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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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grab your umbrella. lilt rain falling across some areas. but the showers will make way for some sun and warmer temperatures. there is a dense fog advisory in effect for some areas, too. chuck bell drives in the 4 byx 4. we'll check in with him later. and crews are working to clear away a tree and dangerous fallen canal road northwest. the road is closed. shear a machtp of the affected location. richard jordan has been on the creep scene for us. so how are you expecting this to affect traffic this morning? >> reporter: it's going to be definitely a problem at least for a couple of hours. maybe even throughout the entire morning rush because right now there is a tree that is down on canal road. pepco crews are chopping it up breaking it down dry to gotrying to get it out. for the time people, police
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blocking the street. these are the cars heading southbound trying to get toward tox hall. so this is traffic from chain bridge being detoured now on to reservoir and that will be the cut through taking reservoir down either all the way down to foxhall or possibly you can even perhaps cut off on mcarthur and then take to the end there. but coming from the key bridge side you will see the same situation down at foxhall. this area is dleeclosed for the time people. we'll let you know when things reopen. >> richard jordan live on the scene there. thank you. 5:01. and we are still dealing with a few showers outside this morning. >> take a look at the radar behind us. let's check in with tom kierein to find out when things will move out of here. >> not going to be uni will later this afternoon we'll have the rain off and on. another area of rain coming out of the tennessee valley that is on a track to come right into the metro areamorning. right now getting scattered sprinkles an drizzle around much
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of virginia maryland and west virginia. it will be with us here for the morning hours. and temperatures are hovering in the 40s from the mountains all the way to the bay. reagan national now is at 48 degrees. p i took this picture about 2:00 this morning northern montgomery county there was dense fog there, visibility about a quarter of a mile. and monday pry county as well as howard and in loudoun under a dense fog advisory until 10:00 as well as frederick, washington panhandle of west virginia where the visibilities are going to be down under a quarter of a mile in a few spots. so watch out, slow down, use your low beams. if you encounter some dense fog. and rain will b coming back in by later this morning. this leading edge of this next batch of rain now into southern west virginia, that will be in the metro around about 8:00 this morning. a look at a big change in our drive time commute forecast for the morning and afternoon coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. we're seeing fog on the cameras. i'll show you that in a second.
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but i saw a lot coming down 270 was okay, but river road i hit some real patches that were very low visibility. so do be careful. i had a fox dart in front of me. wider look at things overall, no major problem here as you're taking a look at the beltway. 270 also looking quite good. nice and green northbound and southbound here. into town and out of up to on 66 are95 no problems. you can see a little bit of a haze beltway at colesville. you'll see that across the area this morning. back at 5:11. i'm angie goff with breaking news from the live desk. this out of pensacola, florida. right now the search is on for seven marines and four soldiers this after their army helicopter crashed during an overnight training exercise. this is near an air force base we're told in the florida panhandle. it's an area that they use often for military training and
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exercises. the marines -- details limited, be but we know they were part of the camp lejeune special base operations group and louisiana national guard. they found debris within the last couple hours, but they still haven't found the marines and handful of soldiers. at this point still too early to tell what caused this crash. this is definitely a developing story out of pensacola that we will continue to follow and update you on. your time right now is 5:04. a montgomery county family is looking for your help to find a missing map. they need to you take a good look at this photo, this 67-year-old was last seen on monday in gaithersburg. his family is worried because he has dementia. if you see him, call police right away. still no word this morning on the identity of a virginia tech student missing after falling off of a cruise ship. the 21-year-old was reported missing on sunday from the
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carnival ship glory. camera footage supposedly shows the fall in the bahamas. u.s. coast guard still searching and carnival extends sympathies to the family. today a former prince george's county teacher will go on trial for sex abuse. andre brown was a teacher and coach at high point high school in beltsville. prosecutors say he abused a 17-year-old student at the school in 2013. they say he asked her to go with him to the locker room after a football game. he was arrested last may after she reported the incident to police. new this morning, the university of oklahoma officially closed the significance sigma alpha epsilon house. so far at least two fraternity members have been expelled from the school after this video surfaced of members singing a racist chant. the national fraternity organization says it is working to expel all the members from
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sae saying in part quote we teach our members to serve as role models in their communities and to live up to our creed, the true gentleman. when members fail to do so we will not hesitate to take corrective actions or impose sanctions. this afternoon maryland comptroller will push for law make toers start school after labor day. those in favor of the plan say a later start time would result in a $74.3 million economic boost. recent survey found 72% of marylanders support starting public schools after labor day. well, my wife is a cheater. how the message led police to solving an arson. and the fda gives thumbs up to a new fat blasting drug. what it claim it is can make disappear from your selfies. storm teamx 4 is driving
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through the fog and rain kierein is
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welcome back. a message written on the side of a house led police to arrest a man for arson. you take a look here.
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police say the man wrote, quote, my wife is a cheater. this is in colorado just outside denver. according to police all the damage was caused by an apparent explosion that then led to a fire. nobody was hurt. >> one way to do it. >> or not. >> right. he's under arrest. let's talk about the forecast now. we're talking about fog and some light rain throughout our area. >> weather and traffic on the 1s now. >> most of the roads are damp and we have some more rain coming in from the tennessee valley and farther to the south and west of that. that will be tracking right into the metro area about 8:00 9:00 this morning. that steadier rain will move right back in. right now we're just getting scattered sprinkles and drizzle around the immediate metro area along with patchy fog that will be with us here. big change for the commutes morning commute wet pavement and patchy fog in the 40s, but then the afternoon dry pavement sun breaks out and we soar to the mid-60s partly sunny sky. a look at our chances for rain on the weekend, that's coming up next weather and traffic on the
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1s at 5:#21. still canal road shut down between reservoir and foxhall. take a look at this, this tree completely across the roadway. and we saw a vehicle that was somehow damaged. don't know if it actually hit the tree after it was down or if the tree fell on to the vehicle. we can see the car right here damaged very severely by that situation. traffic inbound on to reservoir outbound on to foxhall. otherwise no major problems. >> what the d.c. police chief is calling a crisis. and a story a lot of you and your friends are reading on facebook. what one mother actually did while her kids were watching tv that a lot of
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welcome back.
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the d.c. police department is now calling its staffing shortage a crisis. in a hearing yesterday, chief lanier told the d.c. council there are more officers retired than being hired. she said several officers are quitting as well. to deal with the problem lanier wants to turn 100 current officer positions into civilian ones. council member told us the council wants to consider multiple options. >> we're looking it at the hiring and there is a need to hire more officers but we don't want to sacrifice quality for the sake of hiring quickly. >> lanier plans to double the number of officers wearing body cameras this year. this afternoon the community will pay respects to a prince george's county police officer killed in the line of tut. awake will be held for brennan rabain in beltsville today. visiting hours are from 3:00 to 7:00. rabain died this past weekend, he hit a fence while trying to stop a speeding car. rabain's funeral is set for tomorrow in temple hills.
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no jail time for former contractor who admitted to sexually assaulting a girl. john epps pled guilty. this video shows epps touching a 12-year-old girl on the back side at baker middle school last october. epps will be on probation for five years and listed on the maryland sex offender registry for 15 years. three bills to help prevent sexual violence on campuses are heading to the governor's desk this virginia. 25 related bills were scaled back tabled or consolidated at the general assembly into those three bills. if approved campus apply es need to reportly allegations to the title 9:00 coordinator and schools will be required to make a note on academic transcripts of any student who is suspended, dismissed or withdraws while under investigation for student conduct violation. joe morrissey is no longer spending time in jail. he completed his three month
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sentence yesterday. >> morrissey served time in connection to a relationship he had with a 17-year-old girl. he is now facing four felony charges related to this case. 5:17 now. a handwritten note on the inside walls of a boat is at the center of testimony in the boston marathon bombing trial. prosecute are tors revealed the blood stained note they say was written by dzhokhar tsarnaev. the note is peppered with bullet holes and says the u.s. government quote is killing innocent civilians and as a muslim i can't stand to see such evil go up punished. the judge ended court early yesterday to go and see the boat. he will now decide whether the jurors should see it as well. another change in ferguson missouri following a harsh report from the justice department. it accused ferguson police and the courts there of racial bias. now the city manager is resigning because of that report. before today, a city clerk was fired and a judge and two police officers also resigned.
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breast cancer treatment often robs a woman of her fertility, because new drug is helping some cancer patients survive and still have a family. researchers say the medication is given at the same time as chemotherapy. that drug sort of puts your ovaries on sleep protecting them from the harsh effects. >> more people want to have normal quality of life following their treatment. for women, that may include not going into early menopause. >> the results when compared without the new drug almost three times as many women protected their fertility during chemo and almost twice as many actually got pregnant. if you're diagnosed, talk to your doctor about fertility options. if you have a double chin a could be a thing of the fast. a new eninjectable drug says it
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can melt away the fat the on your chin. atx 101 testing has taken several years and now they say it's safe hand makes people happier with their double chins. if approved, it can be offered as apan alternative to surgery. >> and then just keep moving it around. >> a couple places i could think of. this next story is blowing up on our facebook page. police in chicago say a woman shot her tv because she didn't like how much tv her kids were watching. >> there has to be another way. >> you can't make this stuff up. >> she actually pleaded not guilty to endangering a child. nobody be was hurt here. this happened back in january, but apparently as soon as police found out about it last month the kids were pulled out of that home. >> her kids ages 6, 11 and 15 have now been in the care of another family member ever since. well, take a look at this a man was pumping gas when all of a sudden the station's canopy collapsed on top of his car. you can see it there.
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nearly crushed him. after emergency crews freed the car from debris the man simply got back in the car and drove right off. >> got places to go things to do. i guess. coming up on 5:21. a live look outside. lots of clouds in the district maybe a little fog, too. >> tom kierein here now with a look at your forecast. >> yeah we do have some fog, but it's mainly north of the metro area as we saw in that live view from the city camera. not much fog right in washington or the extremely nearby suburbs. farther west and north, that's where we do have some of that dense fog. the moving green is rain tracking southwest heading northeast out of alabama, mississippi, tennessee, kentucky about into west virginia. that will get closer to the metro area track on that will be bringing in here maybe around 7:00 8:00 this morning. some steadier light rain moving
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back in after we had it yesterday afternoon and overnight. right now just getting a few sprinkles in the metro area. and we do have have some fog, too. temperatures generally in the fourth but it's mild. southern maryland is near 60 through central virginia. look at fredericksburg right around 60 degrees there. so is luray. but north of there, just in the 40s. and the fog has reduced visibilities down to about three quarters of a mile in many locations. annapolis now at about half mile visibility. and hour by hour through the day today, we'll have a little bit of light rain and fog through the morning in the 40s and then near 50 by noontime. and then that sun breaks out and light rain over and we'll have temperatures into the low to mid-60s mid afternoon. and then 30s tomorrow morning, fichts on afternoon with sunshine. friday increasing clouds. highs upper 40s. and some rain likely on late friday afternoon into friday night and saturday now looking wet. that looks like the wet day for the weekend. sunday partly sunny, highs mid fix. near 60 monday and then again
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near 60 tuesday with another chance of rain moving in. chuck bell is live in the storm team 4 x 4. are you seeing any fog out there? >> reporter: well, good morning, everyone. we'll been on the prowl for some fog here first thing thornis morning. we're now southbound gw parkway approaching 14th street bridge and the fog has not been that bad around mostly here. i'm looking at the observations. frederick, maryland reporting half mile visibility. westminster down to a mile. but there is warm air to be found out there. salisburys hear maryland at 64 degrees. so warm air trying to come in over the very cold ground and this mostly ice covered potomac helping to make the fog a little worse. if you have a little fog outside your door send me a note note @chuckbell4 and i'll
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retweet it back out so people know where the thick pockets of the fog are. we'll continue our drive along the potomac and see if we see anything at clara barton parkway. did see a little fog on my way in, so it is around. canal road right now, this is our biggest issue, still shut down between residentervoir and foxhall. so might want to avoid canal road today. 66 east of sudley road no problems. 270 at germantown road no issues as you're headed southbound. northbound also looking quite good. no major worry there is. a wide look at things everything rolling along quite nicely. inner loop and outer loop. i'm back at 5:30 with a live picture of 95 in virginia. utah is one step closer to becoming the only state to allow
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death by firing squad. the state senate passed a bill reinstating the penalty. it would require the state to use a firing squad if lethal injection drugs aren't available 30 days before an execution. it now goes to the governor who has not said whether he will sign it. new 240r7kthis morning, the flight by a former korean haven'tvice president is suing because she says she was verbally and physically attacked for serving macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a plate. the executive forced the plane to return to the gate at jfk. that woman is now spending a year in prison. ♪ that song was one of the biggest hits of 2013. a jury ruled it was also a rip-off. jurors say blurred lines copied marvin gaye's 1977 hit got to
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give it up and owe gaye's children $7.3 million. williams and thicke have defended blurreded lines as an original. lawyers say they have e ruling and will consider those in the coming weeks. ♪ he earned a spot on team pharrell. and now moving on. he won his battle round last night. he's from myersville just outside frederick, maryland. he just had vocal cord surgery last year. you can catch the "voice" next monday night right here on nbc 4. frederick county school system tweeted about him yesterday. >> and there is another contestant from frederick county as well. >> i think we had three competing. >> we'll see their status. it's now 5:26.
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taking action against isis how the senate plans to respond to president obama's request to use force. new video showing the moment of impact between two helicopters that killed a number of famous athletes filming a reality tv show. and a live look outside. once the rain clears the sun are come out today. tom is timing out the warm-up.
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welcome back. crews are working to clear away a tree and dangerous fallen wires on canal road northwest in d.c.. canal road is closed between reservoir and foxhall. richard jordan just tweeted the police are investigating whether a car ran into that tree because of the fog. and fog is a bit of a problem this morning. storm team 4 x 4 out driving as a dense fog advisory is in effect for parts of our region. >> good morning. i'm upeun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. we expect some sunshine and warmer temperatures later on today. >> like the sound of that.
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tom kierein here now with your forecast. >> the fog is beginning to lift but we have rain now into tennessee, kentucky and southern west virginia moving more steady rain in between 8:00 10:00 this morning and then into early afternoon it will taper off. but right now this patch of green just a little bit of sprinkle activity northern virginia nearby suburbs, southern maryland and just south of fredericksburg. with the fog around and a little light rain, you'll need an umbrella today and your rain boot. may still be puddles around the curbs. temperatures will be holding steady in the pourts through 8:00 with the fog around especially north of the metro area. a little light rain around noontime still hovering around 50, but then it will jump into the mid-60s in the metro area by midafternoon. a look at neighborhood highs and lows that's coming up at 5:41.
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looking pretty good right now as we're taking a look at the main routes in will and out of town here. one problem with canal road we'll talk about in a second. but 95 at newington, a little bit of fog here and there, but having some of it now lift and getting moisture falling. bet beltway at new hampshire looking good. canal road again closed between reservoir and foxhall. we showed you the live pictures of the tree down. sounds like perhaps that vehicle ran into the tree because of the fog. inbound being ush abouted on to vez reservoir, outbound on to foxhall. seven marines and four soldiers are missing after a helicopter crashed during a training exercise in the florida panhandle. helicopters were first reported missing about 8:30 last night. about 2:00 this morning, search
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and rescue crews found some debris from the crash. any new information right here on nbc 4 and on the nbc washington app. i'm angie goff with breaking news out of paris. police are looking for 15 armed attackers after they hijacked vans on a popular french highway. they stole millions of europes in jewels. no one was hurt we'red told. police found both vans in a forest near where the attack happened. jewels are still missing and the hunt is on for the thieves. it is now 5:33. and today we could learn whether costco will be allowed to build a big gas station in uponry county. the county board of appeals is hearing the case in just a few hours. we'll send you an alert on the nbc washington app once a decision is made. several neighborhood and environmental governmentroups have
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protested the station. may be able to help d.c. police if you recognize the man in the video here in a second. take a close look at this new video this morning. it show as guy who broke in to custom tailer showroom on 149 streeft northwest last wednesday. he left with around arm full of clothes. there is a $1,000 rewa for information. in northeast washington, we're learn building a waiver burglaries according to police reports, there were four home burglaries within a span of just nine hours on monday. this was near 19th and maryland avenue. >> a car was also stolen just a few blocks away from there, not yet known whether these crimes are the related. new developments on the man threatening to shoot president obam the name of isis. yesterday federal prosecutors filed a money to restrict phone access for christopher cornell. he's been locked up in ohio
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since january. last week cornell made a surprise phone call from jail to a television station. and he was recorded saying that if he had made to washington he would have tried to shoot the president. the fbi initially arrested cornell for an alleged plot to shoot up the u.s. capitol p. developing story this morning, new video showing a midair collision between two helicopters that left ten people dead. we're learning today that french investigators will head to that crash site in argentina. yesterday investigators in that country combed through the debris after that collision. eight french nationals were killed including well-known athletes. two pilots also killed. the group was filming a reality show at the time of the incident. students in stafford county public schools could soon see smaller class sizes and teachers could see a pay raise. board of education unanimously approved a $265 million budget. they present to county
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supervisors next week. schools in fauquier county will spend a full day in class this friday. this friday along with two other days have been converted from half days to full days because of all the snow. with the revisions there will now be no half days until june. 5:35. former prince george's county states attorney glenn ivey is expected to announce that he's running for congress according to the "washington post". he's hoping to fill a spot held by donna edwards. ss she announced she will run for barbara mikulski's u.s. senate seat. she's facing off against chris van hollen. so your friends are not the only ones who will be able to see your status on facebook. >> the information social media site wants to give advertisers access to. and a new traffic plan for one of the busiest roads in northern virginia. the big change for commuters
5:36 am
coming heat the end of this month. and still some lingering rain showers. tom is tracking how warm it will get in your neighborhood once the rain mov
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if you take a bus along i-66 your commute is about to
5:39 am
get a lotter. vdot announced buses will be able to start driving on the shoulder. the changes begin in less than two week monday march 23. vdot says is this a pilot program. it could change. we put up a map of the new route showing where they can at that time shoulder on the site. it's 5:39. for those of who you take the train, you can sign up to test vre's new app today. we put the link with what you have to do on the nbc washington facebook page. you reportedly only have until friday to sign up. vre says the app will let you buy tickets on your phone and should come out in the next six months. and vre is considering a fare increase right now as well. it would add 45 cents to a single ticket and a little more than $12 to a monthly pass. you have one last chance to say what you think about that change tomorrow. final public hearing will be at the fredericksburg city hall at 7:00 p.m.. 5:40 is our time.
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>> i think it's the weather. >> i just crack myself up. >> it's making us happy. >> you can see the clouds in the picture here. maybe a little rain out there. but it's going to get better today. >> tom, when will it warm up? >> by this afternoon. it's still rather chilly now. you'll need your fog hat and umbrella. we have light rain in the metro area getting steadier rain broader area southwestern virginia into kentucky a tennessee. that will be getting closer to us later this morning. right now metro area these patches of green, just sprinkles and drizzle. northern virginia the district and nearby suburbs in maryland. highs today just north of washington, we'll be near 60. but in the metro area, southern maryland, central virginia, highs mid-60s. cool spots around the bay, a lot of clouds eyes there in the 50s. rain chances coming up. still have this problem
5:41 am
through the morning commute. don't take canal road. it's shut down between reservoir and foxhall. gw parkway southbound from turkey run to memorial bridge you crews filling potholes. travel times overall looking quite good here. no major problems in maryland. in virginia, 66 east no problems. 95 north quantico to the beltway, about five minutes behind. the major action the senate will a today in the fight against isis. and working for you to save you money. consumer reporter erika gonzalez has a new list out showing you you the things you don't need to overpay for at drug stores.
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15 before the hour. and today a senate committee
5:45 am
holds a high profile hearing on president obama's request to authorize military force against isis. this comes as a new poll shows how americans feel about the chances for success. tracie potts here now with more on today's hearing and breakdown of the poll. >> reporter: john kerry, martin dempsey and ashton carter will all be here answering questions about the war president obama is already waging against the islamic state. the president's request for no more than three years of military action possibly using ground forces but more likely special forces. they will be debating that in the senate foreign relations committee. what does the public think? the vast majority of us, 7 out of 10 said in the latest poll if we were to go to war against the islamic state, we are very likely or somewhat likely to win
5:46 am
it. hillary clinton is still facing tough questions about her use of personal e-mail. chair macht house panel investigating the terror attack this is benghazi is he he will call chin donelinton to testify twice. but she says she has nothing to hide. >> i feel i've taken you been unprecedend steps to provide these work-related e-mails. >> the former secretary of state says is that she used the personal e-mail out of convenience but wishes she had used a government account. a discovery about personal e-mail from the iteam. another member of the president'us private e-mail. this is an e-mail that appears to include a private gm address believed to belong to chuck hagel. pentagon says he used two separate blackberry, one for
5:47 am
personal and the other for government e-mail. a spokesman says on some limited occasions, an e-mail may have been sent two or from the wrong account. teams have three more days to sign up for the am simmer jobs program. the extra days come after a neat of confusion and complaints as about 2,000 students waited in the rain outside of apapplication deadline day. when the school closed at 7:00 p.m. the city dispatched a mobile command center on help take those applications. about 13,000 teens have already signed up. the program provides six weeks of summer employment. there is a hiring deal at the new d.c. united stadium. the stadium will be built at buzzard point and will need 800 full and part-time workers to build and staff it. leesburg town council will create the town's first ever
5:48 am
diversity advisory commission. the council vote this had favord in favor of it that yesterday. it will work to improve community with minority business owners. people stopped for a moment of silence to remember the victims of the tsunami four years ago. >> nearly 19,000 were skilled, 230,000 are still didsplaced. one of the five of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded. today mayor bowser is expected to announce a new technology partnership with howard university. this partnership will help encourage innovation. this comes as bowser heads to the south by southwest festival in austin, tooegs onexas on friday. she will heatmeet with tech leaders there to promote economic opportunities back here in d.c.. starting off with some fog
5:49 am
and light drizzle, but there is an up side to the program. >> every minute that goes by, get closer to spring. >> amen. >> can i get a hallelujah. >> time is on our side. and there is the area of green that is rain. coming in from the south and west getting closer to the metro area. it's on a track to continue tobly rain in later today about that right now getting just some sprinkles and drizzle. including prince george's county montgomery howard fairfax, arlington, falls church and south prince and southern fauquier northern neck, as well as st. mary's getting a little bit of the very light rain. now, it's north of us that we have patchy dense fog. these counties in gray including loudoun, montgomery howard frederick north and west into washington. some of the visibilities may be down to under a quarter of a mile. right now it's just at a quarter of a mile thisin hagerstown.
5:50 am
visibilities are improving in gaithersburg. now at 2 1/2 miles. when you do you encounter some dense fog, slow down and use your low beams. temperatures right now are rather chilly. we're in the mid-40s in the metro area. dulles is one of the school spots down to 41. frederick at 37. but there is mild air to our south. near 60 in st. mary's. west of there over towards spotsylvania and then merenear charlottesville. at the bus stop patchy fog and a little bit of drizzle. by 9:00 we'll be near 50 and still some patchy fog lingering north, but light rain moving on in. love this photo taken yesterday afternoon. light rain falling melting the snow near middleburg virginia. photo posted on my facebook page and twitter by lloyd ferguson. as we look now at the forecast, light rain lingering through thoon time and then the sun breaks out this afternoon. hallelujah can i get ahallelujah.
5:51 am
>> i hear it. we'll be in the mid-60s. 30s tomorrow morning. and then athursday. tomorrow's highs upper 50s. and then on friday, increasing clouds, we'll have it in the upper 40s in the afternoon with some rain likely on friday night. and now it looks like saturday is the wet day for the weekend with highs near 60 and rain. ending saturday night. sun back on sunday in the mid-50s. and then near 60 again on monday. another chance of rain perhaps on tuesday. chuck bell is live4. where are you now, chuck? >> r we' on 295 north in prince george's county near lanham maryland searching out the foggy spots. wind shield wipers are on enter intermittent for the light rain. not heavy, but just enough to
5:52 am
keep the road wet. so you may want to slow down just a touch. on the whole, not too bad. current temperature here very mild 48 degrees. so all those bill piles of snow help to go coning to contribute to the fog. if you have a foggy spot let me know @chuckbell4. and we'll retweet back out. make sure everybody knows where the fog is at its worst. not pea soup but more of a crab bisque fog. >> now we're all hungry. thanks a lot. largo road at black swan road the road blocked because of some downed wires. so they're on t the scene. gw parkway from turkey run to memorial bridge crews filling pothole.
5:53 am
so rolling road work. canal still shut down between reservoir and foxhall. avoid canal if you possibly wide look at things overall not bad here as you're taking a big look at the beltway. not having any major issues. 66 looking good 95 already slow headed north through dale city. back with a live picture of that problem spot there along 95. it's 5:53. a new study shows that retailers are not doing everything they can to prevent cyber attacks. landon dowdy joins us with more on what is at stake here. >> good morning. a new study by verizon finds 80% of the world's retailers are falling short in ensuring their card payment systems are secure increasing the arriving of sign of cyber attacks. most only upgrade their systems when they approach an am check. facebook wants to help advisers
5:54 am
find out what brands people are talking about. it's giving marketers data showing what topics are being discussed on the social head working site. they can filter topics by location and demographics. helping familiarize them with new customers and figure out which products to stock up on or highlight in ad campaigns. facebook will only pull data from public or private posts that users share with others. back to you. >> landon dowdy thanks. so paying more doesn't always equate with better quality. you can get top performing make skrup makeup ooitsitems the pros use. erika gonzalez here to show us where we can save. >> we've spent a lot of money on our makeup. but there are some inexpensive finds. in shop smart magazine stars weighed if on their top drug store finds. $20 or less. so this new york mascara, $7.50.
5:55 am
it has a collagen formula, got a curved brush. you can do those cat like corners. >> i will buy that today. >> $7.50. very nice. this is awesome. is this an olive oil fix tip. when you are trying to do that cat high and you mess up or the kid comes in and bumps your arm, you mess up your liner, your eye shadow this has a little bit of olive oil on the tip, and you can correct those lines. so instead of trying to take a q tip, wet it and try to fix what you just flubbed, you can do this. very cool. this one, this loreal paris magic, $12.50 this is a primer that fwhifs you the ss ss gives you the is what
5:56 am
they say. if you get oily around the t area you can put that on after the fact to eliminate the shine. i see aaron is taking notes over there listening intently. >> i have a shiny t area. >> cover girl $7 lipstick. this is awesome. comes in 36 different colors. the best way to make any lipstick last exfoliate your lips. it will make the color last even longer. $7. and last but not least, maybeline new york longest lasting eye shadow 24 hours. so cool. comes in multiple different shades. very saturated color wears great with primers. you cannot go wrong with that. >> and you just apply it with your fingertips? >> absolutely. it's really creamy not dry. it will go on and look how saturated the color is. $7. can't go wrong with any of these. the pros use them so you don't
5:57 am
always have to pay. we've been there, you pay $15, $30 maybe for an expensive mascara mascara. these will do the trick and still make you look good. >> erika, thanks so much. we're going shopping. let's do it. i'll try that victoria secret thing. right now we're dealing with a bit of a headache on the roads that could force to you find a new way into the office. you're looking live at canal road here in northwest washington which police obviously have blocked off this morning. richard jordan live at the scene with more on the mess to blame not shutdown.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now a major mess that could make you late for work this morning. the problem that has a busy stretch of canal road blocked off at this hour. even if you do not use canal road you could find it slow going out there on the roads as we deal with scattered showers as well as heravy fog. tom kierein is here with which communities are seeing the thickest fog. >> those are north of the metro area. and we have more rain about to sweep in from the south and west that will be in here around 8:00 this morning. right now in the metro area getting scattered light showers here in this area in green. sprinkles in prince george's county southern montgomery, the
6:00 am
district. much of fairfax county alexandria and arlington. farther south along 95 and west out 66 getting the showers. southern maryland parts of charles county st. mary's, calvert getting a little bit of that light rain. these counties north of the metro area is where the dense fog is still lingering. that includes loudoun county montgomery howard frederick, washington panhandle of west virginia in these counties we have patchy fog. visibilities there have been reduced to about a quarter of a mile. i took this picture about 2:00 this morning. there was thick fog there. so when you encounter it slow down and use low beams. a look change from the morning to the afternoon coming up at 6:11. it's now 6:01. canal road in northwest washington is


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