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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 11, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> we always hold out hope anytime there's a crash. i know we have an incredible search and rescue team. >> reporter: seven of the men were part of a marine special forces group out of camp lejeune, north carolina. the helicopter and the four army crew member wrz part of the louisiana national guard, a military community also now suffering. >> my priorities are search and rescue for our soldiers and the marines and secondly is to take care of our families. >> reporter: this morning, president obama called commanders at both bases to express his condolences to the families, service members and the community. a community now preparing for the worst after news of the tragic dent accident. >> you don't know if it's somebody you know. your heart goes out to them. you just -- this is a big military community. everybody pulls together. >> reporter: pulling together to mourn those lost and support the families they left behind. now, at the time of the crash, military officials tell us that the unit was training on
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insertion and extraction missions. that means bringing teams in by helicopter, lowering them into small boats trying to get them into target areas. that's the latest live in navarro beach, florida. just in from ferguson, missouri. the city's police department announcing the chief has resigned. after that justice department investigation found widespread racial bias in his department, chief thomas jackson submitted his resignation letter this afternoon. he's expected to speak any minute. these are live pictures. jackson says it was a mutual decision between him and the city administration and he told nbc news, quote i'm confident the city will pull through these trying times. the people are committed to ferguson. the chief will receive a severance payment and health insurance for one year. tonight we have not heard much from the d.c. fire department about two firefighters accused of breaking the law. mark segraves broke the story just a short time ago. he's in the newsroom with more. >> jim, one of the firefighters
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a veteran with the d.c. far democrat, ln had been in the news as a hero, the other a rookie on the job in less than a year. in unrelated incidents over the past three days, each charged with assaulting police officers. in the first incident which happened sunday, veteran firefighter chuck ryan was arrested in maryland after a fight broke out in an irish pub. according to charging documents ryan assaulted a police officer and another person at a party. ryan was in the news after he was burned over 30% of his body fighting a house fire. he's charged with two counts of assault, disorderly conduct and failure to obey a police officer. in the second incident, a rookie firefighter, richard kirkpatrick, was arrested after d.c. police saw him run a stop sign and almost hit two pedestrians while a passenger of the car was trying to jump out. after he was in handcuffs police say kirkpatrick headbutted an officer and ran away. he's charged with reckless driving and assaulting a police
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officer. both have been placed on administrative leave by the d.c. fire department. jim and wendy, bau back to you. in spotsylvania county a 4-month-old boy is in critical condition and his parents in jail. they're charged with several count fz child neglect and cruelty. leonard parker iii and janine haishg were arrested yesterday. one week after their infanlt was brought to the hospital, suffering what authorities describe as suspicious life threatening injuries. the two are being held without bond. three fights broke out at a local high school today and it is not the first time that's happen happened. tonight we're hearing f school officials about what they plan to do about this problem. tracee wilkins outside forestville high school right now. tracee? >> reporter: a lot of parents are frustrated and confused about what's going on inside forestville high school. this is the third time we've stood outside of this high school talking about massive fights inside of the school. but what's going on here really
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depends on who you talk to. from this parent's perspective -- >> it's worse than a prison. you know, the kids go to school and they're not learning anything. >> reporter: but this parent says -- >> he's been here for three years, never had no trouble always been an honor roll student. so as far as what i can see and what he's telling me this is a good school. >> reporter: the tale of two schools, forestville military academy, where most of the kids are doing great thing, giving the school the second highest graduation rate in prince george's county. but then there's what other kids are doing. >> he said there's a fight every day. there's not a day go by without a fight. >> reporter: in late january, school officials confirm a number of girls were involved in a group fight inside the school while it was in session. we received this video after airing a story about a teacher being punched and knocked out by a student just a few days after this fight. now this morning there were three additional fights, all separate. police were actually called to the school. >> it's gotten to the fointpoint
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where kids look forward to fighting, especially when they get on youtube or what have you. it's almost like you bngecome well-known. >> reporter: after one of today's incidents, a grandmother, mother and brother of a student came to the school and had to be escorted out by police for disorderly behavior. while school officials say they have faith in the principal and staff at forestville, some parents are concerned. >> apparently the kids have no respect for the teachers and the teachers have no respect for the children. >> it's a bad situation. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: the principal released this statement saying, our expectation is that students conduct themselves in a well-behaved manner on and off school property. this type of incident is not a trend at pgcps and we encourage all parents, students and the community to talk to students about resolving issues and reiterate that violence is never the answer. now, no one was seriously injured in any of these incidents. all of the students involved
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were disciplined. back to you in the studio. >> tlais next congress can decide on their own whether to continue this fight. >> i want to welcome our distinguished witnesses today. >> reporter: trying to sell senators on the need for military force the obama administration's chiefs of defense and diplomacy promised a limited u.s. role in the fight against isis in iraq and syria. >> we can harden the region against it militarily, but the ideology has to be defeated by those in the region. >> we're not going to do it by ourselves. we'll enable others to do it. that's the principle insurance of it not turning into iraq or afghanistan. >> reporter: but skepticism cuts across party lines.
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>> basically a vote on war and peace and life and death. >> reporter: some worry the administration's request is too broad. >> i can't vote for something that's going to enable war in libya and nigeria and yemen and all these places with 100,000 treeps. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry fired back at a few of the 47 senate republicans who wrote iran in an attempt to scuttle a nuclear deal. >> the way we've proceeded with our negotiations in iran have impacted our trust level with these critical allies in this coalition. >> senator, that actually is flat wrong. >> reporter: kerry called the letter irresponsible. >> and a whole bunch of people are trying to give this a grade before the test has even been taken. >> reporter: many of the same republicans, though, find themselves on the president's side when it comes to authorizing the fight against isis. and right now it looks like that authorization may rise or fall on the votes of democrats. live convict tap tolcapitol hill, brian mooar.
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iraqi soldiers fighting against isis may have made a breakthrough. troops and shiite militias broke through the isis stronghold on the north side of the city of tikrit, 80 miles north of baghdad, one of the largest cities under ice ilssis control. lester holt will have more on "nbc nightly news". a man in canada has been arrested regarding a terror plot. the man is a pakistani national and a permanent resident of canada. ctv news in canada says the man was taken into custody by the canadian border services agency. they say he displayed a violent and extremist mind-set. several new developments tonight in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. the associated press is now suing the state department to obtain public records including the e-mails after what it calls repeated requests under the freedom of information act. in the meantime, the house
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committee that's investigating the 2012 attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, wants a third party review of secretary clinton's private e-mail server. and the state department itself says many of its employees are not preserving e-mails for public record as is required by law. an internal review found that in 2011 state department employees wrote more than a billion e-mails, but they marked fewer than 62000 to be held for the public record. two d.c. area men are suing representative paul ryan and his chief of staff for $100,000. news4 i-team have documents that show the men are accusing ryan's chief of staff of unsafe driving and of rear-ending them last february. they're suing for injuries, including a concussion. ryan was not in the car, but it was his car. his chief of staff was driving.
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the justice department is defending the congressman and asking for the case to be dismissed. coming up at 6:00, a good samaritan gone bad. the search for two men who robbed a woman after they came to her aid when she was in a car crash. the i-team looks at what happens to the powerful in prison. one former congressman's advice to virginia's bob mcdonnell. if mcdonnell ends up in jail. i'm tracking rain that made its way across our region overnight, down to the south now but there's more rain that will affect your weekend. if you have weekend plan why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us.
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. >> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6. a man from laurel, maryland has been charged with reckless driving in the crash that ended up with a tanker truck turned over on its side. that accident closed i-95 for many hours yesterday. state police say 23-year-old christopher rhodes abruptly changed lanes and then hit another car on 95 south near route 198. the driver of the tanker truck tried to avoid the collision but ended up flipped over. in all, four vehicles were involved. one driver was taken to the hospital. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell isn't the first politician to face prison time for trading government favors r pricey
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gifts. another political figure received nearly the same sentence for the same type of crime. the news4 i-team's scott macfarlane sat down with the former congressman who revealed some of the secrets of life when the powerful go to prison. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: two guys named bob, powerful, popular, political, rising stars. until it all came tumbling down in court for both. virginia's former governor bob mcdonnell in january sentenced to two years in federal prison for trading government action for gifts. ohio congressman bob ney in 2007 sentenced to two years in federal prison for trading government action for gifts. bob mcdonnell is appealing and perhaps no man better knows what he could be facing than bob ney. you said the governor of virginia would benefit coming to terms that the fact he's going to prison. why so? >> he can stave it off. when you get found guilty, you
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can plead all day long, i didn't do anything wrong, well, there must be something there. and that he'll have to come to terms with. >> reporter: the congressman represented this mountainous area of southeast ohio near the ohio river. he was famous locally in the steel mills and industrial plants here. he wasn't as widely known throughout the region like a governor would be. but he says when you walk into prison an elected official, you immediately become the most famous man in that prison no matter where. the news4 i-team found ney in steubenville to talk about being an imprisoned politician. >> you want to stay low profile. you don't want high profile visitors. >> reporter: ney said he was hast elled by inmates because of his noteorietynotoriety. >> i was incarcerated in morgantown. >> reporter: it's not decided where mcdonnell would go. >> these are not the sandy beaches of pensacola florida. >> reporter: but these images inside other local federal
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prisons might offer our first glimpse. the bunks at the federal correctional institute near cumberland maryland the sink and stools at lee pen tensionry. >> you can keep a wedding ring if you want. >> reporter: on the inside ney says you must give up your personal possessions. he took a job as a tutor teaching other inmates. he said it might help mcdonnell to take a low profile job to avoid any signs of favoritism. >> don't take a job in the warden's office whatever you do. we're always offered jobs there because we're sort of at the trustee level type of people that would actually try to dig a tunnel or something of that nature. don't take that job because you are automatically with the management and you don't want to do that. >> reporter: he says his notoriety eventually faded outside his humble surroundings and that it's hard for somebody who's been in the spotlight for so long. because when he was eventually released, no one showed up to take his picture or ask for an interview. he says this ohio community and
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his family have accepted him back, even though his prosecution and imprisonment were torture for his relatives. >> and i felt guilty because we inflict that on them. >> reporter: and he admits prison life can be especially tough for a politician. >> he won't want to spend whatever time he spends in prison, every day, saying, i'm innocent and i'm going to fight it. >> reporter: if the person continues thinking or talking about his case once the doors close. >> all of a sudden you have a number and they don't care what your name is. >> reporter: federal inmates can buy small comfort items and the i-team found the shopping list inside the federal lockups in virginia. 80 cents for a 26 bar 22 bucks for earbuds. you can read the full shopping list on click on investigations. i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk. new embarrassing allegations against secret service agents tonight. "the washington post" is reporting two senior agents drove a government car into
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white house security barricades after drinking at a party last week. one of the agents is a top member of the president's protective detail. officials tell the "post" that officers on duty that night wanted to arrest the agents and conduct sobriety tests but a supervisor ordered that the agents be let go. a secret service spokesman confirmed the investigation into the allegations but didn't provide any further details. at the live desk pat lawson muse. we had a lovely warm day today. it didn't rain! >> we saw a little bit of rain in areas to the south. but wow just look at that. that is a live shot right there. sunt is shining downtown. temperatures have gone up. up so much, as a matter of fact, today is the third warmest day we have seen in 2015. i would say it only goes up from here. well, not really. but it won't be bad. look at that, a beautiful shot down towards the airport, down towards graveling point, looking pretty good temperatures 66 degrees, plenty of sunshine winds out of the northwest at 7
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miles per hour. we've seen it 67 degrees and 68 and now a 66. 57 in gaithersburg, 60 in fredericksburg and 63 in winchester. it is nice everywhere. it's going to be a very nice evening, but there is still rain to the south. fredericksburg saw it last hour now so the southern portions of st. mary's county, that's all the rain we have in our region. you can see the cloud cover. we talked about this clearing yesterday. that cloud cover also sinking to the south. boundary that's sinking there too. what we're going to see tomorrow is a little bit more in the way of some clearing skies. you can see the clearing skies up towards ohio but also look to the south. another storm coming up from the gulf, that one will once again ride up the same boundary and eventually give us more rain for the weekend. but not tomorrow. your exercise impact tomorrow looking good, 40 degrees by 7:00 a.m., right up into the 50s by 11:00 and 1:00. a good day to get out and do a little lunchtime jog if you need
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to. future weather, 6:00 a.m. nothing to show tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon nothing but sunshine. again, a nice day, temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than today but still pretty nice. the rain will move in on friday. not friday morning. friday morning's rush hour should be a-okay. but around 4:00, here comes the rain off to the west. then everybody sees that rain on friday night. it if you have plans, also plan to take you need it friday night and most likely all day saturday. tomorrow high temperatures into the 50s, 53 gaithersburg, 60 toward fredericksburg and 56 toward la plata. no impact on the weather for your day, that changes friday into saturday as we see the rain coming in late friday, high of 52. 61 on saturday. temperature goes up as the storm moves in but the rain will be coming down most of the day. i think the heaviest rain most likely around 1:00 to 3:00.
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still, even in the afternoon some shower activity, too. sunday, dry, high of 54 little breezy. then next week monday, tuesday and wednesday not bad, slight chance of rain on tuesday but that is not a big storm. guys? >> thanks, doug. coming up, we'll tell you about the celebrity who's planning to take a $50 million trip. we'll also tell you what she plans to do when she reaches her destination. she had that big rollout of the apple watch this week. big problems one day later for the itunes store. what we're learning about today's outage. and evidence revealed in a boston courtroom today about the killing of an m.i.t. campus police officer.
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of. >> police call it it happened today at rapper lil wayne's house. someone called police and said shots were fired. police say reports of as many as four people wounded. it all turned out to be a hoax. to read more about this trend called s.w.a.t.'ing and a local media personality who was the victim of it, search s.w.a.t.'ing on the murder of a police officer in the hours after the boston marathon bombings was part of court testimony today. prosecutors say officer sean collier was killed by dzhokhar and tamerlan tsarnaev because they were trying to steal his gun. the murder happened shortly
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after the fbi released images of the brothers as suspects in those bombings. tamerlan died later in a shootout with the police. dzhokhar is on trial for the bombings. his lawyer says tamerlan pulled the trigger and killed the officer. a local high school student won't have to worry about paying for college, and he definitely earned it. michael weiner is a student at montgomery blair high school. he won the first place medal of distinction for innovation today at the intel science talent search. he did it for a study that he did of sound particles called phone knows that he hopes could one day lead to the creation of a superconductor. for now, he is just thinking about the money. >> i won $150,000. i won fame and fortune. and i guess i won some pride. i'm still working out the math. i don't think i'll be able to fill a swimming pool with dollar bills. i might just have to spend it on
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something silly like education. >> last year michael won the silver medal at the 2014 international physics olympiad. >> announcer: spending sprees and a second suspect. the new clues police are using. a mother from prince george's county who lost her daughter to suicide is in annapolis fighting for a law that would make school counselors more aware of the signs of teen depression. >> announcer: plus a popular route for commuters still shut down as a giant hole swallows the street. the impact the trouble could have on the rails and the roads tomorrow, next.
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of. >> a mother's fight. >> instead of fighting the pain i decided to do something to make her live. >> she wants changes in schools all over the state of maryland. two men accused of using stolen credit cards, but it's how police say one of the suspects got the card that's most disturbing. there are plans to widen one of the busiest commuter routes in our area. but some people are fighting it. we'll tell you about that and the impact it could have on tolls in and outside the beltway. welcome back. we have a lot coming up at 6 oox 30 :30. >> police say one man seemingly went from helping a woman after a crash to stealing her purse and using her credit cards.
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northern virginia reporter david culver broke the story at 5:00 and joins us now with word on a second suspect. >> reporter: at 5:00, we shared with you the sur vaimsveillance images of a man who police say walked up to a crash on this road this past saturday. now, instead of helping the victim, according to police, he only helped himself by grabbing a purse that belonge car. now tonight police tell me he may not be the only one involved. she was headed to the hospital in an ambulance, having just survivored a serious crash on. frustrated, she couldn't find her purse, had her wallet her i.d. >> on scene, units tried to locate the purse. she told us it was in the vehicle. we weren't able to find it. >> reporter: police say this man knew exactly where it was. these surveillance photos taken of him during a shopping spree
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when the accident victim was paying for. >> it is really concerning that someone would go in there when others are trying to assist her and take something from her. >> reporter: that wreck about right here involving three cars, one of the victims a woman from woodbridge in her 30s in and out of consciousness. now, a witness on scene saw something suspicious a man walked up to the crushed car and walked away with a black bag. inside that bag, according to police, the victim's wallet. >> we were later contacted by the victim that her credit cards were used at multiple locations within woodbridge. >> reporter: but he wasn't the only one police say used the victim's credit card. hours after the crash, police tracked another of her cards to this guy using her credit card at several stores, including right here at potomac mills mall. who are the men and how are they connected? police want to know that too. i did speak to the victim by phone tonight. she didn't want to put her name out there but she tells me
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she's doing okay. meantime, we posted on our nbc washington facebook page those surveillance images of those two suspects. go ahead and share those with your friends. maybe you can help police catch these guys. live in virginia, david culver, news4. the former virginia police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman in a church parking lot is taking his case to the nation's highest court. the state supreme court decided not to hear the appeal of daniel harmon wright. the former culpeper, virginia, officer was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in january of 2013 for the death of patricia cook. but he insists he shot cook in self-defense. he say cook drove away while his arm was caught in her jeep. a man is facing charges for having guns on a campus of a school in prince william county. john lennox is his name. they found him with two guns on a woodbridge high school campus. lennox works security for the school. he also lives on the school
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grounds. police got a tip that he was carrying guns with him while making security checks at the school. at woodbridge high school. he was arrested friday. by law only police officers can carry guns on school grounds in virginia. the man who is suspected in a series of random shootings in maryland is now linked to nine. police say among the targets maryland live casino. hong young was already accused of shooting at a number of facilities including an nsa building. investigators say he also fired at two drivers. no one was injured. court documents show young told officers he heard voices telling him to shoot and he is being held without bond. coming up a man from prince george's county will spend four years in prison for stabbing a transgender teenager on a metro train. reginald clieber is his name. he was sentenced today in connection with the attack on the green line last summer. prosecutors say they will not tolerate hate-filled violence in the district.
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before the stabbing clieber asked the 15-year-old if she was a boy or a girl. her friends say they sprayed mace on clieber. the teenager did recover from her injuries. as part of our year-long campaign to change mind when it comes to mental health, we're taking a look at the issue of suicide and a local mother who lost her teenage daughter. she's now pushing for change. news4's kristin wright tells us about lorinne's law and what lies ahead for it in maryland's legislature. >> reporter: lorinne santiago took her own life. she was only 15. her mother found her. two years have passed. linda diaz's grief has turned into a fight for lorinne's law. >> how many more children do we have to have who die of suicide before we start to do something? >> reporter: delegate jocelyn pena melnick is sponsoring house bill 947 calling for more mental
6:35 pm
health training for school counselors. lorinne's law would require counselors to complete a training class in mental health and substance abuse as part of their certificate renewal process every five years. >> it's good to stay on top of things and see what's new what's fresh. what kind of programs are out there that i'll be able to refer this child to if they're suffering from depression? >> reporter: diaz will testify at a house committee hearing tomorrow. >> it's a guidance counselor. it just refreshes their memory and goes through courses on mental health, they will know the signs. i won't have to call them and beg them and basically give them the signs. these are signs that they wouldheir own. >> reporter: delegate pena melnick says it will be tough to get lorinne's law passed. she says the state department of education wrote a letter of opposition. linda diaz will testify at a house committee meeting tomorrow and share her story. in annapolis, kristin wright, news4. you know, we have a lot of
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information about suicide and mental health in general on our home page. you can find resources near you. just search "changing minds" on coming up parents of a virginia tech student talking tonight about the loss of their son who went overboard on a cruise. >> reporter: how do you get traffic moving again on i-66? you might have to take some homes and businesses. i'm adam tuss. the story coming up. you could also do flying cars. we've been waiting for those for a long time. right now we've got some rain. well, not yet. whether
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the search has been called off for a student at virginia tech who went overboard while on a spring break cruise. pat lawson muse has more in the newsroom. >> vance cameron smook was a
6:39 pm
senior and was set to graduate, a mining engineering major, and his parents say he was on the seven-day cruise with friends from school. they say he had already accepted a job and was looking forward to a bright future. carnival cruise lines says surveillance footage shows smook climbing a railing on a six-deck balcony before falling overboard. the coast guard sent a boat plane and helicopter to search 6400 square miles before calling off the search. people who knew him told our affiliate smook was the type of guy who would give you the shirt off his back. jim? >> thanks pat. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is planning a trip to cuba this spring promoting virginia products. the trip to cuba is one of five trade trips mcauliffe has planned for the year. he probably won't be the first u.s. governor there since the restrictions were lifted. new york's governor andrew cuomo
6:40 pm
is planning to go to cuba in april. apple's widely used itunes and app stores are back up and running. there was a rare outage today disrupted service for more than five hours, frustrating millions of mobile device users. service was restored late this afternoon with apple apologizing for the inconvenience, blamed it on an internal error that bogged down its computer servers. and there is troubling tonight for directv. the government is accusing the nation's largest satellite tv provider of misleading consumers about the cost of its services. the federal trade commission says directv's ads promise a discounted 12-month programming package but don't clearly disclose that this deal requires a two-year contract. directv tells our news4 consumer watch, quote, the ftc's decision is flat-out wrong and we will vigorously defend ourselves. tonight a concert literally
6:41 pm
out of this world. we'll tell you who's training right now to sing from space. and the sinkhole that's causing problems for both triefrs and metro riders in maryland. how lo of.
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6:43 pm
. >>. >> how would you like to navigate this sinkhole? we're told it could be months before it's repaired. it apparently stems from a 12-foot pipe collapsing beneath in road because of the heavy rains. doug. now the ramp from garden city drive to eastbound route 50 is
6:44 pm
going to be closed. and if you use the new carrollton station, you know that is a busy station for you metro riders. the virginia department of transportation is going to announce plans tomorrow to jump-start the project to add toll lanes on i-66 near the beltway. and possibly make that road wider. it is supposed to ease traffic, but our transportation reporter adam tuss found out not everybody is on board with that plan. >> reporter: i-66 at rush hour. ah yeah it looks like that. now vdot has a plan to put toll lanes on the roefd andad and potentially widen 66. that could mean homes and businesses will be lost. it's the story that impacts you every day. too much traffic. sure, there are plans to ease congestion, but homes and businesses are going to have to go. here in northern virginia i-66 could be getting wider. >> governor mcauliffe stop this project. >> reporter: this man so concerned about 66 outside the beltway growing and new toll
6:45 pm
lanes coming in. the numbers on this graphic represent some of the dozens of homes that could be impacted as many as 35. benny feels like he's being punished for living closer in so that people farther out can have an easier commute. >> we made a conscious choice to live closer to tysons corner, d.c. reston, wherever you may have to go with your jobs. we may have a smaller house, but we chose not to live in the traffic. >> reporter: but vdot's quick to caution this plan is still in its early stages. >> we want to reiterate that we will be refining our design and continuing to work with the citizens as well as the elected official to lessen the impacts. >> reporter: the earliest any land could be taken, 2016. tomorrow vdot is expected to announce plans that 66 inside the beltway will get new toll lanes although the road is not expected to be widened in that section. in vienna, adam tuss, news4.
6:46 pm
you can help first responders in virginia if you drive on the express lanes if you are properly credentialed. a fund-raiser called drive to donate will be held saturday march 21st. all the toll money will go towards fire and rescue units. the money will be divided among fairfax, prince william and stafford county ems units. the operator of the express lanes there say they want to give back to those who help keep us safe. ♪ ah sarah brightman, known for singing and falling in love in the "phantom of the opera." now her new challenge will take her out of this world. she'll be the first professional singer in space. she plans to give a live concert from the international space station. brightman will travel as a three-person team with a russian
6:47 pm
cap sooulsule in september. she's working 16-hour days right now to get prepared and is getting technical, physical and psychological training for this event. she says this is the biggest risk she's ever taken. >> far tougher than i ever thought it would be. with anything that has its hazardous area, you have to keep that thought in mind. so i do try if i can to spend as much time with my loved ones, my family, my dogs. >> brightman is working with her ex-husband who is composer andrew lloyd weber in finding just the right song to sing. if i go into space, i'm going to sing a whole mess of songs. she plans to be accompanied by an orchestra back on earth. still following breaking news in ferguson missouri. live pictures of a news conference announcing the resignation of the city's police chief after a justice department investigation. obviously that news conference has not yet begun. we expect to hear from the city
6:48 pm
and police department in a matter of minutes. we invite you to watch it live on and the nbc washington app. let's get a look at our forecast because we have more rain coming in? >> yeah. but in between there a couple of nice days. beautiful today. we saw the rain last night, overnight, and then most of us today stayed on the dry side. the rain now moving well down to the south. look at this. this is our national harbor camera. take a look a tower cam a little time lapse showing the clouds moving through, peeks of sunshine. and then it all just opens up. boy, do we have beautiful conditions outside right now. look at this shot towards the boston area toward arlington as we look right up wilson drive as we move into part fzs of virginia. 66 60 next hour, 57 by 9:00, 54 by 11:00. a very mild night the third warmest day we've seen this year. 63 in leesburg 60 in warrenton.
6:49 pm
much cooler along the chesapeake, only 52 degrees in annapolis. you can see where the rain is, still well down toward the south. parts of southern st. mary's county have seen the rain. it was a fairy rainy day for some, but that rain is continuing to move to the south. i think it will continue to move tonight. mild weather tomorrow, we'll see plenty of sunshine during the day, another great day, though temperatures will be be about ten degrees cooler tomorrow. the rain moves in on friday, not friday morning. friday morning is clear. but here comes friday afternoon at 4:00. the rain moves in and by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, you'll need umbrella umbrellas. you'll also need them on saturday. but not tomorrow. mostly sunny and nice temperatures 52 to about 60 degrees, 60 coming in around fredericksburg, a high of 52 on friday, back to 61 with a good chance of rain on saturday. then we get into a period that i like to just put my feet up on my desk because not much going
6:50 pm
on. high temperatures only in the 50s. >> we like that. >> nice. >> we want you to relax, doug. we've got sports coming up. you know pot roast? not the dish, the dude. >> who? >> we're going to introduce you to him coming up in a minute. first here's lester holt with what's ahead on "nbc nightly news". >> tonight we'll have the latest in that horrible military chopper crash off the coast of florida and the storied history of one of the units involved. we have seen them in action before. also it was the racist chant that brought down a fraternity chapter. but more it have we learn? and how a booster shot that many of us have may be an important tool in fighting brain
6:51 pm
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. somebody stomped all over somebody. >> good game for the nationals. 3 1/2 weeks of spring training left. we're going to talk october baseball when it comes to the nationals. some people were calling today's matchup between the nationals and tigers a possible world series preview. >> what? >> one thing is for certain, vance. the nationals, if they plan to play baseball in october injuries will be key. already two-thirds of the team
6:54 pm
starting outfield is out with injuries. denard span and jayson werth. he did throw today for the first time since having shoulder surgery back in january. jordan zimmermann he can throw it just fine. raja davis goes down swinging. here zim went 2 2/3 innings. or other zimmerman, ryan coming through with men on the corners. he drives in a run and bryce harper rounding second here. the hat's off,s hair in mid-season form. zimmerman 2 for 3 at the plate. two rbis, the nats big winners over the tigers, nationals, they will take on the mets tomorrow in pt st. lucie, florida. moving on to the nfl, the redskins are taking a subtle approach to free agency this year. yesterday the team did sign defensive tackle stephen pie ya four years $21 million.
6:55 pm
pie ya is known for being an excellent pass rusher. but with the skins, they will get much more when the 26-year-old takes the field. >> i'm excited. my family is excited. you know, one thing i want to say to the washington redskins, you give me $21 million contract, i'll give you a $21 million effort every day. this is just how i am. i owe every penny to this organization and i'm excited and fired up. >> redskins continuing to look to add more guys to the defensive side of the ball. multiple reports have defensive tackle terrence knighton visiting today his nickname pot roast. 6'3", 331 pounds. he's entering his seventh season in the league, started all 32 games the last two seasons in denver after playing his first four years with the jacksonville jaguars. let's head over to the ice now. huge matchup tonight for the capitals at home hosting the rangers the first of three meetings in the next month between these two.
6:56 pm
they've met the last three times, the cap tams have made the post season, making this matchup an interesting rivalry. >> a rivalry every night it seems like. this is our rival thshgs is our rival. everyone is our rival. i think the post season adds to it. seems like we play them a lot in the post season no matter what the seeds match up, it seems like we play the rangers. >> a game we've seen coming on the schedule for a while. the rangers play us really tough and a real complete timeeam game. we're expecting a heavy, physical game and possibly a playoff matchup. meanwhile very big night for american university. the men's basketball team taking on lafave wret atyette with a trip to the ncaa tournament on the line. the defending conference champions, this conference tournament run has been surprising frnlt au lost five of their seven heading into the tournament. they've had injuries only played with six players.
6:57 pm
no one expected american to be at this point not even their head coach. >> no to be honest. i didn't think we'd be able to do this. it's a testament i think to peewee and shifl, the two i talk about all the time, their leadership and toughness. i think we're here because of those two and the team sort of following their lead. >> being seniors and me and peewee playing a lot of basketball in our careers, we understand how important each game is at this point. we knew coming into the tournament we were confident that we could play with anybody. so we've got one more game to prove that. over to los angeles, manny pacquiao and floyd mayweather getting together for their formal press conference for their may 2nd fight in las vegas. you've waited five years for the announcement, 52 more days to wait to see actual punches thrown. by the way ticket prices $1500 to $7500 to get you into the arena. >> wow. >> i'll be be off that night. "nightly news" is
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on this wednesday night, breaking news. reports tonight of another black eye for the secret service. allegations of a car crash at the white house with an agent at the wheel. chopper down. a training mission off the florida coast goes horribly wrong with 11 service members aboard. tonight, the military is presuming the worst. resignation. the embattled police chief in ferguson, missouri becomes the latest official to step down after that scathing report on racial bias. and beating cancer. new hope battling one of the most feared forms with a boost shot many of us have already had. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news."


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