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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 12, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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home. >> another patient with ebola on the way to the national institutes of health this evening. >> we begin with new revelations about the latest embarrassment for secret service. >> nbc news has confirmed agents returning from a bar, struck a white house barricade and drove right into the middle of an active bomb investigation. even driving over a suspicious package that turned out to be a book. but it's the latest close call at an agency that cannot afford mistakes. brian mooar is live on capitol hill. brian? >> wendy and jim, another black eye for an agency already reeling from a series of scan. reports that two senior agents slammed a government car white house barricade night of drinking and partying has washington asking a familiar question -- what's goi the secret service? >> does it really need to be said that you can't show up drunk at work, especially when you're in the secret service?
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>> reporter: agent mark connolly, second in command of president obama's protective detail, and george ogilvie, senior supervisor at the agency's washington field office, have been reassigned pending an investigation by the homeland security department's inspector general. they were reportedly allowed to leave sobriety tests. >> we've made major changes to the secret service with regard to leadership, but obviously there's still a lot of work to be done. >> reporter: new secret service director joe clancy has been on the job less than a month, an agency insider appointed by president obama even though a committee suggested an outsider. the agency's once-stellar reputation has been brought down by a series of high-profile incidents from agents cavorting with prostitutes in colombia to fence jumpers, one of whom got inside the white house itself. and now a new embarrassment for a secret service that to get out of the spotlight. the white house says this evening it still has confidence
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that director clancy is the man to fix the secret service. live on capitol hill brian mooar, news4. a s.w.a.t. team in ferguson missouri surrounds a home today and takes some people in for questioning in connection with the shooting of two ferguson police officers early this morning. president obama and attorney general eric holder are among those condemning this shooting. holder called it an ambush said it is the action of quote, a dam punk. both officers are now out of the hospital and nbc's jay gray is going to join us from ferguson at 6:15 with the latest on the search for the shooter. an american health care worker with ebola is on the way to the national institutes of health in bethesda. nih just announced that news about an hour ago. the officials there expect the patient to arrive tomorrow morning. we're told the patient contracted that deadly virus while volunteering in sierra leone. just today the world health organization announced the death the
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ebola outbreak in west africa has officially gone over 10,000. trains are now moving slowly along this vre track just south of alexandria. within the past hour crews reopened this stretch of track after some concern that the train may have hit something, not clear what it was, if it was anything. this caused delays for people along the manassas line. those trains are still as much as 30 minutes behind schedule right now. chris lawrence at the live desk. right now montgomery county police are searching for the robber who held up a bank in wheaton. chopper 4 was over the scene over the capitol one bank. the call for an armed robbery came in just before 5:00 and at one point police had someone in custody but have since let him go. we'll continue to follow any updates and we'll push any breaking news to you on our nbc washington app. i'm chris lawrence.
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right now we are learning more information about a murder in prince george's county. we just learned a man was pronounced dead at an apartment complex. chopper 4 flying over the scene in forestville in the 6500 block of pennsylvania avenue just inside the beltway. there are no suspects and police have no motive. look for any updates in our nbc washington app. a man is in critical condition after he was shot this afternoon. it happened in the district on fourth street near ingram street street. police are looking into the possibility that it might be connected to a had had last night. the shooting this afternoon happened in or near an alley in that area and just a half-mile away. a man named christopher adams was shot and killed on jefferson street about 1:30 this morning. police found him dead inside a car. they have no suspects nor do they have a motive in either of
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the shootings at this time. just in to news4, after weeks of controversy the troubled metro board today suspended its search for a new general manager. three potential candidates wreently withdrew their names. board members remain split over whether metro should be hiring a transit expert a financial expert, or a turnaround specialist. one member tells news4 the board will try to agree on twha type of candidate it needs before relaunching this search. another issue tackled by the board today, bringing a new metro station to alexandria. news4's derrick ward live with a look at whether where the money would come from to pay for the potomac yard stop. >> reporter: if you've drifen the route 1 corridor in potomac yards, you've seen all the developments going there and you've seen the traffic. planners say they have a way to address both issues and the
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answer lies here east of route 1 along those railroad tracks. there are four proposed sites in potomac yards, all existing rail lines and they would be oriented either just north or south of glebe road. >> all those in favor, aye. >> reporter: the board today voted to go ahead with hearings as they must do anytime a new station is added. the cost is expected to be somewhere in the $200 million range. >> it's a pool of funds, combination of funds that will pay for the station primarily from the businesses and residents that are in that tax district neighborhood already in addition to the developer contributions that will come over the period of years. >> reporter: it's a critical part of the development picture for the area. as for tax zones that would help pay for the station, residents say they don't necessarily object to it in pre but the details will come out once the public hearings begin. mort downey says this kind of
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financing has been successful before. >> we're not being asked to put in any money. we'll get that from additional riders and i'm very hopeful they'll figure out a way to do it. it's happened elsewhere, happened pretty much with new york avenue. we put in a little money, other people put in the rest. >> reporter: the hearings are slated to begin in mid to late april. there also has to be input from the national park service and the federal transportation authority. the draft environmental impact statement is being reviewed by federal authorities now. the planners say if they build the station back here it will take 5,000 cars off of route 1 every day. live in alexandria. you probably will not be able to get on a bus and go to the new casino at national harbor when it opens next year. the mgm is the company that owns the casino and is developing it. according to "the washington post," that company's plans do not include public transportation bus stops.
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that apparently is in contradiction to commitments had made previously. the post says that in a letter the two prince george's county officials mgm said the number of visitors and employers who would use transit to get there would be in their word almost nonexistent. the tolls are coming to i-66 inside the beltway. in the coming mos, vdot is planning to convert all the lanes to high-occupancy toll lanes during rush hours. this move is designed to end some of that gridlock. but it's going to change the commute of thousands of drivers. >> to relieve congestion and improve travel reliability, we're looking at a managed lanes approach for 66 inside the beltway where the lanes would be tolled in both directions during peak period only. >> and for driver who is carry at least two passengers your ride's going to be free all the time. those tolls on i-66 are expected
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to begin in 2017. a massive turnout today to honor a local officer who made the ultimate sacrifice trying to protect the community. tonight we know more about the path officer brennan rabain took to land his dream job. prince george's county bureau chief danny willett reports. >> celebrate jesus in this place. hallelujah! ♪ we love your name ♪ >> reporter: we got to know brennan rabain, who gave his life in the line of duty. >> i learned from his parents that he was brave that he was confident. >> he was a brother. >> i lost a teammate. it's not about me but i lost my whole team. that was my only brother. >> reporter: we learned he loved his mother. >> that we are honored to share him with you all. thank you. >> reporter: we learned his dad was his best friend and biggest
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cheerleader. >> every day i would say to him, remember you're county strong. >> reporter: and sometimes we got to share some laughter as we learned a little more than expected about this officer who tried five times before making the force. >> brennan was so concerned about the other officers on his squad -- i shouldn't say this but he took his radio in the bathroom with him. just in case. >> reporter: what we learned officer brennan rabain was like so many of us he was passionate about what he did, so much so that he gave his life for it. >> he lived, dreamed, and walked law enforcement. thank you. >> reporter: officer rabain died in pursuit of a speeding vehicle. prince george's county police are still looking for that car.
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>> another agency taking over security in ferguson, missouri, after a gunman opens fire on police officers. >> reporter: a local business completely trashed by vandals in virginia. the community is reaching out to help. our julie carey will explain why reopening that business will not be easy. another great day today but look what we're tracking, rain down to the south.
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state and county police will be take over security in the city of ferguson missouri. starting tonight they'll be primarily helping out in the protests that continue to rock that town. this move comes one day after two police officers were shot during a demonstration outside police headquarters. jay gray has the latest on their recovery and the search for the >> reporter: violence erupts again in ferguson. >> loud noises pop, pop, pop. sounded like firecrackers. >> all we heard was the police took cover and getting their guns out and riot gear out and everything like that.
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>> reporter: two officers were hit by the gunfire. >> what happened last night was a pure ambush. this was not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson. this was a dam punk. >> reporter: the wounded officers were rushed to area hospitals where they were treated and released. >> anytime that you have a through-and-through wound where the bullet enters your shoulder and comes out the middle of your right back, those are hard hits. so we're lucky by god's grace we didn't lose two officers last night. >> reporter: the attack comes just hours after ferguson police chief tom jackson resigned in the wake of a justice department investigation that revealed widespread racial bias by officers under his command. >> it's a mess. a real mess. unfortunately it's in my neighborhood. >> reporter: a neighborhood locked down now. heavily armed tactical officers searched for those respo for the attack. >> this is the number-one priority right now of the
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st. louis county police department to identify these individuals. individual or individuals who shot our police officers. >> reporter: in a community that's angry, anxious, and o again at the center of controversy. now, officers did not rirn fire last night, but the st. louis county chief says police may shoot back if the situation escalates again. jay gray nbc news ferguson, missouri. six cities have been chose. for a new pilot project to help curb racial bias in the aftermath of that justice department investigation. researchers will study data and conduct interviews in those cities none of which is in our area. the goal is to develop plans to build trust between police and the communities they serve. the six pilot cities are ft. worth, texas, gary indiana, stockton california birmingham alabama, minneapolis, and pittsburgh. fema is going to be taking a second look at every flood insurance m fm sup sandy. comes after accusations of
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underestimating the damage. a group of senators formed a tax force on this issue. fema also wants insurance companies to give homeowners access to the engineering reports. there are about 144,000 claims from superstorm sandy until 15 states and that includes maryland and virginia. and about 2,200 are involved in lawsuits. insurance compa nothing wrong. hi doug. >> hi, guys. it all. we can all just kind of do this right now because last week at this time -- it is one of those days you want to chill out, it's so nice. right? >> yeah. >> if you've got some time completely different. last week at this time we were talking about 4 to 10 inches of snow. everybody was like this last week. but today you can chill out. >> last thursday. >> a week ago today. >> doesn't it seem like that was ages ago? >> not to me wendy. not to me. out there right now take a look
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we're dealing with plenty of sunshine and most of that snow and most of the area is now gone. 58 degrees, winds out of the north at about 10 miles per hour. we're going to continue to see very nice conditions right on through the rest of the evening, and there is still no snow in the forecast. i don't see any more of that so we still say winter just about over. 59 in fredericksburg 61 liu wei, 55 frederick. a nice afternoon everywhere. we are dry. we'll stay dry for about the next 24 hours. that puts us into friday night. if you have plans friday night, watch out. i think we'll see some rain. satellite/radar showing a few cloud, trying to stream on through every once in a while, but all in all a nice afternoon. here's where the rain is coming from. you can see a lot of moisture streaming right off the gulf of mexico coming all the way down from mexico itself all the way in towards our southeast. little rock seeing a little rain today, down towards new orleans, all that rain moving in but it won't happen early tomorrow. 6:00 a.m. no problems. as a matter of fact some sunshine during the day tomorrow. nice and mild. cloud move in during the
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afternoon. through around 5:00 6:00 7:00 maybe 8:00 we're still dry. here comes the rain 8:00 9:00 10:00. when you come out from dinner you'll probably need the umbrella because it will be raining and it will come down heavily overnight tonight into early saturday. saturday at 7:00 a.m., notice the rain once again. if you have plans on saturday to be outdoors it will be kind of tough. 11:00 a.m. i don't think we'll be playing any soccer games out there or even lacrosse during the day on saturday. i think we'll have a little bit of a clearing conditions later in the afternoon, maybe a peek or a poke of sunshine. if we do see that temperatures could climb into the upper 60s fairly easily. that will set the stage for a cold front which comes through. that could actually come with more showers and maybe eve an thundershower or saturday a little bit of a washout. high temperatures tomorrow 51 in gaithersburg 53 la plata. cool today with that northerly component for the wind.
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we'll see sunshine early but the clouds late. exercise impact looking good starting off cool in the 30s, driving into the upper 50s or lower 50s by 1:00 and 3:00. next cutch l days and not just the next couple days but the next week two -- don't do this to me again. that's not the one i want. it's not the one i want. the seven-day forecast looks really good guys. temperatures in the 50s and 60s over the next couple days. there it is! that's the one i wanted. ye >> thanks doug. coming up at 6:00 a car up in flames in virginia. we'll hear from the officer who pulled the driver out of there just in time. >> and suspending the search a difficult decision in the gulf of mexico where a military helicopter crash killing 11 u.s. service members. i'm scott mcfarlane. a u.s. cabinet member receiving official government e-mail at a gmail account. is it secure?
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bad weather is delaying the recovery with the helicopter crash off the coast of california. they believe all 11 marines and soldiers were killed when that chopper went down during foggy conditions during training exercises tuesday night.
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the government watchdog group is questioning the security of private e-mails of former defense secretary chuck hagel. the news4 i-team broke the news on tuesday that the white house sent an official memo in 2013 to a gmail account believed to be used by hagel. our scott mcfarlane joins us now from the newsroom with an update on this story. scott? >> this revelation came amid the firestorm of hb hk's use of private e-mail. a pentagon official told the news4 i-team chuck hagel might have used his private e-mail for some limited government business. the i-team obtained one such e-mail. white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough wrote an e-mail to the president's cabinet 2013 and one of the addressees was this gmail account believed to belong to hagel, the 24th secretary of defense. the pentagon says any official government e-mail sent from any of hagel's accounts would be archived under agency policy at the george washington university national security archive, which specializes in the archiving of government documents.
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they said use of gmail by a cabinet leader carries risk. >> in general, the government's e-mail systems are going to have far more security encryption protection ability to track, ability to fend off hackers than would private systems, especially if you're the secretary of defense, where the national security agency is under your domain. >> we've asked the pentagon what steps it took to secure mr. hagel's private e-mail account and the agency said it's declining to comment on its security. wendy? >> scott mcfarlane. new testimony today in the trial of the man who's accused of planting bombs at the boston marathon. today a carjacking victim took the stand at the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. he survived an encounter with the brothers three days after the marathon attacks. he says it was tsarnaev's older brother who jumped into his car and put a gun to his head. he said dzhokhar only jumped in the car later. that man was able to escape when the brothers stopped for gas.
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next struggling to keep their homes, even pay their rent. how a dramatic spike in prices is impacting local families in the district. it's a store owned by one of vie yep that's best known businessman but the sign bears the bad news. closed far month due to vandalism. see what's behind these doors.
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at 6:30 vandalism at a local business caused more than $100,000 in damage and that business has been closed for weeks. they're still picking up the pieces. >> the local business community in that area is sending a strong message about whether that business which is called post net, should reopen. northern virginia bureau chief y is on maple avenue in vieeeienna with more. >> reporter: the sign says temporarily closed but they've closed more than a month ever since vandals struck behind this door, a store owner's nightmare. but the vandals don't get the last word. the tools of the business services trade, all trashed. printers copier even the coffeepot. this is what a post net employee found when she opened up february 6th. >> it was kind of violent.
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every single machine was taken off of our back counters multiple machines that were back there, smashed on the ground. this digital press around $40,000. they totally demolished it splattered it with paint on the backside. >> reporter: james loves vienna. he's a rotarian a founding member of the business association. he opened post net just two years ago. but never imagined it would become a crime scene. word of the vandalism spread quickly to fellow business owners like peggy james. >> people were shocked and appalled. >> reporter: james shared what happened on social media in hopes it might generate leads for police. she says he was still feeling beaten down a few weeks ago when he came into the store one morning and found this -- a visual outpouring of support. >> and then all this color from all these different hearts and word of encouragement were streaming through the windows, and really i almost just started tearing up. it was a magical moment. it really made me realize how wonder thfl town is how
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wonderful the community is. >> reporter: mercury payton is the town manager. >> it just shows how much people are compassionate about what's happened here and how, you know, we really don't stand for this type of thing. >> reporter: so will the store bounce back? >> our intention is to reopen and become more part of the community. >> reporter: his fellow store owners say the gesture and the continued offers of support only reinforce their conviction to keep doing business here. >> i don't think it has tainted my feeling about vienna whatsoever. it's just really reaffirmed it. this community really comes together when we need it to come together. >> reporter: now, based on some graffiti left behind by vandal police think the attack may have been aimed at a woman, possibly an an employee here. there is a thousand-dollar reward for anyone who can help with arrest. >> it could be easier to walk and bike around superstorm sandy
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in -- alexandria in the coming year. the mayor is joining mayors across the country in a challenge called safer people safer streets, a summit this week put on by the u.s. department of transportation. the goal to make communities safer and easier for cyclists and pedestrians. mayor bilyeul ewell says it will boost the economy by attracting businesses but has another benefit. >> folks fail to realize when we bike walk do everything else other than riding in our cars it also helps us with exercising helps to combat obesity. >> the bicycle and pedestrian advisory committee of alexandria says safety starts with drivers and cyclists and pedestrians respecting each other's space and obeying all the traffic laws. for drivers in prince george's county some relief is on the way. there's a county-wide pothole blitz going on out there. we invite you to tell us about the worst potholes in your
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neighborhood by tweeting with the #dcpotholes. there's a bunch of them. you can also report them by calling 311 between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and there could be a new group of voters in the next maryland election. people on parole or probation. a bill that would restore voting rights to ex-felons sooner is moving forward in the general assembly. it was debated by senators today. this would allow anyone who was convicted of a felony to go to the polls as soon as they are released from prison. currently, they have to wait until the end of any further punishment and that includes their parole or their probation. it is no secret that d.c. now rivals new york and san francisco in the cost of housing. now there's a new study that shows there is trouble at the other end of the spectrum as well. affordable apartments for low-income residents are disappearing. and even families making middle-class money are feeling
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the pinch. tom sherwood reports. and a violent brawl involving high school students all of it caught on cell phone video. but no one stepped in to stop it. that plea tonight for more people to come forward after one teenager's arr and hundreds of traffic cameras in the district many tickets come from just a few of them. what mark segraves found that's importan
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anyone paying rebt or trying to pay rent for a place in the district already knows that prices here have really gone through the roof and now there's a study out to demonstrate that to document it at both ends of the spectrum both those who can afford higher rents and low-income residents as well. tom sherwood has our repor >> reporter: the economic boom here even as upscale residents
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worried about rising rents pap new study says it's worse for moderate and low-income families. >> affordable housing under $800 a month has virtually disappeared in the income. either pay 50% of your income in rent or look at other necessities and make cut. >> that's my mother. i was 12 in this picture. >> reporter: it's tough, for example, for people like this 30-year-old, proudly displaying her diploma from morris college in south carolina where she joed i biology. she shares this southeast one bedroom with her mother and her own 3-year-old child. >> yeah, i need to get my own place, but as i try to go out and get my own place, everything seems to be out of my pay range. >> she makes about $33,000 a year working for martha's table, a social service nonprofit. a new report released today says housing costs are a severe
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problem wages and salaryies are mostly stagnant. read the full report on the nbc washington app. mayor muriel bowser told news4 tuesday her budget next month will deliver on her promise to spend $100 million a year on affordable howing. but hundreds of families like this are looking now. >> she asks me all the time mommy, when do i get my own room? i'm, like all in due time. police arrested a 16-year-old girl today. they say she was the ringleader in a brutal attack at a mcdonald's in brooklyn new york. cell phone video shows a group of girls beating another girl, the one wearing the blue sweatshirt happened on monday afternoon. even after the victim was lying on the ground they continued to just kick her in the head. nobody offered to help the girl or to try to stop the fight. that victim never filed a police >> this is a life that could have been taken here and you are
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standing around laughing like this is -- like this is entertainment for you to look at. get off the reality tv shows and get into reality. >> police say the victim and her attacker attend a high school near that mcdonald's store. they're receiving help from school officials in an effort to identify the people in that video. baltimore's top prosecutor says she will appeal after a judge dismissed an indictment against a man in the murder of felicia barnes. barnes is the north carolina teenager who was killed while she was visiting her family back in 2010. the lone suspect, michael johnson, walked out of court a free man this afternoon. this would have been his third trial in this case after ayn quital in one and a mistrial in the other. the judge agreed with johnson's lawyers that this was double jeopardy. a local restaurant is facing a six-figure lawsuit for what it showed on the tv screens near the bar. a california company has sued the el sitio restaurant on
6:40 pm
riverdale road in riverdale, maryland. in court filings the court says the restaurant unlauffully showed a pay-per-view boxing match featuring manny pacquiao. the company says one of its undercover investigators saw it watched it on the screen and alleges that el sitio did not pay the necessary fees to do so. the company is asking between $50,000 and $150,000. lawyers in the case declined to comment. only on news4 tonight, problems with our local traffic cameras, exposed.the lawmaker who wants to take control of these cameras away from the police. >> also meet the police officer who saved a man's life then arrested him.
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officers are calling one of their colleagues a hero tonight for pulling a man from this burning car in mclean. the smoke and the flames shot several feet into the air after the car hit a tree on friday. that's when fairfax county
6:44 pm
officer sharif issa took action putting his fears aside and grabbing the driver dragging him to safety. >> so i mean i could feel the heat as i was approaching the vehicle. once i got there, it just got worse and worse. when i was tealing with him i was trying to kind of position myself because where i was sitting it was too hot. i was like -- it was just burning me. >> officer issa however, was not hurt. the driver by the way, is okay but he was later charged with dui. on news 4 at 5:00 pardon me we showed you four speed cameras that issued the vast majority of tickets in our city. now a look at the flip side of all that some cameras that only snap one ticket all year. >> so tonight one lawmaker thinks someone other than the police should be overseeing this traffic camera program. news4's mark segraves is next to that camera along mass >> this is the 2001 near the vice president's residence.
6:45 pm
while one camera in the district issued 41,000 tickets last year there were a handful of cameras that issued fewer than 20 tickets each all year long. that's just one of the reasons a d.c. council member says maybe it's time to take traffic cameras away from the chie >> because-poor placement and poor maintenance. >> reporter: of cameras issuing tickets last year 33 issued few fewer than 50 tickets each. according to documents obtained by news4 through the freedom of information act, four cameras issued just one ticket each. one camera had only been activated for a few weeks. a police spokesperson explains even though some cameras issue only a few tickets they're still considered successful because they get drivers to obey the law. "because vehicle-mounted cameras are very visible, they tend to have an immediate impact on any violations and therefore
6:46 pm
issuance rates are much lower than pole-mounted cameras." police also say last winter's heavy snowfall and maintenance issues with the cameras impacted the numbers of tickets issued. there were 19 cameras that issued fewer than ten tickets. that's compared to this camera on k street that issued more than 41,000 tickets. overall, the photo enforcement program brought in just over $49 million last year. that was less than the city expected. which led council members to demand answers from the chief about why some cameras issue so many tickets and other few. >> the best answer i can give you is we're going to hire an outside auditor to come and audit the whole process, start to finish to determine whether where the weak s. >> reporter: that answer left at least one councilman if police should be in charge of traffic cameras. >> let's see how to handle it. maybe mpd is not the entity to handle it. >> reporter: chief lanier pointed to several other reasons
6:47 pm
why many traffic cameras issue sod few tickets. bad weather and maintenance were top of the list of those reasons. she also pointed out many of the new cameras like this one are much larger and more visible to cars and that gets them to just slow down and they say that's the entire point, is to get people to bay the laws. if you want to see a complete breakdown of every traffic camera and how many tickets they issued and how much money they generated search the nbc washington app. back to you. some drivers think that the 95 express lanes help them to get home faster. the lanes have been opened less than three months now, but 70% of the drivers who use them now say they are worth the cost. the lanes, that is. a trip during rush hour can cost up to $8. more than 70% of drivers say they have fewer slowdowns in those express lanes. about one-third say they save 20 minutes or more on their trip. most people say it's about 15 minutes they save. and about 40,000 trips are taken
6:48 pm
each day on the express lanes. you know it was funny, earlier you said it was just a week ago today we had that big snowstorm. >> yeah. amazing, isn't it? >> yeah. >> that snowstorm was so great, 4 to 10 inches in parts of our area. now, nothing. >> we're happy about that. >> you don't want anymore? >> i was about to go away. >> i'll tell you, most people out there on my facebook and twitter pages, it's about 50/50. earlier in the season it was 70%, 80%, let it snow let it snow and it a little built as we get closer to spring. how about that shot from national harbor looking toward alexandria and the woodrow wilson bridge. a nice calm potomac river looking good. another shot vantage point, sunset tonight 7:12. currently winds out of the north so temperatures will drop a little bit but still quite nice. 54 degrees by 9:00 50 by 11:00. temperatures the next couple days cooler but not quite like this. 58 in d.c. 56 ft. belvoir.
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nothing on the radar. we'll see things all clear overnight tonight. if you have plans this evening or even tomorrow morning we should be fine. we're waiting for this rain down to the south. you can see there's a lot of moisture moving in eve an couple thunderstorms. temperatures into the eighty down towards georgia, down around jacksonville some of that warmer air movingthough. tomorrow sunshine first, then cloud cover. it will be nice. temperatures 52 to about 60 degrees as you move through the day tomorrow. if you're thinking about getting on the bike 40 degrees early, 54 by 5:00. a nice afternoon. we'll call it a fantastic friday but friday night a different story. the rain moves in friday night, heavy at times so take an umbrella if you're going to dinner friday night, the movies whatever. rain continues on saturday with a high of 66. 56 degrees on sunday and next week temperatures remain above average. average high this time of year into the mid-50s, close to 60 most days. a little breezy there on tuesday. just to add, wearing my orange
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tie. it is world kidney day today. just supporting the kidney disease. guys? >> good cause. >> thanks doug. coming up we have sports. one of the guy who is really matters on our football team is out west today looking at a heisman trophy winner. but first lester holt as what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> hi jim and wendy. another busy news night after two police officers were shot in ferguson missouri, what next for that embattled town. the police who patrol it and the people who call it home. also the latest on the investigation of that car crash at the white house involving members of the secret service. and with the tax filing deadline just over a month away a warning about fraud and scams, also questions about the security of a
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here now is when it gets interesting, the conference playoffs and everything. >> you have to keep an eye on uva. you hear all the time uva is so good yet they don't even have their best player right now. guess what justin anderson is back and just in time. he had his appendix out in the last week too. virginia versus fsu, anderson playing in his first game since february 7th played limited
6:54 pm
minutes in his return. scary moment for him late in the first, goes to the rim, goes down hard on that block. anderson sat out the rest of the half but returned in the second. he didn't score. but his teammates, they sure did, picked it up for him. first the defense, isaiah wilkins, the block, and check out london parentis no one picks him, coast to coast. uva up 15 here. later in the half we have parentis on the move again. this time he feeds mike toby. inside the lane for the slam. toby had 11 points. virginia wins it 58-44. they'll face unc tomorrow. after the game justin anderson talked about his big return. >> you kind of get little chills running through your body just because you know reality sets in you're out there and you're out for a full month. 32 coach said i think it was i wasn't out there. i'm thankful and just blessed to be able to have another
6:55 pm
opportunity, a another shot and hopefully we can make a run. second round of the a-10 tournament battle of the rams, vcu and fordham. vcu down one, mys the three, but watch this there for the rebound. offensive boards. vcu takes a one-point lead. three minutes left. now a three-point lead. alec cox with the block. then on the other end, they get the ball to melvin johnson. vcu heads to the a-10 quarterfinal game against richmond after a 63-57 win. also in action tonight in the respective conference tournaments, georgetown g.w. and howard. baseball nats takinging on the mets in port st. lucie. we'll start in the third. michael taylor at the plate with the nats down a run here. taylor seeing some extra playing time with the injury to denard span span. comes through with two men on takes one to right, nate mclouth
6:56 pm
score, danny espinosa scores. taylor conduct caught in a rundown but his two anne arundel double gives the nats a 3-1 lead. top of the sixth, espinosa batting, gone. is his handlebar mustache? maybe that's good maybe that was holding him back. a clean-shaven blast aso low home run out of the park. but they fall. o's taking on the cardinals. spring training not too early to bring out the rally monkey. pick it up bottom three, bud norris on the hill for the bird facing former oriole mark reynolds. two men on. see you later. you love the sound of that bat. >> i do indeed. >> his first homer of the season st. louis takes a 3-1 lead. they go on to win it 8-2. football redskins general manager in eugene, oregon, today, checking out one of the top quarterback prospects in this year's draft, marcus mariota. there he is. mariota will most likely be off the board before the redskins pick at number five but if he isn't selected then there's
6:57 pm
always a chance the redskins could take him. now, i spoke to an nfl scout who's there over the phone and he said mariota's arm is average but his feet they're quick, and he would be a great fit in gruden's offense. meanwhile, it seems the eagles have replaced the league's third leading rusher last season with the top guy at running back. several reports saying former cowboy demarco murray is signing a five-year $42 million contract with philly about $21 million guaranteed. eagles signed former chargers running back ryan matthews today. chip kelly making those big moves early but the trade of lesean mccoy and now filling in with some great players. there is a plan there. he has a plan. >> i think he know what is he's doing. i have some friends in philadelphia who think he's crazy and lost his mind but i think he has a plan. i wouldn't be surprised to see mariota in philly. >> i think that's the plan. >> no way he can get there.
6:58 pm
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on this thursday night, ambushed. two police officers shot in the powder keg that is ferguson, missouri. tonight, the hunt for the shooter as the city braces for what comes next. secret service scandal. new revelations about the night two agents crashed into a white house barrier after a night of drinking. did they also disrupt an investigation into a possible bomb? desperate escape. the video showing a carjacking victim making his getaway from the boston bombing suspects. he lived to tell the tale to the jury today. and stealing your money. the holes in online filing making it easier than ever for others to scam away your tax refund. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarte


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