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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the solemn salute to a local police officer. how the community is coming together this afternoon. first at 4, search teams have recovered some wreckage and pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together after a military tragedy. scott mcfarlane is tracking dets from the live desk. the black hawk helicopter carrying four soldiers and seven marines has been found off the coast of florida in what is now strictly a recovery effort. divers located the helicopter about 25 feet down in the santa rosa sound near the gulf of mexico. it crashed hard and split into several large pieces but crews haven't been able to thoroughly search the chopper because of dense fog at the crash site. the bodies of two army national guardsmen have been recovered. the military isn't identifying the men yet, but family members have identified two of the members. one was from michigan to be married in october, the other's daughter about to celebrate her
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first birthday. divers will be looking for a flight data recorder that might hold clues as to why the chopper went down. to breaking news at rockville where a truck overturned. chopper 4 just shot the this video over norbeck road. looks like a recycling truck turned over after trying to make a left-hand turn. expect delays there for some time. a local community is saying good-bye to an officer who died trying to protect other. we brought you coverage of brennan raben's funeral. tracee wilkins is live in temple hills with the latest. >> reporter: a huge turnout is almost an understatement. there were so many officers here from all over this rediop. they all came out here to honor one of their own. today there were a lot of poetic words shared from folk who is
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spoke on the officer's behalf. he was only on the prince george's county police squad for two years, but today we learned that this was his dream job, a dream come true for him. he tried five times to make it onto squad. he was assigned to district five in clinton. his squad members were the pall bearers today. the church was filled with be with friends and family. police officers from around the region. during today's funeral honoring his services to the county there were times when tears were shed and also moments of laughter with one of the sweetest moments coming from his dad as he reflected on just how much the force meant to his son. >> brennan was so concerned about the other officers on his squad -- i shouldn't say this but he took his radio in the bathroom with him.
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just in case. >> it should remind us that the men and women of this police force take their job very seriously. >> reporter: this was a very light moment and needed moment brought hi bihis dad sharing those words with the people in the church because of course were distraukt and crying. he is leaving a young daughter behind. on news 4 at 5:00 what words were shared to try and give some strength to these folks who needed it the most today. back to you in the studio. >> two ferguson missouri police officers are out of the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds. a short time ago attorney general eric holder condemned the shootings and described the attack as quote, heinous and cowardly. the officers were hit last night during a demonstration outside of police headquarters. you can hear the gunfire on this cell phone video.
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you can also hear what is believed to be one of the officers crying out in pain. this happened just hours after the police chief resigned. two people are being questioned. >> what happened last night was a pure ambush. this was not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson. this was a damn punk who was trying to sow discord in an area that is trying to get its act together and trying to bring together a community that has been fractured for too long. >> president obama took to twitter today and denounced violence against police. a live report from ferguson in the next half our including on the latest search for suspects. here at home police are investigating how a high school
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student died in alexandria. officers responded to a call on park city drive. they found a 17-year-old boy dead near the rear of a building. alexandria confirms he was a sophomore at t.c. williams high school. the principal sent a letter home to parents saying they'll have counselors provided for students and staff in the next few days. no word on how he died but police do not expect foul play. he lost his bid for governor but today maryland's former lieutenant governor officially announced he will run for congress in 2016. anthony brown posted the announcement on his website and says he's running for donna edwards' house seat. representative edwards is running for the senate. broup's announcement comes one day after glen ivey announced his own candidacy. plans for a new metro station are getting a closer look. board members took a look at proposals for bringing a stop to potomac yard. public hearings could start as soon as next month. it would be paid for by developers and those who live
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close toast the proposed station site. news4's derrick ward was at today's board meeting. at 5:00 he shows us the four different proposals for metro to consider. an overnight murder has police looking for answers in prince george's county. around 11:00 last night, officers responded to a shooting and found a man at a gas station a few blocks away. he did have some sort of trauma to the body but no evidence he'd been shot. detectives are trying to find the suspect and a motive. new at 4, more back and forth as a maryland man tried twice for killing a teen has once again had the charges against him dismissed. last month michael johnson was indicted for the murder of north carolina teen felicia barnes. today a judge dismissed that indictment. barnes disappeared in december of 2010 while visiting her sister in baltimore. her body was found months later in northern maryland. a jury convicted johnson of
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second-degree murder but he was given another trial. that one ended in a mistrial. well there is a major change in the works for drivers who use i-66 inside the beltway. vdot is planning to convert all lanes to high occupancy toll lanes during the rush hours. that move is going to dramatically change the commutes of thousands of drivers. >> to relieve congestion and improve travelability, we're looking for approaches i-66 inside the beltway for peak periods only. >> if you carry at least two passengers the ride will be free all the time. tolling on i-66 is expected to begin in 2017. an agency in turmoil. first at 4, now the president is weighing in on a new secret service controversy and the new information that we just learned that makes the whole incident a lot more interesting. right place, right time.
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one police officer risked his own life just as a car bursts into flames.
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officers are calling one of their colleagues a hero for pulling a man out of this burning car in mclean. the smoke and flames shot several fit into the air. that's when a mclean officer took action. he grabbed the driver and grabbed him to safety. a few minutes later the car was barely recognizable. he'll tell david culvert what was going through his mind at 5. one of the measures an agency is discussing is a policy change that would allow them to continue managing the daycare center. we told you about the it's a family affair daycare near the morgan boulevard station. and the land is owned by metro. if approved this new policy
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would prevent any interruption to child care service. new this afternoon, the head of security for the baltimore ravens has entered a not guilty plea for allegedly groping a stadium worker after a game. prosecutors say back in december derek sanders grabbed a woman's breasts and kissed her while she was escorting him to the car at the stadium. his lawyer helped handle ray rice's domestic violence case. you've seen them out there, potholes opening up on streets all over our area. some folks are will get their repaired before others. a huge concert coming to the national mall and some big names and big crowds.
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right now, ex-felons in maryland are a step closer to having their voting rights restored. after an hour of debate today, the general assembly decided to move ahead with a bill that would restore an ex-felon's voting rights while on parole or probation. current laws prevent convicted felons from registering to vote while serving out their sentences. the law would allow them to register as soon as they leave prison. new developments in the secret service scandal and they are stunning. "the washington post" reports two agents suspected of striking a white house security barricade during a suspicious package investigation may actually have driven over the package itself.
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>> while the revelation is only adding to the fury in congress where lawmakers have questioned whether the agency needs outside leadership. >> that's right. news4's brian mooar is live on capitol hill with the latest. what are you hearing? >> reporter: chris, this is clearly another black eye for an agency already reeling from a series of embarrassments. reports that two senior agents slammed a government car into a white house barricade after a night of drinking and partying has washington asking a familiar question -- what's going on in the secret service? >> does it really need to be said that you can't show up drunk at work especially when you're in the secret service? >> reporter: agent mark connolly second in command of president obama's prtive detail and george ogilvie, senior supervisor at the agency's washington field office have been reassigned pending an investigation by the homeland security department's inspector general. they were reportedly allowed to leave scene without taking sobriety tests.
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>> we've made major changes to the secret service with regard to leadership but obviously there's stale lot of work to be done. >> reporter: new secret service director joe clancy has been on the job less than a month, an agency insider appointed by president obama even though a committee suggested an outsider. the agency's once-stellar reputation has been brought down by a series of high-profile incidents from agents cavorting with prostitutes in colombia to fence jumpers, one of whom got inside the white house itself. and now a new embarrassment for a secret service that can't seem to get out of the spotlight. the white house says this afternoon that president obama has confidence director clancy will do what is needed to clean up the secret service. live on capitol hill brian mooar, news4. right now there is a pothole repair blitz going on in prince george's county. crews are taking advantage of the nice weather to tackle as many potholes as possible.
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the department of public works and transportation and the maryland state highway administration are partnering to make it happen. >> when you have rain in the forecast that will be impacting your plans as early as tomorrow evening. for this evening it will be dry and of course temperatures have been on the mild side today, 50 to 54 degrees if you're going to be dining out. yes, we'll keep that clear sky around with the nice warmth and feeling weather. our temperatures today topped out in the mid-50s up north and west. frederick. many airy, hagerstown, but camp springs a little cooler. 59 degrees right in d.c. right now and in the low to mid-60s so that southwest pocket of virginia right now. we'll move from 59 to 44 a big drop in temperatures under a clear sky with more of a lighter wind coming our way. then it gets chilly late tonight, and as i mentioned earlier, this is going to be a cold start for us tomorrow
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under a clear sky. temperatures will be starting out in the low to mid-30s. it's been a number of days since we've had that. high clouds to the west but here's what i want to focus on is this big area of rain once again coming out of the gulf of mexico, up through little rock and around louisiana. this the beginnings of the system that wie bringing us rain as early as friday evening. let me show you future weather. friday morning we start with sunshine across the area. watch the clouds. that's the white puffs here coming into the area at 2:00 some high clouds filtered sunshine. by the time we get 06:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky, then your rain starts around 7:00 8:00. leesburg manassas rappahannock fredericksburg. that rain when it comes in it's going to be sticking around far while. so planls for friday night looking for soggy. plans for saturday morning looking very soggy. and it really is the weekend that's going to be impacted the first part the biggest.
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we'll look at how much rain we'll get out of the system later. but 28 to 35 with sunshine tomorrow clear and again, colder start. in fact i think you'll want to layer up or go with a nice warm jacket or a light coat for tomorrow morning. by afternoon, low to mid-50s throughout the area again. again, sunshine a good part of the day with increasing clouds. these areas around petersburg winchester, luray will be picking up more and more cloud cover throughout the afternoon and evening. saturday a chilly start for us at 7:00 a.m. stay umbrella ready throughout the day. we'll have a lot of warm air that's going to come into this system right now ahead of it. we'll talk more detail with the temperatures and just how soggy it could be. but here's a quick snapshot of your four-day forecast. 56 sunday 58 degrees monday. just a couple days left until spring but don't think the spring-like temperatures will be sticking around for good. more on that coming up. >> oh no. say it ain't so. >> thanks veronica. the lineup is coming
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together for a huge free concert next month on the national mall. >> that's right. the global citizen earth day concert and rally is bringing some major acts to d.c. >> we're talking the likes of no doubt, usher, fallout boy, mary j. blige, train and more. >> this event marks the 45th anniversary of earth day and it's happening saturday april 18th from 11:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night on the grounds of the washington monument. as the concert gets closer, you can get continuous updates on our nbc washington app. >> going to be big. making streets safer. fist at 4, the work under way right here in washington to make sure you're not in harm's way when using streets and sidewalks. and a heads up right in the middle of tax season there's a new scam going around. we'll tell you what to watch out
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an arrest of a 16-year-old girl in connection with a brawl. cell phone video shows several girls beating the girl in the blue sweatshirt at a mcdonald's in brooklyn monday afternoon. police allege the teen was the ring leader in the attack.
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specific charges against her weren't immediately clear. police say bystanders did nothing to help the r to try to break up the fight. >> that's just disturbing. a new report from the centers for disease control looked at the survival rates from invasive cancers. that's when cancer spreads to the surrounding normal tissue. the report finds 2 out of 3 people with invasive cancer survive at least five years after their diagnosis. but there are some disparities. the five-year survival rates after a cancer diagnosis was lower for african-american patients than for white patients. a lot of very unhappy parents are gearing up far court battle with facebook. the social network is facing a class action lawsuit because it won't refund parents when their kids spend money on the site without permission. apple, google and amazon have all faced the same issue and those cases have been costly for the tech companies. facebook's trial starts in october and any refunds would be doled out on a case-by-case basis. you may be one of hundreds of thousands of people who took
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a call from a fake irs agent. of people who did, about 3,000 got swindled out of millions of dollars. a senate committee is investigating the scam. officials say it's been one of the most effective scams out there. criminals call people of all ages and economic levels even a senator from georgia got a call. >> the caller using a fake name gives the victim a fake badge number and says they owe tax and are criminally liable. they may even know the last four digits of the social security number. >> awareness is key to ending this scam. the irs says it never initiates contact with taxpayers by calling on the phone. call it fraternity fallout. why the university of oklahoma isn't the only one that could face an investigation in light of a controversial video. it's like something out of a spy movie. the incredible story some echos a popular tv show.
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right now at 4:30 a solemn good bye to a local police officer killed in a crash. fellow officers lined the streets as part of the funeral for prince george's county police o brennan rabain. he was killed in a crash over the weekend while off duty. the military helicopter that crashed off the coast of florida has been found. 11 service members are presumed dead. now crews are looking for the flight recorder. and alexandria police are trying to figure out how a t.c. williams high school student died. his body was discovered this morning. police do not suspect fo
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i'm scott mcfarlane at the live desk. delays on the vre manassas line and report of police activity near the tracks. this is just south of alexandria. the train hit someone or potentially someone. the current delay includes ms s-327 on the vre manassas line delayed by at least 10 20 minutes and it is holding. there's your first view. you see people working on and near the tracks. a possibility these delays will cascade through the vre system as rush hour continues. at the live desk scott mcfarlane. >> thanks scott. cell phone video captures the moment shots were fired in ferguson missouri last night, injuring two police officers. once again, the city is on edge. the attorney general is promising to quote, find the
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punk who fired the shots. jay gray joins us outside police headquarters from where the attack happened. >> reporter: the officers are recovering, out of the hospital today. there is an sbeps must want for those who fired the shots. violence erupts again overnight in ferguson. >> loud noises pop, pop, pop. it sounded like firecrackers. >> reporter: the shots rang out during a rally outside the ferguson police department. >> all we heard is the police shot and took cover and getting their guns out and riot gear out. >> reporter: two officers were hit by the gunfire. >> what happened last night was a pure ambush. this was not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson. this was a dam punk. >> reporter: the wounded officers were rushed to area hospital where is they were
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treated and released. >> anytime that you have a through-and-through wounded where the bullet enters your shoulder and comes out the middle of your right back those are hard hits. so we're lucky by god's grace we didn't lose two officers last night. >> reporter: the attack comes just hours after ferguson police chief tom jackson resigned in the wake of a justice department investigation that revealed widespread racial bias by officers under his command. >> it's a mess. a real mess. unfortunately it's in my neighborhood. >> reporter: a neighborhood locked down now. that heavily armed tactical officers searched for those responsible for the attack. >> this is the number-one priority right now of the st. louis county police department to identify these individuals. that individual or individuals who shot our police officers. >> reporter: in a community that's angry, anxious, and once again at the center of controversy. and as the manhunt continues here we have also learned late
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this evening that the state highway patrol along with the st. louis county police will now take over making sure that these protests at the state say they'll start security here tonight. that is the latest live in ferguson. i'm jay gray news4. >> thanks jay. dozens of city ls across the country are joining forces to make their roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists. city leaders are meeting here in washington to kick off a yearlong campaign called the mayor's challenge for safer people and safer streets. the transportation department says 160 cities have signed up for the program and alexandria's mayor accepted the challenge to give residents a safe alternative to driving. >> creating these types of communities where people have travel options is not only good for everyone living and working our-in our communities but will also track new byes and boost our local economies. >> experts say overall highway death are down but the number of pe test rans and cyclists killed is going up. and the mayor's goal is to
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reduce that trend next year. more schools could come under fire following that fraternity scandal at the university of oklahoma. today the national office of sigma alpha epsilon said it is conducting an investigation, looking into allegations that chapter members at schools in texas and kentucky also sang the same racist chant that got the ou chapter in trouble. a video of the song surfaced online earlier this week. the university kicked the frat off campus and two students were expelled. sae officials are conducting the probe to make sure that type of behavior isn't happening at other chapters. another fraternity at washington and lee university is in trouble for a different reason -- hazing. virginia cool suspended phi kappa psi after a member used a stun gun on somebody last week. it was reported on the anonymous hazing hotline. he was a former russian spy and a vocal critic of the kremlin poisoned on foreign soil
4:35 pm
in a story that reads something like the show "blacklist." but the murder of the agent in 2006 was very real. he was living in exile in london when someone poisoned his tea with rid yoadioactive substance called polonium. richard engle tracks down the key players. >> reporter: alexander was an outspoken critic of his own agency so there were many people within the kgb which became the fsb who wanted him dead. he is not the only prominent critic of the kremlin to die under very suspicious circumstances. if you'll remember just about two weeks ago another man, boris nemtsov, was shot down right in front of the kremlin right before he was about to hold a big anti-putin rally. >> what do we know about the chief suspect in this case? >> reporter: he's now a member
4:36 pm
of the russian parliament. we sat down to interview him. he has his own tv show in russia. he just got a medal from putin for service to the father land and he denies that he put any polonium in the tea. >> nice to talk to you. thanks so much. we'll be watching. "dateline" tonight at 8:00 on nbc 4. march madness can be so distracting it's actually costing companies billions of dollars. a staffing firm called challenger, gray & christmas found the highly anticipated basketball tournament is a productivity killer. researchers say it costs employers nearly $2 billion in lost wages. instead of working, employees are filling out bracket, watching games, and staying on top of scores while they're at the office. but the report concludes that banning march madness at the office isn't a good idea because it could hurt employee morale. unprecedented. that's how some tribe one
4:37 pm
carmaker's plan to make sure you stay safe behind the wheel. and you're about to see it everywhere. and what a classroom surprise. one local teacher gets the honor of a lifetime. our cameras were right there. and we're tracking wet changes. >> cold then wet.
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well, we've got a recall alert to tell you about. it affects a lot of folk who is recently bought a new car. >> erika gonzalez is here to tell us all about it. >> if you are a toyota owner or recently purchased a toyota you want to listen up. they're recalling more than 110,000 vehicles because the power steering can fail. it affects cam ray camry hybrids, highlander and those hybrid and ravp-4s. toyota says the cars are still safe to drive. the affected drivers will get a notice in the mail but that can take a few weeks. the good news is there's no injury, no accidents that have been reported with this. if you should get a light that comes on in your car, by all means take it to the dealership and you can check right now to see if your car was affected by this recall. we've got phone numbers, the links to the toyota website on
4:41 pm
our consumer facebook page. >> it sounds like honda is trying something different to try to get people to fix their recalled cars. >> we have never seen anything like this before. they are ahing with an ad campaign urging honda and acura drivers to check and see whether their vehicles are part of that massive takata air bag recall. we've talked about that a number of times. honda's going to spend millions of dollars to put behind these ads. they're going to be in english and spanish, all of this to encourage drivers to look and see if their vehicles have been recalled and if so take them in for repair. the automaker will also sponsor customized facebook posts that will appear on owners' time lines. takata air bags can spray shrapnel when deploy. 5 million honda vehicles were recalled for this very problem. you can check and see if your car has been recalled at >> and switching gears, you've got a story coming up tonight
4:42 pm
going behind the scenes of some dishwashing testing. >> something a little lighter. i am so excited. i have not had as much fun in preparing a story as i have with this one. i'm so excited to bring to to you. i'm going to take you into the lab where your dishwasher gefts put through the ringer tested to the max, and this woman behind it all, her name is nilda adele, it's near an obsession with dirtying dishes all for you. the real dirt on dishwashers is coming up on news 4 at 5:00. >> looks vaguely familiar to me. >> really. >> all righty. thanks err ra. thanks pat. a former governor turned white house hopeful is making it clear about when he could decide to run and how he responded to a controversy that's fuelling a lot of discussion. it's a trip that went terribly wrong. new this afternoon, we know who was aboard a bus that flipped and caused s
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. we're learning more from the u.s. military after 36 hours of searching for the wreckage of a black hawk helicopter that crashed. >> reporter: after more than 24 hours of searching today came the news many had feared. >> at this point we are not hopeful for survivors.
4:46 pm
were transitioning our search-and-rescue operation to a recovery. >> reporter: the helicopter went down in thick fog during a training exercise over the santa rosa sound. >> it was certainly a high-impact crash, so we have a lot of debris. >> reporter: the 11 soldiers and marines on board are now fear dead as the military moves into a recovery phase. >> we have retrieved remains. >> reporter: seven on board the chopper were special forces marines based out of camp lejeune, north carolina. the helicopter and four-person crew were members of the louisiana national guard. two other military communities now suffering in loss. the ongoing fog is likely to hamper recovery efforts of the helicopter and delay officials in retrieving the black box, something they hope will give them clues as to what caused the crash. last night a tight-knit military community held a candlelight vigil to remember those on board and support their families. >> it just brings this community
4:47 pm
closer together to make sure that we all know that even though some people are gone that we're all there for each other. >> a community now coming together to support the families of those lost. sarah dallof nbc news florida. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we've learned an american infected with ebola will be admitted to the national institutes of health in bethesda tomorrow. this health care worker was volunteering in sierra leone when this person became infected. this will be the second person with ebola treated at nih. the first one a few months ago was completely cured. veronica our chance to dry out. >> more rain moves back in as early as tomorrow. i think we could get just as much if not more rain than this last system. >> oh no. >> i know. it will have an impact on the
4:48 pm
weekend for sure. heading out the door, fist thing tomorrow it is going to be cold and you will need it. a nice warm jacket and a coat. 28 to 35 the range in temperatures throughout the area. oh, that's chilly. by afternoon, we're 52 to 60 degrees. it will be nice most of the day tomorrow. we'll go from sunshine to clouds and then that rain will be coming in and some showers right for some of the flowers that have started popping. i know your daffodils too. we want to see your signs of spring. what do you think of when you think spring? eight more days until spring gets here. tweet us and include the hashtag think spring. evening hours tomorrow dry until late. here we are at 4:00. by 7:00, look at that right there, our chance goes up to around 60 to 70% chance. by the time we get to the afternoon and the evening. then way up to about an 80%
4:49 pm
chance by 10:00, 11:00 and that's going to allow us to get into this soggy pattern for early saturday morning. here's a snapshot of saturday. rain covering the area. then i think we're going to get some moderate and even some heavy rains in here by 10:00, 11:00, still rain covers the area. if you have any outdoor plans it's real important to keep up with this forecast for the weekend. let's go to meteorologist doug kammerer now with how much we'll get and what we could get out of the system. >> veronica looks like everybody has a very good chance of getting a half an inch to an inch of rain out of this next system similar to what we saw during the last rain event we just had, 24 hours ago. take a look what to expect on your saturday. again, rain will be heavy, especially in the morning. heaviest early, right on through about the 11:00, noon hour and we'll see a break in the rain most likely between noon and 4:00. then we could see some thunder possible that would be some of the first thunder we've seen so far this season. let's break it down for you a little more. we'll take you into the district. if you have plans on saturday this is what you need to know.
4:50 pm
rain coming down at 9:00 a.m. 54 degrees. we'll see that rain likely. 60 degrees with cloud cover at 11:00. then a chance of thunder around 5:00 in the afternoon, temperatures warm getting up to about 66 degrees. v.j. could be one of the warmer days we've seen so far this year. >> certainly the warmest day out of the weekend because on sunday as we start to dry out we see a high temperature of 56 degrees. it's going to be breezy at times too sunday but sunday is the day to make those plans to get outdoors with all the rain we're expecting right now. friday night on through at least a good part of saturday. as we look forward, 58 degrees on monday right now with a partly sunny sky. we start out in the 30s. i don't think it's going to be as cold or as low those temperatures as tomorrow morning. we could be getting back to that pattern for the midportion the end of next week. i told you about the trend. still now looks as though with our average highs of 54 degrees as we get into that last week of march still temperatures looking
4:51 pm
as though they're going to be below average. we have more on upcoming rain for saturday and friday night on news 4 at 5:00. election day is changing in the town of herndon. the town's local election is being moved from may to november starting next year. the town's current council's term is being extended by one year during this transition. with the date change, the next council will begin work on january 1st of 2017. advocates say moving the election will bring greater turnout. some who oppose the change though say the may date drew people who were more passionate about local government. former maryland governor martin o'malley says he'll decide by spring whether to enter the presidential race. today on msnbc's "morning joe," he refused to get into a substantive december cushion of hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. >> you think she's done anything wrong? >> i'll let you guys ask the questions that you feel compelled to ask. >> i'm ask yeah but i don't feel
4:52 pm
compelled to answer that. secretary clinton was perfectly capable of defending her own service in office. >> they kept pressing him and o'malley did acknowledge that if he were president he would want his secretary of state to use the official server. now some stories we are working on right now in our newsroom. it may be warming up, but some apartments of the area are still icy and dangerous. this afternoon a warning as one local pet makes a dangerous move that had firefighters scrambling. a local store hit by vandals, but now a community is coming together in a big way. now to a story you'll see only on news4. d.c.'s traffic cameras are a huge money maker with hundreds of thousands of tickets issued each year. but it turns out just a handful of the cameras are behind it. here's news4's mark segraves. >> reporter: the district has hundreds of traffic cameras like this one here but news4 as learned they are far from being
4:53 pm
equal. records indicate that there are few cameras that issued tens of thousands of tickets last year and a handful of cameras that only issued a few tickets. i'm mark segraves. i'll show you where the highest grossing cameras are and why the chief of police is rethinking the entire photo enforcement program. -- pleaded guilty to stealing navy documents. years ago president bill clinton pardoned samuel mor sob for spying. now he's 70 years old and a federal judge sentenced him to two years' probation. morrison's grandfather was the late rear admiral samuel ell morr who broegt about operations during world war ii. prosecutors say the younger morrison stole those records from the naval history at heritage command. he thought he was entitled to them but the record were worth $10,000 to $30,000. a classroom disruption but this one was quite welcome. the surprise of a lifetime for a local teacher's big moment that she didn't even know about
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absentminded mother. a woman took her 5-month-old baby to a doughnut shop in california and left her there. what happened was after she found out the doughnut shop didn't have the doughnut she wanted she left out and left the baby on a table in her car seat. the woman went to a nearby doughnut shop realized what she'd done then went back for
4:57 pm
her taughter. an employee had called the police pi that time who then reunited mother and baby. authorities are trying to figure out what caused a tour bus to overturn in southern indiana today. it happened on interstate 65 just north of louisville kentucky. the bus was carrying members of indiana tech men's and women's bowling team. 19 people were reported injured and some of them had to be airlifted to a local hospital to be treated. the bus was headed to a sectional competition in tennessee. it was the surprise of a lifetime for a local elementary schoolteacher. tonight she's holding a prestigious award for education excellence and a check for 25,000 big ones. >> reporter: angie teaches second grade at buckland mills elementary school in gainesville. she found oubt about the milliken award during an assembly honoring the wildcats for being a school of excellence for six years. >> angie -- >> okay! >> very excited. very surprised. very shocked.
4:58 pm
very grateful about the experience. and having the opportunity to receive an award like this. >> reporter: the school has 700 students. more than 26 languages are spoken. angie has taught there for ten years. what he is ear greatest reward as a teacher? >> having students that come in with either very minimal reading and then leaving on grade level for reading to go to the next level. so seeing the huge growth in their reading when being nonreaders and leaving my class as a reader. >> she's among about 40 educators receiving the award this year and the only one from virginia. she's already thinking about what she'll do with her cash award. >> take my family probably on a vacation or i have a 3-year-old so i'm sure he would like to go to disney. >> reporter: local winners from past years joined angie today for the honor. >> what an honor. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. chris, wendy? >> pat.
4:59 pm
>> several stories are developing right now at 5:00. a 17-year-old high school student is found dead in al and police say they discovered the boy's body behind a building on park center drive and the boy's school t.c. williams has sent out an alert to students and parents. new troubling information emerging in the latest secret service scandal. two agents suspected of driving drunk and striking a security barricade near the white house may have driven over sauce pentagon officials package. what investigators are saying about the incident captured on surveillance video. vandals tear apart a local mom and pop store. $100,000 worth in damage. and how one community is taking this personally. breaking news right now in prince george's county. police say they are investigating a homicide on pennsylvania avenue in forestville. this video is just coming in from chopper 4. crime scene tape blocks off a complex. we're working to get more information.
5:00 pm
we have more breaking news. an american infected with ebola will be admitted to the national institutes of health in bethesda tomorrow. this victim was volunteering in sierra leone where this video was taken today when a british military worker was flown out also infected with ebola. and tonight a police force and a local community, they're in mourning. >> yeah weather heavy, heavy hearts. colleagues paid their final respects to a prince george's county police officer who died at a crash. >> news4's tracee wilkins was at the funeral for the 26-year-old officer. tracee? >> reporter: he had only been on the force for two years, but you would not have known that by the turnout here at the church today. when something like this happens, what we find is that it's just a matter of trying to find the right words. >> present! >> reporter: it was a military-style service. >> arms! >> reporter: with all of the full honors reserved for a public servant who makes the


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