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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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good to have you here with us. amelia is here for chuck bell. the big question how long is the rain going to linger? >> we will see rain at times throughout the day today. tomorrow it will be the better of the two weekend days because we won't be tracking rain on the radar. a steady rain falling in the d.c. metro and off to the east and north. parts of prince william county that saw a bit of a break. seeing the rain moving back into the area. fog is also possible today and around the late morning and midday hours. visibilities are okay right now in baltimore, the visibility is under a mile. the temperatures at 46 degrees. we will see a lull in activity around the midday hours. when rain picks back up later today an an end. >> right now the rock 'n' roll marathon is under way. several streets are closed in
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the district and nowhere virginia. live along the route. a wet start out there. >> several. it's kind of wet and cold but that's not deterring the runners. we are at calvert street where the race is making a right turn to adams mill. if you are coming out today, you might see roadblocks all over town. police lights thaw might think something bad. if you hear the rock 'n' roll music, you know it's something good. this is a 26.2 mile marathon and 13.1 mile half marathon. it takes it all over the street. it will continue until 12 noon. when you get closer to the finish it's good to know memorial grid will reopen at
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10:00 a.m. this race has been going since about 2012. it benefits a lot of charities. they raised about $300 million for feed the children st. jude's and leukemia and lymphoma society and the aspca. always a good time for these folks. not for sprinters, but this hill has to be a challenge. this is one of the more scenic routes and with bands all over the place and music to listen to as well. back to you. >> relentless runners out there. >> if you are taking metro, the stations closest to the start line are federal triangle smithsonian and archives. grown line trains are running every 16 minutes. blue and silver line every 20 minutes. >> all new this morning, we want to show you the chopper video. it shows a kidnapping suspect pull out a gun and he is
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shooting at police in south los angeles. the video shows the moments before police shot back. it all unfolded on live television. he was shot after a car chase and standoff. he has been on the run for several days and suspected of kidnapping and assaulting his wife. he was taken from the scene in an entrance. this morning theset released his condition. >> metro is preparing to happened over video. bobby gross was shot and killed thursday night. police say he was inside the tunnel at the station carrying a stick-like object and partially clothed. a female officer shot him several times and she is on paid leave. the d.c. police will review her use of dead loforce. >> could the black hat bandit be in custody this morning? the men are responsible for more than a half dozen bank
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robberies. police arrested two people will following a robbery at the bank on connecticut near wyndham place. not far from the metro station. officers caught the two men while serving a warrant. they are trying to figure out if they are linked to eight robberies in d.c. maryland and virginia. >> black contractors in maryland say mgm is not giving them jobs. they are holding an emergency town hall about the issue. under a community benefits agreement, the prime contractor promised $300 million to contracts for the national harbor casino and promised more than 4,000 jobs. the companies say none of that happened despite the fact that more than half of the contracts have been awarded. the meeting is this morning at 10:00 a.m. in temple hill. >> volunteers are doing free
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dental work. in the northern virginia dental society te for the event happening until 5:00 this evening for the low income individuals. you can find that in springfield. are you a fan of pie? >> of course. >> pecan is my favorite. a big day for mathematics and desert lovers alike. >> this pi day is one-of-a-kind. for the century at least. 3-14-15 at 9:26:53, the date and time will match pi's first ten digits. it won't happen until 2115. tweet us how you are celebrating pi day. several places are offering deals on pies. all to celebrate today. >> i like that. coming up on 9:06.
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the rescue of an infant trapped inside an suv that was submerged in water. amazing video. >> a racist, sexist e-mail uncovered from a fraternity member from the university of maryland. how it is taking action aga him. >> this is storm team 4 and all that grown and blue. amelia segal asked when the radar
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. >> this morning, we are hearing and seeing a toddler rescued in utah. the lid up down in a submerged car.
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this is the body camera foodage from first responders showing the rescue. they noticed the driver was dead. firefighters pulled what seems to be a small lifeless body out car and pass passed her to safety and began infant cpr before heading to the hospital. >> we have been doing cpr on her. she has been throwing up a little bit. >> she rolled into the river. >> under water. >> the doctors and nurses took over and just four days later this is lily. laughing and playing with her father just a few hours before she was released from the hospital. many first responders remember hearing a distinct voice calling them to the area. amazing. >> blue bell ice cream is linked to three deaths. they issued a recall after five people in kansas were infected
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with the listeria bacteria. the bacteria has been found at the main factory in texas. the recall this is where it comes down to. it does not affect blue bell pints, cups or half gallons. if you are confused by the recall our digital team will help clear it up for you. >> head over to the black college expo. you can apply on the spot. many colleges will appln fees today. some will offer scholarships and high school jurps, seniors and transfer students should bring in transcripts or test scores. it runs from 9:00 to 5:00 and the cost is $10 at the door. >> a storm system brings us rain and continues to impac
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>> we are following breaking news this morning. we want to you take a look at the video. we have learned that eight have died following a powerful cyclone that hit an island in the pacific. take a look at this video. it was shot boy someone on the island. you can see the devastation
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there in the area. cyclone pam leaves destruction in its path and this storm destroyed homes and downed communications in the area. the capitol is without water and the storm produced winds of 186 miles per hour. more incredible video for you to see this morning. this is in chile. a forest fire is spreading quickly. you can see the emergency vehicles there. it's happening along the coast and threatening the port cities. the fire started yesterday and a state of emergency was declared for parts of the area. more than 4,000 people were evacuated and another 10,000 getting ready to move out if the fire continues to spread. >> this morning you will hear from a fairfax county police officer who risked hads to pull a man from this fiery crash.
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then had to arrest the driver. >> i could see smoke coming in the distance. he let him to this. >> you could see the imagine coming from the a lot of woods to fuel the flame. >> my first thought is i hope there is no one in. the driver is had not gotten out yet. >> i could feel the heat and once i got there, it got worse and worse. >> not sure if they were going to explode, he calmly radioed it in. >> it doesn't appear to be there. >> this is the aftermath. take a lock at the driver's seat. it no longer exists.
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thanks to the officer, the driveralive. he is not a fan of the description hero. >> i don't look at it as any different than any other officer. >> that crash happened feet from an elementary school. schools were canceled and the driver is changed with dwi. >> the kappa sigma university sent an e-mail more than a year ago and just brought to the university's attention. the e-mail referenced sexually assaulting women and contained racial slurs and indian and asian women. they suspended the member and working to expel him from the kicked off campus for racist video is considering suing the school. hired a high profile
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attorney said the actions of a few should not tarnish the game. they are wondering if the students in the video are protected by the first amenitiment rights. >> a girl scout troop had a boost in sales thanks to a familiar face. it was a slow day in los altos until tom hank arrived. he brought some cookies and started selling them. she treated him like every other potential customer. >> he was just walking down the streets and i was like come here, buy girl scout cookies. he even helped sell them. the mom made a list of every movie hanks starred in and plans to watch them over spring break. >> looks like he likes thin mints. >> judging by the green box. >> i could eat a whole sleeve without a problem. >> i think that's wonderful.
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using thy to do good. >> you can eat boxes and boxes. >> samoas. >> i like the short breads and that was the only one they were out of. anyway enough about my cookies. we will be dealing with rain throughout the day today. today is kind of the day you have stuff to do inside. a good day to get that done. rain right now will continue at times into the evening hours. if you are traveling today, watch for hydro planing and if you are trying to exercise you need the rain gear. grab the umbrea the rain boots and you should be fine. tracking steady rain over the area. a break in activity back into west virginia. this means the best chance of a break will be around noon until about 3:00 p.m. are we looking at three hours of
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dry time? i can't guarantee it but that's the best chance of a break. 10:00 a.m. and back to the west those areas getting in on dry time. by 11:00, the county through king george. they might get a break and scattered showers moving through around the early a like steady rain returns by 3:00 p.m. until about 7:00 p.m. it will be raining throughout the day with temperatures warming to about 60. 46 in washington. high today in d.c. of 61. 59 in gaithers berg. 60 for those of you dining out tonight. showers early by 8:00 or 9:00. mainly dry and you might want to bring the umbrella to dinner.
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temperatures in the upper 50s. tomorrow the high is only 55 degrees. it will be cooler and breezy and winds for dry conditions. 7:00 and temperatures in the low 40s. still chill we highs near 50. partly sunny skies. don't you love it. 7:00 p.m. tomorrow on your sunday. sunshine will still be out with the latesunsets. monday a high of 61 degrees. part low to mostly cloudy skies. tuesday, st. patrick's day a weak cold front moves through. what does that mean? an isolated shower and breeze we partly to mostly cloudy skies. it's not bad, but it's not going to be gorgeous by any means if you have plans. then wednesday and thursday cooler temperatures are in the
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forecast. highs only around 50. at least we will have plenty of sunshine. friday is when spring is going to start. friday evening with a high of 53. there is a chance of some showers on friday. not looking like any snow in the forecast. you can seat temperatures are not so bad, but i want to mention the climate prediction center coming out saying it looks like around next friday through the end of march. temperatures should be below average. we are not done with the cooler weather yet. boy 50s and 60s. >> already, thank you. as amelia mentioned, st. pas day coming up on tuesday. they are getting ready for tomorrow's trade in the district. viom a lot of people having a good time. it will step up at noon. here's the route. down constitution avenue between seventh and 17th streets in northwest. it's a good thing it will be
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taking place tomorrow because st. patrick's day could be iffy. >> you can get a free ride home on st. paddy's day. it will begin at 4:00 p.m. until 4:00 on wednesday morning. you can call 1-800-2008294 for a taxi. up to a 30-dollar fare will be free. it runs in arlington and fairfax and prince william counties. >> a unique documentary in the district. you will hear from the filmmaker. >> also the unique delivery and store for some college hopeful
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. a local documentary filmmaker is focusing on a unique group of people in the city. tom sherwood shows us a gang of gay and lesbian members were banded for protection and support. >> being gay and black, it's like a nightmare waiting to happen. >> they're gather at night in the southwest and northeast to d support each other in a world that is mostly tough on them. >> there is also problems. people pick on us because we
9:26 am
were gay. >> he has a changing hair color. >> they check your protections and we protect each other. >> the documentary filmmakers are now raising money for the final edit this year. >> we're interested in showing the story that is phenomenal and entertaining and these are incredible characters. we want to shine a light on the situation people know nothing of. >> the ls are known for the nine lives of marey and barry. his life beyond politics. >> the filmmaker herself has three teenage boys.
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>> we were so interested in doing this because these kids are marginalized. >> news 4. >> as we told you earlier today, it is pi day. we are talking about the mathematical pi. march 14th 2015 also reflected as 3-14-15. at 9:26, the precise continuation went on. a clever massachusetts institute of technology mitt officially released the admission decisions for the class of 2019 and want students to look up. that promotional video features a futuristic drone.
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flying to homes all over the world. the admissions department there thought they would have a little bit of fun with that. they used the tubes for early acceptance. >> this will not happen again until 2115. >> a little bit. >> breaking news of a ferr in southeast asia and the search under way at this hour. >> look at that live picture outside the studios. raindrops on the camera. here in town amelia segal is timing how long these showers will stick around. >> how a police chase through a
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. you don't top the leave the house without umbrella and a rain coat. it is a so long saturday but a break is in the forecast. >> right now the rock 'n' roll marathon is under way. take a look at the live picture there. several streets in the district are closed and the memorial bridge. everything should be back open by 3:00. >> brave runners. the slick pavement not slowing
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them down. >> they were looking good. we will check in with amelia to see what is expected for the rest of the day today. good morning. >> good morning. it's a steady moderate rain out here. you need the umbree rain boots. the birds are chirping and there is no snow falling. it is chilly though. rain intensity throughout the day talking about a moderate rain. we are not going to be concerned about widespread flooding. the local creeks and streams running high. just to the west of fairfax and around 495 and the yellows on storm team 4 radar. rain at times throughout the day today. the best chance of a break will start around noon with the temperatures at 54. showers are likely again later this afternoon and evening. i will let you know what to expect for sunday when i head
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back indoors. >> thank you. breaking news this morning. 21 people are dead and dozens of missing after a ferry capsizes in myanm. it happened in the northern section of that countr 167 people of safe but nearly 50 people missing. the ferry was slammed by huge waves. we are working on learning more about the cause. >> a pennsylvania man behind bars is accused of killing a pastor. police arrested the 38-year-old on wednesday. they said he killed the pastor of the beautiful feet world impacting center ministry at a home in germantown. he went to the home to have the pastor pray for him because he was hearing demon voices. >> i wanted to pray for him and ask whatever spirits were bothering him. that's why he came to us. to be prayed for. he came for help.
9:34 am
how this happened is outrageous. >> they believe the pastor was possessed by team ones and that's why he attacked him. he was strangled. now he is being held without bond at the detention center. >> the former virginia governor's house is on the market. they said bob and maureen are asking for $900,000 for their richmond home. they researched it in 2006 for $835,000 according to the county records. both are facing jail time after being convicted last year. >> developing this morning, the centers for disease control monitoring several american volunteers. they may have had contact with the ebola patient being treated at nih. none of them tested positive but they are working to get them back to the u. using a commercial flight. there was to flight to
9:35 am
atlante near the isolation unit. that person will be under isolation for 21 days am we are hearing the patient is in serious condition this morning. woo don't know if they are treating a man on or hold the patient is. they are taking every precaution to ensure staff and other patients and you. >> the fence jumper who ran all the way to the white house pleaded guilty. omar gonzalez had a folding knife into his pocket and he made it all the way to the east room before agents stopped him. the first family had just left the white house a few minutes earlier. gonzalez is an iraqi war veteran and his family said he has post traumatic stress disorder and he will be sentenced in june after a deal with prosecutors. >> it is a peaceful scene, but protesters are pushing for change. the police hunt continues for a suspect who shot two officers and the community is on edge.
9:36 am
the chief resigned and protesters want the mayor's resignation and an overhaul of the police department. >> unfortunately the events of the other night only served to divide the community. >> the mayor had no plans to step down. >> we want to you take a look at this videom a police officer's body camera. it shows a driver moments before he tried to run the officer over on wednesday in southeast d.c. d.c. police chief said this kind of technology is important in identifying criminals. other local leaders appreciate the cameras saying they pro transparency >> i'm glad he had the camera and it was there because the story could have been completely different without it. >> police are hoping the image captured by the camera will help catch the driver. >> today people are running in a
9:37 am
four-miler race in arlington going down wilson boulevard in the neighborhood. it started about 30 minutes ago. you can expect road closures until about 11:00 this morning. >> right now, plan for a wet commute. if you have errands to run, amelia is timing it all out when the showers will move out and a look at your st. paddy's day forecast. >> a police chase through a mall. that was a motorcyt
9:38 am
9:39 am
. take a look at this. dramatic video. we are working to learn more about it. a motorcyclist riding through a mall in british columbia canada
9:40 am
to escape police. people are trying to get out of the way of the motorcyclist and security guards are chasing on foot. chopper footage shows the motorcycle leaving the mall riding across an overpass as two pedestrians jump out of the way. dramatic scenes. >> no kidding. crews recovered the wreckage of a black hawk helicopter. seven marines and four soldiers from the national guard killed during a training mission. the service members were flng and practicing repelling down ropes into the water at night. the team tried to avoid their mission when they decided it was too risky. >> los angeles police arrested a 10th teenager in connection with a series of sexual assaults. eight others were arrested at venice high school and a ninth surrendered. 14 teens are under investigation for a series of sexual incidents
9:41 am
dating back to 2013. some of the acts were forced and some were consensual. the acts involved underage girls who were too young to legally give consent. >> the families of nine people who were killed in newtown shootings are suing the victim's mother. enancea lanza failed to properly secure the rifle used in the shooting. this was back in 2012. a lawsuit seeks to collectenancea lan a lanza's he insura >> as we look outside, rain is falling across the area. what time does this leave and when does the storm system stop impacting the area. >> here's a combo. math and pizza. how a local couple is using both as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch -
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>> back at 9:54 the community is rallying and it has been closed for a month after almost every single piece of equipment, even a copy maker was broken. >> the tools was business service trade. trashed and printers and copiers and even the coffee pot. this is what an employee found
9:45 am
when she opened on february 6th. >> there was every single machine was taking off and multiple machines back there. smashed on the ground. this is a digital press around $40,000. >> james loves the founding member of the business association. he opened two years ago and never imagined it would be a crime scene. word of the vandalism spread to local business owne. >> people were shocked and appalled. >> they hope it might generate leads for police. he said he was still feeling weeks ago when he came into the store and found this. a visual out pouring of support. >> all the color and words of encouragement were streaming and i started tearing up.
9:46 am
it was a magical moment and made me realize how wonderful this town and the community is. >> this is the town manager. >> it shows how much people are compassionate anr ts type of thing. >> the intention i reopen and become part of the community. >> the gesture and the continued offers of support only reinforced their conviction to keep doing business here. >> i don it tainted my feeling and it really reaffirmed it. this feeling comes together when we need it. >> it's your chance to sing for the washington nationals. the nats are holding auditions to select national singers for the 2015 season. get there early. the first 50 people will be invited to sing.
9:47 am
this happens today. it started at 8:00 this morning and it the run. >> one arlington woman said she loves three things. math pizza and her fiance. what better day to get hitched than pi day. >> katie and her fiance are getting married inside and pizza on u street to t wedding, they plan to share a pizza as husband and wife. >> today, march 13th or 3-14-15 at 9:26:53, the time matched the first ten digits of pi. that's not going to happen again for another 100 years. wait around for that. congratulations to them. >> i love that. that is so cool. >> someone else who loves math and science.
9:48 am
>> me. they have the chill in the air and stay inside and watch the movie. we will have rain at times. the best chance that we have is a break in activity from about noon to 3:00. you are heading out and about and want to keep it handy a the rain boots are dry, but we are breezy and windy. wait until you see wednesday and thursday. right now mid 40s across the area and 46 in washington and 45 in gaithers berg andlies berg and frederick. we will warm today to around 60 degrees. we will hit the high this afternoon around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. here's the latest check. the heavier activity
9:49 am
concentrated in fairfax along route 29. the yellow showing up on storm team 4. you can always download the weather app and keep it here on 4 phone to track a break in the showers today. the mountains in west virginia. this is where we can get a dry period of time from this afternoon from about noon to 3:00. the potential of parts of prips william and fairfax county and areas of fog. notice the d.c. metro area may get a quick break and they quickly moved back in. scattered showers for the afternoon and evening hours.
9:50 am
skies tomorrow will be in the low to mid 50s. 52 in frederick and 59 in fredericksburg. if you top the go skiing only a few weekends left. the better day is tomorrow because of the rain today. dining out tonight, scattered showers and it will be dry in the st. patrick's day parade. d.c. tomorrow will be breezy and cool and the weather will be cooperating just fine. breezy tomorrow and the high feels like 50 degrees. monday a high of 61. not a bad day. notice our typical high this time of year is about 56 degrees. tuesday is saint paddy's day. partly to mostly cloudy. it will happen with a weak cold front moving through that could set off an isolated shower. only about a 20% chance that that happens. otherwise breezy. we are not talking about severe
9:51 am
weather by any means. remember i said about the cooler temperatures here they are. wednesday and thursday. a high on wednesday of only 49 degrees. thursday we start off even inside of the beltway with temperatures below freezing and warm to about 50. at least we will have plenty of sunshine for both days and friday spring begins in the evening. finally it's here. high temperature of 53 on friday with a chance of showers in the forecast. i will have updates at 4:00 and 6:00. >> looking live in the district where runners are rocking and rolling and maybe singing in the rain. this is the rock 'n' roll marathon.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
. right now, racers making their way through the rock 'n' roll marathon. several streets are closed. live along the route, how is it looking? >> it's looking cold and wet, but enthusiastic from the runners. we are at calvert streets that makes a turn that starts heading south and east to the conclusion at rfk stadium. we are looking at the folks who are taking it easy but this hill is quite a challenge. this race is important because it benefits a lot of charities. there is music all along the route hence the rock 'n' roll
9:55 am
marathon theme. this race takes you through parts of northern virginia across the memoria brings you back to d.c. and southeast d.c. the northeast d.c. where it concludes. benefits a lot of charities and $500 million over the race has been for good causes. live from northwest at news 4. >> it has more athletes than the olympics and you can cheer on law enforcement and firefighters from all over the world. >> they will be competing in the world police and fire games. fairfax county is hosting many events. news 4 was there as the draft picks went down. >> the build up is huge. our region prepping to ridiculous athletes from all over the world. think the olympics for police
9:56 am
and fire. aaron gill crest is announcing. one by one. >> the way i characterize it is i am not going to see this again in my lifetime. >> i got my first bronze medal in indianapolis. >> this year's games will be the eighth for douglas shaw. he traveled all over the world to compete. >> that's our vacation. >> this year this retired firefighter won't are to leave home. athlete's village will be here in rest on. >> it's a great honor to host this event. >> with the vend ruis in northern d.c. and maryland they will require some 4,000 volunteers. >> it's exciting and huge coming to fairfax and an area that is close to my heart. >> they're will be our ambassadors. they said the biggest incentive
9:57 am
for you, the events are free. >> there will be plenty of signage of it. >> set for june 26th at rfk stadium. it will be huge. 12,000 athletes from more than 70 countries. >> but today, rain. >> have the umbrella handy. >> it's easy tomorrow. >> that's it for news 4 today. thapgs for having me. >> until then, have a grea thank you, cable for taking longer to upload our family movies. for the slower internet upload speeds. for taking longer to upload my files to the cloud. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. and for never upgrading to 100% fiber optics thank you cable... thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability - 8 years running. plus, fios has the fastest wi-fi available
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