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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> we begin with a heartbreaking story out of southern maryland. a toddler was walking with her grandmother when a driver ran into them and killed the little girl. what are you hearing about this crash? >> reporter: chris, we're at 197 and old chapel road here in bowie. if you take a look behind me this is the cross walk where the victim and that 2-year-old little girl were crossing this afternoon. th is some of the debris left behind from this accident. this is the gas station. we're told that the grandmother had dropped off her car here to
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be repaired earlier today and was actually crossing the street to retrieve her car when she and her 2-year-old grandchild were struck. the little girl again did not survive. we're told that the grandmother was hurt. she was taken to the hospital. she is expected to be okay. we're told the van that struck the victims did stay on the scene. the motorists here tell us that drivers need to slow down. >> we saw the debris path you know it's just a shame. people ry do need to slow down. yeah. pay more attention. >> reporter: now, police are investigating to see how and why this happened who in fact had the right-of-way when this incident occurred. police have not yet released the identity of the little girl who
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died. the power's back on at dulles international airport after two power surges cause the the electricity to go out in the main terminal. united airlines voluntarily delayed its departures. investigators now say the two men who robbed this bank are from d.c. yesterday, they held up the wells fargo on kth connecticut avenue. sources tell news 4 that federal agents are investigating whether the two men are indeed the black hat bandits. those suspects have held up several banks in our area. a maryland hotel had to be evacuated this morning because the hot tub had high levels of chlorine. investigators say the chlorine purpose malfunctioned and that
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caused high levels of chlorine to waft into the first floor. two kids with irritated eyes had to be treated on site. >> right now, you're looking live outside on what began as a soggy saturday. when can we expect the skies to clear up. we'll have livs in store. >> the skies are clearing right now, only tracking a few showers on storm team 4 radar. in southern maryland and also around frederick county. maybe an isolated shower until about 8:00 9:00 p.m. tonight. otherwise, it's mainly dry for the remapder of the weekend. skies will clear overnight tonight. here's your nepg planner. the tempe right now, 57 degrees. i think you can leave the umbrella at home. 55 degrees at 8:00 p.m.
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it remains breezy overnight tonight. chris, not just breezy but even windy at times throughout the day tomorrow. coming up i'll let you know how cold the winds will make it feel throughout your sunday. we cdc is prepareing to treat more cases of ebola after an american health care worker contracted the virus working in sierra leone. right now none of them have been diagnosed with ebola, but doctors want to monitor them closely during a 21-day voluntary isolation period. if they show symptoms they'll be transferred to nebraska emery university hospital or nih. two will try to win over union leaders tonight. they are scheduled to attend an awards ceremony hosted by the l cio.
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they are running for barbara mccull ski's seat. more shopping options and underground parking are coming to the courthouse area. the arlington county board just approved building a 12-story office tower. they will have to tear down the wendy's and wells fargo that are there right now. instead of waiting for a court date they can go before the county manager to appeal certain types of citations. today, they approved plans for a new old dominion book club. it will make way for a new water front park. a lot of neighbors argue that the council fast tracked way too many devel> and if you plan to ride metro this weekend, you may want to give yourself only extra time. green line trains will be
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runng every 16 minutes. on the east side of the blue and silver line, metro is advising you budget some additional time. they will be installing communications systems as part
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>> we're just now starting to see the scope of the devastation
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on vanuatu after a deadly category five cyclone tore through that island. some reports say entire villages have been blown away and the streets are littered with roofs, uprooted tree skpts power lines. so far, only six people are confirmed dead. >> down in costa rica a volcano has calmed down somewhat. this is what it looked like last night as eruptions forced schools to cancel classes. emergency officials are coordinating response efforts. it's about 40 miles from the capital of san jose. and raging forest fighters are threatening neighborhoods along the country's central coast in chill le. ft.s really want to prevent what happened last year when a lot of
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people refused to leave their homes. well, a system is going to impact the weather tomorrow. we'll see how in our full forecast. >> reporter: what do the date mathematics and pizza all have
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♪ sounding pretty good there. the washington nationals are holding auditions to choose people to sing the national anthem in 2015. the first 50 hopefuls sang before a panel of judges today. today is also a special day on the calendar. if you love path or pizza. it's pi day. we've been asking you to tweet us with your pi day plans. we caught up with one local couple who ditched their traditional wedding and got hitched at a local pizza joint. >> reporter: the pizza does pack them in but this crowd is here for more than just food. it's math and mattery mowny that brought them all together. >> we knew we wanted to do something small with just our families and close friends. >> repor but they didn't want the usual exchange of vows
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in a church and they wanted it on pi day as in the ratio to the circle's radius to its circumference. that sequence also matches the date. >> katy is a math teacher. she always does something for this for her students every year. >> reporter: maggie saw to that, she runs a company called pop wedco. >> so this one fit right in. maggie had already reached out to sam, the owner of the pizza shop. >> you found a couple that wanted to get married here on pi day. we said absolutely. >> repor before you knew it, the loving couple was saying i do. and no, they didn't use onion rings. as unusual as this is there is a precedent in this family for
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weddint are a little bit out of the ordinary. >> afterwards, he took me to mcdonald's. i didn't get a wonderful dinner like this. >> reporter: so they plan for hawaii have some significance? >> this is quirky enough. we figured that we can be normal people for the rest. some local school students celebrated pi day by focusing on the mathematical calculation and the real world uses of pi. they conducted kpeemt experiments and other projects designed to show them the relevance of pi in daily life. >> as you know math is everywhere. this is our opportunity to showcase that math reading, science, social studies and the performing arts. >> as a math teacher, i
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wholeheartedly agree. we have a lot more on pi day online. we've broken down everything you need to know about pi. >> thousands of people didn't let the rain stop them from running the rock 'n' roll marathon. the runners wound their way through d.c. which obviously led to rolling road closures and metro delays. they've raised more than $230 million for charities. man, you had to feel for those guys. you know. when your shoes get soggy, it can be miserable out there. >> it's like running with cement blocks on. so many great causes with that race i don't think i would have done it in the rain today. >> if you trained, you would have don anyways, we saw about a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rainfall. for the most part, it's over. e the umbrella at home.
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tomorrow it's going to be breezy, even windy at times. when you factor in the wind we're going to be dealing with a little bit of a windchill temperature. on saint patrick's day, which is tuesday, can't rule out an isolated shower. only about a 20% chance of that. this upcoming week plenty of dry time but cooler temperatures for the middle and end of the week. your impacts for tomorrow, the weat having a negative impact on your day, it's just not going to be a perfect day outside. dry roads exercising you definitely need the spring gear with that ch the area. heading out and about, a light jacket would be just fine. by the midday you'll want to grab your sunglasses as well. temperatures right now in the 50s. 57 is the temperature in washington. 57 in fredericksburg. so not too bad if you're going
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out tonight with temperatures in the 50s or upper 40s. just isolated showers pushing their way into montgomery county and eventually making their way into prince william county. any rain it's over by about 9:00 tomorrow morning. welled still have clouds around for this system. we're forecasting what the sky will look like. 7:30 some cloudiness. lunch time at noon plenty of sunshine at that point. plenty of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. so that's a nice part of tomorrow's weather. tomorrow evening, dry and sunny, but it will be a little bit chilly outside. here's what it's going to feel like when we factor in the winds tomorrow. you' just going to notice them if you're out and about. 6:00 a.m. it's feeling like es are in the 30s to low 40s. by noon 44 in washington.
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3:00 this is the warmest par day. it's only feeling like temperatures are around 50 degrees. that will continue on into the evening hours. monday warmer but plenty of clouds. breezy on saint patrick's day. there's that chance of an isolated shower but not bad. after that, it's cool. 49 on wednesday, 50 on thursday. the chance of rain on friday as spring begins and a high of 53. most female service members are used to putting their hair up every day and putting on the uniform. today, a lot of them were treated to a makeover. it all part of the uso project cinderella. active duty women and military spouses get their headache and makeup done. still ahead, sparty ruins
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got them the first time, got
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them the second time couldn't get them the third time. >> it's really hard to sweep a team on college basketball. trying to sweep nipanyone in the course of a colle bl season is very difficult. much like maryland michigan state is a very prideful program. so much on the line for both these teams. and a chance to face wisconsin. first season of the big 10 conference maryland won more regular season games than any other team in the program's history. early on chances look pretty good. the freshman could not miss. made his first five shots in this game then mellow went cold. second half action, back comes sparty. down three. marvin clark jr. drives. this ladies and gentlemen, and a finish. michigan state within one. few minutes later, it's a
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two-point game. travis trice somehow gets that to drop. we're tied at 45 now. later in the half, spartans up three. wells coming up with a big time bucket. ten points for the senior. down one. michigan state just too much for maryland. the alley-oop there to brandon dawson. spartans send maryland home with a 62-58 upset win. taking on davidson. let's skip ahead. late in the first half. graham misses. cox muscles the reboupd and gets that layup to drop. led by 16 at the break. battling back though. it's a five-point game. vcu trying to pull away. cox with a nice flush there.
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18 points eight boards. graham had the hot game all game long for vcu. knocks down the three-pointer. another big time three here. blow right past davidson. they head to their third straight atlantic 10 final. crazy finish in the american east finals. albany facing stonybrook. rebound gets out and he does. with just seconds remaining, it has been a very difficult year for him. he took a leave of absence during te with his mother sue. she passed away after a four-year battle with cancer. winning the american east championship and a bid to the ncaa tournament 51-50 is your final score. let's move on and talk hockey now. trots not exactly thrilled with the way his team has performed
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lately. in the midst of a five-game home stand. but they're not taking advantage of it. finale coming tomorrow against boston. >> the strength is in numbers. strength is pulling together when things aren't going well. not trying to do everything yourself. you can't carry him. either get rid of him, give him a shake, tell him to to get on the bus and start traveling in the right direction here. that's why there was probably a closed door meeting because i told them to fix it. >> these two teams in the 7th and 8th spots. moving onto baseball diamond. many believe it's by far the best in baseball. one player on the outside looking in despite having a great season a year ago. on the mound today for the nats.
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he won 15 games a year ago. first batter curtis granderson goes down looking. only one strikeout for him today. started to fall off from there. bottom third, two men on for david wright. and wright just tees off on this ball a. monster shot to straight away center. four runs four hits and one strikeout. two and two-thirds innings. new york they had a feast on nationals pitching today. john mayberry jr. crushes this one. three homers on the day for the nets. they beat the nationals 13-4. orioles fans out in sarasota. top 067 the fourth, scoreless game p.ry. give ra gets every bit of this
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pitch. bottom of the 7th now. birds on the board. they're down 3-1. the o's hoping steve pierce can bring only offense this season. the orioles, they get within one but fall to the rays. wizards in action tonight. big game. >> they need to really get momentum going. that's going to do it for us. nightly news is up next. we hope to see you back
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battle for iraq. we meet some americans on the ground in the fight against isis. the major offensive under way to retake a key part of that country. dramatic rescue. a toddler saved from a deadly car crash. as seen through the eyes of first responders. high alert. home explosions on the rise in colorado and what's behind the dangerous trend. something you might not expect. and making waves. a group of teens attempting a feat few would dare and learning life-lessons along the way. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. substituting


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