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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 15, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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to work into the afternoon hours, the clouds break up as we warm to a high of 56. coming up kristin, i'll let you know when you can expect more sunshine. >> that sounds good. thanks amelia. police are investigating a crash between two police cruisers in the district. two officers are recovering now. >> derrick ward is live where it happened in southeast d.c. you saw the cars towed away? >> reporter: yeah indeed we did. we can tell you, the crash was sufficient enough there was enough force t that the air bags deployed in one of the vehicles. look at the scene. they said it was about 5:45 when the two cars collided. one was an suv, the other a sedan. it appears the sedan was headed east on i street and that the suv may have been going south on south capitol when they crashed. again, two officers were injured. we are told not seriously. this intersection was -- they had one lane blocked for a short
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time while they investigated it. we are a block away from headquarters. we are not sure if either vehicles were coming from there or whether they are responding in emergency mode. that is part of the investigation. the intersection is now clear. it's all about the investigation as to how the two police cruisers collided. we are live in southeast. derrick ward news 4. >> thanks we know you will stay on top of it for us. new this morning, a small earthquake rattled louisa virginia. >> it hit just after 2:30 this morning. no reports of anyone hurt because of the earthquake. a developing story in pakistan where a group claims it killed ten people including children in bombings at two churches. 60 people hurt many praying at the busiest service of the day. the bombings happened around
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4:00 this morning, our time. the attackers ran in with guns before blowing themselves up at the churches. some of you have a scary story to tell when a man collapsed singing the national anthem at a basketball game. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [ applause ] >> it happened at the xfinity center. thousands in the crowds finished the song for him. he was conscious when taken to the hospital. we are working out to find out what his condition is. a lot of green along the national mall to celebrate st. patrick's day. the 44th annual parade steps off at noon. the theme is irish heart in the nation's capitol. here is a look at the route. the parade goes down constitution avenue between 7th and 17th streits northwest. a route in alexandria will
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be shut down doing cable repairs there. the laneses will be back open by 4:30 tomorrow morning. the white house is telling the senate to back off from nuclear negotiations from iran. president obama's chief of staff sent a letter to senators saying we do not believe the country's interests are served to weigh in prematurely on the ongoing international negotiation. now, last week republican senators sent a letter to leaders in iran saying they could strike down any deal the sides agreed to. the white house says interference like that could end an attempt to keep iran from developing nuclear weapons. in the week ahead, street sweeping starts up in the district. follow the red and white parking signs or risk towing for a $45 fine. the department of public works pushed back the start date twice for the snow to melt.
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a virginia couple is in court for attacking another couple. married attorneys of springfield are accused of assaulting her former boss and his wife last year after she was fired. thursday the case of a man charged with three murders in alexandria will be in court to discuss whether he is competent to stand trial. he's charged with killing three people in alexandria over a span of ten years. what do you want to be when you grow up? the wrong answer from your student costs you thousands of dollars. how to avoid making a major mistake. a race car flips, breaks in half and catches fire on the track. it's caught on camera. more shocking what happened to the driver. stay with us.
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right now, high school students are considering colleges and college students are deciding on their majors. more than half of them will change their focus at least once before graduating and the chance they will find a job in their field is slim. that's a reality. you can chiz your career path the way you find love online. >> reporter: college classes can be stressful. deciding on a major causes the most anxiety. kimberly can relate. the georgetown soft more took two years to decide. >> i like psychology the sciences. it's always been a strug ul to pin it down. >> reporter: many other students feel that pressure. >> the timing is right on this. >> reporter: joseph was the ceo at andrew jackson university in birmingham and now runs
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university research and review. a team of specialists help anyone who is uncertain about their future find their best fit by asking a series of multiple choice questions, like would you rather build a space vehicle, work as a doctor in a medical clinic or teach kindergarten. the answers are evaluated. like online dating there's a science into making the perfect match. >> we put it into a system designed. >> reporter: the results take a few days to come back. this is what you will get. suggested careers and a list of universities that offer that curriculum to help you avoid, waste time and money. >> i have seen statistics that say if you switch majors it adds $40,000, $50,000, $60,000 and that is debt. >> reporter: only 27% of people with an undergraduate degree are working in their field of study.
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a career builder survey shows 32% of workers ever had a job matching their major. the online questionnaire may help to improve the statistics but career counselors say it shouldn't be the only factor you consider. >> these are a guide, a tool they are not block and white, right? this gives you a range of options to explore. >> kimberly agrees. she says she tried a different, but similar survey that didn't quite hit the bulls eye. >> the questionnaire itself makes you consider the thoughts and makes you think about what you want to do but doesn't give dwrou result you think it will. >> reporter: the outcome may be a surprise but you may find it worth exploring. cloudy now. coming up in the full forecast when the clouds will start to break up and how much warmer it will be tomorrow. thank you, cable for taking longer to upload our family movies. for the slower internet upload speeds.
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whoa! >> someone actually walks away from that crash. larry dixon is a driver frr the national hot rod association. yesterday, in a race in gainsville florida his car broke in half at 280 miles an hour. two pieces of the car went flying before crashing on the track.
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describing the crash, he said it was like a roller coaster ride that flies off the track. he said he isn't sure what caused the accident or whether he'll be ableday. riders dangerously drunk on metro. >> in this video, you can see a man stumble into a train. i talked with metro leaders who tell me riders have been lucky, so far. about 6:00 at night at the east falls church station, this intoxicated rider doesn't realize he's getting too close to the moving train. then he got a ticket. >> he falls on the platform and was found by transit police. he was clearly intoxicated in public. he got a citation. >> he's lucky that's all he got. he was not seriously hurt. then a frightening incident on the platform. look at the bottom left on the screen.
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a metro rider stumbling on the platform trying to get on the train. then he falls in between two trains. passengers try to get the attention of the train operator. within seconds, the train starts moving. marco is the man waving his mands and putting his hands on his head in disbelief as the train pulls away. we showed him the video the first time. >> i was thinking the worst. i didn't want to step to the edge and look down. >> he was lucky. he managed to crawl into a space noun as the area of refuge. >> the train rolled away. it seems like it was taking forever to leave the station. we all walked up and looked over the edge. he was alive. >> reporter: the man refuses more help and walks away. metro says you absolutely can be too drunk to ride. amazing. metro says it's important for riders to monitor themselves and look out for their iends.
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major star power coming to d.c. for earth day. a lot of you are excited about this one. more than 900 likes on the nbc washington facebook page. the 2015 earth day concert. will host. we are talking wind. we are talking spring. a lot of things to look forward to. >> all in all, it should sound like a great forecast spring. we are dealing with cooler temperatures wednesday and thursday. on wednesday, high temperatures are going to struggle to make it out of the 40s. winter isn't gone yet. a wind advisory has been issued for the counties here in brown. this is mainly the higher elevations in the mountains. this is areas like hagerstown winchester and la ray. the wind advisory until 6:00 p.m. in the evening. gusts could approach 60 miles
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per hour. everybody is noticing the windy conditions throughout the day today. that's on my facebook and twitter pages. impact for sunday despite the windy conditions weather is having a low impact on your day. the wind is at the nuisance level. it adds a chill in the air. you can't go outside without noticing them. it don't lead to damage. dry roads if you are traveling. exercising outside today, you need the warmer weather gear. heading out and about to run errands, you need the sun glass zs this afternoon. layer with a jacket. temperatures still in the 40s and 50s. pretty much where they have been all morning. washington dropped a degree now down to 50. 45 in winchester. 46 degrees in petersburg. wind gusts anywhere from 25 in culpeper and charlottesville to 40 miles per hour right now in leesburg. a live look outside and you can
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see plenty of clouds and some peaks of sunshine. the clouds will continue to break up around the midday hour. 11:00 a.m. clouds likely. dealing with plenty of cloudiness. at noon the clouds diminish and break up. as we get into the afternoon hours, mostly sunny skies. that's going to help us warm to a high temperature of 56 in washington. 61 in fredericksburg and 52 in gaithersburg. so, all in all, an okay day. it's not a perfect ten. tomorrow the temperatures are better. i think the weather, overall, consider it to be better. a high of 64. we'll hit that at 3:00 in the afternoon. plenty of clouds around tomorrow. it's a chilly start. 40 degrees at 7:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m. the sun is still out. mostly cloudy skies, but a temperature of 62 degrees. as you are getting off work you can go for that after work run, kids go to the playground and walk the dog. no issue there.
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st. patrick's day on tuesday, cooler, a high of 55. breezy as well. plenty of clouds in the forecast. a 20% chance we are dealing with an isolated shower. the winds most noticeable on tuesday during the afternoon hours. as far as st. patrick's day goes it's okay. no severe weather in the forecast. it's not a completely gorgeous day. all in all, not bad. we'll take it. wednesday is when the temperatures start to drop off. a high of 49 degrees. plenty of sunshine though despite the stronger march sun angle. it will be harder to warm out of the 40s in many locations. thursday sunny, cool a high of 52. friday this is when spring begins during the evening hours. the high temperature of 53 degrees. there's a chance of rain on friday and keeping a close eye on friday. some computer models are suggesting the rain starts thursday night into friday morning. you can see the temperature in washington around 35. the suburbs will be below freezing.
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we could see a little snow or wintry mix. not ready to put it in the forecast at least in print, just yet. i'll have the updates at 6:00 p.m. this evening for friday's forecast. next friday is the first full day of spring. a high temperature of 56 degrees. good selection sunday morning, everyone. the maryland terrapins will have to wait until this evening to figure out where they are heading. the terps impressive in the big ten conference. maryland one win away from the championship game but couldn't make it a third straight win against michigan state. despite the loss this team looking on the bright side. >> the great thing, we got better this week. we got better in practice. we got more physical. this game will help us lead into the tournament. >> congrats to the eagles. first time in school history
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that happened. winning the patriot league championship. au will find out their destiny tomorrow. wizards head coach said he's going to church today after the wizards came back from a 21-point deficit. they hit 13 three-pointers against sacramento. they take it 113-97. next up for them the portland trail blazers. they take them on tomorrow. don't forget about vcu and the championship game today against dayton. that's a look at morning sports. hope your sunday is a good one. how a pair of sneakers are reminding us that spring is near. >> it is i promise. >> it is. keep it here for press pass after in depth. you can see it at 11:30 here on nbc 4.
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announcer: you are watching news 4 today. well this morning, the man who led the campaign to legalize marijuana in the district -- if i could borrow that from you, adam. >> you got it. >> he is getting a special honor. "the washington post" reports muriel bowser offered a d.c. license plate 420 in reference to the drug.
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it was the ballot initiative that passed in november. spring is already here with a pair of cherry blossom sneakers. take a look here. you can see the cherry blossoms decorating the toes of the shoe. they are by reebok. adidas came out with a pair. they will cost you 115 bucks. they are available starting friday the first day of spring. time is 10:24. today, you can do something good for someone else. it's good deeds day. they are putting on the event based on the idea every person can do something good. all around the area thousands of volunteers take part in the activities like preparing and serving lunch to the homeless. this morning, a bouncing baby newborn is alive and well. her mother went into labor at the doctors office. there was a catch. >> the problem was, the doctor wasn't there, yet.
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couldn't get there. lori explains what the doctor did to ensure a safe delivery. >> she had what was considered easy labor. >> we got there at 11:30 and he was out by 11:50. >> she wasn't at the hospital she was at her doctors office in newark for a routine appointment. her water broke and rafael made his debut. >> his head was hanging there. he was ready. he was ready. my husband, yeah i'm surprised he didn't hit the floor. >> reporter: her obgyn was stuck at the medical center. with little time to spare, she decided to face time her medical assistants. they held up the cell phone during the delivery. they gave step by step instructions. >> i told them how to clamp the cord cut it and make sure the
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sides are clamped properly. thanks to face time the technology helped. >> i was nervous. thank god, thank you to the lord everything worked out fine and mommy and baby are doing great. >> reporter: she never delivered a baby or used face thyme. they admit, the birth gave a new outlook on technology. >> i remember having a beeper. if you go back that far, what would we have done then? >> wonder if it will start a trend. birth by face time. we'll see. >> 10:26 right now. here are the four things to know. we are working to find out why two police cars crashed in southeast d.c. police are investigating. check the nbc washington app as we update the story, today. crews are trying to find people trapped inside a tour bus that plunged off a cliff in southern brazil. 51 people may have been killed. the bus driver may have lost control on a curve.
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a small country east of australia is recovering from cyclone pam. the communications blackout is preventing officials from figuring out how many people have been killed. 44th annual st. paddy's day parade between 7th and 17th street in northwest. streets around the national mall will be closed. st. paddy's day is tuesday. >> it's going to be a windy one. >> a high today of 56. >> thanks for watching us. >> "meet the press" coming up next.
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this sunday, letter to the ayatollah. why did 47 republicans write to iran's supreme leader? and why some of them now regret it. >> i'm embarrassed for them. plus is hillary clinton too big to fail? >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account. >> what the roefrscontroversy over her e-mails could mean for the presidential bid and why there is no plan b. and the class divide. we asked americans where they think they belong. are you really middle class? and in the endgame, lindsey graham started it here on "meet the press." >> i don't e-mail -- no you can have every e-mail i've ever sent. i've never sent one. >> now the other washington politicians who admit never taking that bridge to the 21st century.


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