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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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roads. still just wet right now but snow is heading our way. >> you can see it on storm team 4 radar, sleet moving in to the metro area. the radar has been changing colors all morning long fp we have an update on the timing on when you can expect the worst of it all. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. it is a weather alert day. the radar is lit up here. different colors. we have rain and sleet and snow moving in. >> tom rear ron and a meal take segal see amelia segal in the storm center. >> earlier in the week it was looking like a light wintry mix today. and then tuesday, it was like we. yesterday it was obvious that maybe it would be the biggest snow of the season so far. >> and the worst of it will fall late morning hours into the evening hours. so the snow is only starting to move in now. >> that's the area in white you see on the radar. it's all across west virginia into kentucky southern ohio into pennsylvania and it is just north and west of us now.
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right in the metro area pink zone there is mostly just still some rain falling as well as south and east of us in the green zone, but it's north and west howard frederick, very light snow that is falling there now. but it's melting on the roads. but there is heavier snow this bright white zone northern frederick county right into southern washington county, then across the west virginia line to martinsburg and down 81 to winchester. that area of that moderate snow is tracking north and east but should stay north and west for the next several hours. moderate snow is sticking, road temperatures there are below freezing. here temperatures around the metro area, upper 30s to near 40. but they will continue to drop into the afternoon into the 20s. and that's when we'll get the heaviest snows totaling 4 to 6 inches metro area southern, eastern suburbs, northern western suburbs, 6 to 8 inches will be common there. all the way into the shenandoah
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valley. panhandle of west virginia and much farther south, southern maryland eastern shore should get 2 to 4 inches by mid evening this evening. another look at that radar coming up at 6:11. chuck bell where are you now? >> reporter: good morning. we are just getting on to interstate 70 eastbound. we were on 81 north. and now we're on 70 eastbound out here this washington county maryland maryland. current temperature is at 29 degrees. so the snow is starting to stick to the sides of the roads. i just tweeted out a picture of that tractor trailer that was off the side of the interstate on i-81. so remember you have to reduce your speeds. snow will be able to stick and accumulate fairly quickly. we're ready for a long morning ride back into we have our pat collins snow stick, and of course more importantly, a big bottle of
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water and a big bag of m and ms. that's how you get through the storms. >> you might want to eliminate the water unless you also have a poti in thepotty. just saying. i've been in a live truck for a very long time. beltway at connecticut, looking good. 14th street southeast closed at cedar because of police investigation. aaron can't stop laughing. 95 in and out of town bw parkway, looking pretty good. 66 at 50, just wet at this point. and 95 into and out of town, no major issues. i am back at 6:11 here weather and traffic always on the 1s. we'll talk more about travel time. overall right now keeping our fingers crossed that we're just seeing wet roads around the beltway. >> we know you have a little one at home because you called it a the bottle becomes multipurpose.
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6:04. we have crews all around the area keeping you updated on the conditions out there. a live look it leesburg loudoun county we're seeing sleet out that way as you can see from the live picture. no snow sticking, but of course the ground is wet. want to check in with megan mcgrath in gaithersburg with a look at how get ready for the storm that is coming. >> reporter: we're still seeing light rain. we have not seen the change over to sleet and snow not in the gaithersburg area yet. take a look behind me this is quintz orchard road and we have wet pavement. some cars are out and about and people are going out and doing their thing this morning. it's just raining, so that's okay, but we are expecting the switchover and the warning to people is that you really have to keep an eye on things because once we see the switch over, because they will not been able to treat the roads it will just
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stick. so here you can see a shot earlier at the salt dome. all the crews loading up with salt getting their gas, all pretty much finished doing that and are out on the roadways. the advice here, highway officials are asking people to stay put. yes, it's raining right now but it will turnover to sleet and snow and they would really like people to stay off the roads so they can get out there and to their thing and plow. we spoke to a firefighter, though earlier this morning, he has no choice but to go to work. and he's asking folks to stay put, too, because it makes their job harder when people get caught in the bad weather. >> fender benders, major accidents, and then when a true emergency comes, it's difficult for us to get around and maneuver around vehicles. >> so stay at home. >> stay at home. >> reporter: and we are still above freezing here in gaithersburg. we'll keep an eye on it and let you know when it starts to change over. and it might be starting to change over as i speak. i'm hearing a little noise here
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associated with will. so we might be changing over to sleet here. we'll let you know. back to you. it's now 6:06. right now a lot of you have the day off. the federal government is closed. opm says check with your agency to see whether you're an emergency worker and can telework ready employee. take a look at the map here of all the major school districts. all the red means they are all closed. we have a complete list of course at the bottom of your screen. you can also check it anytime on the nbc washington app. as the storm moves across the country, airlines are canceling thousands of flights. more than 2400 flights are canceled now nationwide. 192 out of reagan national 94 out of dulles, and bwi reporting 9 # canss4, as well. metro trains will be starting on time and running both below and above ground
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however the agency says there could be some weather related delays. met throwrobuses are under a moderate snow plan. make sure utes online. the plan keeps buses there driving uphills, on narrow streets or in any other potentially problematic places. metroaccess is suspended all day today. a live look in reston virginia for you this morning are we can see lots of wet roads and lights shining off the wet roads. these are some pictures as well outside our studios. >> and the temperatures are expected to plunge. tom will take us hour by hour with a look at when the rain and sleet will become snow.
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welcome back. 6:10. a live look in gaithersburg. megan mcgrath is there.
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she's told us that it had been raining and she thought she was starting to hear maybe a little sleet starting to fall in that area changing to some frozen precipitation. it's expected to snow everywhere a little bit later this morning. d.c. car owners if you parked on a snow emergency route, be sure to remember for move your car before 7:00 a.m.. that is when the snow emergency plan goes in to effect and it means you can no longer park on the main road. tickets can cost up to $250 and plus towing and storage fees. you can check parking map online of the snow emergency routes. head to and search emergency routes. 11 after 6:00. your weather and traffic on the 1s. we'll take you outside here to a live picture from our storm team 4 weather deck. looks like some rain falling from that picture. >> and we'll find out when the rain will turnover to snow.
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tom kierein here now with more. >> it looks like snow but that is a little light rain mixing with sleet. and there is a lot of snow falling southern west virginia, eastern kentucky that's on a track to come in here around noontime. ahead of that, sleet trying to mix in in gaithersburg and much of the metro area and farther south and east, it's all rain. north and west this is all snow. a little bit of snow northern montgomery county into fred rik frederick northern shenandoah valley that is starting to stick on untreated surfaces. we'll stay above freezing the next two or three hour and then get below freezing late morning, that's when we'll get most of the accumulating snow is through the afternoon with total amounts around the metro area by the time it all ends by late this evening of around 4 to 6 inches farther north and west 6 to 8 inch amounts. melissa, how are the roads looking looking? >> roads looking okay, but rails, marc completely canceled today.
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route 201 bus will run today. vre also canceled today again because of the snow that is headed our way. as far as travel times, 270, outer loop top side of the beltway from 95 to 270 looking quite good there. 66 east no problems and 95 north on time at 23 minutes. 6:13. a live look in northern virginia right now. this is the picture from vienna. you can see wet roads there. they have been seeing rain fall. we'll check in with derrick ward
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good morning. tracking this snow that stretches from dallas all the way to boston. and we're on the southern he said of it right now but eventually this area of snow you see in the white and gray will be moving closer to the metro area but not until later this morning. right now the pink zone green
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mostly rain. it's just to our north and west. northern montgomery county and up into frederick and washington get something snow. metro area mostly rain with a little bit of sleet mixing in. >> and that's what we're seeing. taking a look at some of our cameras, sean casey one of our photographers driving in leesburg. you can see it's just wet right here. this will be a very different story as the morning progresses. a little bit of precipitation coming down 70 east of 270. overall right now in the metro area just dealing with some wet roads. 6:17. the rain is moving out and snow starts to move in and we're brating for several inches. >> jim cantore is live on the national mall with more on the snow moving in. i have to tell you, i'm actually grateful for your rifle becausearrival
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because there is some talk that when you come it keeps the snow away. >> reporter: yeah two years ago this march we were supposed to get hammered on. and down here in town we got nothing. we had the wet snowflakes mixing in, but it just poured rain. i don't think that's the situation this time. we know we have the cold air. we're starting to see the rain pick up. so it's starting to energize. but the real question with the storm, as we go through the day here, how t. intense are the snowfall rates going to be. if we can get them intense enough certainly and that snow sticking again right around washington it will be major problems on the roads. and remember what happened when you leave the buses out, they jack knife everybody locks up. nobody goes anywhere. so my best advice once the snow changeover owe you cans get the buts off the roads as much as they can. because once we get into the intense snow band, it's game over.ntil march to get the biggest snow of the season for
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reagan. >> pretty sad, you're absolutely right. sort of the way things work around here. we know you'll be in the thick of it though. we'll see you later on today. >> reporter: we'll could that you posted. dallas their most snow since february 2010. 3.5 inches. and there are 20 inch totals now coming in out of the state of kentucky. is this a historic storm for the state of kentucky. >> all right. jim cantore, live for us thank you. and we have live team coverage in your neighborhoods as crews get ready for the storm. derrick ward is in northern virginia live now in vienna with more. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning again. the rain has stopped a bit. it ticked up pretty heavily. thousand we're back at that misty drizzle that we talked about earlier. and as for our snowplow that a look. it's moved a little bit. i think it's just staging somewhere else. again the conditions aren't right for them to put down any sort of chemicals or sand or anything like that for traction. but indeed they are on an all
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hands on deck stance here. 3800 pieces of equipment out there today. standing by ready to treat these roads and push whatever snow accumulates once it gets deeper. i'm told usually it takes at least an inch maybe two inches to put the blades down so we'll see that later on. but again just wet roads here this vienna. derrick ward news 4. 6:20. right now light snow falling near hagerstown. you can see a live picture from the storm team 4 x 4. we have crews live all over the area for you this morning of course. news 4 darcy spencer on route 1 in prince george's county where it is i'm guessing still raining since you have the umbrella up. >> reporter: yes it's been a rain event so far. we were wondering if there might be a little bet of sleet mixed in with take. we're hearing a little crack he will on the umbrella.
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butgetting rain. this is route 1 here in laurel. you can see the road is wet. we've not encountered any kind of slick spots or any other problems this morning associated with the roads. so far so good. very light travel this morning. this by this time you'd have a lot more traffic. but schools are closed a lot of government offices are closed, so a lot of folks are staying home which is a good thing. public works department here in the county has a couple hundred trucks. they are ready, they're on standby, they have to wait for the snow to begin falling. and they're ready to get the plows going. we're reporting live from laurel this morning. darcy spencer, news 4. so we're talking about rain throughout the area right now. we did see some snow in frederick, maryland. we'll find out when the rain will turnover to snow. >> still watching it creep in. >> yesterday afternoon, we got to 51 degrees. and that's playing a role here today.
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pavement temperatures are well above freezing. so it's meting ingmelts when it hits the pavement. >> it looks like the heaviest snow will fall around the midday afternoon and early evening hours. so this morning we're really just trackg the changeover. >> it's advancing from the southwest to the northeast. pink zone is mostly just rain maybe a little sleet mixing in northern virginia nearby suburbs and maryland fairfax, prince george's county southern montgomery. farther south, it is all rain. but this white zone farther to our north, that's are we're getting a little bit of snow around damascus, fred rig, marfrederick, martinsburg. maybe a few ice pellets trying to come down. the accumulating snow timing will be arriving into the metro area but not until maybe away 10:00, 11:00 this morning. then it will snow heavily mid to
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late afternoon. heaviest by around 6:00 p.m.. it will quickly taper off after that. just lingering flurries by around 10:00 p.m.. but road conditions will be deteriorating. >> we'll continue to see the roads get more slick as we head into the late morning and midday hours. and by the midday hours on intoes afternoon and evening, roads will be treacherous. you do want to avoid traveling. good idea for cancellations today. so before 8:00 a.m. another hour and a half or so tracking mainly just wet roads. between 8:00 and 11:00, the hicks mixture. this afternoon that's when the snow will be heavily. >> by the time it ends, 4 to 6 inches will have fallen. weather west and north, 6 to 8 inches. that's the heaviest. south and east 4 to 6 inches southern maryland and over toward fredericksburg and
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culpeper and south of there, 2 to 4 inches. temperatures right now in the 30s dropping through the day. big area under winter storm warning including our zone. and that will be in effect all the way into this evening. and then tomorrow cold staying below freezing. sunday a lot of melting going on. then into the fifth as50s next week. right now have a brand you new crash, inner loop at pennsylvania avenue just hearing about this one. sounds like it's off to the right side. we'll try to find it on the camera for you. in falls church roosevelt boulevard at north roosevelt street, we're hearing a pedestrian may have been struck. 14th street southeast still closed at cedar. most of the roads are wet. remember marc canceled today and on is vre. it is 6:25. this next winter blast may not be a blockbuster for boston. more snow is heading its way but it looks like the city may
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fall short of breaking snowfall records this season. dylan dreyer is live in boston for us this morning. good morning. i feel like boston deserves to break every record out there after this winter. >> reporter: that's how i feel. like you've made this far, back to back over four weeks and we fall just two inches short of the record. but we do have a couple flurries. there is a lot more snow where you are, but it's also snowing much more even back through dallas. all we need are two more inches to break the all-time record which is 107.6 inches. that was back in the season of 1995 to 9 the'96. but we've made a good run at it and the national weather service says all is not lost come the first day of spring. you can get snowstorms around here in april and may and if we get those two inches even then, that will still break the all-time record. so there is still plenty of
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time. although i do think today's storm will bring more snow to the south of here. we're right on the cutoff line. but it is possible, but i think we will fall short here today. >> dylan dreyer live in boston for us. thanks. >> so maybe the snow has you dealing with some pent up aggression. >> just a little bit. p. >> this stuff makes you angry after a while. you want to get in to a fight. how about a snowball fight. might not be a bad idea today if the district. this is video from last year. this is a snowball fight that started about five years ago. oergs s organizers say it is growing every year. there will be a prize for best dressed snowballer. this is at 5:30 tonight at dupont circle. >> the good news is tom and amelia say this is the snow that is packable. so that will be good. and the rain/snow line continues to creep south. this is what it hooks like right now in gaithersburg. just rain now. >> and you can see that snow farther north in hagerstown
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maryland. which you can chuc bell continuing on patrol the roads. snow is sticking on the highway up there. radar pick pentagoning up chinanges minute by
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here is a live look in hagerstown. snow starting to fall there. >> and storm team 4 radar showing it well. roading will be trech ingingg roads will be treacherous across the area later. p. >> and getting reports from people on twitter and facebook. we're getting the snow now falling in loudoun coty. area in the white and great now snowing in leesburg. as well as montgomery county, maybe a little light snow there. and then heavier shows, one band there that stretches from just near frederick over to south of hagerstown martinsburg and long 81. winchester to near front royal. and there is another batch there
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coming into northern fauquier county. metro area around washington now, mostly rain. a little sleet trying to mix in. what is freezing is melting on any roads except farther north and west, it is starting to stick. leaving 4 to 6 inches in washington, southern eastern suburbs. north and west, northwest washington as well as montgomery western fairfax, loudoun, prince william and shenandoah valley, all those zones could get 6 to 8 inches by the time this all tapers off and ends by later this evening. this radar changing minute by minute. another look coming up at 6:41. any accidents? >> yes, i have a brand new accident here in-arener loop at pennsylvania avenue. so be careful coming around the inner loop. looks like it's pretty much out of the way at least for now.
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roosevelt boulevard at north roosevelt street, report of a pedestrian struck there. trying to get more information about that. 270 at shady grove road northbound southbound everything moving quite nicely. no major problems there. 66 at 50 have something in the middle of the roadway that's been there for quite some time. perhaps just two vehicles pulled over. 95 in to and out of town here virginia no issues there. you can see 95 north formally at dale city it's quite slow. looking nice and green.ormally at dale city, it's quite slow. lookin.normally at. it's 6:32. wet conditions this morning around our area. take a look here. is this athis is a live look from grosvenor metro station. you can see the ground is wet. a little snow left over in that area. want to check in with megan mcgrath she's live this gaithersburg where sleet is starting to mix in with the rain there. >> reporter: yeah the last live shot i did with you, about a half hour ago, i was saying it
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was starting to feel like sleet was coming down. definitely have sleet mixing in with the rain at this pints. if you take a look at the wind shield of our van here i don't know if you can see this little bit of accumulation here. some of the icy stuff starting to form on our windshield. so it has begun and we've been talking about the change overthat's expected. it's starting here in gaithersburg. we have lots of crews out. this guy popping in to the gas station here to grab a cup of coffee and some snacks before hitting the road. it will be a long day for these crews. this is quintz orchard and right here respects's just it's just wet. sleet starting to mix in. so conditions fine for the moment but because of the brain and some of this t. was moderate they were not able to effectively pre-treat the roads. so as the switchover continues into sleet and snow, road conditions will continue to
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deteriorate. so plan accordingly. megan mcgrath, news 4. it's now 6:34. right now the federal government is closed and a lot of your kids are staying home from school. we've been sending you breaking push alerts. >> all the major school districts in our area have canceled classes for the day. you can see them highlighted in red on the map here. we've put the complete list of closings on our website. they're also scrolling at the bottom of your screen through the morning. amtrak is running on reduced service due to the weather. trains between d.c. and new york will be less frequent. that includes acela trains. if you have a reservation, amtrak says it will contact you you with b. changesabout changes and check ahead. and marc and vre service is canceled today. that's because the go. is closed. if you have to call a cab in the district, be a care prices may be higher. taxicab commission announcing
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snow emergency fares are authorized to start at 7:00 a.m.. a flat a$15 fee can be added to every meter charge until 7:00 tonight. and the commission may extend the fair increase depending on how much snow we get. pepco says it's ready for the snow too. it says it will work around the clock to keep your lights organization your heat on throughout the day today. pepco says more than 400 contractors are standing would iby to deal with any problems. the rain changing over this morning in some areas to snow. chuck bell is live in the storm team 4 x 4 in frederick county. >> reporter: in the last five minutes, we've been on 270 here coming southbound here in just the last five minutes, we've gone from almost all snow and very little rain back over to almost all rain and very few snowflakes. so this literally is the
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transition zone right here. we're just north of the montgomery/fredryerick county line. the road is in noticeably better condition here than it was literally just five or six minutes ago. temperature is up. we're at 31.5 here. a couple minutes ago, we were at 29. so that little bit of a temperature change is making all the difference around here and there is a lot less snow on the roads here. but we all know that will be changing soon. back to you. we're watching the twrans six as trafrns tr chuck mentioned. right now just rain in vienna. >> and we'll check in with the crews in northern virginia and prince george's county
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live pictures at 6:39 from laurel maryland. the rain there still falling. roads obviously wet. the city just posted on facebook that there is a snow emergency in effect there in laurel. they're asking folks to stay out
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of the way as much as they can as their public works crews are out treating the roads. >> i know it's hard to believe right now but spring is just a few days away. in florida today, the nationals are playing their first spring trainime opening day one month from tomorrow. and we have to tell you that it's 68 degree as there right new. i don't want to make you feel bad. i apologize. and it will be 84 later today. >> that doesn't help. you didn't make anybody happy. >> sorry. right. we'll kick off regular season april 6. let's go nats! >> we can look forward to that for sure. 38 outside our studios here. this is a look from arlington. just rain it looks like in this picture as you see reagan national at the corner of the screen. >> and we know this will get messy. let's check in with tom kierein.
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>> now that we're getting daylight we're beginning for see where everything is still wet. and snow farther north and west. around the metro area, still mostly rain. even in the pink zone maybe a little sleet trying to mix in. northern eastern suburbs. southern suburbs, all rain. farther north and west this is where we're getting some snow. this one bright band definitely snow reaching the ground from frederick over to south of hagerstown martinsburg to charles town winchester into near front royal. and there a live view from the tower camera. we'll have our temperatures staying in the mid-30s between now and around 9:00 or 10:00. and then it will get below freezing by noon and it's during the afternoon, we'll see the bulk of the accumulating snow. total amounts 4 to 6 inches metro area, 6 to 8 just north and west. and lighter amounts farther south and east.hat is going on now? brand new crash mt. airy 27 north at penn shop road. all lanes shut down because of a
6:42 am
crash. p still have a pedestrian hit roosevelt boulevarded a north roosevelt street. so big police presence there. as far as travel times, in maryland looking good. 2 # 70 95 no problems. and on time 66 east and 95 north quantico to the beltway. back in a couple minutes. 6:42. mostly wet this gaithersburg. but sleet snow starting to fall the farther north you go. >> a little bit of sleet and snow mixed in with rain outside of our studios in northwest washington. here is a live look now. the latest on the timing of this storm ahead.
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right now our crews are spread out throughout the area to get you ready up to the minute the mountain you're you're up. >> and we start with tom kierein. >> radar right now we are getting some snow far to the west now and that stretches all the way down into louisiana. it stretches between here and boston. we're on the southern end of that right now in the pink an green zone, mostly rain. to the north and west, getting snow from frederick to leesburg south of there winchester to front royal. and then east of there into northern fauquier county southern loudoun, getting some of this light to moderate snow. it is beginning to accumulatebeing
6:46 am
aaccumulate. right now just seeing wet roads. but we know things are changing quickly. inner loop at pennsylvania avenue still have a crash off to the right side. so just something to watch out for this morning. and then 27 norsth at penn shop road, all lanes blocked. back in a couple minutes with more live pictures. now let's check in with megan mcgrath in montgomery county. >> she's live on quintz orchard road with a look at conditions. and you started to see some sleet. >> reporter: yeah we smau sleetaw some sleet and also starting to see a snowflake or two start to go mix in. so we certainly have seen the changeover in the gaithersburg area. and we've gotten word from the city that they will be closed today. now, leslie here is among those who has to go to work came.
6:47 am
what today. what are you see something. >> sidewalks are pretty slippery so you want to be cautious. and the side roads are very slippery also getting very slippery. >> but you have no choice. >> got to go to work. >> reporter: and we'll send it over now to derrick ward in vee vienna vienna. >> reporter: and it's still raining. rain has picked up a bit. i don't think it's freezing rain yet. temperature has dropped a bit. traffic is picking up. right now they're having no problem because we're just daily with wet road surfaces. but as understand, things will be changing a bit later. now we'll toss to darcy spencer in prince george's county. >> reporter: good morning. right now in prince george's county we're getting a drafing rain. and a pretty strong wind. we're live along route 1 here in the laurel area of the county. virtually no traffic. there is just like a few cars
6:48 am
coming by which is unheard of during a weekday. so people are taking the advice to stay home. schools are closed today. a lot of government offices are he closed. public works crews have the trucks at the ready. they're just waiting for the snow to begin piling up so they can get out there and start plowing. hopefully the last storm of the season. darcy spencer, news 4. >> let's hope so. last snowstorm of the season. >> just keep saying it. see if it comes true. you can follow the @pat snow stick on twitter to take part in the snow stick challenge. winner will get his or her own pat collins snow stick. >> hot commodity. we've seen some of your best snow hats and pets. today's contest could have something to do with spring, so be sure to check twitter to find
6:49 am
out what it is. our storm team 4 has been keeping an eye on the forecast and the changes that we've been seeing through the whole morning. take a look outside. we'll show you what city cam is picking up. looks like rain as you look here into -- respect. >> we know this will eventually turnover to snow. >> yeah, right now it is wet this washington. it is a weather alert day, so we'll have frequent storm team 4 updates all throughout the day as the snow gets closer. but look at all the snow. it stretches there boston all the way down into northern louisiana and arkansas. we are on the southern he saidend of that we are getting mostly rain in the metro area. west and north of us a little
6:50 am
bit of sleet in the gray zone this montgomery county and then farther north and west, bright white zone that is some snow starting to reach the ground now. an beginning to accumulate a little bit in frederick county pap handle of west virginia, loudoun, northern fauquier, that snow starting to stick. this fact road temperatures out there are a little below freezing. so watch out, it is going to be sticking. it is sticking here in charles town west virginia. this photo posted by katherine. both yoersurs and we will share. on the weather deck amelia segal segal. the it will change to snow by noontime. continuing to snow in the afternoon hours. we'll get the heaviest between noon to right around 4:00 to 5:00. and then quickly tapers off. a meal wra seea segal is looking at the temperatures that will play a key role. >> reporter: absolutely.
6:51 am
temperatures will slowly fall. if you didn't know any better, it's like a spring morning out here. birds are chirping. 37 degrees outside of our studios. but you can see we'll fall over the next hour. down to 36 in washington. most of the suburbs at that point right around freezing. bya.m., everybody, just about everybody, is at or below freezing. and 1:00 in the afternoon, this is when we think there will be heavy snow really starting to pile up. temperatures in gaithersburg, frederick, hagerstown martinsburg, mid to upper 20s. washington still away 30. as we get into the evening hour will is this is when the snow is winding down 24 in annapolis. we'll have very cold temperatures tonight as well as friday night. but right now, again, just tracking some rain out here on our storm team 4 weather deck. but we expect sleet to start to
6:52 am
mix in within the next couple of hours. >> and it's only just a little north and west where it is mixing with sleet. by the time it all ends 6 to 8 inches of snow in this zone here including montgomery county northwest washington, northern prince george's county howard frederick, as well as thornnorthern pan of west virginia, much of the shenandoah valley and especially higher ridges will get up to 8 inches. down in the valley, around 6 inches. right in washington points south and east generally around 4, 5 inches. charles county calvert and southern anne arundel as well as southern fairfax, southern prince william, spotsylvania may get about 4 inches or so as that is going to be passing on through this afternoon. then some brief heavy snow even in far southern maryland for st. mary's northern neck lower eastern shore.
6:53 am
two to quick four inches will be happening there. that won't be until rate this evening into early evening. but the timing as i showed you just a couple seconds ago heaviest snow between noon and 4:00 for the metro area. look at this huge area in pink. this under a winter storm warning there texas all the way to new england. includes our zone here for this afternoon through this evening. then tomorrow morning after this is all over wrks it will be down into the teens. snow not going anywhere. and then finally a little above freezing on saturday. quite a bit above freezing sunday so a lot of melting on sunday. and especially into next week look at this highs in the 50s on monday tuesday, and wednesday. in fact wednesday may be pushing upper 50s. now we're seeing accumulation on some of the roads. melissa will show some of that. >> and some accumulation finally here this morning. take a look here. this is 70 just east of 270 this morning. so you can see a little bit of
6:54 am
being a accumulation on the side. we have photographers driving around for you. will will is sean casey, look al that we're seeing a lot of white and of course a lot of the roads could not be treated because it was raining so much. they couldn't treat that way. i'm back in a couple minutes. right now a live look at grosvenor metro station as you can see -- you can hear sounds like a little sleet may be falling there in rockville. our news director is seeing sleet in bethesda chevy chase area as he's coming in this morning. chuck bell also keeping an eye on roads this morning in the storm team 4 x 4. chuck, where are you? >> reporter: good morning. we are on 270 southbound here just coming up on exit 11.
6:55 am
and changeover is really well under way here. what was all rain when we came through here about 4:00 a.m. this morning is now definitely changing over to a mostly snow but still some rain mix in it. accumulations have really been fairly minor to this point. we were about an hour ago out along i-81 in west virginia and sides of the roads were already white from i-81 all the way back to about frederick. but mostly just slush on the sides of 270 for now. >> thank you, chuck bell. snow causing changes on metro right now. metro trains will be starting on time and running both below and above ground. however, metro says there could be some weather related delays. metrobuses are also under a moderate snow plan which means some routes will be suspended. check the routes online before you head out. the plan keeps buss from driving uphills, on narrow streets or other potentially problematic areas. metro being access is suspended all
6:56 am
day. if you work for the federal government agencies are closed today. opm says if you're an emergency employee you need to double check with your agency. and take a look at this map of all the major school districts in our area. all that red means they're all closed. for the complete list check the nbc washington app or >> quite a change since we started at 4:00 this morning. it was all rain all over the region but now that area on the radar you see in the white and gray that is snow and it is beginning to accumulate especially in western loudoun county into frederick county and point west of there and north. and then south and east pink zone and green zone, that is all rain but mixing with a little bit of sleet. but that white zone whether be slowly creeping our way and moving in to the metro area. that will be right around 9:00 10:00 this morning. we'll see the changeover to snow right in the metro area and then snowing heavily this afternoon. >> we really are starting to see some of this white stuff falling from the sky here.
6:57 am
this is sean casey he's been driving around for us. just it see how the roads are looking. it can get quite nasty this afternoon. >> that is the broadcast this morning. appreciate you waking up with us. >> stay with us all day for the latest on the storm. it will move and come in heavily. have a g
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. last blast. a massive storm bears down on nearly half the country. snow rain ice, sending cars skidding off the road forcing schools to close. and yes, big delays at airports today. breaking overnight, the u.s. ambassador to south korea attacked by a man with a knife. >> i need an ambulance fast. get me to the hospital. >> this morning, he is recovering from emergency surgery, his attacker in custody, but how did he get that close? release them. hillary clinton calls for her e-mails as secretary of state to be made public. is it enough to quiet the storm? and stranded. the woman trapped on an island in maine, iced in for more tha


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