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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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bc news, goodnight. new video of a crash that killed a local police officer. who was in the car with him and his last words. >> i'm just glad that i'm here.
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i was to the point that i couldn't focus or see nobody. >> the man nearly killed in a hit and run crash. plus the smithsonian and other museums are at odds with d.c. mayor muriel bowser. find out what they want her to do coming up. >> news 4 at 11:00 starts now. good evening, everyone. i'm erika gonzalez in for chris lawrence. off the top at 11:00, police release new details in a wreck that killed a prince george's county police officer. we now know exactly what he was doing before he crashed, and what he told his girlfriend in his final moments. >> officer brennan rabain was taking his girlfriend to her apartment when he saw a vehicle speeding. his girlfriend told officers what were likely his last words before he crashed and died. >> the officer made a statement about this guy's going to kill
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someone. and he -- what she thought was initiating an action to try to slow that car down or stop him. >> reporter: witnesses told investigators that rabain turned on his lights and sirens to pull the vehicle over but something went wrong. he lost control and smashed into a fence. this traffic camera video shows his cruiser a little more than a mile from the scene just minutes before the c there was a dark-colored minivan to his left and this large bus had passed through the intersection before the cruiser. >> we'd like to speak to people that were in the minivan, because they appear to be in close approximate to the vehicle at the time of the accident. we'd like to speak to them and see what they know. >> reporter: police did not initially report that the officer's girlfriend was in the car because they were still trying to verify the information. >> there's no secrets here. >> reporter: he said they are allowed to have people in the cruisers when they are off duty and can make traffic stops. now he is reviewing that policy.
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rabain's dash camera was broken. >> there's nothing to indicate that this officer did anything wrong. >> reporter: the chief says he has not ruled out the possibility that weather could have played a role in the crash. but right now, he still doesn't know exactly what caused the officer to lose control of his cruise darcy spencer, news 4. officer rabain's fellow officers have set up a gofundme site to help his daughter. you can go to our website for details on how to help. d.c. police have just released the name of a man killed in colombia heights last night just after 9:30. they found him near center and ogden streets. he had been shot several times. they rushed him to the hospital where he died about two hours later. there's now a reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this murder inv. developing right now, we've just learned that police are
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working a second homicide in another part of colombia heights. this one happened on sherman avenue near lamont street. someone spotted a woman unconscious lying in the street. that i called police at around 8:00 this morning. arriving officers discovered she had been stabbed. she was pronounced dead on the scene. police are not yet releasing her name. they haven't said what the motive may have been or who is responsible in this case. one year later, and still no arrests in the senseless shooting of a clerk. news 4 spoke to kelly wood from her hospital room after the . she's had several surgeries after being shot in the head when she had her back turned to an armed robber. this happened inside a fast mart. the sheriff says they received hundreds of tips but still need help to identify the shooter seen on the store's surveillance camera. it's been six months since the hubble children disappeared.
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the two have been missing since early september. police say they disappeared while they were in the care of their mother kathryn, who you see there. she is in custody but suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and will not tell anyone where those children might be. it's been nearly 24 hours, and still no sign of 13-year-old axle morales. the teenager was last seen around 12:30 last night near briarwood and laurel bowie road in laurel. he was wearing a gray sweatshirt jeans, and purple shoes. if you've seen him, please call the prince george's county police department. police on the hunt for a gain of atv drivers after they allegedly kicked an officer's cruiser this evening. investigators say the officer tried to pull over a woman on an atv near 11th and and clifton northwest. they also drove their atvs
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toward the officer. the group took off, and no arrests were made. right now we want to take a live look outside. it was an absolutely gorgeous day today. can you believe the turn of events that we've had? highs in the 50s. but temperatures will dip below freezing tonig. our meteorologist shows us where refreezing could come into play for tomorrow morning. hi, mel. >> good evening. some spots already at 32 degrees. that includes frederick. temperatures across the area right now in the 30s and 40s. you can see washington coming in right now with a temperature around 41 degrees. 36 in gaithersburg and 37 in leesburg. so the suburbs, especially north and west of the district will have the potential of refreezing overnight tonight with temperatures dipping below 32 degrees. so some slick spots are possible in those areas tomorrow morning. that includes gaithersburg, ma nassis leesberg, and even hagerstown.
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washington low of 36 degrees. we warm up quickly tomorrow morning. by 10:00 a.m. around 44 degrees. temperatures not so bad tomorrow but you'll need to keep your umbrella handy for the beginning of the week. i'll let you know when you can expect rain in about 10 minutes. thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder to cross that historic bridge in selma today. 50 years ago, police beat black civil rights marchers as they peacefully crossed the bridge. the bloody sunday violence shocked the nation and galvanized the movement. jay gray has more from selma. >> sunday morning in selma begins in church. ♪ >> reporter: hundreds packing brown chapel the same place so many gathered 50 years ago, to begin their march from selma to montgomery. a peaceful protest for equality and the right to vote.
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that was violently turned back as they tried to cross the bridge. >> and racism unleashed its brutality upon us. >> reporter: as they gather here now to honor the foot soldiers who took the first difficult steps, there's also a clear and constant message, the battle -- >> and let's get busy! >> reporter: and journey aren't over. >> we will march on until every citizen is afforded his or her fundamental right to vote. we will march on. >> reporter: and today this crowd does march on step-by-step. tens of thousands following the path forged a half century earlier. >> it's wonderful. i love to see everyone gathered for a good cause. hopefully this would, you know wake us up inside. >> selma is not in the past. it's now for everybody here. everybody has their own personal selma, their own bridge to cross. >> reporter: and here in rural alabama they may understand better than most just how
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difficult and important it is. to get to the other side. jay gray, nbc news, selma. the first family was in selma yesterday to commemorate bloody sunday and today the first daughters got another history lesson. malia and sasha joined president obama for a trip to the library of congress. they took a look at the original manuscript of president abraham lincoln's second inauguration address on display to mark the 150th anniversary of that . everyone is talking, except hillary clinton. today her supporters and critics are calling for answers. as nbc's brian moore reports, they want to know why the former secretary of state communicated thro. >> reporter: pressure is mounting for hillary clinton to explain why she used a private email account to do business as secretary of state. >> what i would like is for her
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to come forward and say just what the situation is because she is the preeminent political figure right now. >> reporter: supporters who want to see her run for president next year want the controversy out of the way, and republicans eager to dig into her past want to know what if anything the emails might reveal. >> it's not up to secretary clinton to decide what's a public record and what's not. >> reporter: both sides are asking whether she broke the rules, if not the law, on preserving government records. >> nobody says it's illegal. she's turned over all of her emails. the first secretary of state to ever do that. >> reporter: colin powell the first to use private email, says many of his messages are lost to history. >> i don't have any to turn over. i didn't keep a cache of them. i did not print them off. i do not have thousands of pages somewhere in my personal files. >> reporter: hillary clinton's emails have been turned over to the government which may take months to decide what will and won't be released.
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nbc news washington. president obama says the united states would walk away from nuclear talks with iran if there's no acceptable deal. mr. obama says the agreement must allow western powers to verify that iran is not going to obtain an atomic weapon. but iran says their nuclear program only exists to produce energy for civilian use. >> what do we want? dozens marched in madison, wisconsin, after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed plaque teen. investigators say 19-year-old tony robinson was shot after he got into an altercation with the officer. a memorial is set up outside the home where he was killed. it was absolutely a perfect day to get your car washed, and these area drivers took full advantage. but we're going to tell you why the cops had to show up. filled up your tank lately?
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then you've noticed there's a spike in prices. but tonight, some good news at the pump. >> reporter: a miraculous story of recovery and redemption plays out at a local church. that's coming up on news 4. if you can stay the put for just a few minutes, "sports final" promises to put a smile on your face. your favorite player may have a new team as nfl free agency gets crazy. tickets punched for the big dance as march madness begins its reign. plus, the voice of the capitals will join our roundtable to size up the washington roster for a playoff run. all that and more on "sports final" after the ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪
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that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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doctors didn't think he'd survive, but tonight the victim of a hit-and-run drunk driver is out of the hospital. and as derek ward reports, his long road to recovery is just >> reporter: for any given sunday at any given church, you'll find people offering testimonials testimonials. but on thi sunday it's unlikely that any others were like calvin hayes. >> indescribable pain. to the point where i couldn't focus. i couldn't see nobody. and i had my eyes wide open. >> reporter: a little over a month ago, a hit-and-run driver who had been drinking struck him as we walked along route 301. he lost a leg. his severed arm was reattached. but with the phantom pain of the leg and the months of recovery ahead, he can smile. those battles continue. >> what i have to do is being out in public watching people watch me. >> reporter: he shuns any pity and harbors no anger against the driver who left him mangled on
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the side of the road. >> he kept going, you know but it's all -- things happen, you know. i can't get mad at h. i've got to get used to my life. >> it's new for us. it's hard for us. it's strenuous right now. >> reporter: that goes without saying. but this trial has also brought the family closer. mother and siblings and friends. >> he's had tremendous support. it's been beyond what i would have. >> for the next big step i've got another surgery coming. they've got to take another nerve off my back and put it in my arm. >> reporter: he's uninsured. his home is not wheelchair accessible, and the costs of recovery are astronomical. but even those hurdles haven't dimmed the family's spirits. he is determined to walk again. >> if i get nervous or feel down about a situation, i've got my family to lift me back up. >> derek ward news 4. in montgomery county area students gathered today for the annual choose respect conference. and our own jackie benson helped to emcee the event.
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this year's hot topic, dating and social media. experts were on hand to talk about how dating violence can play out online through cyber bullying and sexting. about 400 students teachers and parents attend the event every year. local arts leaders are now getting involved in the fight over the franklin school in d.c. the vacant building on 13th and k streets was slated to become a contemporary art museum. but just a few weeks into office mayor muriel bowser scrapped that citing financial risks. according to "the washington post," dresktirectors of the smithsonian and other museums want to meet with bowser to urge her to reconsider. bad news for drivers. aaa says $2 gas is now but a distant memory and prices are expected to get even higher this month. right now the national average is $2.46 for a regular gallon. that's 29 cents more than a month ago. here in the dmv, the average is around $2.54.
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experts say we are not expected to pay more than $3 a gallon this year. thank goodness. well many of you enjoyed the beautiful weather today by enjoying a walk maybe taking a run, visiting the park or just taking out the dog. it was gorgeous and some of you spent part of your day waiting in a very long line to get your car washed. take a look at the line of vehicles waiting to get their rides all spic and span at this car wash on georgia avenue in silver spring. the scene was so chaotic the cops had to show up to direct traffic. out of control at the car wash everybody has just been itching to get the cars there. they have been filthy filthy. if it hasn't been rain, it's been snow. >> i. >> exactly. >> lots of ice. >> and today was a complete 180. it was beautiful. our high was 59 degrees. tomorrow pretty much a repeat performance. >> nice. we'll take it. >> so get out on your lunch
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break and enjoy the fresh air. and then tuesday, rain is in the fore. so if you did get your car wash today, know that it will be getting ra on tuesday. but nice again tomorrow. rain on tuesday. mainly later in the day. we could see some showers lingering on into wednesday morning. i'm going to show you that on . and keeping a close eye on friday. there is a slight chance of a mix in the forecast. i'll have more on that in just a moment. but here are temperatures in the metro area. 34 right now in bowie. 41 in washington. 42 in reston. there will be refreeze overnight tonight, especially for those of you in the suburbs. watch for slick spots tomorrow morning. but overall, for the most part the weather not having a huge impact on your day. you need the sunglasses as you're heading to and from work especially coming home now with the later sunset time. exercise getting that run or walk in outdoors still some slush in spots as we continue to melt across the area.
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light jacket long sleeves will be just fine because look at the gorgeous temperature in your neighborhood. 57 in leesburg. 61 for some cloudiness around during the morning hours. but for the late morning and afternoon hours, mostly sunny skies and then the clouds start to increase again as we get on into the evening hours. here is your hour-by-hour temperature forecast. 7:00 a.m., around 36 low 40s for those of you in the suburbs. but this is the time of year when we start to see our temperatures warm up really quickly. we are already near 50 degrees by the midday hours. 3:00 p.m., temperature of 61 in washington. so a touch warmer than today. 7:00 p.m. the sun is still out. it's beautiful. 55 degrees. the kids can play outdoors. future weather, i'm jumping you ahead to noon on tuesday. showers are starting to move into the area. clouds already in plac so you will need the umbrella on tuesday. and rain could slow the evening commute. we continue to track showers overnight, stopping future weather here at 6:00 a.m. on
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wednesday. potentially still dealing with some showers that could slow the wednesday morning commute. but as we get into the midday and afternoon hours, we do try out. and we'll get to enjoy that high temperature near 60 degrees on thursday keeping it dry. high temperature of 56 degrees. friday this is the day we're going to keep a close eye on. a high temperature of 44. rain is looking likely at some point in the day. maybe a little bit later. and some areas it could start as a bit of a mix with maybe sleet and freezing rain, but we're continuing to track that. temperatures in the metro area really only supporting rain. chance of rain on saturday erika, with the high temperature of 51 degrees, and dry, next sunday. wonderful 54 59 degrees. we can't wait. still ahead, time to celebrate in terptown
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sp. >> not one, but two wins. two of them. >> yes. >> what a day for maryland. >> yes. big day for maryland basketball. the men's and women's team just dominated this entire season in their new big ten conference. maryland ended the season with 26 wins the most in program history. not bad for a team picked to finish eighth in their new conference before the season the terps will now head to the big ten tournament red hot with a ton of momentum. winners of seven straight games. nebraska trying to put an end to maryland's win streak. we pick this one up in the second half. the huskers up three. dez wells to the freshman, and he has some range. 21 points in this came for melo. a few points later, jake layman knocking down a three of his own. 10-0 run for the terps. they are up five. 11 seconds to go now.
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one-point lead. give it to the senior, dez wells. big time shot there for maryland. wells creating nice space. he finished with 18. terps up three. one last chance for nebraska. that shot off the mark. tremble is there for the rebound. that sealed the win. 64-61 your final as maryland takes it. patriot league semifinals. american university looking to keep dancing against colgate. first half, eagles up one. this three-pointer. moore from the sharp-shooting shoa shoaf, another one. then under a minute left in the half au putting it away early. jessie reid's three. and they defeat colgate 71-63. they'll take on lafayette in wednesday's championship game. the terps women looking to flex their muscle in the big ten
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championship game facing ohio state. second half maryland up big. pass inside here to lauren mensy, who goss off the glass. terps are up 15. but ohio state did battle back. kelsey mitchell shot them back in this game. she had a game-high 31 points osu down just two. a little over a minute left four-point maryland lead but kate craft will cut it to one. we have a ballgame now. 3.8 seconds to go. terps lead it by three. long pass to mitchell here puts up the heat but it's no good. how about that? maryland win this one 71- -- 77-74. and terps take the big ten championship in their first seas. george washington facing dayton in the a-10 championship. skip ahead to the second half. dayton leading by one. but jones has been tremendous all season long for the colonials. and that stayed true today.
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she was on fire. 16 points in the second half. she had 21 for the game. george washington your 2015 atlantic 10 championship 75-62 over their opponent. the nationals taking on the yankees in florida. this one got started right away thanks in large part to michael taylor. first pitch of the game, over a solo shot for the youngster. taylor's first start of the spring. the nationals go up 1-0. doug fister making his spring debut on the mound. he pitched two solid innings. here he gets beltran to ground into the inning-ending double play. one hit allowed, one walk but the yankees would go on to beat the nationals. your final in this one, 3-2. march madness is finally here. a lot of good basketball to be played. both in the men's and the women's side here. >> all right. we are ready for it. and we a
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another beautiful day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine overall. a high of 61. rain likely on tuesday, especially later in the day. >> that's not a typo. that really does read 61 degrees tomorrow. and we start here tomorrow "news 4 today" at 4:26. it's been a lovely evening. thank yo
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right now on "news final" -- champions and champions-to-be, as march madness revs up. >> yay! >> notice i was trying to figure out what type of movie was going to do. >> a special senior day pays special tribute to a hoya. and a roster ready for a playoff run. alex ovechkin winds up out of his own zone. he fires, he scores! jason pugh wins it for washington! "news final" starts now. that's awesome. made me look like a real hockey player the gap tooth and missing teeth and everything. welcome


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