground work for a s.t.e.m. competition. >> it's called a better tomorrow. >> 3,000 schools ss applied in october. we're one of 15 stifl alive. >> rs is the water filtering system they came up with and tweaks are happening now. >> if our water filters actually work. >> reporter: you might need to do three four, even more times to really clear to where you could drink the water. >> reporter: the filter was used with basic materials like a 2 liter bottle. >> layers of coarse sand
5:53 pm
gravel, charcoal. >> reporter: later this month, two will head to new york city where they'll present their findings. >> from now until march 25th you can go online to and vote for our school. >> reporter: there's a lot at stake. the five winning schools will get $140,000 in samsung technology for s.t.e.m. projects. >> i've learned so much. it's made me so grateful about the resources that we have in the united states. >> we're not gooding to solve the entire problem but we can do our part. >> reporter: it started off as just a question. the focus now is finding a solution. in northeast d.c. news4. voters in maryland could head to the polls a little later during next year's primary season. the state senate advanced a bill to push the primary date to the last tuesday in april. under current law, the election will be held on the first tuesday but that would mean early voting would fall on easter sunday. moving the vote to april 26th would align maryland with
5:54 pm
some neighboring states and create a regional primary. we're working a developing story in norfolk. three people dead after a plane crash. >> and we've got some new information on the victims and how it happened when wre come back. the first day of testimony in the boston marathon bombing trial, and the defense reveals an interesting strategy.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
storm team 4 tracking rain tonight and snow tomorrow folks. a new forecast with doug just a
5:57 pm
couple of minutes away. gabby giffords is back on capitol hill today as lawmakers unveil aid new gun control beer. the measure would expand background check to all commercial sales including guns sold at gun shows, online and in classified. giffords is a victim of gun violence, saying now is the time to come together for responsible reform. we're learning more about the man behind the controls of that small plane that crashed down in norfolk. >> that crash killed three people, including a doctor who was with a couple of his friends. reporter andy fox talked with a man who knew the pilot. >> loved every bit of life that you could ever think of. i mean, he grasped for life. he grasped for every excitement. he grasped for any joy. >> sean devlin remembering his friend michael buckston, a clinical psychiatrist an advocate for special needs children and veterans alike. >> he was never in the military but he loved military people.
5:58 pm
he loved veterans and he would do just about anything for us. he was always there to talk with us and help us through things. i just loved him dear live. >> reporter: buxten was with two school friends from buffalo. a car with new york tags still in front of the house he shared with debby and her child. >> debbie and his adopted family i guess if you want to call that, he loved them more than life itself and gave everything he could for them. you know he was there always at their side. >> reporter: devlin spoke with buxten just yesterday morning. he was about to look at a house boat he thought devlin should buy. >> he was going out at 1:00 yesterday afternoon to take pictures of the boat so he could come back here, and he wanted me to come over to his office because he had patients, booked solid all the rest of the week. >> reporter: at buxton's office today, though, the sad note. due to unforeseen circumstances dr. buxton's office is closed until further notice.
5:59 pm
>> probably one of the best guys i've ever met. he loved everybody. you know, he didn't care whether it was his friend or his enemy you know, he still loved them. now at 6:00 a winter storm warning alreadying having an impact on travel before what could be the biggest winter storm of the season. that winter storm warning takes effect late tonight, but the university of maryland in college park campus already has announced it will close tomorrow. we're also hearing from road crews, metro, pepco, the major airlines all changing plansters all over the place tonight, spread out in maryland, d.c. and virginia. but we begin with doug who's telling us that this one is for real, huh? >> yeah, i think so for many areas across our region. we are going to see some pretty big snow. the biggest in the d.c. area, 4.7 inches at reagan. i think we'll be very close to that number, if not a little over. let's look and show you what the transition here is. again, we've got rain right now. take a look at the numbers.
6:00 pm
33 in pittsburgh 73 down towards virginia beex. we are right in the middle at 48. we've got this colder air waiting to the north that's going to come down and change our rain which we have now over to snow. you can see where the rain is down toward waldorf, light shower activity. but the heavier rain continues to be the north of 66 in virginia and 50 in maryland. we'll continue to see the rain throughout the evening. there is a lot more of it to come back to the west, and then the snow also starting to move our way. and look at the snow line starting to make its way farther in towards forces west virginia portions of pennsylvania. it will be moving our way. that's why we have the winter storm warning in effect late tonight through the day tomorrow. and what we're going to be seeing from this, we're going to see the snow begin early tomorrow around 2:00 to 5:00 a.m. to the north and west of the city and then move on


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